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«Smash» season 3: premiere date

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When does «Smash» season 3 start? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: February 6, 2012
Creator: Theresa Rebeck

Season 1 episode 1: 11,44 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 episode 5: 2,68 million U.S. viewers

American musical television series called «Smash» has lost all the chances to be renewed for Season 3. NBC management has expressed its dissatisfaction with what was happening at the start of the current Season, when the amount of American TV viewers, interested in the TV show, comprised less than 3 million people, despite the fact that the pilot episode was enjoyed by more than 11.4 million fans. Of course, NBC management couldn’t ignore failed and unclaimed broadcast and show received less favorable time slots already in April.

According to critics, such decision is the first step for show closing. The official announcement concerning «Smash» television series will be made at the end of April and we will publish it at once.

«Smash» season 3? – [officially cancelled]

Follow the announcements.

UPDATE 1: «the final episode of season 2 would work as a series finale» – Josh Safran (showrunner).
UPDATE 2 (10.05.13): «Smash» cancelled by NBC!

Let’s support the show in comments!

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  1. sas

    Programing killed the show. I hope it’s not cancelled. The show is finally though getting interesting!!

    • Alie

      I totally agree. I love Smash, its one of my favorite shows. I even got the album. I have to watch it online because of my schedule. Not all of us are lucky to be back home in front of a tv at that time. I’m going to be very upset and mad if it’s cancelled.

      • Alie

        Also… its the only show I actually watch on NBC!

      • Carolyn

        I am with all of you I love Smash such a wonderful show and the music is awesome.

  2. Heather

    Smash is the only show I watch, however I have to DVR due to work schedule. Does this count towards ratings or not? I think that the show wasn’t marketed well this season and there have been far too many changes to the cast/crew, so maybe that has something to do with the ratings? I hope it is renewed for a third season; keeping my fingers crossed.

    • khorn

      I’ve always wondered if watching it later counts towards rating! I literally watched both seasons of smash in 2 days I couldn’t stop watching!! It’s so AMAZING!!!!

  3. Ken

    I love watching, Smash. I tape it or watch it. Looking forward to Season 3.

  4. Connie

    Smash is the only weekly show I follow. I really hope it is continued another season. Can’t understand what the appeal of “reality shows” are, when you can watch and be exposed to quality shows that are intelligent and don’t treat the viewer a a moron. I too have wondered if taping and watching later counts – how do the know, is it all the Nilsen ratings? If so , how what markets are they connecting with?

  5. Jarvis

    This show is the only i have my hulu account since i work nights dont see it much on tv
    ,i always look forward
    o every episode and listen to the music at home.Its the only tv shoe i can actually sit and enjoy.please dont cancel!!

  6. Lacey

    I love watching Smash. I really hope it’s not cancelled. Like other people I DVR it and then watch it the next day

  7. Carol

    So terribly sad! Such amazing talent! Replaced by a dating reality show….really?

  8. mattcharlotteguy

    Please don’t cancel this show. It’s one of the best on TV!

  9. Rachel

    I love Smash! It truly is a great show and doesn’t deserve the treatment that NBC has been giving it.

  10. Meg

    Please don’t cancel this show. There are not many good shows to watch on TV. This show is interesting, the music is delightful, and the actors are extremely talented. Please keep a show that lets us experience a little bit of Broadway while watching a good story.

  11. Julian

    I don’t get to excited
    About much on tv. But I am glued to Smash. It is getting really good. I want a season 3. We should start a trending topic on Smash

  12. David

    We moved to Dubai but watch religiously. Honestly NBC really doesn’t get it anymore

  13. lynn

    I love this show so much the acting is amazing and the singing is so good and I hope they do season 3 because the show is just getting interesting I love the changes they made to cast and it made the show ten times better….I watch every new episode and can’t wait till the next one and the season finale was amazing PLEASE BRING IT BACK FOR A THRID SEASON!!!!!

  14. Matthew

    I am a UK viewer and I love Smash we haven’t had season 2 yet but please don’t end it I love Smash so much the rest of the TV is rubbish! All best things come to an end 🙁

  15. Liz

    I haven’t really enjoyed NBC post Friends until Smash came along. I’m so over reality t.v, if Smash goes so do I NBC.

  16. Denise Figueroa

    CANCEL SMASH and WE will cancel WATCHING NBC Network Programming all together. I have a group of 30 plus who watch SMASH religiously every week. If you cancel SMASH we will go on a campaign of THEY TALK TO FRIENDS AND SO ON WITH (Postings, #hashtagging, texting, SKYPE, giving out flyers, etc.) URGING THE PUBLIC to ban watching NBC Network Television. We are the masses. I live in Staten Island, New York a heart skip and a throw from NYC Broadway; SMASH is like watching a Neil Simon play. SMASH is like going to the theatre without selling your soul for a high price ticket. MOVE THE SHOW TO A BETTER TIME SLOT……………..DAH………………

    NBC’s morals are trashing out, they rather have reality shows where everyone is pimping themselves out than quality shows like SMASH. NBC’s ratings are in the toilet now, what will happen if we cancel watching NBC all together.

  17. Iain

    Its on foxtel here in Australia, and think the show is sheer brilliance. Its on 4 times a week, and we still want more. It has a world wide audience. 2 seasons are just not enough, as there is so much more music, drama and journey that we the tv audience want to see. Smash is deserving of a 3rd season. Not all of us want to watch trashy reality tv for entertainment, some of us enjoy real entertainment, for which Smash is the whole package.

  18. anthony

    finally a great show with so much talent and the music is just beautiful why would they want to cancel it

  19. anthony

    im tired of seeing all this reality stuff or bloody shows keep smash on a feel good show

  20. Rene

    A show that isn’t about vampires or reality that isn’t based on reality. A show that has great characters, a decent plot and showcases some real singing and dancing talent. Why would NBC even consider keeping such a gem for another season. Lets just keep pushing inane programs down the throats of our audience. Smash is one of the few programs I actually turn the TV on for. Maybe I’ll go back to using it for hanging my clothes on!

  21. Julie

    Plrase, please don’t cancel Smash. It is such a great show. The world DOES NOT need another reality show. I love this show and look forward to it every week. Please listen to us, NBC.

  22. Sean

    It would be very sad to see a show that finalize recognizes the world of broadway theatre be canceled. It truly is one of my favorite shows on television these days and the only show with singing I can stand to watch other than Glee. I hate all the reality television of sinigng and dancing competitions, but this is a real show and I love it.

  23. Nancy

    I hope NBC doesnt cancel Smash. Smash is one of the few good programs on tv now. If NBC cancels, I hope another network picks it up. Smash is a wonderful show with so many talented people. Please dont cancel this show. Cancel a crummy reality tv show, thats what needs to go!

    • Peggy

      I agree..get rid of a reality show…none of it is reality anyway!

  24. Judy Brown

    Please do not cancel Smash…it is well written and entertaining. Smash is a way to fill the hunger the baby boomer TV viewer has for “variety show” diversion. I look forward to it each and every week…especially the production numbers. Too, it has the ability to stir the inner theater goer to actually go see live productions..Smash is quality TV and many of us are watching, DVRing and downloading…don’t lose us because of skewed statistics.

  25. Peggy

    I love this show. I really hope it is not cancelled. I do not care what dy or time as I always DVR it but it has to stay on!

  26. Lana

    I am very disappointed. This is my favorite show. There is so much talent. The musical numbers are brilliant. I missed a couple of episodes, when they moved it to Saturday, but then watched them on Shaw on Demand. Can NBC change their minds?

  27. nena

    I love the show very, very much. I look forward to seeing the show every Monday at 2nd avenue and every Thursday at diva universal. the members of the cast are very, very talented.
    it is such a waste of talent if nbc should cancel the show. shows like smash are rarely seen on tv
    these days. please don’t cancel it.

  28. jasmine

    Such a wonderful show bring on season 3. Music dance and great cast of actors. Dont you love Angelica Houston.

  29. Lynn

    Please don’t cancel
    Smash!! Only show I have ever followed!!

  30. Krystal Kirk

    Please don’t cancel Smash! If it were shown at a better time itd probably have a bigger audience. Many people have to get up early to work and can’t sit up late to watch tv. At least make a movie or special if Bombshell and Hit Lust so the fans can finally see the plays in their entirety.

  31. Shannon

    NBC you s*ck!!!! I love this show. Since I can’t just fly to NY to see shows this was as close as I got. I imagined being there through this show, I laughed cried and could never wait for the next show. I seriously am sick of you canceling shows!

  32. Rhiann

    As I sit here watching the season 2 .. Two hour long finale.. I have experienced every emotion. Smash is one of my all time favorite shows and I’m so upset its cancelled :(. Bring it back!!!!

  33. Emma Whitford

    I’m so upset that smash was canceled. I’m a solider deployed for the past 13 months, but before I left my friend told me to watch it as she knew of my Broadway hopes as a kid. I watched 2 episodes and was on plane to Iraq. When landed the first thing I did was search for a hub so I could have Internet. Finally when I got it I was so happy. For me it’s what I hoped my life would have been had I chose a different route. I’m sad that it didn’t make it as far as I and many others had hoped. Completely sadden that the middle east doesn’t have NBC. Maybe it would have made a difference.

  34. Ang Bart

    Save smash. It is such a pleasure to watch. It is the only NBC show I watch. I looked forward to it. How sad. Do you know what your doing?

    • Kimberly M.

      I’d have to agree with you I dont think they realize how many people would truly be upset that they plan on canceling this show. Maybe just maybe they can see how many people truly love this show and decide to keep it. (wishful thinking )

  35. Amy Atkins

    I am so sad that Smash has been canceled! I loved this show 🙁

  36. Kimberly M.

    I really hope they dont cancel smash granted i have to DVR it because of college classes but i still love this show. both seasons were great the talent in this show also is amazing and seems very real compared to other shows out there besides Revolution this is the only other show i really fallow on TV. so i really do hope they do not cancel it.

    at NBC. come theirs a link to contact NBC so maybe if we all ban together and petition the cancellation of this show we might possibly be able to save it I’d hate to see a great show get canceled and replaced with something horrible.

  37. Heather

    I think Smash is amazing….the only show I watch that’s not reality TV! The music is fantastic and I love the cast. I need to know what happens with Ivy and the baby and Jimmy in jail!!! Please don’t cancel the show!!!

  38. Shari

    I cant believe it. I have watched hundreds of episodes of different shows and this is the only show I religiously wait for every week. Record it on Foxtell and then watch it over and over, download the music and talk it up to everyone i know. Can’t believe they would cancel it, Jimmy and Karen, Derek and Ivy are the best characters, the talent is amazing and the vision is truely inspired. I never comment on anything but I will never find another show like it again, TV will never be the same again, so Smash deserve a post!!!!!

  39. Ashley Murray

    Sooo upset about the cancellation of Smash!!!! The second season did fall off a little, but I was certainly hoping for a comeback because it was definitely one of those few shows I actually looked forward to every week 🙁

  40. Ashley Murray

    NBC should seriously reconsider a season 3!!!

  41. mona

    I enjoyed the show and the music very much. Wonderfully talented actors. Figures they would cancel it!!!! ?????

  42. Morgaina

    I love smash. It’s a great show. Please bring it back.

  43. ScarletteSpider

    Smash is the ONLY nbc show i watched. if it is really cancelled then not only will i not watch any other nbc show, i will cancel all my local networks package for my cable ($18 savings per month) because Smash was the ONLY reason I got it in the first place. Cable networks provide more intelligent, higher quality programming than the old fashioned networks. Smash was the exception to the regular mind numbingly intelligence insulting catering to the lowest common denominator hiesenberg principle reality shows not real at all crapola they provide.
    Come on fans, cram NBC’s email inboxes, telephone voicemails and snail mail rooms full of demands to renew Smash not only for one more year but to make a 10 years total run!
    Doesn’t anyone else wanna see what the amazing music writing and choreography teams would do with Gatsby!?! not to mention the ongoing storylines of all the characters.
    NBC bean counters should have their heads examined because quality TV isn’t always about ratings and profits, its about uplifting the public with thought provoking, quality entertainment and Smash was the only show you had that did that…bottom line watching idi*ts

  44. Carolyn

    As I was checking out the internet for the Smash Season 3 Premier Date, I was shocked to find that it had been Cancelled! I can’t believe that NBC is cancelling the First Really Great Series they have had in years! As with the previous comments, this was a show that I looked forward to watching each week. It was a feel-good show with a good story, music, characters, and always left you eager for the next one to come around. To think you would trade this kind of talent for a reality show, which has no talent, simply amazes me. What has become of the intelligent heads of the networks? This is the reason NBC is so low on the list!!!

    • KCF

      I agree whole-heartedly! How can most Americans prefer cr*ppy reality shows to actual dramatic talent!?

  45. Carrie

    I loved Smash! Good actors and actresses, good storyline. The end of season 2 got a little weak but, overall it was a great show. I wish they would bring it back with more of the same writing that they had in the beginning. I loved Derek when he was bad! Separating Derek and having him go off to another production mixed it up too much.

  46. Steph

    Omg you cannot cancel this show. It is amazing

  47. Char

    I stopped watching after the 1st season because it is so predictable – the characters and plot – not the lease bit entertaining. However I loved the last song that Marilyn (Kate) sang to end the 1st season.

  48. KCF

    This was one of the few great shows on TV! It seems that the cr*ppy, waste of time, takes no brain power to watch – reality shows are taking over … no wonder Americans are getting dumber! Every time there is a well written show that is full of actual talent it gets cancelled within a year or two! Boston Legal, Brothers & Sisters, Mercy …….

    Anything that takes actual rehearsal & funding is cut! It’s just too easy to throw a bunch of id*ots in front of a camera and call it a reality show – and make money off imbeciles that will watch that cr*p.

    Just sickening!!!!!!!

    Regarding DVR/TiVO watchers (which I am) … It’s tricky but does seem that it’s taken into account … but may be very delayed if watched after 7 days.

  49. Izab

    This show is amazing! So sick of reality shows! The music gives me chills when I listen to it. The singers are amazing!

  50. Lori

    I love smash and Katherine McPhee! This is one of the best shows on TV, it’s original and the music, dancing is awesome! Please don’t end smash!!!!

  51. christine

    i love the show. i am big into musical and enjoy the music. the actor are good at what they do. i have everything that has been made about the show. i know all the music by heart. so please do not cancel the show.

  52. Holly

    I will be sick if they cancel the show!! Its the best TV show ever! Its like another fame series and I just love it!! Absolutely the best tv series!! PLEASE DO NOT NOT NOT NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!!!

  53. Love Smash!

    I hope you don’t cancel smash it’s one of the best series on television especially the best series on NBC, great cast with amazing talent

  54. maggi

    im from Ireland and love Smash please dont cancel!

  55. Jennifer

    I loved it that is why I can’t stand starting a new show.

  56. Missy Kelly

    My mom would DVR Smash each week just so that Sunday we could watch it together! We are so disappointed it’s been cancelled. Honestly shocked when we found out! It was OUR FAVORITE SHOW!!
    Please bring on season 3!

  57. Pear

    Well…. if i could say sth and make a change i would say
    Dear NBC,
    Sir/mrs/ms/madam or whoever it is with all the respect but R U GUYS OUT OF UR MIND. U CANT CANCELLED THIS AWESOME SHOW. Well this is firstly because Smash is like de best, de most addicted tv shows in the universe and the reason why the views are not up to ur standards is because people might never watch the show before. Secondly, because Smash is the best tv series in the whole universe, thirdly, again Smash is the best tv series in thw whole whole whole universe. So my point is it doesnt make any sense that Smash is cancelled because the show is awesome, the character is awesome, the story is ooooooooomg so yeah u got no reason to cancelled this shows. If u really did ur going to break millions millions viewers. SO please please please please please please i beg a beg a beg a beg a beg of u sir/madam/ mrs/ms or whoever read this and be able to make a change please reconsider it.

    Your sincerely/with all the respect
    thank you.

  58. Donna

    I’m from Canada and a huge fan of stage and Broadway shows. Watching Smash every week is like attending a show every week without the high cost, and by the way, I never missed a show.

    The cast and their singing/dancing/acting skills are superior. I throughly enjoy the behind the scenes look at producing/directing and choreographing a stage performance.

    It’s sad that you would cancel such a quality program like Smash. Plenty of shows don’t get high ratings and yet still manage to stick around.

    If cost is a factor why doesn’t NBC just get rid of any one of the really bad reality/cooking/I wanna be a celebrity-type shows. By the way, I, like many people I know, don’t watch these types of shows.

    I was so looking forward to seeing The Great Gatsby being done by these brilliantly talented performers this year, Please don’t disappoint the fans of Smash.

    I ask the executives at NBC to Please reconsider their decision to cancel such an amazing show.

  59. alicia

    Very disappointed that the show is cancelled. I loved this show and looked forward to it every week. The network should really reconsider. I get tired of cop and vampire and legal shows all the time. This show was a breath of fresh air on TV. Bring it back.

  60. Sandi

    I can’t believe that NBC cancelled this show! Look, it’s so different, so classy, so glamorous and beautiful to watch! There’s nothing else to compare to it. You guys used to give shows a chance to catch on. Shows like Cheers never would have been a hit if you only gave it 2 seasons! I didn’t know when the show was on because you tend to move shows around too much. No one has the time or patience to search through to figure out where you moved it to. We end up moving on to something else!! I was so thankful to find it on Amazon prime and FINALLY get to see what I missed. You really should bring this show back. Put it on after The Voice, again, and I’m positive people will watch it! Better yet, show seasons 1 & 2, first, to bring ALL the viewers up to date. Then, show season 3. Keep it after the Voice and don’t move it and you’ll get the crowd who will most enjoy watching it! Also, you need to ADVERTISE IT MORE so we all know when it will be on again….

  61. Ernesto

    It was a great show, great cast and produccion
    It’s a pitty

    I will miss it

    At least
    THANK YOU for the two sesons


  62. cj

    I totally love this show. How they canceled it I will ever know but NBC has lost me . And I totally agree they had a great cast and alot of talent I really enjoyed this show this is so crazy that they done away with it just for reality tv

  63. marsha

    I like smash I don’t have money to take my family to Broadway.we live in Boston and my son who is 17 loves all kinds of music.but rap is what he loves the most.smash gave me a way to show him something new.now he wants to go see a show on Broadway.that is a big deal for a street kid.to open up the mind of a tiff kid from the hood .if a show can open people to something new and let them into a world of art that they would have never seen is sad
    d.if you only change one mind it would have been worth it to keep the show.but it changed who have watched NBC all there lives are dropping you.many you should listen to what we have to say.

  64. Lindsay

    If it’s cancelled it’s a shame shows like this one are fantastic! There isn’t enough shows about the arts I personally love this show please renew it !!

  65. cassie

    Please bring back smash!!!!!!!! Best show ever

  66. Lauren Vella

    I think they should make the series into a musical and show how the series would have played out in that!!!! I loved it so much, I’ll take anything I can get!!
    It was an amazing show and feel they run stupid shows for endless series. This is by far one of the best show I have ever see!! It is ridiculous that this was cancelled!!

    The preferred idea would be to bring it back and this time don’t change the showing dates or times which I believe killed the show. It made viewers think think it was a less than favoured show and with all of the responses on here and many other sites, know that this is not the case.

    How silly if NBC to do this, Shame in you!!!!

  67. Jessica

    Please reconsider. Smash is the best show on tv. I know so may people that were looking forward to third season!

  68. Xanya Weiss Ph.D

    I loved SMASH. Great show, great songs great performances. It’s the best thing on TV and there is much more development and songs that can happen. I enjoyed it so much. Everyone who saw it loved it . We need a season 3!

  69. S4rah762

    I love this show!! There has to be a season three! Not everyone gets to watch the shows they want. 3 tvs in my house no DVR, so sorry that I’m either being kicked off the tv or taking college courses at night, so I cant ever watch any show I want to. Just finished season 2 on Amazon instant though!! How about counting those numbers!!!

  70. Heidi

    Get Smash back for more Seasons! I love it… Just found out about it, and I couldn’t stop watching!! And now I have nothing to watch…. We need this kind of entertainment.

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