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«The Tomorrow People» season 2?

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Will «The Tomorrow People» science fiction TV-series return for season 2? When does the new episodes premiere on The CW in 2014/2015? We need air date!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: October 9, 2013
Developed by: Greg Berlanti, Phil Klemmer

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.32 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 19: 1.06 million U.S. viewers

The CW television channel management is now discussing the future of «The Tomorrow People» television series, as the project is constantly losing its viewers. It should be mentioned that the premiere has been watched by 2,32 million Americans, but today it attracts less than 1 million people.

Negative commentaries of the critics only increase the pressure on the rights holders, who are already skeptical about the financing of Season 2. The plot of the television series has been positively mentioned by several experts, who find it original.

According to The CW management, it is hard for such shows to remain on air, as they’re produced for limited audience, who is capable to appreciate the uniqueness and singularity of the plot.

«The Tomorrow People» season 2 – [cancelled] (officially)

What decision will be taken? Will the new episodes be released? We will inform you about the results!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): The CW cancels The Tomorrow People.

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  1. Mippo

    great show! please make season 2.

  2. Maryann

    Come on Tomorrow People!

  3. Dancer

    Has the CW given up on this show already?

  4. Will

    I love TTP. Hope for season 2. When does new series premiere?

  5. James D.

    The Tomorrow People Is A great show! I really hope it get renewal. It keeps getting better and I see a lot of potential in it.

  6. Maxwell

    I love the show tomorrow people. It would be nice for a season 2, but if they decide not to then they better make a good ending

  7. LOLA

    Great series. Hope we will see a season 2.

  8. Angel

    Hope you make another season it’s a great show.

  9. Alex

    I think they should make season two regardless of what happened with season one, it’s like a new beginning everyone normally watches the start of the season to see if it’s good so why not?

  10. anela

    There has to be a season 2 come on Steven just got a new power I wanna see what happens next PLEASE do not cancel season 2!!!!!!!! It’s the only show that my whole family sits down to watch once a week and its very rare for my family to be all in one place and have something in common so please do not take this away from us. We may ignore each other if this does not come back on so my family lives and many more family lives are now in your hands I hope you do the right thing and release season 2 and not cancel it
    Much mahalo
    Auwae ohana

  11. robert pilat

    i would like to complain why the hell you guys at cw 23 canceled tomorrow people. it was one of the best running shows by far.im a huge fan of you guys bt I lost a lot of respect when you first canceld smallville and now tomarrow people?those where the two greatest shows ive seen aird by cw.i rly dnt care if ya respond back or nt im sure you are very busy. bt if possible bring back and or continue tomarrow people as well as smallville. why not go all the way and do a justice league series???

    thanx for reading, Robert Pilat

  12. abigail

    you cant cancel the tomorrow people i luv that show. besides i want to see what happens to john and astrid in s2. the show is epic!!!

  13. Daran Saxby

    this has just got on my nerves, the tomorrow people is the best TV series by far going right now, i live in the UK and at thre minute i am watching it, the series has not finished for me so please don’t ruin it. Still if the the CW renews it i hope that some other TV brodcast picks it up and carrys o (with the same writers and actors). If this is ot renewed by any other TV broadcaster i will be extremely dissapointed. Please keep this TV program alive,
    Kind Regrds,
    Daran Saxby

  14. Shaice

    I hope the show comes back on. There is not a limited audience. Not everyone have time to watch tv shows when it first air for the night. People watch shows many different ways not always when the show airs because of life.

  15. erica

    CW gives up on all their shows. The tomorrow people is a good show and now its canceled.. im done watching the CW.

  16. Gideon

    plsss come on

    • jhoney

      i know it cant end like that theres not meny shows like the tommarow people come on agggggggggg it cant end like that come on dont cancel it

  17. charlotte wood

    You cant cancel the second series… In the uk there is one more episode left and how can it explain so much in just the one episode… You need the second series… The original did! Most of my friends didn’t know it was on but they’ve started to watch it… Just needs more advertisement… You cant quit so far ahead!!! Its one of my favourite shows… I’ve recorded every episode… Its too early to stop.. Its an amazing programme but no one really knew it was on!!! Advertise it more and you can get the right amount of viewers/ratings that you wanted. PLEASE listen to all your disappointed fans make a second series!!!

  18. Abdul

    Common the Tomorrow People we need season 2. This one of my best Tv series.

    • maija

      I agree!!!

  19. maija

    NO!!!! I need more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. DILLAN

    CW aways cancel the best shows u people are retarded and f*ked in ure heads !!! keep tomorrow people going its amazing and you would be stupidto let it go like this …

  21. Leif

    I understand the point of a mini series like tin man but what is the point of producing a whole season of a series just to cancel it and I don’t want to hear its because they are targeting a limited audience that’s what mini series are for not a season of an awesome show like the tomorrow people this is complete bullsh*t!

  22. Jitendra Chopra

    Renew the f*cking show…

  23. mpho

    such a great series can’t be cancelled.

  24. ross

    why have they cancelled all the good shows lol legend of the seeker, kyle xy, now the tomorrow people

  25. Heidy

    It’s so good! You cannot cancel this show!

  26. Leah

    Please air season 2!!!!! My husband and I love this show!!!!!!

  27. Dorrion


  28. maya

    pls can u please bring my show back I wanna see what will happen to my guy steven so ba I really missed that show so bad can u pls bring it back I am begging u

  29. Steph

    I have watched the Tomorrow people since it was brought to the USA. I really enjoy this new one especially since the original john appeared on it

  30. Curt

    CW never gives a sh*t about their viewers. You cancelled the second best show you have made.

  31. graybeard

    The C.W. already announce they did not cancel the tomorrow people and there will be a season two. The official site does not even give you a release date for season two no wonder good shows go off the air the id*ots who are suppose to promote it do not do their job so we could miss several episodes giving it bad ratings and it could get cancelled. Before people say no there were 6 shows cancelled last year with less than 6 episodes aired one only aired two and another only one. Anyone remember Matt dillion’s show something about being a gentleman, I can’t remember because it was gone in two shows or how about lucky seven ?

  32. Mariam

    Pleasseeeee! We need season 2!!!!

  33. Shanon

    It is getting very annoying when a show is started and only runs for one or two seasons and is canceled with no official ending. I’m getting to the point that I don’t even watch new show anymore till it has been on for a few years. I know that is counter productive to ratings but im getting tired of wasting my time getting involved with a story that never gets finished. It’s been happening a lot lately.

  34. Allen Clawson

    That is the only show I enjoy watching please continue the show. I want to see what happens in season 2 the show is extreamly entertaining and enteresting to me and I don’t really get into anything really but i was looking forward to watching the show every Wendsday. Please continue with The Tomorrow People.

  35. cdill

    Seriously angry about this I’ve been waiting!!! Great show!!!

  36. debby

    Really? Cancelled the tomorrow people (great show) and premiere a stupid show about a virgin accidentaly getting artificially inseminated??? Are you people kidding, like that will ever be a hit.

  37. Ralph

    Why it was one of the coolest shows on the cw please bring it back, I garentee more people will watch I was waiting for this show for a while it was so cool to see Stephen finally control his freezing time powers the first to use the four T’s so please I believe it has a large fan base that will continue to grow

  38. Liz Harding

    What kind of target audiance to you think you’re reaching? Just young people!? Think again. I am 51 and I LOVE this show. There should at the very LEAST be a season two! There’s a lot of CR*P programs already in 2nd & 3rd seasons. Give this one a fair shot! It’s a VERY good show!

  39. Shay

    Who can we contact? I was looking forward to this show. Im very angry about this cancellation! I will write the CW myself. How frustating!!!!!

  40. boop

    this is what happens when they butcher the fan’s favorite relationship in the show.
    they really could have done better with Stephen and Cara.
    come on, they go from sleeping together (with a strong psychic connection) to Cara treating him like shit for the next 15 episodes.
    that was one reason this show almost lost my interest.
    other than that, the character breakouts lost as much emotion and importance as it had in the first couple episodes.
    i liked it when we got to see into the lives of these teens being fought over by ultra and the rebels, and how they fit in to everything. examples: charlotte, irene (she got less screen time as the show went on,) and that bank robber kid with the black goth styled hair.
    *please give them a chance to do it good and finish up this epic storyline with a season two.

  41. amy

    Love the show. Please do season 2

  42. Danny

    I was really surprised when I found out that this show was cancelled, I thought it was very good. There are so many weaker shows on TV, yet they seem to make it. It’s one of the main reasons I’ve almost completely given up on network TV. Every time I find a show I really like, it gets cancelled.

  43. David

    Excellent show we need Season 2. You have to continue.

  44. john rose

    Grate show needs more

  45. Ira

    This is the saddest thing of ever heard again a good show comes on because corporate bitching we lose a good good new show

  46. David

    Please bring it back

  47. christopher

    their decision to cancel this series harkens back to fox cancelling firefly – in a word – MISTAKE

  48. steven

    yo seriously the first show to completely draw me in and then you cancel it?!
    F*CK YOU
    sincerely, Steven

  49. Marek

    You guys are f*cking ridiculous u shouldn’t have canceled such an amazing series that’s The biggest mistake u guys have made

  50. Kelly

    this show was Great why was it cancelled! I loved it!

  51. Christina

    I was totally looking forward to season 2. Please release it

  52. Donna

    I find The Tomorrow People to be an Excellent and very captivating show. PLEASE let us see what happens with a Season 2!!!!!!

  53. Donna

    Pls we love this show, its the only real time I get to sit for an hr with my youngest son. he is always on the go, the social butterfly. We get talk about we think may happen. Or what just took place. It’s an amazing show and great cast. Pls reconsider and keep our show alive. From one jumper to another, let’s jump at the same time and I’ll bet you’ll have the hit of “THE TOMORROW right PEPOLE”

  54. carlton jones

    to be honest the story plot was very good it was slow but i understand why now the last 4 ep was on fire i wanted to see season to cause the son really started coming into his powers now they take this off wow really shame

  55. KJ

    WOW, just like Kyle XY, you have let me down again by getting me hooked on a good show and then cancelling it. I just finished season 1 on Netflix only to find out season 2 is cancelled??? way to go CW. you just lost another viewer.

  56. Laura Coy

    I love this show it is the only show I will watch. It has a great plot, great cast and all of the episodes were awesome. please bring it back – can’t wait to see it again. Please listen to us and bring it back. Thanks

  57. Debra

    Why is season 2 canceled? Love the show!

  58. Michelle

    This is the only show I’ve watched on the CW since Veronica Mars. This station just likes getting people hooked and canceling shows. This is the last one I will ever watch in the CW!

  59. Rah

    You have to make a season 2 omg this is an awesome show I think you just need to promote it better and I definitely told all my friends to watch it, I only stumbled upon this show through netflix. If you make a season 2 I’m sure more ppl will watch it….

  60. Wendy

    Bring back the Tomorrow People!! Even if it’s for summer series or as Netflix only.

    • Daveisha.B

      I said the same , if theres no room on cw , they should team up with netflix

  61. Luis

    Bring back TTP its a great show!

  62. darvell

    Make season 2 for tomorrow people

  63. Tom Helmeke

    I love this show!!! Please bring it back!!!

  64. Sadie

    The Tomorrow People is not only a captivating an action packed thrilling production; but also engaging; and let’s not overlook that each episode is loaded with content and weekly surprising reveals. The only DOWNER was that it was aired on CW. SyFy should have been it’s home-base from the outset. SyFy where are you, grab the contract of this really amazing piece of fiction and run with it!

  65. John Perdue

    I love the show come on people get it together this show needs to air about ten seasons.

  66. Jo

    I found this show intriguing. The characters and storyline were starting to develop quite nicely. I believe, “The Tomorrow People” given a second season, will gain an audience.

  67. JE

    what a bummer. I loved the show.. Please put it back on.. So silly to cancel the show in mid flight..

  68. Gabby

    I’m hooked on this show. I just started watching it on netflix and its so addicting. Please please bring it back. Look at how many people are so heartbroken on the show being cancelled. Weather you put it back on tv or on Netflix for a second season do it. You will make many people much happier when it comes back on. If you advertise it better on tv maybe more viewers will watch bc it’s very entertaining and drama series. I would like it to come back.

  69. GloMo

    Booooooo! Have been waiting for Season 2. This is very disappointing news.

  70. Falconsbane

    CW is bad for getting rid of good shows and keeping so not so good ones lol

  71. Ashley

    I love this show! I just started watching season one on Netflix why have season one on Netflix if your not going to at least make a season 2. That is not fair to viewers! Also the CW has terrible PR I have never heard of the show until Netflix!!! I hate CW! This channel is going under no one watches it!!! Blame the channel not the show!!!!

  72. Ashley

    Im trying to contact the CW channel no luck the website was acting funny!!! Highly upset!!
    I wish it was a Netflix original!!!

  73. Brenda

    I love this show.!! Please bring it back 🙂

  74. Ben

    Amazing show! One of the best shows ever made please make season2!!!

  75. jason

    bring it back. I love this show

  76. Casey

    Found this show on Netflix- and WoW whole family got caught up in it – Cast is great and show is so original – We really hope the make season 2,3……. Very Very good!

  77. Mariana

    WHATTT!!!! The Tomorrow People needs to be put back on tv. It is unfair to the public that they leave such a huge cliff hanger and then give up. What about the fans. They are just giving up on us! It’s so unfair to the fans and the actors! They need to get their act together and get season 2 ( and hopefully a season ) back up and running! They’re making a huge mistake of they really thinking they can give up on The tomorrow people!

  78. Mariana


  79. mark

    i love this show. cw has a great line up but ttp is head and shoulders above the rest.

  80. richy

    I rilli luv dis show….please make season 2, wanna knw d fate of d rest of the people..”stephen, astrid, cara, john, and jedekiah

  81. Dianne

    I just found this show for the first time on Netflix. I had never heard of it before. Maybe the problem with losing viewers is not the viewers but the lack of proper advertising by the CW. Sure, every series loses viewers but if it is advertised properly you will get new viewers to replace the lost ones.

    I absolutely love the series and am drooling for a second season. Hey producers, why don’t you try putting it on a better network!

  82. Chuck

    Tomorrow people was a fresh idea, everybody likes superpowers. I think it hits a larger group than you think. Sorry to see it go, seems all the good shows get whacked.

  83. Charlie B

    Just finished watching the whole season on netflix and it gets 5 stars. about time there was a good show around… hope it is not cancelled…

  84. Jon

    Also just finished this season of The Tomorrow People. I think the ending was a huge success and made way for quite a bit more opportunities’. I am with many who say not enough advertising. This show would connect with a lot of young people because they think this way. Make season two and i don’t think you will be disappointed!

  85. Lisa Champagne

    Ridiculous! This is a great show! Sell to another network and keep it running for those of us who love it. Netflix has original shows. Sell it to them.

  86. Timmie

    I want a second season, I just finished it on Netflix and need to see more.

  87. Chris

    This is one of the best shows I’ve seen. Great cast, great plot, great visual effects. Why would they cancel this show?? I LOVE this show, many people do. Please release season 2 even if it’s just a Netflix original. Bring back the tomorrow people.

  88. Peyton

    IM sorry but I completely disagree with the CWs decision. I’m a big fan of the show. It reminds me of Arrow only better. It is stupid that just cause you lose followers that you think you should cancel a show based on that then looking at the followers it STILL has. The Tomorrow People has an actual story.. It has characters that you feel close too, I don’t know how to explain it I guess. Instead of not doing it at all just do season two. At the end of season two do an ending instead of a cliff hanger. People like me want to know what will happen next. If I don’t find out I will get really mad. Be SMART and do something about it. This show is awesome! If you don’t do anything at least make it a Netflix Original that way if people enjoy the show we can watch it. You should keep it going… – Peyton

  89. Cody

    CW is bad at giving up on shows prematurely and frankly, it pisses me off. I don’t know if they only take into account the viewers on TV but the traffic on Netflix and other similar avenues should far outweigh the decision to cancel it. Netflix etc., for me was created for viewers to see shows that they possibly missed due to bad time slots on network or explore shows that they normally wouldn’t watch. If they would include the popularity on Netflix and if Netflix would play a similar role as a network would then it’s ratings would increase the intrinsic value of the show, thus moving forward with season 2. Makes sense in my head but putting into words I find is more difficult. Just reboot the series geez!

  90. Zedsky

    U lil stupid @ss wow I ain’t fudging with u that’s my favorite show plz make a season 2

  91. Daniel

    Season 2 please!!!!!!!

  92. john

    love the show hope they air a second season

  93. Ashley

    Please make a season 2!!! Me and a bunch of my friends just watched it all on netflix, it’s amazing! We really want more seasons. I think if it starts up again you will see ratings will go up. Many people have started watching it after season one ended. Please make another season

  94. melissa

    It’s a shame that cw dos’t air a 2nd season… I work for a cable company and i just recently found about the show from netflix, I believe that maybe they aired the show on at an unpopular time or day or i think the reason the tomorrow people dint get enough views is because there wasn’t enough advertisement about the show. I thought the show had a lot of potential if they had promoted it like “vampire diaries”. The acting and actors were amazing and very attractive and the plot was riveting. I hope another network picks up the series and continues it… Like syfy…

  95. Hailey

    OMG I need The Tomorrow People, I just watched it on Netflix and I really want to know what happens, The Tomorrow People has a lot of potential an I don’t think it’s far to just cancel it. It is seriously like nothing I have seen before and I absolutely love it, so please please please don’t cancel it. And Come on you can’t just end a season like that and not have another!

  96. Patti

    While we might have very little power to get a show back on the air–though it’s been done–I think the networks owe closure to the fans. If something is cancelled at a cliffhanger, at least make a 2 hour tv movie out of it and tie up the loose ends!!!!

  97. Logan

    Personally I love this show!! I would do anything to keep it on air! It reminds me so much of Kyle XY which was also a cliffhanger.. If there is any result in the change of heart on this show being cancelled please contact me.

  98. Suzen

    please release season 2 of the tomorrow people its very nice and exciting i really love it alot

  99. Dorrion


  100. jewel

    thats retarded

  101. Darrell

    What the hell, why was this show canceled? Just like so many great shows these, get canceled early, all because TV companies have no idea how to compete with online options, heres a clue, dont compete, take advantage of other routes.

  102. Celeste

    This is one of best shows on CW and now it’s just cancelled????

  103. CatRescuer/MartialArtist

    I love The Tomorrow People and was shocked to learn it was cancelled. Everyone I know watched it and loved all the plot twists and action sequences. I can’t believe The CW renewed a series like Reign and not The Tomorrow People. Maybe the viewership dropped because they kept moving the day it aired!

  104. les c

    Really think they should be at least a second season, if they wasn’t going to be why leave the end open for one? Hope they will be one some time in the near future!!!!!

  105. lisa marie

    They really need to make season 2

  106. Jamielyn

    What a great show when is the new season come on can’t leave us

  107. Taryn

    Wow!! Cancelled?? That is a serious joke!! That was the best show I’ve seen in years. Obviously whoever made that decision is one cracked out SOB. GREAT JOB THERE JACKASS!!

  108. Kanwar Sethi

    It’s was an outstanding series. Can’t believe there is no Season 2.

  109. Taethegreat

    They better make a season 2 that show is too good to be ended

  110. Randall

    Just watched all of season 1 on Netflix. It is the best tv series I’ve ever seen. Highly entertaining. I need MORE!!! I couldn’t get enough of it. The story line is awesome. Im hooked. Way to good to have ended on its first season.
    I can’t seem to figure out why i haven’t heard about this show when it aired. If more people heard about the show i belive the ratings would be up high. Need to give this another shot and air season 2 PLEASE!!! Is there a way to get the show back on???

  111. PAUL


  112. joey

    Please don’t cancel season 2 so far it is getting way to good to cancel it

  113. Rebecca snow

    The Tomorrow People is one of the best shows I have seen. Please re-think your decision and continue this series.

  114. Kate g.

    Pls don’t cancel this show the tv show I watch is Nikita and tomorrow people this is a very good show we want season 2!!!!

  115. Michelle

    Please you need to make season 2!! I loved the series and would like to see what happens with John and Stephen!

  116. Bailey

    I LOVE THE TOMORROW PEOPLE…..you should start putting it back up on air for the people who do watch it! omg that cliff hanger..its….in humane! please…concider putting it back on air…its not right. the people who like it will watchi it. it is an amazing plot and for the love of god what happens to john and TTP

  117. Bailey

    it was the best series ive EVER seen…better than the walking dead!! please rethink your decision! so many people love this show….please..ik its been 2 years but please!!! PLEASE!!!

  118. carter

    Love the show can’t wait for season 2 to begin…..

  119. kim

    Just finished season 1 on Netflix I really like this show, please continue season 2

  120. Susan

    Got hooked on Tomorrow People watching it on Netflix. Great Show, I’m disappointed to find
    Out there is not a Season 2. Hopefully CW will reconsider this decision.

  121. helen

    Great show, season 2 canceled ? Not good. Loved it .

  122. jennifer

    I am a uk viewer watched this season on Netflix with 6 of my friends we enjoyed our get together 2 nights a week to enjoy this amazing series please do not cancel the tomorrow people it’s the best us series going and after recommending this to Facebook friends a lot of people have been watching and loving it you would be making a great mistake

  123. Jennifer


  124. Marcia

    Love the show. Please bring it Bach. Love Stephen

  125. Rebecca

    I really like the Tomorrow People, I am not sure why the show would be cancelled. I thought it was well written and the effects where pretty good. CW what’s up?Booo

  126. Catherine gronenthal

    Tomorrow people season two should come out please it’s one of my favorite shows

  127. Andrew

    this show was awsome,and the cw akways does this cr*p,they will kerp the cr*p girly drama shows but not the great action shows,JANE THE F*CKING VIRGIN,,,,CW GO F*CK YOURSELVES

  128. stan benedict

    to many good shows are canceled before they make their big advances in viewing audiences by people who don’t know the viewers. star trek was perfect example.
    The Tomorrow People is a wonderful growth show given time and proper viewing time.

  129. Megan

    i loved that show I watch it over and over the people who cancelled it are stupid people.

  130. Tomorrow People Forever

    Where is season 2!!!!!!!!!

  131. maureen


  132. Jake

    I hate when critics put their ratings on the show when the can’t understand it fully if they don’t get into the show all they do is watch and judge not feel I hope they do go through with the new season because I’ve watched 100s of shows and it’s hard for me to like a show and I still find those certain shows and the tomorrow p is one of them

  133. Christam1

    Pliis its the best show of my Life

  134. Brytni

    I just started watching the tomorrow people on Netflix and I was so disappointed when I learned that there was no season two. It was a waste of time and money to close out so soon. Some shows don’t becaome popular until the reach season two or three and Netflix also helps shows become popular. I’m extremely disappointed.

  135. John

    They really need to make a season two more seems like plenty of people would be really pleased

  136. Marty

    They never continue shows that have hero’s in them. Our system doesn’t want people thinking heroically.
    You are supposed to be a subspecies that is obedient and docile.

  137. Kat

    If a season2 is not made I will be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!!! I hate when a show is so mind blowing and you can’t wait to see what happens next and suddenly they discontinue it.. PLEASE DONT!!

  138. April

    Just finished season 1on Netflix am extremely disappointed that this series has been cancelled. It was an amazing show

  139. Kathy

    I just finished watching season 1 on Netflix and I thought it was GREAT. I loved the story line and the actors. Why did it get cancelled ? I give it a 20 out of 10 in content and actions. I could not stop watching the show. Put it on another channel.

  140. Jessie

    Make a season 2 of tomorrow people best show ever seen

  141. Caralin

    I love the tomorrow people plz come back I don’t understand everyone watches it ugh I’m gonna be so mad if the don’t come out with a season 2 this 2015

  142. Khean

    Was my favorite show! I want it to come back on!!! Plus all the new publicity with Robbie amell and his new movie duff more people are bound to watch it!!

  143. Hadia

    Seriously guys? I loved this show and you just f*cking cancelled it come on it needs an ending. We are waiting for season 2

  144. luka

    Come on.. You can’t do this. Just advertise it more. Please make season 2.

    • Stephen

      Thanks luka love ya lil bro

  145. Stephen

    Ok I got to say this is the best show out. Sure some people don’t know about it I didn’t know until I saw it on Netflix, netflix is bæ, their is so much action in this series and I love it I recently got my gf hooked on the show. I just finished the first season so plz I’m begging you to make a second season plzzz. The ending really caught me off guard with what happened I’m not spoiling anything but it is crazy. All in all this is great show idk why or if you want to cansle it but plz every body who has seen the show loves it I hope you know this.

  146. carol

    the tomorrow people is a great show. i like it because it gives me an escape from the real world.

  147. anwar

    I’m from South Africa and I like the show a lot . Many of my friends watch the show and it is an amazing show please we need the show to continue . Season 1 was great and we so look forward to season two please reconsider .

  148. J Clinton

    If they had a good time slot this Show would be #1 .It was wonderful .I can see why it was a hit in the UK. I got to watch the series again on Netflix all the way through sharing with my family. They think it’s awesome!

  149. Eric

    Make a season 2 was such a great series keep it going!!!!

  150. Laura

    Wow…What a let down to find that you have cancelled the Tomorrow People…I really enjoyed the show…Would love an e-mail if you ever come off the (the show does not profit our pockets enough)kick.

  151. Cin

    Great show. I just watched the entire 1st season on Netflix just to find out it was cancelled. Please bring it back.

  152. Jackie

    Great show. Love season 1 We need season 2.

  153. Dana

    Loved the show, just founded it on Netflix and stayed up 3 day and watch all of season 1. I didn’t watch it on t.v. but I would have it I new about it. It’s weird they advertise a lot of show that are not good over and over and over and the really good ones they don’t really advertise. Bring it back.

  154. Teri S

    Please, give us season 2. We watched it on Netflix and was a great show!!! It should not be cancelled. Don’t leave us hanging, we have to know what happens next.

  155. Thomas K

    This show has more potential now than ever b4. If you all want to make money and I know u do…make a season 2 b4 it’s to late. Make the decision for the people not the money hungry donkeys!!!!
    Thanks A Tomorrow Person! 😉

  156. Morgan

    Watching the Tomorrow people on Netflix and I am CRAZY about it!! Such a nice change from vampires, witches, warewolves, and super heros that have already been… The tomorrow people are Hot, strong, unique, and desireable. I love the plot. If not on air, please bring it to NETFLIX!

  157. Vee

    I loved The Tomorrow People, please renew them again for another season. It was a favorite of our entire family.

  158. Heather

    Are they rethinking doing season 2 I’m watching it on Netflix and fell in love.

  159. pooh

    I just finished watching the entire season 1 on Netflix and was surfing the net for the 2nd season… I ‘am totally shocked to read that CW cancelled the series because they thought it did not have enough ‘international appeal’? WOW!!!!! The Tomorrow People was a great show with a great plot and interesting storylines that kept you on the edge of your seat!!!!!! Someone needs to pick this show up and run

  160. Loki

    Come on we need another season

  161. Shannon

    I can’t believe the cancelled TTP. I just started watching it when I found the show on my tv app. and I’m addicted to it. I hope it at least has some kind of ending.

  162. Rejoice

    Am even wondering if you guys even take our comments serious.this is de only series ma parent have ever watched and they keep asking me when the season 2 will come.i dont even know what to tell them.am really angry. You have to bring it back

  163. JosephN.

    Great show please make season 2 don’t listen to the people that leave bad comments because they don’t know what they are talking about. We need to know what happens to everyone in season 2. Please make a season 2.

  164. clyde gurley

    The Tomorrow People is an amazing TV series. It’s everything you want in an original teen drama. The story, the abilities the tv show makes us Saps want to be able to hone. The acting is great, the action is intense. There needs to be a second season. I know these comments haven’t been updated since 2014 but I recently discovered The Tomorrow People and I love it. It’s Jumper meets Chronicle. My main super powers I’ve always wished for since a kid. Yall have made my imagination come to life, please continue the seasons. You wont go wrong.

  165. Darren1976

    I have seen no negative comments on here about the tomorrow people so I think their figures on how many people view the and the dropping off of over one million viewers is bull, as all I can see is people complaining about season two being cancelled! No negative comments whatsoever, and I must say myself of , personally, that I watch a lot of sci fi and read a lot of sci fi/ fantasy as well and I truly enjoyed the first season, and they left it on a right cliff hanger as well, Jared starting a new agency up, good turning bad with memory loss causing the badness, I NEED CLOSURE DAMMIT! Sheepish….

  166. Daveisha.B

    dude people love The tomorrow PEOPLE , some people like just waiting until the its finish to watch all back to back episodes on Netflix , the last episode blow my mind and I was waiting to be more mind blowing to watch season 2

  167. Bud Martin

    What a short sided decision. You had the makings for the next two seasons.

  168. Shake it slowly


  169. amber Bishop

    I thought it was a great show it had me hooked from the first episode


    It is a hit on Netflix and has 5 Stars. Everyone loves it so they should make a second season.

  171. Mystic240

    I love TTP. I will be really mad of you don’t have a season 2. Who cares what all those other people think?

  172. Danlvn

    The show was great and season 2 is needed! By not bringing it back you will lose viewers of your network because there will be no faith left in your network to watch new shows. Because who knows what you will decide to do after a season is premiered.

  173. Brenda


  174. jEFF


  175. Keon

    personally I love the show and I will watch the season once more and regardless of statistics, new ideas will form and new ideas could end up at better things. 2.32 million American people is a lot of people and being able to fund it could be a problem, but what will the consequences be if you don’t continue the show? lose more money? lose more fans? Something people don’t look at nowadays, it’s mostly money. they should be hurting for ending the show because they are only thinking about the present and not actually being a tomorrow person by thinking about tomorrow. should look at motifs and other things in the film. #TheTomorrowPeople for life

  176. Izzy

    Please you can’t leave us on a cliff hanger. This show is amazing to watch so many twist and turns it keeps you hooked. Also by taking this show down you don’t lose fans and people but you lose money that comes from airing this show. Come on by doing this you also give people jobs and they can feed their families. But most of all you get money and the people what they want.
    #TheTomorrowPeople for life, right?

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