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The Good Wife season 8

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The Good Wife season 8 start date

When will The Good Wife season 8 start? What about the premiere date in the fall of 2016 on CBS? We are waiting for the start!

At the beginning 2016 Robert King and Michelle King said that they would not be the showrunners for Season 8 of the TV series The Good Wife. This statement was discussed on social networks, because these experts brought the project to a high level.

A little later, actress Julianna Margulies shocked fans, saying that her participation in the show was over, but she was very happy that such event as a TV series The Good Wife was in her career.

The point of the story put representatives of the CBS, who confirmed that Season 8 was not planned (only spinoff) and on May 8, viewers would get a long-awaited final. CBS president Glenn Geller admitted that the Robert and Michelle’s leaving was not a planned event and the channel was ready to finance a new episodes of The Good Wife, but without these professionals it did not make sense to continue shooting.

The creators thanked loyal viewers and wrote on Twitter that they had planned to finish the story and it was necessary 7 seasons for the proper ending. And do you support this decision?

UPDATE 1 (Dec.18, 2016): CBS has released the first trailer for its forthcoming Good Wife spinoff. The Good Fight will make its broadcast debut on February 19, 2017 at 8/7c.


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  1. Kim Reed

    Great show! I was so sad and very disappointed to hear of the cancellation of the Good Wife. I looked forward to a show that was intelligent and interesting. Please pleaseeeee give it another year even though the creators are gone!!!

  2. Jean Crawford

    About time… Without Kalinda it was boring.

  3. Margaret

    I love The Good Wife and am so so sorry to hear it is finishing. This show should not be cancelled… everyone enjoys it so much and it is my favorite ‘look forward’ to every Sunday. Change your minds!

  4. megan27

    I’m so so sad The Good Wife is ending! This was an excellent series for 6 seasons. The seventh season is cr*p. Sorry Kings

  5. Dixie Rice

    I will miss the show. It’s still a well-written and compelling drama. TV watchers love lawyer shows, do a spin off for heaven’s sake!

  6. Kelli Fowler

    It made me so sad. Will miss The Good Wife a lot. Great writing and great acting. Why is CBS canceling this show?

  7. Martin B.

    Stopped watching after Will died…

  8. Shelia

    Well it was a good run. At least there is time for a good series finale!

  9. Ted Rios

    I’m sure the show can go on without the Kings but I think it’s a good time to end. It was a great run!

  10. Alex

    This has been one of the best shows. The writing, the engaging actors and the unpredictability!!! I will really miss it.

  11. Erma K.

    Very sorry to see the show end. Great cast, great story lines. Many thanks to all who enriched my Sunday evenings.

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