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«Drop Dead Diva» season 7?

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Will «Drop Dead Diva» renewed for a season 7 or on the verge of getting canceled by Lifetime? Release air date is known? We need more episodes in 2015!

TV-channel: Lifetime
Pilot episode: July 12, 2009
Creator: Josh Berman

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.8 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 13: 1.78 million U.S. viewers

Will the television series «Drop Dead Diva» be extended for Season 7 or is it to be closed? This Lifetime project was closed two times by Sony PT Studio. However, after changing the financial model of the given drama and taking into account the fans’ requirements, the show should be extended.

Now the situation is completely different, as the final decision is taken: the sixth season, which is to debut on March 23, 2014 will be the final one, accordingly the seventh season isn’t planned.

The official announcement concerning the further producers’ steps has been already made and the main reason for show closing is the low ratings.

Will the television series be able to arise from the dead again and is it necessary?

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  1. Mario

    I can’t say I’m truly disappointed. The last few seasons have been rather ‘bleh’ for me.

    • Danielle

      What! OMG! I thought every minute of every episode was amazing!!! All the way up the the very final episode, I sincerely hope for a season 7; I feel I need closure lol But honestly Drop Dead Diva is my favorite show and I would be so on board for a season 7!

      • Deborah Quibell

        Me too love it! It’s funny, down to earth full of emotions really want to see season 7

  2. Sofie

    Please give it a proper sendoff and finally get Jane and Grayson together.

  3. Jared S.

    As long as they know that it is their last season, the show wont end with a cliffhanger, which is great news!

  4. Antonuetta

    I like Diva. I hope they give it a happy ending.

  5. Coppa

    Please don’t cancel this show. I hardly find any shows on tv I find entertaining and when I do they get cancelled for some ridiculous one. Drop Dead Diva is a great show.

  6. Larisa N.

    I really enjoyed this show but I understand the ratings that totally killed it.

  7. ann

    oh please give us season 7 its a great family show not many of them around these days way too many stupid reality shows that no one wants don’t cancel diva please

    • Lisa Therrien

      I love love love drop dead diva.. Every episode is great and the love of Grayson & Deb are amazing. They’ve worked so hard to get where they are so please we need more seasons of this show. It’s nice and funny and relaxing to watch. It has sad moments as well. It’s an Awesome Phenominal show. Even if you discontinue it from T.V please keep it on Netflix like wentworth and orange is the new black. Thanks

  8. Debbie

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they cancel it. They can afford to play reruns of Hoarders, Swapping wives and Grey’s Anatomy. They got rid of Against the Wall, Army Wive’s and to tell the truth I plan on not watching Lifetime again! I think you will be making a big mistake and we should all pull together and start another petition drive. Or, boycott Lifetime!

  9. Sandy

    I love this show!! Don’t take it away please!

  10. Nicole

    Oh, that is terrible news! I am Swiss, born here, raised her, and I watch the series EVERY WEEK online! Why do they want to cancel such a witty, funny and entertaining show? It has true spirit and is always the highlight of my week :-)) I would find it dreadful to see it go, I hope they give us at least a proper ending *sigh*

  11. Mia

    so sad. This is a great show and after all they have gone through extend for another season. need to see what happens with Owen and Stacy; as well as Grayson and Jane!

  12. Jennifer

    This is a GREAT tv show. Please renew!!! Great story lines and great actors. Entertaining and uplifting.

  13. Sheree

    I love this quirky little show! I know several others who watch it as well. Why take off another good show?

  14. Kimberly Stoker

    NO NO don’t cancel…. This show is so entertaining, very smart, and so very enjoyable…. Please reconsider- make seasons 7-8-9-10

  15. Karen Hebert

    I am so disappointed-this was such a good show and I loved the actors!

  16. Candy

    This is one show I look forward to watching each week. I hope that season 6 is not the end. There are so many more twist to unfold.

  17. Donna

    Please bring back Drop Dead Diva. It’s a very good show. Good actors and story line. Please don’t end the show. Please bring back Season 7. It’s so many horrible shows on the air that need to be cancelled and you all are canceling Drop Dead Diva. I know drama gets high rating and DDD is drama free. We need to start some where by keeping the drama free TV programs on the air and not taking them off. Keep DDD on the air!!!!

  18. kk

    Love this show. Truly sad that they are not renewing it. It is quirky, but entertaining and a welcome escape from the scripted “reality” shows or blood and gore crime shows. Looked forward to relaxing to watch it every Sunday night !! Please keep DDD !!!

  19. Faye

    Love watching this Show… Need Season 7 to see Stacey’s twins and Out come of Jane and Grayson… Thanks….. Love that DDD

  20. bailey

    I love drop dead diva. I love jane and grayson.. its crazy how they’re two totally different people now. Im going to miss watching this show. Although my favourite characters are probably Stacy and Terri. Its sad that we don’t get to see what jane and graysons life is going to be like or owens and stacys. it would be nice if there was a movie….

  21. sue

    please dont cancel this show love it love it love it one of the best on tv living in Ireland and one of my fav American TV shows pleaseeee xx

  22. Daisy

    No please don’t cancel the show is one of my favorite shows. Bring it back for the seventh season.

  23. Anand-Sara

    This is absolutely one of my very favorite shows! I look forward to it every week. It is cleverly written and the characters are so wonderfully likeable. I would hate to see any station cancel really good entertainment such as this show is. Another point I wanted to inquire about. I always DVR all TV shows, so I hope that that doesn’t count as not watching the show, does it?

  24. dianne

    Please keep this show alive! There are so few shows that can be watched as a family! Even the so-called ‘family’ shows on prime time are full of sexual innuendos or inappropriate ‘humor’. It’s sad that the ratings are low, but that shows the moral compass of too many TV viewers. Why punish those of us looking for…AND enjoying…a wholesome and amusing show? I’m afraid that this fun show will be replaced with drama, crime, blood & gore, s*xual content and other worthless viewing. Maybe it’s time to give up and lose my television…

  25. pauline

    i want more bring it back

  26. louise

    I really love this show don’t cancel it.

  27. Jjbb

    Waiting the next season. Season seven. We enjoyed the show. Can’t leave us without a season to wrap things up in their lives.

  28. dotty

    please please bring back drop dead diva and devious maids

    • Taina Alexis


  29. Melon

    I really love this show. plz dont cancel it.

  30. Lisa

    Just read that you are not planning to have a season 7 – figures – the only shows that seem to have anything enjoyable in them seem to get cancelled. This is one of the FEW (very few) shows that I plan for being free to watch! If your advertisers want my 30 seconds, it would have been during this program, otherwise the TV stays turned off! The “reality” shows are a bore – they are NEVER on here! There is so much of TV that is basically a “do-over” of things from decades past – Diva was refreshing, fun and engaging. Too bad Lifetime – since comparing “Diva” to the rest of your line-up – the ones left are quite lacking and are NOT on my “must watch” agenda – but hey – thanks for 6 great seasons anyway!

  31. Claudia Nishimura

    I look forward to every new season, not ready for it to be over. Hoping for another season.

  32. Jann

    I love Diva. I wish it would continue. This is a really good show with some drama, some fantasy, a little suspense and great entertainment. I hate reality shows and I’m not into most of the junk on TV. This was refreshing and a delight to watch. Don’t take it away!

  33. Taina Alexis

    Please don’t cancel this show 🙁

  34. Tricia

    This show is awesome! Please it is a wonderful show, with an awesome cast. It would truly be a shame to lose such a great show.

  35. marsha

    Ditto all the previous comments on the enjoyment of Drop Dead Dive!! I can’t agree more that, with a few exceptions, TV programing is a wasteland. DDD was a great show with the combination of the characters’ lives and courtroom drama – you could always count on Jane and company for good Sunday night entertainment!

  36. louse gunther

    please bring back my favorite show-have been waiting for date of new season

  37. Wendy

    Please please keep the show going I LOVE this show and have watched it since the very first show it can’t end now I know there has got to be so much more to add !! Let’s keep it going I wait all week to find out what happens next and months for a new season to start so we can see what Jane is goin to do next please don’t let it end now bring back the diva!!!!!

  38. Nicholas

    This show is great and it should not be cancelled for any reason this show is good and was only getting better to the end when the finally get together and I am pretty keen to see the weddings please keep the show going

  39. Mari

    Please don’t cancel this show. For those who wish to finally be happy in Life turn to this show for encouragement. It’s amazing

  40. Luisa

    DDD is a very good show with great values and new ways of defining what a woman is and her worth, it is not about how she looks, but the inner self. I was looking forward to a Season 7 and would be disappointed about not watching one. I think the fact that they took away her first angel hurt it a little bit, and about ratings, at least 90% of women I know watched it. In addition, their legal cases were taken from real cases and most likely bringing actual societal issues, you could learn from it.

  41. Suzanne

    We are sorry to hear there will be no more seasons. This was a fun, entertaining show…..wish you would reconsider and bring it back. Much better than a lot of the junk out there.

  42. Beckey

    I am so sick of them getting people to watch the shows and then they just pull them like Drop dead diva, Army Wives, Desperate house wives, The client list and many more. I am at the point where I am just going to stop watching life time all together and that use to be the only channel I watched. Maybe if people stopped watching life time they would put all the good shows back on.

  43. Sharon

    Great show why in the world would you take it off .Tv is bad enough something worth watching then you want to stop the show .come on

  44. Debra

    Please give us another season! I love it!!!!

  45. Debra

    DROP DEAD DIVA IS GREAT! Please don’t cancel!

  46. Kennedy

    Don’t take it away I love it

  47. Carla

    I loved watching the show Drop Dead Diva. This show was entertaining but I did not like how season 6 ended. It left the door wide open for a season 7. When Brittney/Jane came back because of the death of her mother and just as Jane/Deb was just about to tell Grayson the truth on who she really was. It left questions open on what would happen. Would Grayson accept the truth or think it was crazy and plus questions on Stacey/Owen and the baby situation. As well as Kim and her baby. So I loved watching the show even though the ratings were dropping but the final episode left me along the question why did it end the way it did. It left me wanting more and to see what would happen. Very disappointed about the show being cancelled but it’s not good to end with an opening for more.

    • Danielle Shafer

      I AGREE! They at least could do a spin off! Use “Ian;s” story as a background plot. If they did it for Jane, why not him? Switch networks if need be. …This s*cks!

  48. Esmeralda

    I love the show i can watch the seasons over and over again without getting tired of it I just watch season 6 on Netflix and was slightly disappointed that the main actor for Grayson was go for the last three episodes of season 6. I wish that Jane and Grayson got married with out Grayson in a new body but other than that I’ve been watching since the first episode aired and loved ever since. No offence I don’t like the new Grayson but I would absolutely loovvvee a season 7 of drop dead diva

  49. G, Wallace

    With very little “worth my time” to watch on TV anymore, DIVA was one of the very few I would take the time from my heavy home work load to just set back, relax & enjoy. DIVA was a Jewel in a box of ugly worms. So what are they going to replace it with ” Granny Serial killer”, ” How to Suffer While Waiting for the End of The World” or ” The Sewer Doctor ” ???
    People that throw away un-broken and lovely things are not very smart.

  50. Falan

    PLEASE make more seasons, I absolutely love this show!!

  51. mike

    please dont take ddd away i watch it every week yes im a man!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the show

  52. cheryl

    Love this show. I cried when I realized it was over tonight on Netflix. I think

    It was very entertaining and I wish there was more to..watch………crying at home. :_(

  53. Connie

    This show has so much more to offer and it would be a shame if it gets cancelled. We never even got to see Stacey’s and Owen’s babies. So few good shows on TV. I hope whoever makes these decisions will reconsider.

  54. Michelle

    I loved the series, all episodes!!! The producers need to keep airing the program. I would hate for it to end in 6 seasons.

  55. Tiffany

    Why can’t Netflix pick up this show? It’s hard to find good clean fun shows now a days. Netflix is the perfect media outlet to host such an awesome show!

    • Abby

      No! The show needs to continue! I wanna see Stacy and Owens wedding! And how their twins are doing plz don’t stop its such a good show!!!!

  56. Tamara

    Please don’t discontinue bring season 7 I want to see the twins. and Jane and Grayson start a life they missed out on

  57. Niza

    Please give us AT LEAST a 7th season to wrap up the show properly!!! We need a glimpse of Jane and Grayson’s life together (preferably finally getting married! LoL), and a glimpse of Stacy and Owen’s marriage… and the twins! The 6th season ended well, but that can’t be it! I need more. It will devastate me to leave the show without one more season.

  58. Al Lang

    Please bring back the show, beside my kids this show help me to feel positive and happy, some times at work people catch me smiling, I just say because of DIVA, please bring it back, thanks

  59. Irene

    Boy how stupid can a network be
    This is a great series I want it back

  60. Al dee

    Don’t do it! There’s nothing like it out there

  61. sue

    Please please please bring Drop Dead Diva back! I have come to the show late… having watched the first six seasons on Netflix in a matter of a month and a half! Love it! There is truly nothing like it out there! I have fallen in love with Jane and Stacey Owen and the rest of the cast. The plot is truly brilliant! Don’t cancel it! Or do bring it back!

  62. lhm

    No! At least the supposed small viewing audience deserves a closure episode!!!
    I love this show and want closure!!!

  63. Danielle Shafer

    NO! Thats ?!? What about the wedding? What about Ian and Jane? They can’t just leave the fans wondering if these characters moved on to happy endings, or if there is missed drama. At least a spin off for “Ian” would be cool. Keep all the same familiar characters we love, and add some new ones. I mean theres gotta be a story there since “Ian” now has to figure out a new life that combines Greyson, and a new beginning. I mean, its one thing to be a model, die, and wake up a lawyer. But die a lawyer, and wake up an ex-con. SO MUCH YOU CAN DO WITH THAT!

  64. private viewer

    All I can say is; more, More, MORE, …. PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Emily

    Lifetime needs to renew the show for season 7. The ended it with a cliffhanger. We don’t get to see Stacys and Owens babies, what is going to happen with Kim and her client she kissed, what is going to happen with Jane and Ian? WE NEED ANSWERS AND WE NEED DROP DEAD DIVA! Lifetime had cancelled too many good shows.

  66. Marian Boley

    I love Drop Dead Diva! It is my all time favorite show ever. I will be so dissappointed if it is discontinued. I look forward to it every season. I think more people would watch it if it came on earlier. It’s a bit late for eastern standard time.

  67. Peacher

    I would be very unhappy if the show were cancelled. Most of the things on television are not very appropriate. This show was funny and very entertaining. I would love to know how I would begin a petition to keep it going. The thing about ratings is that the producers ONLY see the information from a negative perspective. In other words, people complain easier than they praise.

  68. Vicki Wendt

    I enjoy the show especially a plus sized actress in the leading role. I am plus sized and it is nice to see Jane in the limelight and knowing she may get the leading man is awesome! Please do not cancel the show.

  69. Tina Williams

    Please bring it back for season 7. I love this show1

  70. Dru

    I love “drop dead diva” and really hope we see a season 7! entertaining and funny!

  71. Michelle

    Is there going to be a season 7? I have been waiting and haven’t heard anything. This is my favorite show!!

    • Evva


  72. LAuren


  73. Marj

    Sad to see this truly not get a real ending:(

  74. Dawn

    I was just thinking that the next season of this show should be coming up. Here I am reading it will not be renewed and I am sad to hear this. This was a refreshing show that I could watch with my daughter. And there was a moral to the story almost every episode. I barely watch TV because it is too much worthless fake “reality” or violence. The only TV show still on that I like is Nashville. Would have loved to see a proper ending to the Jane / Grayson Love Story!! VERY DISSAPOINTED!

  75. toni

    I love this show! I started watching it on Netflix to catch up and i would really love to see new episodes. The actors are great and so are the story lines. I hate all the drama-based reality shows on tv nowadays. It’s really nice to have a show that has meaning story lines as well as humor. Please consider renewing this show! Please, please, please!!!

  76. Tash

    I wanted a 7th season. :-/

  77. Janet

    At least air enough episodes to put a happy ending to it would be the right thing to do!

  78. Ella

    I love this show so much it would be devastating to watch it go, it’s very funny, and I think they should consider a 7th season. It’s very hard to fine shows to watch but I think it’s great, and it’s the only show on lifetime I watch. I think they started some stuff late, like when Grayson dies and hits the return button he gets sent back to earth in is new life, the viewers have 4-3 days to see what happens to Grayson. We got to see what happened to Jane, why can’t we see what happened to Grayson. There should be a 7th season, to atleast see how Grayson gets used to his new life!!

  79. Malaki

    Google drop dead diva wiki it was the final season sadly 🙁

  80. Evva

    This is an amazing show and I literally just finished all of the seasons a couple of minutes ago. I have got to say I’m really sad that it’s over so I came on here to see if it was still going.

  81. nancy

    You have to bring the Diva back. I love that series, it’s amazing.

  82. ki

    Please being it back for a 7th season…

  83. kori keyser

    Bring DDD back! We need to see Jane and Greyson get married and season six left us empty – Would love to see the twins born!

  84. Marie McArthur

    They didn’t make them fast enough. Please continue with series, we love it!

  85. Stacie Evans

    I love love love this show,it’s funny,fresh and I enjoy watching a show that’s not all murder,rape and cuss words. Work it out and start season7. Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee!

  86. EJ Thornton

    For two years now so many people have commented on having the show come back. I fail to see how it could of had low ratings. Two years and people still want it back….seems to me it was pretty successful. Please bring back something the people truly like.

  87. Tonkin family

    I’ve loved watching the show and funny thing is my husband and children like watching it also a very good show, and we all want to know how Stacey and Owen do as parents of twins and how Grayson and Jane’s future turns out.

    • Annette


  88. Alexis

    Please bring it back!!!!!!! I loved every minute of every episode please finally bring Jane and Grayson together!!!!!

  89. Annette

    I absolutely love Drop Dead Diva. I just watched season 6 in three days. Could have done in one day, but life happens. Please do a season 7, 8, 9 and so on.

  90. Chel Young

    Wow I have watched Drop Dead Diva on television and Netflix. I really loved the show then and ,love it now! Wake up it was warm refreshing and a family show! Let’s do it again!
    For what it’s worth love all who were in the show! The show is loved and missed!❤️

  91. Rita ;)

    Please Please Please …. bring back Drop Dead Diva for more seasons!!! My daughter and I are hooked we promise to be loyal fans!!!
    WE NEED MORE!! 😉

  92. Cindy

    Please please bring this series back – it’s probably one of the best series – if it must end it must end properly.

  93. Lia

    Bring it back. Please!!!

  94. Tiffany

    I love this series, until they changed Grayson’s character. Then I starts to get disappointed. But I would love it if it came back. Just wish they would change the last storylines

  95. Jacqueline Joyce

    I want Drop Dean Diva to continue…..please

  96. Linda

    I am hooked on this show. Do not cancel it please.

  97. Jen

    I wish Netflix would pick this up and continue it. I am late to the party, as I only started watching it on Netflix now. Currently, I’m right at the point where Grayson kissed Jane on her wedding day and Owen won’t take her back. Hello, at this point this is the dumbest plot twist I’ve ever seen. Jane was embracing her life as Jane, moving on. She loved Owen, begged him to stay engaged after his heart attack and repurposing to him. . I can see why the ratings dropped!

  98. Cara


  99. Elisa cosenza

    They need to bring back the show I’d like to see how the baby’s look like and the wedding I really like this show

  100. Kathleen Moe

    I so want to see a Season 7. The casting is top notch and writing always entertaining. It’s difficult to find adult oriented programs that are not laden with profanity and graphic sex. This program managed to provide great entertainment without either. Thank you for the previous seasons.

  101. Pat H

    Please have another season!! I love this show and the real looking cast instead of all perfect models.

  102. Ellie

    How do they know people are not interested? I watched all seasons via netflix because i dont have cable. This s*cks i want to see the weddings and the babies!!! Although i was no fan of the new grason and the whole jail thing but i admit iam curious to see where that is going? I love seeing abig beautiful girl on tv!!

  103. Mary

    Love, love, love this show! So good to see a clean, funny show!

  104. marie

    PLEASE bring back Drop dead diva…please !!

  105. Rashell

    oh come on!! I can’t believe they’re not making another season! It’s my life! I’m dying to see Stacy’s twins and her getting married. And also what’s going to happen with Jane(Deb) and Ian(Grayson)?! WHY!!!!!!!! I FREAKING LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

  106. Tina

    I love drop dead diva. Please bring it back for a 7th season please please

  107. Dimples7

    I found this show randomly seeking something worth watching on Netflix and it was worth the time. I admit Stacy broke the girlfriend code and Owens is a nut but Deb/Jane and Grayson/Ian characters needs to have a good closure since the plot was written around them. The main characters had accepted their new identity and returned for the sake of love and love should prevail not fail. Netflix should have pick this up for another season

  108. Deborah

    Please don’t cancel I really enjoyed this show on with more seasons number 7……?

  109. Joann Banks

    I absolutely love this show!
    I recently moved and had no internet but I do now and I enrolled in Amazon Prime and stumbled across this show. I enjoyed it so much that I told my friends about it and now they are watching it. They love it as well. We are all trying to figure out when is season 7 airing? Then we found out the show is being canceled. I read somewhere that the reason is low ratings.
    I blame the low ratings on not enough exposure. I am a true TV buff and had never hear of this show until June of 2020. Now I and my friends are hooked! Please bring this show back.

  110. LuAnn

    I only started watching this on Starz recently and am hooked. I know it’s late in the game, but I wish you would bring it back. It’s my favorite now.

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