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«Fairly Legal» season 3 ?

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When does «Fairly Legal» season 3 start? TV series renewed or cancelled? Premiere date known?

In January 2011 the foreign USA Network channel started broadcasting the series called «Fairly Legal» created by Michael Sardo. The premier episode was watched by nearly 3.9 million Americans. And almost 4.1 Americans enjoyed the final episode of Season 1.

Unfortunately, after Season 2 premiere the creators decided to close the show since they didn’t believe in its success in Season 3. The show couldn’t keep its auditory and its ratings started to fall in The USA Network Top Shows list.

Immediately it was rumored that the further development of the story would be cancelled and TV viewers shouldn’t expect the new episodes of «Fairly Legal» Season 3. The premiere (air) date for the new episodes as well as a possibility of cast procedure was the main topics for discussion on the foreign online forums till October 31 the previous year. After that the series was announced to be officially closed. The main reason for such a decision hides in very low ratings of the show.

USA Network authorities expressed their gratitude to all the fans of the series, who were giving themselves up to the given story within 2 Seasons.

Would you like the show to be renewed? Let’s support the show in comments!

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  1. Mary Smith

    I love Fairly Legal! Please don ‘t cancel it. I’m waiting for new episodes!!!

  2. Celestemason

    Are you kidding????? Love the show. Please do not cancel!!!!!

  3. Isaac

    I love this show! Watching a marathon right now. Kate Reed is fantastic!!! Renew this show!!!!

  4. Nell Thompson

    This show is great. Please bring it back.

  5. JimB

    LOSE THE “BEN” CHARACTER! Low ratings were the result of inducing “lawyer slime” into the show via that character. I Know dozens of fans who, like myself, after enjoying season one, stopped watching season two all together at about episode 3 or 4. There was no high-nerve-irritation-factor before. The show could still be a hit – if (big IF) there is a cut back on the needless (pointless) “story line tension”. After all, viewers tuned in to see an anti-typical-lawyer (wannbe) deftly, and caringly, carry the day for us lay-people who prefer that God would put a pox on each-and-every lawyer who stands by their code of “lawyers don’t sue lawyers”. The only “good” lawyer (there aren’t any) is one who would sue other lawyers.

    • Karen

      The Ben character is the reason I kept watching. The Justin-Kate line was getting boring and the development of a new love story and the tension that came with it, made you want to see more of it and made you want to see where it is going. Besides, Ben is the definition of a lawyer and is turned by Kate into a more ‘mora’l lawyer. Sorry to say this, but I strongly disagree with you on ‘loose the Ben character”.

      • Tiffany

        Amen! Totally agree Karen

  6. Sara Brines

    Please bring Fairly Legal back! I am dying to know what happens with Ben and Kate! Lifetime canceled Drop Dead Diva and then decided to bring it back, do the same for Fairly Legal!

  7. NormaB

    I’m with Sara, I’ve been wondering the same thing! I came online tonight to see when it would start again. I’m very disappointed a third season isn’t lined up at this point. I’m going to hold out it will still start at a future time.

  8. Stephanie

    Please don’t cancel the show. I really enjoy it. I love the characters. They all have great chemistry.

  9. Jacqueline R

    Are you kidding me!!!! LOVE this show. Gives you a woman’s perspective in the field of law and how powerful women can be. Plus the Kate and Ben sage is not over. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THE SHOW.

  10. Conny

    I miss fairly legal!! Pls continue!! I am ready for the new season!!

  11. Lindsay

    I love this serie! As well dp my friends. Please keep this series and make a season3 !!

  12. rpeyton

    I love Fairly Legal! Please don ‘t cancel it. Kate and rest of characters were great! It was a very good and entertaining show. Pls bring it back!!!

  13. Sophia

    Why is it that the “good” shows get cancelled and the “junk” stays on—- bring back Fairly Legal is was great!

  14. Bammy

    Best series ever watched. Love all characters including d ben. Brought in while should good show be cancelled and junks like burn notice season 7 keep going on and on. Ever how i meet ur mother going on and on in cycles. Please adjust and bring back there show when viewer still care and are passionate about it. Coming 4rm my loving passionate heart. Please…

  15. Ev-

    I’m late comer, just looking for show date 2 return!

    I really likes Kate & Ben – Want 2 see what happens –


  16. jerri

    why do you always want to cancel a program that is fun to watch? I LOVE the show

  17. Ana

    I would really like the show to start again. Mediation is gaining popularity in the legal world. The show is fun but also enriching for the new lawyers generation

  18. Jazzy

    As usual I find a show I love to watch and really get into and then find out it’s been axed. Peeved off. But I hope Sarah’s character in Chicago fire is just as good if not better. But if they do bring back the series it will only work with the same cast.

  19. R. B.

    The show is gorgeous, please don’t cancel it!!!

  20. chicks are hot in this show

    this is one great show. total BS that it is cancelled.

  21. BBTREE


    • Amy

      YES! BEN and KATE !

  22. monica proellochs

    seriously? have you seen how many people overseas love the show? you cant leave people wondering and imagining what happened!! one awesome show for a change, none of the cr*p that you see these days and it gets cancelled? cancel jersey shore! now that i can do without!!! how suckful is it that the fans dont even get a say?!!!! isnt it supposed to be about fans and keeping us happy? 😀 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Amy

    I love FAIRLY LEGAL ! I want season 3!

  24. Meemo

    I found out today itself that ALL comments i read in sites showing the news about ‘fairly legal’ being cancelled were disagreeing with that .. Every comment i read had something to do with wanting fairly legal back on tv .

    This is a big request because many people depend on it .
    I myself am a huge fan of ben and kates unique relation and cant get in out of my head ! Thats a big problem for many fans ..

    I hope and requet on behalf of ALL fans ( which are probably more than 4 million ) ,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back ben and kate ( aka Sarah and Rayn ) back with the same character !!!!!!

    Thanks for you time 🙂

    Have a good day ..

    <3 Meemo

  25. Mona

    I wished that this show was never cancelled. I could not understand how the ratings dropped so much. I could not wait to watch the season premiers and when I heard it got cancelled…I was upset. Seems as soon as you find a good show it gets cancelled…Bring the show back and leave the intensity with Kate and her ex-husband going…

  26. lm beish


  27. Beth Wheiler

    OMG you can’t do this i just finished season 2 and kate and ben aren’t even toghether yet, she just broke up with justin finally, and now you cancel? seriously great disappointment… I hope more people comment, quickly for all of us who LOVE the show!

  28. jo elliott

    Please, please, please, make series 3 of Fairly legal, we overseas are desperate to find out if Ben can get together with Kate. They are good actors and the scripts are good, don’t do this too us !

  29. nat

    I love this serial!

  30. Yuniper

    I was disappointed that Fairly Legal was cancelled. Although Sarah Shahi does a great job in Person of Interest, I liked her Fairly Legal character better, plus the other actors and stories, too.

  31. Winny

    Please bring the show back! I really enjoy watching Fairly Legal. There has to be a season 3. You can’t leave the viewers with the cliff hanger with the big question: will Kate finally fall for Ben or choose a different path? It’s such a good show. So different from other lawyer tv shows. It’s great to see not all lawyers have dollar signs in their eyes. I love the way Kate handles different cases with the most respect for all parties.
    PLEASE bring the show back! Europe is hanging on your lips. Please bring the show back to life.

  32. GMan

    Please bring it back it was a great show!!
    I believe there was a little show called MASH that didn’t get great ratings at it’s start but, look what it became!!!

  33. Cindy

    what? i love the show!
    i live in Belgium and i can assure you, a lot of people are watching Fairly Legal.
    On twitter Fairly Legal has 10.5K followers at this moment. But not all everybody has twitter so it will be more. It’s not much but it’s still more than 10500 people that are watching. It’s a start.

    And 1 season with Ben, that’s just not enough. The final was easy, but what happens after she found out Ben is her neighbor? Are they going to be togethet or not? that is the question that al lot of people have in their minds. And we didn’t got an answer!

    I want to know how this realy ends, so i want a 3th season!

  34. gino dalesandro

    In my opinon, who ever made the decision to cancel this show is need of a very professinal mental examination. I am serious. This person is clueless , I love Sara Shahi, as A comical AND DRAMATIC actress & besides being the hottest FEMALE ACTOR since SHARON STONE [who is still is a sex symbol] ! COME ON AND GET A GRIP ON REALITY………Mr Corporate Man/Woman….You know if it is a woman …..she isn’t a les*ian ??!!

  35. Lethicia

    We want more! We want more! We want more! We want more! ….

    Cindy, I’m from belgium too.

  36. Rhonda Price

    I really enjoyed Fairly Legal who decides these shows of course it should be showed.

    • bash

      please don’t kill ma vibe, I love fairly legal don’t cancel. I still gat a lot to learn from kate and ben

  37. Yolande

    I have no idea how many people watch Fairly Legal in South Africa but I do and I know that millions of people in the world do so how can that not be good enough?? Please please reconsider I’d like to know how the story ends.

  38. karon aldridge

    Devastated this show was cancelled. It seems that only violent or explicit shows seem to survive the axe however there are some of us that prefer humor to violence and sex on TV it’s a pity that few caters for our preferences!!!

  39. Kavita

    I’m from the Netherlands, and still waiting 2 find out what will happen 2 Kate & Ben !!

  40. Tiffany

    Absolutely devastated about the end of the show. I recently purchased season 2 and watched it all again, just as great as the first time. Season two left so many unanswered questions. I definitely wanted to see Kate and Bens romance heat up, as well as Lauren and Ian Archer.

  41. Magesh Pillay

    Watching re run of Season 2. Devastated to put it mildly. How on earth do producers leave a series hanging, especially one as fantastic as Fairly legal. You need to be fairly stupid.

  42. Siza

    I am eargerly waiting to see what happens between Ben and Kate- please go on to season 3

  43. marian

    I really loved this show,,, Why do you always cancel the good shows,,,, please make more the cast,, and stories were great ,, a big yes keep it from uk

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