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The Following season 4?

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Will The Following show be cancelled? Are the creators going to renew the series for Season 4? Let’s wait for the premiere (start) date in 2016!

TV-channel: FOX
Creator: Kevin Williamson
Starring: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Sam Underwood, Shawn Ashmore, Jessica Stroup…
Genre: Drama, Thriller

Season 2 Episode 15: 4.81 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 11: 3.22 million U.S. viewers

Unfortunately, the television series “The Following” can no longer boast of the high rating and the number of its fans has fallen to almost 3 million people. Last year the executive producer Alexi Hawley was talking about his plans for Season 4, but the new episodes would be financed only if the show kept its popularity.

The renewal of Kevin Williamson’s the second television series “Stalker” is now also open to question and the predictions of experts aren’t very positive. According to unofficial data, both shows can move to another TV channels in case of closing, and Hulu as well as TNT are on the list, wishing to acquire the rights.

In Fox’s recent announcement the last two episodes of Season 3 of “The Following” show were suggested to be “the final of the television series“, but soon the given information was followed by the statement that it was a mistake and in fact Fox meant “the final of the season”.

Was it a mistake or “an accidental truth”? Will the show be renewed for Season 4?

The Following season 4 premiere – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the Fox decision.

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2015): Bad news… Fox has cancelled The Following after three seasons (low ratings).

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  1. Tyron

    The Following is great! I would hate to see this show get cancelled.

    • rhodora capidaglis

      we like The Following too. Please!!! don’t cancel it.

  2. Phil S.


  3. George Luhman

    I’m not surprised that The Following was be cancelled. Story lines have become absurd.

  4. Meda Harm

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Bring back Joe and make season 4!

  5. Norene

    F*ck! I’m done watching Fox.

  6. +jonie+

    Why? I can’t believe they cancelled this show. I hope Hulu picks it up!

  7. Conn1e

    Bye-bye Stalker and The Following. Bad day for Kevin Williamson

  8. JC

    So upset about this! Bring The Following on Hulu!

  9. Cuc

    Not surprised… The show had such potential up until the end of the second season.

  10. Vince VVN

    Loved the series…gonna miss it.

  11. Bryant99

    Great show, hate to see it end. What the hell wrong with them???? Would like to have seen at least one more year. Will miss it…

  12. Pal

    The ratings were low. It’s good reason.

  13. Robert

    I love that show the following that was awesome show and Kevin Bacon is awesome actor and I hope the Following Season 4 coming back and I hope it not cancelled cause I don’t like show be cancelled cause it got nothing on tv so it got to have the show Following come back so I can watch the best show on tv! I like Kevin Bacon, the actor Mike and Max they are awesome actor!

  14. love this show

    bring it back just needs to be on at nine due to the childrens, 8 oclock is too early adult context

  15. Megan

    Thats bullcr*p that they are just gonna end it like that i really hope that there will be a season 4.

  16. Mighty sue

    It’s so annoying when you get s*cked in and enjoy a programme and it’s cancelled. I never comment but this is sh*t. It ended on a cliff hanger and just getting good again. Keep it on!

  17. Nicky

    At least air a few episodes and end it ! They cant just leave it like that!! Ugh

  18. Mary

    It is completely ridiculous to cancel now. At least let season 4 come through so all of the fans can get closure. They have stupid shows like Catfish on TV and all the other crazy reality shows that make my IQ drop 10 points. Bring season 4 next year so we can all get the closure we deserve!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Carol

    This show can’t be cancelled. It is so good that I can only watch it in the day. Please don’t

  20. Sandra

    My husband was in Afghanistan when I began watching this show. When he returned home he was hooked as well and he watched all 3 seasons in just a little more than a week. If The Following gets cancelled we will surely be disappointed.

  21. Lucy

    WTH !!! I loved The Following it was one of the best shows on T.V and they had to cancel it for what ? To bring more cr*ppy reality shows ? I’m so disappointed I hope another network picks the show up for the 4th Season I really do !!!!

  22. Fabulous

    find a way for Joe to come back and make the 4th season interesting. The idea of cancelling the show is not tollerable @ all

  23. Silke

    Please, don´t cancel the series “The Following”. It is the best series on TV next The Walking Dead and Heartland. The series can not end like this. Ryan Hardy must come back and protect the world for evil guys. Let the story does not end so openly. NO WAY!!!!! I want to see the series continues. PLEASE!!! I hope another network picks the show up for the 4th season. I`m sooooooo SHOKED.

  24. Debra Norris

    what?? the following is one of the greatest shows on fox please rethink this horrible decision?

  25. Crew

    FOX, let season 4 happen, or at least another show with these incredible actors!

  26. oppong

    oooo am sad why why, great movie pls bringbck d season 4

  27. The following viewer

    Can’t believe this is cancelled…just finished season three on Amazon, someone needs to pick up season four…

  28. joan barnett

    No don’t cancel love the show

  29. Saraneth

    F*cking hell. I just watched the last episode of season 3 and went searching it to see when season 4 would be coming. F*CK! They always cancel the best shows! Mother f*ckers!

  30. missi

    Why bring to hulu while by the way it is on hulu but it is also on Netflix all 3 seasons

  31. Darcy

    Canceled?? How can you possibly cancel?? We just found there’s a bigger organization pulling the strings. Ryan has a kid on the way but his friends and family think he is dead. Did he kill Theo in the river or did he walk away too!! Swear if the Following really is canceled FOX has lost a viewer forever!

  32. Debbie

    Well cancelling this just s*cks OMG it wasn’t even finished

  33. Marcie

    Why do they cancel everything that’s good but keep stupid cr*p

  34. Debbie

    I loved the following. Kevin Bacon was great as Ryan. You can’t just leave
    Us hanging. Please put it back on.

  35. ashley

    They should keep the following going, once I started watching it I just couldn’t stop. Please bring it back.

  36. Kathy

    Noooo! There is so much potential for an amazing Season 4. Bad decision for Fox. Good decision for whomever is going to pick it up. Come on… Don’t leave us hanging!!

  37. Devon

    by canceling the the show they are gonna loose even more veiwers, their loss, guess they canceled a good show

  38. angie

    No…. Don’t take away The Following found it on Netflix and I’m hooked.

  39. Michael

    Remember Fox is the same morons that cancelled Fire Fly .Just as they get it set up for a fresh start with new bad guys they cancel it they are IDIOTS!!!!

  40. shelia

    Please don’t cancel The Following! I don’t watch much tv, but this show was one that I never missed! It keeps you on the edge of your seat! Awesome actors and awesome writing! It’s a must watch and definitely worth a lot more than just 3 seasons, much more!!

  41. Serenity

    I love this show season 4 will be epic please make it

  42. Cathy

    The Following is one of the best series on television!!! My husband and I are obsessed with this show. I hope Fox 5 is wise enough to keep this show going and put it in a better time slot. We have told all our friends about this show and they love it. Give this show a chance. This show is so well done and keeps you wanting more!!! FOX you have a winner!! THIS WILL BE A BIG MISTAKE!!!

  43. Jim3000


  44. Bev Ezsol

    Please don’t cancel the show ! It keeps you on the edge of your seat each week and we look forward to watching it every week.

  45. the following

    To hell with fox I’m going back to wgntv even tnt the following is one of the best shows out right now its almost like a on going movie I love it but there canceling it give me a break same thing happened to prison break

  46. Jim

    Too gory – and too predictable. My wife loves the show. I sleep with one eye open!



  48. Rosa Guerrero

    Just finished all 3 seasons on Netflix.. You can’t let it end. This was a great series.

  49. A

    FOR EFFS SAKE BRING IT BACK! loved season 1 and 2 although bit predictable at times, season 3 seemed to go a bit haywire but an exiting plot none the less. you left it on a cliff-hanger with so many possible plot twists. we don’t know if Theo died or not, Ryan’s friends and family think he is dead, there’s a bigger organisation in control and it could be amazing, I love the actors, they are fantastic, although I do miss Joe, I wish they could find a way to bring him back. very disappointed at the cancelation.

  50. heath

    bunch of cr*p fox s*cks they always cancel the good shows you start watching it then all of a sudden its cancelled why should I even start watching anything else on fox because you will get in to it then its cancelled I’m done with fox

  51. Patti

    I never knew this show existed until a couple weeks ago when my friend told me about it. OMG!! I’m hooked! I watched all 3 seasons! They have to bring it back!

  52. angie

    We love the show, please bring it back

  53. Christoph

    Finished all seasons and was awesome! Looking forward to season 4

  54. Dave

    Highly disappointed to hear FOX canceling the show… Poor decision FOX. Hulu or someone else needs to pick it up and continue it ASAP. TWO THUMBS DOWN FOR FOX.

  55. Sandra

    I can’t believe that The Following was cancelled. I just finished watching the 3 seasons on Netflix and thought it was terrific. I am soooo disappointed that it will not continue. With all the junk that is on TV, this was a very good series. Bring it back!!!

  56. Sassy sue

    I can’t believe they cancel a show like this, but yet those reality shows are still going strong. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  57. Fatesha

    this was one of the best shows I have ever watched! so many twists and turns I would hate for them to cancel the show.. Good thing I bought all the following seasons on Blu-ray 🙂 MAKE A SEASON 4!! PLEASE!

  58. Bakkerman

    No series 4!!! ridiculus! season 4 could be the best yet with a rogue Ryan Hardy wreaking havoc. Please change you minds and make season 4!!!!!

  59. Ashley

    This makes me so sad that there won’t be a final season 4! How in the mess do you guys just leave us with so many loose ends? We don’t even know for sure that Theo is dead after he got up from the gun shot wound to the head! We don’t know what’s going on with Agent Mendez (sp?), and Mike just woke up and caught a glimpse of Ryan hardy walking by his door! Ryan never officially said goodbye to his memories of Joe and this story just is not complete without the main character having absolute closure and happiness! This s*cks!

  60. The Following Fan

    This is not cool! This show owes closure to its fans! At least make it a Netflix exclusive or something! Hell, you can just put the final season on DVD and let the fans purchase it to see it! I can think of so many things that need to be cleared up, how about Eliza? She could be the half sister of the red headed cop that Ryan killed at the end after she turned dirty cop. Sorry, I don’t remember her character name because I blew threw the series so fast. Max and Mike have to play protector over Gwen’s baby and Theo could totally drift up out of the water and be stumbled upon by a family camping nearby that take him in and treat his head wound. Ugh, just so many things need to come together in order for this show to end!

  61. another following fan

    first they cancel second chance now the following fox really needs to quit cancelling the good shows or their ratings on fox itself is going to go away. this is bullsh*t!!!!!!! my better half says fox s*cks big donkey pee pees.

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