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«Castle» season 6: premiere date

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When does «Castle» season 6 premiere? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about air date?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: March 9, 2009
Creator: Andrew W. Marlowe

Season 1 episode 1: 10,76 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 episode 1: 10,45 million U.S. viewers

The current Season of «Castle» television series proved to be worth watching, since the amount of fans of Andrew W. Marlowe’s work comprises more than 10 million people. Top position in ABC Popular Projects ratings ensures airing of Season 6 of the given series already in autumn, but the official announcement will be made only in May. According to numerous Internet resources, show «Castle» is supposed to have several Seasons, as it is not every TV show, which could boast with such a great amount of viewers for the last five years. So, please, follow the news.

«Castle» season 6: premiere – [September 23, 2013]

Would you like to watch new episodes?

UPDATE 1 (10.05.13): ABC has renewed «Castle» for season 6!

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  1. Hurry Up

    i hope for season 6!! hurry up !!

  2. Silvia S.

    nice show ..thank you Andrew and exceptional cast! please don’t cancel Castle!

  3. Toldo

    I just recently started watching Castle and I am hooked!

  4. Jerome Baron

    I love castle. need more seasons ! awesome!

  5. dumplin fink

    Omg… season 6 should air. I love castle and i cry everytime castle ends… becausei just love castle and …

  6. dumplin fink


  7. Katie

    Castle has been renewed for season 6 woohoo.

  8. TAE 2 KUTE

    Thank God. been waiting to hear this news for a long time!!!OMG! AMEN!!!!

  9. Bree


  10. Sue

    I love Castle. I look forward to watching more episodes that are mildly violent. There is not much else to watch that has a good story to it.

    • brenda mia

      Yah I love castle too can’t wait hope it goes on a life tym ND Beckett has to say yes

  11. katrina

    I want Castle to go on forever and ever. Please never cancel it. I want more seasons. Cant wait to find out Kates answer to Castle.

  12. Tiffany

    I Love Castle best show ever

  13. caskett

    Please don’t cancel Castle. The best show on earth. i wanna see more and more episodes of it. and please let kates’ answer be a YES..:-/

  14. cydynha

    love castle I love castle please director in the sixth season castle and becket have to stay together .. castle and backet forever

  15. Sheila Dunn

    I had never seen Castle until recently when I started to view the syndicated shows on TNT. I fell in love with this show. It has become one of my favorite television programs, second only to NCIS. I can hardly wait for the new season! Advertise it more; I’m sure the shows followers will sky rocket. It has me hooked.

    • katrina

      My favorite show is NCIS as well and then Castle too.

  16. ferdi cardenas

    from the Philippines!!!
    love castle can wait any longer
    thank you, keep it up and more to all the cast and crew

    MABUHAY!!! Kate and Rick

  17. Londa Badgley

    Can’t wait Hurry please

  18. katrina

    I’m so excited to see what her answer is to Castle. Only 8 more days.

  19. becky

    Not much longer…..Love Castle it is a great show!

  20. Akmartin

    Castle is GREAT! Keep it coming.

  21. Holger

    Kann mir Jemand sagen wann Castle Staffel 6 auf DVD erscheint ?

  22. Sebastian

    Ich bitte sie ebenfalls sich nach der Ausstrahlung der TV-Serie Castle sich mit der 6 Staffeln zu beilen damit wir Fans uns diese schnellst möglich in Deutscher Version in den Deutschen Läden erhalten habe mir die Stafffeln 1-5 1x zu gelegt und die Staffel 5 sogar 2x. Daher hoffe ich das sie auf die Stimme der Fans hören und diese 6. Staffel frei geben, genauso würde ich mich freuen wenn es mehr als 6 Staffeln von der TV-Serie Castle gibt. Ebefalls glaube ich das der Stoff der Sendung noch lange nicht aus ist und man bestimmt viele Folgen drehen könnte und vorallem hoffe ich das in diesen Folgen Beckett und Castle ein Paar bleiben, weil ich finde das sie sich bei den Ermittlungen, genauso wie als Paar super ergänzen. Das gibt dieser Serie einen gewissen Charm.

  23. Larry

    Castle Season 6………when will the DVD be released?

    • Tom

      September 2014 (United States, Canada)

  24. Evelyn

    When does season 7 start

  25. leslie machin

    castle is great I have season 1-5 and cant wait for season 6 and more as they arrive this is the greatest tv series ever would love to know how many more seasons there will be thanks

  26. Mary Carson

    Castle., the series has class! Unlike many new shows, Castle stands out as a well written show with great actors who have something special separately, but put together are dynamite! There are so many new crime dramas that TV is becoming boring! But Castle makes me think and laugh and yearn for the kind of relationship that he Becket have. I also love trying to beat Becket and Castle to the punch in solving the murder.

  27. megan

    What is taking so long. I just love the way castle flirts with her and Becket rolls her eyes.

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