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Hell on Wheels season 5: premiere date (2015)

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We are waiting for the start air date of Hell on Wheels show? When does season 5 premiere on AMC in 2015? What is known about the new episodes?

TV-channel: AMC
Pilot episode: November 6, 2011
Creators: Joe and Tony Gayton
Genre: Western

Season 3 Episode 10: 2.49 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 9: 2.30 million U.S. viewers

A good start of the fourth season of the «Hell on Wheels» television series only proved the show to be continued in the current season.

The creators are sure the television series will have the airtime on AMC in 2015, as there are all reasons for that. The ratings of the gives show are still high and the number of the fans in the USA comprises 2,2 million people.

The official decision concerning the show renewal is to be made soon, that’s why the premiere date of the new episodes is still a question.

Hell on Wheels season 5 start – [July 18, 2015] (UPDATE 2)

The second half – [June 11, 2016] (UPDATE 3)

Let’s wait for the rights holders’ decision together!

UPDATE 1 (Nov. 7, 2014): Hell on Wheels was renewed for a fifth and final season. The series’ 14-episode swan song will air in two parts: seven in summer 2015 and the remaining seven a year later.

UPDATE 2 (May 28, 2015): AMC confirmed that the show will return with the first half of its 14-episode season on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at 9/8c. The second half will air on AMC in Summer 2016.

UPDATE 3 (April 27, 2016): Hell on Wheels season 5B (Rerurn Date) – June 11, 2016 at 9/8c (the first of the series’ final seven episodes). NO SEASON 6 of Hell on Wheels.

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  1. Robin

    I really love watching Hell on Wheels. If you don’t renew it I will be very upset.

  2. Anne Boyd

    This is a terrific show. Please don’t cancel the series.

    • Vanessa Seay

      Hell on Wheels is one of best series on TV. Please don’t take it off, they just took my other favourite show off Justified. Seems like every time you get into a good series they cancel it.

      • Bret

        I agree, Justified and Boardwalk Empire were both great shows. So, since Hell on Wheels is a great show they will probably cancel that too. People (not me) would rather watch cr*p like Naked and Afraid, Housewives from hell or some other lame program.

  3. Jana77

    It’s my favorite show. I want to see season 5 the story. Awesome action from Anson Mount!!!

  4. Harvey

    I hope it’s not cancel I really love this summer show. Give us season 5! GO GOOO Hell on Wheels!

  5. Kelvin W.

    This series needs to continue on because their is alot creativity put into this show. The cast is very good.

  6. cap

    Hope they order season 5.

  7. Lonnie the Flash

    I really want season 5 of Hell on Wheels to come out in 2015

  8. Renee Anderson


  9. Nivita0208

    I love this show. Please no final seasons. Keep them coming:)

  10. bonnie ans ken wilson

    My husband and I do not watch the same programs on TV however Hell on Wheels we have watched the full series numerous times and love the program, and oh Anson Mount yummy, great acting by all, who ever picked the actors and actresses did a great job, they were all made for their parts.

  11. Judy Blias

    Hell on Wheels Rocks! I can hardly wait each week for the next episode….right now I am having a massive Where the Hell is Hell on Wheels meltdown…..please keep them on the air…what a great show….

    • angela

      Love it!!! I’m joining you on that meltdown!!!!

  12. Lucie Gratton

    I am truly fan of this show!don’t let itget away!

    • Emmy R

      I miss this show, I want it to go on, please

  13. Paula Long

    Hell on Wheels is one of the best series I have ever watched. My husband and I truly become anxious for each show. This is a great show and it would be a tremendous negative blow to all of its veiwers.

  14. Jessica Overgard

    Am looking forward to Season 5 this coming summer of 2015. Wish we didn’t have to wait till 2016 for the final series. Actually wish it was an ongoing show – weekly – forever. Hell on Wheels story line and cast really rock!

  15. nacy russell

    I know that in TV it can’t last forever-but-please let it run as long as some of the other great shows. RENEW!!!!

  16. Anna

    Lord I hope they don’t take Hell on wheels off the air we love the show

  17. carla parcell

    Hell on Wheels is the Best TV seies o television please rethink your decion of ending the series. i could watch it forever! its my greatest obsission!!!!!

  18. james sullivan

    Hell On Wheels, Please show it again I looked forward to it every Saturday night. Now there’s nothing to look forward too. Greatest show i seen in quite a while.

  19. Marcia hatcher

    Are you even thinking about not having season 5……..seriously. It is one of the best serial shows ever. Anson mount will be a huge star. What is wrong with you people.

  20. Joshua mckitrick

    Hell on Wheels is the best series ive ever watched. And if concluded properly in Season 5, I think it will go down as one of the greatest tv shows ever. A true masterpiece!

  21. Brenda Long

    I LOVE HELL ON WHEELS!!! This IS the best series on TV today. Anson Mount, is one of the best actors we’ve had in a really LONG time for the TV audience….just cant get enough!!! The whole series is very well written and ALL the characters are just so believeable !!! We have to have a season 5, HELL, we I hope we have a season 10 at some point !!! There are a lot of HELL ON WHEELS followers and I would watch it no matter what station its on!!!!! Please give it to us, or at least tell us when its coming back??

  22. Paula Curtis

    AMC ! ! ! I love “HELL ON WHEELS”. . . . I hope you will continue with this TV series like the “WALKING DEAD” (another TV series that I love to watch) All the actors especially “ANSON MOUNT” (who by the way is DELICIOUS, Fabulous and a Fantastic actor, and OOH those eyes, OMG, what beautiful eyes ANSON has and I love how the camera focuses in a lot on his eyes:). Well anyway, all the actors were well chosen for their parts they play and even the evil one the Swede do a GREAT job in helping us want to see more of this show. You love to hate him but you need balance in any show. I love the writers of this show. They are doing a fantastic job in keeping us wanting more and more of this series, like the “Walking Dead”. Please consider keeping this show going. I’m sure you writers with your writing skills can keep us wanting to see more of “HELL ON WHEELS”, just like the writers of the “Walking Dead” do, to keep us wanting to see more and more. When a TV series has the good chemistry of Actors, Writers and the Fans, then the show must go on for the FANS. You have to keep us HAPPY. . . . Right !! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t cancel this Fantastic TV series. Thank you. . . . .

  23. marcia mcburnett

    Please please keep this show on the air! It is so awesome & the cast is wonderful! You should keep the seasons going forever! If it’s cancelled- you will have A LOT of disappointed viewers!

  24. Pat

    There are only two TV programs I will go out of my way to never miss – Hell On Wheels and NCIS. In fact, the nights they come on are the only nights I regularly turn the TV on.
    I don’t want to see it ever end.

  25. Lisa

    I also make Hell on Wheels my priority to watch. Since the first time I watched, I have always anticipated the following weeks show. My boys had talked about it, and then I saw Anson Mount on the View, lets just say I had to watch! I go through “Hell” at the end of every season, Anson withdrawals! But, the eye candy is a total bonus. It has to be a great show to keep watching and I love that the writers are not afraid of taking risks with losing main characters. Just when I think how disappointed I am in choices to kill someone off, I am dragged in by the next story line. I think that this show has never been promoted enough on major networks, and think it would make a huge difference. Please do not cancel my favorite show!!!

  26. sheracam

    AMC, regarding Hell on Wheels series, it is one of the best productions on television. Please rethink the schedule of it coming to a conclusion in 2015. Many would like to see at least two more seasons. I do not usually request/contact such. This alone should make you aware of just how popular of this series. Sincerely, Shera Cam

    • Chris Wyrosdick

      I agree the show is great but they should continue it because YOU don’t normally request shows to continue? That alone should make them continue it? Do the producers or the network execs for AMC even know who you are? You sound a little bit insane there…sorry but it’s just really funny to hear someone say something so egotistical, and the fact that they should continue it because of YOU in particular sounds ridiculous! However, it did give me a hell of a good laugh! Thanks

  27. Choo-Choo 97

    Great western & Rail Roading history rolled into one. His Union Pacific days are done, now on to the Central Pacific side of the transcontinental RR & the evil ‘Swede’,”But I’m Norwegian”!

  28. JLG

    I love this show!! Please don’t cancel.

  29. S.J. MARENGO

    Hell on Wheels,WOW what a great show. I agree with Lisa the show should have more exposure.
    I talk it up every chance i get.The production and cast the best. ANSON MOUNT GET NOTICED

  30. tarek

    this is one of the best shows i ever seen for very long time….it is well written detailed oriented about the American frontier the whole story it put highlight who we are as a nation…i hope they expand those season to 2016 and beyond still a lot of unknown about those periods and i love to know more,
    everyone acts was true heroes because i can see they love the character and they live through it…it is simply true genuine acts from church lady to other i truly lived through it and i love every minute of it

  31. ray carrion

    too bad it is coming to an end. really good show like the walking dead.

  32. Kat954

    Outstanding show, with a great cast and storyline. My husband and I both wait anxiously for each new season.

  33. West

    I gotta know how it ends!!! Dont end it on the last season!

  34. barbara

    why do all the good shows get cancelled? for stupid ones?

  35. Deb

    Please, please don’t cancel this show. It is one of the only ones I watch. I love AMC and I wait breathlessly each week for the show to come on. As one of the previous comments – why do all the great shows get cancelled. This show is fantastic and all the actors are marvelous. Anson Mount is terrific and drop dead good looking. I beg you, please don’t cancel the show! We need great shows like this one instead of all the stupid sitcoms.

  36. charlotte

    best since GUNSMOKE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> KEEP THEM coming for all us old western movies buffs……………

  37. Barbara huggins

    Great show,great actors.please keep it on the air

  38. Jo Jones

    Love Hell on Wheels. Please continue this show. So little to watch that is this good!

    • Carol


  39. Loris

    Love the show. Missed the first 3 seasons, glad Netflix’s had them. Cannot wait for season 5 to start.

  40. Tresea

    Please Please continue this show it is too good to cancel. I have been anxiously waiting for Hell on Wheels return. This show definitely has my two thumbs up .

  41. Debbie

    The uniqueness of each character is
    Enough to expand this story line beyond
    The finishing of the railroads.
    What happens to each character after
    It’s time to work to live instead of live to

  42. pamlia v

    I’ve been anxiously waiting for Season5 to begin and now I hear it will be cancelled after! I love this show and look forward to Saturday nights, please don’t cancel it. There are few shows on TV that are worth watching.

  43. Peggy

    I can not wait for the show to continue. Just watch one. And you will be hooked. Promise.

  44. patsy sloan

    Please, please don’t cancel season 5 and let this great show end on season 4,,,,,,,,,please

  45. Lori Anderse

    What is up. Still waiting for the best show ever to return. Please bring is back soon

  46. Gary

    Please bring the show back soon. One of a few shows that I look forward to each week. Miss Common a lot.

  47. Lorna

    Love the show. Can’t believe they make us wait so long between seasons, but A YEAR between part 1 and part 2 of season 5??!! Really?! Disappointed that it will not renew.

    • Chris Wyrosdick

      Don’t ever start watching DaVinci’s Demons then, great show but the time between seasons is now going to end up around a year and a half! Yeah, Hell on Wheels is awesome though, one of the best I’ve watched lately and well cast. Unfortunately, westerns just aren’t as popular as they were decades ago, and it’s a shame because the newer westerns make the old stuff look like what it was, horribly acted and written, and with more quality shows for the genre these days it could become popular again…

  48. barb

    this is one of just a hand full of great shows on TV. Please don’t cancel!

  49. Sandy

    Best show ever! Ratings are high and no reason to cancel but definitely a reason to continue the series. Please do not cancel. Television won’t be the same without it.

  50. Linda Fulgium

    My husband and I LOVE Hell on Wheels, we watch it at night and on weekend mornings, we watch every marathon showing, nothing gets between us and our Hell on Wheels! We don’t watch Walking Dead or the drug show because we aren’t into zombies or meth freaks. PLEASE KEEP HELL ON WHEELS ON THE AIR! PLEASE! PLEASE! please……………

  51. Linda Shoemaker

    Hell on Wheels is my favorite show and I have been searching for its return. All my friends watch it. Why isn’t it to be continued?

  52. romana

    best show, very realistic. Hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Cullen omg what a hunk and a great actor, they all are.

  53. Janet McCright

    My husband and I love Anson Mount and Hell on Wheels. Hey movie moguls!!! Put Mr. Mount on the big screen. He is super sexy and such a good actor.

  54. barbara lee

    I was the best show on tv. We don’t have very many westerns and it would be a great joy to bring it back. All the other shows on tv suck. Bring Hell on Wheels back.

  55. David Arbogast

    Great show. Keep it going as long as possible.

  56. Eddie H.

    He’ll on wheels is the best show in decades. Why would they want to cancel one of the best shows ever. It is a great portrayal of life in the old days. Keep this going this show is loved by many who can’t post and should stay as long as possible.

  57. Bashi

    This is a truly great show and at so many levels. The true history aspect with actual historical characters, the great roles for so many women, the fabulous scenery, wonderful acting and fascinating story lines. This series has it all. I am a latecomer to the series and have caught up on Netflix and am now talking it up to everyone. It would be a shame for any knowledgeable viewer of quality TV to miss out on this program. Keep up the wonderful work, as I am sure you will. I have my fingers crossed for more seasons beyond season 5. All you satisfied viewers, to avoid the disappointment of ending this series too early, I say, “Unite and ask AMC for, no, demand, ‘More Hell on Wheels, please!'”

  58. Chris Beard

    Hell on Wheels is the best show on AMC. This is one of only 3 shows my husband and I watch faithfully. Please do not cancel this show, as it is they are on a short season and if feels like the first episode is on and the last one is showing.
    I watch them over on Netflix.
    Thank you

  59. James Colbert

    I second EVERY comment left about keeping this show on for more seasons, even beyond season 5. One of the BEST shows to hit television for YEARS and like everyone else, I hope you WILL keep it on for a long, long time 😀

  60. Brent westray

    Why be jerks and make everyone a year for the final 7 episodes

  61. Veronica Winters-Everly

    Hell on Wheels is the series that brought me to AMC. To loose such a strong and unique show will make me question my other AMC choices and allegiance. DO the right type of promo and enough of it to drive up the numbers to where it can become the success I have confidence it can be. Thank you.

  62. Dave Fercho

    Really love Hell On Wheels and hope it continues to air! I can’t wait for it to start again to see what happens next! I am going through Hell On Wheels withdrawl!!!! lol

  63. Marsha Jenkins

    Seriously….does anybody read these comments? I hope so. Look at how many females like this show. How often does that happen? This is kinda cowboy. I never thought I would, but Hell on Wheels and Longmire are my favorite show. They cancelled Longmire and now this. Nobody cares what the older generation like to watch. Why? Because they think the younger people spend the most money. Advertising! I am sick to death of all the stupid reality shows. There is absolutely nothing worth watching on TV. I am thinking of canceling cable. You get interested in watching a good show and then they cancel it, because it might not appeal to the younger generation.

  64. ken palicki

    Hell yea, one great show

  65. Connie Bates

    Please do season 5-6-7 and more that is the BEST show in a long time .

  66. rick

    7 episodes is all after waiting a year. just show all 14 and be done with it. i want 14 this year and 14 next year. 7 shows only 7 really. the fans are getting the shaft.

  67. Isobel

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this show right from the first episode and have always been left wanting more after each season has ended, it’s a great piece of history and gives you an understanding of the hardships suffered. The acting is superb and Anson Mount gives an incredible performance, I feel that the length of time this railway took to build that there are many more untold stories that could definitely be continued indefinitely.

  68. rita

    i love this show please don’t cancel

  69. Therresa

    Please give us more Hell on Wheels. It is one of the better series on TV. Anson Mount is a brilliant actor. We want M O R E !!!!!

  70. lonnie

    no—really—put another cr*ppy reality series or bachelor junk on instead of this great series

  71. Rhonda F.

    Please do not consider canceling Hell on Wheels……my husband and I really enjoy it! If it does not contunue, it will be verrrrrry disappointing!!! All of the acting is brillant! We are not interested in anymore zombie shows!!!!! Love the whole show! Listen to the people.

  72. Valerie

    Please don’t cancel Hell on WHeels – it’s such a good story. I love watching it and will be very sad if it’s gone.

  73. Vickie

    THIS IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV! Bad move if it is cancelled! Come on! Such a great show!

  74. Gloria

    Love hell on wheels! Keep it going!! Only decent show on Saturday! Probably more viewers if on another night, or maybe Netflix will pick it up!!

  75. Deborah

    I just want to know when the Hell o Wheels starts this summer!!!!!!! Date/Day/Time…Will someone please let me know!!!!

  76. Huge Fan

    I found this show two months ago on Netflix, watched it every night and had weekend marathons until there wasn’t anymore to watch. There isn’t anything else out there like it- I don’t understand why it isn’t a big hit. It is at the top of my fav list, along with SOA. I have told everyone I know about it!! There should be a vote so AMC can actually see just how many fans Hell on Wheels has before they decide anything.

  77. Steve

    I’m 64 years old and have been a westerns fan all my life. Hell on wheels is my favorite of all time.

  78. ken

    how come ever time theres a good show on tv they stop it.this is the best show on tv in years.hey amc hold a vote i bet you will think again.if you all dont have season 6 i hope some outher channel picks it up.i have even bought the seasons and have watch them a dozzen times.

  79. lorri larr

    Please please please please need to know 2015 premier date can’t stand IT really? I’m addicted GOT TO HAVE IT AND GOT TO KNOW

  80. Cathy Donegan

    Adore this show and can’t wait for season 5. Best show ever – love it!!!!

  81. fred

    best western show on tv please please do not remove from off tv

  82. Dearrel rice

    Cancel hell on wheels is got to be the worst move (AMC ) will ever make cause me personally will block (AMC ) from my Television and rally against ( AMC ) with every means possible (PROMISE ) that .

  83. Bob Wiley

    Season 5 already? Oh that’s right – these seasons are only 6 weeks long. LOL!!!

  84. suzanne kane

    can not wait until season 5 starts just love that show cannot wait until I see what they have plan this year.

  85. Jim

    Please keep the series going it’s great

  86. vic

    Enjoy Hell on Wheels look forward to every new episode.Why remove a hit show?

  87. Joe Mccallister

    It’s a shame that’s theirs only 14 episodes left
    They could add so much more Northern & southern lines that was tied to main line
    All the good shows never last long enough
    So many people I know are upset
    Knowing it ending soon hopefully. They will reconsider

  88. Ruth

    Love this show. Please don’t take it off.

  89. Elizabeth

    Please don’t cancel this show!! This is such a great show! Keep it going! Look how many viewers you have!!

  90. Valecia

    I’ve learned Hell on Wheels will return 7-18-15. Thank you. One of the Best Shows on TV. Thank You. My Mom, 2sisters , 3Aunts 2Uncles my best friends mom & many others I ve introduced to the show. I Love Anson Mount & will Miss Common from the show. Pls give us all 14 Episode’s in 2015 & more in 2016,etc. Etc. Etc…

  91. Iggy

    In my opinion it is a great show. I am an old person and I love it, that means that the serie is good for all ages and cultures . I would like that you put 10 seasons not only 5. Thank you

  92. Geoffrey Parker

    Hi! I have been following the series in Australia (on DVD). Just finished watching Season 4. Love the series and love all western movies. Glad to know that there will be a final series.

  93. Jujonte

    more, more, and more of Hell on Wheels! Five seasons is not enough. I’ve watched the reruns 8 times on netflix.

  94. scott hunter

    2015 + 2016 season now split 7/7. Like other comments, this now also coming to an end, per other favorite “Mad Men” also on AMC, now history. Perhaps it is a psychological impossibility to understand why AMC is not renewing Hell on Wheels. The script imagination & creativity is a privilege denied only to those not having followed it. It has taught me to laugh with the sinners or cry with the saints.

    • Cullen's Lady

      I absolutely hate them splitting it up. Just like they did for Mad Men!!! Hate it!!! I just did Seasons 1-4 of HOW on Netflix. Loved it. Great show. It’s refreshing to see a well done western. I’ll be sad to watch it come to an end !!

  95. Kathy

    Love, love, this show. I adore Ansom. He is so hot and a wonderful actor. Please do not can it. There will be a lot of disappointed fans.

  96. Mike

    I really like Hell on Wheels. Ok it isn’t Breaking Bad but man it is close. I know every show has to come to an end some time but I really hope they let this one play out a few more years.

  97. Joe from Reno

    Great show. As is usually the case it will be coming to an end way too soon. I only hope the “Swede” gets a long overdue comeuppance.

  98. Fran

    Bring it back. Enjoyed it very much

  99. CManatt

    I’m sad that I missed the start of new season by a week! Have thoroughly enjoyed the series and will hopefully get caught up ok. There are too few great westerns on TV or in theaters for that matter. Guess everything is very high tech these days.

  100. Ann

    Please keep the show running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Connie

    This is one of the best shows ever…right up there with Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Anson Mount is the most intriguing actor on TV or movies today. This show should NOT be cancelled! AMC has the best shows on TV. Please keep them there …

  102. Mary Moss

    Pleeease don’t cancel Hell on Wheels. I love this show. I love Anson Mount and the whole cast. They are great actors. Its one of the few shows that I watch, like Walking Dead, Mad men. Have it come back for another season with a happy ending.

  103. Violet

    great show!…..have watched it from the beginning… much better than all those cr*ppy reality , bachelor, news programs, etc…..those are the kind of shows they should be cancelling.
    I would like AMC to explain why it is being cancelled….hopefully they will change their minds.

  104. Felicha

    I am so mad! Finally season 5 and they split it into 2 parts… $25 for 7 episodes. Now we have to wait a entire year for last part of season! This s*cks, as if it’s not bad enough ur canceling the show after 5 short seasons!

  105. david webber

    What a shame to end such a great series . I’ve watched series, 1 to 4 — 3 times. The acting is super and movie the producers know how to put together a great show .

    Once the train reaches the Pacific I am sure they can come up with more story.

  106. PJ

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PlEASE put Hell on Wheels back on and keep the series going. It’s one of the best tv series I watch and will be terribly disappointed if not renewed.

  107. Karla Dorch

    I never watched programs developed for cable TV.but during this summer of 2015,I gathered a few of them to see what the buzz was all about.Deadwood,justified,Breaking Bad,Walking Dead,Game of Thrones,Homeland,and now finishing up Hell on Wheels.I don’t understand why the cable networks develop these shows just for a handful of seasons only to cancel them.I was hooked on all of them.never thought much of Anson Mount until HOW.he really kept me interested.I’m wondering if the actors are only willing to commit to 5yrs of television.well I’ll have to look forward to season 5 of HOW and hope that program Developers keep on putting out programs we can fall in love with.

  108. Al Medina

    I just watched 4 season in 4 weeks.
    I can’t wait for season 5.

    Great! Great! Show.

  109. Pat Simpson

    That show is one show that my husband and I like to watch together, and he doesn’t
    fall asleep. The cast of actors were all great, especially Bohannon…..!!!!!
    Please bring it back, at least the 5th. We were not notified that it was showing again in 2015 for
    season 5. Please bring it back

  110. judy matthews

    I feel like I was reading a “can’t lay it down book” and while I went for a snack, someone ripped out the last half of the story…WTF?

  111. Nancy Jennings

    Please don’t cancel this show! There are a lot of story lines the writers can create to keep such a good show going! Anson Mount and all the other cast members are great actors and have done a great job on this show! Anson Mount’s character is sexy, caring, smart, western, honest, etc.! He is a “Bad Ass” and I love him! This show could go on for a while longer if the writers really wanted it too. I would love to see him settle down with his wife and son and start a new life in politics or farming or being a sheriff or whatever! AMC, you really need to re-think the cancellation of this show!!

  112. sheila shanklin

    i would like a list of cast menbers

  113. sheila shanklin

    list of cast menbers

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