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«The Vampire Diaries» season 5: premiere air date

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When does «The Vampire Diaries» season 5 start? Renewed or Cancelled? Release date is known!

American drama, created by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson has been broadcast by CW Channel (USA) since September, 2009. Its storyline is based on the series of novel of American writer L. J. Smith, who has written 10 books of «The Vampire Diaries» series.

The producers of TV show confirmed the fact, that the series would be continued after the fourth season, since there were a lot of writing resources to be based on. In February, 2013 CW authorities decided to deny the fact of the show cancelling and officially ordered «The Vampire Diaries» Season 5. The release date for the premier episode is scheduled for October 10 October 3, 2013. That has been predicted both by experts and ordinary TV viewers.

Also it should be noted that the given series is very popular among adult viewers aged 18 to 34, especially women. One of the most important reasons why the series has been continued is the fact that it is constantly discussed in social networks and online forums.

You can share your opinion concerning the next season storyline in comments. Let’s support the show together!

UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): The CW ordered an eighth season of The Vampire Diaries.

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  1. Sweet

    Nice show, but i hope season 5 has better storylines and have alot of action! (:

    • Damons wife

      I’m sorry. But the storylines are great, and the end was not as how we expected it to be. There is A LOT of action, not guns and stuff but I think Julie made an awesome job with the series! Can’t wait for the next season in september!

      • Marella Fox

        I agree, I love love this show. Action is my fav and it’s got action, suspense, love, comedy..geesh what more can we ask for?

        The Vampire Diaries Rock Rock Rock!! *****

  2. abeeb segun

    vampire diary is a wonderful movie. Icant wait to wash d next season which is season 5. I really love the part that demon, klaus,rebehkal and stefan take part in it,dey are fit in for dat part,i hp d next season will be realease before May 2013

    • Jimmy

      And released before may 2013? Lmao!! Don’t think you understand how this works..

      • Damons wife

        Haha! I’m with Jimmy on this one. I’m glas she finished the script/manus and I’m happy season 5 is in September!

  3. Megan tingle

    I think the next one Elena show get pregnant even tho it is impossible

    • Emmie

      If Elena got pregnant next season I think it would be too much like Twilight Saga Series! But I thought that maybe Caroline should get pregnant even though she is a vampire I think that would kind of put a twist on things and the baby’s father should be Klaus but the problem with that is Klaus already got the werewolf girl pregnant! If Elena should ever get pregnant the baby should be Damons! (Even though I am team Stelena) I can’t wait till season 4 finale! Sooo excited! 🙂

      • leisharn

        season 5 not season 4 hahahah -.-

      • Bridget smith

        ? Season 4 finale is over Stefan is Silas

    • Marella Fox

      A little too soon, she just graduated!!

  4. Liz

    I love the vampire diaries especially damon!!

  5. michelle swan

    I feel yu should make elena to break the sire bond of damon……and make her realise who is the most important person,

    • Kateriena

      The sire bond is already broken.

  6. Ly little

    I hope a happy engding……

  7. Katherine

    Absolutely love the vampire diaries I will be so sad once all the episodes are done 🙁 I will definitely re-watch on my own time! Team Damon <3

  8. Amy

    Love love love the Vamp D’s!

    Next Season I’d love to see Catherine and Klaus get together. Maybe get a new girl in for the brothers, this whole Elena can’t decide rubbish is getting annoying, maybe her seeing a new girl coming in might make her decide on who she wants to really be with. Or a new guy for her.

    Really hoping that all the others come back from the dead. Really miss Jeremy. Would be good to see Lexi, Vicky, Alarik, Anna etc. Plus they can bring in others who died in the 1800s+!! Brings in so many stories! Enemy’s, Old Lovers, Family. Would just be brilliant!!

    Team Damon all the way <3

    • Kateriena

      Already happened! Damen and Elena are together! Jeremy is back from the dead! And Bonnie took his place in the ghost world! And klaus made it very clear that he will wait for as long as it takes for Catherine to be his. He’s definitely a completely different person these days! God this show gets me all wired up!!

      • Bridget smith

        Klaus made it clear he’d wait for (Caroline) 🙂

  9. Brittany

    Season 5 can’t start in September!I can’t wait that long 🙁

    • Damons wife

      I don’t think it’s that long! It’s summer now, about 3 months summer then, BAM, TVD starts again!

  10. Dissapointed

    Season 4 was the worst season ever honestly I totally lost interest in tvd sad but true

    • Hmm

      I almost agree with u that it was not good as the previous 3 seasons…as they are killing almost everyone in this….but then also it is a good season with a good ending.. 🙂

  11. Ashelaine

    I am a huge fan of vampire diaries and I couldn’t be more ecstatic that season five is officially being aired in September. I don’t agree that season four was terrible, I actually thought is was a great season and I feel like it’ll leave us waiting in suspense for September!

  12. Spicy Ending

    Since the first season to the last season the last episodes of the season especially the season finale is the best…I am not saying all other episodes are not good they are also good but not as the finale…..And i hope that 5th season is the best and the last one…:) 🙂 🙂

    • Lol

      ARE U INSANE??!!! I hope TvD would never end!! Are u a fan or what?!! omfg I hope there’ll be 84765743 seasons!!!! 😛 Haters and others are irrelevant! Yup, that’s right!

      • Nicole

        i swear the vampire diaries has had me going crazy since season 1 i love it to death i wish there would be a bigillion seasons too love Nicklaus my bad-a*s boo !!! <3

    • Dark bunny!!!

      uhh…noo it doesnt need to be the last freaking season

  13. Vamp diaries fanatic

    I don’t want to wait until September!

  14. Ashley


  15. Daisy

    My son and me love vampire diaries ,can’t wait to see next season .

  16. Jasmine

    Nooo! No one should get pregnant. The show is perfectly fine without children. Having children in this serious would cause more chaos and chaos that isn’t even going to be interesting because the child would get into stupid petty trouble. Idk what’s going to be the fifth seasons story but I hope they keep it up to par. I really hope Bonnie isn’t done with show but she might just be because her actress, Katerina, died her hair blonde and cut it short. I just hope little always playing the victim Elena gross some back bone . The hybrid baby klaus created isn’t really Gonna happen and Elena either doesn’t date either of the Salvatore bros or she dates Damon.

    • Jaz

      agreeeeeed. Elena should NOOOOT fall pregnant D:

  17. Jasmine

    Hopefully this show goes 8 seasons like my other favorite show CHARMED!

    • Damons wife

      Or more, lol!

    • Kristene

      Definitely more

    • alixia


  18. Jasmine

    Grows* series*

  19. Miss wright

    Season5 should be like: Klaus & caroline- I love the chemistry they have, Klaus’s unconditional luv for ha:) Damon and Elena Rebecca and Matt\=D/ n Bonnie alive

  20. Jaz

    Soooooooooo keen for season 5! Cant wait for it to air.. loved vampire diaries since it first came out and would love if it continued! it never gets boring, I love all the original characters. storyline is amazing and I hope it just keeps on continuing and the seasons never end! hahaha 😀 but I hope elena doesn’t get pregnant :/ its ruin the show a bit

  21. Wannabe Vampire

    Love Vampire Diaries, September seems an eternity away to be waiting for Season 5 but worth the wait.

    An interesting twist if the son of Silas, Klaus started his brood of hybrids having obtained some of Silas blood before he departed and opened the portal for the undead to return. Jeremy returns and Anna gives birth to a half vampire son with unique powers. The undead are short lived as Klaus and his hybrids plot a plan to return Silas to his original state sealing him in a tomb forever.

  22. prince-nd-el'nino

    Cnt wait to watch season 5- i love this film vewi much am a fan of stefan and damon salvetore, elena nd jeremy gilbert wif tyle,liz nd lockwoods, caro.forbes nd klaus kol silas etc

  23. Maybee

    Screw that…we need it in April.. TELL IAN I SAID THAT!!!!!

  24. Twane

    DAMON and ELENA perfect cuple I HOPE she choose DAMON. His so cute*!!!!

  25. jenna liddle

    i love this show and have every episode going. and rali hope we get loads ov scenes with elena and damon tgeva i have wanted them togetha since the secind series and niw thin the time is perfeckt and if damon was ever killed off tho i wouldnt watch anymore and hope jeramy is back and alarick xxx

  26. Manas

    I am waiting for season 5… Please don’t make me wait for long………

  27. MARCE

    hey,, the vampire diaries is awesome it should never end !!! team stelena and love elena in all
    her ways
    THE vampire diaries is about love family and trust all of the vampire diaries cast is unique
    in their own ways !!! LOVE IT !!FROM SOUTH-AFRICA

  28. varsha

    hey,tvd is really awsm show. i dont know wats gonna happen when all supernatual being will be return.i m really excited to know but cant wait that long…………why they r relesin it on sept.

  29. Karishma


    • Damons wife

      September 2013

  30. NOLA

    TVD is too much of a good show for them toe end saeon 4 like that, so there better be a season 5…..and what about Stephan?! He better not die!! He should have been the one with Elena. And Klaus and Caroline should absoultely get together. Bonnie needs to come back to life and Stephan needs to fight for Elena.

  31. NM

    This is one of the best show I’ve watched. My son started watching it and I got into it, can’t wait for season 5. Sad so many characters are gone.

  32. Priscilla

    So happy Elena is FiNaLY with DAMON super hotty!!!

    • Kristene


  33. Jimmy

    Season finale – Stefan is Doppelganger to Silas. He is drowned at the end. 😮 SPOILER ALERT

    Did i say that too late?

    • Pam

      Sry Jimmy, you are not quite right in your statement. Stephan is a doubleganger to Silas, but he is a vamp and as such he cannot drown. Just wait and see, He will stay in the water, chained in the case, until someone finds him and releases him, like it was for Silas.

  34. Carolyn

    In the books it’s all about the triangle of Damon and elaina and the epic who gets the girl. I have to say the books have elaina with Stephen in the end. But then again the books are far from the show so anything goes!!!

  35. Yen

    I really can’t wait for Season 5. I really enjoy the twist of the story and really admired all the characters, especially Damon Salvatore. hopefully Elena & Damon will be forever, likewise the love story of Rebecca + Matt, Klaws + Caroline & Bonnie + Jeremy.

  36. Jasmine

    I really love the show its amazing .
    its the only show where i’ve never missed an episode and i live in germany but i watch it online so i’m on the same level as in the Us .
    I’m really happy that there is going to be a season 5
    I can’t wait to see it !

  37. kinza

    wow ..that is great..we will meet them again in season 5…i love all the characters of it…desperately waiting for season 5…my favorite show ever..:)

  38. Priscilla (San Diego)

    I simply LOVE Vampire Diaries,it so amazing,every season has been great with good & not so good episodes. Full of drama, suspense,grief,and love (of course). I just started watching this show online this year,and honestly I would start watching at 11pm and stop like at 4am;which is absurd because I’m not a teen im FREAKIN 21.Thats how much I love it…I have no idea how Im going to avoid counting down the months,days,weeks,and days until SEASON 5 airs. I know all the actors have to take a break and new story lines have to be made,but please give us at LEAST A SNEAK-PEAK. I’m addicted to VD.I was totally Stelena the whole 4 seasons,until the end of course.Elena made the best choice about the cure.Silas is gonna be TROUBLE TROUBLE.I hope matt & Rebecca can stay away from all the drama @ mystic falls by going all around the world. My question is Which witch will save them all from Silas??? ANOTHER QUESTION:Will Klaus heir be born HYBRID???

  39. Harusoft (From Ghana)

    I can’t wait to see the season 5. I love this series.

  40. Diana

    Yes!! season 5 waiting for it so much, to see Elena with Damon, Katherine living human life-well Katherine now you will know what it’s like to be human. Ohh Rebekah and Matt can’t wait to see them too I think it’s awesome they will be together ohh yeah it’s gonna be really good, hot, and full of great action and secrets

  41. Shweta

    I want klaus and Carloline, matt and rebekah together please !! Rebekah and matt are cute ! Katherine will play tough her life as human. More expectations upon stefan’s doppelganger silus. may be katherine and elena might have a similar story in the future. Also qetsiya would be mystery !

  42. Nicole

    Jag älskar Vampire diaries och jag ser väldigt fram emot att se på säsong 5. Den är skit bra och jag skulle gärna rekommendera det till alla. Jag kan inte vänta på att se Damon och Elena vara tillsammans och Katherine som levande människa och såklart Silas. Och vem vill inte se Klaus liksom, han är ju bäst. Älskade hur han dödade häxan på den sista episode av säsong 4….
    Jag kan inte bara vänta.. Jag älskar serien!!!

  43. allison

    i love you damon salvatore 😀

    but i love the series and i totally think that the series should continue 🙂

  44. li

    Elena should be with Stefan !!!!!
    The first seasons (1,2) were so much better because they were together , and Elena have to be human !!

    • hesham

      yuuuuuuup….elena with stefan …they are epic love together

  45. RJ

    Loved all the seasons,can’t wait for season 5!

  46. biba

    i cant wait till september :(..but am so glad coz i’ll see damon wiz elena <3 and am a little sad for stefan……i love damon sooooo freakin' much (ian somerhalder) <3 <3
    can't wait for season 5 ^_^

  47. edel

    I love the vampire diaries!! THIS SERIE SHOULD NEVER STOP !!! 😀

  48. Donamarie

    You should do vampire diaries to season 10 like supernatural and I hope Stefan isn’t dead as I’m a really big fan of him and big fan of vampire diaries

  49. TNDK

    LOVE LOVE LOVE VAMPIRE DIARIES. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT IT!!! Sorry about the caps everyone.:) I’m just expressing how much I LOVE this series.:)

  50. Stefan(the new original) formally ripper

    Dis season is a lot more interestin dat d odas, stefan is silas doppelgager, and i hav been gettin reviews of season5, stefan became an original, wow!!! So gud, he made a deal wit klaus, he makes him an original, den he forgets elena, he agreed, wow be hold stefan d original, he killed jenna d second time, bcuz she came back to life…

    • alixia

      u should learn to type

  51. Dizzle

    They need to brang bonnie bac, she is the only witch they have and she is sexy azz hell

  52. Melika

    I’m an Asian teenage girl and all my friends and people that i know LOVE this series,I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Damon so much…………………..OMG

  53. Lina


  54. chuck

    best series ever we want 10 seasons!!!!!!!!!!!!! ssay hell yeah if you are with me!!!!!!!!

    • nicklaus

      This is how TVD suppose to end. elena and stefan,caroline and klaus,bonnie and jaremy,rebekka and matt and damon and……kathrine.

  55. jst loved it,,,,lov u damon....

    eagerly waitng 4 5,,,plz make it fast,,,,,

  56. nish

    l m too exited for season 5…plz bring back real stephen in season 5…and am not getting that how stephen comes the silas dopplergang???? nd also exited to c how vil be the katherine’s human life……plz make it fast…..

  57. Princess

    Elena should have picked Stefan he never stopped loving her…. That time when klaus told him to feed on Elena he tried so hard not to because he loved her to dam much…. I honestly think Elena should have picked Stefan… But anyways I Love Vampire diaries hope it never ends and season finally was perfect cant wait till season 5…. What will happen??? I’m in suspense… Cant wait…

  58. brian klaus

    i just want stephen back not shadow silas i want the real stephen back from that steel case deep under water.we already miss stephen action.pleas the season shoudn’t have ended like that.silas should be out of picture and more of the salvator brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Kristene

    They should have stefen get with a girl pretend that he loves her and Elena be jealous so they can get together and the girl that Stefen was with be with Damon

  60. Tera

    I am literally obsessed with this show. every last detail of it is perfect. however, i am LIVID that elena chose damon……………. why. her and stephan are obviously epicly meant to be together. i cry at every single episode and i love it. but still… this is a big piece of cr*p. get stefan and elena together. seriously.

  61. Lindsey

    GIVE ME SEASON 5………… NOWWWWWW!!! RIGHT NOW can’t handle it

    • stella

      I am so happy that tvd has another episode I mean the finale episode of season four was very confusing.
      I didn’t get the finale what happened to damon? stefan jeremy,did damon get the cure or katgerine i am asking this because damon was dying and what happ ened to him how did he get well? what will hapen to stefan? what about silas? I can’t wait for season 5 I want to see what will happen and I want to see damonagain I love him so much team damon!!!! yeah

  62. I

    I love tvd but everybody is getting killed its not cool that way and I hope elena stays with damon because they make the best cutest couple and I don’t like the idea that stephan is going to be silas now but I hope it gets better in the 5th season 🙂 till then.

  63. vinay sharma

    Awwsum show . .season 5 s definatly goin to rock

  64. Gwen

    I really love this show. I happy to read that there will be a season 5 I did not want to face the inevitable just yet. Thanks.

  65. Elena

    The Vampire Diaries.
    OK. My Thoughts For Next Season:
    1. Damon & Elena SHOULDNT have a kid, it would just ruin the hole season, being to much like Twilight….i mean seriously!! TVD is SO much better than the Twilight series…. MY OPINON!!
    2. Bonnie will most likley come back in the middle of season 5.
    3. Jeremy will probley tell everyone that Bonnie is dead, OBVOIUSLY KNOWING TVD someone will force it out of him!! Elena or Damon >.>!! LOL…
    4. Stefan.Omg.Stefan.YOU BETTER STAY DEAD!! jjkjkjkjkjkjk…but srsly im Delena Team ♥
    5. Silies will most likley torture Kathrine because she “took” the cure.
    6. Kathrine will probley be a Biach ._. Lets be serious here and use some common sense. :3
    7. BACK TO STEFAN!! We will probley see some Stelena flashbacks.
    8. Now.Klaus. Really you had to get Phoebe Tonkin Pregers?? GAH, KLAUS JUST BECAUSE CAROLINE HAS REJECTED YOU LIKE -starts counting- what like 12 times? DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO GO MAKE SOME WEREWOLF GIRL PREGERS!! -slaps klaus-
    9. Some serious Delena moments! i mean like worse then episode 7 season 4!!!!

    • ciinah

      There where ten books written… Maybe there shall be ten seasons

    • Jacinta

      They are contracted for 10 seasons

    • Tierra

      Stefan is not dead

  66. wilfred

    I’m a fan of vampire diaries I reli enjoy watchin it it is vry edicatin buh frankly speakin I dnt like d way stefan was traped by silas in d endin of season 4 I hope ntin happens to stefan o I just can’t wait to watch season 5 cheer cheers to all ma vampire diaries around the world.

  67. klaus's wife

    hope to see more of klause in season 5

    • Manda

      He’s gonna have his own show, The Originals, so prob won’t be in Vampire Diarias as much/at all…especially since he told Caroline that her bf could come back to town.

  68. ashlynn

    i’m beyond a huge fan of the vampire diaries. I love watching it every week. I look forward to it. I liked this past season but i think it dragged on a little bit with the whole silas thing. They should have put more silas in it or made it less about him. It was just like a hit and miss. Then with the whole klaus and wolf girl being pregnant, they left us high and dry on all of it. What did he want to do about it and would he be the father to this child? Is the child going to be human or werewolf or vampire? Then i also didnt like how the beg. of the last episode of seaosn 4 started with how the people wanted their revenage and then that was it. And what happened to connor after alaric stopped him? so many un answered questions. i dont know if i;ll be able to wait until september to see what happened! But i love this show, but you cant miss one episode or you will lose track of what is going on for sure!!!

  69. me-whoelse

    omg!! I’m sooo happy elena and damon finally got 2 gether :)))

  70. solomon

    season 4 had its interesting turns that made it just the best. looking forward to season 5.

  71. Dea Caswell

    I loooovveee tvd especially damon xxx best series ever 🙂

  72. Manda

    OMG the season finale was SOOOOOOOO good I was starting to feel whatever about the show in this season but then the last couple episodes were fkn amazing! I was sad when Silas locked Stephen under water but I know it’s gonna make for an interesting next season when they rescue him. I srsly cannot wait for season 5 it’s gonna be so good, the finale really added so much new stuff to the show its going to get more interesting! <3

  73. arnica

    omg its way to long to wait for season 5 hope it starts soon lov u damon,
    the story line is good hoping to see some romance n action in season 5 keep it up guys , crew of vampires diaries rocks…….lov it

  74. Sadason

    OMG… disappointed, september z way too far. Love DELENA, n I think the season FINALE was EPIC, I think stefan should get a new girl…a hot one. yeah

    • martell bostic

      me to

  75. alyssa

    what i want for season 5;
    -better music,like in season 1,2,3
    -elena in straight hair(i think she looked better like this)
    -hot and romantic delena scenes

    • Janice Diaz

      I Agree 100% lol!

  76. thabo skits

    Dem I love vamire drs septerber is tooooooo far I can wait 4it seasen 4 was hot

  77. heather applehead

    Im not big on twilight or true blood. at all! But this show has captivated me! This show supernatural dexter and game of thrones are the best shows on tv period.<3

  78. Ajai

    It is a awesome TVD. Realy sep is to far for waiting ……

  79. Turbevia

    I hope they never stop with this show and I hope they merge this show with the new one called the originals, because I’m in love with it. I am however glad another season will go on. Xoxox to vamp diaries …rock on!!!!

  80. Ashley F.

    I love the vampire diaries i’m so happy that its coming back with season 5 but dont understand when? sept. or oct. of 2013 – 2014 i got two dates. I really wanted her to end up with stefan and im dont like the fact that bonnie is died i hope she comes back in season 5 and know im just going to be sitting here waiting to find out what happen to stefan i have a long wait omg i cant believe this is happening to me lol but i loved all the seasons

  81. Asia

    I love Damon’s and Klaus’ characters. The show is amazing always keep me interested and engaged. It is almost like scary movie but I can watch new story every week. Keep it up. I already can’t wait for season 5! Season finale was amazing and unexpected. Loved it!

  82. NL

    i love the fact that the next season will start in september!
    i remember when it started it used to take about 6 months untill the next season was released.

  83. Ashlynn

    I love the show never want it to end I think it’s perfect!!!!!

  84. martell bostic

    i love this show so much me and my bestfriend love the show i just wanna thank you for making it every sec every min im a 22 year old guy and sometimes this show brings me to tears its so real and i love Bonnie and when she died it hurt!!! and jeremy!!no matter what im going thru in my life when i watch this show it all goes away thanks love ur biggest fan Martell

  85. kitten

    Awesome season….the finale left us all hanging and I cant wait for season five.

  86. mary s

    Brilliant series, Im 59 and love vamp D, Ive got friends hooked now, Roll on sept cant wait. x :

  87. Stef

    I love Stefan …stelena is so amazing couple ..hope there a twist..between Damon,Stefan and Elena ..go stelena

  88. nicklaus

    Damon s*cks

  89. kim

    nooooo i can’t wait that lomg omg…..

    I love tvd…!!!!

  90. Ashley

    Epic love:. Stefan and Elena.. They shud be together!.. I am losing interest if Elena goes to Damon.. It’s a show people and it’s not a real life story.. Absolutely NO to damon and Elena.. Team STELENA!!!!!

  91. Rhaman Shahria

    hello.This show simply awesome.Every character has a original personality.I know this wired but if u allow me ur show then its more over better than better drama in the world.Please give me one chance for prove myself………………….

  92. Tara

    I’m glad to hear it will be back for another season! Can’t get enough!!!

  93. Hussein

    Why’d Stefan have to get thrown of a cliff and I’m pretty sure he’s dead.

  94. fabio

    this show is kind of the best show ive seen til today, and i hope they make 50 more seasons XD
    about the end, it was awsome and unexpected, i love the story, and the caracters, i love everything about this show, everything make sense, so… keep the good work

  95. ella

    but what will be with stefan? ;/

  96. ciinah

    I love the vampire diaries… Just when it begins to dull down something comes in to spice things up again. Truely enjoyable show, am very excited for season 5’s premiere date. I will certainly enjoy it with the way season 4 ended 😉

  97. Genevieve Williams

    In the next season I really really want to know whats going to happen to Stefan! Silas locked him in a freaking safe and pushed it to the bottom of the lake! What the hell. I’m worried for him and then I cannot stand Damon and Elena! Every time something cute or romantic happens between them I want to rip someone’s head off! I wonder what’s gonna happen with mortal Catherine….couldn’t she just get turned into a vampire again? Season 5 better hurry the heck up.

    • Rebekah

      I know. I wanna find out. What ya think will happen?

    • Stefan

      I’ve been reading these comments,Williams I’m wit on the part of Damon nd Elena,bt however I tink there better off together I’m team Stelena bt I’m sick n tired of seeing Stefan playing Mr nyc guy. I wanna c him playing his real part ripper part so I’m gonna enjoy season 5 seeing Stefan aka Silas taking over Mystic falls coz I tink he’s goin bak to Mystic falls. It will be nyc seeing Damon nt having any streingth 2 take the shadow self of his brother Silas. No one is taking abt every1’s fav original Elijh even though we dnt see him that often he’s way 2 gud,if Elene will fall preg I’m hoping that child 2 be Stafan’s nd u’rll mustn 4get that it won’t be an ordinary child so it will grow in a very fast way. Can’t wait 4 the coming seasons lol.

  98. Rebekah

    Ya , love tvd, season 5 needs to come out sooner. <3 Stefan, so sad she chose Damon. Hope that he gets saved by some girl and all happy ever after. NO pregnancies, too cringe…. LOVE TVD!!! Way more that 5 seasons, I want loads!

  99. asss

    go tvd, we luv ya all the way

  100. Amina

    I think that Damon and Elena are meant to be together. And hope in season5 Elena does get pregnant in season 5. I think most of the people that says that stafen and elena are the “Epic Love” are worry love is not surpost holed you back its surpost to make you feel that you can do any thing but there will be someone standing next to you to help you out . So I think the hole “Epic Love” thing is DAMON and ELENA… As for Klaus he mostly belong with Caroline and no body else.The “Epic Loves” are Damon, Elena and Klaus and Caroline in vampire diaries.

  101. shackziie_babiie

    Vampire diaries is the best never missed a episode cant wait for season 5 i love it

  102. Tessa22

    I don’t choose between Damon or Stefan because I think that they belong with someone who knows what they want and don’t switch back and forth. I think they deserve better than that. I am anticipating what will happen in Season 5 of TVD.

  103. Tessa22

    I think Season 4 was just as good as the previous seasons.

  104. Brittany

    Love this show so glad its gonna have a season 5.

  105. Madz

    Ah. TVD. Nice show. BUT my SOLE reason to watch this show is Ian. As far as Ian/Damon is in it. I am in.

  106. Freya

    So pleased its back for a 5th series. TVD is unlike any other show on television today and beats the cr*p out of Twishite.

    Definitely looking forward to some Delena moments, looking forward to seeing some new sets. Though would love to seem some Klaroline moments please!! So over Tyler Lockwood!.

  107. originals'brothers'own'my'heart

    Season 4…baaaaaadt ending 🙁 hve 2 wayt soo loong 4 S5!!!

    Anyway I think in da new season caroline should get over tyler nd learn that she has feelings 4 klaus cuz Dis hole hard 2 get thing btween dem(Car-Nick)is gtn kinda…BOORiNG! Nd he should get back 2 Mystic falls cuz itz boring wifowt him…

    Bonnie should find a way 2 cum back cuz withowt her itz gonna be kinda plain nd simple. Nd they should try an geta new witch maybe dat 1 from new orleans cuz I mean sum1 has 2 find out wat happn 2 stefan seeing as his 1 of the most Important characters in the series.

    REbekah nd Matt…since they have sumtn now cnt dey lyk make it official(matt on dying point bekah forced 2 give him blood)and make him vampire 2 cuz his kinda da ”odd 1 out” in this trial.

    Btw..y wasn’t cylis affected by the hunters curse??cuz ween Jeremy died he died a hunter datz y he wen 2 da other side soo y wsnt he(cylis)affected??…

    Maybe yu guyz shud make april young more…popular in da series I mean lyk shame she’s died knows about vampires and stuff soo y aint she important!!!

    Ohh nd I LOVE KOL ELIJAH nd KLAUS <3!!!

  108. Nina dEBREW


  109. kelci

    Reading all of the comments. IS NO ONE EXCITED TO SEE KATHERINE HUMAN?!?! She’s one of the MAIN main characters this series coming. Elijah needs to come back and be told! His face would be classic!

    • kimberly flanagan

      I so agree with you on that one. Katherine was such a b!tch and now she’s human. that is so funny. and to be given the cure by elena is epic.

  110. Tara

    OMG!!! Soooo addicted… I love this show and can’t wait till season 5 starts!
    Ivd been watching it day and night non stop and just can’t wait till
    Sept:( Hurry up September lol
    Damon is absolute hot but Stephan is very sweet.
    I’m Hoping tht Caroline gives Klaus a chance.. Would be
    Nice to see them together. And Elena, she should be pregnant
    Tht would be a twist… Lol
    Can’t wait yayyy

    • kimberly flanagan

      Caroline and Klaus, yes someone who agrees with me. She loves Tyler but Klaus is just so much better for her I think. I would love to see her join him on the spin off series The Originals.
      and you mentioned Damon, the whole sire bond, he told her that he wished her love for him was real or something like that so how can we be sure the sire bond even it may or may not be broken isn’t the reason she loves him.

  111. Gustsman

    Am i misunderstood something regarding vampires’ pregnancy? They are unable reproduce, aren’t they- according to conversation between Alihja and Katarina in TVD S4Ep20or19. Can someone enlighten me?

  112. Amber

    I love The Vampire Diaries and can not wait for season 5 though i still have 2 more of the season 4 to watch seeing how i have been catching up with the entire show online but i have read the books and loved them and believe them to be way better than twilight rubbish and also believe that the tv series trumps the twilight saga movie … i love all of the twists and turns and anticipation and suspense that builds with each show .. it is by far the best show on tv and the only one i watch .. my son even loves to watch it with me 🙂
    hope it lasts a long time would hate to see it go

  113. Amber

    the vamps can not reproduce but klaus being an original born a werewolf was able to make a child 🙂 for the one who commented above me

  114. Brittanie

    I love Vampire diaries, read all the books… Watch all the episodes!!!! I don’t want so see an end of the series any time soon! 🙂

  115. Gustsman

    How many books(The Vampire Diaries) have been written so far?

  116. Jacinta

    I believe season 4 was one of the best seasons, although I am a very proud Delena fan and i actually enjoy all the crazy twists and turns. I am actually used to waiting several months for the next season now cause it happens every year, and plus we will all have the originals to watch 🙂 So excited to learn more about Klaus and especially Hailey and their baby ..

  117. Kristy Geiger

    I love the vampire diaries tv show I hope
    Julie and anyone else that helps with making
    Vampire diaries tv show on the cw channel
    I hope they can make as many seasons of vampire diaries
    As they can because I really love the vampire
    Diaries tv show a lot very much. But I love especially
    Damon (IanSomerhalder)
    Love ya,
    Kristy Geiger

  118. Bridget smith

    Can’t wait for season five!

    • Anas

      Me toooo…….

  119. Tierra

    September…WTF I cant wait that long. : (

  120. Anas

    Season 4 Ended incredibly Good! KATALINA! Lol, seeing her against being Human.
    Damon is a strong Man viewers and there is always a Way.

    Kaus so fa as the most romantic guy i will say…. Simply not given up but will merge thru.

    Hope Rebekkah will continue in next season and seeing Taylor Bck.

    Hope season 5 will be inevitable.

  121. Bay

    just started watching this show on netflix….now addicted but i am still reading the books. thanks

  122. kay

    all the actors are great, I love the movie and bought all 4 seasons, keep making the movies cause I don’t read books

  123. kay

    there should be a vampire diaries video game, where u can play certain characters and make it like a 3 player game, and fight against wolfs, vampires, save people

  124. Susan

    Thank you- I’m addicted to this show and would like to see the season 5.

  125. tanya

    Best series I have ever watched, can’t wait for season 5. will be totally lost without the show.

  126. caitlin

    Caroline and tyler. I will die if thet aren’t TOGETHER! Haven’t the producers played us believers enough?LET THEM LOVE!FORWOOD FOREVER

  127. william

    i dont like the coment that mainly women from 18 to 34 watch the vampire diaries because im a 50 year old man and its one of my faverett showes i enjoy watching it very much and hope it stays on for years to come

  128. Kika

    yeeess!! October 3 !! not 10 !

  129. Stefan aka Silas

    Guy I’m confused bt first things first season 4 was incredible awesome can’t wait 4 season 5,wat confuses me is the new show The Originals I’ve watched episode 1 it’s almost lyk Vampire Diaries season5 episode 20 I tink,bt ddnt finish it so I wanna knw if there will be more episodes for it nd wen will it be reliased,any1 who knws plz respnd

    • kimberly flanagan

      A spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and set in New Orleans, The Originals centers on the Mikaelson siblings, otherwise known as the world’s original vampires: Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt). Now Klaus must take down his protégé, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who is now in charge of New Orleans, in order to re-take his city, as he originally built New Orleans. Klaus departed from the city after being chased down by his father Mikael, while it was being constructed and Marcel took charge. As Klaus has returned after many years, his ego has provoked him to become the king of the city. “Every King needs an heir” says Klaus, accepting the unborn child. The child is a first to be born to a hybrid (part vampire, part werewolf) and a werewolf (Hayley).

  130. carla

    so can’t wait for the new season, i have been sad not having something to look forward to. i love vampire diaries.

  131. lily

    i think on season five people should be a bit less concerned about elenas well bieng and start doing there own thing, the show isnt just about her, but im very excited for the nest season and i love the last episode of season 4, it leaves me wondering

    • kimberly flanagan

      yeah the Save Elena thing is getting kinda old. shes a vampire now and there aint no savin her from that so maybe everyone elses lives will start getting more attention and this will be one of the best seasons yet.

  132. jeanette

    love this show I bought the 5th season and watch it over and over. team damon <3

  133. kimberly flanagan

    I love this show. I cant wait for the new season to begin. it is an awesome show.

  134. Stefan aka Silas

    Kimberly Flanagan tankx 4 ur response on my question,I finished watching episode 1 of the The Originals nd Marcel’s secret weapon 2 knw whether any magic has been performed @ New Orleans ay it’s something else that I ddnt hav in mind(Delina),season 5 will be reliased 2day nd we’ll watch it on da 7th here in SA I tink can’t wait even 4 The Originals also 2 be reliased as well.

  135. Florence Paris

    Love this show, it takes you away, its a sweet escape from reality and the cast is FANTASTIC!
    Waiting for the season 5.

    Much aloha!

  136. Bones

    What date does season 5 start in the Uk

  137. Jamie

    So its already 5 November….WHEN will The vampire diaries air? Am I missing something? On what channel will it be showing in SA as well as The Originals?

  138. habibullah

    Hey I am one of the big fun of vampire diaries especially Stefan and bonei and jermmy they are just awesome and I love them and I can’t wait for season five when it’s coming

  139. joanne brzozowski

    I am over 65 years old. My friends also the same age or older love the show. We have been watching from the first , and never stop. Keep making more. Love Damon.

  140. danny

    hi does enybody now if season 5 has finished as I cant seem to find episode 16 on download sites thanks

  141. Ill minded

    I wonder if Klaus will ever get it on with Caroline

  142. tvd loverrrrrrr

    i think Stefan and elena should get back together they were a epic coupl in season 1 2 and 3

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