Feb 23

«Sanctuary» season 5: release date

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When does «Sanctuary» season 5 premiere? What is known about new episodes?

Science fiction-fantasy television series «Sanctuary» was initially created to be broadcast on the Internet, later it was adapted to be aired on SyFy. It had 8 web series and 59 complete episodes produced, since its ratings were high enough.

All the fans of the given series were expected Season 5 to be shot and released in October, 2012. But the creators announced the official closing of the show «Sanctuary» after Season 4.

The popular resource SciFiNow issued a statement of Amanda Tapping, one of the main characters of the given story, where she expressed her gratitude to her audience for its support and love to the show.

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  1. Simao

    I really looked forward to a new season…I’m sick and tired of them cancelling all the great shows.

    • ka7591

      I know right

  2. Salivan

    I’m sick and tired of them cancelling all the great shows.

  3. paulo

    After They cancel SANCTUARY I won’t have any reason to watch this channel at all anymore.

  4. bubble

    Is there something we can do to have SyFy change their mind?

  5. xedos

    I despise SyFy!!

  6. mousello

    SyFy s*cks !!

  7. Japie Kleinhans

    Hi im from South Africa and i have been watching sancuary from the start and i would love to see a season 5 and 6 why stop a sucsesful series like this when clearly other series that sucks have up to 8 seasons like for instance 24 and even glee keeps going . Im a loyal Sancuary fan and would love to see more .From a loal South African fan

  8. ingrid

    I want to see Sanctuary Season 5 released as I’ve really enjoyed all the other seasons!

  9. natalie

    I have watch all seasons of sanctuary and love it I also watched warehouse 13 I can’t understand why syfy would axe shows that are popular unless there idi*ts,…. im from Australia and would like to see them returned it s*cks that sancturary ended season 4 with only 13 ep come on syfy get it together and put them back on

  10. ken

    I own the first 3 seasons on dvd and plan on getting season 4 and would really like you to bring back Sanctuary as it was the best show on tv for ages and taking it off the way you did really s*cked big time so bring it back

  11. james bradford

    no wonder i dont like syfy never watch the channel will blacklist that now

  12. Cancellation hater

    F*ck you syfi channel. I am cancelling my cable.

  13. Gary Hoole

    Just finished watching Season 4 of Sanctuary and was saddened to find out that Season 5 had been cancelled by SyFy. What in god’s name is wrong with these people. They have cancelled so many great shows, at the rate they are going they will be cancelling themselves because of lack of viewers to the channel. Please get your act together SyFy and bring these popular shows back. You owe it to the hundreds if not millions of loyal and adoring fans of these series and your channel. Warehouse 13, Eureka and of course Sanctuary, to name but a few were all great shows that were cancelled and it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever why they would do this. I hope they will reconsider their decision and bring them back.

  14. Judy

    Did season 5 come out we are 2017 i just watch all sentuary i love these is there more similar of ths series pls

  15. Gail Howard

    Is there going to be a season 5 of sanctuary it’s a great show.

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