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The 4400 season 5

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the 4400 season 5 release

When does The 4400 season 5 come out? USA Network has cancelled the series, but there are still so many questions left unanswered. Give us the release date!

When will we watch the fifth season of The 4400? The series is really good! We want to know the release date!

The television series The 4400 was one of the most discussed TV-project on the USA Network in due time. The first season was created by Viacom Productions, the second season was developed by specialists of Paramount Network Television, and then the baton was intercepted by experts from CBS Paramount Television.

Unfortunately, in 2007, it was decided not to renew the series The 4400 for season 5 because of low rating, which caused discontent among fans.

Imagine that you have watched 6 seasons of LOST, but no one told you about the secret of island or numbers puzzle. The same feelings were experienced by fans of The 4400 when the show was cancelled after four seasons, but who and why kidnapped and brought 4400 people – was not told.

The 4400 season 5 release date – [cancelled]

We are still waiting for the fifth season! Follow the news!

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  1. SenaTOR88

    BEST SERIES EVER! Still waiting S5

  2. Maria T.

    Really enjoy the series. The story lines our outstanding. Bring the show back in 2017 please.

  3. Ahira Cortes

    So many people want to watch season 5!!! They are more popular than they think

  4. chang

    great series. make season 5

  5. Mihaela medina

    May b low publicity is one of the best serial i ever watch i love it i sean wors serial on tv running on i wood love to se this movie

  6. Michael

    Bring it back its a great ttuies thank you 🙂

  7. Terri

    What would the harm be in making season 5 and then wrap up the show. Gives us closure.

  8. LadyLago

    Yes a season 5 please

  9. Susan Cross

    So not happy just finding out Season 5 cancelled! how can you leave Fans dangling after 4 Seasons of getting into the story, Shame on you! Finish it and make The 4400 Fans able to finish the story.

  10. Ashley

    They need to finish the show!!!! I love it and it s*cks not knowing the rest of the story.

  11. Mahdi

    Wow!! Are you kidding me, how can a show like the 4400 have low ratings?? Please bring it back

  12. 1x1x1

    uh the last episode was 10 years ago do you really think there will be a season 5

  13. Viv wilkins

    Should at least do a finale so fans can have closure very selfish decision

  14. Tammy Perigo

    One of the best shows I have ever watched! What a shame they dropped it!! Really want more!!

  15. Diamond B

    I LOVE this show. So what that it’s been 10 years since season 4. It can pick up 10 years later and fill us in on what’s happened during that time. Seems the producers would think this might just be a good risk if the public is still asking for it so long after the 4th season? Please bring it back!!

  16. Brenda

    Please bring back season 5 I would like to see how it ends

  17. Daisy Elisa

    i cried when i heard this show was cancelled. i’ve never loved and resonated with such passion for something. It’s never too late to start a show back up again. I hope they find the courage to continue the series. Maybe it wont do well on tv anymore, but on netflix i feel it will thrive. People are into this futuristic, end of the world type of stuff nowadays. will be waiting for season 5 for at least while.

  18. Terri

    Just watched on Netflix!, AWESOME bring back season 5

  19. Pat core

    Please make us diehard fans a season 5. Don’t leave us hanging!

  20. Alexis

    This is my favorite show of all time and it pisses me off knowing there’s not a season 5 I want to know what happened did Tom take the shot? Do the marked ones still exist you left all the 4400 fans hanging what’s the point in cutting it off right before the last season?

  21. Dee

    I just finished season 4, I have to admit I didn’t think I was going to like it but was shocked when I realized that that was it and there wouldn’t be another season, I was really getting into it. I would’ve been kinder if they would’ve just finished it more people would be buying the DVD sets but no one wants to buy and incomplete series.

  22. Liz

    that sucks, just finished watching season 4 🙁

  23. Patricia Thornton

    Just hate it when a series gets the boot & the viewers are left hanging! At least the producers can do enough episodes to give The 4400 an ending & satisfy their followers. The network must have known some point in time that the show was going to be cancelled & they could have written an ending, but no, guess they didn’t give us people that kind of consideration!

  24. stanley gammage

    waiting for season 5

  25. Mary Lewis


  26. Bonnie Knasel

    Make another season to answer our questions! Like who kidnapped the 4400 and will the world change for the better?! This is a shitty way to end a series! Or make a two hour, for TV movie! Start it 10 years later!

  27. Terrance Trudell

    I be just watched all 4 seasons of the 4400 and it would be great to see more. I thought it was a great show and would really like to see more!!

  28. L. Gaines

    Oh no, they leave us hanging??? I have been enjoying this show so much. Just started season 4 and then find out there is no story ending to this.

  29. Duahyanthi


  30. Ahaliel Uehhej

    Yea I too was a fan and very disappointed when the end came without resolve. I even watched it all again on Netflix even more upset. A movie would even suffice. I guess the marked ones did not want it to be televised.

  31. Denja

    The 5th season is very clear, one of the Marked ones is the President.
    At the end of season 4 he sent a nuclear strike on Seattle killing the entire population, The End.

  32. Felicia Abshire

    Waiting on season 5 and more hopefully they reconsider filming more …come on film more loved the show just very much just disappointed on how it ended

  33. S Davis

    I just finished season 4 on Netflix. Frankly, they should monitor their offerings. If a conclusion is not evident, don’t offer the show for viewing. How ridiculous Netflix!

  34. Terra Willis

    I have watched seasons 1-4 numerous times trying to answer many of my unanswered questions. Hoping that maybe I missed something I guess. When I found out there was not going to be another season, I was more that disappointed. That has been one of my favorites for years. Someone really should consider continuing the show.

  35. LIinda

    Wish I never would have started watching the series just to discover it was canceled. I would have liked to see more for sure!

  36. Don

    I have been watching the whole series these last couple of weeks. I’m on episode 10 of season four right now and just found out that it ends with a cliffhanger. I really enjoyed the series, but what a disappointment knowing that there is no final resolution to the show!!

  37. jr

    bring bach the 4400show season 5 it is good show!!!!!!!!!

  38. Wilhem

    Hopefully Netflix continue or re-do the series! It’s one of my favorite (and I’ve watched a LOT!!).

  39. Jessie Reeves

    This was an amazing series and it’s very disappointing to find out that season fours cliffhanger is were you leave us. The show was canceled. We as viewers would very much like season five and a possible conclusion to the show answering all unanswered questions.

  40. Mona Quinn

    I just finished the last season. Was very upset to find out there is no season 5.
    Very good show.. bring us another season or 2 from some closer

  41. Dawn

    You could make a little mini series in place of season 5 to answer all the questions! That would be nice

  42. Debra G

    Total disappointment not to have a finish. This was a good series. If it didn’t have the ratings it was because no one advertised enough. This is one of the best shows I’ve seen and the actors were all great. No closure is sad….even a good 2 hour movie to explain the unanswered questions would be great….although I think you could get another 4 years or more.

  43. Julie a

    Really great show, I would love to see a season 5. Sad to see it stopped at season 4.

  44. RachelM

    I just watched the series these past 3 days and its an amazing series, i love the 4400. Im very upset where it left off, please anyone finish the series. I need answers.

  45. Gia

    I agree with everyone who is a fan “Best Series Ever.”
    I started watching October 2020 and did not see the release date until I completed the series. It was so good I just got sucked in.
    I am extremely disappointed it came out so long ago and now I want answer as everyone else does, answers.

    If the series was canceled because of low ratings, well it came out before people were ready for it.

    This is an amazing series. I am addicted so much I watched all 4 seasons in 2 weeks while still working 2 jobs.

    Please please make more seasons. At least one that will answer questions and have a satisfying ending.

    Think about all the fans, even fans 13 years later. We want a season 6. I bet ratings will be better this time around.

  46. ava


  47. Judy

    AGAIN another GREAT series just stopped before producing an ending. What is wrong with you people? I’m getting tired of being left hanging by netflix and am SERIOUSLY considering canceling my subscription!!!

    • Kendrick Folsom

      It’s not Netflix’s fault. They just picked up the series for streaming. The show was originally aired on USA Network. They are the ones that canceled it due to low ratings the final season. It’s been 13 years since the show ended. I’m just as upset as you, trust me, but your blaming the wrong person. USA Network is to blame. I for one am glad I got to see it thanks to Netflix even though I like many long for more. Just wasn’t meant to be.

  48. Debra

    I have watched this series twice. I love it. Just realized it was canceled. I’ve been watching netflix for the new season. Finally I get online to see whats going on and I find that I will never find out how it ends???!!!
    Make season 5.

  49. Kaden

    I really love this show, but found out it was cancelled. I have one more episode to watch, but I don’t think I want to watch it because I know it’ll make me sad inside. PLEASE RECONSIDER STARTING THIS SHOW UP AGAIN!! I’D LITERALLY BREAK AN ARM FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!! Not that that matters because producers don’t care about people who struggle with anxiety with these things. It’ll literally eat me up inside. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!!
    With highest hopes and great sadness,

  50. Lisa

    COVID Series consumption & I get to the end of Season 4 of The 4400 only to be left with what I began wondering… who took the 4400. Very disappointing there isn’t a finale or Season 5. I wish I would have never started watching this, even though it was really good until last episode with no closure!

  51. Theresa

    My husband and I binge watched four seasons. The show is spectacular! Who made the ridiculously stupid decision to end the series? He/she/they need to be canned! Clearly they have no clue what a really great show is. Give us season five! Netflix, if your going to offer shows that have been cancelled, be responsible and let the viewers know up front !!

  52. Linda k.lee

    Please do a season 5 of 4400 needs a closure!

  53. Angela

    I just finished watching The 4400 on Netflix, and did a search for season 5, just to find out that that was it. Please, bring back season 5, so we aren’t all left with so many unanswered questions. I love this show!

  54. Carlan Falkenberry

    I love this show more than the walking dead, NCIS, all of the most popular shows on tv. I want a season 5! We the people want a season 5!

  55. Marylu S

    The 4400 was the best series ever. Please bring us season 5

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