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Unforgettable season 5 ?

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When will Unforgettable season 5 premiere on A&E? Is the series renewed or cancelled? We are waiting for the release date in 2016-2017.

There goes the regular season of Unforgettable. It was its debut on the channel A&E, but in total for the project it was the fourth season.

Remind that the representatives of the CBS in 2014 decided to close the show, but luckily, the channel A&E became its “new home”. Of course, after moving the series had fewer viewers, but it is still better than closing. The show on CBS was watched about 6 million people, but now on A&E this number is even below 1 million.

Should we worry about this? Are the creators planning to renew the show for season 5? These questions are now being discussed in many movie websites, but there is still no official response (UPDATE 1) from the representatives of A&E.

Many critics believe that the project had to be finished a long time ago, because its rating is unstable, and a number of fans is reducing. Fortunately, there are people who do not agree with this opinion, therefore, the release date of the new series Unforgettable can still be announced.

Unforgettable season 5 premiere date – [status: cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

We are waiting for news from the right holders. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (February 16, 2016): A&E has chosen not to renew the drama for Season 5. Unforgettable is cancelled for the third time.

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