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«Twisted» season 2?

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Will «Twisted» teen drama television series return for season 2 in 2015? What we know about the premiere air date on ABC Family?

TV-channel: ABC Family
Pilot episode: March 19, 2013
Creator: Adam Milch

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.19 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 19: 0.77 million U.S. viewers

A teen drama «Twisted» premiered on ABC Family television channel in March the last year, and the broadcast of the 19 episodes of the first season lasted 1 year.

According to Charles Pratt Jr., the showrunner, he has plans for the second season, but the decision is to be taken only by ABC Family management: «Nobody told us to put on the breaks, or wrap it up, so there’s always a chance we’ll come back.»

The fact that the ratings started to fall at the end of the season should not influence the new episodes financing, but the experts believe the question of complete closing of the series can be raised.

«Twisted» season 2 premiere – [cancelled] (update 1)

At the moment there are neither good nor bad new concerning season 2, but we’re waiting for rights holders’ decision and will inform you as soon as it appears. Follow the news!

UPDATE 1 (August 13, 2014): Showrunner Chuck Pratt Jr. has confirmed that Twisted will not be back for Season 2. Series cancelled by ABC Family.

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  1. Lora

    Twisted was an amazing show, it had suspense… This cannot be cancelled!!!

    • Abrene

      I definately agree to ur comment about the series.It has a boat-load of suspense and I really think that if they cancelled the show,all those Twisted fans out there will be highly dissapointed.We need to know certain things like ‘who will Danny go out with”,”What will happen to Lacey”,’the guy jo slept with???” WHO KILLED REGINA?”.it wouldnt be fair to keep us hanging like that.

      What a shame if my fav ABC family tv show gets cancelled so so very early.

      • Jenni

        I know right I really want to know what happens between Jo and Danny.And whats going to happen between Charlie and Tess

        • Isabel

          I agree I really want to know what happens with them finding out that Charlie is Tess son and now Jo’s brother who tried to hurt her and now Danny probably worried and Jo’s dad is confused with the whole as situation that’s going on. I don’t understand why they get rid of the best shows ever.

    • Sacha

      Right omg I loved that show they always get rid of the best shows but still go on with the most boring like c’mon

    • Patricia diaz

      Awesome show! We need a second season to get answers! Not fair 🙁

  2. Samanta L.

    Please bring it back for another season and keep them coming!

  3. Jackie

    I really hope they renew it! I love this show. And btw the last episode left me with my mouth open!

    • Abigail Quinn

      OMG. that’s what I said. We deserve to know what happened.
      They will probably renew it. Fingers crossed

  4. Ronny

    I certainly hope Twisted gets renewed. My favorite new show in 2014.

  5. anthea

    Hope it will be coming back on the 5th april. Really enjoyed season 1 of twisted

  6. alyssa

    Twisted needs to come back for season 2 you cannot end a series like that please pick it up for season 2 there are fans out there who like the show

    • Katheryn

      I totally agree Im a huge fan why must the good show get terminated to make airtime for cr*ppy shows?

  7. RenewTwisted

    Twisted is on the verge of cancellation. We are a small group of fans trying to save twisted from cancellation, We have instructions on our page on how the twisted fans can help save twisted from being canceled: facebook [.] com/RenewTwisted We are asking that twisted fans donate $1 to Nami [.] org so we can get Abc family’s attention for a season 2. We have instructions on how to fill out the form properly so that abc family is aware of your donation (so please view our page 1st before donating). We are a group of fans trying to save twisted from cancellation, we make absolutely no profit from this, in fact when you donate you will receive free twisted fan art by email.

  8. Edna

    twisted really twisted me in a good and unique way please we want more of it

  9. Susan Montenegro

    I’m a 46 year old Mom of 3 and LOVE LOVE LOVE Twisted, please renew, keep it coming!

  10. Di

    Please renew Twisted for another season. Too much was left unresolved in the last episode, we need to know the truth(s).

    • Jenni

      Yyyyyyeeeeeeesssss to much was left unsolved in the episode.

    • Isabel

      Agree! Like they left us with surprising unresolved last episode and I need to know what’s going to happen in season 2.

  11. kayleigh

    Twisted needs to come back, its an amazing suspenseful show. it ended on a huge clift hanger im becoming so impatient!!!! i need more episodes!!!

  12. wendy

    This was a great show, I couldn’t stop watching if I tried lol my husband even got into it. Please bring back.

  13. Lydia

    You can’t leave us fans like that! The finally was too dramatic

  14. Tessa

    I’m dying to see what happens next… They can’t just end it with season one ending how it did!!! Please hurry and get season two out!!!!!!!!! Best suspense drama ever!!! I love it and the actors are amazing! Great cast! 🙂

  15. bonez

    season 2 please

  16. mary morgan

    I would really love to see twisted be renew for a 2+seasons it really is an awesome show so far the writers have never fail keep us guessing. In away they want us to use our minds and try to read between the lines on figuring out what all the players has to do with the big mystery and it is fun to try because we’re not always going to get it right but that is the whole point on at least trying so please I’m begging bring it back to us the fans.

  17. Rain

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!! I dont watch shows until I find them on netflix etc just because live tv does not get the reviews does not mean that it is a hit there are other audiences out there that do not get to see the live season!

  18. Rachael

    Come on you can’t cancel. They’re to many unanswered questions in episode 19. There should be atleast one more season to sum things up. Plus I love this show, I watched the whole first season in less then a week.

  19. Katheryn

    This is the most dramatic thrilling amazing show I’ve ever watched since Prison Break & this is coming from someone that hates television. I really wish Season 2 would come soon I finished the 1st season in2 days!!!! I am hooked I need more every episode kept me in suspense especially the last someone do something this show is my life lol seriously

    • Renee

      yes I agree with you!!! I am close to 60 years old and STILL loved this show. get with it people and have more of this. season 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  20. velda

    Just watched Twisted non stop on Nexflix. I had not heard of it until 2 days ago and watched all the 1st season. When does the second season start? I am hooked!

  21. Renee

    How dare this company write 19 episodes, leaving the last ne with intentions of more , and then decide to not air more. This cr*p really erks me!!!!!!!!!!

  22. jowii

    Loved the show. Keep em coming!

  23. Kevin

    I just watched twisted and it was probably one of the best shows made. The biggest problem is this show should be marketed better. No one really new much about it until Netflix. Its too many answers that needs to be answered. Renew the show and finish the series. Now that people know more about the viewers will increase. Awesome show keep it going ABC!

  24. omg

    oh wow just finished this on Netflix – this show absolutely must come back!

  25. mary morgan

    please #RenewTwisted on @ABCFamily or @Netflix it really is an awesome show I know that it is going to be a lot better than the new ones I hope that you all would reconsider your decision and let the fans have back twisted for a 2nd+more seasons.

  26. Kathy

    Please bring twisted back for another season, or more….to much left unanswered at the finale. I am in my mid-50’s and I watch with my 19 yr old daughter…and we’re HOOKED!!!

  27. Monica

    Love this show. If this show goes off the air I will be very upset. Please bring it back and soon because the suspense is killing me.

  28. Brooke

    I literally don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it if this show doesn’t come back for a 2nd season! Screw Ravenswood. Being back Twisted! The last episode left too many questions.

  29. John Coleman

    Ok so Charlie is Jo’s half brother and your actually possibly not coming back for Season 2 this is insane. All that shit you put me through in Season 1 and I may never see it again. You must consider the millions of people who pic up shows like this after they air on netflix and the many people that they tell about it to watch.

    • Kendra

      I agree! I got interested when I discovered twisted on Netflix! I think there will be more ratings for season 2.

    • Jenni

      Yea how are they just going to leave us hanging like this

  30. Kendra

    The show can’t end with no solutions. Come back! So many question marks!

  31. Ray

    Twisted is an awesome series. i finally got to watch it after all this time. this cannot be cancelled. i don’t even live in america, they are people all over the world that love this show. Season 2 please! i need to know what happens

  32. danielle

    Please please please continue with the show. Its a very good show and after every episode it leaves me wanting to watch more and more.

  33. Jo

    Those of us who live out in the sticks have been watching Twisted on Netflix and have become obsessed. This show deserves to be renewed. The acting is wonderful. The story line is intriguing. The suspense is intense. We are always excited to watch the next episode. And, believe it or not, we are watching this show as a family. KUDOS to ABC family for creating a show that exceeds my expectations of “family television”. Please continue this series.

    • Jenni

      of course it deserves to be renewed

  34. monica

    I am 42 years old and due to having several terrible years I did not get to watch many new television shows. I have taken the past couple of weeks to glance through television shows on Netflix. I came across Twisted and I am completely hooked on this series. I will be so disappointed if it doesn’t get renewed.

    I had started watching another series that was on ABC Family which was only on 2 seasons. The Lying Game. I’m still in shock over that. Please don’t stop another fabulous program.

  35. Michelle

    I LOVED Twisted! At first I saw it on Netflix and didn’t think it would be that good, then one day I decided to watch it. I was HOOKED! I watched all 19 episodes in 4 days. You have to make more seasons you can”t just leave us all hanging with the way you ended it. It surprised me sooo much. You need to keep the show going.

  36. erin

    Here are the concerns on why the ratings were falling on abc family twisted
    1Supernatural is one of the highest ratings on the cw network and having twisted pair up with Supernatural wont work out on the Tuesday schedule or they’re will be complications and more falling raitings people are watching twisted On Netflix Hulu and through the internet

    Would people be happy if twisted came out on the weekends slots and possibilities that the raitings will get high and more people will watch it I LOVED Twisted!

  37. Ben Martin

    Amazing show! Avian Jogia – freakin brilliant acting! O…and I’m in love with Kylie Bunbury..lol

  38. annonymous

    plz keep the show going and hurry up and start it. im soo hooked on this series dont end it when big news just was said and before danny and jo get together. I mean come onnnn!!!!!!!!!! RENEW THE SHOW, KEEP IT ON!!!!!!!! Who cares about a certain millon watching at least over 100000 are watching it.

    • summer klingler


  39. summer klingler

    Twisted needs 2 b back in 2015 it has a lot of fans plus that was so not a good way 2 end and Twisted is a new show and it’s an awesome show it’s 1 of the best shows ever

  40. Ginger

    Seriously? There has to be a Season 2! They can’t just end it with all the cliffhangers unanswered!!

  41. Laura33333

    Missed this on live tv but watched on netflixk and was riveted…
    Please make season 2!!!!! I need to know more. But don’t drag it out over 6 seasons like some excellent series’s that just then get ‘lost’.

    Wanna know more…..

  42. Nancy


  43. Liz

    Please renew the show. I believe there is so many people who love it including me and my friends. I really love it! It’s like one of my most favourite things ever and i don’t know what would I do if it ended like this. 🙁 Please..

  44. Elaine Cintron

    Bring back twisted… love season. One..I really can’t wait to see season 2….it’s. Taking to long.

  45. Gwen Wilson

    One of the best shows out there. Please bring on season 2. Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen next.

  46. amanda

    please make a second season omg

  47. becky

    I loved watching this show my older kid love to watch it with me please bring it back.

  48. mj

    please bring it back!! I love it…I have so many theories on what will happen next…Don’t cancel it

  49. Maril

    Why do they take off the new GOOD SHOWS LIKE TWISTED AND LEAVE CR*P LIKE THE FOSTERS ON??? Because these people in charge do not ever listen to the public and when we voice our opinions about what programs are keepers they don’t care what we want and who watches crap like the Foster anyway?? It s*cked from the very first episode!!!

  50. adorthina92


  51. LD Holman

    Love this show!! Please don’t cancel!

  52. Karen gallegos

    How are they about to leave us hanging on a great finally!! Keep the show going!!! Keep promoting the show as well maybe more people will be interested in it. I really loved it.

  53. Jlynne

    Twisted needs to come back on! My favorite show by far on abc family!!! Renew for season 2+

  54. Josh

    I want season 2! Call me a dork, but I watch it with my mom and we love it!

  55. Linda

    This is one of the few shows I really like, it has all of the right things going for it, murder suspense, intrigue. Please keep this show going.

  56. Kalista

    I hope they renew Twisted for season 2! Season 1 ended in such a cliff hanger!! It would not do justice to the fans of this show to just leave us hanging!! ABC Family please renew Twisted for a second season!!!

  57. Kathy

    I am a 56 yr old mother of 5 adult daughters and 8 grandkids, and I LOVE this show, Danny is so cute….I watch the show with my youngest daughter….and our mouth just dropped when we saw the season finale…its just got to be back so we can find out what happens.

  58. Kagome

    I loved the show so much and I am 15 years old never missed one and this is the most suspenseful show that I actually liked on abc family. Hope that they continue the series.
    And I really love all of the characters.

  59. clement from south africa

    there is a lot of fans in my country..millions of them..please release another season

  60. DZ

    It would be terrible if they don’t have another season, I’ve never missed one show. My husband, daughter and I make it a planned evening event. By the way my husband and I are in our 50’s!! Great story line and love the suspense. Please bring back several more seasons!

  61. Sera

    Guess what?! From rumors I heard Twisted is coming back . If you don’t believe me go on google and search Twisted. Twisted first episode was in March of 2013 but there was no final episode. Now search bunheads. Bunheads was also an abc show. As you can see the first episode was in 2012 but the last was in 2013. Still don’t believe me? How about this go on the abc family web site. And search for their current tv shows. You should not see Bunheads because of course it was cancelled. But as you can see Twisted was not. Therefore Twisted may come back in fall of 2014 or in 2015.

  62. ROSIE


  63. Reese Moe


  64. Ruby

    OMG!!! Every time an awesome show comes on, it’s cancelled!!! What is
    Wrong with you guys??? Twisted is an awesome show!!! I am in my
    50’s and my 16 year old son and I Love love this show !
    Please do not let Twisted go!! All of the actors are really
    Great. Get it together and keep this show on!!

  65. Mouita

    I need to watch SEASON 2 plsssssssssss
    I do love watchin twisted pls don’t cancelled my life

  66. Shanna alexander

    ABC needs to get it together. Why is it cancelled. That was a good show. I hate it when these producers cut a show after leaving us hanging as to what is going to happen with the gun shot. I think they all need to get it together and stop messing with the damn programs.

  67. Judy Edwards

    That was so wrong how you left Twisted end of season 1 and no season 2 Really??? I won’t be watching ABC again!!!

  68. Susan

    The best and only show on ABC Family I enjoy and watch. I’m so disappointed!!! It deserves a conclusion.

  69. Donna McAndrews

    This was a great show. Please do not cancel it. ABC need to get it together. It stinks when producers cut a great show after leaving you hanging.

  70. Tina Thomas

    Please please do come back with season 2 of twisted …its such a lovely show it would be unfair to cancel it.

  71. Darlene Gentry

    I’m so ANGRY & UPSET at what happened in the cancelation of TV SHOW ” TWISTED” I have to say I don’t believe there was a drop in ratings!!!! That show was AWSOME. This is why I stop watching the stations that do this. They have a great series like “TWISTED” and then cancel. I will no- longer watch any shoes on ABC since they did not bring Twisted back. I even stopped watching THE FOSTERS because the took TWISTED off the air. ABC I don’t trust now, what next another show we all look forward to? AND ABC COULD PULL THAT ALSO !!!! Don’t trust the network. I’m 49 wife, mother of adult daughters & Twisted was an amazing Show & the writer had a gold mind & the network pulls the show!!! WILL NEVER WATCH THIS STATION AGIN … Signed, DISAPPOINTED & DISCUSTED WITH NETWORK ABC!!!!!

  72. Darla

    Sad sad!! Love the show!! Need to know what happens!! Can’t believe it won’t be renewed!

  73. mike

    Want to see season 2. A lot of fans watched it on netflix as well. More fans than they think. Bring it back; please.

  74. Heather

    I want to see season 2.. If ABC Family was going to cancel it. then they need to have at lest one more show so we all know what happens… instead they just cancel it and know US FANS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS. and I don’t think that’s right… but anyhow it was a great show and I watched it every time it was on. so who cares about rating put it on local tv an I bet people would watch it. because not everyone in the world had cable satellite or even the internet. BUT people do have regular tv. I miss watching it. I’ve been watching the episodes I have on my dvr because I loved the show so much.

  75. Sabrina

    Why do you guys keep canceling the good shows and keep the shitty shows it’s ridiculas Twisted ones one of the good shows along with Ravenswood WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???? They won’t like it when everyone stops watching ABC Family period STOP TAKING OFF THE GOOD SHOWS.

  76. ...

    Do not cancel this show.This show was great including the actors and the way it looked on TV was amazing. If you finally cancel this show just know you guys will lose alot of happy fans. I know y’all people will never see this but i really think you guys should let the fans decide. And i know that im writing this review a little to late be it was needed. Season 1’s finale was a nail biter and we the fans deserve more answers. Bring twisted back.

  77. Tara

    I can’t believe twisted was cancelled how can they end that show especially the way they did. It’s gotta be put back on. They should of cancelled switched at birth boring

  78. Haley

    Twisted was an amazing show it can’t be cancelled 🙁 it was so good like every episode had you wanting more!

  79. danny

    Please please bring back twisted… It was a great show, i had a wonderful time watching. Was left in suspense. Like serious what happened to the gun shot? Will Jo end up with Danny?

  80. Joy

    Twisted is the ONLY SHOW in more than 10 years that I’ve truly been ADDICTED to. The writing was so clever and creative… always kept you wondering what the missing puzzle piece was… there are a lot of good who-done-it shows out there, but in my opinion this is the only EXCEPTIONAL one. Why is ABC Family torturing us like this???

  81. shelley eveland

    I loved this show.. Hopefully it is reconsidered and not canceled, I will be very upset not knowing what happens.. I thought it was very good

  82. amber

    ABC FAMILY CAN KISS MY *SS! I am so mad this show is cancelled when it was a great show and i just watched it all in a week to find there is no season 2 yet theres so many STUPID SHOWS on abc and they cancel 1 of the 2 ONLY GOOD SHOWS???? maybe if they advertised it or ran it again there would be more people watching it. pick a different time too. I had no idea this show existed never seen an ad EVER until i ran across it on netflix after i watched PLL.

    • Mia


  83. T

    I love this show. I hope Danny and Lacie get back together.

  84. mary

    NOOOOOO, please bring twisted back , please don’t leave us hanging.

  85. pooja


  86. alyssa

    This isn’t fair you can’t cancel a show that hasn’t finished!

  87. Michelle

    PLEASE bring back TWISTED

  88. abigail

    we are at the highest point of suspense. we need to know what happens between dany and jo. we definately need to know about charlie after learning him and jo are half brother and sister. bring it back even if 100 people watch it those peoploe wanna know you cant end a series without at least writing a large summary of what will happen and how the show will end after a good amount of series.

  89. annette

    I have never really been a television person. But when my daughter asked me to watch this with her I did. This show kept me in such suspense, I couldn’t stop watching it! Every evening we watched at least 2 episodes, as time allowed us. It was so difficult to turn off the TV! I became so hooked on this show like nothing ever before. I’ve been asking my daughter when does the next season come out, only to be told she didn’t know. Please, please bring it back!!
    I love this show! It’s fantastic!


    OMG!!!! soooooo dissapointed with ABC. How can they honestly cancel an amazing suspense show and leave the fans wondering with a finale like that. You have so many shows that I wont even dedicate a minute to watch and TWISTED I watched the episodes back to back without getting enough of it. PLEASE RECONSIDER AND BRING BACK there is soooo much people that wants it back!!!! I have sooooo many questions. If you dont want to bring the show back then please make a book or something….. SO MANY QUESTIONS UNANSWERED!!!

  91. Dani

    I really hope someone decides to pick this show up for season 2! Wtf ABC family??!! I am really getting sick of investing in a show and then it gets cancelled! Same thing that happened to ravenswood! I actually like that show. I really don’t like anything else except for PLL so to take a good show like twisted and cancel it makes me super mad!

    • Jazmin king


  92. lol

    There needs to be a season 2, who got shot? what will happen when the girl and the boy find out there brother and sister!! please

  93. Jazmin king

    I seriously love this tv show twisted. I’ve watched the whole first season on netflix and couldn’t help but to watch it non stop. PLEASE bring it back. What can us fans do? There was so much left untold unsolved. It’s not fair…:(

  94. Steve

    Sad, should at least do a 2nd season if only a half dozen shows and bring it to some kind of ending. These execs that make these decisions really need to take another look.

  95. Sacha

    If you guys bring this show back I will get so many of my family and friends to watch it pleaseeeeeeee

  96. Sara

    There needs to be a season 2 because we need to find out does Jo live? Does Jo and Danny go out? Does Whitney and lacey get together? Does Charlie live or die? She need to know the answers. And I think season 2 could help answer some of these question.

  97. Marcy Ferguson

    Alot of people watched this show young and old and it was popular because it was real so why cancele it twisted and the fosters is real life so why cancel twisted. Thanks marcy

  98. dottie

    Me and my fiance just finished this on Netflix and now we’re both so mad that it was cancelled… There’s no way they end it like that… There’s way to many questions unanswered and its an awesome show… It’s frustrating this has happened with 3 other shows we’ve gotten interested in its just BS!

  99. Tanner

    No it can’t be over!! I got so involved …

  100. Shacole Harris

    Twisted was an excellent show. I think ABC Family should air it again. It just left the fans of the show wondering. Please bring it back!

  101. BGust

    We just finished season one on Hulu! How can you end the season with such suspense and not pick up a second season?! What shame! Please bring the show back! This is now one of our favorite shows, next to the Voice. What a disappointment please bring Twisted back to ABC!

  102. ordinaryrapper

    Man im from the hood the real hood not the hood that iggy azelia talks about yea the poor hood the one that most of yall are scared to drive thru, which I don’t blame you. But anyways I liked the show too it was cool. Bring back our twisted!!! Yea im up on my current events people, you know were not that different you guys just had a head start.

  103. Victoria Hutzel

    That’s a load of bullsh*t how can you even leave it hanging like that and not make another season it was such a great show

  104. Julia

    This series can’t be cancelled. It’s amazing and I’m on the edge of my seat. Episode 19 was a gamechanger for the whole season. You guys have to make another season! Please. That was the best series I’ve ever watched. 5 stars definitely.

  105. Alyssa

    Just because there were little viewers for the last episode doesn’t mean he should cancel it. Lots of people still liked the show.

  106. jessics

    please do not cancel my favorite show. I really wonder what will happen. The finale was too much for me.

  107. Youknowwho

    I want season 2 I love this show

  108. April

    Please bring it back!

  109. Timequoa

    Please I’m begging you to air this show I love it so much I cried when it never came back on

  110. Mary

    How in the hell can they leave us hanging!!! Damn you damn you. Why!!!!!!!

  111. Denise

    i am so sick of ABC Family,
    all they do is cancel their series, and leave you hanging. i am done watching anymore of their series.

    • Court

      That is so true and I hate that so much cause all the good shows are on ABC family

  112. Shalamar

    This was a big mistake to cancel such an amazing show. They have so much ridiculous shows out there that has a season 4 and 5., and you mean to tell me they couldn’t keep twisted on for a season 2. That show showed a lot of potential. Big mistake!

  113. Samantha

    I just finished the first season and expected another! You should rethink airing it! It’s definitely twisted! Bring it back please and thank you!

  114. Claire


  115. diana

    Ok it 2015 at least think about a season 2 why end of like that I you was going to cancel such a disappointment!!!

  116. Pissed off Fan

    Okay, so tired of getting hooked on great shows only to have them cancelled. Twisted Rookie Blue is also up in the air as to how many episodes they will do…and then they leave cr*p on tv like the simpsons and south park..Really maybe we should all boycott tv altogether that way we can’t get hooked on shows only to be disappointed. Tired of this cr*p

  117. kylee

    Please renew!!!! Find another network!!! We love the show, and are totally left in suspense!!!

  118. lisa

    I loved the show and I would love for it to come back my hopes it Danny and Jo finally get together I just love those two. But I love everything about the show it kept you on the edge of your seat and I love that.

  119. yacob abera

    hey our family love to watch twisted please we move to usa and in whivh channal do we have twisted you can send us the answer in the e mail adress. thak u and we love to watch this serious movie

  120. Mia

    Please do not cancel the show ! One of my favorite series to watch I just have to know what will happen to Jo and Danny will they be together , and how will Jo feel about Charlie being in love wit Jo if Jo is his stepsister. I just have to know I love suspense shows like this; mysterious series, I would love to continue watching so please don’t cancel the show.nyou owe it to us to let us know more about who is who and who is the real killer of this most exciting series I’ve ever watch I’m very appeal to this show a lot ! I want to keep watching !!

  121. Laurel


  122. ME


  123. Christine Wheat

    I am thouroughly disappointed and angry with ABC Family for not giving their dans some sort of ending! They could gave wrapped things up at the end of the season to not leave their fans hanging. ABC is a major network. Not what I would expect from them! My family and co-workers still comment how disappointed they are in the manner the series was “not” ended. As a result we will no longer watch ABC Family network or shows. We will not vest our time in a neteork that cares so little for their audience! Sadly we sre through with ABC Family and share this experience with anyone who expresses an intetest in ABC Family shows, that this too can happen to them after investing our time and interest in two seasons!

  124. Mariah

    I know this show is for you guys to get more views and that didn’t happen, us Twisted fans get that, but we LOVE this show. I’m furious, how could you take it away with a cliffhanger? And yet you keep stupid stuff on there all the time. This got into people’s minds and made them think for once in their lives and it showed me not to judge people by there pasts and I’m sure a lot of other Teisted fans can say that too. I just can’t believe this, why take something that people love and make people think away so you can keep some other BS show… I mean eventually it will get more views, but now we’ll never know, thanks ABC Family.

  125. Olatilewa

    Like the “one tree hill” this shows just got me a feeling about that series. I actually loved twisted as much as i loved it. I really wanna see S02 cause am anxious about the gunshot at the end of it and really what jack and his daughter her trying to do.

  126. Izzynator22

    Twisted was the best show ever and they shouldn’t of ended it It was the perfect level of suspense,love,and drama and you can’t just leave the fans hanging

  127. Picks

    Really!!! End like that!! Come on peeps!!! Need to continue

  128. Omar M. Muniz

    I can not believe that ABC canceled season 2. I am way pissed at ABC for doing so and will not watch any more of their shows.

  129. Twisted_Lover

    Twisted was my favorite show and ABC family is stupid for canceling it. I really wish u guys would bring it back i am watching all the episodes of season 1 on netflix and i am almost done and i really wanna see what happens next. I am really really mad they cancelled it. Just because it didnt get that many views doesnt mean they had to cancel it alot of people really luv that show and alot of other people luved it to. It was the best it was luv, drama, suspense and mystery it was the best. BRING BACK TWISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. nae

    this is my favorite show abc needs to bring it back like they are very dumb for canceling it!!

  131. Aviya Nadav

    Please bring it back you can’t live us like tha!! It’s not fair !!!

  132. Charli

    Just finished watching season1 of TWISTED. I WANT SEASON 2. Bring it back please!!

  133. tiara

    I need this twisted to come back.. season 1 was sooooo good… we need season 2 please

  134. Gigia

    Not fair. Continue it please! WE WANT SEASON 2!!

  135. Anne

    This was my favorite tv show, and it ended on such a cliff hanger! I need to know what happens next; please I’m begging you not to cancel. #bringbacktwisted

  136. R

    Great show! Please bring back show loved it

  137. Holly

    No fair

  138. Alexis

    It can’t end like that. I want jo and Danny to have a relationship!!! And it just makes me mad that they would just cancel the show like that, especially the way it ended.

  139. Sarah

    Bring the show back! It’s on Netflix! And Hulu! People love it!

  140. Jess

    how can you just make an amazing season 1 and leave us hanging . like what’s is going to happened next . Why did the gun go off? Please let this show continue on ugh. I’m so curious of what is going to happen next.

  141. Michael McGinnis

    the way they ended the series is very cruel I mean who does that. end a season like that if your ratings was going down you shouldn’t have ended the season the way you did. I love twisted and I will do everything in my power to bring it back and for all my twisted haters are y’all blind y’all don’t know a good show if it knocked you on the head.

  142. lizzie

    omg nooooooo!!!!!!!!! bring back twisted ive loved this series since day 1 .

  143. Mc TyPo

    I would be satisfied if Netflix or Hulu picked it up!! But if it is picked up it needs to stay the course and not turn satanic (NETFLIX!)!

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