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Mistresses season 5 ?

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Mistresses season 5 start date 2017

Will there be Mistresses season 5? When does the fifth season start? We are waiting for the premiere date on ABC in 2017!

The experts say that the renewal of the series Mistresses for a fifth season is open to question. The reason they see in a poor rating of the fourth season, which has not met the expectations of right holders.

Indeed, in 2016, the number of viewers of the show for the first time fell below 2 million people, which had result in negative comments from critics.

The representatives of the channel ABC are still not ready to say goodbye to this mystical drama of K. J. Steinberg, so the further destiny of the project Mistresses will be decided after discussion with the team of creators and producers. We will publish their decision as soon as it is taken.

Mistresses season 5 start date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 2)

At the moment, we are waiting for comments from the cast in social networks, who definitely know more information.

UPDATE 1 (September 6, 2016): Yunjin Kim (Dr. Karen Kim) will not return for a potential Season 5.

UPDATE 2 (September 9, 2016): Bad news… ABC has cancelled Mistresses after four seasons.

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  1. Lorena C.

    Mistresses is renewed. I cannot believe Devious Maids is getting cancelled.

    • Ruth21

      renewed? source please!

  2. Vanessa P.

    Awful season 4. This storyline should have been way better, the whole season should have been better. Hopefully they have better stories next season if it comes back.

  3. Brenda Malone

    The show is good. I hope it gets renewed for a fifth season.

  4. Marta Carson

    This is the worst season ever (s4). I bet the show is ending…

  5. theresa stahl

    karen is dead.. i know this is cancelled.

  6. Evy

    I hope they bring it back they have some explaining to do lol. Just don’t want to wait till spring hope it’s sooner!!

  7. C.C.

    I hope the show is coming back and that there is a real ending for all the characters, right now too much is left hanging.

  8. Robbbby7

    Loved watching this show in the summer. Maybe they can continue on Netflix…

  9. Amanda R.

    I loved this show, so sad it has been cancelled…
    Please bring the show back!

  10. Lis

    ABC!!!! Stop cancelling good soap opera shows!!!

  11. Cheryl Chancey

    I just recently found this show on Hulu. I love the show, season 4 was a little confusing in the way it ended but over all I really hope they bring it back…too much was left in question.

  12. Dasha Acrey

    I love watching this show and was wondering if they will do another season. Season 4 left with questions marks. Is Karen Kim really dead or did she have plastic surgery since April was seeing vision of her? What happen to Savi even though she left due to her catching her sister and Harry making out on Joselyn wedding day. I mean come on this show can’t be cancelled. Do a better storyline and maybe the rating will go up. Shonda Rhimes should do this story line cause every season gets better and better for Grey Anatomy and Scandal. I’m just saying I have a right to my opinion.

  13. Diana Sanders

    OK Melissa Milano is in financial trouble maybe she will come back and save the show, the new girl last season? was not feeling her.

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