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«Heroes» season 5: release date

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When does new «Heroes» come out? What is known about season 5 premiere?

TV show «Heroes», based on the plot of the famous writer Tim Kring about the people with extraordinary superpowers was premiered in September, 2006 on NBC Channel. The pilot episode attracted more than 14 million viewers. Taking into account such great success, 78 episodes combined into 4 complete seasons, have been aired.

It should be mentioned that the final season ends with Claire Bennet’s incredible leap, who, having broken her bones, regenerated in front of the cameras. Exactly that season ending is so far discussed by the fans, who believe the fifth season to be produced. Release date is widely discussed on Internet forums, but the show is officially closed. NBC doesn’t plan to start Season 5 shooting due to the low ratings of the series as it has been planning to do before.

UPDATE 1 (17.04.2013): «MSN is in talks to revive NBC’s superhero drama Heroes.»

UPDATE 2 (22.02.2014): NBC’s Heroes shall be reborn. Premiere date: Summer 2015.

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  1. Simba

    the best one was Claire always beautiful =). Only Chapters 1-3 were great…

    • Gael

      I disagree with you, the beginning of the last season wasn’t that great; with all that sylar/nathan thing, but when Nathan died (definitely), everything was just, more than, (another word for ‘great’). sorry my english is so sick!! 🙂

  2. Snow Li

    I am desperate to see a satisfying conclusion, and I know I am not alone!

  3. Jameel Alexander

    Return plz

  4. Karrll

    this stinks, how rude to end like that and not tell what happens next. What a let down I have been following the show and just now watched them all from pilot to end, and I am so so so dissapointed!!!!!!

  5. JJ

    Its a job half done. You dont start a series and not end it. If production costs are too high, get sponsors. Some shows are real cr*p and they still have a proper finale. I mean people got used to the characters, and they deserve to know what happens to them. Atleast have a 45 minute episode concluding the show, happy end for everyone.
    If every fan donates 1$ maybe you guys can shoot an episode lol.

    • Gael

      I was sad when Dollhouse ended but at least, it had a proper ending :p

  6. kirsty

    so is there going to be a season 5 god i really hope so its great n defo cant end like that

  7. seattlite

    i am really dissapointed to find out that there is no season 5. this show was so addicting to watch and now i guess i shall place this show on my shelf of my favorite fiction tv series next to supernatural and so forth

  8. LevelUp

    Don’t you think that they need one more season (5)?

    I imagined it by the title “Ultimate Heroes” where skills of all characters is upgraded, and time for the ultimate skills! Which are never seen before! And for very impressive battles, which noone will forget!

    That’s only my opinion!

  9. jaiden

    we need heroes season 5 not on xbox but on nbc i need to know whats next since Claire
    jumps now their in the open the world will know. And Sylar called himself a HERO after 5 years in hell with peter
    Bring back heroes plz

  10. Unknown

    Ok I am a big fan of heros I watch season one to four all the time, I have been waiting for the fifth season to come out, in hoping they do it is a great show and they need to finish the storyline, so hurry up and release a new season or movie because I no alot of people will definitely watch and see how it ends.

  11. cballard

    Please revive this show I will definitely watch, love it, 🙂

  12. holly

    please bring it back even my 4 ys old daughter loves watching it I own all four on dvd and bluray I got a lot of people to watch them I love scripting and cast… I recommend you give the show another year so we can have a ending or a movie a tleast there ALOT of BAD show tha are on for longer please bring HEROES back

    • Ginny

      A movie would be AWESOME!!! i would give it more then a year. I would give more seasons because it was such a great show. Imean there are 10 season of NCIS, 8 season of HOUSE, buonly 4 seasons of heroes so not cool.

  13. Mr. Y the Tableflipper

    If there won’t be season 5 I will go on an adventure to flip every table in the world.

  14. Unknown

    That is a lie!!!!!!! My whole familiy watches Heroes and it is incredible!!!

  15. Heroes_Lover

    Obviously, from all the comments it would be in the producers best interest to at least give an ending. Its not like you have to make an entire season. Just a movie or a final episode to wrap it up. I know many people all over the world are waiting for this to happen. I even know a lot of people in EGYPT waiting to see what happens to all the specials. Heck, i’ll even be on board with JJ’s comment above about fans donating to get this done. If any of the producers or higher ups of the show see this, I hope you get the message that “your fans are waiting.”

  16. Anonyymi

    If u aren’t starting season 5, why u had to put “To be continued” to last episode of season 4? And we all fans want Heroes series back..!

  17. Ginny

    I love heroes it was awesome. I sooooooooo want heroes season 5. The of season 4 was great but i now want to seee heroes season 5. It is mean to keep fans hanging for season 5 of heroes…. We want it now……

  18. rob

    No way can yall end the show like that season five needs to happen the show is addicting and awsome it would be a shame for it to end and sure many people would be upset!!!!!

  19. brenden

    I really love heros so much. I have to tell you that I’m very mad that the season five is not coming out. On a scale 1 to 10 iwould give it a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. I injoyed it so much.

  20. carlos

    heroes is awesome. make season 5

  21. Darius smith

    Tf they not go make season 5 I just stayed of for three days getting only three house a sleep a day to watch season 1-4 on netflixs for no reason but best show ever I promise

  22. shawn

    all 4 season were f*cking pimp…. now that slyer is a good guy they need a bad guy with emence powers and have a season 5… I think they left a few spots of intreset open they can lead with like when slyer told clare that 1 day she would forgive him for killing Nathan patreli and that they would be togerther sonce they both cant be killed and then the world knows of them and the powers since clear jumped of the tall ladder they can lead with that as the start having a govemant program looking for her to run tests like mohinder Suresh’s father and maybe they come out with the bloodline cure for the ppl with powers and starts as a choice to take this bloodline cure ( wewich comes from dr. mohinder Suresh’s family blood say he had a kid) and in a twist they have some sidafects increasing some ppl’s powers and some of wich out of control wich is where petter patreli comes in as he can abourb powers and can use the healing powers or the powers of umm the cop ( forgot name but has mind power like the hashen)
    I could go on but im not the 1 written the story line but them are some idea’s

  23. Rick

    We want season 5 dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watched season 1 thru 4 in 3 days n was addicted from the start. I don’t see how the ratings are “low”, when it is obviously 1 of the best tv series to ever grace the screen. All I’m saying is, it would be super bogus if there will be no season 5. THEY OWE IT TO THE FANS! 😀

  24. jman

    wtf………… watched 1-4 twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you mean to tell me there will be no 5th? id like to toss the producers from a tall building. fkn twice!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. sara

    we want heroes season5 nooooooow pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzz

  26. Herofan

    Come on please we would love to see season 5, also the ending of season 4 wasn’t fair to anyone because they can’t just leave it as that it just isn’t fair so they owe as another season at least to sum it up :)))

  27. Yuniper

    I would LO-O-O-O-OVE to have more Heroes!!!!! It was mentioned it wasn’t renewed because of low ratings. What causes low ratings is the habit of networks having such long breaks in-between seasons and not having shows on a regular schedule. Heroes is a really unique, clever and entertaining show – one of my all-time favorite shows!

  28. Krystal Jones

    When will season 5 be released on DVD? I own 1-4 on DVD my family kids husband and I love the show so we wanted to know. Thank you.

  29. Clare Belfiore

    Loved all the episodes…please keep building on the stories…the actors are amazing!!! There is definitely more stories to develop within each character’s life. Looking forward to minimum 10 seasons!!! Thank you!!!

  30. jamie

    They need to do at least one more season n close it. The way that ended was just dumb. Plz bring back

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