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Carnivale season 3

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Carnivale season 3 release

Are you looking for the release date for Season 3 of the Carnivale series? Will there be the new episodes on HBO? Follow the news!

Will it be a 3rd season of the series Сarnivale? Fans are waiting for the release date and hoping that in 2018-2019 the show will finally return on television.

Remind that long before “American Horror Story” the atmosphere of mystical horror on American TV was supported by the TV series Carnivale. It was one of the brightest, but also gloomy shows, which got a huge army of fans. The first episode had collected a record number of viewers, but later the ratings fell to a catastrophic level.

This is the reason of early canceling of the project, but the remaining fans still believe that HBO will renew the series for the 3rd season and will announce the release date in 2018-2019.

Nominations for prestigious awards did not help the Carnivale to increase the number of fans, so it is fair to cancel it after the second season. On the other hand, the creators originally planned six seasons!

Would you like to see the real ending of this story?

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  1. Blake87

    The show was extremely expensive to produce and without high ratings the expense was not justified. So bring it back… we need answers 😉

    • Samm55

      Yes! We want more! Give us season 3 of Carnivale!

  2. Clara Marsh

    I loved the show absolutely loved it. They say they cancelled because of the money spent on each episode but 12 years later this shouldn’t be as big of an issue.

  3. Jill

    Loved this series and was left hanging at the end of season two. Please make Season 3

  4. Ross T.

    One of the best series I saw in my life. The storyline is amazing. The actors are superb. Please, HBO, make season three a reality.

  5. Dixie Perez

    I would like to see a Season 3. Books would be good to! Anything to keep the spirit of the show alive and going!

  6. 89miss

    F*ck you Daniel Knauff !!!

  7. 00Brittany00

    I need answers and an ending I don’t care if it has been ten years later. please make season three

  8. JamieL

    Netflix is our only hope for a resurrection.

  9. Lena C.

    I love it !!! Netflix please pick up this show!

  10. GerRRRR

    Revive this show please HBO, or give the rights to someone else. WE NEED CARNIVALE TO RETURN.

  11. Timothy Schroader

    I really enjoyed this show. It was a new concept on the strange that I haven’t seen since the Twilight Zone series. I hope that they can find someway to bring it back… Yours truly, Sad in South Carolina.

  12. Mayra I Gomez

    Need to see the finale please bring back carnivale!!!

  13. Bianca

    Me and many of my friends have loved Carnivale. From time to time I keep checking the news, hoping it will be renewed- it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen!!! Please bring it back!

  14. Doris vandrresr

    I just found Carnival on HBO to go and watched every day and night until the end ! Please make season 3 the show and actors were to good need MORE!!!!!!!!

  15. Loretti

    Bring it back!!

  16. Lj

    A season 3, please!! Or at least a half season to complete the characters stories. The characters in Carnival are fantastic!

  17. Carole Brittain

    Just watched both series, over 4 days, couldn’t leave it alone, enthralling. Must have series 3, please! One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  18. Danny H

    Really just get it over with and give us a 3rd season!!

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