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«The Vampire Diaries» season 6: premiere date (2014)

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When does season 6 of «The Vampire Diaries» TV-series come out on TV? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced? We know premiere air date in 2014!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: September 10, 2009
Developed by: Kevin Williamson, Julie Plec

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.91 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 1: 2.59 million U.S. viewers

The creators of «The Vampire Diaries» television series made an official announcement according to which the show is to be extended for its sixth season!

The new episodes will be aired by The CW channel in October 2, 2014, which is quite predictable as the premiere date for all the seasons of the given show never changes. According to the rights holders, the unchangeable airtime and funding of the new episodes is the merit of the fans of the show.

However, in the current season the amount of the U.S. viewers has decreased by 6%. So, is the series’ future worth to be worry about?

UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): The CW ordered an eighth season of The Vampire Diaries.

What about The Vampire Diaries season 9 release date?

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  1. Ashley S.

    This show is getting so great and the storylines are getting more and more interesting every week. I’m excited for Vampire Diaries.

    • the vampire diaries season 6

      i agree,, Best series Ever!!! Love everything about it.

  2. Linda

    I love tvd but think it’s lost alot of great characters which the new guys just don’t match up to, sorry.

    • Shawnna

      I agree, but I still love it

  3. Claudia

    So excite tvd is having another season can’t wait

  4. Whitney

    TVD is one of the few shows i watch on TV

  5. Jake

    this show really s*cks now cos u guys re just beating by the bush with the same idea today ripper Stefan and tomorrow it is ripper Damon.. no any new idea…

  6. Jessica H. S.

    TVD better have more than six seasons. I don’t think the storyline will ever get boring because the producers and cast are always surprising me with new twists and turns.

  7. abigeal

    i love dis movie can’t wait to watch season 6

  8. Carry

    my favorite show on TV!

  9. Nicole

    TVD is my favorite show of all time. It’s the ONLY show I’ve watched twice. And means how there are 5 seasons that I rewatched… That’s saying something. Lol I’m super excited for Season 6 and hope it’s followed by many more seasons. Thr cast is amazing, and although I miss some of the old characters, the mew ones are great too. Team Damon. 😉

  10. Angel

    Omg I can’t wait for season 6 I hope they bring Bonnie and Damien back 🙂

    • Aimee


  11. Brenda

    Season 6 can’t wait! Writers if you don’t bring Damien back and him and Elena are not together I swear I will not watch! Waited 5 seasons for them to be together and to end with him dying won’t work for me! So conjure up some witchy magic with Bonnie and a new witch that moves to town and Bring Damien back!!!

  12. sully12

    i want to kill Liv and her brother

  13. Lacey Sheridan

    The VD may have run its course after 5 seasons, but I would suggest, to enliven season 6, that they bring back Matt Davis. Death is not an obstacle on television – characters die, often repeatedly, and are resurrected – and Davis’ departure was a loss. None of the adult “anchors” introduced since have been a match for him. I don’t know if Davis wants to return to TVD, or if his return would be welcomed by the producers, but I do know it would enhance the show. I’m betting that most fans would agree.

  14. lea McCloud

    these are great tv shows

  15. nerisha

    I love tvd n the originals…hooked on klaus lol…im team stefan 😀 Damon is also awesum but Stefan is just magical…hope Elena realises the same. Altho I see sparks between stefan n caroline. Season 6 is going 2 be awesum. I cant wait!!

  16. dimpe shwee

    its a cr*ppyy season

  17. maldivian

    i want katherine back. if u can bring ppl from other side than i think u can bring herher back too..now who wants katherine back in the show

  18. julie williams

    I’m not a newborn to TVD I’ve been around since 2009 S1/Ep 1 and I believe that everything now is going GREAT!! For a person who’s read all the books TVD is exactly where they’re supposed to be I mean every week I’m surprised by something new, something jaw dropping I be gripping on the edge of my chair. Being able to escape out of the real world for just an hour and glue my eyes on Damon and Stefan
    But seriously December 2? PLEASE push back to like November

  19. julie williams

    But seriously December 2? PLEASE push back to like November

  20. mylo stuggles

    well, i just hope there will be a steroline cuz for me Elena is a lost cause for Stefan. I just can’t wait to watch the new season. Team Stefan.

  21. Dwayne

    Let stefan and Elaine be together them braking up made me hate the show

  22. Misti Dawn

    The main character aka best character was Damon. It will be hard to watch if you don’t bring him back. The new characters will never replace him. Just wont be the same. Disappointed

    • Jenjo

      Same here can’t wait

    • Aimee


  23. Elena

    Can’t wait for the season to start. Team Stefan.

  24. Jenjo

    Team Damon Their love story is trueDamon shows Alayna that she can be pushed to her limits and for season six please bring everyone back as Tyler the highbred what about Clauss and Caroline her and Stefan they should be together team Damon baby team Damonsomehow they should make Damon come back as a vampire which or something exciting love all the Damon team members out there Stefan is okay but just too romantic for Alayna the vampire

  25. Mia

    When will the vampire diaries be on time and channel

  26. brizeidy rodriguez

    OMG I love this show!!!!!! but what time is it playing? (*_^)

  27. astrid

    luv the show. lost my son in 2010, then had oil spill one month later, lost daughter to cancer 2012, show was a wonderful distraction. hate to see it ever end, but all things do luv all charaters, please keep show going great job to everyone cast and writers good luck god bless you all.
    p.s. thanks to everyone for the best show ever

  28. Mia

    When’s the next time it will be on and the time please I need to know x?

  29. Becky

    Just wanted to know if the vampire diaries season 6 coming out on dvd

  30. Julia

    Damon rocks hard. His character shined above all others along with the originals who brought adults into the fray. Damon not returning would dull the show….

  31. steve

    Show keeps young and old watching and waiting for every episode/season!!!! Damon!!!

  32. katherine

    this show is awsome i cant wait tell seson 6

  33. justin

    this show was once great but is slowly turning to garbage

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