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«The Good Wife» season 6: premiere date (2014)

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When does «The Good Wife» season 6 premiere? CBS has ordered new episodes in 2014! Start air date coming! Please hurry it up!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: September 22, 2009
Creators: Robert King, Michelle King

Season 1 Episode 1: 13.71 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 1: 9.15 million U.S. viewers

We would like to mention that the pilot episodes of «The Good Wife» television series has been watched by about 13,7 million Americans and even then the experts have predicted a great future to this drama.

This week the rights holders announced the results of the discussion on show continuation. It was clearly decided the television series should be extended for season 6 and the premiere date of the new episodes is scheduled for September 21, 2014. 22 episodes are to be ordered, since the full season is claimed to be created.

And what to you think about the complicated relationships between Alicia and Will?

UPDATE 1 (February 7, 2016): The series will come to an end after seven seasons. CBS confirmed that Season 8 of The Good Wife was not planned.

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  1. Samuel

    I stopped watching the Good Wife when they dropped the Will/Alicia plotline

    • jc

      I think they made a mistake killing will I loved watching this show so did many of my friends but now we no longer want to watch it..

  2. ParadoX

    I am not a fan of Will/Alicia and I am glad that they are not going down that road again, or just yet. Peter and Alicia have a greater pull to each other.

    • jc

      peter is a jerk he plays the exact politician that comes from Illinois, many viewers were just waiting for Alicia to leave him but now you are just going to keep playing the back and forth game between them that any moron can figure out you next plot..

    • Gladeola

      I’m glad someone sees things the same way about Peter and Alicia they will a couple by the end of the shows last episode.

  3. Diane Cipriano

    I would love to see them together
    In season 5. Will and. Alicia

    • helen boyle

      May he rest in pease.

  4. Beata

    I like them together.

  5. jc

    get rid of Michael Fox. I do not watch the show when he is in it. I find no humor in him, he still acts the way he did 20 years ago

  6. hop

    I hope season 6 will be your last, the ratings are dropping fast and fans are looking for closer.

  7. Jewel

    Please, bring back Will? Great scripting, great cast but killing off Will leaves a huge hole. No replacement love. Bring Josh Charles out of witness protection.

  8. Me

    Please bring back Will !

  9. richard

    I too was sorry to see Will go however feel it could be a good thing. really hope the show continues with Diane going with the other firm and Alecia running for office. Hope the husband falls for intern and Alecia has to prosecute him.

  10. casey

    I like the new twist with Diane going for the position at Alecia and Kerry’s firm. I also can’t stand Michael J. Fox on the show.

  11. Stacy

    Bring back Mathew Perry’s character! He added something to the show that Michael J. Fox does not.

  12. anne

    pls bring back will!!! alicia and will are meant for each other

  13. Nancie

    I am glad Will is gone because their relationship was based on their college history not love. I would like to see them bring in a new lawyer or DA with looks and personality the opposite of Peter. Someone with coloring like Simon Baker, Brad Pitt or Kevin Costner and ethics like Alicia. His hair should be lighter than Cary’s for contrast. I think Michael J. Fox was a great addition to the show. I would really like to see Julianna take off that wig and give Alicia a “perm”.

  14. Marga Westlake

    I didn’t realize how much I liked Will until we lost him. I didn’t want to watch the show for a while after that too. If they can quickly get past the loss of will, I mostly likely will keep watching. Peter is still charismatic, and the rest of the law team is good.

  15. CherBinks

    Understanding and relating to the character is vital for me as a viewer. Alicia began as an intelligent, strong mother and wife. She handled Peter’s (very public) indiscretion with class and honesty. But I’m not sure what is going on with her character now. Will seemed to be genuinely a budding love, but she seems to keep holding on to Peter – why? Because she really likes the spot light, thinks it’s beneficial to her success professionally? This causes confusion of character for me. Is she the classy, honest, strong woman that I liked so much in the beginning or do I have her character wrong. Killing off Will was a shock, I enjoyed his strong, silent character also and I LOVE Diane with her class, personal strength and ethics. In a nutshell, I do not think Alicia has what it takes to carry the whole show (especially with a flip-flop type of character) . I think, us as viewers, have to connect with the other main characters in the show also, to “ground us” and allow us to have a confidence and “belief” in them. BTW, strictly from a female perspective – please, give Alicia a new hairdo! Love her wardrobe and make-up – but she badly needs an up-date on that hair!

  16. Diann

    I really lost interest when Will was killed off. I understand it was his wish, but maybe enough money would persuade him to come back and they can find a miracle to bring him back to life. It really was a good show and I think time is going to take care of it if they can’t bring Will (or another similar personality) to fill his shoes.

  17. Gloria

    Bring Will back!

  18. liz blackstone

    I agree with several of the above comments and disagree with several. Michael Fox should go. He brings an element to the show that makes it dirty. I resent, personally, his playing on his disease. My father died from Parkinson’s and was a complete gentleman to the end. I do not see that with Michael; rather he plays on it and makes it a ploy and that makes it dirty. I myself have the same disease and double resent him. Alicia needs to take on her boss at her company and take down Lockhart Gardner to the ground. Peter?? She needs to kick his sorry cheating butt out and get rid of him completely. I truly love this show, very intriguing and well written, but Fox?? Come on! Get rid of him, the standards went down immediately. Phew……

  19. Samantha

    love The Good Wife. Disappointed they killed Josh Charles’ character, but am still excited to watch future season 6 & hopefully more after that. Julianna Margulies is above & beyond regardless what character she portrays. And she is beautiful, fabulous, smart & a class act. Am not surprised she ended up married to a smart hot lawyer. Aside from Julianna , their cast is phenomenal , Christine Barinski, Chris Noth, Alan Cummings, so on & on. Their writers are amazing with their story lines considering they have 22 episodes per season within a limited time frame. Would be interesting if they bring back Will as other posts have suggested. LOL!!! Not as a ghost, that’s my preference. However I would really love it if Alicia finally will get to hear Will’s message that Eli deleted!!!

  20. Laura

    They could bring Will back and say his death had to be faked because…..
    I would love that!!

  21. Val

    Shocked to see Will knocked off the show so quickly. Alicia needs a brand new romance with a hunk. Take away m.j. Fox! His character is so annoying!

  22. frances durkin

    Love the character of Alicia and also enjoy Michael J Fox in his role. Juliana M. is perfect in this role. Would love to see a broadening of her children’s role in this series. Hate her husband

  23. Tracy Phillips

    I taught I was the only one who hated micheal j fox on the show. I don’t even want 2 watch it anymore & I have not miss an episode of the good wife ever . I hope Alicia don’t get back with Peter. He cheated on her more than once. Some things r unforgiveable & his cheating was.

  24. Sylvia Wadle

    I cringe every time Michael J. Fox appears on this show. I just do not like his role! Love Peter and Alicia as a couple. Love Diane Lockhart!

  25. Juanita

    Loved when Will And Alicia would have fleeting soft touches when passing or setting next to each other. So much passion. Let Will be come back as a near death experience with the strong passion he and Alicia demonstrated with Nosh’s cheating demeanor. Love all that this show was and all it can be. This is an adult show!

    • anne

      I disagree with you Juanita

  26. caroline

    great ending for season 6 seen it coming looking forward to seeing the next season

  27. Lisa

    I love the show, but I am a resident of the state of IL. Can anyone tell me why everything in this show is based on cook county and Chicago. I am referring to the all the political jobs, offices and such. Has everyone forgot that the capital of IL is Springfield? Have the producers forgot this. Maybe someone needs to go back to school.

  28. Vicki Williamson

    I LOVE this show!! I was very sad to see Will go, but that did keep the suspense going. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  29. Trish Chambers

    When will the new season start?

  30. Peggy Cohen

    I have watched this program since it came on. I am a Canadian viewer and like the rest of the people and their remarks we all think that killing Will was a grave error to the program. Death if it is real cannot be reversed. But comas, disappearances or any other way to take Will out would have kept his character alive and searching. If Josh Charles didn’t want to play the role anymore then put him into a coma or let him disappear because Peter Florrick wanted him out because Will was a danger because he knew all the info on the Governor count. You have a crew of absolutely great actors but the greatest error was really killing Will, and what is being done to Carey. I don’t like what is happening .Michael Fox is using his illness wayyyyy too much.
    When is the next episode??

  31. Dana

    Will’s character was well done but I’m glad the plot line is moving on. I thought the Will/Alicia relationship was to stereotypical for my taste. There are many other directions this can go & I am hoping the program’s writing staff will give their viewers something good.

  32. joann

    Please get rid of Michael J Fox, If I stop watching it will be because of him. I sure hope Charles will change his mind and return as Will. He and Alicia are too much in love for it to end this way.

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