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Grimm season 6 premiere date 2017

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Grimm season 6 premiere date 2016

NBC renewed Grimm for a sixth season. Do you want to know the premiere date in 2016? Let’s wait for the new episodes’ start!

Original network: NBC
Genre: Police procedural

NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke in a recent interview praised the work of creators’ team of the series Grimm. She is very pleased with the rating, which shows the project in recent years, as well as important is the fact that the number of fans is still more than 4 million people (in the USA).

To show their love to the series Grimm, network representatives renewed its for Season 6 and made the official announcement on this matter on April 5.

The production of the new 22 episodes 13 episodes has already started, and the premiere date of the sixth season on NBC is appointed to October 2016 (UPDATE 1).

Grimm season 6 premiere date – [January 6, 2017] (UPDATE 2)

Remind that Stephen Carpenter, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf deal with the creation of this show, and the main role is played by the magnificent David Giuntoli.

UPDATE 1 (April 22, 2016): This time the series Grimm will be 13 episodes, instead of the typical 22. A shorter Season 6 run would allow Grimm to debut midseason amid a crowded fall slate.

UPDATE 2 (Aug.29, 2016): NBC announced season 6 would be the final season. Are you looking for Grimm season 7 release date?

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  1. Leona

    So ready for as many seasons of Grimm as possible!

    • Leona

      Me too !!

  2. Laverne J.

    This is great news. Grimm has got to be the best entertainment TV show for yrs, it gets better & better with each season!

  3. Jenna Thomas

    Very happy that the show is still going on. I watch this show since day 1 and ready to see what is next. I love all of the characters!

  4. Francis

    So glad to read it’s been renewed for Season 6! I love GRIMM.

  5. Vera

    So happy Grimm has been renewed. My Favorite TV show right now.

  6. Eva & Mark

    We are very happy that Grimm will get to continue. Brilliant Show!!!

  7. Nancy

    I am so very disappointed to hear that season 6 will only be 13 episodes. In my opinion this show should be continuously run. Waiting between seasons is too painful and my lack of patience does not help.

  8. carolyn

    can’t understand why you would have only 13 episodes you need to change that it is the best show on Friday night don’t disappoint the loyal fans

  9. Chase

    I agree with Carolyn & Nancy. Don’t waste such a great show by cutting it in half.

  10. Vikki

    I agree just love it, the end of tonights finale was the best, and eve is no longer eve and there is going to be a new baby for Rosalie and the captain was made to kill the *ss wipe buy dianna because he hurt her mommy, that was the best. I cannot wait til the season 6 starts its going to be a good one, I watch the reruns on tnt at 5 am every morning Tuesday threw sat you can catch up on all the shows I tape it so I will have them. love this show

  11. T butler

    So happy!!! Can’t wait for season 6!;!!! Best Friday night show!!!!!

  12. kim

    grimm is the best tv show ever. this season finale almost took my breath away, I was literally screaming. I give grimm all the stars.

  13. Paint On The Table

    Please extend those 13 episodes to a full season. Grimm is the best show. We need lots more seasons.

  14. Whiskers

    Brilliant show, can’t wait for the next series. A pity that it will not be a full 22 episode series as there is far more to tell of the story by the look of things.
    The plot has only just been partly shown really and there must be much more to come.
    Please keep this series going, it is the best.

  15. Josh

    Best show ever by far. So glad to here about season 6 so excited

  16. carolyn

    not happy with cutting the number of episodes dumb thing to do need to change that

  17. Phyllis

    We NEED more episodes for a longer season!

  18. Tracy

    This is one of the best shows on tv! My family has made this a favorite in our house and it just keeps getting better each season. Come on season 6, we can barely take the wait!

  19. S. Braxwelder

    Extend the back to 22 or have two debuts of 12 or 13, to run about 3 or 4 months apart.

  20. Allen

    I love Grimm as well. It keeps me at the edge of my seat!

  21. Donna B.

    Is Sean Hayes the same as on “Will & Grace?! If so he should make an appearance some time that’d be fun!

  22. Dennis

    We love Grimm, I’m hooked

  23. Cz

    Keep Grimm series coming. Can’t be enough

  24. carolyn

    grimm doesn’t need to be shortened that would disappoint loyal fans do not shorten it

  25. Greg Missouri

    I am very disappointed that a 22 series show has been cut to a 13 episode season, Grimm is the hottest show on Friday night tv. If the producers of this show is reading this comment, I plead to you to extend the series back to the 22 series season, the show is to great to be shortening the season.

  26. Brenda Purcell

    Really enjoy the plot, just can’t wait till the next one. Please soon even watching at late night!Have watched every season! 22 episodes please!

  27. Rebekah & Gordon

    LOVE the show!!! But we need a new Grimm fix! Ready to binge watch season 6 NOW!!!!!!

  28. mary cole

    Best show ever!!!

  29. Carol

    They can not just leave this series hanging. We own all the series (waiting for season 5 to be released) on BR discs). This is the best show on TV. We will feel such a void when it stops!

  30. Danny Nicholson

    Hi from Australia, Grimms is the best show on TV. I have been waiting for season 6 to be released by watched re-run almost every night. Had meet David in person at the Melbourne Comic Con so awesome. Please make the series never have enough of this.

  31. Peggy

    I heard on Comcast that NBC only ordered 13 episodes because they are cancelling GRIMM!! That season 6 will be the series final season. IS THIS TRUE??? Because Grimm is the best show on TV!

  32. Veronica

    My son and I love this series. Every week we look forward to watching it. We have the DVDs too. GRIMM is one the best series to air in a very long time. Please continue with a Season 7, 8, 9…..

  33. Penny

    I heard this is the last season for Grimm. Is this true? It’s not even going to start till Jan. bummer.

  34. Jenny

    This is by far one of my favorite shows. I hate that it doesn’t start until January and then it is the final season! Big mistake NBC, this is by far one of your best shows! This one will definitely be missed!

  35. Viola

    Seriously, January ? Because waiting all the way till October wasn’t enough (eye roll) That s*cks.

    • chuck

      yes it does, i think i’ll just forget it and nbc

  36. Tracy

    noooo……I so need my Grimm. What a fantastic idea. I PVR this all the time don’t cancel.

  37. Cc

    They must be crazy to cancel a fantastic show like Grimm. Every show is so exciting that you can wait until the next showing. Please don’t cancel my most favorite show. Please reconsider. I bet there’re are billion of viewers who feel the same.

  38. Daniel R Garrant

    There is so much that the writers can do with a series like grim where the characters with there unique abilities is a vast and possibly never ending variety.For instance,Rosedale and Monroe are having a mixed vesen child who could become God knows what??

  39. becky

    it breaks my heart to hear that nbc is canceling one of one 3 tv shows I ever watch shame on them

  40. Cher Green

    I love Grimm, please leave it on TV. Best show ever

  41. Nina

    More proof that NBC execs have their heads up their a$$. Hopefully, Netflix will pick the show up where it left off. I agree this is one unique show.

  42. Dianna Strahan

    WHY!!!!???? Please dont cancel!! We wait so long to get to the next season only to have it cut short and not renewed?! My family has watched since day one. Dont take it away!!!

  43. Becky Maxson

    Grimm is the best! We watch as a family every Friday night. I’ve given it its own title
    (Pizza-Grimm Night)
    Please don’t cancel. We love the show!

  44. Ruth

    I love Grimm it’s very sad that season 6 is cut from 22 episodes down to 13 and that season 6 is the final season Im going to really miss this show. I hope they rethink about pulling this show. PLEASE DON’T CANCEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Renee

    I also have been a fan of this show since the first season This Show Should NOT be cancelled it is certainly one of the more innovative shows on TV. Please don’t let this show be axed it is a wonderful refreshing show one of a kind. I think all individuals who love this show should write any Advertising sponsors and let them know how it could negatively impact selling products to them due to the cancelation of this show. Just a Thought

  46. Diann Cannon

    I can’t wait until season six such a a waste to cancell such a good tv show

  47. Leta

    I was looking for the October premier, and now I see that it will be January and that this will be the final season. Boo Hiss. This is one of my favorite shows and I am totally bummed that it has been cancelled. I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I think it’s a great show with a really cool balance of terror and humor, and I love the characters! Munroe and Rosalie are awesome, and it goes without saying that Nick is super hot. I wish the fan’s input could make a difference…would definitely be more seasons of Grimm! 🙁

  48. NH

    Why cancel? This is a series I wait for!! Please continue this awesome stories about good vs evil. So many reality shows and others that are a waste. Grimm is different as we can relate to the childhood tales with a twist.

  49. darryl

    if nbc is loyal to the fans of grimm ,please explain why the sixth season is cut short and its being canceled after the sixth season.I am a loyal fan I watch every week and I purchased every season on blue ray.I think an explaination is in order

  50. CAZ

    Don’t cancel Grimm. Its one of the only shows worth watching on the wkend. (Fri) Basically, Sat is college sports & Sun consists of the pro sports. Please consider keeping it!!!

  51. Linda

    So disappointed that season six will be the final season. This is one of the most original shows on TV! So tired of the same reality shows, typical crime/emergency room dramas and talent/singing shows. I hope Netflix or Hulu will pick up the show.

  52. Susan Morse

    I am so disappointed that nbc is not renewal grimm so other season and limiting to 13 episodes. If NBC is so loyal to there fans they should listen to them and renewal grimm for more season I enjoy watching with my daugthers they ask a lot of question about the charaters that plays on the show.
    To NBC exes think about the fan and give they what they want and don’t cancel Grimm bring it back for more season it is one for many shows that I like to watch on the weekend with my girls they are into.

  53. Judy

    Grimm is a very good show and both my husband and I look forward to it. NBC is really losing the watchers. It seems that every show I like is cancelled on NBC. I am not sure why but I hardly shows on NBC. I don’t think you care or have loyalty for what we want to watch maybe the big boys don’t like it so they take it off.

  54. caolyn

    do not cancel grimmbest show on tv not happy about not renewingit so do not cancel it

  55. Dave

    Why is it that networks always cancel the good shows. Grimm is different that’s why it’s so good.

  56. caolyn

    do not cancel grimm best show on tv and I know other fans will agree with me

  57. Tom Kalivoda

    I thought season 5 was the last. Very happy we will get more Grimm I am very interested what happens now between Nick and Renard.
    I also hope with Eve, gone they are not going to reunite Nick and Juliette. I prefer the Nick / Adeline pairing.
    Grimm is the only show on NBC I watch.

  58. Linda

    They always take off the real good programs and then give us a new one that we can’t stand to watch. Grimm was one of the few programs that I looked forward to seeing.

  59. David Dean

    Being a loyal fan of GRIMM, I am really disappointed to hear that it will not return after a very short season six. It is a show that captures the imagination and gives thought to many of the fairy tales we grew up with. If possible I’d encourage reconsidering the decision to end this program.

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