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Angel from Hell season 2

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Angel from Hell season 2

When will Angel from Hell season 2 come out on CBS? We want to know premiere date? Bad news… CBS canceled the series and pulled it from the schedule.

The rumors that the series Angel from Hell will not receive financing to create second season is confirmed. The official announcement of CBS representatives states that the project is cancelled and further shooting is not planned.

This decision was made in connection with the fall of the project rating, because the premiere was being watched by 8.13 million viewers (1.6 demo), and after the airing of the fifth episodes the number of fans was only 6.34 million.

Remind that the series Angel from Hell had to be consisted of 13 episodes, but the remaining eight episodes will not be seen.

The series is about the story of an angel by the name of Amy, which acts as the guardian of a young woman Allison Fuller and make a strange friendship. By genre it is a sitcom with elements of fantasy, which should get the viewers’ attention with its unusual plot and a rather high-quality work of the creative team.

Unfortunately, the right holders’ hope did not come true, but we thank them for their work and wish success in the future!

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  1. Laurie Colon

    Welcome 2 Broke Girls )))

  2. Lina

    I thought this was a super cute show! I’m disappointed!

  3. Jill Tran

    It was a refreshing and very funny show. We laughed and laughed; why can’t they give it a chance?

  4. Darla R.

    CBS should give it a full season to find its audience!!!

  5. Danielle Barrett

    Canceled already? I wanted to love the show because I love Jane Lynch. I’m hoping another network picks it up. Or maybe Netflix or Amazon.

  6. Andy

    I enjoyed Angel from Hell. Why can’t CBS let a good series continue?

  7. SonjA

    Lynch is wonderful in this comedy. Loved every episode of Angel from Hell. CBS s*cks! Shame they never give a show a real chance anymore!

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