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«Justified» season 6: premiere air date

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When will «Justified» season 6 premiere? Renewed or canceled? What is known about new episodes and final air date? Show must go on!

TV-channel: FX
Pilot episode: March 16, 2010
Developed by: Graham Yost
Based: «Fire in the Hole» by Elmore Leonard

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.16 million U.S. viewers
Season 5 Episode 1: 2.84 million U.S. viewers

It has been confirmed the «Justified» TV show is closed after its sixth season. John Landgraf informed media about its seventh season, which was previously envisaged.

However, the constantly falling rates at the beginning of 2014 made the show impossible to be renewed. The producers stressed on their being proud upon the length of series broadcasting period, but the storyline should be logically finished after the sixth season.

As for the ending itself, it will be logically completed and will amaze every fan of the show, Nick Grand, the FX president has noted.

«Justified» season 6 premiere – [January 2015]

Do you approve the given decision? Maybe it is too soon for the show to be closed?

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  1. Sandy

    One of the best show on TV. I really do not want to see this end.
    Maybe if you advertised it more, you would get more viewers.
    Mr. Oliphant is fantastic and the acting is superb.
    Please reconsider.

  2. jane

    so sad, really love the show and all the characters. would liked to seen Oliphant be a happy dad. he is a great actor as all the actors are great. Can’t say I hate or dislike any of the characters, root for everyone on their different levels.

  3. Jean

    Great show hope you will keep it up and stay on the air for many more seasons. Need to make the new seasons available unable to get anything ofter season 4.

  4. don

    I love this show and the writing is awesome, its the only night I stay up to watch.. if you would advertise it more I know you will get more people to watch…

  5. Fred Roberts

    Absolutely LOVE this show, never miss it! PLEASE advertise it more to attract new viewers.
    Do not cancel this great show!!!

  6. tom

    Please do not cancel this show! Put it on A&E or advertise it more. I just now found it. Come on give it a chance. People will love this show. they JUST have not seen it yet. ADVERTISE OR CHANGE THE TIME. DONT CANCEL!!!

    • Arnie

      The creator of the show is ending it. It is not being cancelled by network.

  7. Jamie

    I love the show… I have watch from the benging PLEASE DONT CANCEL!!! just pick up the story line…

  8. Connie O'Roark

    absolutely the best show on TV. I was disappointed that it is only going to run for 6 seasons. The stories, the acting. The interaction between Raylan & Boyd is fabulous. 2 of the best characters developed in the history of TV, as far as I’m concerned.

  9. monique wallis

    greatest show on otherwise dismal tv, please do not cancel

  10. tammi t

    ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SHOW ON TV! I cannot say enough about this show. Great characters, great storyline, this show has everything. I agree with others that this show needs more advertising. This is the only show I will stay up to watch because I absolutely do not stay up beyond 10:00 p.m. PLEASE DONT’ CANCEL!!

  11. Sandi

    My husband and I love this show. Please don’t cancel it!!! I agree with others, it was never advertised much. We just finished Timothy Olyphant in the three seasons of Deadwood. It was a great show and yet we never heard of it when it was accutally on. Friends told us about it and sooooo glad they did.
    Sandi and Jim Vane

  12. Deb

    I only discovered “Justified” this year and that was because I was trying to see everything
    Ron Eldard had been in. I just have basic cable so I never would have heard about it unless elsewhere advertised! Don’t even like violent tv shows but the acting, writing and chemistry is
    so good that I just cover my eyes/mute the sound when it gets gross! Glad to hear there’s a sixth
    season (waiting to get season 5 from library…). Please reconsider cancelling. How can people watch it if tey’ve never heard of it???!!! DLB

    • GM

      I agree completely! Not a big fan of the violence, but it’s easily overlooked. I had no idea the show even existed until we had some friends tell us about it. I absolutely love the show and can’t believe they’re considering cancelling it

  13. A.J.

    I’m a big fan of this show. The writing and acting is really good. The characters are interesting. The story line is unique. I wish it had been marketed more effectively.

  14. Colleen

    FX is becoming notorious for dropping good shoes. Justified is one the best shows there is to watch. Getting excited about Season 6 and hoping the producers, FX and the team of actors can continue to make a Season 7. It would be a shame to take such an award winning program off the air.

  15. GM

    This was our first season watching because we had heard co-workers raving about it. Thought we’d give it a shot. Now, we record the episodes and watch on Friday nights when we can relax, and enjoy with an adult beverage. I love our Friday nights w/ Justified. And now…you’re going to end it? Please reconsider!

  16. Steve

    One of the most innovativge and clever tales of good, bad, and ugly ever presented on TV. It’s as if Raylan is a good guy by default, as he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. That he has become any kind of successful lawman is just short of miraculous in spite of his family history. He’s a hero looking for his legacy as he looks for an identity of kindness in an extremely harsh world, a place he can fit in, whenever he stops chasing his own tail. Hope he finds “there’s no place like home” with his true love and child before the world finds a way to end him. Thankfully, his fellow officers offer such strong support along the way. As for Boyd…the kind of cat who always seems to land on his feet, but never on solid ground. Great viewing!

  17. MaggieC

    I will miss Justified, but if it is cancelled give it a good ending, like The Shield had

  18. robert

    Absolutely the best show on television. PLEASE don’t cancel it. Smart writing and great acting. fantastic show.

  19. NanC

    Love Justified so much and everyone I have told about it loves it too now! Raylan & Boyd are a great team and love the stories and interaction between the characters. Please do not cancel this wonderful show with a wonderful cast. Looking forward to many more seasons. You can make this TV show work please keep it on.

  20. Chuck Frady

    This is by far the best, most innovative show on TV today. Oliphant is the most exciting actor–male or female–on TV today, and all of the supporting cast tops most of what else can be seen on TV today. Likewise, there is no better writing than that on this show. There needs to be more advertising of the show, not just on on FX but on the major networks. This show is just too good to be ended!! Please (1) do not write an ending to the series at the conclusion of season six until you (2) advertise the hell out of it on the networks while (3) writing season seven to see how the results of (2) have been so the writing for season eight can begin. You have a gem–don’t screw it up!!!

  21. R T

    Best show on T.V.! Timothy Oliphant is the modern John Wayne. Please don’t cancel!!!

  22. Nick

    Justified has the best storylines on television today. The acting is superb and the chemistry between the characters is great. That said, it’s the writing that keeps the show fresh. As an Elmore Leonard fan for many years, I appreciate that the show has stayed true to his vision. The dialog is snappy and smart and never speaks down to the audience and the actors delivery of that dialog is spot on. Character development is so rich and imaginative, something rarely seen on television now, that it keeps me coming back week after week. With so much trash filling the airways it would be a shame to take away a true gem like Justified.

    • Marzers

      Finally a show where we could say Hey, we know these people! Love it love it love it.
      Olyphant seems destined to play law men and what a law man he has played.
      Scripts excellent. Supporting cast, none better. Cant wait for this season. Please please do not go thru with ending it. We want more Harlan County, more Raylan, more Boyd, Ava, Art and everyone else.

  23. Nuts2catering

    Hey, you guys!
    At the creator and lead actor’s request the 6th season will be Justified’s last. Please don’t think the show has been or will ever be cancelled. Graham Yost and Timothy Olyphant have said at various times (over the last 5 years) that Justified would run 6 seasons. Their fear has always been they didn’t want to ever repeat themselves. As you can now see; last night’s finale made it clear that this season 5 was merely the first half of a story arc to be completed at the end of season 6. And what a story arc it will be! Right back where it all began: with Boyd, Ava and Raylan.

    PS: lest you think that ratings had anything to do with Justified leaving the air, the preliminary ratings for the season 5 finale were up 16% over season 4′s. Furthermore, Justified has a huge percentage of viewings via 7 day DVR. This should most certainly bring total viewers to well over 4 million.

  24. Josh

    Best show on television… Please don’t cancel the show the fans want to see a season 7!

  25. John

    One of the best shows to ever run on TV. Right up there with Deadwood, which is not surprising since many of those actors have had bit parts in both shows. But the common denominator is the work of Tim Olyphant. I’ll REALLY miss this show when it’s over. If the Dirty Harry franchise is ever re-booted, he’d be perfect in the role. PLEASE consider keeping it going beyond a 6th season !

  26. Homer Williams

    my wife and I love show. #1 to us. Wish it wouldn’t end.

  27. Ken

    I would love to see this show beyond season 6. I have 4 season’s on DVD and have gotten others hooked on the series–

  28. Michelle White

    I do not want this show to end. I have fell in love with the characters and the storyline. The show has been refreshing to me because I don’t watch a lot of TV. but you better believe on Tuesday night at 10pm, nobody walks in front of my TV. I wish they would reconsider and keep the show going. Who can live without Raylan & Boyd!

  29. barney

    this show is awesome.people don’t know what they r missing.i hope they change there minds and make season 8 or 9

    • Jen

      I have watched this show from the first season. I have absolutely loved this show from the very first episode!!! THE WRITING IS AWSOME! Raylan and Boyd are the perfect alter egos. Can’t decide which one you like better. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT CANECEL THIS SHOW!!!

  30. Sandy

    Love the series and have a whole new crowd waiting shared my four seasons of Justified have converted a whole new fan base

  31. dave

    one of the best shows on TV Boyd Crowder #1 man along with Raylan, can’t wait to see what they do next, wish the show was on for 2 hrs. instead of one . Its the only great show on Tuesday Night! I tell all my friends to watch it and text some to remind them.

  32. KATHY


  33. James Shannon

    Love the show and, one of the few, that I ever look forward to seeing each week. It’s on late, like The Americans, so a lot of people may not ever see it. Please continue the show.

  34. Gloria Payne

    One of the best shows on tv the actors are the best, why would you leave all the reality cr*p on and take off a show that is one of the best I’ve ever watched for god’s sake get a grip on reality

  35. Christene Fields

    why is it when there’s a good show it always gets cancelled and the cr*ppy ones go on forever. I love this show and look forward to every episode please keep it going.

  36. The Bern

    One of the best series in years, and just seemed to never catch on…anyone I guided towards the show, loved it, and didnt even know it was on…. One of those backseat gems.. I look forward to season 7… an dthat show, had some great acting, My kudos to the actors…all of them..and the writers.



  38. charles

    Dam I don’t want to see it close its so hard to fine a good show on tv and this is the best i have found now you want to end it come on let it stay on
    ever ch come up with some show to put on that is so dumb and no one wants to watch
    justified is the best show on tv please don’t end it

  39. bruce

    Started watching this show on amazon prime this yr finished all of the series and had to purchase season 5 this is one of my favorite shows I never heard of it til a friend told me about it. I wish you guys advertised it more and that it would nt end so soon

  40. Lacey Sheridan

    Justified is a solid show; the actors are engaging and the scripts are generally well written. If something as pedestrian as “Bones” can run for 9 seasons, you should be able to squeeze another few seasons out of Timothy Olyphant & co. I don’t know if it’s a budgetary issue, but the show would benefit from more extensive promotion.

  41. PJ

    Totally absurd!!! One of the greatest shows on television. Let’s change the day and air time before ending the show. Give it a chance at least.

  42. Rick May

    hate to see it leave, my favorite show on tv

  43. Ronni KameKona

    KEEP THIS TV SERIES GOING!!!! Why end one of the BEST ever TV series available in America? Also; I buy the DVD’s as soon as they are available. So far only season’s 1 thru 4 were available to purchase at Wall-Mart and Fred Meyer. Make season 5 available for purchase too. I hoped there was a Season 7, 8, 9, (and etc.); it is too good of a series to end. If anyone is reading these posts that has the power to keep it going, please consider keeping the justified series going!!!!!!!

    • Carolyn

      Buy at Amazon & get better prices.

  44. Chris

    This is the best show! I love the characters – Boyd and Raylan are so good together. Dewey is great. Art, Tim and Rachel are perfect! Please don’t stop!!

  45. Jack B Perica

    get better advertizing. do not end this show. this is a program i really like, and the main problem is that lots of people arent even aware of it. please keep it going. by the way same said for deadwood. it should not have ended either. left everyone hanging..

  46. Alan

    There is the cr*p on the ABC etc. and there are the adult shows such as Justified, Fargo and the bridge that leave the typical stuff in the dust. Putting a fork in Justified would be a crime.

  47. Carolyn

    This is my favorite show. They continue to renew terrible shows, like all those stupid comedies, year after year & good shows with a good story line, good writers & great acting get cancelled. Obviously low I crowd are controlling what’s on TV.

  48. Linda Rothwell

    At least give us a seventh season. It is one of our favorite programs. This includes an entire group of family and friends. Timothy Olyphant is outstanding. First saw him in Deadwood, another excellent show no longer around.

  49. Wanda B

    I really like/enjoy this drama & looking forward to season 6!

  50. jeannie

    I love this show

  51. Jeanine

    You have got to be kidding! What a great show. I’ve all the characters! Even the not so good. Not fair

    • Lynn J

      I can not believe this show is being cancelled. I love all the actors; although Raylan is my very favorite please don’t cancel the show advertise it more and more people will watch!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Toni

    i can’t believe they are canceling this.. it seems every series i get into cancels. not even worth watching tv anymore. This year alone on various networks, they have canceled good quality tv, yet they leave dumb ones on that i have no use for..eg The bachelor.. come one now. do people that look like that really need help finding other people? even SOA is ending.. What the hey???

  53. teresa

    I cannot believe I cannot watch him find out who really shot art.and him going to see his baby , and getting ava out of jail its not over yet I want to see more .this is one of my best night on tv when justified and Longmire comes on then there are bones .please don’t shut it don’t..i love this shoe been watch him since he was in rock starr show with mark walburg

  54. LYnn Harstad

    Please do not cancel this series.

  55. Steve

    Don’t cancel this show! Rayan has been ” reined in” too much. Let him shoot more like Clint Eastwood did. He’s a good guy and it is reassuring to see the good guy win. Good chemistry between him and Boyd. Ava needs a break….maybe happiness with Boyd.

    • Donna

      I love this show hate to see it end love Boyd

  56. George

    This is one of the best drama shows on tv. Should never be canceled. If it were advertised more like some of the poor quality shows on other networks it would have a growing audience. Great acting and fantastic dialog. You have to watch it three or four times to pick up all the innuendo.
    Please don’t cancel.

  57. robin

    I will miss this show very much. Unpredictable, great writing, great acting, great ensemble cast, fabulous guests. Love the rural setting. Maybe it can come back as a reoccurring movie. Grrrrr!

    Raylon is cool but Graham Yost is the man!

  58. Judy

    Do not cancel this show! You guys don’t advertise enough. And when you finally find it a couple of shows into the the season, then the season ends. What’s up with that? Love this show. It would really be a shame to end such well written and exciting t.v. Not to mention the acting is superb. Love all the characters especially Raylan. Please don’t let it go.

  59. Jeff

    Best show on TV. No other show even comes close. All the actors are outstanding. Do not be fools and give us a season 7. What can we as fans do, to keep this going?

  60. Carol Jean Curtis

    I am repeating everything everyone else has said. I love the show and wait anxiously for the next season. It is true that it is not well advertised because I really have to watch for it. The writing is terrific. I watch each episode over and over because the dialogue is too funny–love it, just love it: all the characters are perfect in their rolls and the setting is so perfect. You have really done a great job and what can you say about Raylan and Boyd.–the absolute best. I will be sad to see it go–wish you would consider a season seven. Thank you for such excellent TV.

  61. Paula

    This is one of the best tv shows ever made. Walton Goggins’s Boyd Crowder is one of the most complex, charismatic, electrifying characters that television drama has yet produced. The chemistry between him and Ava, not to mention Raylan, is palpable and never gets old. Olyphant’s Givens is also a superbly understated, suggestive, watchable character. The dialogue is great and sometimes brilliant, funny, memorable…DON’T CANCEL SEASON 7!

  62. joe karasek

    I love this show, I live week to week, to watch it. I haven’t missed a episode yet. Please keep it on. Raylan and Boyd are great. Ava’s not bad either.

  63. DagoSal

    Best show on TV. Please keep it alive..

  64. Shaun

    This fu*#ing sucks. Couple of the best actors in television business and an amazing show. Just looked it up to find out when it was coming back on and I find this sh*t. FX quickly losing a household of fans lately. Depressing

  65. kkgator

    Unbelievable!!! It never fails, garbage like Modern Family just goes on and on, whereas, really intelligently and entertainingly written shows like Justified have to struggle to stay on the air.
    I know nothing good lasts forever, but this is one show I could never get tired of.
    Every cast member delivers, consistently and strongly. Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins are two of the finest actors working today, in any medium.
    I will miss Justified when Season 6 ends. I will miss is very, very much.

  66. Nick Segilia

    Watched it from the first season. A great show and it amazes me that people got away from
    watching it. Love seeing the bad guys getting their just reward….

  67. Sharon

    Another brilliant series at its end ,seems none of the good shows stay around any more will be very sad to see this show end

  68. Ron Palmer

    Love this show. Wish it would
    Stay on longer. Make it happen
    Please. Thanks

  69. Don Townsend

    I was a late comer to show and was looking for something to ease the pain of losing Breaking Bad which i also didn’t find until the final year on Netflix. Where Breaking bad was a solid 10 out of 10 ,Justified was a 9.99 out of 10. Justified has millions of late comers getting hooked on it. like BB ,Justified has amazing actors and writing. What to you think you’re going to replace a show as good as this with. How many times are you going to pitch a no hitter and get a grand slam in the same game. Come on guys it would be crazy to end this show now !!!!

  70. R. Twine

    I have watched the show from it’s beginning. It’s right up there with Game Of Thrones. The acting is excellent and the story lines make sense. Mr. Olyphant has utilized this role to solidify his acting ability. All the cast is excellent but he came out of the shadows of some of his earlier work. Great, great job! Hope another network or even cable gets a hold of this. This is good TV!

  71. Bob Harp

    Hard to believe that this show is going to end with the 6th season. Great actors/characters of this show. Someone needs to start writing for all these people to do another show like Justified.
    Best show on TV—Hate to see it go.

  72. mikel amos

    please do not end this show ! it’s one of the best shows out there

  73. jay

    Maybe if the Emmys are good to Justified this year, they’ll reconsider.

  74. Deborah Teague

    I just love love love this show!! Really bummed to see this post. I thought that it would be good for at least 10 seasons. Just feel as if I were punched in the gut. Hat’s off to the whole crew, the writing, acting, and every part of this shows production is outstanding!! Everyone I know that has seen this show just loves it and can’t wait for more.

  75. judy

    great show please don’t cancel

  76. Gary Blue Shelly

    From the very start the Show won me over.Great cast great story lines .Every character has there own unique personality I never miss it if am not home will DVR it I have been talking about the shows greatness to whom ever would listen for years LOL When the show gets cancelled it will seem like a friend has moved out of town

  77. Rae Anne

    Justified is one of the BEST shows on television! The acting is top-notch. Timothy Olyphant is a marvelous actor. Please do more advertising, meet & greet, something. It would be a huge loss if it went off the air. Love this show.

  78. Tonya

    No it’s not time to end the show.
    Ten seasons won’t be enough for this story.

  79. Jim Guibord

    Maybe if they didn’t wait so long for the new season to start would help..

  80. theresa

    stupid to close/end the series…….one of the best on television…..EVER! Let more people KNOW times/channels…ie, ADVERTISE it……….and more will be WATCHING!!!!
    I am……

  81. Donna

    Please bring it back my husband and I love the show!!!!

  82. Adam

    Best show I have seen in a long time never missed a season we need more.

  83. Ann Bramer

    This is the best show on T. V. bar none! The writing, casting, directing, acting, etc. are simply superb. It is the only show I have ever bothered to look up for the start date of the new season. I can’t bear the thought of it’s being cancelled. I agree with the other comments that perhaps a little more advertising might help. Lord knows I do my best to promote it!!

  84. Barbara Hyde

    Please don’t cancel Justified, it has good writing, great actors, Timothy Oliphant, does such a great job. One of the best series on TV. I look forward to it weekly to watch this show. RECONSIDER YOUR DECISION, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  85. k allen

    Love this show my husband and me have watched it since it started hate that its not going to be on after this season

  86. Elena

    I’d love to watch a spin-off on Tim XD I really like Jacob Pitts :)

  87. Ginger

    Being from a small coal-mining town, I finally found a work of art in video format that is equal to D. H. Lawrence’s, “Sons and Lovers” in the way that it captures the intense pain of this type of existence.

  88. Patrick

    Being a resident of Lexington 65 years, and having practiced a lot of law involving cases in Harlan, I really appreciated from the very first show of the first season how much the writers tried to be realistic about names of places and features of Eastern Kentucky, even though the show is filmed in California. It is a great show, and so many characters are recognizable to many characters in the state’s history. Oliphant is awesome. The show where he stopped a bank robber by clobbering him and saying he knew the difference between road flares and dynamite was a hoot! The season with Margo Martindale as Mags Bennett, was an absolute spellbinding all-time classic, which I have watched over and over. Judge Mike Reardon has been an amazing characterization of several judges in this area. I have to agree with many others of the comments that FX really did a poor job promoting the show. It deserved better. It is excellently written and the show is a classic and deserves a ten season run.

    • jeanine

      ditto !!

  89. Mike

    It’s a shame that a great television show like this gets so little promotion that a very small percentage of the viewing audience even knows about it. I had never heard of it until I stumbled on it in amazon prime. That was during season 5. I started watching and it was like a Stephen King novel, I couldn’t put it down. Please, publicize this show and extend it. It certainly is deserving. Or find another network to carry it. It’s too good to let die.

  90. Ginny

    THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!! OMG! I have been glued to the screen ever since the first season. There is not one episode that I cannot say keeps you on the edge of your seat. FANTASTIC STORY and CHARACTERS – AMAZING!!!! Hope it NEVER ENDS!!!

  91. KatS

    So glad to hear that we get one more season.

    I agree with so many here that it is hard to watch a show when you don’t know it’s on, or when it’s on. I love this show so make an effort to keep up with those things but if I were not aware of the show already I certainly would not have found it unless I just stumbled across it.

    Its quality is far above so many others of the genre: writing, acting, pacing, everything. I will certainly be sorry to see it go, (This show so reminds me of home), but it’s been a great run and I have it recorded so I can watch it for many years to come.

  92. Brian

    A great show. One of the few left on TV. I hate to see it go.

  93. Alicia

    My husband and I absolutely love JUSTIFIED. Every actor does such a magnificent job. The story keeps you 100% interested. This is ONE OF THE VERY FEW shows on TV that has EVERYTHING. To cancel it without asking the viewers first just isn’t right. Would we trust you with a new series only to have it canceled without advertising your intent to do so? We were so looking forward to this new season.

  94. Jim Hightower

    An outstanding TV production!!! The fact that the powers that be, do heed the pleas of the viewing audience, is further testimony of their weak regard to our wishes!!!

  95. Harry and Linda Kingma

    Please! Do not cancel Justified. Best show on tv, You don’t advertise it enough and if you put it on the big channels it would rate very high but I know you won’t. But wow this show is so awsome and the acting is outstanding.
    Look forward to it coming on every fall and can’t wait for it to start. I am with all these other people. My husband and I found it by luck and have never stopped watching it. Please reconsider. We should matter. We never miss a show not ever and do you check to see how many tape on dvr’s? Ratings may be down because people have favorites on at the same time. Some times I have to put things on dvr but I never miss this show not ever.

  96. jeanine

    one of the best shows on would hate to see it end , abc. nbc.cbs have become old and stale and cheap , with all their “reality shabby tv”

  97. John & Sue Bears

    Completely agree with all of above. It’s not helping, here in UK, showing repeats at 1am on Mon nights. We have decided that we’ll try out The Shield just to keep watching Walton Goggins that we haven’t seen before.

  98. Sandy Perry

    I didn’t get hooked on Justified until a few months ago when I got Amazon Prime on my Kindle. I love it. I’ve watched all five seasons in a very short time and I’m hungary for more. I was devastated to find out that there’s only going to be one more season. Please reconsider. It’s a wonderful show.

  99. Gwen and Tim Mays

    Please don’t cancel the show after Season 6. This show is our favorite show. We love all the characters. Promote this show more and do more reruns between now and Season 6 to let new viewers get caught up. I’m still telling my friends about the show as so many are telling me they haven’t heard of the show.

  100. Linda

    We watched all 5 series and loved it, soo much we watched the entire 5 series again
    on Netflix. We always see something new and it is just as good the second time. Best
    Show on TV. , everyone I know watches it, but several record it because of personal
    obligations. Please keep it going.

  101. Kevin

    It has been a pleasure to watch Justified all these seasons…hate to see it go but I would tend to agree that the storyline…with all it’s inherent volatility, is ready to come to a close.

    Such a realistic show…accept interestingly enough for one thing…think about it…in real life…now be honest…..in real life…Boyd (Goggins is king!) would be dead or in jail. He is the easiest cold blooded killer to love in all of television. His time, alas, is coming. In my opinion it will be Boyd who dies in season 6…and probably at the hands of Raylan. Just my guess.

  102. Captzeos

    I have gone back to watch the first season of Justified because I wasn’t aware of it till the second season. The show turned into my favorite after watching it early on and to now find out that it is being canceled is really sad. All the people I have told about it love it and I’m sure they like myself are not being counted in the number of viewers. Sometimes I wonder how they come up with these viewer numbers.

  103. David

    Man this is my favorite show. I look forward to the beginning of each new season. The characters are spot on real, the acting is as good as any body could be, the writing is excellent. Each season is brilliantly thought out and characterized. Keep it going…..it will be disappointing to not see it on air any longer. How did the ratings drop off? I don’t understand….

  104. ck

    this is a great series and keeps you hooked for the next episode… if you know when it is going to start new season. Your audience ratings have gone down because TV series are so sporadic any more that people do not know when the ‘New Season’ begins. All the networks are on different schedules and network shows start season series at different times. I had to search to even remember what network Justified aired on because of the erradic schedules. If the networks would try to have some schedule patterns that could be followed by viewers, it would help us ‘tune in’. Since it seems a ‘season’ is now only 13 to 15 shows for most series, it should make it possible to have 3 or 4 times a year for Series ‘Start’ weeks.

  105. rick

    Best show on TV. The network is crazy to shut down the series. All of my friends watch the show and anyone that I recommend the show to has become a loyal fan. Maybe the network should put some money behind the show and promote it more.

  106. DJ br

    This is one of the better shows on FX. Indeed, it is the ONLY reason I buy satellite services. It is I’m my opinion that it would be a huge mistake I’d you canceled Justified.

  107. Jim larkin

    Justified is an outstanding show. It would be a Hugh mistake to end it. It is by far one of if not the best drama action show on TV. Do not cancel, I repeat, “DO NOT CANCEL” !!!!!!!!!

  108. Andrew

    I began watching the show late (2 seasons ago) and clearly it has to be the best show I have seen in years. I honestly hope it will continue.

  109. Catherine

    Justified is amazing!! The idi*t who decided season 6 should be the last should be fired!!!

  110. Sandy

    Are you seriously going to cancel it? I just found seasons 1-5 on amazon. I’m doing a justified marathon all damn week! This is the best show ever!!!

  111. mR jACK.

    A friend told us about it. Never saw any advertising and any promotion on this. Love the character interactions and the plot weaving and depth . Every action has a reaction and some kind of tie-in to a previous season or a season to come. Please do not cancel.
    FX you will be sorry for cancelling Justified much like other shows that were killed before their time. Looking back to name a couple, Star trek, and Firefly among many others.

  112. Ricky Kirk

    No I do not agree with Justified being canceled. With all the stupid, ridiculous things on television and you can’t market a show as good as Justfied. Come and give me a break!

  113. Angel

    The best show, please keep going. We even bought all the dvd’s we watch them all the time. It’s a great show. Great great great show.

  114. Jessica

    So sad to learn they are ending this show!!! Definitely the best on tv!!!! Can’t wait to see how they are going to end things.

  115. john s

    It is the best show on tv and I always look foward to next season hope it keeps going on and on John S

  116. John V

    Only discovered this show last month. Have binge watched 1st 4 seasons and am now into season 5. Even my wife, who usually doesn’t like shoot-em-ups, is into this show. Be a shame to see it end. Characters are well drawn.

  117. Darkojazz

    The show must go ON! Criminals never stop, Justice persuses !

  118. denise

    REALLY???? Not very many shows do I enjoy on TV, and you keep running those season after season, and one of your best shows you want to Cancel that’s insane. I agree the show must go on!!!

  119. Suzan

    Please Reconsider! One of the best on TV. Superb acting, storyline providing action, suspense, romance, betrayal and loyalty just to name a few. The “decision makers” should really rethink their decision. All you fans out there post on all your media sites. Hopefully our efforts will be JUSTIFIED!!!!!

  120. Tanya

    I am sad to see this show end. I have watched every episode and love them. The acting and story line is awesome. Please dont stop the madness… I love it!

  121. V

    don’t watch tv much. But I love this show. Seven sounds better than six.

  122. Marc Davis

    Absolutely fantastic show. I never miss an episode. Unfortunately, the network count viewership as those watching the show when it is broadcast and do not take into consideration those that have DVRd the show or, like myself, if I cannot make it home from work in time, watch the show the next on Charter Cable’s free prime time tv – lets you watch the last few episodes of the most popular tv shows on each network.

  123. Hp

    Please keep it going. Agree more advertising the show.

  124. June

    I really like this show. One of my very favorite. Hope they change their minds and continue the series.

  125. C

    Best show on TV!! Please don’t cancel. Great stories, great acting.



  127. Steve Price

    One of the top ten ever on tv, far above the norm in every way. No-one can watch this show and not get hooked. Whatever is wrong with the ratings has nothing to do with the show. A series like this has happened rarely in the history of television; anyone dumb enough to give it up without a struggle was never going far anyway, seeya.

  128. Christina

    My husband, son, and I all love this show and we have watched it from the beginning. We have aa of the seasons on DVD and we are so sad that we are only getting 6 seasons of this wonderful awesome show. I myself was raised in a small coal mining town and this show stays so true to the culture & lifestyles. The show reminds me so much of my childhood that it is almost scary. The understanding and insight into the lives and minds of people who live in these is truly remarkable as well as inspiring and inspired. I also love the fact that the Boyd Crowder character is extremely intelligent and cunning which is not characteristics that are shown in characters from this part of the world.

  129. debbie

    what will it take to keep this show on ? my husband and I love it

  130. Mike

    This is one of the best shows I ever watched on TV. Please reconsider the canceling of Justified, or I will have to send Marshall Givens after you.

  131. Randy

    I can’t believe they are ending this show. It was what I lived for getting to see Rayland and Boyd battle it out every week. Two super good actors. I hope something happens to change your minds cause I would hate to see it go.

  132. Norvil

    I have watched every episode of Justified. It is one of the best shows on TV but like a lot of shows it don’t get the publicity that it should. I was born and raised in Appalachia and it is a pretty true depiction of life there. Too bad the networks like reality shows that are really staged better than good drama shows.

  133. Dave

    Great story line Great writing. Cross between western and detective show. Very good actors all.
    I would like to see this right after Hell On Wheels, that would be A great evening to watch TV.

  134. Karen

    Please do not cancel this show! What the heck????? We all love this show. It is our Favorite!!!

  135. arthur

    A true follower since day one. Would love to see justified on for many more years. Please reconsider for more seasons, 6 is not enough. Keep up the great work.

  136. di

    Waiting for season 6. Don’t want to see the best show on TV to end.

  137. ellen

    you must reconsider ending this show. this is one of the best shows I have ever watched.
    I am stunned that you have decided the 6th season is the end. That’s just plain nuts.

  138. Connie fox

    No,no,no! I’ve gotten a lot of people to start watching it, none of them had ever heard of it!
    The writers are awesome! Great stories, very edgy! ADVERTISE! Timothy is a riot on talk shows! But a real cool BAD A*S no nonsense guy on Justified! Gonna’ miss you Tim. (sniff-sniff)

  139. E.Console

    best show Ihave ever watched cant under stand how the good shows get canceled and the junk stays on year after year

  140. LA

    Going to miss this show as I have really enjoyed the seedy side of Raylan Givens, am hoping that the show doesn’t get cancelled, I like the boldness of all the characters. It reminds me of
    my western shoot em up movies. I just love a good western. It also reminds me of a modern day McCloud. He was always in trouble with the boss too! So if Raylan rides into the sunset
    in his Lincoln towncar I will know he died with his boots on. Justified.

  141. Ginger

    My husband and I have followed Justified from the first show. To do this has never been easy. It has always amazed us that Justified was never advertised with any regularity on other stations. Opening of the new season always seemed a big secret even when you went to the official website! Dates weren’t published until the last minute. So the Justified has succeeded in spite of the so called marketing team. We’ve purchased every season on DVD, and have our preorder in at Amazon for season 6.

    One last thought, why not show reruns like the network does for NCIS? You guys need to hire a new marketing firm. The current one doesn’t have a clue!!!

    • Curt

      Ha Ha,you go girl!! I definately concur!!!!

  142. Don F

    Such a shame every time a good show gets aired the always cut it short, This the best true to life show to hit TV in years and all you can do is think about ending it, Most shows today are not worth the lost time in a persons days to set and watch them. I will hate to see this one gone….

  143. Randy

    Best show I’ve seen in a long time!!! Better than all the reality shows

  144. Curt

    I’ve actually watched All 5 seasons and lemme tell ya what,I do admire Timothy Olyphants acting,he’s sarcastic,funny,arrogant(mildly) and you couldnt have picked a Better Person to portray Raylon Givins!!! Absolutely All the characters in the story just Absolutly Fit the parts!!
    For ya’ll to Even Consider cancelling is an Outrage to say the least because these people are right,ya’ll Really didnt advertise enough!!! And to put such an Excellent Show on So late was really Unfair to its fans and the public,maybe if it was earlier in the evening and advertised like “The Walking Dead” I mean come on Everybodys a zombie fan now….Another great show because of the story line!! Look at “The Last Ship” not even the best show on But Very Well Advertised!!!
    Just reconsider and advertise and also maybe have a ” Raylon Givins” marathon and advertise for a week about it,like everybody Else does!!!
    Look at Lucy and Desi,Still git advertised Today and Still get watched!!!

  145. Tom

    My Wife and I watch every showing and if we forget something or forgot where this pcerson came in or what he does or has done when turn to DVD’S or recordings. I told my Wife that season 6 will be the end of Justified, and if I or some one else mentions the word Justified she starts to say WHY WHY WHY and starts to cry. PLEASE DON’T TAKE JUSTIFIED OFF.

  146. Gina

    Seriously, it would be a shame to cancel this show. We so look forward to watching. Can’t wait got season 6 to start!

  147. Tom

    The history of this program the localty of the states represented has shown that each and every life had to be fought for to carry on to be fed to survive and never leave their heart and their way o life behind In understanding the script we are extinguishing the present but life can be continued to live on.

  148. Johnnie

    One of the best tv shows!! It is well written, well acted, and something to look forward to.

    I have watched the show from the first season, although my very favorite season was the one with Mags Bennett!! She was totally awesome, her acting chops were right up there with the best that entertainment has to offer!! I hope this show is not axed.

    Maybe we could organize something.

  149. bud

    Why would you cancel this GREAT TV Series? You(NETWRK) get a good show and than cancel!!Shams on you!!!

  150. ted

    one of the best shows don’t cancel this show.

  151. kcntexas

    Do not cancel show!!!! I luv it!

  152. Michael

    I NEVER miss an episode. With some of the mindless programming that keeps showing up on TV, it’s great to see a show with a plot and unpredictability. You just never know what’s next!
    Please reevaluate this decision and KEEP Justified going!!

  153. GNO

    The show would be much more popular with more exposure and accessibility. Why isn’t it available via on demand, Netflix or Hulu?

  154. Nancy

    There is so much junk on TV it infuriates me that when a quality show gets cancelled.
    Justified is one of about 5 shows I watch religiously. The rest of the crap on TV you can

  155. LaMona

    We love this show…. please have a 7th season and an 8th and so on

    • Rona

      I agree LaMona.

  156. mark

    Are you kidding me?? This is one of the one of the few shows we watch regularly. We started some time in season one when we found it by chance. We own all 4 seasons on DVD and will buy the rest when available. You put it on late (we DVR it), don’t advertise aggressively and make it a short season (9-13 episodes over a couple of months) when other series run for most of the year (NCIS, NCISLA, etc). It’s hard to get really into a show when you have to wait from March/April til next January to pick it up again especially the way the story flows from episode to episode with out forgetting things and missing details yet we’ve done it. In spite of all these disadvantages you’ve given the show it’s done well and clearly has a following. Keep it!!

  157. Anne

    A latecomer to the show; however, I am catching up on all the episodes. Don’t understand why it isn’t a HUGE HIT a la “Breaking Bad.” Acting & writing are superb.

  158. Barbara

    My husband and I had never watched Justified until I bought the first two seasons at Target because we were planning on staying in for the ice storm that was coming our way. After watching those episodes I bought seasons three and four. We watched nothing but Justified for several weekends and week nights, absolutely fell in love with the actors and the story line. Anxiously awaiting for season 5 to come out on DVD. Hate to see this series end, it is absolutely one of best series I have seen on TV

  159. Ed

    This is the reason why I hesitate to start watching TV shows. Everytime I love
    A show it gets cancelled. I absolutely love justified.
    I can’t believe that they would cancel it.

  160. Mike and Debbie

    Don’t cancel. The best show on TV. My husband and I love watching this show. Always something exciting happening. Great acting, great stories. Please don’t cancel.

  161. Barbara and Rocco

    I cannot believe Justified is ending!! We love this show we watch all the reruns anytime they are on I even have them programed into the DVR. Very sad and unhappy it’s ending. We truly love the show. Please reconsider keeping it going!!!

  162. LaceyB

    We’re a retired couple but LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Heard about it from a friend… However, a lot of my friends have never heard of it. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL! Many people don’t have or can afford access to cable (FX). So advertising alone won’t help. Hey….NBC, FOX…..This show would be a goldmine for you but you must continue with Raylin, Boyd, Art, Ava, etc. ….best believable actors we’ve seen in a very long time. On the same scale with NCIS!

  163. Brenda

    I’m addicted. I’m never addicted but this one hooked me in . I too never want it to end.

  164. Sara

    Great show! Great writing and Great Actors. Of course it’s going to be cancelled considering what most people like now a days. Reality TV! Yuk! What a shame, really unhappy it’s ending.

  165. David Hemphill

    I find it very appalling and very difficult to except that such a great show is being canceled I have follow it religiously for the last five seasons and really look forward to the beginning of it every season totally disappointed. I truly believe it’s a great mistake but the decision makers are the one that has to live with it we are just loving viewers. The thing I like most about the show is that it was different than any show on TV the only show that come close to it is Longmire, again I must express my total disappointment.

  166. Rona

    I have to admit, I never watched until recently. I have watched the first 4 seasons on Amazon Prime and am dying to watch season 5. Sounds like it’s going be a long wait. But wait I will. I guess after season 6, my life will be over. I can die happy. LOL. Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins are amazing actors. They work well together. Wish it could continue on to 7th season.

  167. Ginny

    Absolutely love this show have never missed an episode! I was very upset when I heard it was not going to be renewed. I love the characters, the plots, the action and it keeps me wanting to come back for more. Please don’t cancel my favor show of ALL time.

  168. Ron

    Just started watching Justified a couple of years ago. Then got to the point couldn’t wait for the next episode. Loved the way the Kentucky kingpin spoke such proper English. Show was sort of like a hillbilly Breaking Bad. Hope it survives after season 6.

  169. April


    One of the best show on TV. I really do not want to see this end.
    Maybe if you advertised it more, you would get more viewers.
    Mr. Oliphant is fantastic and the acting is superb.
    Please reconsider.

    So sad, really love the show and all the characters. would liked to seen Oliphant be a happy dad. he is a great actor as all the actors are great. Can’t say I hate or dislike any of the characters, root for everyone on their different levels.

    Great show hope you will keep it up and stay on the air for many more seasons. Need to make the new seasons available unable to get anything after season 4.

    I love this show and the writing is awesome, its the only night I stay up to watch.. if you would advertise it more I know you will get more people to watch…

    Absolutely LOVE this show, never miss it! PLEASE advertise it more to attract new viewers.
    Do not cancel this great show!!!

    Please do not cancel this show! Put it on A&E or advertise it more. I just now found it. Come on give it a chance. People will love this show. they JUST have not seen it yet. ADVERTISE OR CHANGE THE TIME. DONT CANCEL!!!

    • wa cris

      I love love love this show. AT least have one more season! Advertise. Im a huge fan. It needs to go on netflix so people can catch up and get addicted.

  170. TxMom

    Please do not cancel this show. Advertise it more, change channels or anything, just don’t cancel. Have him on Letterman again. That seemed to help. David Letterman loves his show as do anyone who has seen it.

  171. Mary w

    We love this show. Really wish the decision to end would be reconsidered. Great show, just not enough advertising .

  172. Carol

    What a great series I cannot imagine it being cancelled! I agree there should be more advertising we only found it last season from friends who were fans. Liked it so much we got the last four seasons we are currently watching to catch up. This overall quality is never found on the big three or the garbage reality shows all over cable! Do not cancel!

  173. Bee

    “Justified” is a fabulous show. I love the characters and the chemistry between the actors. In my opinion each season got better, I don’t understand how you lost ratings. Maybe it is because the season is too short and too many months in between. I can’t wait for the next season, so anxious to see what Ava is going to do, is she really going to help Raylan or double cross him in favor of Boyd. Will Raylan take-out Boyd, or the kill each other in the end? Oh the anticipation is too much! I will miss watching Timothy Olyphant, what a fabulous, not to mention great looking actor!

  174. Annette

    Do not cancel this show! It is my favorite show. Advertise it more. I have asked many people if they watch it, but they have never heard of it.

  175. Rose

    Justified is the only show our family actually enjoy watching. Having spent time working, in that part of Kentucky that show looks so realistic. The writing and acting is brilliant, I think if the show was advertised more it would have more viewers. When I read the original author/writer of the show died I was afraid it would mean the end of the show.

  176. Cassie

    Justified is one of the best shows ever created, I truly wish someone would reconsider the cancellation of this show. It is one of the most interesting storylines I have ever seen. I would really like to see it continue.

  177. Sandi

    FX is crazy ape sh.. If they cancel this show. I have been watching since the first episode and will disown FX if its cancelled. Because why would I want to start watching another series knowing they are going to cancel it? This will be the last time for me.

  178. Bob

    Justified gave tuesday a whole new meaning and something to look forward to. No other program has never done that. I would truly like to see the show continue for at least 2-3 more seasons and then reevaluate. Please reconcider

  179. amy

    I can’t believe they are canceling it with all the cr*p on TV. It is a great show.

  180. insider

    Hate to spoil the suspense but Boyd and Raylon are brothers

  181. Richard

    One of my favorite shows to watch I hope y’all change your minds about closing it

  182. James Page

    One of the best shows on t.v. Maybe advertise more or try new time slot. I do hope you reconsider!

  183. Gale McClean

    This show is a favorite of many family, friends and co-workers. We talk about it often, like we did w/ Seinfeld; everyone comparing their favorite scenes and lines of dialogue. We’ll miss it terribly. One of the few shows that excites all age groups. Viewership may increase if the prior season is released on DVD earlier. Folks don’t have time to catch up on the prior season before the next season begins, so they wait a year and just watch the DVD. Anyway, thanks for this awesome show. Gale

  184. renay

    Oh No,it is my absolute favorite tv series ever!!!!Their just not enough advertising for this show. Darn,wish we could do something about it.

  185. renay shaddock

    So sorry to hear that .It was my very favorite tv series ever!!!

  186. Sue

    Agree, don’t cancel. I have been a fan since day one, and my family is now hooked. Please save us from Another reality show. I look forward to the added characters and forever changing story lines.

  187. pamm

    Please don’t kill off Boyd I hate crying he is the best

  188. suzanne

    I JUST discovered this show. I am watching Season 2 now. The writing is amazing. The relationship between Boyd and Rayleen makes the whole show. I LOVE when they work together. They are like distrustful family members.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not cancel this show!
    I discovered it through my dad. Never seen a commercial or article about it. It is a hidden gem.
    Big mistake to cancel.

  189. Judi

    My favorite show and the one I never miss. Please don’t cancel the show!

  190. Pat Grace

    I had to buy a new recliner because I spent so much on the edge of mine while watching one of the best TV dramas in many years. Please do not cancel this most interesting series and maybe believable beyond your expectations.

    Thank you,

  191. mike mcdaniel

    Justified is a Great show. Please do not cancel and since A & E cancelled Longmire please look into getting it on your network for a new season. Justified and Longmire are the two best TV shows on since breaking bad finished it’s run.

    • Ray Wright

      Agreed! Love ‘em both!

  192. Keven

    This is the best tv show ever made DO not cancel this show still way more to
    Come I have every season on DVD that came out ALL TIME FAVORITE

  193. sheila

    You need to have it advertised. I never heard of this show until someone told me about it. Then I was hooked. I have dvds of each episode. I’ve been trying to find out when this season is starting and I am so upset that it is going to end. I know there would be more people watch is it was advertised. Everyone I told is watching also. Love, Love, Love this show.

  194. Ray Wright

    Great show! And it’s being cancelled? With all the other drivel that’s on tv, they cancel Justified?? Really?

  195. Finnbar

    Best show we have ever watched. Please keep the drama coming. Awesome cast and story line.

  196. WALKER


  197. Everett

    Fell on this by accident, ended up liking it more than most shows on today. I think if this were on a bigger network, it would have a better audience. The redneck regular joe version of CSI. Great acting, great story lines, an unfortunate end.

  198. Vickie

    My boyfriend and I stumbled upon the show earlier this year. We LOVED it from the very first episode! We watched as many episodes/seasons as we could through our cable service and then purchased an Amazon Prime account just so we could get to the rest of them! I can’t tell you how many episodes we would watch each night- the writing is wonderful and the storylines really draw you in. We felt like we actually knew some of those characters! I definitely think this could keep on going a few more seasons, but I agree with everyone else- you need to advertise it more. PLEASE RECONSIDER!

  199. Diane

    Absolutely love this show. I have been hooked on it right from the beginning. Very good writing. Please don’t cancel.

  200. Ruth

    Watched this series from the very beginning and I loved every episode. The acting and stories are great, especially Timothy Olyphant. Your advertisor’s should realize the older class of people also spend their money on products. I beg of you, please do not cancel this program. Also I agree with Mike, A&E cancelled another great program LONGMIRE, THANKS ALOT.

  201. Ken

    Just what the hell do you think can replace Justified….
    wake up!

  202. robin

    i love this show. not enough advertisement for when show will be on. one of the best shows like sons of anarchy but that gets more advertisement. so if rates fell that is why.

  203. jean

    My husband and I watch very TV series together. This is one of our favorite ones to watch together. Please do not end this series.

  204. Linda Carson

    This is one of the few shows that my husband and I enjoy together at least give us an ending. I’m sure that there are many fans that feel the same. They are just to lazy to let their opinions be known.

  205. terry

    A great show . Please don’t cancel this show. Watched every show.

  206. Anna

    The best show and it is being taken off the air. I hope they rethink it

  207. Linda

    My husband & I love this show and have been fans since the beginning. Look forward to the new season starting. We are vey disappointed to hear it may be cancelled. Please don’t do it. One thing to note it seems to long in between seasons so I was checking when it will start & saw this note about it being cancelled. There are very few shows tat we look forward to and just wanted to give my vote to continue with the show.

  208. Pat Corley

    My husband and I really enjoy Justified, love all the characters. We hope that someone will find a way to keep this entertaining series alive for many more seasons.

  209. Harold Reedy

    I just found this show on amazon vidios and I have already decided that is one of the best tv shows i have ever seen. Please, please reconsider your cancellation plans. I agree with alot of the other responders that perhaps it was not advertized enought to get a larger following.

  210. Carole Gillenwater

    Love this show. Hate to see it end. One of the best series I have ever watched.

  211. Ladell Lewis

    Please do not cancel the show ,it is one of the best shows on right now.

  212. gayle mcelhinny

    If you have to cancel please rerun from the beginning.. There are a lot of people would like to
    see from the start.
    I would love to see again

  213. Denise

    I am really sorry this show will end. The acting and storyline was great and my husband and I really enjoyed it.

  214. Teri

    This is one of the most enjoyable shows on TV. There is something for everyone. I can’t believe it will end all too soon. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  215. Babita fisher

    Sorry to see this show end. Love the characters and acting. So hard to find good shows and when you do they get cancelled. Every year I wait for this show. Hope they rethink cancelling.

  216. Kim

    They leave the cr*p shows on & cancel the good ones

  217. Austin

    My whole family actually loves this show. The banter and one liners are EPIC. I was very sad to hear that this would be the last season. Every I know watches this show, it’s a shame that good shows like this go away, and we are stuck with the mainline shows because more people just turn on one of the main stations because that is all they get.

    It was a great show while it lasted

  218. Joann

    One of the best shows on TV, NOT much to watch on television these days that amounts to an hour not being wasted.
    I think if it was on earlier most have to go to bed early probably as on very late…can’t it be shown broadcast at a different hour, we’ve bought all the episodes. I would be sad to hear of this not continuing on……best show besides ” The Blacklist’ I don’t feel again wasting my time great acting and content as in Justified PLEASE figure something out to keep JUSTIFIED going.

    Thank you!

  219. Sharon Pope

    My husband and I both love this show. Best show on TV. We don’t understand why it has to end. Seems like every time a good show comes on where you love the characters, it’s cancelled. Oh yes we have to make room for one more reality show. Please keep this show on.

  220. mark

    final season ? that s*cks !!! it’s a great show and fantastic writing and acting. So many good shows have had their final season this year. with no promising new shows to take their place. it would be a shame if Justified ended prematurely. The ratings could possibly go up due to nothing else on ?
    the again didn’t the writer pass away recently ? maybe thats why Justified is having its final season ?

  221. bj

    Here we go again! Another great show bites the dust. The characters brought to life by the actors, is nothing less than outstanding. So disappointing to see this show end too soon.

  222. Steve and Judy Parker

    Just watched all episodes on disc. We never knew this was even on TV until now. The show has everything, characters are all great. Maybe if you advertise the show more, I’m sure many more viewers would love this show. We can’t wait until it comes back on. This is one of the better series on TV.

  223. Jr

    Can’t believe the show is being cancelled after 6 season Please Reconsider.

  224. Linda

    It’s a shame that the ‘ratings game’ doesn’t include serving the audience, the fans that support this show. I stumbled across it, became a fan. I know excellence and it can be hard if not impossible to find on tv. The fact that I didn’t know about it says this show is not appropriately marketed. Let me tell you how Showtime got people to sign up. They showed Dexter on broadcast channels. Teaser and a discount for signing up to Showtime. Worked for me. Before you go cancelling this show, try a new approach.

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