Nov 15

The Divide season 2?

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The Divide renewed or cancelled by WE tv? When does the new episdeos premiere in 2015? We have bad news for the fans… No start air date!

TV-channel: WE tv
Pilot episode: July 16, 2014
Creators: Richard LaGravenese, Tony Goldwyn
Genre: Legal drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.49 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 8: 0.28 million U.S. viewers

«The Divide» television series couldn’t manage to win its place on WE-tv in 2015. The viewers were waiting for the premiere date of the new season for several months, but the given information hasn’t been announced.

According to the data received, the show has been officially closed after its first season and the continuation isn’t planned. The reason for such drastic measures lies in the low ratings and the decrease of the viewers’ interest.

At the moment there is no information whether the TV-project will be put on sale, but according to experts, the acquisition of the rights for «The Divide» by the other TV channels is impossible.

So does the show deserve to be renewed or is its closing justified?

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  1. Teri

    It’s a shame, it was an amazing show!

  2. Rachel Walsh

    No! This is the one show that needs the season just to wrap the things up. Can someone save it? Netflix?

  3. Alicia

    I really enjoyed this show, please reconsider and give us season 2 in 2015!

  4. Thomas Z.

    Show ended on such a huge cliffhanger!

  5. Seth (Holland)

    Hope they can find another home for it…

  6. Mel1ssa

    I really liked The Divide and have been looking forward to it’s continuance. I’m very disappointed that it has been canceled.

  7. Ferguson555

    Sad to here it has been cancelled. Bring The Divide BACK!!!

  8. Jake

    Never heard of this show )

  9. WArDer

    I can’t believe this!! This show was different, engaging. I loved ALL the characters. shocked !

  10. Omar

    I hope it not true

  11. Garrett

    I am saddened to hear that the show has been cancelled. I love the show and was anticipating season 2. Maybe BET can pick it up, like they did Scandal.

  12. levonne

    the Divide was the best show on TV seriously I got my whole family watching and waiting for new season got to bring back

  13. Donya

    Its unfortunate that The Divide will not be returning, because it was absolutely amazing. I was looking forward to another season. What a huge disappointment!

  14. ️Patty

    Love this show! Was looking forward to new season. BRING IT BACK!!

  15. kiki maguire

    Well you know, WEtv has SO much other quality programming, I can understand why they just couldn’t fit this into the schedule. (sarcasm font) I’m sure the space will be well-filled with Roseanne reruns. MORONS.

  16. Trudy

    One of the greatest shows!! Give it a chance. Sometimes shows take off in their second or third season! So sad! I’m dying to know what happens!’

  17. Judy

    Clearly the public finds it hard to believe that our justice system doesn’t always get convictions right. What a shame another network will not pick up this incredibly well written fictional show that’s based on reality. So I guess we’re sentenced with more reality TV based on bulls##t!

  18. Lisa

    I loved that show!!

  19. Sara Brigham

    If there was truly a perceived “decrease in viewers’ interest,” it was probably because WE tv gave every indication that there would be a Season 2, and fans didn’t feel the need to stay engaged with the network in the meantime. (I think I speak for most fans of The Divide when I say it was the only series on WE I had any interest in watching.)

    I’m profoundly disappointed that this series was cancelled. I hope it isn’t truly “impossible” for another network to revive it.

  20. becky

    Best tv great job love told alit people please dont leave us hanging on that last show that just aint right

  21. dj

    Truly disappointed! Great show. I was a faithful follower.

  22. michele

    Such a great cast, interesting issues! Please renew or puck up on Netflix

  23. Ruby

    Sad – this show is cancelled. Just like these networks to always cancel the good shows – not to mention they never bring closure to the shows prior to the cancellation. Hopefully it will get picked up by another since WE doesn’t seem to recognize good television. As for the ratings – the show wasn’t on long enough to receive higher numbers.

  24. Ed

    This is the first show that I made the effort (effort??!) to rate after watching on Netflix – five stars – and then looked online to find out when Season 2 would be available. Very disappointed to learn it has been shelved and I can’t understand why. As many have said, it is gripping, the characters are interesting and the many strands of story hold our attention. It ended on cliffhangers rather than a single cliffhanger. Bring it on please.

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