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«Heroes» season 5: release date

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When does new «Heroes» come out? What is known about season 5 premiere?

TV show «Heroes», based on the plot of the famous writer Tim Kring about the people with extraordinary superpowers was premiered in September, 2006 on NBC Channel. The pilot episode attracted more than 14 million viewers. Taking into account such great success, 78 episodes combined into 4 complete seasons, have been aired.

It should be mentioned that the final season ends with Claire Bennet’s incredible leap, who, having broken her bones, regenerated in front of the cameras. Exactly that season ending is so far discussed by the fans, who believe the fifth season to be produced. Release date is widely discussed on Internet forums, but the show is officially closed. NBC doesn’t plan to start Season 5 shooting due to the low ratings of the series as it has been planning to do before.

UPDATE 1 (17.04.2013): «MSN is in talks to revive NBC’s superhero drama Heroes.»

UPDATE 2 (22.02.2014): NBC’s Heroes shall be reborn. Premiere date: Summer 2015.

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