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The 4400 season 5

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the 4400 season 5 release

When does The 4400 season 5 come out? USA Network has cancelled the series, but there are still so many questions left unanswered. Give us the release date!

When will we watch the fifth season of The 4400? The series is really good! We want to know the release date!

The television series The 4400 was one of the most discussed TV-project on the USA Network in due time. The first season was created by Viacom Productions, the second season was developed by specialists of Paramount Network Television, and then the baton was intercepted by experts from CBS Paramount Television.

Unfortunately, in 2007, it was decided not to renew the series The 4400 for season 5 because of low rating, which caused discontent among fans.

Imagine that you have watched 6 seasons of LOST, but no one told you about the secret of island or numbers puzzle. The same feelings were experienced by fans of The 4400 when the show was cancelled after four seasons, but who and why kidnapped and brought 4400 people – was not told.

The 4400 season 5 release date – [cancelled]

We are still waiting for the fifth season! Follow the news!

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