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«The Tomorrow People» season 2?

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Will «The Tomorrow People» science fiction TV-series return for season 2? When does the new episodes premiere on The CW in 2014/2015? We need air date!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: October 9, 2013
Developed by: Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.32 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 19: 1.06 million U.S. viewers

The CW television channel management is now discussing the future of «The Tomorrow People» television series, as the project is constantly losing its viewers. It should be mentioned that the premiere has been watched by 2,32 million Americans, but today it attracts less than 1 million people.

Negative commentaries of the critics only increase the pressure on the rights holders, who are already skeptical about the financing of Season 2. The plot of the television series has been positively mentioned by several experts, who find it original.

According to The CW management, it is hard for such shows to remain on air, as they’re produced for limited audience, who is capable to appreciate the uniqueness and singularity of the plot.

«The Tomorrow People» season 2 – [cancelled] (officially)

What decision will be taken? Will the new episodes be released? We will inform you about the results!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): The CW cancels The Tomorrow People.

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