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When Calls the Heart season 3, 4 and 5 premiere date

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The show When Calls the Heart has all the chances to be renewed for a Season 3, but why the rights holders are still pulling with the decision?

TV-channel: Hallmark Channel
Developed by: Michael Landon, Jr.
Starring: Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin, Chelah Horsdal, Martin Cummins
Genre: Family Drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.69 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.94 million U.S. viewers

The TV-series «When Calls the Heart» was launched in the USA on Hallmark Channel in January 2014, and three months later it debuted on Canadian television channel Super Channel. The TV-project is based on novel series of the same name written by Janette Oke, and Michael Landon JR. is responsible for the show production.

At the moment the final episode of the second season has been broadcast and it should be noted that the show has all the chances to be renewed for Season 3. The matter is that the show is being watched by about 1,5 million Americans and it is regularly discussed by experts and critics, which should have a positive impact on the new episodes ordering.

For Hallmark Channel this series remains a priority, but the rights holders aren’t ready to finance the continuation. Let’s hope in 2016 the fans will receive Season 3, but now we should wait for the official announcement (UPDATE 1)!

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UPDATE 1 (July 28, 2015): Good news! Hallmark has renewed When Calls the Heart for a third season, set to debut on February 21, 2016.

Will there be When Calls the Heart Season 4?

How about When Calls the Heart season 5?

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  1. Sally

    I love this series and the characters in it. Please don’t cancel it. I look forward to seeing Season 3. Thank you.

  2. Kelly kinderman

    I absolutely love it. Please don’t cancel this show. It’s a great show. I have enjoyed it very much. I am on the edge of my seat waiting on season 3.

  3. Christina

    Please don’t cancel When calls the Heart. It is the Only show that still shows what life should be like. This show gives us a bit of our childhood where you could turn on the tv and watch wholesome stories with good
    Morals and choices.
    And can we have longer seasons if you are making us wait another year!!

  4. Renee

    Please don’t make us wait to long to see season 3. This is a show that my husband & I watch together and look forward to watching every week. We were so sad to know that season 2 came to an end. Please continue with this phenomenal show.

  5. Laurie Tilton

    pleeeease do not cancel When Calls The Heart series on Hallmark. It is one of the best programs on TV. Just think, a program that includes the whole family. And had the whole family in it. I can’t say enough about how this program has changed the lives of so many people whole wide. Other programming on this channel doesn’t even come close either in substance or followers. Thank you for your time and please take this to HEART.

  6. Ann

    This show is great. Family friendly. Hope that there will be a season 3. Please don’t c ancel this wonderful show.

  7. Joyce Hewett

    WCTH is my absolute favorite show. It’s rare to find such quality and moral values in shows today. It is my hope that we may be granted a season 3. Thank you.

  8. Cindy Osborn

    Never before has a show impacted my family like When Calls the Heart. I joined the #Hearties soon after they were organized. We eat, sleep, talk about the characters like they are family on FB and twitter. 26,000 + strong in such a short time….committed not only to @WCTH_TV but @hallmarkchannel. Please give us Season 3 and many more seasons to come. Through this show we have become not only champions of @WCTH_TV, but @hallmarkchannel as well. Thank you. Cindy Osborn

  9. Flor Lopez

    I love When Calls the Heart. I couldn’t imagine it not being renewed. Right now, that’s about the only t.v. show that I can watch peacefully knowing there will not be any foul or over the top sexual gestures.

  10. Judy

    Please don’t cancel the best show on Hallmark. I love it and hope it will be renewed.

  11. Julie Moses

    Please do not cancel this show. It’s my favorite show on tv. I really want to see a Season 3 and beyond! Come on Hallmark and all parties involved!!

  12. Vallorie

    Please continue When Calls the Heart! It is a well written and beautifully acted series! Family friendly shows like this are hard to find and this one is AMAZING! Please continue this series!!

  13. Shanna

    I love this show! It is nice to see a show that the whole family can watch…I really hope they make a season 3…

  14. Michelinda

    Hi my name is Michelinda . I love Wcth season 1 & 2 & hoping for a 3. Please don’t cancel it . We are still growing with #hearties old & new . It’s for the whole families in the entire worlds. I love watching Hallmark channels , Hallmark Movies and Mysterious , Hallmark Wedding & Hallmark Christmas . We #hearties are missing our beloved show WCTH .

    Thanks Mlapuz

  15. Teri D.

    When Calls The Heart has the exact right combination of romance, adventure, & family friendly viewing, as well as the most loyal fan base in the history of ever! The #Hearties are worth investing in!

  16. Leilani Chang

    Please give us Season 3. I love this show it clean and family friendly. Please don’t cancel it.

  17. Renee Hatfield

    When Calls the Heart Season one and two are the most beautiful quality writing that I am viewers have enjoyed. This show which includes faith family based show. A show you can sit down with the family and not worry about rudeness and vulgarity. It is so refreshing to see this especially on Hallmark Channel.The relationships and characters are set in a period of time where life was much simpler. I have never been so intrigued on a tv show of this caliber!
    Thank you Brian Bird, Jeannette Oake , Michael Landon Jr,Daniel Lissing, Erin Kraków, Lori Loughlin, Jack Wagner, Pasquale Hutton, Loretta Walsh, the talented role models of the children and the cast who work so hard in bringing us the best show on Hallmark Channel.
    Hallmark channel and sponsors Hearties such as I need this show to continue.
    Thank you so much for this show! It has touched over 26, 000 fans and growing!!

    • Renee

      Season Three please!!

  18. Bee

    Season 3 please. It is so nice to have a show with good morals and language..

  19. Joyce Doebler

    Please, please … we need sesdon 3 for WCTH. My grandkids and I watch it faithfully. Great actors, a great family oriented show!! Can’t say enough good about this show.

  20. Erin

    Please give us a Season 3. I am not a regular television watcher, but this show is the only one that has me hooked. It’s so good that I recommended it to my parents and they both love it. Please do not cancel as I look forward to raising my daughter up watching this series.

  21. Linda

    I would also like to add my voice to the choir of others encouraging Hallmark channel and Crown Media to renew this excellent series for another season. My husband, sister, daughter and grandkids all enjoy this show very much and it is wonderful to all share it together. The writing, acting and production are all top notch and I don’t understand how you can hesitate renewing a series that was shared with a Congressional committee as an example of family television at its finest. Season 3 approval and beyond should be a no brainier. I hope we hear a renewal announcement soon.

  22. Donna Bredeck


  23. Tami Whiteley

    This is my families favorite show ever. Please renew!

  24. Cynthia S

    Please continue with many more seasons!!! Our family loves this amazing show and it is inspirational to have a wholesome, entertaining series to watch together!

  25. Linda Coley

    My husband and I love When Calls The Heart. It is the only show that we can not wait until Saturday nights to watch. Please don’t leave us hanging with the ending of the last episode. I was so disappointed that the show ended, again, with Jack and Elizabeth not knowing how their relationship was going to go. This is the best show I have seen on TV in many, many years. Please renew for Season 3.

  26. Crystal

    We love When calls the Heart – please don’t cancel it !!! It is so very hard to find good quality programing and this show has it all. Please – please bring it back soon !!!!

  27. Danette Lyles

    My husband and I truly enjoy watching the show. When Calls the Heart is well written and has a beautiful cast who compliment each other so well. What a great date night after 40 years of marriage – dinner and When Calls the Heart! Cannot wait for Season 3.

  28. Aileen

    My husband and I love this show. It’s so refreshing to watch something wholesome and with a plot. Thank you for bringing this to us and we are anxious for its return.

  29. Dollie

    FINALLY…….A DECENT T.V. SERIES!!!!! please don’t cancel!!!! Keep it going!! Soooo worth watching!!!!

  30. Brittany

    Love this show. Please renew it! It is such an uplifting show and worth watching!!

  31. Christy

    We absolutely love to watch WCTH! It’s a wonderful show! The whole family loves it, boys and girls included! Pleeeease continue the show we are very eager for it every week. We, like many others like the good quality relationships and non-suggestive or non-sexually explicit relationships. It makes it fun for us to watch! It displays many honorable characteristics! Especially in Jack which is a great example to emulate. And people really can be like this. This isn’t just fairy tale!

  32. Eugi

    This has been a very special show to watch at home, specially because there is no violence, vulgarity and sex. It is family oriented and has moral values that you do not see any more. Please continue with Season 3.

  33. Shayla

    Don’t you dare cancel this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite show and it stopped at the worst possible moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There has to be a season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Susan

    Absolutely love this show! I still can’t believe Season 2 is over already. I feel this show is doing so well, because it just makes you feel good. I have never watched a show before that just makes you feel good. When I have a bad day, I only have to put on an episode of When Calls the Heart and it just makes me feel a whole lot better. Please don’t make us wait to long for Season 3, and Please make the Season longer!!!! Thank you!!!

  35. Sara

    Do not cancel this show! I am obsessed with it 🙂 It’s the best show that I’ve watched in a long time!!!

  36. Sara C.

    Please don’t cancel this show, it’s the only thing I watch on TV! It’s awesome and it’s taught me a lot about how life used to be and about how life should be. And about how you should act. When Calls The Heart is the show my family and I watch together on TV and we hope to watch Season 3 very soon!

  37. LynnF

    Please do not cancel. Love this show. It has great values and a beautiful love story.

  38. Janice

    Do not understand what the rights holders are waiting on! Best show I’ve seen on Hallmark. Good clean entertainment! Totally hooked on this show!!!

  39. do not cancel

    this show is different then others the cast is great

  40. Corlene Goff

    One of the best shows on TV. The actors and their characters are exceptionally awesome. Please renew this show.

  41. Pam Schumacher

    OMG! I am waiting and living for season 3…..
    Please have season 3 for us all! It is an amazing series. It brings simplicity, simple living and love to TV. Its a wholesome series with a lot of class.

    Cannot wait to see what happens …….

  42. Robin Barben

    I really love this show. I am looking forward to season 3.

  43. Sara Ma

    I am on the edge of my seat waiting for Season 3! I am in love with all the character, I don’t know what I’ll do with my free time now that I finished Season 1&2. I can’t wait to find out who Elizabeth will marry, I hope it’s Jack!!!!!!!! Please continue the movie series soon, my family and I love to watch it together. It’s the only thing we watch together, and we’re enjoying it A LOT!!!!

  44. Carmen

    This movie is so old fashioned and it taught me a lot about old time living and how things should be. The characters are so good and look so fabulous!!!! I am looking forward to watching the next Season! Please publish it soon!!

  45. Susie

    This is good clean entertainment!!! It is hard to find a tv show that the whole family can watch together and not have to cover your childs eyes and ears for fear of se*ual content. Wish there were more shows like this. We just love it! Please continue on with season 3. Thank you!!!!

  46. Crista

    Please, start production of Season 3. I love this show and can’t wait for the new season to begin.

  47. Deanna

    Love the show I hope it continues. It reminds me of the Little House of the Prairie type of a show, but yet it has more of show geared towards the adult lives not just from a kid point of view. The characters are awesome, and love the actors and actresses. Some from the past that I recognize and some new. Please do a season 3.

  48. Judy

    Love this series, it is hard to find good family shoes to each! Bring on season 3 wedding for JCk and Elizabeth!!! ❤❤❤❤

  49. Erin

    We, the people, NEED a Season 3 of When Calls the Heart! Love you Daniel & Erin!!

  50. When calls the heart fan

    PLEASE MAKE SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Allie

    My husband and I love this show. It is so wholesome and clean. So refreshing to be able to sit down and watch something with a plot and clean. Thank you for bring this to us and please renew for the next season.

  52. Cindy

    This is a wonderful series appropriate for the whole family. There isn’t much to watch on tv so please don’t take this show off. Why was season 2 only 6 episodes? We all waited a long time and then it was over. Please back this show for season 3. Also I have been trying to locate the first two seasons for my mom. Any suggestions?

  53. Scott

    This is the finest TV show on the air. I only watch 2 shows weekly. Blue Bloods because of the family values and this one because of the great story lines and good always wins over evil.

    I’m 60 years old and I very much miss this kind of program. Please keep this show on the air for many years to come. My wife and I were very disappointed that you only had 6 shows this time. If you want to hire me I will knock off the Mayor in the show for free (ha,ha). And please let the preacher be a good man and not a Pale Rider type preacher. Your writers are very talented and again Thank You from the very bottom of our Hearts.

  54. Ken

    Please keep this show going it is GREAT!!!! We need more shows like this one. The cast and characters,setting and scenery. This show really has HEART

  55. Debbie

    Please continue this show. My mom & I look forward too this show every week. Thank you!!

  56. Grace

    My husband and I love this story. It is just a pleasure to watch. I wish we didn’t have to wait until next year for season three.

  57. sunny day

    I get so tired of the trash on tv I have gotten to to where I don’t even like tv , but I so do enjoy this show. It is so nice to sit down and watch a very decent show . I love it it is so relaxing after a hard day

  58. G. Martin

    We finally have a series that the whole family can watch and really enjoy. I am so thankful for Hallmark and the values it holds for good entertainment. Please keep “When calls the Heart” a continued series for years to come. Many of us come together and discuss the show each week and it seems to be growing interest in more people. We have enjoyed a lot of other series, movies and reruns of old shows as well. Thank you Hallmark!

  59. nanky52

    WCTH is the continuation of the fine and uplifting shows that is Hallmark’s trademark. Hallmark is one of the few channels out of 100’s that you can turn to, be uplifted with positive messages for the whole family. Even Disney lost that rating a long time ago. WCTH is an exceptional production, with fine acting, great writing, and beautiful scenery. I have marveled at the costume design for the women especially. The hardship of mining towns and the “company” owns you in the first part of the series is very accurate. It was a hard life, but their sense of community and caring for one another is something that we need today as an example. God Bless you all, producers, actors, writers, set designers, and directors for combining your talents and creating one of the best shows ever produced. P.S. You have to have season 3…we can’t live with the image of Jack standing outside of the schoolhouse devastated and hoping Elizabeth tells Charles to stand up and take the next train back to Hamilton!!

  60. Mixerdriver

    This series should go on for years. People are fed up with the sewage waste that is soooooooo the norm in entertainment today. It’s one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen, bar none!

  61. Marsha Riggins

    Please set season 3 when calls the heart on Amazon or Netflix for Roku.

  62. Summer

    Please don’t cancel this is the very best show on TV reminds me of pride and predjuidice maybe even better. I have fallen in love with the characters. Don’t change I enjoy the good clean romance between jack and Elizabeth……. So morally clean in a dirty world I watch over and over again on Netflix Roku……. Thanks so much

  63. Jackie Newman

    Please don’t cancel When Calls the Heart. It is a wonderful show. Anything by Janet Oke is
    just wonderful. Its clean and uplifting. Such a beautiful love story.

  64. Theresa

    This is the best family show on T.V. I hope and pray it is not cancelled

  65. Debbie

    I accidental came upon When Calls The Heart Season 1 (flipping thru channels) I absolutely love this show! Now sitting on edge trying to patiently wait on Season 3! Can’t believe its gonna be February 2016 before it comes back ON!!
    Anyways…love the story, love the characters and the actors that have been chosen are the BEST!!
    Please, Don’t make us wait too long!! Thank You!

  66. Nancy

    Like everyone else I absolutely love everything about this show. I discovered it by accident at the end of season 2 and within 3 days I found all the previous episodes on demand and watched them all. Bring on season 3!

  67. Gina

    This is a great show. I was so happy to see that there will be a season 3. I can’t wait!

  68. 1texasgal

    So happy good will conquer evil in our declining world. Thank you all for these series! Blessings to THOSE, the decision-makers, who chose to continue it!

  69. Denise Iskrzycki

    Love this show! Can’t wait to see season 3 !!!!!!

  70. kay clark

    Please, MORE! MORE!! MORE of When Calls the Heart!!! and SOON, please!!!!

  71. kay clark

    Love When Calls the Heart. My neighbor and I would watch it together with our favorite snacks.

  72. June

    My husband and I and many friends and family are enjoying “When Calls the Heart.” We can’t wait for the next series! In fact, we’d like to see it through to the end soon without more breaks. It’s the best!

  73. Mary Weick

    I am anxious to continue viewing the beauty and refreshingly ‘clean’ story line this program offers. As concerned parents and teachers we need so many more movies with wholesome entertainment like ‘When Calls the Heart’
    If my one vote counts, please don’t cancel this outstanding mini-series. It has been an enjoyable story from the beginning.
    Mary Weick

  74. Erma

    What is the date for the When Calls the Heart. Christmas special and time.
    Thank you!

  75. Dixie

    When calls the Heart…great drama for entire family. I vote for it. Great wisdom with something for everyone.

  76. Dianae Gayhart

    Please don’t cancel the show ,I am a die heart fan and never miss an episode,When calls the Heart is the best thing on t.v my friends and family love it .Every season we get new people to watch it and they love it as well.

  77. Nancy Stamey

    I was so relieved when Elizabeth told Charles how she felt, I only wish it was shown to us.Anyhoo I love Jack and Elizabeth togeather,Jack is the utmost moral man where Elizabeth is concerned. We need more of that in todays world,where did these TV programs think that we liked all this vulgarty and sexual contact.This is such a great show.Love the feeling after watching When Calls The Heart.

  78. Dee Marro


  79. Karen

    Does anyone know if they are replaying the season 3 premier? Love this show but missed this episode. Very disappointed.

  80. Peggy

    Please do not cancel When Calls the Heart. With all the violence and ugliness in the world and on TV – it is nice to escape, for an hour, to the lives of the people of Hope Valley and feel the sweetness and old fashion values of the “town folk”. Makes me wish for the “time machine” so we could go back to days where those kinds of values where the “norm”.

  81. Patsy

    Love this show!!!Can’t wait for the 3rd season to start. Hope you don’t cancel this. It is the best.

  82. Yvonne and David

    We do not watch much television but we found ourselves watching this new show . We look forward to every new episode and love the fact that it’s clean. Please do not cancel this!

  83. Elisabeth

    I love this show!!! Every season is amazing, and is so suspenseful! I can’t wait for the 3rd season to come!!!!!

  84. Noah

    I really like when calls the heart! It’s a good family show. I just can’t wait for the 3rd season to come out!!!

  85. Deborah

    Great show. I love the characters, the setting and the family togetherness it brings out. It is also nice to watch a movie without nudity, vulgar language, and extreme violence. Simply wonderful, makes me wish I was born in that time era. Please do not cancel.

  86. mysticgal

    my husband and I enjoy this wonderful show and would like to see it continue. Will Elizabeth
    and Jack get together? So many loose ends. Lets hope it continues.

  87. Janine

    A series both my husband and I enjoy! Please move us into Series 3, wholesome, well-written on storyline and cast.

  88. Danielle

    I ADORE this show. I had seen it a few times on Netflix, but hadn’t started it. I decided to give it a go last night and I quickly fell down the show hole. It’s so so so goo!! I love the chemistry and silliness between Jack and Elizabeth. I’m sad that I’m almost done with both seasons. Will, by chance, it be on Hulu when seasin 3 starts?

  89. Kelly

    Loved this series!

  90. Trish

    Please continue with these episodes, it’s the only family good wholesome series out there. We watch this as a family knowing it’s all pure and clean.
    Thank you so much!!!

  91. Tricia Rizzo

    Absolutely love this show. My daughter and I just binged watched both seasons on Netflix and are on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens. When Calls the Heart reminds me of Little House on the Prairie. I have fond memories of watching that show when I was a young girl and I love sharing a similar, wholesome, show with my daughter. Now that we finally have cable I cant wait until June for season 3!
    Good job Michael Landon Jr., daddy would be proud=:)

  92. Cindy

    Renew When Calls the Heart

  93. Tessa

    As stated by everyone else on this thread, I must say…I am soooo in love with these characters and this show! This series is one of the best that I have seen. I love the story line and the fact that there is no vulgar language. Everything is perfect about this show! Please keep it going forever…until Jack & Elizabeth die old together & Abigail finds her next true love. Hallmark, this show is what we need more of in today’s messed up, vulgar, sexual society/nation/world. Keep the good, heart filled, show coming!!!! PLEASE!!!!

  94. Sue

    Please don’t cancel this series. I love this show and all the actors in it.

  95. Deena Watson

    Finally, a show that all families can watch together! Back to basics is what is needed for television. It is series such as this, is what the world needs more of. Please continue to work with this series and feel free to write new ones of this sort. Perhaps you can make a different. Take a look at the shows today, there are not many that one can watch and truly enjoy. This series is not just entertaining but what meaningful lessons that can be shared and learned by your viewers. Reality shows are trash and that is all that most of the channels are offering. Please do not stop with this series. Great cast and well written. They are all so wonderful! Thank you from my family.

  96. Katherine Brown

    Why did you change it to Sunday…I loved looking forward to watching it on Saturday night. There is too much on TV Sunday night and I forgot to tape it.

  97. Linda Osgood

    Love the show. Same quality as any of Michael Landon Sr., who put out enjoyable family viewing. In today’s world, of sex and violence, shows like this one is a much needed kick to family values honesty & integrity. You got our attentin, so hang on to it by bringing it back for many more seasons.

  98. Donna Higgins

    I just watch season one and two on Netflix because I don’t have the Hallmark channel. Can’t wait for season 3 to be on Netflix

  99. Yolande

    Oh my goodness, please DO NOT cancel this show it is my favorite and I watch it every week. I love all the characters and the story line. I have all the dvd’s that I could buy and I rewatch them all the time. The cast is fantastic and I wish it would run longer.
    Please please do not cancel it.

    Thank you

  100. Bobbie

    I am waiting to hear that season 3 will be available soon. When Calls the Heart is excellent.
    I can hardly wait to hear that it will be on Netflix.

  101. Ellen

    My older sister kept telling me to see this. finally did loved it strong lovable lead female and male roles.the story line its great love it and its progression. end of season 2 drove me crazy good can’t wait to see season 3.

  102. Norma Dutton

    I will be so glad when Season 3 is available on Netflix or Feeln’. My husband and I love the show. This is one of the best shows available. Please continue it.

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