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Spectral 2 ?

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spectral 2 release

When does Spectral 2 be released? We are waiting for the release on Netflix! What about the release date in 2017-2018?

The premiere in theaters of the movie Spectral still was held. Despite of the fact that Universal Pictures representatives refused to engage in this project, and canceled its broadcast in cinemas, there are people who are not indifferent to the fate of the film.

That Netflix was “a lifesaver” for the film Spectral, appointing release on December 9, 2016. Those viewers who watched the film of Nic Mathieu, rated it in different ways, but most would like to see the renewal.

Will Spectral 2 be or Netflix has less ambitious plans for this movie?

At the moment, we only know that no company is willing to undertake the development of the second part, because Spectral do not bring profit, which is enough for a new project. Experts claim that the viewers must thank Netflix for the release of the first part, and it is hardly worth to require the development of a new part.

We are following the news from Universal Pictures and Netflix, but for now there is nothing to please. If the release date is presented by Spectral 2, we will publish it!

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  1. danny park

    I love the first one please can you guys make the second one because I enjoyed that I watched it over 60 times

  2. Lee

    Woh 60 times!?

    I’ve watched it 9 times and I thought that was a lot! 🙂

    It’s a really good movie. If the same people worked on a sequel, I’d go out of my way to watch it!

    • Lesley

      I love the movie.there should be a second version of the movie thumbs up

  3. Joshua Bressel

    I gotta say, from a military standpoint, Spectral got it RIGHT! The military advisor on the film is a former Force Recon Marine, and he did a fantastic job training the actors. They moved correctly, did a great job handling their weapons, their CQB and room clearing procedures, right down to the formations they used, we’re spot on, and even their radio ettequette was correct!!! No “repeat!” or “over and out!” faux pas! For those who don’t know, you say “say again”, not “repeat”, repeat is a command given by artillery forward observers, to fire another barrage. As for “over and out!”, you either say “over”, indicating you are done speaking, for the moment, and the other party may speak, or you say “out”, meaning you are done with the conversation. Saying both is improper. Trust me, as a junior enlisted man, you pay for mistakes in radio ettequite with pushups!!!! About the only place the movie gets fuzzy is the science, but…. That’s why it’s science fiction! The biggest stretch is Clyne building a bunch of plasma rifles, out of spare Army parts, the General grabbed while fleeing, in random containers the Ospreys picked up, then assembled a full arsenal, with no testing, in a few hours, and everything functioned PERFECTLY! LOLOLOL. Best engineer EVER!

  4. Raidao narzary

    Loves it at the first shot .Ooh why not spectral 2 🙁

  5. John Wesley cothran jr

    Hello i am John Wesley cothran jr.I would like to know if there’s any information in regards to contacting someone about more information on the development of the movie spectral 2.

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