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«True Blood» season 6 start

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When does «True Blood» season 6 start? What is known about release date (air)?

A dramatic story with elements of horror called «True Blood» has 5 complete Seasons, 12 episodes in each. The rightholders aren’t going to stop there and have already renewed the series for Season 6. As it has been announced, this time we will be offered only 10 episodes instead of 12, as the main actress Anna Paquin gave birth to twins in November, 2012.

According to Alan Ball, one of the creators, that was the main reason why the start of shooting process had been postponed to January, 2013.

НВО channel representatives confirmed to TV Guide that the casting for the new Season was just in process. The new character named Macklyn (played by Rutger Hauer) will be in close contact with Sookie and Jason. Also there is information that the producers search for an actor for the role of charming and handsome Ben, who will be integrated into the show on the regular basis.

The creators emphasize that «True Blood» Season 6 will have a lot more changes. The release date (start) for the new episodes is confirmed officially and scheduled for June 16, 2013.

Is the show still interesting or not? What do you want out of season 6?

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