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«Shameless» season 4: premiere date

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When does «Shameless» season 4 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about start (release date)?

American drama «Shameless», the remake of the British series of the same name, premiered on Showtime TV channel in January 2011. The first 12 episodes consolidated the positions of the series in the ratings, which contributed to the further development of its storyline. Today Season 3 of the show is being broadcast and the number of its fans confirms relevance of the given story and need for its continuation.

Due to the high ratings and constant increasing of the amount of its fans (2 million at Season 3 start), Showtime Company representatives ordered shooting of «Shameless» Season 4. The release date for the premier episode has been set for January 12, 2014, which was envisaged by many experts. The following Season, like the previous ones, will include 12 episodes. Shooting process is to be directed by Paul Abbott.

—>>> Shameless SEASON 9 release date <<<—

Are there some more fans of the given TV show? Who will watch the next season?

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  1. T

    Pleeeease hurrrrry. I can’t wait til JANUARY2014????????? What am I supposed to do??

    • missty

      Love shameless Cant wait season 4 plz hurry

    • Cheep car

      I know the feeling 🙁 I’m sad too

  2. Lucker

    this show just keeps on improving and surprising me one of the true gems on tv

    • ShamelessSammy

      Wonder is Fiona
      Will need a date or will Jimmy live through the boat ride

  3. Plasterer

    Will be hard to wait till Jan. 2014, but oh-well, a fan is a fan, good work guys see yunz in ’14

  4. Bob Dylan

    No this is an outrage. I definently can not wait that long for season 4!!! 🙁

  5. trina

    I LOVE this show cant wait for season 4. THEY. cldnt have picked a better cast…..

  6. Cherie

    I’m soooo hooked, I dnt think I can wait 4 nxt year to watch season 4

  7. Donna

    Already having withdrawals!

    Please don’t make me wait that long….I’m not getting any younger!

    Best cast….love each and everyone of them!

  8. Rosa Ormeño

    Are you kidding???? 2014?… That’s way too much time for the new season to came out.. I can’t way to long please change the time, I need to know what happend to Jimmy (Steve) and Frank will stop drinking and finally have a good care of his kids.. There is too many things that I’m dying to watch in the serie

  9. Debbie

    Why are their only 12 episodes per year. This show is to good to be so limited. Cut the crap like House of Lies, Californication, and all the other junk fillers you put in my cable bill and give me what I want to see. Shameless and Game of Thrones. I am getting so sick of the cable company selecting filler junk and my bill going up every year. Maybe I should just cut my service and turn it back on one month a year watch all my movies on demand then cut it off again. Till I get my point across. And save oh about $2,200. a year. Would’nt that be SHAMELESS.

    • tammy

      i agree they need more than 12 episode i hate waiting for it to come on !!! it is a good show they need to make more time for it !!

    • David Kennedy

      Debbie your a genius….imagine how much you could get accomplished with little to no tv time!!!

    • Mike

      Or you could just download these shows online for free and never use cable again. I’m just sayin’.

  10. Sarah

    I seriously cannot wait til January 2014!!!! I need a new season NOW. 🙁
    They left with so many cliffhangers it’s killing me!!
    Shameless is such a great show! It has the best cast that work so well together and great writers!! I agree, shameless definitely deserves more episodes per season!!!


    • tammy

      i agreee !!!!!!

  11. Shay

    9 monthes!?! holy sh*t!!

  12. Bobbie

    Why do we still have this silly “season” stuff? Can’t you just run it like a soap opera, every week all year?

    • jessica

      RIGHT ON!

      • Becky

        That would be perfect!!!!!

    • Jen

      Great idea!!!!

  13. Matt

    LOL @ Debbie. wow. what an insignificant soapbox location you’ve selected. kudos.

  14. Aly

    Wow I can’t believe we have to wait until January for the new season of Shameless! Even though it’s going to be a long wait I’ve still already decided I’m going to catch the new season live. Usually I can’t watch much live TV because of my late work schedule at DISH, but next year I’ll just watch with my phone. I have the DISH Anywhere app now and can watch all of my shows from home everywhere I go, so when the series picks back up I’ll thankfully have no problem just watching live in my office; I can’t wait!

  15. bjn

    its hard to wait a year for 12 episode it should be weekly for a year-or two.
    this serial is very beautiful and modern

  16. tori

    No Way NOT till January of 2014!!! Thats so far away! I love this show!!!!

  17. Bert

    Serious jan 2014? What the hell I need it before then.

  18. jessica

    I cannot wait until jan 2014!! That just sounds crazy to me. I love it (as I did the uk version) but there are many people who will forget it or just lose interest in that time. MAKE A GOOD BUSINESS DECISION AND MOVE UP THE RELEASE DATE!!! I am intensely frustrated to have to have fallen in love with the show, only to get shafted for a year because nobody had the foresight to know this would be a success. Sad. We are losing UK this year already. Could this really get any more SHAMELESS?!?!?!?

    • Dguy

      I agree. Like I said I’m not a big tv watcher so a year from now I might not care if its back on and re Cancel my show time !!

  19. keegs

    Shameless is the sh*t

  20. Dguy

    Not a big tv watcher. Saw this for the first time when I had a free weekend of show time. I was addicted Immediately!!! Went out and bought season 1 and 2 on blue ray and orderd show time. I have spent the last two days watching all season 1/2/and3. And now I have to wait till January for it to come back!!! I’m so upset. It feels like my family will be gone. Hurry up and entertain me please. Love it!

  21. Fredeline

    Please can you start with season4 cant wait that long.

  22. Michelle

    We love Shameless, please release sooner and have more than 12 episodes.

  23. sara

    this is one of the bes shows. they shold have more than 12 episodes — 14 or 16 for the year…

  24. vdizzle

    omg…and i was thinking i had to wait only 3 months which is unbearable..geez..have to find something to do on my Sundays. I typically count down until the show comes on that night….i may just go back in a rewatch the entire series.

  25. Sandie

    honestly 2013 is still fresh to us, even today i still mess up and stutter when i write the year on my paper. If we have to waiting until January 2014 where basically waiting a year. -__-‘ i don’t want to wait a year to watch a new season. i wish they did it like the British constant new episodes and a few months of break. This is what hopping for after the 5th season because i know once they have enough viewers they be spitting out seasons like no tomorrow…Hopefully

  26. Avqwerty

    Hasnt season three already been made? Then why the long wait?

  27. Christie Sylva

    I have watched every episode , love this show !! Can’t wait till season 4 starts , come January 2014:)

  28. Stephanie

    Love shameless I started watching this season but I have watched the rest on demand. I wished it would be sooner then January wow wonder what’s to come with season 4

  29. lorrie

    this is the reason why i got showtime back was for shameless now i have to wait until january that s*cks!!!!!

    • Jackie

      Me too Lorrie!!! I actually cancelled Showtime and I will add it again in January. I don’t know if you watch the other shows on Showtime as well now but I do love Californication and Nurse Jackie is great. I am missing them though because I turned it off. I do not know if you have Time Warner Cable or not but sometime during end of this year, like starting in October or something I am going to start looking at twc online to see what deals they have going on and if they have Showtime for like 10 dollars or something then I will add it sooner than January. Sometimes they will have a deal to where its free for 6 months or whatever. Just a thought. i they have that type of deal with your company you can call them and tell them you are aware of the free deal going on and would like to participate in it and usually they will work with you. Then at least you dont feel like you are paying for a pay channel and not benefiting from it.

      • Becky

        I don’t have TWC but did in the past…now I have DirecTv and when Showtime dropped The Borgias I canceled. I didn’t see the point of paying for it when I won’t watch it until after the 1st of the year. I will be adding them again before January so I can at least watch shameless..californication…and house of lies

  30. Jackie

    I hve to agree with a lot of what people are saying on here. Sometimes I think people (Publishers) think that when they have a good thing that that is enough to keep the money coming in and the viewers hooked. Frankly, I can’t say that it is. I love this show and I believe that it is the best show that has ever been on television!!! I was just sitting here thinking about Shameless and wondering when it was going to come back on and wondered if it was going to be in January like Season 3 so I Googled it and here I am. I was trying to figure out if other seasonal shows have 9 months between ending of their show and starting the next season. Although this is a GREAT show, I don’t know if you are going to be able to keep your viewers. Isn’t that important? I agree that something has to give. More episodes per season or a narrower time between episodes. I don’t think other shows has 9 months of Hiatus. You may lose viewers and people may just wait for the dvd season to come to a local store and then because of lost viewers the credit rating go south and the show gets cut!!! Is that what you want? Don’t you want to please the people that support this show and are glad that because you have a great thing here that you want to continue to please us? I think in the long run a longer running show shows success not the thinking that because we have a great show we can stretch it out and give the viewers a little taste a little at a time and that will give us more seasons that way. Although the SHAMELESS fans are here for NOW, I think most feel like they really haven’t gotten there bellies full so to speak, they’ve only had the appetizer! Every season its just a taste then it seems that it is over when it just begun. PLEASE don’t ruin a good thing, meaning the show, Its a great show!!! You got a good thing here but the viewers think that you are presenting it the wrong way. We want you to succeed and we want to be the ones receiving the benefits from this good thing but at this rate I am afraid that it will be cancelled maybe even after this season coming. Losing viewers to a seasonal dvd they can purchase because you stretch it way to far from one to another. Is there anything you can do to change that? Are you allowed to have more episodes or shorten the hiatus? I am sure the material is there, obviously you have a great writer!!! I know we aren’t on your end of the production and we may nt understand fully what it takes but I am sure you have to have material of course. Can you put more energy in adding material to a season to make the hiatus less time instead on having the season just 12 episodes so that you can say that “Shameless” was on television for x amount of years with having x amount of seasons during its time on television. I would gladly love to be able to say that Shameless was the best show ever on television and they had 10 great years of wonderful writing, we the viewers couldn’t wait the 3 or 6 months it was on hiatus to get to the next season!!! Would hate to say..WOW!! I can’t believe one of the best shows ever on television “Shameless” is stopping production do to loss of viewers because they only had 12 episodes per season which felt like it ended as quick as it started and by waiting 9 months until the next season came on caused viewers to start looking at other great shows that kept their interest. Most Shameless fans are still fans but because they felt like the producers of the show wasn’t thinking about their fans by trying to keep them interested in the show their rating lowered and in that event caused the show to be cancelled. That would S*CK!!!! Wouldn’t you want to end with a bang? Be appreciative and excited to know that when it actually is over for good that you gave one hell of a run? Please, isn’t there something you can do?

    • Jen


  31. Wendy

    I watched the pilot of this show about 6 months ago, and I was immediately hooked – which is >not< common for me. I LOVE the characters, and the actors do an amazing job portraying each of them. William H. Macy is great, as usual; and I couldn't imagine anyone one other than Emmy Rossum playing the part of Fiona. I just love her! Not to mention Jeremy Allen White, and a personal all time favorite, Joan Cusack. I truly think all of the actors are phenomenal, but beyond that – I just enjoy the rawness of their characters interactions. I hope that this show continues for many years to come. GREAT show! Can't wait for Season 4!!!

  32. ROY

    I’m from New Zealand and don’t watch much TV ,but this show is amazing I watch every episode, Hope Jimmy ok

  33. LaDonna Combs

    We want Shameless, we want Shameless now!

  34. TJ :)

    Are you crazyyy ??? I want seasion 4 tomorow when I wake up.Thank you and good night 🙂 Kiss from Croatiaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  35. jenna

    I cant wait til January!! I need to see sexyy Cameron Monaghan already !!!

  36. Codie

    My partner & I have been watching since season 1, we haven’t missed an episode yet!!! It’s half the reason I still have foxtel lol… Needless to say love love love this show!!! Wish it aired earlier!!!

  37. rhonda

    Anything William Macy plays in is fantastic! The whole cast is great, 2014 hurry!

  38. JennG

    Who does a girl have to sleep with to get a sneak peek at Season 4?! I cannot wait!!

  39. Jen


  40. marvin barnes

    please don’t let this show die…I would watch this cast in this show.. even when they are in a nursing home

  41. Becky

    Seriously! I’m just glad Showtime hasn’t gone completely bat sh*t crazy and is keeping Shameless but so disappointed that they dropped The Borgias.

  42. misty

    I don’t want 2 wait til jan 🙁 but I will if I have to

  43. Daniel

    I wonder if Monica and Jill will return for season 4 of Shameless. i would like to see a Roberta and Jill fight over Monica Roberta would win unless Jill stabs her. she look’s Crazy like she stabbed a person before.

  44. Daniel

    I wonder what will happen if mickey find’s out it’s not his Baby his wife is having and she knew it wasn’t his because mickeys father terry paid her to lie to him his wife is a hooker it could be some other guys baby would he break up with her
    i don’t know he would probably kill or have Terry killed by a HITMAN or he would give him a Beat Down himself just like he did him That would be very interesting to watch i don’t like Terry any way’s so i would not mind it if it Ever happens.

  45. 67 mustang

    Love the show … !!!

    Let ‘s not forget … The real reason it’s so good is the Actors are all amazing …
    It is a “top drawer” ensemble piece, well put together … They are all doing a superb job !!!
    KUDOS to the cast !!!!

  46. Elle

    Fabulous show. Well written, well acted. For an hour every Sunday night, I believe these are brilliant kids from the wrong side of the tracks in Chicago, who thrive courtesy of wit and devious cunning. Terribly entertaining. I’m anxious to see how season four goes. I understand (POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!) that jimmy/ Steve won’t be coming back. Based on the last episode of Season 3, guess he became instant shark chum, which means Fiona is free to love the batter up. Great show. Highlight of my Sunday night TV viewing. Hurry January.
    PS…. this is also Bill ( like I know him) Macy’s best role ever. And that’s saying a lot for this very talented, very accomplished cat.

    • JJ

      Lol…Lake MI is too cold for sharks.

  47. Missranny

    Why,why do I have to wait so long it is my favorite,i have watched from the beginning and many people did not discover them until season 3, so there are more fans then ever waiting

  48. ziggi

    Shameless!! Waiting impatently !!!! Can’t wait for new shows!!!

  49. katie

    cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish it was on right now !!!!!!

  50. damon

    love it cant wait

  51. Larry

    Is Ether ever going to return to the Series?

  52. Katrina Maxwell

    when Will shameless season 4 be on DVD?

    • mike

      December, 2014

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