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Bones season 12 start date 2017 FOX

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Bones season 12 start date 2016

The Bones series was renewed by Fox for a twelfth and final season. Do you want to know the start date for the last 12 episodes in 2016?

The creator of Bones series Hart Hanson in January 2016 said that Season 12 could be the final, but then his words were not confirmed by representatives of the Fox channel.

A month later, the official announcement was followed by Fox Co-Chairmen Dana Walden and Gary Newman, according to which the series was actually renewed for the 12th (and final) season, and also it was confirmed that the creators have been already working on the script for the final of the series. At this time, it is ordered a total of 12 episodes, which will give answers to all the viewers’ questions and help the creators worthy to close such an ambitious and popular project.

Executive producers Jonathan Collier and Michael Peterson promised a worthy ending for the 11th season to the fans that eagerly are waiting for the last 12 episodes. By the way, the start date of the final season of the series Bones on Fox is appointed to midseason 2016/2017 (early 2017), which we are looking forward to!

Are you ready to say goodbye to this wonderful show?

UPDATE 1: Fox has set a start date for the 12th and final season of Bones – January 3, 2017 (at 9/8c). Is a final! No Bones season 13 release date.

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  1. Shelley

    I will never have to say goodbye to BONES as long as they have reruns and my valued dvd collection!

    • shir

      with you.

  2. Kelly N.

    I am very sad to here Bones is leaving. Will miss this show and hope there is a spin off type show coming soon! Bones is like a part of life, so it will be so strange not seeing new episodes when it goes off.

  3. Jaime Hall

    I don’t want to say goodbye, but I am glad we get the 12th season!

    • shir

      i wish ABC would have done the same with castle

  4. Bernice

    In my opinion, good TV shows like Bones should never end. I’ve loved this show from the beginning. I will be lost without it, I look forward to each episode.

  5. Kristine C.

    Great but gonna miss them all :-(

  6. Hugo Warren

    12 seasons is a phenomenal run for a scripted series! Glad it’s coming to an end. Watched this show since the beginning, but found the later seasons a little weary.

  7. Bob

    The wife and I have enjoyed watching Bones. We will ever miss them so much.

  8. Michelle Luna

    I am sooo happy that Bones is coming back for a 12th season. At least we will get closure from the series.

  9. stephanie26

    With Bones in its last season ending I have nothing left to watch on TV. This is too sad ((((

  10. Arnold J.

    Bones deserve the respect to be given a proper final season send off.

  11. Orlando Adkins

    I really liked this show… good FOX is giving it a final season!

  12. RUDY

    It is so heartbreaking to hear that one of my favorite series will end soon.

  13. Bonnie

    I also will have nothing left to watch on TV. Certainly, nothing else that FOX has to offer has any appeal. Bones was a treasure, the cast terrific. They will be missed.

  14. Pat

    I have enjoyed every character developed on this show. One of
    the best shows ever made for TV. So sorry to see it end. Just dont understand why it cant be continued.



  16. sheila

    oh great another damn dncing or reality friggin show. whatever happened to the fans and what they want, not one of these dumb *ss shows are what I as a fan want to watch after a hard day or work, especially driving a bus..

  17. Blithe

    I am sad to see this series end. Felt the same about Castle. Reality shows are just a waste of time. Interesting, well-acted scripted tv shows are few and far between these days. Guess I’ll be watching reruns and dvds.

  18. Melayne Mills

    What about Zac? Sweets promised Zac that he would not reveal Zacs innocence , but now that Sweets has died, the secede needs to be revealed.

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