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Aquarius season 3 ?

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Aquarius season 3 release date

Are you waiting for Aquarius season 3 in 2017? Is the series renewed or cancelled? We want to know the exact release date on NBC!

The experts believe that the series Aquarius will not return for its third season on NBC. The channel representatives have decided to change the broadcast time of this project, and now the remaining episodes will be broadcasted on Saturdays evening.

As you know, this time is for showing the series which chances for the renewal are either very small or none at all.

Remind that last year the series Aquarius have overcome similar test and it was renewed for the new season, but will it be able to achieve success now? NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke highly doubts it, because for the question of the possible renewal of the series for the third season she replies: «I think that’s tough».

Aquarius season 3 release date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

And would you like to see the third season of this show?

UPDATE 1 (October 1, 2016): NBC cancelled the series after two low-rated seasons.

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  1. Mayyyya

    Please either give this show a 3rd season or sell it to Netflix or Hulu !!!

  2. Nina

    Great show! I love it.
    If NBC doesn’t want it, produce it online at Hulu or Netflix.

  3. DirK F.

    Best show on TV! Please let there be a 3rd season!!!

  4. Sandi

    Hugely love this show. It deserves a third season or as others have suggested give it to netflix…just keep it coming.

  5. Kathy McClintock

    If NBC doesn’t want Aquarius sell it to Netflix. I love it. Look forward to watching it every summer.

  6. Doris Llanes

    I love the show Aquarius! Please bring back to any channel.

  7. Emma

    I love the show I hope there is a third season

  8. jb

    Really good series with great cast! Deserves a 3rd season!

  9. RM

    I love this show!! It deserves a 3rd season. The way season 2 ended makes me want more. Sell it to Netflix if NBC doesn’t want it.

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