Mar 16

«Accel World» season 2: release date

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Will «Accel World» return for season 2? Renewed or cancelled? New episodes coming?

The Japanese anime series «Accel World», directed by Masakazu Obara, premiered on Tokyo MX at the beginning of April, 2012. It is based on «Accel World» light novel series, written by Reki Kawahara.

Right after the final episode of Season 1 broadcast, the creators were asked about the possibility of «Accel World» Season 2 production. The release date for the new episodes is still a secret, since the rightsholders haven’t announced it officially yet. On the Japanese forums the fans of the series are discussing the possible continuation of the show in October, 2013 (was not confirmed), but the given data haven’t been confirmed yet.

It is believed that the creators aren’t going to renew the series for Season 2. However, in spring 2013 they will air the second OVA-series called «Hot Springs. Onsen». Also it is said that there is no money to produce the new episodes and the phrase «no funding-no Season 2» appears on the forums more and more often.

And have you been waiting for a season 2? Would you like the anime TV-series to be renewed?

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  1. Alexdt

    Of course I want a second season it would make no sense to not do it! The ending of the first season give so much space for a second one.

    • Kirito

      Why don’t we just help donated?

      • venmark08

        we want the season 2
        i love the story

        • kira

          how to donate and give funding for the production season 2?

      • michael

        YES YES YES I know im late but I will fund to it thankfully I was born into a wealthy family so I will give tons of funds we can do it I believe bc I love this anime it is amazing.

  2. Bien

    OFCOURSE!! There’s a whole lot of story to make for season 2 of Accel World…

  3. kei

    i want too yes please make a second season ill wait cuz its a cool story 🙂

  4. Rou

    OMG are u kidding me of course we all want to make a season 2 ! Accel World really makes me happy <3333

    • DR

      LoL Me Toooooo!!! I sooo Love Accel World!
      You Guys must Make Season 2

  5. Altaris

    But of course the AW continuation to its second season is a must.
    It’s truly ridiculous and unprofessional to leave such a good story spacious without 2nd season..
    If it’s just an OVA or two, that would become a very big disappointment for the fans.

  6. Kliptick

    They haven’t reached lvl 10, it would be stupid if it ended here

    • mikzoul

      yeah, i know right.

    • michael

      I agree there is so much they can do

  7. poli

    a second season is a must, a manga plot of this sort i’ve only seen a will really suck for people who love this kind of genre to just end without finishing it’s tale.. i see this kind of anime to be stein’s gate – like..

  8. Davud

    We need a season 2!! It’s such a good story, I’m pretty sure I would cry without knowing what happens next! We just need to get some idea of how to help this move along.

    • Epsilon

      If you search accel world light novel on google the first result will lead you to a fan translation of the light novels although they have only gotten to volume 6 and that only half done that one but the anime only got part way though volume 4 so there is about 2 volmes of extra content there also volume 8 has been translated… But 7 hasn’t even been started and probably wont given that Yen Press has bought the licence to accel world and the project will be abandoned after the release of the first official light novel translation…

      But that means waiting 3 and a half years for them to get to volume 7 if they keep to there usual light novel release seclude of 1 volume every 4 months.

      And its worth the read I’m not a book person usually but this was worth it.

  9. zero

    yes there should be season 2 since the thing that I really love of this anime is having originality I mean the avatar is based on a person and we know that we are unique to each other meaning there will be no repeated characters like other anime two swordsman same skill only the person is different.

  10. Noel

    We all like Accel World.We need a season 2! I like Haru and Kuroyukihime they are my favorite i like and Taku o and Niko too :))) Make season 2 please :))

  11. paulo

    ..YES! i want to the season 2…,i’ve been waiting for that new episodes..

  12. kwana boon

    Maybe start a online petition that we want a season 2…

  13. Liderwolf

    if they don’t do another season it will be a totally mistake cause it’s a great story just to leave it
    at the middle, link out xD

  14. karyk

    I hope they do make a accell world season 2 I love that program I can’t help but sit and watch it all the time if anybody here’s anything drop me an email please kaza826[at sign]

  15. Ginjoker

    Omg they have to continue it will have been for nothing if they dont continue but October personally i think its a bit too long but preferably i would pick July a perfect time to start but im not part of the creation or continuation of the series just an opinion of course

  16. Haru

    I hope there will be a season 2 ,coz i love to watch this anime …i wish it will release early …

  17. Fan

    They should continue , its stupid if they stop it, its will be s*cks !!!

  18. Anthony

    There’s still so much more to do in the anime. Black Lotus has only taken out one king, what about the others?! And the possibilities of reaching lvl 10? I think there is plenty of material to stretch and make a second season based on how the 1st one progressed. Thinking about it, there were like 3-4 major enemies in season 1, which leaves plenty of room for enemies in season 2. I’ve been spreading the word like crazy about this anime. My friends loved it. I guess the only thing we can do to support it is buy the novel. But damn, I sure want a season 2. You just can’t stop an anime like that with so much left to do. Plus I’m dying to see where Haru and Kuroyukihime end up. Another 20 something episodes can be done. I can see this anime possibly becoming fairly long, maybe not up to Bleach’s length or Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but there is just a myriad amount of material to fill in blanks and further elaborate on the stories of everyone. It’s one hell of an anime and I hope it continues. Keep Accel World accelerating!

    • FREEK

      it kind of makes me mad. if bleach was able to last that long why can’t AW? but unfortunately i think it’s mostly the ratings in japan that determin wheather a show is continued or not

      • dumbdumb

        They have to he still needs to remember that girl that wiped his memory and she said it was not time for them to actually meet

    • Kurohime fan

      believe me it would be long we only saw 2 and a half volumes ( 1 chapter 1 episode ) theres no way them stop in half way in fact accel world have many fans!! burst out!

  19. bobbybo

    there needs to be a season 2 its an amazing show they shouldnt end it like that all. season 2 all the way get on it mr. accel world producer new episodes please 🙂

  20. Resky

    I hope season 2 will be release cause ending season 1 make some space that can fill in season 2

  21. dexter banca

    ohhhhh men i cant even wait to release the season 2 anime is my life and i cant find another anime so plaese crete a season 2 please please please!!!

  22. marc

    Of course we all want season 2 accel world is very cool anime

  23. timo

    There should be a second season because it felt like they ended half way through the possible series. Definitely in favor of a second season to be made and continue the story.

  24. Denzen

    If you guys want to see Accel World season 2, you guys must first buy the original mangas because that is where they decide to make another season or not. If all of you only want the free version given here in the internet, then you shouldn’t expect that there will be another season published. Let’s support the Author, let us all buy one copy each. that way, the author will profit and then publish the next season 🙂

    (PS: I know there are some that will hate)

  25. Kima

    where i can buy it online ?

  26. Dom

    Yes!! Make it happen.

  27. Sarah

    I think it should get a season 2 because theres so much story left, I would definitly watch season 2.

  28. AccelWorldFan


  29. bujungpyo

    what the hell, i love this anime so much, i dont want this story just ehdss here, plis make a season 2 for the accel word, i love kuroyukihime

  30. AWFan

    AW story is more greater than SAO :).. it reminds me of someone that is being Bullied all the time he go to school… but then he become strong and fight those who bully him :)…

    • Kurohime fan

      yeah i agree i really wanted season 2 i wanted to know about other kings too if you can make so much of season i will be your 1st fan ever xD 😀

  31. Fan of Accel world

    if only i could buy all the manga of accel world. to support the author and make season 2 happen i already bought 3 copies of it

  32. Tech Genius

    Screw this…No money/No funding, seriously? That’s the lamest excuse ever. I’ve been working in the Video Entertainment industry for 5 years now, and I know what it costs. Yes, the costs to produce a single season of 25 or so episodes costs a fortune, but the creator’s getting paid from all the other Accel World products that were made. Honestly, If they were really short on funds, they could just make a donation page. Some people would pay to see a second season made. Rarely, is there a great anime that makes you want a second season badly, and this is no exception. I’ll talk to Reki Kawahara personally, and hopefully get back to you all!!

  33. LMFAO

    I can understand why there is “no money”, the reason is simple… they put SAO airing too early, that didn’t help AW to have great sales, maybe they didn’t reach the benefits they wanted, or even maybe did they lose money on this… or something like this

    Imagine a restaurant, “hello everyone, we’ve got a home-made full course for 50 dollars person”, and then 1 hour later they add another full course, that was supposed to be for the next day… the same happened with these two

  34. Kuroyukihime :3

    please make Accel World season 2! >_< i want it sooo bad! don't stop at season 1. it would be such a waste of stopping a great anime from being continued 😀

  35. tony

    yes of course i need a season 2 the story was gd and i could only see it getting better

  36. Zero

    I would hate to see another great anime die out before its time. This works so much better as a show than a VN. Please do whatever you can to make another season happen, if you need support you have my info.

  37. FREEK

    it would be a plain disgrace to end such a promising story in such an openended way (like dreameater merry) not to mention the question of who this BIC research group is, what is their goal, and who created brain burst (though in my opinion i think it’s Akihiko Kayaba seeing as he had the capability to somthing similar in SAO) if the creators of AW are having trouble with funding then i beleive that they would find eager donators in the U.S who want to see a continuation of this great show.

  38. Eo

    It would be a waste to leave it where it is and not continue on with at least one more season. I was getting ready for a plot arch that ended at level 10, and I know that I’m not the only one. There’s just too much set up here. It would be a waste. One thing, though, is don’t make it like season 2 of SAO. Don’t get me wrong, I liked SAO, but I love how, even though AW is somewhat of a harem anime (and definitely ecchi), it still manages to keep all of it’s female characters strong and awesome. I would hate to see Kuroyukihime, or any of the female cast, become a damsel-in-distress.

  39. Kuroyukihime :3

    I would like to suggest AW to be renewed a bit. make a least an episode when haru becomes thinner and taller XD the same as SAO: Asuna and Kirito 😀

  40. kirito

    yeah…make haru a little bit like “me” to match kuroyukihime’s beauty^^

  41. kirito-kan

    Haru needs to be a little taller so he can talk normally with the other characters and take his relationship to the next level.

  42. Madarame-Harunobu

    IF you are all so dedicated to attempting to convince the rightholders that a season II should be done? Then by god, *SOMEONE* Start a Kickstarter for fundage. DERP didn’t even one of you think of doing that ?

    • magelego

      then why you do it?

      • Madarame-Harunobu

        Because #Magelego there are some legal processes you have to go thru to do it, plus it would have to actually be the studio to do so the munnies ( 😀 ) go to their account for the project. that’s why.

  43. Alexis

    Of Course Accel World season 2 absolutely coming.

  44. Jake

    I definitely want season two because when I watched episode24 I knew that can’t be the ending so I think with my honest opinion that the creators should make it it would make all that to die for to me and I think that maybe a lot of others agree with my opinion so plz make a season two.:-)

  45. fqwerty

    SEASON 2 MUST BE MADE! this was a great series and i HAVE to see more!

  46. AshRoller

    They barely even scratched the whole story!! It wouldn’t make any sense not continuing the anime. There are still 7 kings left and what’s this about orginators? Too much plot to fill up to discontinue this amazing anime.

  47. McGarski

    just finished it hope they make a second season

  48. boboboboboooom!

    yeah! i’m looking forward on season 2. i just recently watched it but i really like the movie .

  49. Itsuka Shido

    of course there is a second season because Haru,Taku,and Hime hasnt reached the lv 10
    well when i watched the final episode i thought that there will be a second season so there im happy that there is a second season realy miss accel world so much 😀

  50. #1FanofAccelWorld

    heY please creat a second season of Accel world PLEASE!!! many person is waiting for it anyone read this whoever the publisher please create a new season many people are waiting for it PLEASEE!!!!!! and please if possible please make many series of it 🙂 :3

  51. Douglas

    Awesome anime. I pray they make a second season. I’m starting to get fed up with all the best anime show I follow and pay good money for going to hell in a hand basket because the companies don’t think there is no money in making it or for it. This is one of my favorite anime. I’m sure that the fan base is much larger then they think for this particular anime. I mean come on. Don’t let it end like this. I would love nothing more than to see this series continue

  52. rinon

    yes all fans of accel world want season 2

  53. Matt

    need more episodes of accel world because the story needs to carry on and properly finish……oh and we also need to see any mother f*cker get to level 10

  54. friedPicklez

    There must be a 2nd season. whatever happened to lvl 10? too many things were left unanswered in the 1st season.

  55. mokochan013

    well i like accel world we need a season 2 of course !! it has a good enough plot to be mainstream !!
    if i remember correctly it was run in parallel with SAO and Fate/zero which probably affected the fanbase

  56. micimus

    Who would not like to have a second season of accell world

  57. Grey laRose

    fellow otaku anime lovers and manga lovers alike, heck those who watch for fulfilling their fantasies if you want a season 2 patience is the key…. and if it doesn’t come we torch their houses and studios (unless they make another good anime, then we wait again)

  58. Anonymous

    Please release the season 2
    The first season ending still odd 🙁

  59. Jake

    I am with you but except the waiting part

  60. Ali K.

    We want more accel world!

  61. Accel World

    Oczywiście Że Chce Sezon 2 Accel World *.* To Anime Jest Mega Mega Super <333
    Chciałbym Sie Dowiedziec Co Będzie Na 10 Poziomie I Co Dalej Jest W Accel World Czy Aryuki-Kun I Jego Przyjaciele Przeżyją ? Zostaną Zabici ? Itp
    Jest Dużo Powodów Żeby Stowrzyć 2 Częsc Zresztą Ostatni Odcienek Wskazuje Jakby Miał Być Sezon 2.

  62. bsweezy

    I wish a new season would come out. The next 4 volumes of the light novel are amazing!!!! Also I hope they animate the phantom bullet arc of s.a.o. People read the light novels they are GREAT!!!!!!!

  63. Aven

    How could they NOT make a second season? If this anime isn’t continued, there will be dire consequences for the world as we know it. YOU HEAR ME?! DIRE CONSEQUENCES!! You wouldn’t doom us all by neglecting to finish this story, would you now?

    • Haruko

      I hear you ^-^
      It would leave a gaping hole in my chest if this doesn’t release….
      So will many people around the world T^T

  64. ricky.L

    Must be renewed because the first season with a confused ending because their goal is reach lvl 10 and at the last eps of the first season is still not reach their goal

  65. Richard

    I’ll be so pissed if there is not another season !
    They have so much more to go in the story !
    But they will do a dragon ball GT , in my opinion was just f*cking retarded!

  66. Ardent

    The story is still so far to be so called END! They are still far to be in level 10. The other Kings is still yet not being showed and the creator of the game is still remain unknown! A lot of people will be so f*cking angry if they’re not continuing this anime!

  67. Haytham

    For sure I want the second season, Haru didn’t reached level 10, so it’s nonesense to leave it open.

  68. Spirit

    Season 2 please!

  69. Exiled Subject

    Yes there should be another season, I beleave they don’t have a right to do a half job, they inspire a new world through animation and dich it half finished or rushed what happens when there’s no good novels left besides scraps that were left behind from unfinished products.

  70. XHellRaiserX600

    They should make another season they still have a lot to go by for example the rest of the kings and queens

  71. ricky lim

    I think they will not issue accelworld season 2 because I saw at the official website there is no news about the emergence accelworld season 2

  72. Sorashi Kamigen

    Too much negativity, let’s just hope (and pray) that they’ll make a second season…

  73. Zi0

    day 100 they still didnt make the second season of this anime………

  74. Hatsu:-

    There’s still so many secrets left like Kuroyukihime’s true name and parent, Mystery of people’s memory corruption after the force install, True identity of each king, Fight against the group that name doesn’t appear on the battle list (Black Vise, Dusk Taker, Rust Jigsaw, etc.), Reunite with aqua current, the face of the white king, more styles of incarnate system, More hidden Burst linkers among the new students (I hope), Recruitment of Nega Nebulus, Unite of the kings(I hope) and many more they can’t just end it with 1 season!!!!

    • Haruko

      Hey smarty pants -3- youre technically spoiling it by saying what might happen in the story

  75. john kirt

    Hi Iam jaikie and I want to have season for accel world even manga! so please.200x publish it.. thank you

  76. Kuroyukihime fan


  77. Mail

    pls i beg u for second season.. :'(((((

  78. rokkie

    we all want second season but if there some troble with money we could donate to the creator team to make a second season or if they don’t doing it becouse there not shore that there is many fans then we can write a online petion to doit season 2.

  79. varun

    of cours i want to see the season 2….

  80. Edward

    I want the second season, after seeing the first who wouldn’t want the next season this anime is totally awesome

  81. YSK

    Makes The Season 2..
    Because i’m know that’s impossible if they not had a money to makes the season 2, because the Character Figure has been Back-Order, and they launching the new Figure and has been sold out..

  82. i love accel world

    of coz….make season 2 pls

  83. tsk

    please make a season 2,,i want more episode
    Accel world is the best anime 😀
    i want to see kuroyukime smile :)))

  84. poffer

    at first i was skeptic about this anime ,just like how i watched one piece 7 years ago.I know this anime has the potential to become big. The problem is , it isnt spread yet but i hope there’s a 2nd season. I like the story and colors haha

  85. Haruko

    Please create more episodes, for all the people that support Accel world…
    Because not only me but people, to feel that its their place to be in…
    For me and everyone out there, this anime has the potential to be one of the best anime!
    So please! Reki Kawahara, Hima, Ryuryu Akari, Hiroyuki Aigamo, Masakazu Obara, and Hiroyuki Yoshino, Continue this anime! And never stop >.<!
    I believe in Accel World!!!!!!

    I would donate to help the creators launch this show!

  86. Angel of Death

    Make a season 2 please! Its one of the best anime I’ve watched so please continue this anime. As long as the next sequel is on the process I guess this is worth waiting for 🙂 please.. just don’t disappoint your fans here.. Thank you !

  87. tsuna7

    when will be the season 2 of accel world?I’m to excited to watch it.

  88. tsuna7

    make a season 2 please.

    anybody who can tell me when will be the second season of accel world?
    please tell me.

  89. tsuna7

    this is one of my favorite anime ever,so please make season 2.

  90. Silver_Crow22

    OF Course We Want The Season 2!!! I Can’t Wait! Questions Is Still Banging In My Head! PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2!!!! I Really Like Accel World, The Story, The Battles, Even The Extras! So Please Make A Season 2!

  91. LolCrow

    Guys ypu know there’s a chance that the creator of Brain Brust is Haru’s Dad you know…

    • Haruko

      There are tons of unknown possibilities, and leaving season 1 like it did gives a gap for Season 2. We wont know it though unless they make Accel World Season 2….
      Plus there’s a possibility that they wont make Accel world Season 2, but if they do then It wont be as great as it was… and as it is, they’re having problems with money, if they make season 2 all the answers wont be revealed. So season 2 might be rushed so that the creators finish Accel World TV series…. or will be made but needs Season 3 to finish it off… which might not happen…

      *Sigh* Hope it works out…. I need Accel World T^T

  92. Kirito


  93. migetsu

    pls.. season 2..

  94. basod

    I’m afraid we not going to see AW this year and a 2014 release is doubtful. Sword Art Online has been a sensational hit and even that isnt going to be released until late next year at the earliest. Basically AW went toe to toe with SAO and lost. They didn’t get the anticipated viewership needed and sales figures tumbled. I agree it is a far superior show to SAO but in just going to fill the void by seeking out English translations of the light novel.

  95. Ind700

    I want season 2 to come cause they reached lvl 10 yet.

  96. inod

    of course….. i realy want season 2

  97. Link01

    season 2 ,3,4,5 etc same with soa there both good anime and mebe back story’s makes no sen e not to



  99. Fresh-Man

    season 2, huh ? can,t wait for it ~

  100. abhay

    well ofcourse i want a season 2 its the best show ever !!!! and it has such an awesome storyline that there is no way that there cant be a seadon 2 and if it goes to the fundings we can donate so please make a season 2 ill be eagerly waiting FOR THE NEXT SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Burst link on!

    I hope they make season two! I watched this anime today and I love it<3 Right now my friend and me was hoping that they would make another season of this anime , so we checked it out… And we got really disapointed when they said they wouldn't make season two! Now we just have to pray( actually I don't believe in some god….) to Brain Burst!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for my bad english, because i am from Norway…:-)

  102. Jm

    Please Make the Season 2 i like to watch it

  103. Vega

    Of course I want a season 2, there is so much that yet has to be done.

    Frankly I’m getting sick of seeying series that end after +/- 25 episodes when you clearly see and know the story ain’t over yet. It’s like playing an RPG game and halfway you just stop playing it?

    I liked SAO, but after seeying Accel World -> AW > SAO

    SAO could have been better then AW if it had continued the style of the first 3 episodes. Sure I finished seeying SAO and I liked it, but it could have been much better. A lot of missed potential imo, while AW did pretty good.

  104. Hime

    I Love Accel World.I Hope Early Realese

  105. maristela

    That’s a big YES! because its be a long time since I’ve watch an anime that I really loved its theme though a bit futuristic yet is still current and a bit foreshadowing of our technology and culture, mabe? And I pray and hope that i see this soon.

  106. Mike

    Accel World is great. A second season would be awesome.

  107. Harley Walter

    What do you mean NO FUNDING!? This anime is GREAT!!

  108. Steven

    Still waiting for season 2 though I doubt it will ever happen considering how much time has passed, but I’d still love to have a second season and I’d do everything within my power to make it happen!

  109. Anonymous

    Obviously! There are so many unanswered questions!0

  110. Jen

    there is already season 2 SAO coming so i am hoping for season 2 Accel world too!!!

  111. Anime freak

    Yes of course they should make a season two, I hate it when big companys star something there not willing to finnish I mea we all put so much time into it we desrve a finnished story.

  112. lucas

    Claro ! gostaria que tivesse segunda temporada de accel word ! quero ter meu mundo acelerado de volta !

  113. Epsilon

    give it one more year and its kick starter time!!!

  114. Gremy

    Of course I would like to see a second season, the only thing a regret about is have seen the first one already and having any news about the second.

  115. Accel world Fan

    Why not? I like this anime, I see it. Accel world to cool, but how I can watch it again? I love this anime

  116. Anonymous

    Hmm.. In my felling, isee it. Accel world season 2, it best. But, :'( I don’t like this. Don’t donate this anime please:'( please!!!!!

  117. telisein

    Second season is a must. I just purchased the series dubbed and am truly wanting more.

  118. ACW fan

    plssssssssss i dont really want the story to end in just 24 episodes plssss make a season 2 of accel world plsss

  119. big fan

    I watched the whole season in 1 day and wished there would be more. PLZ MAKE SEASON 2 OR I WILL DIE IRL!

  120. Animoto

    It’s been a really good series ’til now so it would be stupid to not continuate it.


    1.They haven’t still reached level 10
    2.Haruyuki Arita(Silver Crow) and Kuroyukihime (Black Snow Princess) haven’t kissed yet (not lips by lips as boyfriend and girlfriend should do, and i know you peps are waiting for it)
    3.Lime Bell,Cyan Pile and Silver Crow haven’t still had a battle together.
    4.We (or at least I) want to see the Silver Crow trio (mentioned in 3) meet the Okinawa Lagoon trio (Crimson Kingbolt,Lagoon Dolphin and Coral Merrow) meet each other
    5.No king has been beated yet (just the yellow one was wounded)

    I hope all this facts could help Accel World Productors get some ideas for the 2nd season,and if they announce it will be no season 2 i will go to japan and kill em all

    7.Accel World Productors have been warned >:)

  121. Animoto


    3.they still have not had a battle together for fun,but just to stop the bullying

  122. MarkExorcist

    I want to watch the Second season of Accel World I hope someone will help to produce the 2nd season of accel world

  123. marcos

    I hope ther is we should do something guy s so hit me up guys come on dont let it die we are the people we got this guys I got this I have a plan guys if your up for it hit me up

  124. john

    I want to see season 2 of Accel World who would not want to see this aswsome movie

  125. Silver Crow


  126. Troy

    Please do the second season because i want to know how the story ends..

  127. Echoblac

    They really should make another season to this anime. I mean it is a truly awesome anime and look at all these peoples wanting more

  128. Veleirian

    Season 2 please. We are waiting 🙁

  129. Kaloy

    Yes, we need 2nd season ,because Haru didn’t make to level 10 !!!

  130. joebob

    There needs to be a second season and I think there should be a fundraiser to raise money for it because I need to know what happens cause who here likes to end a show with a grappy ending I for one don’t.

  131. Alvin


  132. venmark08

    Season 2 please. We are waiting

  133. kaze

    Yes… I want to see more. So please do a 2nd season.

  134. Eureka

    i want season pls……….:D i love their love story…….

  135. animechick

    i just finished watching all 24 episodes and want to watch more, they are crazy if they dont continue with a season 2. i have to know what happens when they reach level 10

  136. MilliPhil

    just lovely. a second season would warm my heart. and haru said it: if a game can’t be finished it’s a sad ending of it. I think it’s the same with the second season which could make a heartwarming ending.

  137. Michael

    theres gonna be season 2 there because the fight has just begun

  138. Alexander Saavedra

    how sick would it be if the guys from accel world were to meet the guys from sword art online. this only takes place 5-8 later i think.

  139. Alex

    You act like your brother ! And you know why because he didn’t make a 2 season

  140. Vien

    Its confirmed… There will be a second season to our beloved.anime accel world…. But the producers are keeping the secret of its release date… I hope its soon

  141. ueki

    i hope it release in this year

  142. Louie

    I want season 2 …
    im realy interested in what will happen next.and also this is the only anime that inspired me to learn making an anime..
    then who would waste an anime as good as this..
    this deserves many more seasons:-)

  143. Writzwolf

    release the season two please.. please please please…

    why would an Anime as awesome as Accel World run out of funding? :3 release please.. 🙂

  144. jenish

    the accel world season 2 must be made great fan of accel world

  145. Nikko

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  146. clerk789

    Season 2 and lets today in 2014 Sword Art Online will be in July

  147. ブラック・ロータス (黒雪姫)


  148. No Name

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  149. Vladicus

    yeah a new season would be a greath ideea.

  150. wtf

    the tv show of accel world was amazing.
    so why the hell was their no money in it. i swear that if the creator’s of the accel world renewed the tv show now that their would be thousands of people whiling to donate.

    if given the chance. =(
    the reality is no tv show in the history of tv show has ever accepted donation just for the renewal of a tv show.

  151. erik

    They should really make season two because season one was awesome so please make season two

  152. shawn

    is there a way we can donate for it?

  153. Callum

    I have recently watched this and its got me by the balls, i want a second season! please bring it out i want to watch more!

  154. Aryan tnt

    Second season please . I really like this anime . And the story is really good . But the story didnt finish yet . Second season please , please , i beg u so much for the second season

  155. Vladicus

    yeah a second season would be greath.

  156. johnny bui

    when is it coming im done season 1!!!!!season 2!!!!!

  157. BlueEagle

    WAKE UP PEOPLE! You see… there is not gonna be a second season. You People WANT a second season but GIVE NOTHING to help make it. I personally already donated 100$, and i know it’s not much but i hope it helps, but you people do nothing. I hope you realize how much an anime series costs. And if you’re wondering, yes im talking to you, you that you read this comment and think “he’s not talking about me” or “it’s difficult these days to donate” WELL GUESS WHAT, you could stop spending money on YOUR FAT A$$ on your Burger King Over-fried Hamburgers and do something good for everybody.
    I just hope this series does not get in a cupboard and be forgot with dust over it…

  158. Cris

    Please lets buy the anime DVDs so they can make season 2. Thanks

  159. piggy

    yeah man we like accelerated world plz donate just like us…

  160. Hunter Smith

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  161. brian

    Hell ya it is the best anime I have watched in 4 years

  162. Koi

    This anime is amazing, I hope for a season 2. I have no ways of sending money online, I wish to donate some money.

    Kuroyukihime senpai pls

  163. Belgarel

    If any producer ever reads this, you know how good the show is and you can still benefit from the SAO positive influence if SAO’s 2nd season is more unanimously appreciated (episode 1 seems like a good start to me) and if you communicate properly. At worst, you can wait for SAO to end and begin AW’s second season with a rediffusion / flashback episode, but the second season of AW cannot fail !

  164. Vladicus

    hmm if they’re not gonna make it then give us 2 reasons if they find them. 2 plausible reason for wich they shouldn’t do it and we’ll give them as many reasons they demand in order to convince them

  165. replicant

    i want to continue the accel world they not reach the lvl 10 and they are not also fight the all king and i have a question what happening on haru in her wings its their the armor of catastrophe

  166. Allsadness

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    Sry guyz iwannt to say reason not reawon

  167. Grant

    They used a sword art online reference lol

  168. Black Lotus

    F*CK THIS! PLEASE ……………. I’M DYING TO WATCH SEEASOOON 2!! :(((((((((((((((((((((((

    • Kuroyukihime Arita

      SEASON 2 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. slive

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  170. gurpinder dhillon

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  171. Some random bear...

    I just search and found aut that the writer of AW announced that they will try to make a second season in an interview during the AX but will take time because both sunrise and A-1 studio is busy with their project…..quite happy 😀

  172. afwaftay

    more episodes for them to reach level10

  173. animax

    season 2!!!!!!!!!FTW

  174. Silver Crow

    Go on please , we beg all , to make you a season 2 of Accel World ….
    please 🙁

  175. Black.Crow

    please make the season 2 please please That’s all I wanted please :'(

  176. kurse2012

    buying the anime is also a way for funding the second season i have brought mine because i really love this anime so a second season has to be made. i doubt that the producers will see this but i think i speak for all the AW fans in the UK and USA etc… when i say that its cr*p that the producers only go on the ratings in japan and not anywhere else in the world.

  177. Joarden

    to end such a great story in one season while there is enough content to make s2 what kind of people are u ????

  178. anime lover

    is there any update in the accel world season 2.. i’m very exited for the season 2..

  179. Shinigami

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  180. Owen anthonyus

    I wish there will be season 2, i want to see they beat all the kings

  181. Owen anthonyus

    I wish there will be season 2, i want to see hime and harru to crush all of the kings and have a happy ending together

    • some guy

      that would probably happen but there is also a possibility that haru has the armour of chatastriphi also there is the possibility of haru having to fight kurohime

  182. Jah To-ong

    Season 2 please.

  183. Elisha Maurice Ticzon

    Of course, we’ve been waiting for that..
    so please, do something as you can..

  184. Accel World

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  185. Black Lotus

    the company must do something about this anomalies. There is no hint if when they going to have a continuation of the Accel World. It is more crude to the audience when their is no response at all, there’s a lot of expectators about the second season of the anime and if the company will going to produce as early maybe the rating of this manga will arise and the fans will increase so that Japans Accel World Manga will going to be popular 🙂

  186. Red Vulture

    Accel world has to have a second season. The anime is too good to end in one season, if sword art online got a second season then Accel World should get a second too. The company should ask for more funding or ask fans if they want to make a donation.

  187. Silver Crow

    why accel world season 2 haven’t released??

  188. ya

    ya they didnt even make it to level 10 LIKE THATS THE MOST BIGGEST CLIFFHANGER EVER

  189. pls accel world season 2

    man is there even any news when season 2 is really going to be produced and published? i seriously hope they do make season 2, too good to end in season 1. Even no one has reached level 10 in brain burst so there must be a season 2 at least.

  190. akis

    are you troll me??????? they must have s2

  191. explosive2987

    i really want a season 2. it is the best anime i have watched so please make a season 2. i want to know what happenes after that so please

  192. darklordleb

    I didn’t read the light novel but to me there are a lot of things still not answered and there is still a lot for a season 2 like who’s created acceleration world and what happens once u reach lvl10
    please be a season 2

  193. Steel Light

    There has to be a season 2 it is to good to end on the first season

  194. saver of anime

    what the hell theres noseason 2 what the f*ck pls i no we need this animea i know that you are just lazy so make this season 2 in dub to pls .

  195. H

    I love this show! It has the best plot ever and I love the romance and action this is what got me into romance, no this is one of the shows that got me INTO ANIME! even though its been a year since I watched it every week I STILL check if there is a season 2. This is my second favorite anime next to Sword Art Online (SAO) so I cant wait for season 2!

  196. Half A Brain


  197. TheLoneKnight

    So its almost 2016 yet no season two…….i feel as if there wont be one now. Had so much more to offer story and relationship wise but hey SAO its awesome so what more can we ask for.

  198. Arman

    We must make Donation the linked on the paypals account of Reki Kawahara

  199. junkey

    please tell us what kuroyukihimes real name is!

  200. mel

    Of course the season two must be published! accel world is just the best anime manga that ive ever wathed! it changd my life!so please!!! lets find a solution or its sure that ill cry.

  201. jaylon

    so when is it coming out
    and l feel the same so plz!!!!!

  202. chris

    Give us S2 of accel world we’re begging for it to show i feel like ur leading us on that ur gonna make it but then u push it back. why torture us like this? #AWS2

  203. Mongolbaatar

    we want the season 2
    i love the story

  204. Rahul singh

    how much long still it will take to release season 2

  205. monkey d luffy

    i want to see season 2, so please release

  206. Plz

    i need a season 2!!!! Come on please reki, Accel world is so much better than sword art online stop making more seasons of sword art online you dip shits

  207. HellBringer

    i just finish watching accel world maybe the 700th time? i still waiting on the second season for the show and i have not given up hope but i do agree on some postes that why delay the second season if you gonna be periodicly update other shows instead?

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