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«Legend of the Seeker» season 3: release date

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When does Legend of the Seeker season 3? Official release date is known?

We remind, what the last episode of second season of the film «Legend of the Seeker» was issued in far 2010, in May. After that all started talking about the date of new episodes issue, but there was no exact answer from the creators. It became known, that there are simply no money for «life prolongation» of the legend, ABC Studios refuses to fund the project.

The reporters of «Entertainment Weekly» managed to know, that Sam Raimi, the producer of this serial, started looking for a buyer for this film after the syndication refused to continue takings. Resent year some information appeared, that Disney channel has bought back all rights on the project. It will present continuation «Legend of the Seeker» season 3 already in 2013. Date of issue will be defined, but now the translation of previous seasons is on air.

The second part of this serial was founded on the chapter one of the books of the writer Terry Goodkind. Audience of the serial counts more then 2 millions of people.

Legend of the Seeker season 3 release date – in 2013 (was not confirmed)

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  1. Valerie Naude

    Legend of the Seeker is a brilliant fantacy series & can’t wait for season 3 to hit South Africa

    • Halimat

      please bring back legend of the seeker you see i love like really love the show supernatural on weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm on weekdays and 9 pm on Wednesdays cw 11 and tnt, but ever since i have seen season one and two of legend of the seeker i cant stop watching it i even really love the show small ville on TNT weekdays at 6 am there all amazing shows,but I enjoy Legend of The Seeker even more than both small ville and supernatural combined it takes a lot of work for a writer producer actors and directors to make me like a show especially to make me like a show more than i like small ville and supernatural combined i thank all of the investors and crew members and actors or cast and producers and writers and especially directors for the vision they had for the show of legend of the seeker and applaud you for your unbelievably amazing work and i respectfully l ask you no actually as a matter of fact i beg you to please mend my broken heart and not cancel the amazing TV series legend of the seeker pretty, pretty. pretty please please put this show back on air so it can make some majic and mend others hearts especially the hearts of its biggest and loyal fans . I appreciate your work and can you please not cancel LEGEND OF THE SEEKER

      • how can this be؛

        please we need legend of the seeker season 3 it is the best film I have ever watch I have watched so many movie both season and unseason no one to compare to this please we in nigeria are appropriating the work for 1, 2 of it u guys did well

        • Solomon

          please is legend of the seaker season 3 out.

          • isaac

            no, legend of the seeker season 3 is not out

    • JaneDoh

      …there is currently a company called SMGO that has listed Legend of the Seeker as one of the shows that it will approach the studios to renew for a 3rd season, if there are enough votes for it (15000 votes minimum are needed). Once the voting benchmark is attained, they will reach out to the appropriate production studio. The voting phase is to prove to the show’s production studio that we have a realistic chance to crowdfund the show.
      There are no obligations to do anything further once you have voted for the show. It is merely a tool to gain an idea of how many fans would be interested in having the series renewed.

      The website that you can vote at is here; you need to sign up with Facebook, or provide your name and email address for your vote to count: www[ . ] smgo [ . ]tv/shows/legend-of-the-seeker/#_=_

      • AgentExtremis

        Seeker fans, please VOTE on SMGO.TV for ‘Legend of the Seeker’ 🙂

        • Irene

          Can not open the page. It ‘still functioning today August 7, 2014 or has been deleted?

        • EVANS JONES


          • Abdullox

            Please I want to season 3 seeker of legends.PLEASE.

          • Abdullox

            Please I really want to legend of the seeker.PLEASE.

        • Salome

          I want new seasons of legend of the seeker please

      • Jordan

        I feel they should bring it back I loved it it was the best TV series ever

      • victoria

        I want to watch legend of the seeker season3

  2. Antis


    • Murad

      I look forward to the third season, hopefully this film comes very beautiful

  3. Biggest fan

    Great thank you Disney

    • ivan delos reyes

      thAnk you Disney !!! I hope that season 3 is coming very soon!!

  4. john wanjohi

    Legend of the seeker is the best epic movie.please release the third season as soon as possible.

  5. Agny


    • Ann

      i like that!

  6. beautifilxx

    Cool !! I waiting season 3 a long time and now I’m so happy !! Thanks for the information ! I hope it’s true : ) Have a nice day : ) !!

  7. aisha shehu

    i will be looking forward to see your video this year. i will say good work Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, and Cara.

    • Corda

      Hallo,ich möchte für Millionen Fans aus Deutschland sprechenbitte bitte macht noch eine dritte und vierte u….. Staffel,wenn möglich mit den gleichen Schauspielern,zumindest aber Bridged Regan u Craig Horner.Das wäre toll.Habe gerade alle 44 Folgen auf einmal gesehen und bin total Begeisterung verliebt.Liebe Grüsse aus Köln

  8. Prince smart

    Am smart, am 2 adicted to the movie. Please i and my fellow Nigerians are waiting for season 3. Please help up. It’s a must watch movie. Save our seeker please.

  9. Crew man

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU DISNEY!!! Disney seems to be buying a lot of older movies and tv series this year i mean they bought star wars and lots of other stuff like tht and now LEGEND OF THE SEEKER great choices disney!

  10. Pius

    I can wait to see season 3, please you people should not wast much time in bringing it out i love the film.

  11. Nwabeanyi

    Am so happy to hir about this legend of the seeker season3, we ar waiting to see it, & i will like to no the date.

  12. DeRach:)))))(((((:::

    O god,,thanx disney,i;m sooooooooo happy,,i can’t wait for season 3,,i was really sad when i heard that LOTS was canceled,,it broke my heart,but now my heart is as good as new:)))

  13. Rachet

    i really hope that it’s true that disney will make legend of the seeker season 3 and maybe more hope for the best

  14. Archelr


  15. Linda

    Thank you Disney!!!!

    I hope that season 3 is coming very soon in Portugal!! Please!!!!

    • Tonui

      we really need legend of the seeker 3.please guys is it released yet? we really need it in Kenya

  16. james

    pls,let it be out b4 dis 1st quarter runs out. I can’t wait 2 watch it in Nigeria.

    • bernice

      when g heard the 3rd season will be out,i was so excited but now am really disappointed at myself for getting so much excited at first. Well, am still hoping you guys know we are still expecting it anyway.

  17. bre

    I hope this is true I just started watching it on netflix finished 44 episodes in less than 2 weeks I was very sad to hear it was cancelled. Im tired of starting shows and then they end up cancelled. I really hope there will be a season 3.

    • Joseph

      Lol there aren’t 44 episodes yet there’s only 22 or 23 but I can’t wait for it to come back again to

  18. Kingchuks

    Am so, so hppy abt dis, kip it up disney.

  19. Rachet

    i hope so too
    im pretty sure that it gets season 3 coz disney owns the whole dam thing now and when decide to continue the series for 3rd season they will let everyone everywhere now there in nutshell

    now longer version:
    When and if LOTS is continued, ABC*Disney will make an OFFICIAL announcement (Press Releases, reputable Entertainment Shows and Magazines will report about it, etc…), not just on a confusing article on One unknown site.
    (Note, there’s not even a way to Contact whomever posted that.)

    When LOTS is renewed, it will be reported & announced Everywhere, “OFFICIALLY” by ABC*Disney everywhere.
    (Note, ABC*Disney owns the rights to LOTS, and has since the beginning of the series)

  20. Akinlaja Oluwashina Felix

    I’m happy to hear that! You guys are awesome please keep it up!

  21. Kalahkvk

    Hope it’s true !

  22. Kelsey

    Is it definate that there will be a season 3?? I’ve been disapointed too many times.

    I’m sooooo exited! I’ve read all the books & seen all episodes. WE NEED SEASON 3 IN THE US!!!!!!!

  23. Cara

    Is this serious? I mean, there will be season 3? Really? I’m too afraid yet to imagine it’s true…. I hope the actors stay the same <33333

  24. bla

    one question, why this should be not true?
    and if you calculate the release date it is the 5 september….

    • Joseph

      Are u serous , how do u know that’s the date , please tell meeee

    • isaac

      u mean the release date is 5th of september 2015? pls reply me

  25. emmanuel

    my best movie ever…cant wait for it to be out

  26. Ratchet

    i too hope that it’s true i also heard that LOTS season 3 will air either november 01.2013 or november 02.2013 don’t now if it’s true though

    • Joseph

      Some people say September 5 idk but as long as it comes out this year , better late than never

  27. beastieboys

    It took me 3 days to watch all 2 seasons and as “Faithless” sings – “I want more”:))) Greetings and respect

  28. JJ

    If this is true, its great news! But I haven´t heard any statements from Sam Raimi and the other guys regarding a revival of the legend of the seeker brand?
    No I think we should face the fact that legend of the seeker is not on Disneys priority list.
    So if someone have some reliable sources that actually confirm that season 3 will be announced, please step forward.

  29. Jonas

    I am pretty shure that Legend of the seeker is permanetely cancelled. If Disney do something they have to compete with HBO super success games of thrones. Legend of the seeker have to be something very different from what it was when they cancelled it. Games of thrones genuin overall quality have risen the bar.
    The potential is there for LOTS, but not the ambition. Sorry guys. I hate to bring bad news. I know its a world wide campaign to save the seeker, but its not gona bring the our beloved seeker back.

  30. Prince smart

    Jonas please be seriouse, infact are u on facebook or 2go? Beta still text ur email address. Lets talk more on this

    • Jonas

      I am serious and I would like to make something clear; I am a big fan LOTS but I am also realistic. To revive a show after 3-4 years is very uncommon and risky buisness. If they revive LOTS it need to be something different so its perceived as new and fresh and It wouldnt be LOTS as we know it anymore.
      The fact remains that I havent heard anything from anybody with insight regarding a revival of LOTS, but I know that Legend of the seeker is popular show on Netflix.

  31. Timothy

    I can’t believe it!!! I am so happy that a third season is coming out… been waiting two long years for it! I hope this post has correct information cuz I would be so excited for the new season! Saveourseeker!

  32. Babs

    *crying* pls safe our seeker, we cnt wait any longer…. Tomorrow is too far. I beg u

  33. MrB

    100% sure??? I’am soooooo glad, i went to every page and i can’t find it. SURE or not?????????????

  34. Nicolas

    I hope it’s true. They really need to do something great like season 1 and 2.

  35. soroush

    is this true?
    because here is the only place that we speak about upcoming season 3

  36. Nic

    I hope it’s true. Can’t wait to see more episodes. 🙂

  37. Ratchet

    actually it is true but the date is still a mystery date will be revealed later this year

  38. David victor

    Ohooooooooooo! Nice, i can’t to watch season 3 of the series!!!

  39. Ratchet

    i Can’t wait either i wish they would reveal the date already

  40. Sorin

    I hope it’s true (I’m a big fan of LOTS), but it’s hard to believe. I googled all over the internet but except this site I can’t find any information regarding a season 3 of LOTS. And to preserve the show it’s a must have to keep the original team of actors and staff … and this it’s not impossible .. but hard to accomplish !! If anyone have any official information .. step forward, please.

  41. sajad

    I’am soooooo glad.i am very very happy.Thank you.

  42. tony

    As great as this would be im sorry to inform you that….Disney has always owned the seeker, abc is a production company within disneys franchises.

    Although i wish with all my heart a new season will arise, i dont believe it will be from disney

  43. Ratchet

    actually disney sold the seeker to tribune and tribune sold the seeker to syfy but they refused to but the show and then Disney bought back the seeker including all rights to the show.
    The Seeker is currently syndicated (Not ended or cancelled) that means they are looking for new network to run the show.
    disney probably will make season 3 if they want to do it you never know if not then disney will try to find new place for the seeker it’s either CW,FOX or NBC

  44. adex

    am so eager to knowing wat’s ganna happen in season 3

  45. mueez dauda ayinde

    i will be so glad to see the season 3 of legend of the seeker..its my best movie,its my tranquilizer,its everything to me..i love khalan,richard,cara and zedd

  46. Enahoro itopa

    Good work I’m waiting to see season 3

  47. Ratchet

    i sent Twitter Messages to Starz,Disney,Fox,SyfyUK,ABC Family,The CW about the Release Date of Legend of the seeker season3 all of those gave me the same answer and that answer is You will find out the date soon enough i wonder what that means

    • Seekerfan

      Are u 100% sure and have u any proof like screenshots:):)

    • mark

      oh man this sounds really good, is it true they said you will find out the release soon enough? i mean this means there really will be a third season??

      • mark


  48. Sused

    I hope it will be the same actors

    • Joseph

      I really like this show and if they change characters it would really s*ck cause to be honest those actors are perfect for the part , all of them, when they are on camera they suddenly take tge role and make it there life on the show and they play the part beautifully soo if they changed the actors it would really s*ck

  49. cc

    Thank you DISNEY.You will be our favourity to show legend of the seeker season 3.millions are waiting for it and they should not be disappointed.

  50. Oluwatobi

    Thank u producer of pirate of the carribean if u can help 2 produce legend of tie seeker l can’t wait 2 see Cara n action.

  51. Oluwatobi

    I say again ! !! !!! Thank Disney studio 4 than l say thank u all pls post me when is release date on my email

  52. emre akman

    Turkish people waiting 3. season.

  53. Ryan

    Any news on season 3?

  54. Genius Ripper

    Legend of the Seeker ( is the best Series i see in my life )

    so you show us Season 1 & Season 2 Should There Be Season 3 & Other if u can

    i’m egyptian and love Legend of the Seeker so much keep it up and Release for us the Season 3 Thanks.

  55. Ratchet

    Release Date of season 3 will be revealed Later in 2013 so no worries at least that’s what i was told i hope they reveal it soon i can’t wait

  56. Joseph

    I love this show , it’s the best show in the world in my opinion . Thank GOD Disney is funding it but I hope Disney doesn’t start to change anything about the show cause then that would really s*ck , but otherwise I love this show and it’s the best in the world

  57. haleigh

    richard, kalen, zeid, and cara saved so many people,but now its are duty fellow legend of the seeker lovers to save them. so help to save them.please.

  58. kathy

    does anyone know when the release date in 2013 will be. Can’t wait to see it. It has been to long. Looking forward to season 3 it was the best show on tv.

  59. prince charming

    i cant wait…

  60. avgnoix

    Great! Now they can afford to hire real screen writers for the show. The 1st & 2nd season dialog was so cheesy and the ending to the 2nd season was a big *** pull. There was a 2nd tears of stone created outta nowhere by Kahlan’s love for Richard? So cliche’ and cheesy.

    • Snowbright

      If you have read the books you would know how and why this occurs. It’s not cheesy at all it’s just the writers way of adapting the story from books to film.

    • Joseph

      It wasn’t cheesy I bet u couldn’t do any better so stop hating


      The story line is neither cliche nor cheesy its just from ur own perspective to me it is superb

  61. Snowbright

    With Disney now owning the rights to LotS I hope and pray they don’t turn the series into a piece of fluff just to suit the children, i have read the books and know how dark the story can get the first 2 seasons that were televised were imo not entirely along the lines of the book but then again what adaptation of book to film is? The series so far has had both me and my partner captivated as well as a wide audience from around the world! Please Disney keep making this series everyone can use a bit of magic and fantasy in their lives 😀 Enthralled watcher and reader

    • Joseph

      Lol for real if they end up making it suitable for children the show wouldn’t be good, it would kind of s*ck because it would be all kidish and stupid like almost all the tv shows that are on Disney right now

  62. Ratchet

    can someone one update this post to the current date and year and we would like to know the Release date as soon as possible Please im tired of waiting please hurry up with Season 3

  63. Joseph

    I see lots of people are having there doubts about the show really coming back on, I pray to god that this not fake and I have this feeling that its not , but I can’t wait for it to come back out so I can rub it in the faces of all the doubters cause when u doubt about something this amazing u lose hope and u give up , and the seeker doesn’t give up so neither do I !!!

  64. Kaan Orova

    from turkiye respect . we waiting.!

  65. Ratchet

    i know that it’s not fake but it’s taking them too long to reveal the date im tired of waiting reveal the god dam date noooowwww

    • Joseph

      Lol right

  66. Jonas

    I guess that Bridget Regan isnt availble for a revival of legend of the seeker. She is bussy with other projects. She just landed a leading role in the new ABC show “Murder in Manhattan” and could be contracted for a long time. So a revival of LOTS is now far away if they thinking about using the same actors.

    • Joseph

      Ohh man that’s shit s*cks but hopefully she cares more for legend of the seeker than that peace of crap

      • Joseph

        And plus she says that when she was on legend of the seeker she had lots of fun playing the role of Kahlan soo I hope she goes for legend of the seeker

        • Jonas

          She would for sure go for the legend of the seeker, if that option existed.

  67. Joseph

    Yes!! Italy loves Legend of the seeker!

  68. jeanluc

    cant wailt for Legend of the Seeker to come back i love richard ,kahlan,cara and zedd

  69. Ratchet

    anybody know the release date yet i want news

  70. Seekerfan

    Hope this is true but i think it isnt =(( but there is always hope=)

  71. TIGER

    If release date comes in 2013, shouldn’t than have been published already some information about the shootings, staring etc.? There is simple no time enough to make a whole season within the next 10 month. Or do I understand something wrong?

    • Jonas

      You are right TIGER. Its no way that Legend of the seeker will return this year or even the next. Like I said in this forum earlier, its not even a whisper about reviving legend of the seeker. Its only in this forum they talk about it. Isnt that strange?
      Reviving a show is extreamly uncommon. I know that many people would like to see a season 3 of LOTS but its highly unlikely. Maybe they revive the show after 5-10 years with new actors, I dont now, but that is definitely more likely.

  72. Joseph

    There are so many sorces that contribute towards the show being renewed but people do have there doubts and if u done believe then just wait and see what will happen next

    • Jonas

      I will wait and see

    • TIGER

      I would be more than happy, if you were right. Can you give me some sources where we can read about the renewal?

    • Joseph

      If u don’t believe them *

    • Seekerfan

      Can you link some proof 🙂

      • Joseph

        Yeah sure, *** those are only a couple of them if u want more just google it, like I did 😛

        • Joseph

          Wtf the links didn’t show

  73. TIGER

    However, readers from the US can help the case by subscribing on the ABC on demand YouTube channel for LOTS: /show/legendoftheseeker/featured
    This is the only sign for hope, that I know at the moment.

  74. Robert Schuh

    I want to help in 2013 to help all of you to get the the legend of the seeker to continue for a 3rd season and more which it deserves to continue and more seasons. like I said Bridget Regan was superb in the show as Kahlan Amnell as everyone else was i their roles in the show plus the show had great morals,true love,true friendship,magic,real life situations that really relate to real life situations in life itself.
    I can help the show legend of the seeker continue for a 3rd season and more. I can get more information how to help the show continue for a 3rd season.

  75. Kahlan88

    When or where has this been confirmed?
    I would LOVE to see them make a third season and hopefully even more, but i would like to see it confirmed first before we get our hopes up.

  76. Sorin

    They modified the article, and a season 3 in 2013 for LOTS was not confirmed. So .. it seems we will have not a season 3 of LOTS. Too bad …. our hopes it’s gone ….

    • TIGER

      Dont give up! There is still hope, but not for 2013. That was unrealistic.

      • Joseph

        If not for 2013 then when cause people said it them selfs that bring back something that was dead for 3 years rarely ever comes back so images later on , if not 2013 then when I really want to know

        • TIGER

          Sorry, I can not answer your question.

    • Prince Victor

      I don’t even belive that there is another season of it

  77. TIGER

    By the way, this “pseudo release date” is a typical example of the usage of the Wisards first rule, written in the original book of Terry Goodkind: 🙂

    “Wizard’s First Rule: people are stupid.” Richard and Kahlan frowned even more. “People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything. Because people are stupid, they will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true. People’s heads are full of knowledge, facts, and beliefs, and most of it is false, yet they think it all true. People are stupid; they can only rarely tell the difference between a lie and the truth, and yet they are confident they can, and so are all the easier to fool.

  78. Ratchet

    if Season 3 is not confirmed in 2013 then maybe in 2014

    • Joseph

      Damn 2014 🙁

  79. kami

    i m wating for seasin 3 from pakistan

  80. Seekerfan

    Is there any news about season 3? Tired of waiting…

    • Vico

      Please , i’m french and i would like if this information us true or not because i m a fan of this serie !

  81. Prince Victor

    When is this film coming out. When are we expecting this season 3 of legend of the seeker, i hope is soon because i can’t wait to get my own copy of it, and i so much miss cara my love to her

    • Joseph

      I rather have Kahlan lol :p

      • Seekerfan

        I will take both:P

        • Joseph

          Lol true

  82. Prince smart

    People will believe a lie because they want it to be true, i have seen my reasons to doubt if there will ever be a season3 of the lots. But lets believe and keep our hope strong to see if disney will make us proud.

  83. Joshman

    I’m very hapi to hear ds news… fact ds is gud news…..all tanks to the seeker……

  84. Seekerfan

    Save our seeker!

  85. ana

    vai ser demais se sair a 3 temporada! Amo essa serie

  86. Kashif Ali

    it,s a very good movies and i like it and who can say me that which date the third episode will be come?
    it like the legend of the seeker movie….
    Thank u…

    • Dima

      just still no one knows whether season 3…let’s hope and wait=)

    • Joseph

      Wat the movie has no relation to the show they to different things , u got it all mixed up

  87. Tel2013

    Disney ftw 😀 just need to make couple more seasons and a mmorpg game to go with it 😀

    • Joseph

      That would be awesome I would totally buy that game , and that u could choose wat u want to be so if u want to be a confessor u can and if u want to be a wizard and if by want to be the seeker him self , that would be a game I would buy

      • Tanis

        doubt it would be any good, most film/tv to game conversions s*ck :'( just look at game of thrones game… so bad. they should just make an overhaul mod for skyrim xD

  88. Udaya

    I love this series.waiting for series 3.when its going to be relies. thxz for the good movie.

  89. Prince smart

    Am still waiting to hear the release date of lots.

  90. Denny

    I hope this is not a fake, because i really want more seasons of “legend of the seeker”

  91. Addih donaldson

    I hope it’s true. I’ve waited and searched for this (season) everywhere

  92. Tanis

    found the seeker on love film 2/3weeks ago, been watching it non stop xD so bummed that there was no season 3, but there will be now… EPIC

  93. Ratchet

    if im hearing right from my sources then Season 3 is going to happen but not just yet Because Tribune is running low on money The Reason is that they are low on money Because:
    LOTS Special effects and single episode costs almost Over 1,5million dollars so Season 3 is going to happen but not just yet
    Season 3 will come when tribune Gets Enough money to make Full Season or Someone Else Makes it so it won’t happen in 2013 i’ve been hearing chatter that Season 3 might come in Later in 2014/2015 that’s what i know so far i will tell you when i know more Peace out

    • Jonas

      Ratchet I belive your sources are a little bit off the track. First of all 1,5 millon dollars a episode is quite moderate for a show like LOTS so the cost of each episode is not the key issue. Its to convince investors that its a sound investment. If they could be convinced its a pretty easy show to set up, even if they would go with the the actors from season 1 and 2. Its a small group of lead actors and the rest can be replaced.
      Anyway its very unlikly that LOTS is revived. The best bet today is that Netflix or Hulu decide to buy the rights and return it to the screen.

  94. Nathan

    Thx Disney! Waiting for season 3 in Canada

  95. Arno

    This is great news, even if it would take a while until it will be aired here in germany …

    • Steffen

      Wann schätzt du wann es in deutschland rauskommt?

  96. Gavin cooper

    This program is worth a spot on tv and defornatley a third season, this program is brilliant in every way, from acting, action, passion, chemistry, and story, I was so gutted to find out it was canceled, on Facebook there’s pages with 483,312 likes, and alot more pages with a combind amount of well over 500 thousand people who want lots back, please give the public what they want please

  97. Hussam

    YEAAH!!!!!!!!! I cant beliviet YEAHHHH I love the show so much and I just watched the final episode of legend of the seeker !!! It`s a FANTASTIC show! If you will continue this series, Darken Rahl will reward you beyond imagining! HAHA 😀

    • April

      yeah! XD \m/

  98. Kate

    This really was such an underrated show. I live in the UK & there are still re runs of this show, it just never gets old:-)
    I’m trying not to get excited because I know there is such a small chance of this being true if that but I used to look forward to watching LotS every week & never failed to miss an episode. If I can still feel that strongly 3 years on, you know that this show was indeed something special…

    • Joseph

      I wish everyone felt the same way as you

  99. martin steere

    i am so loving this series and am looking forward to seasin 3. I loved the books
    when i read them 18 yrs ago and was amaized when a series from them was relealsed.

  100. emre akman

    Im from Turkey and we waiting 3. season (stilllllllllllllllll) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Aluku Eromosele Hope


  102. April

    we all want season 3! come on :3

  103. TIGER

    I can’t find anything about the renewal on Entertainment Weekly homepage, like said in the release…

  104. luke

    I am not sure if this Article is true or not :'( there is no links, nor have i seen any news if there will be a season 3. Theres not even a formal statement saying its underway via the owner who holds the rights of lots, if any one has found an offical statement please share, which will uncloud any doubt and put fans minds at rest, i have searched the web and most posts are from 2010 not any recent ones.

    Fingers crossed that this is real 🙂

  105. Bajulu ismail

    I am a big fan of legend of the seeker, i will be much and more happy if lots return for the third season

  106. martin

    STILL waiting season 3 here in kenya,awesome movies ever,

  107. Ana

    I love the legend of the seeker please do not cancel the third season even love legend of the seeker please.
    I do not beg an episode please do not cancel the third season thanks.

  108. Anonymus

    Now you will have 3 seasons?

  109. Atenya

    Is there no any other official way we can realy know if LOTS 3 is coming. I started reading the comments hear time back,it appears we are just lovers of LOTS wishing loudly. Precisely Is season 3 coming or not?

  110. mohammed uwale

    coooool thanx 2 you guys for hearing such a wonderful news, can’t wait 4LOTS season 3.

  111. Joshua daniel

    Legend of the seeker has been one of my best film series ever.

  112. jasminefk

    oh my gosh!is there really going to be a season 3?i cant wait!i hope they get married,if they don’t make a season three then i’ll just have to read the book,but its so easy for kahlan and richard to marry?they only need to put the aradaharn on kahlan and then take it off?please please PLEASE MAKE A LEGOND OF THE SEEKER 3

  113. Asanka

    My Best TV serious is Legend Of The Seeker.Please Relese The Third Season As soon as possible.Because i am a big fan it.thanks

  114. Asanka

    I’ll be waiting for Legend of the seeker season 03

  115. Jonathan

    Ive read all the books… i never READ books ever execpt for richard dawkins books but i LOVE this show and i hope they will actually make a 3rd season and i hope this isnt bs scam;<

  116. Jack

    Why Is there so many shitty zombie Movies and series?
    And so Little fantasy, please make the balance more 50/50.

    Best regards Jack from Sweden.

  117. mathias

    waiting for s3 is one of the few reasons why i’m still alive.

  118. Temitope

    Legend of the seeker is one of the best movie have watched probably the best because it entails with love,war and it cant just end like that when lordrahl is back and also the two women who is in love with richard(cara and kahlan)eople are very eager to know what wil happen in season three i cant wait its one of the reason am still living:|.

  119. Courtney

    Is there gonna be a season 3 I really hope so it’s a really good show

  120. Scott

    ok so lets say this article is real and they are bringing back legend of the seeker, lets also just for fun say they are bringing it back this year or next year. theres still the matter of the actors… i personally would not watch Season 3 if they took out bridget regan or craig horner, i might watch it if they took out bruce spence or tabrett. my point is, even if they made a season 3, the actors are what make the show great. could you think of anyone else who could be the seeker or mother confesser…

  121. nemo

    @ Scott: I’m definetly your opinion. I could not imagine another seeker or mother confessor than Craig and Bridget. But Bruce and Tabrett should stay, too.

  122. bridget sarah

    thank you disney abc . ı <3 legend of the seeker .

  123. jazmaster25

    I am extremely happy but I am a bit concerned how the show will turn out with Disney buying it. I also am worried that the characters will change.

  124. Alluvyan


  125. slim tes

    Disney pls u pple should not wast much time cos pple are eager to know wat wil happen between richard and lordrahl

  126. Azeez

    When will the lengend of the seeker season3 be released.i can’t wait to get it

    People have been expecting this season for soo long so please dont waste time anymore and get it released

    Uneven expectation is gettin us sick.pls hear our plea.i reapeat the seeker s1 and s2 everyday lookin forward to the latest season,its too interestin to forget about it

  127. SIMBA

    Please here us we get sick, when, untill when, Tanzania is weiting legend of the seeker in every place and east africa the same. so please when it will be release?

  128. Liz

    They better start soon I can wait!!!

  129. Amjad khan pk

    I am from pakistan. And a big fan of this novel.
    I,m waiting fo s3.
    And i want to see the same character in s3.

    Kehlan, richard, cara, zidd, loardrah.

  130. Movie lover 4 life

    Yay!!! Thanks Disney! But it’s 2013 now and i would like 2 see the release date as soon as possible! Thanks again! <3

  131. Mark

    lets hope this is true, after the big success of the fantasy series game of thrones (okay its a little harder stuff but still) seeker fans can only hope that disney did really recognize the big potential that a season 3 of the seeker has: in financial account on their side, too


    • kokok

      thank! you are the best! i hope i see kahlan,richard,cara and zedd in new season. and i hope that will be very soon too!

  132. tiger

    you are the best!

  133. seeker

    i have got 4 favourite seasons and the legend of seeker is one of them. if you like it i think you like robin hood(bbc), merlin(bbc) and the secret circle(cw) too. i love all of them so thank you disney-legend of the seeker is the best! 😀

  134. Linnéa

    I’d love a third season!! Really hope this is true!!
    Love from Sweden :):):)

  135. Abby

    I have read many places that the LOTS is over, but this is the only site, where an article said it’s not. I hope that it’s true, but my brain says it’s sadly not. Please write me something about that. Now is 2013, May and i’m a bit desperate. PLS write me back, is that true, or not?

  136. a3skybee

    If this is true?? Den I wil b the hapiest person…av neva watch any Film lyk LOTS…its my best film of all time…Dear God pls let dis be true ooooooooo

  137. Isaiah Hunton

    Yes!!! I loved all 2 seasons Of L-O-T-S.. I can’t wait for season 3!!! Thanks Disney(:

  138. Disney

    hey fellas this is disney :).. im so glad to tell ya’ll that LOTS will be out tomorrow.. cheers 😀

  139. dudu009

    OMG, I hope this is true.

    Legend of the Seeker is the best heroic fantasy serie ever made

    Bring Richard and Kahlan back pleasssssseeeeeee :o)

  140. snake

    i haft to see more
    please do more

  141. invisiblelynx

    Pleease let it be true! :0
    I love LOTS and I would be in heaven if it’s true! :))
    But that’s the only webpage in can find about that so I’m not that convinced, sadly 🙁
    I really hope that’s not just a stupid rumor.

  142. Gabby

    Sorry kids, it is not true. The release date was never confirmed. It’s done. I’m so sad.

  143. Jonas

    The release date have never benen confirmed because Disney never intend to continue with a season 3. Like I Said before its not a sound investment and they no it. Its pitty because I like LOTS and belive that it could be a great movie.

  144. aspire1583

    I’m looking forward and I cant wait to see and watch the 3rd season of The Legend of the Seeker…..May the Spirits guide the pure heart to release the 3rd season……I truly miss the main casts—-Confessor Kahlan Amnell, Zeddicus Zul Zorander, Cara, Darken Rahl and most of all my seeker, or seeker of truth Richard Cypher…. I command you to release it now…

    • JaneDoh

      …there is currently a company called SMGO that has listed Legend of the Seeker as one of the shows that it will approach the studios to renew for a 3rd season, if there are enough votes for it (15000 votes minimum are needed). Once the voting benchmark is attained, they will reach out to the appropriate production studio. The voting phase is to prove to the show’s production studio that we have a realistic chance to crowdfund the show.
      There are no obligations to do anything further once you have voted for the show. It is merely a tool to gain an idea of how many fans would be interested in having the series renewed.

      The website that you can vote at is here; you need to sign up with Facebook, or provide your name and email address for your vote to count: www[ . ] smgo [ . ]tv/shows/legend-of-the-seeker/#_=_

  145. Scott

    Legend of The Seeker

    Welcome Seeker Fans!
    Even after 3 years since the show’s cancellation, the Save Our Seeker campaign is still remarkably active and SMGO has received thousands of requests, moving Legend of the Seeker to the voting phase.

    If fans can mobilize and get this show to the required 15,000 votes, we’ll take your requests to the producers and present Legend of the Seeker as a viable crowdfunding opportunity. Once we have their permission, we’ll move your show to the funding phase.

    Required Votes: 15,000

    If you’re a fan of Legend of the Seeker, sign up and vote!

    More information about Legend of the Seeker and the fan campaign can be found on Wikipedia and SaveOurSeeker[.]com respectively.

    • percy

      I want season 3..when is season 3 going to be released

  146. Scott

    Sorry for no link… but its authentic i swear

  147. jenkindiomo

    let the end justify the beginning .We are waiting for the third round and pease be fast because we are running out of patients .

  148. Adonis Chakwana

    Pliz release it now, Im druilin.Cnt wait fo it to hit Zimbabwe!

  149. Ratchet

    www[ . ]smgo[ . ]tv/shows/legend-of-the-seeker/ Vote here got Season 3 of Legend of the seeker this is authentic 100% true

  150. kingsley

    hope it soon be released ….. season 3

  151. Benedict

    Am so short of words,and longing for excitement when i heard this LOTS season 3 is gonna be on air months to come. This is my favourite movie i learnt so much lessons from it. Please ladies and gentle men here comes legend of the seeker 3,thats what i wanna hear. Nigeria needs you more than ever LOTS.

  152. Chronie

    Fans of LOTS, don’t give up ! As long as we believe on it, the seeker will never die !

  153. Urgent voting needed

    Please if we can all vote and get our loved ones to vote for legend of the seeker on the website for smgo tv. We can get a season 3 . Google it and Vote now now . From a fan in Maldives. l.o.t.s has fans all over the world which should be testimony to the owners of l.o.ts. ie ABC studios.

  154. Squall

    Hello from Greece! We all hope for new episodes of our favourite series! Comfessor rules!! 😀

  155. Lea

    Es muss einfach eine dritte Staffel geben! Ich meine, das wäre so cool.

  156. Zuzka

    Legend of the Seeker is my most favorit series….I like love story Richard and Kahlan….Czech republic and Slovakia love Legend of the Seeker 😀

  157. Chaymabh

    This is the best serie ever i watched alredy 3 times all over again and it still the best i can’t wait for the 3 season i waited for it for a long time <3 😀

  158. hope

    i am really like kahlan and richard. them are so cute together. please-don’t stop their love and continued their love!

  159. patrick

    I hope this is true, i cn’t wait

  160. silvi

    Still waiting season 3!!!Greetings from Germany

  161. Pubudu

    I like ti see this movie forward. because it is very interesting.

  162. Robert Schuh

    please bring the legend of the seeker back for a 3rd season I am very anxious to see what goes on including since Kahlan & Richard can be together now. The show the legend of the seeker is the best show I have ever seen so please bring the legend of the seeker to the 3rd season all the seasons were superb. plus the show had true love,true friendship,good morals,magic,and real life situations that relate to real life situations more than any other show.

  163. Marques

    I was sad when they said that they will not continue the season 3 but now am seeing a different story please if you can continue dis movie I will be very very happy I just want to see richard , cara and others in action again .

  164. Ratchet

    we have Reached over 18.000(122.1%) votes on smgo[.]tv and now we wait for the CrowdFundingPhase to Start but it might take some time at least month or more but we are making Progress so get ready to Fund people (the fight is not over yet)
    Crowd funding is the Final Step before our show is back this is how much we need:
    4-6million for movie
    6-10million miniseries
    10-16million For full 13episode series
    so take your pick and get Ready to Bring our Seeker back for more i will let you know when the Funding Phase Starts
    Cheers 🙂 🙂

  165. Michael

    I would love to see this series revived. I’m in the middle of reading the books (up to SotF) and I really love the take the series has taken (minus, perhaps, Darken Rahl being Richard’s brother). I’m a little concerned with how they would do it if they got the green light though. As of the end of season 2, Darken Rahl is back in the world of the living and back in charge of D’hara. He and Richard had come to a (somewhat amicable) truce, Richard had his gift stolen by Nicci, and they completely skipped over any reference from book 2 of the Imperial Order. I love Craig Parker’s portrayal of Darken Rahl, but keeping the character alive in the series denies Richard his place as leader of the D’haran Empire, which is also covered by him losing his gift. So unless they decide on Nicci’s change of allegiance earlier in the TV series than in the books so she can give him back his gift, and have Richard and Darken CO-RULE the Empire, which would just be wrong, it looks like the only way to continue the series would be by ridding any trace of the Imperial Order War and just doing a continued rebellion against Darken Rahl.

  166. Patrick

    Awesome, I really hope for a third season!
    We have 15000 votes, now we only need a “producer”.

  167. steven howieson

    as soon as i saw my firsy rpisode is was hooked.i loved every moment when i heard that they had cancelled the third season i was devastated and having just found out about yhe release of the third seaeon i qm in an awesome mood.thank you so much disney,there are so many shows out therr that shouldnt even bren produced andbut this show is defintely not one of them.thank you:-);-):-);-):-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. kahlan

    please bring legend of the seeker back with the same actors and make it better than any of the other seasons or else !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. kahlan234

    if you want to make my greatest wish come true you will do exacly as kahlan said.IAM legend of the seekers number 1 super fan. xxxxx oooooo

  170. Jonas

    Update from smgo tv. The Lots campaign reached 19000 and smgo start to meet with people. Despite the very successful campaign (thanks to all amazing seekerfans) they admit that the show isnt at Easy One to revive but they doing everything they can to make things happen.
    I guess we have to wait and see but my early prediction is still the same; I dont belive a network Will pick up the show. Only a miracle or a LOT of crowedfunding Will save revive the legend of the seeker.

  171. cecilia omepa

    woa,legend of d seeker it’s rilly an inspirational film,looking frwrd to seeing my lovely cara again,God cara u r a gud actress,rilly luv all ur parts,i did nt frget,richard,kahlan n zed odd frnd.plz dey shld be season3 of dis film am ancious 2 seeing it.

  172. SDK

    I’ve watched Game of Thrones and I must say we enjoyed Legend of the Seeker WAY more! When a person gets hold of a Lots series they develop a new love for fantasy, not only enriching your heart but your mind as well. If someone finds that inner child in them to fund series 3 with the same cast , millions upon millions of satisfied people will watch their screens with wide open eyes. We live in South Africa where crime is the story of the day – so pls someone fund the series and lets us rather watch something the whole world loves.
    Thank you Ratchet for all your info

    • Jonas

      Game of thrones competing in its own league and cant be campares with legend of the seeker. I love legend of the seeker and if its only half of what game of throne is we probably already have season 3 and 4….

  173. Jonas

    Maybe smgo TV can achive something? This is the latest news from Theorin meetings with key members of the production:

    “We’ve been meeting with key members of the production team and are currently trying to get all our ducks in a row. There was some talk of making the series darker and truer to the books (and also more serialized / less episodic), but the truth is we’ll have to wait and see what happens when we bring this to the studio. Unfortunately, there was some resistance to making the series darker in the past because it was made by ABC/Disney. Game of Thrones’ successes might have changed things, but again we’ll have to see.”

  174. Kelvin

    Pls all that is to be taking should be taking for LEGEND OF SEEKER TO BE RELEASE. WE CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE 4rm NIGRRIA

  175. kayrol

    legend of the seeker is the only serie that has left me yearning for more. now i dont knw if u get that but all the other series that huv been cancelled,i was jst glad that they were coz their was noway i was gonna continue.Thats y am sayin’ season 3 should be brought on.

  176. Nong

    Waiting for it!! Season 3

  177. Lakshan Fernando


  178. Vanessa

    Please don’t cancel the show. I love the legend of the seeker.It’s a great show and I hope to see more of Darken Rahl

  179. Frida Daugaard

    Yeeeej Sweden like!!! Hurry up:)

  180. Seçkin

    We provide support for the 3. season, greetings from Turkey !

  181. MCJ

    Poland is waiting for the 3. season as well 😉

  182. Robert Schuh

    I can’t wait for a 3rd season of legend of the seeker it is the best show I have ever seen with the best actresses and actors I have ever seen so please if a 3rd season comes send me a email at lgschuh [ @ ] gmail . com so if it is ever out and can buy a dvd for the legend of the seeker season 3 it has true love, true friendship,magic,real life situations, and so much more including good morals so please help the show get a 3rd season and on a dvd so I can buy one on a 3rd season if it comes out at my email address

  183. Pat Pepper

    I just can’t believe that season 3 has not been made to leave a story only half told is just not right, yes I could read the books, but I now have the characters in my head from the series and they will not be the same (, they never are when you read to what you see) I have read Wheel of time and this reminds me in lots of ways of that story that I feel like I’ve lost good friends again in not knowing the outcome. SO PLEASE BRING SEASON 3 OUT SOON. And finish what has been started!!!

  184. Berfin

    I LOVE LEGEND Of the seeker! One og the best series i’ve ever watched.
    I realllyyyy hope there will be a third season soon! It would be awesome!

  185. Td

    plz…………………. 3rd season

  186. Terrell

    Let’s see a season 3 soon please. Can’t wait for it. It is such a great show and I really enjoy watch it.

  187. Zaman

    smgo is currently trying their best to bring it back,we hope we will get to see more of it.LOTS rocks…

  188. MEHDI

    Season 3 LEGEND OF THE SEEKER when it is made?

  189. Robert Schuh

    the legend of the seeker has real life situations magic, morals,true love,true friendship,fighting evil always they have the best actresses and actors I have ever seen including Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Tabrett Bethell,Craig Parker,Emily Foxler,Danielle Cormack, and Bruce Spence they are all superb actors and actresses I have ever seen so I also want to help to get the show the legend of the seeker season 3 on the air. If Bridget Regan can send me a email so I can know what to do to try to get the legend of the seeker to get to a 3rd season in 2013 God BLess you all and that the show may continue it deserves to be on more than many more shows so please send me a email so you can tell me how to help the show even if it is only to buy dvd’s of season 1 and 2 to get the show to get to the 3rd season God Bless you all My name is Robert Schuh

  190. Daniel

    Hello people . Do you know if there is a news concrete about Legend of the Seeker 3rd’s posible to make a 3rd season ? I love this serial i hope to make a 3rd season

  191. ali nazar

    I love Legend of the seeker and i hope it will be back

  192. Ryan

    is there any hope for season 3?

  193. ermhs

    best film I have ever watch 🙂 im wait for season 3 😀

  194. Davide

    how much money does abc studios need to do another legend of the seeker season?

  195. chi Spartacus

    I can’t wait anymore,it has taken them ages,please release it now,I’m so much in a hurry!!!

  196. Robert Schuh

    The legend of the seeker I still want to help to get back on a 3rd season in 2014 does buying the legend of the seeker season 1 and season 2 of legend of the seeker help get the legend of the seeker back on air and help it to get on a 3rd season. Bridget Regan I hope I can buy from you guys to help get the legend of the seeker into a 3rd season if there is anything else I can do to help get the legend of the seeker back on the air on a 3rd season … get all the same actresses and actors on the show God Bless you all

  197. Iliana Tiraides

    I heard that season 3 will release on November 1st and 2nd 2014

  198. Robert Schuh

    I cant wait for the 3rd season of the legend of the seeker with Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Tabrett Bethell,Craig Parker,Emily Foxler, Bruce Spence,Danielle Cormack. if I can help the show get on the air show me how by sending me a email at lgschuh[at] please I want to help so badly to get the show on the air to a 3rd season and more. if I need to buy seasons 1 and 2 of legend of the seeker can I buy it from Bridget Regan or Craig Horner or others so I can help the show get back on the air this is the best show I have ever seen also that is why I want it back on the air also and because it had good morals,true love,true friendship,real life situations,magic and so much more that relates so much more to real life situations we will face in real life and is a better example than a lot of other shows that aren’t as good and have as good morals in the show God Bless you all

  199. Nicki

    My husband and I started watching ‘Legend of the Seeker’ about two weeks ago.
    We watched all 44 Episodes within days and we have actually started watching them again from the beginning!
    I was absolutely devastated to find out that there aren’t any further plans to continue this amazing series, which instills hope and the persuit of doing good deeds to so many individuals.
    Theres not much in this world that people believe in anymore, even if it is only a TV programme, for some it is an escape which they enjoy retreating to.
    Please reconsider and use you influence to put that little bit of hope and joy back into the homes of so many, a great many would very much appreciate it…

  200. Taylor

    I watched Legend Of The Seeker about a year ago. I have watched it 6 times over and have been checking the Internet about every month to see if season 3 is coming soon. When I heard about Disney buying it I got really really excited but I’m still waiting for it to come out. If you have any information on when it will come out, please let me know. This show is the greatest one i have watched in my life so in hoping I can watch more seasons soon. Thank you Disney and to all the other fans who have tried to keep this show going.

  201. rebecca

    I love terry goodkinds book
    All 16 of them
    I’ve read them twice they are that good
    Like the tv show also even tho they are not much like the books
    Really want to a season 3

  202. Jozen Jacobs

    Hope the good lord will answer my prayers and they release Legend of the Seeker season 3

  203. Robert Schuh

    Bridget Regan,Tabrett Bethell,Craig Horner,Danielle Cormack,Craig Parker,Bruce Spence the legend of the seeker should have a 3rd season in 2014 I pray God will let them have a 3rd season because it has good morals,true love,true friendship,magic, and real life situations that relate more to real life situations and is better than any show I have seen and is worth seeing than a lot of shows that even grownups should not watch but the legend of the seeker is worth watching and you can learn good real life situations from that show I love it more than any show and it has the best actresses and actors I have ever seen. can I help the show get a 3rd season by buying DVD seasons 1 & 2 and if I can where do I buy them to try to help the show get the 3rd season and probably more seasons. God Bless you

  204. rocklessg

    can’t wait to see how sister nikky and darken rahl will rule the world. more still if seeker and confessor would finally be free to consumate their love without any threats. pleeeeeeeeeees! invest in this third season of our favorite. pray I that you shall never lose.

  205. Robert Schuh

    Bridget Regan,please send me a email at lgschuh [at] gmail to tell me how to help the show to get to a 3rd season I want to help it get to a 3rd season in 2014 and even probably more seasons it deserves to be on TV again because it has the most best superb actresses & actors I have ever seen so send me a email and how I can help to get the show to a 3rd season and more Bridget Regan is superb as Kahlan Amnell, so is Tabrett Bethell as Cara, and Emily Foxler as Nicci and Danielle Cormack as Shota, and Craig Horner as Richard Rahl, and Craig Parker as Darken Rahl. so tell me how to help the show to get to a 3rd season God bless you all

  206. salmi

    I really love the serie ,when is season 3 coming out?

  207. Ujjal Ghosal

    Legend of the Seeker is absolutely outstanding. No wonder it has grasped many a heart. I just cannot wait to see what majestic mysteries it has to offer in season 3. I cannot wait for it hit India. I simply love this show.

  208. Ujjal Ghosal

    I really love this show. I have watched both age seasons and I liked it A looooooooot!!!! I thank the story writer and director and producer and ABC making the works of TERRY GOODKIND come to life. Briget Regan has really done an exceptional work and slipped right in the soft travel boots of KAHAN ASWELL. Craig Horner has played Richard Cipher really well!!! I want this show back and I believe so does billions of fans throughout the world. I was really excited on hearing about the rights purchases by Disney. I guys now ‘hope has a warrior’ for us fans. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz get the series going. There are so many books of GOODKIND to get the stories from and a show as marvelous was this is bound to do good business. Plz get it back to Tv. A show of such brilliant execution has not been seen. It is the best epic fantasy show ever!!!!!!!! Plz have a season 3 and then 4 and then 5 and so on…….

  209. Peter

    Legend Of The Seeker is my favourite show, I want a season 3 so badly, and then a season 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 (And so on).
    It would mean so much to every Seeker fan to have the series started again.

    May the spirits give us a third season
    May the creators light give Legend of the seeker what it needs.

  210. Robert Schuh

    Bring back legend of the seeker for a season 3 with Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Craig Parker,Tabrett Bethell,Danielle Cormack,Bruce Spence,Emily Foxler as sister Nicci they are all superb in the show and deserve more seasons it is the best show I have ever seen and very impressed with the show it involves things that you can relate to in real life like true love,true friendship,and good morals,and magic and things that are better than almost all shows at least the legend of the seeker has good things in it to learn from as well so please bring it back in 2014 and trying to bring it back no matter what send us emails at are email addresses to tell us what we can do to help the show continue and more likely go more than 3 seasons because of the superb actors and actresses in it God Bless you all.

  211. Randy

    bring back the seeker best show ever on tv gotta have the same people though if not it will ruin the whole show. cant wait 2 see season 3 ive already got 2 copies of 1st an 2nd season so does my brother and if thay brin it back il be gettin 2 copies of each season an so will my brother. so 2 all the fans out there like us dont give up hopefully we will get the seeker back!!!

  212. Dominique

    Well I am BIG fan of the series BUT if disney owns it, I dont think I will watch it because they are going to take out what makes the seeker the seeker. Just my opinion….

  213. Morten

    I f…… hate American Network television. This is just like what happened with the sci-fi series Firefly. Not anough Money aparently even though alot of people really want to see it. Legend of the Seeker one of the best ever made!!!

  214. Manuel

    please the legend of the seeker is the most gorgeous movie i have ever watched…
    if the season three is published please can u inform me

  215. John

    F*ck u seeker, i like merlin

    • Reece

      Thats a very nasty thing to say..There’s no need to mock others just because they love the show Legend of the Seekers is that how you would love to be treated it because you love Merlin. Every human being should have the right to choose for themselves what they like and dislike without having the likes of you mocking them.

  216. Robet Schuh

    both actors and actresses Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Tabrett Bethell,Bruce Spence,Emily Foxler,Craig Parker,and Danielle Cormack and the fans please all of you try to get the show back to a 3rd season in 2014 and probably more seasons if we all get back on the air with all the same actors and actresses as Bridget Regan,Craig Horner,Tabrett Bethell,Bruce Spence,Emily Foxler,Craig Parker and Danielle Cormack keep working at it and write email to the fans how they can help to get the show back on the air for a 3rd season and likely more seasons.

  217. jeffry

    What can I say?,I’m too damn in love with this movie legend of the seeker,I no that one day the creator will answer our prayers to bring legend of the seeker……WE LOVE LEGEND OF THE SEEKER IN NIGERIA.

  218. Naomi

    This by far is the best tv show ever created. It has everything attatched. Romance..adventure…action..excitement everything! All in one! I hope to god that someone takes on this tv series…it is TOO AMAZING TO JUST DROP. After two epic really deserves a third..fourth and hopefully even more! Some people are even affected emotionally by the cancelling. We may seem like we are over reacting about this situation but truth is it only shows just how much we love the series. I have fallen in love with it..and with the characters too! Esspecially the wizard Zedd and the sister of the ageil Cara. They are all great actors/actresses. We are very upset to see them go as well as the series itself so soon into the story. You have so many fans already! Over 1 million! Thats outstanding! And most of them..or all of them are trying to get this show back on air. I have watched ched the seasons over 4 times! Thats how crazy I am about them. Your fans have waited years for a third season to come out..only to find that its possibly never going to happen! PLEASE dont just put a stop to the seasons! I know there are reasons as to why they stopped…but if it cant carry on where it is..Give it to syfy! Or Disney! Anything atall so long as we get it back! Save our seeker! Please dont end the seasons! We beg you.

  219. Nikola Djuric

    Legend Of The Seeker is the best movie who i ever watc.. and i wonna to know when you will give to us relase date of the season 3… 😀 😀 😀

  220. Gerrad

    this is the best TV show, I am love with it and really hope their is going to be a season 3.

  221. Nadeem

    Can anyone please confirm the premiere or airing date of Legend of the Seeker Season 3?

  222. Becca

    I love this show and would love to see more… I font have cable tv but I watch it on my Hulu plus account and fell in love… I can’t wait to hear if they decide to do more… I have friends that feel the same way… We use to have viewing parties on Saturdays.

  223. Naomi

    I have heard that a season 3 of LOTS is coming out this november! are these rumors true?!

  224. Ruari

    We need another season of the legend of the seeker,please please please bring out another season

  225. ali

    hello, i m ali, i really like the legend of the seeker, please tell us the publish date.
    i live in iran, i know many people like this serie.
    Thank you

  226. darhnniel

    please let us have legend of the seeker season 3 we miss that movie. i hope we will have it by the end of this year

  227. Rein

    I just can wait for the 3rd season. My best movie so far..

  228. mercy namnyak

    lets save our seeker,,,,,,,

  229. Mircea

    I need The legend of the Seeker, it’s in my soul, my heart. Sometimes, the thought of not watching this movie.. brings pain to my heart. I wish that this movie never ends…

  230. nigeria

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  231. Emmanuel

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  232. christopher sunday

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  233. Alex

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  234. Yamaani

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  235. suspect

    seeker is fantastic movie please release season 3 out so i will know what happen to the keeper of the underworld

  236. Moses E

    please bring back our SEEKER®. we miss it so much and we are tired of waiting. To some of us, its our favorite.
    And we can’t just keep imagining and giving thoughts to what the season 3 will be like. please save us and BRING BACK OUR SEEKER.

  237. christian basco

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  238. Best Fan

    Please bring back our seeker

  239. Disney

    Hello Fellas.. Legend of the seeker is finally out. Check it out 🙂

  240. DAN.T


  241. Newfoundland

    I would love to see not only a new season of Legend of the Seeker but I can’t find season 1 &2 anymore. Netflix stopped showing the series totally . Does anyone have any information as to when this series could start up again and where?

  242. Craig Northbound

    The year of 2014 is nearly ending and yet the Legend of the seeker is not airing . If I have a lot of money I will personal fund this TV series but I am afraid I cant do so because I am just a fan but I prayed that it will be air in the future. Looking forward to it.

  243. yinka

    I have watched lots of series movies, but Legend Of The Seeker is exceptional. it looks like people are anxious to see it back, but your wait is over. Legend Of The Seeker will be release come March 16 2015. you heard it here first.

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    end of the seeker season three.

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  249. Jade

    Ever since Hulu put the two season on there, my family is crazy about the show! It’s such a good show to stop. Now that Hulu is offering the episodes, I hope that more people can see how awesome this show is, and have a better chance to bring it back.

  250. Adrian

    (sorry for my bad english,i’m from romania ) Fans are also in Romania. Me and my friends watched the Legend of The Seeker and is one of uor favourite serials . We also aspect to appear the season 3 of that spectacullary movie . But i thing that when that movie will be release , we will find out all the details . Hope that this movie was not forgot by the producers .

  251. victory Charles

    Y produce season 1&2 when u know u can’t produce season3,u just have to produce it.because so many people now love the movie,plsssssssss we need season3,Can’t wait to see Richard,kahlan,Cara and ZEDD ,PLS SAVE A SOUL AND PRODUCE SEASON3,I LOVE THE SHOW MORE THAN ANY OTHER SHOWS THAT I HAVE WATCHED

  252. mike horvath

    I really hope season 3 comes …..why not sell to hulu or Netflix and let them take it on they brought back arrested development after 8 year hiatis…why not seeker……. I don’t feel like there was closure….I have an emptiness that needs to be filled

  253. Don Seeker

    Sir, i believe that all this time wasted is because you want to make us happy by realizing the season3, 4and 5, when i watched Marlin there is this particular season were they displayed a part of Legend of the seeker which i don’t even remember were it appeared in the season 1 and 2 SO WE ARE WATIN PLEASE SIR

  254. William

    seeker is my favourite series and can’t wait for season 3

  255. Joan

    I fell in love with “Legend of the Seeker” when I listened to all of Terry Goodkind’s “Sword of Truth” series on CD. If the powers that be will not be produce DVD’s of the remaining series, you can always listen to the audio books like I have. Watching is so much more fun than listening though.

  256. Dekker

    I still wait!

  257. kingsley

    i want hear “Legend of the seeker ” season 3 IS on sale

  258. SAMEER


  259. Syd


  260. Brandon Campbell

    Its time please stop making people beg and give us what we need . I wish simeone would find our stone of tears and close the barrier keeping us from seeing a season 3.

  261. Gallant charlene

    Pls my friends and i that are in 9ja wants to watch LEGEND OF THE SEEKER SEASN 3. U people shoud nt cancel t i beg 4 u. T z d best season film i have ever watched. I love t.

  262. vixen

    pls bring back #our#legend of the seeker,i realy luv ds movie.its d first movie I ever bot with my money nd pls bring bk d main chharacters

  263. Gihan

    Please bring back the legend of the seeker. This is best TV series I have ever watched. Please don’t cancel the season 3. I wanna see Kelan, Cara and Richard back Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  264. bm stanley

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  265. Al.try

    Yes pls wanna watch it so bad

  266. Craig Thornton

    It’s a good show it shows life is not always real but its the same!! Season 3 would be a good idea!!

  267. Emily

    It would be so great if they made the 3rd season because the season was so awesome to watch it I wish they made more seasons it a great season I watched the first to seasons over and over again because it is such a great tv Show

  268. Thaabit

    Yes pls bring back legend of the seeker it is trully an awesome TV series it really leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more so please we would truly appreciate it if the seeker would come back

  269. Peter Okeke

    please try harder and make it reality – complete what you have started

  270. Linda

    I’m watching 1 &2 now. After I’ll read the books again I always do. Now get it over with make movies already.

  271. chitermoi

    season 3 please

  272. Godwin Crownking

    is season 3 out?

  273. ALFRED

    Legend of the seeker is the best film I have watched, it’s awesome. Like to have season 3 please.

  274. Shan

    ????????????????????? Where………?

  275. Domi-Best

    This is my best TV series ever. So please bring back Legend of the Seeker. I and all my friends really wants more….3,4,5

  276. neil

    really nice fantasy serie, hope there comes a 3th season

  277. Debeleta

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  278. Edward Marfo

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  279. Magda M

    Please bring back our Seeker and all the cast love the show

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    We all in the world need legend of the seeker season3….is the best movie i have ever watched please please we need the 3 and more

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