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East Los High season 5

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East Los High season 5 premiere date

Will there be East Los High season 5? Is the show renewed? We want to know the exact premiere date on HULU in 2017!

Original release: June 3, 2013 – present
Running time: 22–24 minutes
Genre: Teen drama

The series East Los High debuted on Hulu in 2013. Almost immediately, it got a lot of popularity and began to be discussed in social networks.

The critics also paid attention to this project and constantly expressed their opinions about its plot and the cast. So far, critics’ grades are positive, which gives a greater chance for season 5.

The creator of the show is Carlos Portugal, and one of the main roles is played by magnificent Vannessa Vasquez. At the moment the project East Los High has already established a record as it become Hulu’s longest running original series, but are right holders planning to renew the show for the fifth season or is it time to stop?

East Los High season 5 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

There is no answer for this question, but we are following the announcements. The article will be updated. Follow the news!

UPDATE 1 (May 19, 2017): There will be no Season 5 for East Los High. Hulu has cancelled the teen drama and ordered the one-hour special East Los High: Finale Event, premiering this fall.

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  1. Della

    I’m done with season 4 of ELH. I can’t believe what happened at the end of the last episode.

  2. MMo0o

    I finished it :( More episodes next season please… Great show

  3. Louise L.

    You guys are awesome! This cant be the end! I NEED MORE!

  4. Angie

    I need season 5 here like now!

  5. Ramona Gomez

    We need longer episodes and more episodes every season )

  6. Lucy Tyler

    Please listen to the people and make the episodes longer! Can’t wait SEASON 5

  7. savanah

    I found a new series on HULU and fell in love with it. Saddens I will have to wait till next near 2017 to see if there will be back or not. If you do come back I do hope you bring back Jacob and Gina. More dances and dance competitions for causes, the ending was a little set up in like “Step Up Revolution”, sweet. Jacob does need some rehab though.

  8. Jacque grimsley

    OMG!!! I am freaking put right now! Just watch the last show of season 4… And I have to wait till 2017 for season 5!!!

  9. ofelia

    Bring on season 5!!

  10. natalia colbert

    cant wait because I want to see what ceci reaction is if someone told her that Jacob got into a accident or he is dead and they just got back together and see jesus and gina reaction that her sister got shot and she had a aborshion can’t wait until 2017

  11. Ana Letuligasenoa

    Best Hulu season show this is like Empire so worth it.
    Paying Hulu is so with it..
    So hurry up with it lol big fans here….
    Six stars keep it coming5,6,7,8 etc best so far..

  12. Andrea Solis

    I literally only pay for Hulu to watch East Los!!!! I can’t wait for season 5!!!!!


    please let me know when is season 5 of EAST LOS HIGH coming

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