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«Hell on Wheels» season 4: premiere date

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When will «Hell on Wheels» season 4 premiere? Air date coming? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced in 2014?

TV-channel: AMC
Pilot episode: November 6, 2011
Creators: Joe and Tony Gayton

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.36 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 10: 2.49 million U.S. viewers

«Hell on Wheels», the American Western television series, has managed to gain necessary rating to be renewed. The rights holders stressed on the great success the future episodes can bring, so the creation of the fourth season was officially confirmed.

According to the announcements, 13 new episodes will be filmed. That is three more than usually. According to Charlie Collier, the AMC President, the new season of the show is supposed to premiere in summer, 2014.

«Hell on Wheels» season 4 premiere – August 2, 2014 (officially)

Also he expressed his positive opinion concerning the originality of the plot as well as its relevance to the modern television. The experts are sure the fourth season is to become the last one. Is it really so? Is that really the end?

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  1. Cowboy

    Im so glad that there is going to be a season 4 hopefully there will be many more seasons to come..

    • Tim

      I am so glad this show is returning. I hope it does remain on tv for years

    • Viola Perry

      I loved the show COPPER, too, but it is cancelled.

  2. Aireus Westphal

    Wow when you have a great show DON’T stop until it losses its ratings. Or wait till he makes it out west. Its a great show. The best one in a long time. Need to keep it going for two more season’s. ♥♥♥

  3. Incajoe

    I hope this series continues until Cullen Bohannon Dies a natural death from old age!

  4. Robin Osorio

    Why is it that now it seems when there is a great TV series viewers are really getting interested in watching, they start talking about cancelling it hardly before it gets a chance to take hold and then they do cancel them long before they have run their course for viewers? I do not believe that ratings are always indicative of the complete picture where viewers are concerned. They must be skewed somehow because too many interesting TV shows have fallen by the wayside, been cast into obscurity in recent years for me to believe ratings should be the final determining factor in the “renew or cancel” considerations before the series is given a chance to gain its momentum. When will people get sick of “Reality” shows? Soon I hope, so there will be room for better programming and actually a chance for it to be given full consideration. Hell on Wheels is an all around excellent TV series and it sounds as if its writers and producers have given Season 4 a great deal of forethought and planning and we viewers have another great Season to look forward to, however, it would be nice to do so without the threat of its cancellation being held over our heads. I have to agree with Commenter, Incajoe, and vote for Hell on Wheels to continue “until Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) dies a natural death from old age!”. LOL! Thank you for your consideration.

    • MARY


    • Jean

      I agree 100%! Not only are there way too many reality shows but there are hardly any good westerns. This one is exceptional. It seems so true to life for the era it is portraying and the characters are great. The actors are truly gifted at giving these characters life! It is on a little too late for me to watch, but we tape it every week without fail. I think a lot of these shows are taped on their DVR’s now. Who doesn’t have a DVR or a Tevo? Not anyone in the 21st century, I’m sure. As far as I’m concerned, Robin has hit the nail on the head. There are not enough shows for truly intelligent people to watch. Hell On Wheels however, is one of them. PLEASE don’t cancel this show! I love it.

    • Linda Lozar

      I couldn’t have said it better. We have been waiting forever for the fourth season to start. Don’t keep us waiting and don’t, please let us down. Hell on Wheels is up there with some of the best series on TV now and so much better than most It has a richness that hardly any other show has. May Cullen Bohannon live a very long and and colorful life.

    • Clint & Marilyn

      The above (Robin) could not have said it better. We are 72 & 68, LOVE “Hell On Wheels” and anxiously waiting for 4th season!!

  5. cheridee

    I’m so excited for the new season, I love westerns and I hope this on stays going. I love the life and for the most part wish I grew up in that time, life was hard for sure but it also was so simple and family’s worked together, and staid together.

  6. Karen Rhoads

    A friend loaned me the DVD for Season 1 and 2. I could not stop watching til I had watched all the episodes. I missed the start of season 3 so need to watch the whole season 3 but am very glad to hear there is a season 4.

    It needs more advertising so people know when its on!! Most people don’t know about it.

  7. Tonto

    Choices, Hell On Wheels vs Dancing with Stars, Biggest Loser, Idol American, Think You Can Dance, etc, etc, Who wouldn’t want to watch something more mature and action filled. Classic westerns are at most, long gone from the viewable media. Years long gone, I would sit with my dad and watch all the westerns from the ’60s and ’70s. And some reruns from before my time. Wouldn’t miss this show for anything. Thank you video recorder, and encore showings. Let’s keep it going.

  8. Ruth Lake

    I have liked this show in the past but was very disappointed with the last few episodes of season 3. If they continue to make Mormons look like horrible people I will probably stop watching it. Not interested in watching a religion being bashed.

    • Laurie

      In case you didn’t notice, the brutality of those times don’t flatter anyone. Crazed Christian minister, crazy evil Swedes, greedy brutal Irish, rich bigoted whites who will kill or make disappear anyone in their way, even the black Freeman and the Indians don’t always look like angels either. So to say the Mormons were getting picked on is ridiculous. Even for those times, their behaviours were odd to most and they weren’t angels either that’s fact!

      • Deanna

        Laurie, I couldn’t have said it better. The show is great! Very realistic.

      • matt

        the Mormons were portrayed accurately and historically true

    • Pattie J

      Why are u a morman? We have to question every religion because they all did bad things. Why hide the truth. Love this series!!!

  9. Rhonda

    Hope they continue the show, it’s good. Want to see Cullen ride off into the sunset aftermuch success on the railroad. Love the show!!

  10. Mjp

    I love Hell on Wheels.. but why can’t we have season 4 now.. at least in March..

  11. cindy

    absolutely love this show, keep on making more as good Western type movies are so hard to find these days.

    We have even recorded all series so we can rewatch them again at a later date. Hanging out for season 4.

  12. Laurie

    This is the best series on TV. Everyone I suggest it to loves it. You screwed up when you killed off Lily Bell before season 3, now Elam. Don’t quite get that. Please give Hell on Wheels the same advertising, marathons, off-season and pre season build up that you go e to Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. It will pay off. THE SHOW DESERVES IT. Great acting, great stories, beautiful sets, please don’t let it end. Thank you.

  13. leland evans

    great show

  14. Gayle

    This show I can’t get enough of. Everybody is a great actor and the story is constantly captivating. However, I agree that Lily Bell should not have been killed off. Her and Bohannan just finally got together and had great chemistry. Their love could have been a real bright spot in the scheme of things. I mean he lost his wife and then Lily. Durn. Anyway, can’t wait for Season 4. Hope it never ends. Love that southern talking Anson.

  15. Patsy

    Thank goodness this show is coming back! Not enough westerns, with guts and good actors,telling a story about true event in America, can’t hardly wait till summer.

  16. Master Tapasu Sala'itia

    This The best western series that comes out of the West!!
    I stay up to watch!!!
    Why would you think twice of producing??
    It’s unforgivable!!

    • Donna and Kurt

      I could not have said it any better!

  17. MARY


  18. Donna and Kurt

    Love this show. Can’t wait till season 4 airs. Hope there are many more seasons to follow. Please keep renewing Hell on Wheels for all the die hard fans like us.
    I agree with one of the previous post. The show needs more advertising. The first time that we even knew that Hell on Wheels was on we saw it advertised and so we recorded it. When we went to watch it we found out it was Season 3 episode 1. After watching this episode we purchased season 1 and 2 and watched from the beginning and all the way through season 3 and can’t wait till season 4 begins. We really got spoiled watching season 1 and 2 together we would watch 3 or 4 episodes a night. We could hardly wait till a new episode of season 3 would air to watch. Advertise more I am sure everyone will fall in love with Hell on Wheels like we did.


    Please do not cancel this show, love it, and enjoy the history.
    thanks for Anson Mount he is terrific, had never seen him before.
    I love anything with railroads, westerns in general.
    thanks for giving us this wonderful show to watch!

  20. Nikki

    We are so happy we have another season to look forward to….its a great series and we are so tired of the “cr*p” on tv…..and I too love Westerns….

  21. Jo

    Glad that “Hell on Wheels” with continue another season. I hope it doesn’t stop with season four. I love westerns and this one does it for me. Great acting by the main characters. Some of the best I’ve seen on television. I hope Common is not dead; just hurt pretty bad and will recover. We’ll see. As for the Mormons, I have never seen any religion that didn’t have some darkness to it in it’s past. Once thing for sure, the next season is going to be interesting and I’m looking forward to being entertained.

  22. Suze

    It seems that like most things in life these days is geared toward the 20-40 age group. Those of us in the older age brackets have very little to choose from for tv viewing that are current shows. Hell on Wheels is one show that offers something for people of all ages without insulting our intelligence or offending us. While it is highly entertaining, it is also based in historical fact. We rarely get anything of historical fact through TV. The Old West was romanticized for years through tv programming. It is nice to finally have a show about the Old West that is closer to the truth. Keep producing Hell on Wheels. It is excellent TV viewing!!

    • j

      totaly agree
      Could be another Gunsmoke

  23. ellen wells

    i cant wait for the showe to com back , at schowes howe corrapted the coverment was in thos days . at showes mor like the old west was .love the schow hurry back

  24. scooter

    I’m a big fan of Anson Mount,and Common.they make the show feel like you are living it with them.

  25. Rosemarie Pierson

    I’m so looking forward to season 4…this has become one of my favorite shows- and the primary reason I tune into AMC. A show my husband and I can watch together…he loves the shooting and western theme, and I just wait for Cullen Bohannon’s next scene! One of the best looking men on TV, hands down!

  26. chrissy

    im glad it will be back. I was sad when it went off

  27. Kimmy

    I love Hell on Wheels…I’m really glad there will be a Season 4 and really hope many more after. It’s an awesome show!!!!!:):)

  28. Montecore

    When interviewed the writers said they would end the show when the railroad was completed and that was done around 1879 or 1880. So hopefully they will find another show to place the character Cullen Bohannon after this season!

  29. Ter

    Was really bummed when I though that HoW would not be renewed-so happy it’s back 🙂 Can’t wait to watch some more Cullen!



  31. john

    Can’t for the new episodes to start. Glad there will be 3 more than usual. Love this show.

  32. James

    Best western made since the first Lonesome Dove, keep
    it going for a long time

  33. James C.

    I sure hope this western keeps on keeping on! My sister-in-law just called me today wanting to know when Hell on Wheels was coming back on . I told her I have been keeping an eye on Facebook and it shouldn’t be too much longer. My wife kindly gets upset with me watching all the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood reruns but I told her untill Hell on Wheels returns I’ve got to watch some kind of western! Just an Ole Texan waiting on some Hell On Wheels!!!!!

  34. Cindy & Randy

    We love this show. Can’t wait until season 4 airs. Can’t get enough of Collin. Hope there are many more seasons to follow. Please keep renewing Hell on Wheels for all the die hard fans.
    This is the best show ever and is one of a kind.

  35. Anna

    I love this show I hope Cullen gets in a relationship with the church lady.

  36. becky & bob




  37. Gloria

    Have always loved westerns and Hell on Wheels is an excellent T.V. Series. Cannot wait for season 4 to start. Have been worried it was canceled but thank goodness it is coming back. They need to get rid of some of these other programs that are not worth watching. Please keep Hell on Wheels rolling!

  38. Jane

    Hell On Wheels is a great TV series and this is our North American history we are watching. Robin Osorio’s comments say it all. Please keep it coming our way….. and tell us when in Summer 2014.

  39. Diane

    I believe this series should have been on network TV because with a little editing, it could have been. The development of the west in America is a very important topic. The actors in the series are top notch and the production values very high. This series should go on for a few more seasons. I don’t think ratings on a cable network are everything. Come on AMC, keep Hell on Wheels on the air for at least two more seasons.

  40. Jimmy

    Truly one of my favorite shows, need more like this one. Reality shows are just the next fad. Good Western based movies are a part of history. As you read books of days in the old west you can truly see that these were difficult times and it took hard men and women to survive. I believe this show is a reminder of how things may have really been in those days and I really enjoy watching every episode. Please continue to help myself and other people who enjoy Hell On Wheels have something to look forward to each week, through season 5 and hopefully season 6 and more.

  41. Sheila Corrieri

    I would hope therewouldbeaseasnfour with theway season three endedIt would berather stupid not to at least finish it out. There is no one on tv like Cullen. He’s the best since Doc Holiday and the best western series since Deadwood.

  42. Ray

    Great Great show is it August yet?

  43. JILL

    Love this series. Intelligent, great performances, well-written. Most of the series renewed are marginal, this one is great!

  44. budburnr4:20

    finally a good tv show the problem is the wait between seasons 6-7 mons. is just absurd no wonder the viewership sinks its called consistancy people . I remember when a tv season was 22 wks.

  45. brenda stump

    My husband and I have looked forward to the 2014 season to begin. We both love the show and think that is by far one of the best shows on television. I agree with some of the others, there are way too many reality shows on these days, and most of them are stupid. Who cares what honey booboo is up to. I think she is a spoiled little brat that could use a good butt busting, and the rest of her family are as ignorant as can be. And who cares about bridezilla, another stupid show. then there is the bachelor and the bachelorette I say if you have to go on a tv show to meet your soulmate, then you are pathetic. At any rate I believe that some of those shows need to be cancelled and shows like Hell on wheels should stay on the air as long as possible. I agree with badburnr , we should not have to wait 6-7 months for the next season to air. I hope that the comments about this being the last season ever, is just a nasty rumor with no truth to it. I know that my husband and I will be highly disappointed along with a lot of other people. I have never seen a television program that has been as well written and as well directed than Hell on wheels. Please keep it on the air for many seasons to come. Thanks

  46. Montecore

    The show is great, I haven’t seen a drama this good since the show NYPD Blue or Law & Order. I don’t want to see this show end, they can end it when the actor who plays Cullen is too old to ride a horse.

  47. Paul

    I freaking love the show. Only one more season? Hopefully not!!!! This is the best show on television. They just don’t make any other shows like this one anymore.

  48. rick

    please stop with the brain-dead “reality” shows and make more westerns—- YOU HAVE AN AUDIENCE THAT IS STARVING FOR THE “GOLDEN AGE” OF HOLLYWOOD—not the uber-liberal garbage made now

  49. lois

    We can’t wait for the next season to start. Hell on Wheels is one of the best series on television in a really long time. There are very few intelligent, well written shows on tv anymore and a lot of “reality shows” that shouldn’t be bombarding us with the ridiculous notion that they are any representation of reality. Hell on Wheels tells a great historically based story with great acting, writing, production and staging. Anyone watching it can expect to learn something about the human struggles that were experienced by the courageous and driven people who forged the paths across the country and the men and women who faced a great perils to make a better life for themselves and those who followed. It’s a gritty, sometimes shocking, collection of tales that take the viewer on all kinds of unpredictable twists and turns to tell us a great story about all the different characters and interests that battled their way along the path of the westbound railroad. There are very few good shows coming out of network television anymore. We watch a lot more shows on FX and AMC than any other channels. So just sign them up for a multiyear deal and get the writers working on more great stories so they don’t kill off great characters before they get renewed. For crying out loud, recognize a great show when you have one!

  50. Leila

    I cannot wait for this show to back on track. It is too long between seasons, though I do like shorter seasons, especially if you can produce high quality TV Dramas like “Hell on Wheels”.
    When try to put on 20 episodes in a season, you lose crisp, fresh writing, and the acting seems to suffer also. “Hell on Wheels” is sensational and I don’t know many people who have heard of it or have any idea when it is on. I agree with prior commenters, AMC must market this. Advertise on other networks. Just look at the following this show has. People who KNOW it is on love it. If you don’t make sure people know when it is on, how are you going to get the ratings up? We’re doing everything we can with “word of mouth”. Now do your part. I never want this show to end.

  51. Charlee

    I’m hoping the bear only wounded Common’s character and that he’ll be returning for this season.

  52. diane ganley

    My fiancee and I can’t wait until H.O.W. returns. Please continue with numerous series. LOVE CULLEN!

  53. Lyndle Claus

    This is one of best westerns that I have seen since John Wayne, Clint Eastwood movies.

  54. Michelle

    One of the best shows ever! Love that it shows truth and suspence, and features really great actors. I was hooked from the beginning

  55. Ron W

    Great acting , great story line and this is a show that could go on forever with out getting old.

  56. j

    You could go along way with this show. Look how good Gunsmoke did. I lost count of how many times i watched reruns I would do the same with HOW

  57. Pkk

    This is an amazing show to watch. It is so well done – set/scenery, costumes, and actors give an authentic feel and draw you into the late 1800s to the height of the railroad building race and the post Civil War period where the United States is dealing with many societal changes/issues – including waves of new immigrants, Native American wars, the changing role of women, and the growing concentration of wealth and power among a class of wealthy and politically connected people. the characters, in particular Cullen, Durant and Elam, have great complexity and are often faced with difficult choices to make. The writing is superb and the story which at first would seem straightforward is fraught with very interesting twists and new problems to solve. I believe that I speak for many viewers of Hell on Wheels – please continue with this show for many more seasons. It is one of the very best on air now (including tv and cable networks). My one suggestion is to write in more strong female characters.

  58. Felipe

    I love this show. It’s one of the best on TV now and then. I look forward to Season 4 with high expectations. My only suggestion is to give the Mormons a little slack. They are not the “boogeyman” that has been portrayed. They are a peculiar people yes, but generally they were and are a peaceful people. Great show though! Keep the series alive.

  59. Kay

    Hell On Wheels is like a great novel you don’t want to put down!

  60. Judy

    I didn’t know anything about ins is show until my daughter told me about it. Once I saw it, I couldn’t wait to see the next one. I watched it on Netflix nonstop almost until I saw all three seasons! I watched the latest one from season four tonight. Either I missed one or something was skipped, because the wife is a different prison and a lot if other things were changed. Like friend who left the train to find our hero and encountered a bear. It looked like he was still alive, so I was looking forward to seeing him getting healed and continuing his trip. Did I miss something or is that it as far as the people go?
    Parts are hard to watch, but I am sure that – that was a reality in hardships in that day. I love Westerns and this surely keeps your attention. So glad that you are putting it back on for several seasons to come. (I hope)

  61. Ellen

    Great show, missed the 1st episode. Happened on the 2nd. Thanks for season 4.

  62. Eddie Livingston

    Just wondering is Common going to return? Or is he off the show?

  63. guitarzan

    please continue the show ! this is one of the best westerns ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. brewster

    One of our favourite shows, keep it coming.

  65. marie

    well saterday has gone o hell . my husband is madderthan a wet hen that it has gone off. he loved he show and so did I . please pu it back on.!!!!!!!!!

  66. Tonjia

    I totally agree with Brenda, and Robin and Incajoe’s comments above. We get a great show going and we look so forward to it, it is realistic unlike Walking Dead and all the dumb reality shows, etc, and if AMC doesn’t want to carry Hell on Wheels anymore, can’t some other station carry them. Is it all boiling down to the money again? I see it a lot between owners of shows and Direct and Dish TV. Tired of watching the dumb junk. Please find a way to continue Hell on Wheels until Cullen Bohannen dies of old age! Thank you. 🙂

  67. tracy r

    please do not cancel hell on wheels I have so many co-workers etc. who are loyal watchers every time a great show comes then a stuip reality show is on please,please don’t cancel awesome story line and great actors!!!!

  68. KIMBERLY in Oklahoma

    Hello all you HELL ON WHEELS fans, I do want to give a big shout out to this show. Love, Love,Love it. I am sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next series to start. Oh yea-with my cowgirl boots on of course! So this show seems true to heart. More so than 30 women fake crying, and fighting over one man begging for his hand in marriage show, PLEASE SPARE US ALL FROM THIS NONSENSE. Okay so I’ll be looking for more Westerns in the meantime, Go see Clint Eastwoods son- Scott in his new movie. Maybe he’ll follow in his dad’s footsteps and give us all some good Westerns. HAPPY TRAILS YA’LL

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