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«Weeds» season 9: release date

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When does Weeds season 9 premiere? Official release date is known?

«Weeds»- one of the most popular and long comedy serials of American Showtime channel for all period of its existence. First episode of the story from the creator Jangy Coena was broadcasted in August, 2005 and the final episode was presented in September, 2012. All seasons were shown during that period, which includes 102 staggering episodes.

Jenji Kohan gave an interview to authoritative Entertainment Weekly, where she told about some details of this serial creation and scuttled the myth about Weeds season 9. Release date is not actual any more because the serial is finished and the creators are satisfied with the end. The interview notices that completion so large-scale project was not spontaneous. The scenarists had spent not one unsleeping night under its upshot.

Weeds season 9 release date – never

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  1. miranda

    I’m so sad there will b no more weeds episopeds. 🙁 i think they should b more I love that show.

  2. leone

    NOOO! Totally gutted I love weeds!

  3. Jennifer

    There should def. be season 9. Because. The. End of season 8. Was not the best ending. The fans. Need another season please !!!!!!;(

  4. Christian

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am going to die, please make more weeds!.

  5. stan

    Please bring it back..I felt so close to every actor as if they were family..I love so hurt…I could watch weeds nonstop everyday…guess its off to season 1 and start all over 🙁

    • Jay

      Stan……how about start living in the real world? Its just a TV show….

      • Chris

        It’s people like u who are hated in the world

      • alicia

        jay… that was very rude its a fantastic show and many people love it!!

      • Bridgit

        Hey Jay, Keep your mouth shut.
        I completely agree with you Stan, I loved all 8 seasons and as each season passed I felt very connected to them, by the end of season 8 I felt like I actually grew up with them. Made me very sad to see it end so soon.

        • turk

          Obviously, you guys are wacked out of your effing minds. It IS just a show. All good things must come to an end.
          Honestly I dont see how the show could have continued anyway. Stop whining about there being no more episodes and start the series over.

        • Greg

          That’s crazy because I felt the same way

          • nate

            so f*cking true !

            LEGALIZE IT

  6. wesley

    i have to say i hate it that its over but i have had one hell of a time watching it. The best show on TV.

    • Silas


      • keith jones

        Best f*kin show on tv ever since martin I must say


    If not weeds…..another story line… love the idea.

  8. aladdin

    We need season 9 What are we going to watch while we smoke our weed? Thats like watching House with no pills.

  9. GoGo

    I CANT LIVE WITHOUT this show!!! Weeds was a show that relaxes me…

    • luis montes

      I feel you… now what

  10. deejraa

    Please make another season!!! There needs to be at least one more!!! I love Weeds!! Don’t let it end that way! #needmoreweeds

  11. Christian

    I’m gunna cry): this show wasn’t just a show, it’s a way of life, a way to get close to characters. I felt like they were family and its so sad to know its all over..we really need more weeds its just horrible that its all over

  12. Roger

    The greatest show since CHEEKS & CHONG, I love weeds!!! When I first watched the show I couldn’t stop. I have watched them all and wish they would keep on running. Better than YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

    • luis montes

      I need to reach the botwins i cant go out like this omg my life is over

  13. luis montes

    Wow i cant believe this me and my girlfriend are so sad now what ? Felt so close to those chRCters specially andy dam i feel like i was part of the familly that ending wasnt what i expected please make season 9 am so empty without the show there is nothing else on tv i wan die…..please jenji help

    • Avery

      I feel it’s a very well thought out & unique show & always some excitement going on , why stop excitement , it’s a great feeling being talented this guy Jenji knows how to keep the peopl e going for sure , should be a couple more seasons , or as show just as good if not better thank you for weeds , fantastic show

  14. luis montes

    Can someone help ? I need another good show like this please helplife is meaningless without weeds real talk am goin thru it without the botwins please i will cause craziness in these streets if weeds doesnt start again by 2013 lol

  15. Tonia

    Please you have to make more weeds!!!!!!!!!

  16. ron

    weeds is by far the best show on network or cable season 9 a must

  17. Jesse

    Please, keep this series going! It has lifted my spirits for so long!

  18. Nick

    Best tv series I ever liked, sad it won’t be continued

  19. Logan

    noooooo!!!! please dont stop now, we need more!!!! F*ck showtime for even cancelling it. That is the most st*pid thing i have heard all year. The end of season 8 was bulls*it and there has to be something else!!!! PLEASE DONT STOP WEEDS, I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!!!

  20. Johnny Danger

    Yes we are all sad the show is over…but lets be realistic had to end at some point. It would have been too much if it would have kept going. It would have starting becoming absolutely ridiculous. Farewell to a good tv series.

  21. alicia

    I very much think there should be more weeds i have never sat on the couch for so long like i did watching weeds. please bring it back!!

  22. Moeez

    More weeds plz I in love with it or tell me a good tv show like weeds and same people

  23. oscar

    There has to be a season 9 I love weeds I fell in love with it watched all seasons and liked all of them

  24. Don

    Please Please Please make a Season 9 am going nuts waitting for it

  25. Conner

    There needs to be another season or 2 at least explaining why Andy left and showing how they got to the place they got and then a 10th to see what happens to Stevie and Shane and what nancy’s going to do after she sells we need it to last forever I would rather have weeds than dexter!!!

  26. nai

    Bring on season 9! You obviously know how to write the show is great, please keep it going. Not happy that it’s over. Best show on tv. Just saying come on people.

  27. brad

    The ending sux a$$ make more awsome show tho watta disappointment if its over boooooooo!

  28. kushbluntz

    u see how many people love this show y not make. its more money for u and more weeds for us

  29. Michelle

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHY GOTTA DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!? Weeds can not end… there needs to be more seasons of Weeds…. i just finished watching all 8 seasons on Netflix and keep going back to watch them all again…. i dont have many favorite shows… only other favorite show besides Weeds that i watch is The Walking Dead (have all 3 seasons)which comes back on in mid october!!!!! was hoping for a new season of Weeds so i could watch that till the season finale and it would leave right into The Walking Dead!!!! NOW I GOT NOTHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO ON TV TILL OCTOBER!!!!!!! lol…

  30. Alexis


  31. gina simpson

    Why? I just got my husband hooked….this adventure with Namcy & her crew should not end the way it did!

  32. Devin

    the last episode broke my heart! 🙁 i felt so close to all the characters, like they were my own friends. i need it to make a come back!

    • zack

      As did I

  33. zack

    Please bring it back. Everyone loved it

  34. Carl daryls devance

    Wow I am really upset weeds is the best show ever . They should def make another season or 9 it’s just an all around bad a*s show f*ckin good sh*t kinda upset maybe gonna cry motha f*cka

  35. Kody Garcia

    Come on every one including jenji kohan herself KNOWS weeds cant go out without at least 1 more season i dnt hav a lot of tv shows i watch just around 2-3 an weeds is #1 its so connective when u watch it character r great an gotta LOVE the botwins !!!! BRING WEEDS BAAACCCK!!!!!!! >(

  36. ben

    please we need weeds make happy ending please .

  37. Alan

    Its been a journey. All good things come to an end. I felt like I was part of the family.

  38. kat

    Why would they end so many different shows if the ratings are high and people want more … L word and Weeds are two shows I really Would like to see come Back.

  39. MaryJane

    Seriously bummed out when I found out there’s no more Weeds on TV!! =( I do understand all things will come to an end,but still coulda done more then 8 seasons

  40. jacky

    Kept hearing how great it was. Got all 8 downloaded on netflix and have not finished S1 yet & totally hooked! Got to be the best shows ever…Will probably finish all within a week if we don’t slow down and savor every moment. Acting & writing are superb. 9 won’t happen? BUMMER!

    • keith jones

      Oh ur in for a surprise ur gunna feel like the rest of us

  41. Priscilla

    :'( It breaks my heart that there will be no more weeds.
    I love Nancy & s*cks that shes left all alone..
    sad ending. Need atleast one more this time her anf Andy together :0)

  42. Dmac

    Started watching the show thinking it was just something people watch when they get high but turned out to be so much more than that it is a good do , and don’t , do show for people thinking of becoming dealers , don’t do it ! but feel free to go threw what the Botwins went threw if you choose too ,I think the show was crazy , sexy, cool , funny , and I loved the life lessons being taught in it , if you never seen it what I’m saying is irrelevant to you, and you
    should check it out ! .

    I would love a Season 9 but feel ok with how it ended in Season 8
    I totally get it , but its sad the show is over , in my opinion it was a masterpiece ! .

  43. Bman

    So I finally caught up in the episodes of Weeds and now very sad that there will be no more episodes. As said by others that was and still is a great show and would watch it again in a heart beat. Even though it was about drugs and sex the show really grows on you. Maybe we will get a spin off or something (only wishing ).

  44. j

    I don’t know how showtime can be happy with how season 8 ended. It didn’t end with a bang and it needs one last season to tie it all together and show how and what happpens to everyone. so please make one last season and then go onto make a new. series with silas taking over the business and keep it going. ut is the best show well one of the best shows ever and it stopped where therdere is still so many questions not answered.

  45. Kimberly

    I loved this series. It’s sad that there will not be another season. We’ll miss the Botwins.

  46. Michelle Recchia

    Please bring back Weeds!!!!!!!! It’s the greatest show ever. How can it just end like that? We want more, we want more!

  47. mike ski

    I wish weeds would continue it s*ck that its not coming back that was the only thing I ever enjoyed watching on netflix

  48. alston spivey

    Hell yeal need new season of it did not end right at all

  49. DD

    I can’t believe they left us in the dust this way…….. No more weedsssssss! Damn shame.

  50. oscar

    make one more episode and il be satesfide 😉

  51. ali

    I really hope Showtime realizes that Dexter and Weeds were two of their best shows. Without them Showtime will lose a lot of ratings. There is nothing else keeping me interested in that channel. Maybe all of the fans of Weeds and Dexter should boycott Showtime.

  52. farizky

    i love this tv show…why must end…just give me 1 more season for this tv show!!! i love you guys ‘Weeds’

  53. Maya

    I am completely and utterly jaded….I literally JUST finished the season 8 finale. Now to find out “that” was it???!!!??? Yeah, my jaw is still dropped. FANS LOVE YOU & in desperation we ask soooooo much MORE!! PpppPpPplease.

  54. Krc1993

    I just found out about weed two weeks ago I watched it every time I got a chance and watch 4 hours straight 5 nights in a row.. I think that it was a bad idea to end it.. And I’m shocked at how you made Andy such a jerk at the end nancy wanted him they should have got together.. She even said ” he’s Stevie’s real father!:(

  55. Malaina

    There should be a season 9 season 8 ended bad i didn’t like it at all weeds is a great TV show please bring it back
    I watched the TV show in 3 weeks from season 1 all the way up to season 98 great tv show

  56. Gan

    Plz make more weeds guys

  57. Jesse

    please reconsider a season 9!

  58. roxanne

    Make a new season please !!

  59. ❤KIM Jones

    Please come. Back

  60. that one pot head

    Weeds is the best show ever. Please make 10 million more seasons i don’t want it to ever end.

  61. Katrina

    So bummed that there will be no more weeds its a good show and hope they change there mind to make more sessons…. There is alot un known

  62. Dan

    It’s 2017 and holy sh*t just watched weeds for the first time . It’s in a class of its own a . I guess you could the ending of season 8 , but for me and I’m sure many others feel the same. There was too many loose ends with the ending of season 8 . It needs a come back and a good ending season to finish this masterpiece x

  63. Erica

    Its so sad:) Me and my buddies love weeds so much !!!!

  64. Susan Culp

    I just watched Weeds on Netflix, all 8 seasons. This is years later, but I didn’t feel the show should have ended, or ended as it did—just like that! That wasn’t an ending. Please bring that show back, at least for a couple of seasons with some answers to what happens to Nancy and Andy and why he left. It’s too good a show to have been canceled.

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