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«Highschool of the Dead» season 2: release date

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«Highschool of the Dead» returning for season 2? Premiere date coming?

Two years ago AT-X (Japan) viewers had a possibility to watch the first episode of «Highschool of the Dead» show. After that the given series was already being broadcast on other TV channels in Japan as well as in North America, Australia and New Zealand. The series is based on eponymous manga and directed by Tetsuro Araki. 12 interesting episodes, accompanied by the song of Maon Kurosaki have been aired.

Viewers all around the world liked the story about the school with the dead. It was testified by multiple views and discussions on the forums and portals on the production of «Highschool of the Dead» Season 2. Anime fans are looking forward to the official announcement of the release date, but it is still unknown. There is a video version of the message of the creators (at Anime Expo 2011), where they promise to extend the story, but the shooting process hasn’t been started yet.

What do you want out of season 2? More death? More action?

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  1. lauren

    I think they should hurry up on that its a really cool show but im getting really tires of waiting…

  2. W.a.w.waiting

    If they don’t make it, or take too long, another anime company will be making one called “Madhouse of the Dead”!

    • naruto


      • Nicole

        They Should Keep All Anime Alive. Cause what if some1 grows up & they LOVE it & Cant Find It like we do & Cant Find. They shouldn’t Cancel Anything Ever Again. Its Not Fair. What’s next. Are they going to Cancel TV, Video Games, Food.?

        • Caden

          I agree, Nicole. WHEN THE F*CK is deadman wonderland 2 and high school of the dead 2 coming out??!?!?!? Are they gonna take away every show now??

    • CEO Stealth Inc

      Where did you find that out?

  3. sho

    C’mon i can’t wait much longer ‘but i will’ great show bring on season 2

  4. GTW

    Develop the story (it was already great), build a romance with all the characters but lead the hero toward a touch decision between saving a child maybe and his main love romance. Personally, I think he should undergo some psychological trauma, which would happen no matter which person he chose to save. And I guess I like the idea of him ending up with one of the girls viewers least expect, but that’s just me :P

    P.S. get this anime up and rolling ASAP!!

    • Unknown

      Well I don’t think that he should have to save someone’s life well from the group I love all the characters they should all live and he can’t go through a trauma he’s the spine of the group if he lost it they all would he’s the one that keeps them stable he’s probably the strongest willed of em all my opinion they should just go on a journey meet all the family’s and find a way to a safe haven

  5. phel

    Please make it faster!!! Making a great story takes an very great responsibility.. XD!!!

  6. michael

    I’m patiently waiting for season 2

    • Solshine

      Probably the only one waiting patiently…

  7. ADC

    still waiting for season 2 :l please release it early so i wont 4get the anime XD

  8. Shadow

    I was an awesome show that I watch and I would love to see how the series ends.

  9. Animelovie

    I just want a season 2, because I didn’t like season 1 ending…

  10. YoUrWoRsTmAn

    I am waiting patiently, but at the same time getting tired of waiting. :/

  11. Animelovr

    plz hurry i cant wait anymore

  12. Freya rose

    you know what, as a fan i’ve been waiting but now as a person i think they should treat the fans better they have been stuffing as around for too long! i’m pissed off and i have already lost interest in the show… three years of waiting i’m done we deserve better at least tell us the real date so we can get on with are lives!

    to other fans saying how awesome the show is and you can’t wait for the next one don’t try saying if you don’t give the real date for season two then we well stop being you fans grow some balls people!!!

  13. aeric379

    what the f*ck i really want to see season 2 of hotd i mean who wouldent and i hope they make more seasons to come.

  14. noe

    It should be releASE so i can watch the new episode

  15. Kronos

    I don’t care just release it please I can’t wait please pleasepleasepleaseplease I really need this my life is so boring and I just started to watch it then now I can’t stop watch the same ones that can not be healthy watching the same thing over and over just release for the public I know they already filmed it just release or I’m going to die of boredom I’m so borrrrrrrrrrdrrrreeeeeeeeedd please I’m begging you please my jobs boring my girlfriend just left me and I need this please
    I just learned they are releasing it in December

    • kimo

      yo hotd was an awsome series but i gotta say is taking to long for a series but at the same time im not getting jad cuz i bet the creators are having a tuff time too so like anybody say “be patient” i have a feeling it will come but ppl please don’t get mad cuz at the end its hurting you from excitement so just chill…cuz theres still lots of anime to watch mabe even better than hotd lol its funny how ppl wanna kill them selfs over a really mortherfucking really awsome show to the MAX OMG!!!!

  16. seven group

    H.O.T.D. will never come out i met the creators i anime expo 2011 and they said that they not going to make another season cuz of the tsunami and mostly the low sales in japan ppl in there was screaming for hotd but the creators said at that moment “yes if we have everyones support” and not alot of ppl areed with having a another season but most likely they said that they will realse another chapter soon just for a “special publication” cuz right now we have chapter 29 so most likely ACT 30 will be realse some time early 2013….thats all i have…too bad theres not going to be another season oh well :[

  17. like the BOOTS!!!!


  18. precious08

    If they dont make it faster some fans would be tired of waiting cause they’ve been waiting for too much long so if i were you, you would make it as soon as possible

    I for myself been waiting for the realise and i’m getting tired of waiting i realy want this anime so pls make it faster pls!!!!!……

  19. Dustin milliner

    I love high school of the dead and i cannot wait for the new season if anybody has more info please post

  20. themolover

    yo! hotd will come out soon i just know it!! because i have faith in a higher power (GOD) so i been preying too him almost everyday! so people calm the f*ck down is an awesome anime and i mean AWESOME INDEED!! but there’s no need to get to exited over something a creator is doing but at the same time i feel bad for him cuz hes in a hospital bed in Japan SI*K!!! so people just chill out and watch other animes but if you want to see what the anime left off witch the meaning in the mall arc in the manga (VOLUME 5,6 and 7 of manga books but after that read chapter 30 is was out since april 9) ok? so please be calm and just “WAIT”

  21. Nikhil Stephen

    I want more action, killing, comedy, ecchi and romance. This is one of the best anime i have ever seen. keep up the good work:)

  22. Anthony

    I love the show, I can’t wait until the season comes. Hurry up! :)

  23. Dada

    It’s 2014 it’s over they are not going to make anther video

  24. Briana

    Guess it’s not coming but I’ll still wait in case :/

  25. grayfullbuster622

    well tbh yah its already been over like 3-4 years sicne they released season 1 lol i’m waiting more patiently for season 2 but dont think its coming….

  26. Andre

    Dis sh*t is p*ssinh me off when is it really being release

  27. Animefan28

    I wanna see takashi end up with Saeko or Rei, because Saya is a jackass, also they should really think about the title of the show, how long has it been since they’ve even seen anything to do with a highschool!

  28. RoXoR

    please release season 2 jUST f*cking release ive been tired of waiting

  29. Tianna A. Wright

    Come on why isn’t High School Of The Dead session 2 available on the web yet.
    What the is going on?

  30. Kieran

    Every one just calm down you can’t all pressure Daisuke Sato like that he is just one man so please just wait for da boobies yeah
    Saeko Busujima for the Win

  31. Chrstian

    look into triage x its good and getting a anime soon. When the monsoon hit a lot of his work on hotd was destroyed so he decided to work on his other works triage x and fire fire fire. cut him a break like its him and his brother doing it all. I don’t think the future is bright with hotd but if he decides to sell it or rebuild it he can kill of whoever he wants or etc. So the future can hold a lot of changes or not.

  32. Pete

    Still waiting………. would be nice to know when it will come out.

  33. brandon sookhoo

    maker it faster i am dying to see it. stop all other anime for now and make season 2 of high school of the dead now!!

  34. popi

    its ok but the physics in this show is weird

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