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The Musketeers season 3: premiere date

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When will The Musketeers season 3 come out in 2015/2016? The show had been renewed! We know the start air date! Let’s wait for the new episodes premiere!

TV-channels: BBC One, BBC America
Created by: Adrian Hodges
Starring: Tom Burke, Howard Charles, Santiago Cabrera, Peter Capaldi…
Genre: historical-action drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 9.28 million UK viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 4.93 million UK viewers

The creators of «The Musketeers» television series decided not to wait for the final episode of season 2 in order to renew it for season 3. According to the official announcement of the rights holders, which dates back to February 2, 2015, BBC Worldwide and BBC America have already financed the new «pack» of episodes with the premiere on TV in January 2016 (UPDATE 1).

The exact number of the ordered episodes of season 3 is still a secret, but, obviously, this number will again comprise ten.

The creators have noted that at the moment «The Musketeers» show is popular both on the motherland and all around the world, which has let renew it for season 3.

Are you surprised with the above mentioned decision?

UPDATE 1 (April 2, 2016): Bad news… The Musketeers will return to BBC1 in late spring 2016 and will conclude after the third outing. Premiere Date on Showcase Canada – April 10, 2016.

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  1. Erica V.

    Glad the BBC have decided to renew The Musketeers. I love them sooooooo much. One of my must see shows!

  2. Alexis

    So happy it will be returning for a 3rd season. Great cinematography, excellent location, superb actors, very smart writers! Well done BBC!

  3. 21melba

    Fantastic news! We love the Musketeers!

  4. K.R.

    Its great fun and this series has been even better, but it needs another slot.

  5. Alone-=-=

    Brilliant acting, gorgeous set and costume design an intriguing storylines every week! I can’t wait for more in season 3!

  6. Michael

    I love this show. Every show is epic. This is one of my faves. I’m glad to see it renewed.

  7. Lisa Hermansen

    YES!!! Just started watching and I am totally addicted to this show!! The entire show, from set, lighting, decor, costumes is what I would say beautiful, a pure pleasure to watch. The entire cast is brilliant, PERFECT acting! Rare it is that you find such excellence in a television show. Bravo to you all!

  8. Rhonda Vierra

    YES!!! So very excited about Season 3 of The Musketeers!!! Loved the season 2 Finale and can’t wait to see Season 3! Thanks BBC!!! My husband and I watch this show together ever weekend. 🙂

  9. MrsTB

    Yay! Just got caught up on ONDEMAND and boy what a treat! I am really glad to know that this show is coming back. It’s so Epic! Thanks BBC!!!

  10. Leo Deg

    I can’t get enough I like the action. In fact I wish I could be one of the musketeers too. What would do with like me???

  11. Felicia


  12. Billy and Linda

    Best series on TV by far. It is the only show on TV that we watch every episode. And the fact that it’s based on a classic book and keeps within the spirit of the story (with some tweaking of course…) makes it a much better series than all of the usual sword and fantasy shows that all look the same. Thanks to the producers for renewing this wonderful series.

  13. Deborah

    My husband and I watch the show continually. We even purchased the first season. We were both happy to see it has been renewed. The writing is interesting and fun. The actors are amazing ,the women are smart and beautiful, the men are handsome and strong. They all work well together. GREAT Show! We’ll be picking up the second season as soon as it hits the stores. Keep up the good work.

  14. Bird

    So jazzed to hear your bringing Musketeers back for a 3rd season and hopefully many more. Acting, graphics and storylines are just the best.

  15. Ron Buonanducci

    We love the show. Great character development. meticulous attention to historical costumes and details. Brilliant writing and the best actors cast you could have ever have. Even the extras and background shots are terrific. The best measure of what a show should be. Can’t wait till the next season.

    Wish the US would have more shows like these. The greatest line up of shows are:

    1. Musketeers
    2. Turn
    3. Viking
    4. Oak Island
    5. Family guy (Giggty goo)

  16. Julie Wack

    I love this show! Glad it’s been renewed. Hope it moves back to Sunday night.

  17. Donna

    I have always loved the Musketeers going back to being a child growing up in the 70’s. I can say with complete conviction I love this show. I appreciate the attention to detail in costumes and sets. The character development, of each character and of the Musketeers as a soldierly group, is outstanding. Bravo!
    I patiently await season three.

  18. flip

    So many good shows go down the tubes, but this show has been one of the best in my viewing. Let there be a season 4,5,6, and on

  19. Dee

    So very glad to see the show has been renewed. One of the best shows by far.

  20. Mary Ann Nicothodes



  21. Peaceful

    Great show. Great story lines, great characters (all of them) great actors. Whoever picked the musketeers couldn’t have cast a better group of guys. Thier captain is great. The actor playing the king can act his butt off. They are all magnificent. I was hooked first moments of show and haven’t been disappointed yet. Nice to watch a show that doesn’t insult your intelligence. Hope bbc continues the how for many seasons to come.

  22. wanda

    Thank you Thank you…I was worried you were not bringing it back. I also love this show. Once again thank you for renewing the show for a third season and more I hope.

  23. Deborah

    Thank you, thank you! I am so glad that there will be a season 3. This is one of my favorite shows on BBC and the actors, attention to detail is wonderful, it keeps as close to the book as TV will allow. Bravo! I’m waiting with bated breath!

  24. Sam murcott

    Its great to see the musketeers coming back for a third series i can’t wait ,it has been the best musketeers I have ever seen on TV thankyou very much bbc

  25. Denise

    When is the air date in the US?

  26. Kelly

    Yes when is the season 3 premiere? The first two seasons premiered in January. I hope there are more episodes because 10 is not enough.


    well done the BBC . I cannot wait to see the MUSKERTEERS 2016, series 3. I love them . The 4 most handsome men in leathers.

  28. Angela G

    Season 3 Wow I cant wait, keep checking the TV don’t want to miss the first programme of season 3. The guys are so handsome and the girls are lovely. Storeys are brill, loved everyone of them so much I bought season 1 & 2 and play them more or less every weekend at some point. Hurry BBC with showing season 3 and start filming for season 4

  29. jared spitzer

    Like this show alot, keep them comming.

  30. norma

    I am so glad that the Musketeers are renewed for a 3rd Season. Can’t wait til it comes on. I love the show and all the actors!

  31. Joanne Purtill

    I’m so glad I found The Muskateers on BBC America. I bought Season 1 and 2 on DVD so I could watch it again. They would have even more viewers if they had the series on Netflix. Great acting, wonderful story lines, and continued action makes it feel like you are watching a movie every week. Thank you for this entertaining show!

  32. Bob Beck

    This is truly a great show in every way. May its run match that of Dr Who!

  33. Pat Gove

    Love the Musketeers, here in the States can’t wait till it starts. You haven’t even put last season on demand yet so we can re-watch!

  34. kldipro


    I like Series with Fun, Action and Jokes. So i like the musketeers. I hope BBC will produce Season 4 and 5, with Stories in England, Spanien and other Regions in Europa.

  35. Todd

    Excellent acting and scenery. The weapons and costumes are first rate. Glad to see it was renewed.

  36. Kathy

    I soooo LOVE this show, we need a great shows like this in the US.

  37. Rose Norton

    I’ve asked the BBC several times when Musketeers season 3 will be on. It went from Spring to late Spring and now it is Autumn!

  38. kes

    Please sign my petition bring back the musketeers for more seasons change.org

    • Sharon

      I’ll sign

  39. stephanie pannozzo

    Hi Im glad to see the musketeers coming back. I cant wait to see the third season. Hope come back soon. When will it return?

  40. Sharon

    What happened, April and May have come and gone. Where is season 3

  41. mark

    Great show. When does season 3 begin in USA. thx

  42. Lea

    you have to keep it past season 3 – it is so good!

  43. Elaine Duker

    This has been the best programe on TV for years, & for me beats every musketeer, film, etc ever made, 4 handsome actors, plus Hugo Speer, the acting, & costumes are superb, storylines are gripping, I have been hooked since episode 1, so why is series 3 the last? I hope this decision changes & there are more series to come, what a disappointment.

  44. Denise

    I am trying to find out when the musketeers season 3 is going to start? I am disappointed that this is the last season and anxious to see the last season. Any information about the air dates I would appreciate it

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