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America’s Next Top Model season 23 ?

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Will there be America’s Next Top Model season 23? We want to know the premiere (start) date in 2016! Bad news… The show’s cancellation was confirmed.

Long story of the reality show America’s Next Top Model came to its end. The rights holders officially confirmed the fact of its canceling and reported that Season 23 wouldn’t be produced.

The release date of the final episode is scheduled for December 4, 2015. However, the representatives of The CW promised the viewers also a retrospective special, which is to be aired in 2016.

Tyra Banks, who is also a show producer and the main judge, wrote in her Twitter that it’s high time to cancel the show and the now it is the best moment to do it. Many fans of America’s Next Top Model don’t share her opinion and have already started writing letters to the creators with the requests to renew the show. But apparently, the verdict has been made and is not subjected to discussions.

The experts have different opinions on that account, so maybe it’s too early to cancel such a popular show, what do you think?

Share your opinion concerning the necessity of Season 23 in comments below.

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