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«High School DxD» season 2: release date

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Will «High School DxD» return for season 2? Premiere date is known?

The screen version of famous Japanese series «High School DxD» became very popular abroad. Studio TNK (Japan) created and aired 12 interesting episodes about the story of famous Japanese light-novel.

Series was directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa and written by Ichiei Ishibumi. It was aired by AT-X starting from January, 2011 and the final episode was broadcast in March. The next season is planned to be produced soon. Its plot is widely discussed on the Japanese fan forums. The release date of «High School DxD» Season 2 is still unknown, but the creators will not postpone the premiere.

Profit from DVD-disks sale justified the rightholders’ hopes, that’s why there is enough funds to produce the second season. Experts believe that the next season will be aired by the end of 2013, but the exact dates for the broadcast start aren’t confirmed officially. While waiting for the new episodes, please, express your opinion concerning the possible storyline.

UPDATE: «High School DxD» season 2: premiere in Japan – July 2013. (new writer – Takao Yoshioka).

Would you like to watch new episodes? Leave your reply below!

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  1. nelsonsnipester

    end of 2013 is really far but the creator should take his time and make it perfect

    • cedrick

      but if it will be good

      • ken

        oh yeah ti*s a*s all that good stuff but the best thing ever is ti*s i feel like issei a pervert

    • AWesoME

      The anime is out now and can be watched online

  2. BlacK

    Wishing it would be a Great Season 2…
    im really a fan of this Anime..best anime i’ve ever seen

  3. slipmaster4727

    please make season 2 the best and i hope theres season 3 because i love this anime more than Naruto,bleach,one peice and fairytail

  4. denver

    Please Make Season 2 My friends love high school dxd…. and me also.!!!!!!!!!!

  5. shadow

    I love this anime it alsome

  6. moppchopz

    so lookin forward for season 2 season 1 was excatlent so 2 would be even better dont wont u all to rush but like it to be soon

  7. shadow

    I cant wait for it

  8. nikodemus

    I Love Ms.Saeko Busujima

  9. Anime!!

    i love this anime almost as much as elfen lied

  10. FAN

    Highschool DxD is so far the best anime that i watched. Producers keep it up ^.^ Hope this comment can make you strive harder to produce even better quality anime when comapred to season 1. I LOVE HIGHSCHOOL DXD <3

  11. Anonymous

    Love ecchi (kidding) 😀 Hope it’s better than the 1st season, released as fast as the animator can do & more ecchi XD

  12. Archer

    there will be a season 2 since season 1 is so popular but you will have to wait.

    please dont do a Rosario Vampire

  13. toxic

    so much long for end of 2013… i cant wait for S2…………

  14. kem28

    i like high school dxd and i cant wait to watch this anime….

  15. DarkHunterPt

    Please use that time to make a perfect 2 season and make as many as you can because i love this anime

  16. mr A

    its very awesome anime . the best ive evr seen . hoping it releases soon . and plzz try to make more episodes in s2 . 12 is very less . cant wait fr s2 .

  17. CiiJay

    Season Two yeheey ! :)))

  18. marcin

    I watched this anime only because I was finished watching an anime called Rosario +Vampire and must I’m glad I did and for anyone who enjoyed this a lot should consider watching Rosario+Vampire as well
    Only bad thing is there is only 2 season and its been four year but there are rumor the either a 3rd season will be made or a complete remake
    Anyway this anime was f****** amazing

  19. Vince

    please make the season 2 as fast as possible .. this is the first time i’ve been addicted to an anime ! 🙂

  20. jhovick

    please make a season 2 many fans awaits and make many season not just 2 or 3 as many as the story goes make it at ANY A.S.A.P 🙂

  21. Kuroyukihime :3

    love this anime. specially, Rias Gremory X3
    SEASON 2!!!

  22. safira102806

    Yes Yes make season 2!!!!!! i love this anime!!!!!!

  23. fun n1

    we are in july :S how mutch we have to wait ?! i wont to see it ! I readed the manga of the season 2 , but watch it is mutch mutch better

  24. Joel

    I loved the first season my vote is to make season 2.

  25. u;iban

    even if this anime had 600 episodes i wouldnt be satisfied i watched naruto,one piece,bleach, fairytail… but this anime IS BEST cant wait for season 2!!

  26. Nick

    Season 1 is awesome, season 2 should be way better

  27. hunter24574

    cant wait for season 2 the first one was so good just too short i thought but they covered a lot in the twelve eps so i hope they do the same in season 2 and i want to see rias get more acquainted with her little slave lmao

  28. masterpiece

    season 1 was one of my best anime series ever and i wish season 2 would be the same, and also until the end of 2013 is really far away but can’t wait to see the new episode’s so plz make it good and more interesting.
    i have watched alot of series/anime/ cartoon… and all of them had an exciting ending,it’s like i can’t wait to see the next episode they end it in a situation that make’s me nervous and want to watch the next episode as soon as possible, so plz make it like this 😛 it would be awesome

  29. Patrick Littell

    I loved HighSchool DxD Season 1. I was wondering when will the HighSchool DxD Season 2 be coming in English Subbed? Or, if I order the Season 2 DvD will it be uncensored and in English Sub?

  30. dylon feero

    Best damn anime I seen funny good action I will be buying both season hop this one is when he fight the white dragon

  31. Issei94


  32. chiz

    best anime ever………………………………season 2 where are you……

  33. rokkie

    second season allready aired but stil there aren’t all episode but there is 6 ep allready

  34. Neko16

    So it will be on July 2013 :3

  35. dj

    cant wait for season 3

  36. tom

    it is going to cool and I can not wait until it come out

  37. unknown

    i hear there will be an other dragon
    a white one

  38. chance

    Sir/ mam I am a big fan of your anime I though it would be boring but from what my friend told me it was very interesting. I’m not about the nudity even though it pretty good graphics but the action and just thestory. line is awesome and I would gladly like to see another season because I have been researching like crazy for the second season but I would also like to ask that could you possibly make it more of your laguage and English because now these days we speak more English so its very hard to look it up on the Pc just to watch your favorite show but I’m not trying to be racisets or anything I just like the anime a lot its really cool

  39. Leighton

    So when does or if season 3 going too come out of the box.

  40. demario

    I hope there is a season 4 because that will for sure have saiairg and the rest of the rating game

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