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«Deadman Wonderland» season 2: release date

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When does «Deadman Wonderland» season 2 come out? What is known about premiere?

Jinsei Kataoka’s manga has been successfully filmed as an anime story by producer Koichiro Hatsumi. Producers managed to create 12 episodes, which were combined into one complete Season. Series rating was high enough both in Japan and abroad. General feedback on the project was mainly positive with a few negative reviews.

It should be mentioned that the pilot episode of «Deadman Wonderland» anime was aired on its motherland in April, 2011 and in October the same year it was presented to OVA-film. The ending of the final episode has been widely discussed among the fans of the series. Since not all the characters were fully disclosed, it is suggested that soon the Season 2 of «Deadman Wonderland» will be aired. Release date has not been announced yet, but some Japan media predict the airing of new episodes at the end of 2013.

Unfortunately Manglobe studio , which is to implement manga as an anime series, hasn’t confirmed the production of new episodes yet. The requests of numerous fans weren’t satisfied.

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