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«The X Factor» (USA) season 4?

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Will «The X Factor» (USA) reality television music show renewed for a season 4? We need start air date in 2014! Premiere on Fox coming?

TV-channel: Fox
Pilot episode: September 21, 2011
Creators: Simon Cowell

Season 1: 12.49 million U.S. viewers

Season 3: 6.45 million U.S. viewers

Fox television channel decided to close the TV music show «The X Factor» (USA). Simon Cowell noted, the amount of the U.S. audience, interested in the project, is constantly decreasing – from total number of 12.49 million fans only 6.45 million remained by now.

The fall of the ratings became the main reason for show closing after its third season and Simon Cowell backs to US. According to the official data, the expected season 4 hasn’t been started so the search for the new musical talents is stopped.

The situation is completely different in the UK, as there the project has been extended till 2016. So why has the show become boring for the Americans? – this is the puzzle for creators.

Should «The X Factor» be renewed for its fourth season or the decision to close the show is right? What do you think?

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  1. Rich

    I’m a teeny-bit sadden about the show being cancelled, yet I’m glad Simon Cowell is returning to The X Factor UK panel.

  2. Phil

    Who’s become a big star from X factor USA???? No one American Idol has produced a bunch of stars!

    • Steven Espinoza

      The X factor has like fifth harmony from the second season so yeah get your facts straight

  3. Todd

    I watched each season but lost interest near the end of each season. I love American Idol this season is really good I love the judges they are great this season too.

  4. Kipper

    X Factor is one of my favorite shows. Idol hasn’t been the same without Simon anyways. More people would watch X Factor again if they’d cancel the right shows.

  5. Fiona

    I agree with everyone who has said that American Idol should get the boot because it has been on for a long time and after Simon left it lost the edginess. Give X Factor a chance!

  6. Maia

    I agree end American Idol and keep The X Factor!

  7. Tanya

    Nooooooo!!! I love The X Factor! 🙁

  8. Postopinto

    X Factor is better then American idol!!

  9. Den

    This show is a huge t*rd. AI was a mess last year but the fact is, it produces huge stars. The X Factor is a huge t*rd of a show.

  10. JC & RAE

    We love X Factor and hope the show returns

  11. David

    I really liked X-Factor and liked a change up of formats for singing competition. I watch AI, and Voice, I like them as well. My main complaint the last two seasons of X-Factor was the hosts. You need a good front man that is personable, but can keep the show moving along. When Simon was on AI, if he was taking forever to make a decision, Seacrest would put him on the spot. The one time Mario tried to do that, Simon got grumpy with him and Mario shut down and didn’t challenge him again. If it makes a comeback, I’ll watch again, but in the meantime, I’ll miss it.

  12. Tina

    I just started watching X Factor this past season and really enjoyed it. I really like how it is broken into groups and that there can be young and old that get a chance. I also like the groups. With American Idol it is the same old thing. It hasn’t been the same since Simon left. Last season was ok, but the one before that I could not even watch and that is what made me start watching X Factor and I really enjoyed it. I hope that they decide to keep it. Give it a chance. People are getting tired of American Idol. And as for who in US is doing well, 5th Harmony, Emblem 3, and Alex & Sierra just to name a few.

    • izzy

      not only those groups but the biggest boy band now 2014 was created we all know one direction.

  13. Kaylee

    I watched X Factor for a while now. My twin and I been very glad ever since it came. X Factor is different than any other music shows, I have watched. X Factor put the people who didn’t make it as a group and let them have a try. Most of the groups that got made are very popular now example Fifth Harmony. My twin and I got very upset when we heard that X Factor got cancelled. American Idol doesn’t entertain me anymore, and some part of X Factor makes me laugh. Please keep X Factor.

  14. Kelsey

    Please keep X Factor. I was so excited about X Factor this coming year and i was looking forward to it, when i heard it was getting cancelled i wanted to cry. Please don’t cancel X Factor its so much more entertaining than American Idol, X Factor does groups and give people who didn’t make it a chance American Idol doesn’t. Please don’t cancel X Factor, please.

  15. fred

    come back

  16. gina

    keep X fACTOR season 4 looking forward to watching it this season.

  17. Lara

    I loved that show. I really hope it is renewed!

  18. sue

    I think they should bring it back I really love that show

  19. james

    I agree with my wife sue they should bring it back I also love that show

    • hgfusvgsfda

      grrrr…… I even wanted 2 try out im 2 young for the voice and American idol!!!!!!

  20. Alyssa

    I was heartbroken when they cancelled XFactor USA, I hope they choose to do a 4 th season cause I’m way too young to try out for the Voice and American Idol …XFactor is my only Hope…right now about to turn 14,so I’m hoping it will come back next year or even the year after so I can try out when im 15 or 16..there is nothing like the XFactor and I know I speak on behalf of all XFactor fans when I say XFACTOR NEEDS TO COME BACK TO THE USA!!!

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