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«Deadman Wonderland» season 2: release date

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When does «Deadman Wonderland» season 2 come out? What is known about premiere?

Jinsei Kataoka’s manga has been successfully filmed as an anime story by producer Koichiro Hatsumi. Producers managed to create 12 episodes, which were combined into one complete Season. Series rating was high enough both in Japan and abroad. General feedback on the project was mainly positive with a few negative reviews.

It should be mentioned that the pilot episode of «Deadman Wonderland» anime was aired on its motherland in April, 2011 and in October the same year it was presented to OVA-film. The ending of the final episode has been widely discussed among the fans of the series. Since not all the characters were fully disclosed, it is suggested that soon the Season 2 of «Deadman Wonderland» will be aired. Release date has not been announced yet, but some Japan media predict the airing of new episodes at the end of 2013.

Unfortunately Manglobe studio , which is to implement manga as an anime series, hasn’t confirmed the production of new episodes yet. The requests of numerous fans weren’t satisfied.

New information can be put in comments.

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  1. filla

    The anime series “Deadman Wonderland” probably will not have second season…

    • SeaTrap

      There will be a second season its announced they woman that made the anime was pregnant and had to stop doing it as soon she will be available she will start again so there will be a second season just dont know when!

      • 4gottenOne

        U r very right:)

        • joshskateforinspiration

          i sure hope so that anime is so inspirational i really do hope it happens.

      • Someone

        It gives me the creep that this anime was made by a pregnant woman… however, I still hope she’ll be able to continue it soon 🙂

      • darion

        Are you sure? Because its realm good and has tons of room to develop!

    • adam skiles

      i seen how they leave the island on a boat i have Eidetic memory so i can see it all when i like its like a video in my head the whole thing

      • adamskilesisaloser

        your a loser. never brag like this you will always come across as a loser. -_-

        • adamisfullofshit

          and besides, the highest age group of people with eidetic memory are 12 year olds… sooooo

          • Deadly leech

            if one does have eidetic or photo memory it comes with a price. usually autistic traits such as not understanding others ( feelings )
            sooo adam you are FULL OF B.S AND F**K YOU

          • Sin

            This comment is for Deadly leech
            Speaking as someone who is autistic not all of us are emotionless and your insulting and vulgar comment just shows how little you really know so before lashing out at others why not take there emotions into account else seem a hypocrite


    • alric

      Well I just watched a 13th episode so I think its in progress or something to that effect

      • ThatOneGirl

        Ohmygosh. Give me a link?

        It might’ve been the OVA tho

    • Cgzero01

      Noo it was so good and originally characters were genuine horrifying and relatedable I would love to have it back idk why people love attack on Titan but not this

      • AoT+DMWL = the greatest thing ever

        i watch both and i think both are some of the best anime out right now

    • anonymous

      Its being brought back in tsunami I have my doubts but I believe that the next season will be on in 4 months or so.

    • maher zain

      it seems like shiro is the redman .but when ganta got to know that what will bw heppend.

      • EJ smith

        Shiro is the reched egg in the one episode u even see here wereing the mask, but will someone pllllease continue this manga o just watched all the episodes and I wanna cry cuz there are no more

  2. Rita

    don’t expect second seasons…

  3. Mafuri

    Thats the spirit seatrap! we’ll keep hopin for it then 😀 it will rpobebly be released since the ending never gave answear to the boy nor the girl 🙂

  4. keon

    it would nice to have ar next season

  5. nel

    make a season 2 please!!!!

  6. cito

    season two please come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dead

    so what is latest news on the new season?

  8. The Capturing God

    if u want a second season u should go support it on the official website…

  9. 4gottenOne

    It was pretty obvious that shiro was red man…but they left many openings for a second season. For ex: mockingbird and shinji (dude with the blades) what was their relationship before deadman wonderland?

    • Oh Hopi

      The ova …

    • Robert hubbard

      In an episode it explained the red mab was shiros twin sister if you listened to the dialogue then you would have heard her say, my sister is re one with the sweet tooth.

      • Brandon That guy

        Shiro has a split personality which is when they say the lullaby stops she can destroy mad sh*t like in the anime dude the machine you see produces a song that keeps her in her calm cheery self she doesn’t have a twin

  10. john b

    seriously they must make a second season because the first didnt end well……as a matter of fact it ended up pretty f*cked up!!!that as**ole became the head of the prison and many other things were left unsolved….they should at least release an ova to explain what happened afterwards!

  11. Mystery boy

    It would be a fatal mistake to not have a Second Season of Deadman Wonderland…Deadman Wonderland tells and shows the negative and positive side of life…giving birth to the Justice among systems. The goal of which to never give up no matter what stands in your way,which runs deep in Ganta’s vains…Deadman Wonderland MUST HAVE MORE EPISODE just as the manga continues….Not just 1 or 2 seasons…There should be as many EPISODES as in the chapters of the manga!!

    • kalman lucacs

      i agree matey

  12. pet

    When well there be a second season i keep waching the first seson foron 2011 until now and a go madeee i want to know what hpens next but i want to wache not read the manga i goo crazy whit hops it s*cks that good anine

    anime that i enjoy end its live a spce in my heart i relly love this show pleash dont roen our hope

    • huh


    • masalo

      you speak like a retard I suggest you return to school and reeducate yourself

  13. woodpecker

    This anime needs season two, we still dont know the details of Shiro – Red man, who is Shiro actually, whats her connection to Deadman Wonderland, why does she have those things on her hands…?

    • shiroo

      well i recommend you read the manga cuz everything will get clearer..they shoulnt have ended the season that way there are tons of details they didnt mention and damn it they must create another season to clear things up.i highly recommend the manga its much better..

  14. Edward

    I really, really hope there will be a second series of Deadman Wonderland!

  15. Shiro!

    Ishhhh! 🙂

  16. giankas

    i’m sure they will make a second season, i mean, these guys will sooner or later realize the potential of these series and i believe that a second and last season equal or maybe a little better than the first will make it a worthy anime to be seen

  17. Zach.


  18. Chris

    This has some extreme potential to take off in America. Another season would be worth it and this anime could explode like others have in the past. Dont drop this project over 1 season, this has the ability to be ongoing.

  19. Nicole

    It’s already 2014 and i’m hoping for a 2nd season :/ *fingers crossed*

  20. graggy

    fans: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ more episodes
    producers: nope

  21. mike

    a seconds season would clear things up!

  22. Blood Shadow44

    I really want the next season of deadman wonderland to be released so I can watch the cr*p out of it and love it.

  23. animefreak87

    I want and need to see a season 2. I own and have read all of the Deadman Wonderland manga. They need to make season 2 soon. Its driving me nuts waiting

  24. adam

    I missed the original airing of DEADMAN WONDERLAND on [AS] while I was away with the military, and I recently got to watch it. It turned out to be a great show but I am disappointed with how it wasleft hanging. They are sitting with their legs through the rails looking at the Ferris wheel. I’m nearly positive I know who the RED MAN is but I want the entire story!!! Very hopeful for season two

    • woods 861

      Read the manga you’ll get all the details missed out from the anime

  25. Ethan

    I hope they continue the anime…
    I loved it all the way through, BUT THAT ENDING LEFT SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!!! ;-;
    Please continue the series <3

  26. andrew

    I Loved it i watched it all in 1 night started at 1am didnt go to bed untill 9 am and i tell you what best anime i have seen in a long time i feel its right up there with attack on titan

  27. kalman lucacs

    love the anime and the opening sound track deadman wonderland remindes me of battle royal but greater the animation is up there with the best i know there will be another season done

  28. MARUTA

    i recommend all of you, to just read the Manga it is amazing one of my favorite. Last year the story ended but I think it has the potential to make a second season but a reboot would be the best with the same voice actors.
    It really needs a treatment like FMA B.
    It is just so sad that a lot of shitty Manga can have anime adaptation while others with interesting characters and great story like Deadman Wonderland can’t.


    Hi , I’m From the Future , There’s No Season 2.

  30. SadTruth

    In the anime, they left out a incredibly crucial character to the story line. Without out that character they would have to completely rewrite the series to accommodate that characters absence. Unless they were to somehow just shove that character in somehow, a second season would probably just piss off the fan base due to the rewritten story.

  31. woods 861

    In agreement with a few people they would need to redo
    the anime so far mainly due to one character they missed out so I definitely suggest reading the manga it is bloody fantastic , I did like the anime as well but missed out a lot or changed too many things for me to choose the anime over the manga on this one

  32. ThatOneGuy

    There is NEVER going to be a season two people, ALRIGHT?!! :I

  33. Ali Murtaza

    Why they are not releasing season 2

  34. Akri

    Call me akri. But my real name is david ok… heres what i want to know, if season 2 of deadman wonderland already came out why cant i find it on netflix. Its pissin me off that i cant find that sh*t man. Sorry for my language but im seriously tired of all these brief endings in all these anime shows. I really have been getting tired of it though because it really isnt funny at all. F*ckin japanese people wont finish making one show.series before they f*cking start another one. YO NO ONE LOKES THAT SHIT DUDES. Japanese or not idc but its complete bs. I want to see season 2 of deadman wonderland bros. Whats takin so long. . AAND AFTER HIS IM GOING TO BE A COMMON WRITER ON HERE. SO GET USED TO IT. D-BAGS!!!

    • Ven

      ^ Umm… Okay? I guess they have not made another one because of it’s ending, though it is a perfect chance for it to continue. It may not come out because they broke out of the prison, which was the last scene when Shiro was shing next to Ganta. When he said “I don’t know why the Red man knew that song”, he probably caught on. Since Shiro said “Ganta’s mother sung it to us”. Meaning only they know it. So they might have left it just like that. A reason for it to continue, is because maybe Ganta and Shiro could confront others like them outside the wonderland, and then form an attack against is, In the 11th episode he said to Yoh’s sister “I will come back and free you”, then ran off. This could mean he and Shiro are out shearching for others.
      But an over-all conclusion is that the Mockingbird has more behind him. He can’t just be know as a guy that copys others, and no true story behind him. Not only that, but there are more than just those few inside the prison, they have to still be collecting Deadmen. So season 2 (if realesed) could be about the other character’s lifes before, or about Ganta finding out the secret behind Shiro, or and attack against Deadman Wonderland.

    • The Man Who Never Forgot About You AKA Hollowfied always lost but never forgotten

      Hey, Akri AKA David. Do you still feel this way? After almost a decade I still very much wanna know. Its killing me with anticipation to know. So if you still do know please let me know. Hope you’re still not festering with anger all this time and those D-BAGS haven’t got you with more of this. Hopefully the japs learned their lesson with your review on this illustrious website. Hope this finds you well! Love and Kisses XOXOX.

      -The Man Who Never Forgot About You AKA Hollowfied always lost but never forgotten

  35. zero

    Listen don’t end it like eureka seven AO ok make a second season please.

  36. Shiroisbestpony

    So does anybody know if for sure they’ll be continuing Deadman Wonderland, I just got done watching the series on Netflix and I want to see it continued.

  37. leaveadamalone

    Y’all are some haters and need to calm down.. He was probably joking. Seriously y’all need to relax haha. Damn cyber bullies.

  38. johnny

    How long has it been since the series has been on hiatus ?

    • vamix

      3-4 years

  39. johnny

    And what exactly is the reason why the series has stopped ? Because others have given numerous reasons that just doesnt add up

  40. Beanz

    I doubt there is going to be a second season because if any of you have read the manga you would know that they didn’t mention some characters that were needed.

  41. Charity-san

    I love Shiro.. <3 C;

  42. tehlilonion

    12 episodes? They made a thirteenth….

  43. Someone

    2015 and still no second season….. Sad face

  44. kiba ftw

    I really want there to be a second season plz

  45. Adrian lofter

    They need to come out with a season 2 we have yet to fined out what reason shiro is in deadman wonderland & why she made gonta become guilty in the murder of his classmates and his beloved friends..It makes no sense on why they would stop with just one season.


    I think they should bring a season 2. They left a few cliffhangers for us like the fact that we still don’t know why shiro/Redman killed Ganta’s friends and left the blame on him. Along with the fact that we don’t know senji’s history with toto/Mockingbird. I hope they bring a season 2 or an OVA either one could help explain uncovered events that didn’t occur in the first season.

  47. ganta

    season 2
    needs to come out
    there is episode 13 I am about to watch it in a little bit I had it look up and exit it so I got to find it again

  48. the dude

    Real pissed off, just finished the show 12 episode total cliff hanger and 13th episode seemed to just be thrown in there with no future or past explanation. Really like the show they need to get their s**t together.

  49. thekid12456

    Mee to it was totally the sh*t but I need a season 2 who the fu**Ing redman

    • Beanz

      Read the manga weeaboo.

  50. popi

    really that anime just ends like that, that is one thing I hate in anime when they just end it on a cliff hanger ugh I cant believe it its like ouran and freaking fruits basket just why don’t they just finish the anime with a ACTUAL ending please…….. plus Tokyo ghoul all the way

  51. Eli

    Great show!! we need a season 2 pleassssssssssssssse!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Cris

    Please make another season I’m so tired of getting hooked on great anime series and they all thee sudden stop airing. I am a big fan of deadman wonderland

  53. hellyeah95

    From my understanding it is unlikely they will have a season 2 due to straying too far away from the manga.

  54. Tristin

    I am 13 I have been waiting for 2 years and have now lost hope in season 2

  55. dan

    this anime/manga series is very nice, but misconceived. they way the show goes, she has it so the set up of who people are, what their abilities are and who all is a part of it all comes first. then everything that shows how they got there is afterwards, to try and give a greater understanding. especially showing how ganta and shiro were childhood friends, but you didn’t know until later, and you can tell there is a connection between both their abilities by knowing that gintas’ mother was a scientist/doctor.

  56. mikeltosti

    No words express the anger/frustration. I would literally would impregnate this woman just so she could be pregnant and do another season. Cause, at this point I feel this is the only thing that could make it possible. Please give me satisfaction.

  57. Deadman Wonderland

    change [.] org/p/manglobe-inc-make-a-second-season-for-deadman-wonderland?recruiter=353214208

    Please help us sign this petition to GET BACK DEADMAN WONDERLAND FOR SEASON 2!!!!!

  58. Kevin Franklin

    This needs a 2nd season because let’s be honest the show could’ve been better in some ways but the storyline is some kid who saw his class slaughtered and he was framed 4 it by a guy who gets his kicks on framing kids, having people killed by the hundreds or thousands 4 the entertainment of others and having freaks fight so they don’t have a body part removed by a sick surgeon the way it ended the kid vaporized some psychopath and put a big hole in the wall and walking 2 a ride without bringing the scumbags 2 justice that’s why it needs a 2nd season.

  59. John

    Where’s season 2? Cmon this anime is amazing, I’ve seen less go farther in seasons.

  60. Keidis G Garancoschie

    2011 was the last episode, seven years have passed. I don’t care if another season comes out or not, just don’t leave me in the dark about it. I want a solid answer, yes, no or even a date would be enough. Just. Please tell me something.

  61. future f*ck up

    this is from 2019 , season 2 come out today

  62. 0zahin0

    yessssssssssssssssss the dead man wonderland finaly i can tell my brother that it is coming out

  63. Electorine

    I doubt it’s ever coming out at this point, so many years have passed.

  64. its never coming

    well its 2018 now lol so i dont expect a new season to ever arrive

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