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The Walking Dead season 7 premiere date 2016

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The Walking Dead season 7 premiere date

When will The Walking Dead season 7 premiere on AMC? A 16-episode seventh season will debut in October 2016. What about the exact date?

Original network: AMC
Original release: October 31, 2010 – present
Based on: the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard

The series The Walking Dead is considered one of the most popular AMC channel projects for all time of its existence. The project holds the highest rating since 2010, when it was first introduced to the viewers.

The positive reviews from critics, numerous nominations show and its actors on the prestigious film awards, a army of fans around the world – these are the factors that made it possible for AMC representatives to renew the series The Walking Dead for Season 7.

It is officially confirmed the ordering for the creation of 16 new episodes and thus the total number of financed series is 99. As for the premiere date of the seventh season, it is appointed to October 2016, but the exact date will be informed (UPDATE) by the creators closer to the start.

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere date – [October 23, 2016] (at 9/8)

We are waiting for news from AMC!

UPDATE 1 (October 16, 2016): AMC has renewed the series for an eighth season.


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  1. Peter

    The Walking Dead is the best show on TV right now. Now the big question is who is going to make it alive to season 7?

  2. Alicia K.

    The Walking Dead is my favorite show of all times but I hope this show ends after season 7. Waiting for the great FINAL

    • Sam777

      Are you crazy? This show will go at least ten seasons!!!

    • Alexa

      I’m sorry, but the Walking Dead will have at least 10 seasons. And I’m happy because it’s my favorite show

  3. Hoody

    Just watched S6 eposode 16

    damn, sh*t startin to get real now…..can’t wait to see next episode (I guess Season 7 Ep1) to see how they gona get outa this one. I assume since they didn’t kill off the old crew right off they will end up slavin till they find a way out.

    I was wonderin just how many people “were” uninfected and how many would band up and gear up. If there are so many pockets of people uninfected in the DC area, there must surely be a mess out in the country as a whole with their own stories.

    Seems weird in a way to see how damned near everybody was always ready to kill off others that were still viable humans instead of working together to rid all the walkers in the first place to clean up the county.

    I’m waiting for some pilot to show up with a black-hawk and missiles lol I mean damn, with all these uninfected people around you would think there has to be at least several Military pilots around too, just think of all the fire power that would be available at their hands , whoohoo.

  4. Hoody

    Geezee, how many episodes in is it gona take to deal with this Negan dude and his so called followers? Damn, there’s no military type left around that have access to heavy weapons, aircraft, or chemical munitions? If the world was that devastated there shouldn’t be that many groups still alive running into each other all that often. And if it was me and I had a good group, we’d find a big yacht and sail to a known small inhabitable island and clean it up and stay put. But than I guess that wouldn’t make for a long drawn out series or a lot of action :).

    Don’t get me wrong here, I really like this show as well as the other 2 made for TV series.

    On another note, I mostly like this show cause of the firearms and NO water walkers with badges running around going nuts over it. I’m really glad that good ol Rick got out of the uniform he kept on for so long for no reason, what the hell did it matter at that point, I mean damn, there must have been all kinds of clothing around. Matter fact I’d have hit the first good hunting store or military CIF and got the best camo.

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