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«Leverage» season 6: premiere date

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Will «Leverage» return for season 6? TV series renewed or cancelled? What is known about new premiere air date?

American drama series «Leverage» debuted on TNT channel in December, 2008. Its start was very successful and the ratings started rising. It was on top of channel projects for a long time as evidenced by the fact that during the entire series John Rogers and Chris Downey produced 77 complete episodes, divided into 5 seasons.

Taking into account critics’ remarks concerning the constant fall of series rating, TNT channel representatives were not making the official announcements, as they believed the show would gain momentum. Unfortunately, as for the autumn, 2012 the amount of its TV viewers was decreasing with every new episode. The creators had to make final, albeit difficult decision.

According to TNT authorities’ interview on December 21, the last year, the show was closed. The release date of Season 6, expected by the fans of «Leverage», has been postponed, but the experts don’t believe that someone would like to buy the rights for the show and to renew it.

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. Marilyn Semer

    Cancelling Leverage was a HUGE mistake, as far as I am concerned. It was a very creative program that I looked forward to every week and it had a great entourage cast. Please share my concern with “whomever the powers that be.”

    • Tina

      I totally agree…bring it back!!!!!!

      • Judy

        I agree! It should never had been cancelled! It was funny, entertaining and always something new. I’ve never seen a group of good actors play such a diverse bunch of characters1

        UNFORTUNATELY I must have been watching something else (AND PROBABLY NOT AS GOOD) on another station because I didn’t discover Leverage until it was over and I found it on Netflix. Pleeease bring it back, and with the same actors!

        Another think, since the night was changed, that may have something to do with the loss of viewers.

        • cathy

          I still don’t believe they cancelled Leverage and left so may other dopey shows on. I miss, Hardison, Parker, Sophie, Elliott and Nate . I would rather watch reruns of Leverage for the 5th time than most of the dopey shows on TV today. How does a show get cancelled and win awards. Too bad.

          I guess it wasn’t violent enough, or stupid enough, or sexy enough, or rude enough.

          Waiting for a reunion.

          • Althea

            Please bring it back. It was a mistake to take it off. This was one show I looked forward to. Please bring in back.

        • anina

          AMEN TO THAT!!!

      • anonymous

        Bring back the show enough said

        • Greg Cznadel

          Where do you write to let them know you want it to return…. I am still watching them every night…don’t care how often they repeat.

    • Dale

      TOTALLY agree. Leverage was creative, original, and just plain fun to watch. BRING IT BACK!

      • luz

        I love leverage its on ion television at sundays sarting at 1pm to 2 am and fridays at 1pm to 8 pm

      • Ed


        • valerie jenkins

          bring back the show leverage and its cast.

    • Mickey

      I totally agree!

    • Amy

      YES! I agree! We LOVE this show! 🙂 And new “cons” all the time! So creative. (And prob. based on SOME reality!)

    • Patricia Lathan

      I totally agree!! I love the show if you have to, give it to netflix but someone needs to pick it up. Many fans in my home.

    • Judy

      I agree it was a huge mistake too.

      • Judi

        I too found it on netflix and I loved it. Was so disappointed when I found out it was cancelled. It was creative, funny, and one of the best on TV. Maybe they should put it on the regular channels as many people don’t have cable or dish.

    • Katherine Martinez

      Leverage was one of just a few shows my husband and I enjoyed! It was very disappointing to see it end, it had so much potential! Bring it back, you have fans for life!

    • Bob

      Yes Marilyn Semer!!!!! Leverage should have NEVER been canceled!!!!!!

    • Dianne

      YES BRING BACK LEVERAGE…….I still watch ALL the re-runs. I love the show and as long as the actors want to act LEAVE IT ON!!!! Bring back one of the better shows in the past 10 years. The actors are perfect together. We need some “leverage” these days.

    • john bailes

      I never saw the show on tv —I got the cd’s for Christmas and flipped —-I can not get enough this is fantastic —I feel like I know these guys.PLEASE FOX BUY THIS bring it back !!!!!

      • Lester

        YES!!! PLEASE bring Leverage Back!!!!!! What a HUGE MISTAKE to have cancelled it! It could totally be revived, even after 3 years… PLEASE!!!

    • Jacqueline

      BRING LEVERAGE back. I am tired of watching reruns. Use the same cast if you can. This show was the best.

    • Sam

      It sucked at the prison episodes but when they got back to the normal stuff it was great again… Bring it back…

    • Paul Smith

      Yes bring back season 6 of Leverage. Nate and Sophie get marrued and parker, Hardisson, and Ellit have the black book now and i wanna see them go after all of those powerful people. It wouldnt be the same without Sterling (INTERPOL) chasing them trying to catch them in the act or other characters helping our friends. Bring it back so much was left undiscovered cant end a show that way.


    I am very disappointed that Leverage was cancelled. I am not a big TV watcher but I always made plans to watch Leverage. I love the mischief that they would get into and the private squables that they had with each other. I was disapponted when I stopped seeing serveral of the reaccuring characters like Maggie and Sterling. I own the first 4 seasons on DVD and and waiting for season 5 to be released.

  3. venus

    please tell me this is not true my whole entire family watches leverage every week and more
    that’s 15 people just in one family who ever thinks thetes not enough viewers ur . mistaken just make season 6
    and I’ll see

  4. Leverage canceled!!!!

    OMG Leverage is the best show on TV.
    That it is canceled is very sad. I hope
    Someone picks it up and renews it

    • ia.

      I agree it’s the best show ever

    • James

      I feEl that the company does not wait a bit or check with hulu, Netflix, etc….. probably it counts too late. I AGREED that those 5 characters fit well together…. let see Parker, Harrison, Eliot and maybe 1 or 2 more new characters…..for 6th and 7th season to see the rates will go up!

  5. Ryan Walker

    I agree with everybody else! I still can’t believe that TNT really did cancel Leverage and I hope that there will be another network to pick it up! It’s my favorite show and I don’t want it to end! Let’s go steal a network !!

    • Ericka

      I also love Leverage. I like how they all came together to fight the real BAD guys. I am still waiting to hear more about Elliot I want him to find his own girl. Lets go steal the USA for them!! I hope the ones in charge of TV Series like this one see all of our comments and demands to keep this show alive and DO it!!!

    • cathy

      love it!


      this is a job for ELLIOT he can “Persuade” TNT OR find another network! I work in communications i’ll be glad to help! let’s get the whole team together c’mon!
      who’s with me?

  6. Judy Spangenberg

    Why do they always cancel the shows a family can watch together. You don’t have to worry about the contents while watching with your children.

  7. Kristin Wooten

    I love leverage and i am a big time fan of the show. There is nothing like relaxing on the couch snuggled under a blanket watching the action packed scenes of the hot Christan kane as Elliot spencer, or watcher the amazing techno gear that Hardison always seems to be able to use to help the team out. The funny jokes and the funny bickering between Elliot and Hardison always got me in a good mood no matter how bad my day has been. I have always looked forward to new episodes but hearing about the cancellation made my heart just drop. This was the worst mistake ever. They stopped a good show from going on yet some of the worst shows ever like The Simpsons and American Idol and even SVU are still on the air. Its just criminal. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING IT BACK.!!!!!!!

    • Judy

      True!!! Why cancel a good show, there is enough cr*p on for the ones with no taste!

  8. Terri

    Leverage was my favorite program. I loved the characters, the story line. Why not cancel the so called reality shows…like Duck Dynasty or Amazing Race? These ‘shows’ are an insult to my intelligence. Please bring Leverage back!

  9. john

    we all want season 6 off leverage please get it renewed

  10. courtney and family

    just got done watching all 5 seasons of Leverage. Not a moment of disappointment. The humor was great and I really liked the suspense and the twist. its a great family show and needs to have a 6th season and even more. please bring back Eliot, Parker, Hardison, Nate, “Laura” and if you must sterling haha. I’ve got to say I’ve never liked a drama/comedy show as much as I did this one PLEASE BRING BACK THIS SHOW!!!!

  11. Joana and Portugal

    We all want season 6. I mean Leverage is a amazing show. Im portuguese and me and my friends love the show. Please renewed. ADORAMOS O JOGO DE AUDAZES

  12. jonas sikes

    how about putting the show on a night where it can shine instead of competing with other shows? Leverage was the best show on tv..How depressing if its cancelled

  13. Joseph Sanchez

    Yes I want it back!!! Please!!! I want more!! i agree that it started to get boring but!! season 4 and season 5 was very good!!! i guess they should make a storyline not just different cases per episode maybe conne t them together but please make more!!! I NEED LEVERAGE! I WANT LEVERAGE WANT TO SEE MORE OF PARKER!!!!

  14. bobcat

    I would like the show to continue. It was fun with a great show with a terrific ensemble cast and good character interaction. season 5 was a little weak compared to previous ones, but nothing they couldn’t come back from and have a great season 6. I wish TNT would reconsider and bring back the show.

  15. Maxine

    whoever’s decision it was to cancel Leverage should their head examined. For the first time since 24, i’ve seen such an interesting show on TV; it’s funny, intelligent, and so interesting. I’m very dissppointed that they cancelled this show, it’s damn shame.

  16. Jan

    I looked forward to watching Leverage it was a great show . The cast seemed to work well together.

  17. Blessing

    l do not only love leverage but l have gone to the extend of falling in love with Sophie….

  18. RJT

    It came on at 11 am on Dish network and we never missed it!

  19. SM Browns

    Cancelling Leverage its sad to read, and i really hope and fingers crossed that they might change mind and make a 6th season.
    I am writing here from a very small country, most of of you might not know . Maldives.
    and for me its been a great feeling during season 2 and 6 i think they used MALDIVES as verbal location.
    any ways loved the team, story line. and still hope they will bring out a season 6..
    cheers good job guys,

  20. AJ

    It has been over four months since Leverage was cancelled, and I’m still disappointed. I also cannot seem to find a seson 5 DVD set at any reputable dealer. I am hoping to find an official release date for the DVD set.
    I am so disappointed with the decision to end it, and would absolutely love to hear about a network picking the show up for a sixth season.
    Every single character is so relatable. Eliot Spencer was a hitman? Okay, but you got to see him as the human being who had to live with his past every single day.
    Nathan had to struggle with the death of his son, and the memories of a crooked father, then we have Hardison, who was a foster child, but who we never got to really learn the details of his past, and Parker who was so damaged from abuse and neglect, but finally learned to trust people and have a real ‘family’.
    I loved this show for all of the above reasons, but also for the phenomenal acting and the fact that the team fought tooth and nail for the underdog. PLEASE bring it back!

  21. susan

    I am very disappointed to here about the show. I was very much looking forward to the next season. I own all but the last and was hoping to but 6 also.
    Very sad

  22. Beverly Corbin

    DO NOT ! DO NOT! cancel LEVERAGE! All you see is reality shows I am sick of them. Leverage is show that helps people. We need more shows like Leverage. Take from the bad and give to the good a modern day Robin Hood. Keep LEVERAGE ALIVE! Keep LEVERAGE ALIVE!

  23. Patchykidd

    I can’t fathom the thought of Leverage being cancelled, this show had it all for me and I’m so disappointed that its over.

  24. Jelleroggie

    This show is the best show in the world, I really hope on this season 6, it would be the best

  25. john brown

    truly the best show on, the actors are excellent the plots keep you on your toes, I think it was a very bad decision to cancel this show when it has such a large fan base! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!

  26. Ruby

    I agree completely with everyone. Leverage is one of the best shows ever. It has everything…action, drama, comedy. It has some of the best performers around. If you need to take shows off the air then by all means take off all of these so called reality shows. Those shows have no story lines and are boring as ever. I am hoping and praying that another network will pick up this fabulous show. Maybe with enough yelling about this; someone will listen to us.

    • Greg Cznadel

      What are the fans doing about this???

  27. Linda

    Leverage was my favorite shoe!!!!! Can’t they renew it even if it is only Eliot, Hardison, and Parker on the show. Please find somewhere for it.

    • eddie santone

      I disagree with linda the 5th season towards the last couple of episodes.nate and sophie where not in the shows,i found them boring.

  28. cindy

    this was one the best show on the air and you took it off with out a fight, this is a jole how many of these shows need to be removed before net works get the hint to ask viewers before they cancel a series not after.

  29. Rushel

    Please bring it back. Its the only show i really, really love. It is by far the best show on tv

  30. Wendy

    Leverage was a great show — a modern take on the old Mission Impossible series. Ensemble casts are the best. This provided action, humor, and kept you trying to figure out where they were going. It’s a huge shame if this doesn’t come back, especially if new episodes have already been filmed.

  31. Gilles

    For ounce we had a tv series that reunate the entire family in a lifetime! every weeks! Shame on you! Poor tv is all over! Let’s we be together and BRING IT BACK! A familly on the coutch ou don’t see that often!

  32. Deanna

    How can they cancel one of the best shows on cable television. Obviously, they do not talk to us regular people when making decisions on what should stay and what should go. Wow, the powers-to-be, in the expensive suits have once again made a huge blunder. Bring back our show! Bring back our show!.

  33. Dorothy

    PLEASE Bring LEVERAGE Back!!

    The five characters bring such diversified talents to LEVERAGE! The returning guests such
    as Maggie, Archie, Sterling, et. al. keep a superb continuity going with various subplots.
    The changes of venue add interest totally unsurpassed by ANY other series!

    There are plenty of new plots for a LEVERAGE II series. Episodes could easily go back and forth “across the pond”. I’d love to see Dame Helen Mirren cast as Sophie’s long estranged mother who is located after some ongoing intrigue.

    Likewise, let’s explore people from Elliot’spast, and those who have previous dealings with Hardison and Parker! All are brilliant in their roles, as is Tim Hutton in his.

    Falling ratings?? Maybe Leverage needs new networks!! How many viewers were lost when networks offered changed and cable prices soared!

    Let’s start with a feature film made for TV that plays on a MAJOR network available to all viewers!

    Not having cable, I was unaware of the LEVERAGE series until I saw it in reruns on the ion network. I am totally hooked. NEVER have I been so enthralled with a series as to buy the DVDs and watch them over and over. I am waiting for the season 5 DVD.

  34. Carolyn

    DO NOT CANCEL! SOMEONE NEEDS TO PICK UP THIS SERIES! This ensemble cast works so well together and is so much fun and entertaining to watch, even the repeats. Make room in all your other partner drama “who dunnit” shows for this “watch how we do this!” show. All the Leverage fans schedule their time to make sure we see this.

    It benefits everyone and entertains most to make sure this show stays on the air.

    I don’t want to miss it.

  35. maxwell smart

    This show was the best. All the characters worked so well together. I don’t know a single person who watched it and didn’t get hooked. If there’s any chance at all I really hope they bring it back

  36. Kat

    Please bring back Leverage. We have been waiting for it to return. Of all the bad shows why would you take this one off. It is a ver well written and shown show. We really would love for it to return.

  37. Pat

    Such a shame no one else picked up this show. It was intelligent and humorous and always had a good lesson. I agree with others. This show was one of the best, and with all the bad shows, why wouldn’t you keep this one.

  38. chris

    seriously the only good thing about summer TV!!!!!! come on TNT bring back the one show that had some dynamite

  39. Neni

    Bring back the leverage… Change the city…

  40. Cindy

    I can’t believe you would cancel such a good series. May you should get rid of some of the stupid reality shows instead!!!! Very sad that you only want to entertain certain people and not all!!!!

  41. Georgia Rogers

    I love this show. I will miss it.

  42. Louise

    In the UK Leverage was aired on a satellite channel so only just recently found out about it. Bought Season 1 on DVD and loved it so much I have now bought season 2 and 3 trying to catch up only now to learn that it has been cancelled after season 5. Only 5 seasons of this fantastic show is not enough. Get rid of all the reality shows instead. This show is far too good to cancel now! BRING IT BACK PLEASE.

  43. kayla

    That show was amazing. How could they cancel that? They stop all the great shows. Wtf. My boyfriend and I would cuddle close and loved to watch that show together.

  44. Lisa

    My husband and I loved this show. Not happy to see that it has been cancelled. :o(

  45. Linda

    Please please bring it back

  46. Leigh

    Why do the powers that be who live in their little cubicles always cancel the best shows on TV!? Leverage is intelligent writing and humorous with a terrific cast ensemble. There are too many idiotic reality shows being broadcast that demean human intelligence not to mention the mindless epidemic of violence. Enough already! Bring back some intelligence to TV. Renew Leverage and try it in a different time slot.

  47. Cindy

    My daughter and I love Leverage. Please, someone buy the rights to the show. It is sooo funny and well written. I have seen the clips for some of the new fall shows. They don’t seem very interesting. Leverage should do very well. Please!! Please!! Please!! bring it back.

  48. Erick

    Please bring LEVERAGE back….

  49. Sarah

    Bring it back….

  50. Russell

    I too LOVE leverage, and I am VERY disappointed that it is not being renewed. 🙁

  51. Mel

    LOVE leverage 🙁 Didn’t watch it while it was airing, but picked it up a year ago or so and have been buying all of the seasons. It was great, funny and clean for the whole family to watch.

  52. Gilbert

    This is the only Drama that i follow the entire 5 seasons ….
    I want my LEVERAGE back !!! =(

  53. cindy

    i loved leverage it is one of the few shows i looked forward to every week who ever canceled it was a fool and the only thing to fix it is to renew it for a season 6 the fans will be there just give it a chance and stop taking all the good show off the air and keeping all the stupid reality ones if i have to see one more advertised i`m going to scream leverage was in a class of its own and it kept you guessing from the staret do the right thing and bring it back i`m sure we could get a petition going like on other shows and superseed the others

  54. Bonnie Taylor

    Leverage is entertaining, adult without being violent or gory. The plot is usually well thought out and the show is intelligent. It would be a real treat to have it continue in the hands of the “kids”. Timothy and Gina have bowed out gracefully, but they could of course return to save the day. It seems to me that someone with a brain in Hollywood will come up with Season 6. Anyhow, thanks for all the fun over the past years.

  55. teresa

    I am heart broken! My all time favorite show ever! A modern day Robin Hood. Some one to help the poor down trodden, by taken from the evil rich and giving back to the wronged defenseless poor.

  56. Crysta

    I have been searching all over for Leverage. Who’s bright idea was it to cancel. Parker should whoop somebodys butt!!! Bring it back now!!!!! And put it on earlier it deserves a better time schedule too

  57. Dottie

    Leverage is the cleverest show on TV. Each character brings a set of unique talents. The varied venues add interest that is not present in entire series that take place in Miami or NY! This program is BRILLIANT. I watch the DVDs over and over. My friends love the show too!

    To whom must we viewers loudly complain until they produce Leverage Season 6 ???

  58. Wanda

    I can not believe you would cancel leverage. Period. I love this show an am very upset

  59. jennifer

    We love this show! Please do not cancel

  60. Anne

    I loved the show and cancelling it is a big mistake. Sadly many shows now that start in a season are only given a few shows and cancelled. Sometimes it takes a whole season for a new show to build an audience. I think it is a mistake to cancel leverage it was just different enough to be enjoyable. Who must we complain too to bring it back

  61. Duwi Ismiyanti

    give Leverage back ,,, please.. T_T

  62. Queentena

    I am a beginner’s fan from when the show was first released in 2008 but life got in the way and that’s why I stopped watching but as I got summer breaks I was able to do Leverage marathons just to catch up and see what came next. Every episode blew me away and it would be a huge mistake to cancel this show! I will be awaiting for season 6 to continue its release. If I had the money I would buy the rights and continue filming the show myself! Please bring back new seasons!!

  63. Cody

    This show is the best show on TV. It has everything. Action, Comedy, Suspense, Drama, and an amazing cast. I love everything about it. But 5 seasons isn’t enough. Please someone bring Leverage back. Leverage is way to good to end yet. If there is anyone out there with the power to bring Leverage back, please I ask for me and all of these fans to bring Leverage back. Look at these comments, you would expect spam if the show had even one flaw. But no, every comment asks for the same thing. If this many people post comments and none of it is spam that alone proves how good the show is. It is way to good to be tossed aside and shut down like this. I don’t think you have to worry about lack of fans there are plenty of fans just on this page. This show dose not deserve to be canceled. I’m only fourteen and even I can see that letting this show go is stupid. Please someone, anyone with the power to save this show, save it. And to my fellow fans, lets use something that we have learned from this amassing show, post as many comments about this show as possible. So someone will finally save this show. Lets provide Leverage.

  64. s fllynn

    Renew the show it is awsome. Keep em coming. Its the best thing on tv, unlike the brain dead reality shows.

  65. Pi

    I really hope that it will be renewed!!! I love this show and I’ve watched it for 3 times now and I don’t get tired of it! I just LOVE LEVERAGE!!!! So please please renew it!!!!

  66. john

    leverage was the best show I had ever watched please renew this show we loved it and I am sure who ever watched this show he or she loved it too

  67. Chris

    Very bad idea to end the show it could have gone on alot longer it s*x

  68. Penelopy

    Please, renew it to season 6!!!

  69. Shannon

    Why do you Always have to cancel GREAT Shows and bring stupid cr*p on that NO ONE wants to SEE!!!! I HATE commercialized TV except TNT. I am now boycotting your station!

  70. Victoria

    We all need to get together & buy our own network. We put all the shows back on Air that some idiots canceled.

  71. Brian

    If anyone in the TV business is paying attention to this thread, they must notice that nearly everyday for the last three months fans have been encouraging the renewal of this fantastic show. So many loyal people coming together is how to get things done.. This could be the very thing that brings the show back.

  72. Courtney Pigeon

    what is wrong with television people these days? This is the second show I like that has been canceled for no reason. I love this show and I wish tv people would quite thinking that they know what fans want and whats best. It bugs me and they should really ask fans if they want to know how fans really feel.

  73. BOB BELL

    My wife and I are very upset that it seems LEVERAGE is not being renewed. With all the cr*p programming on TV, they drop one of the few fascinating series we waited for every week.
    Great cast, great writing, and current concepts are not good enough in this world of cheap “Reality” nonesense shows!

  74. Woody Myles

    You cancel a great show like Leverage but not the fractured flicker like 24. THIS IS NOT OVER! I WILL FIND YOU AND APPLY SOME LEVERAGE. You should be ashamed of your self for dropping one of the best shows going. It is truly unfortunate it doesn’t fit in the ever-changing monetization formulary. Good day!

  75. Elizabeth Rowland

    Why cancel a great show with a variety of strengths from a great cast while silly “reality” shows multiply across all networks, contributing only to the dumbing-down of America? I cannot fathom the reasoning underpinning this bad decision! Bring back Leverage- a great show with a cast of actors of diverse backgrounds & cultures.If needed, spice up the plots, vary the writers- don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. This show has a wide appeal to a variety of people, meaning a broad fan base. Bring back Leverage!!!

  76. Connie

    In my opinion (Leverage along with Grimm,Person of Interest and Longmare are the best series
    I have seen running on televison in years they really need to keep them on the air,I was really
    disappointed when thay took Leverage off and closed it out.

  77. fran diaz

    why why why very disappointed

  78. Mickey

    Cancelling Leverage was a HUGE mistake and they need someone to buy the rights to the show and start it up again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Debbie

    Please someone explain why ANOTHER GREAT SHOW has been CANCELED??? First MEMPHIS BEAT a couple years back, now this year we have possible 3 shows, 1-being cancelled, & 2-The Lying Game & Bunheads on another station hanging in Limbo…..I understand the stations have to make money but as many people that are supporting the shows to be brought back tells me you have 5o be making money. Añd I’m about to take a gun & blow the hell outta all my TV & Not watch a DAMN THING IF I HAVE TO WATCH ANOTHER REALITY SHOW….I see no purpose for “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”, Duck Dynasty, Swamp Men, ..We get rid of great shows to this cr*p???? I just don’t get it???
    Maybe everybody needs to blow-up email at these stations – I think they need to learn to hear & keep what we like or maybe WE WON’T WATCH ANYTHING ON THEIR STATION….

  80. gary

    I cannot understand why good shows are taken off the air…… So that all we are left with is this reality cr*p. Who needs this sh**.Bring back a show that lets your mind actually work.

  81. Rae Cribbs

    If the show is not brought back, I personally won’t watch TNT shows anymore. They can’t be trusted! Who wants to get hooked and watch a highly rated show for it to be pulled. The shows I watch on TNT now I only started watching because I saw them advertised while watching Leverage. Shame!!!

  82. Frank Martin

    This show is the best. love it please bring it back.

  83. Dolores

    Well there goes another good, family show. It never fails. If its good clean entertainment it doesn’t last. This was one of the best shows on tv and it gets canned. I only kept cable tv to watch Leverage. I can let it go now. Why do all the good shows get canned?

  84. denise g

    this is as bad as hearing that dexter is ending!! I love this show! I cant believe it could be canceled with all the bullsh*t thats on TV right now!!! we need it back asap!!! please reconsider!!!

  85. KAREN G


  86. kelly

    Get cbs or usa to pick it up!!! yjey have great shows like royal pains..and will need a new show to replace burn notice!!! pick it up please!!!!!!!!!

  87. sammyjo

    i should have known… all of the good shows get cancelled – and it’s not by accident. you always know something’s up when a popular show gets their day and time changed when it airs. then, what always follows is that the show experiences a dip in the ratings. could it be that the loyal fan base could never find the show to watch BECAUSE THE NETWORK A$$WIPES CHANGED THE DAY AND TIME?!?!?!?!! it couldn’t help but suffer from that! then, the network yanks the show when the show doesn’t recoup the ratings lost when the fans couldn’t find it to watch after about a month in the new time. for shame TNT; your true colors have been shown. thought you were different. i will never watch your network again. i just read a great idea – the suggestion to replace burn notice on usa with leverage season6! i hope usa is listening, but sadly, burn notice was hard to find l;ast season. i think usa is in the same basket as tnt. the last good show on is the wallikg dead. let’s watch for the dreaded day and time change – then we’ll know if they’re trying to kill it too.

    • roxie

      You are so right!
      Hate hate the new show king & Maxwell!
      Hey maybe Oprah will buy the show leverage she’s got taste!

  88. Kevin

    Let’s steal Episode 6.

  89. jayeyt

    Still hoping Leverage Season 6 returns.

  90. Ade

    I am still hoping and praying that the bring LEVERAGE back….All of Africa loved it

  91. Lavonne Jones

    Please, don’t fall for the lack of rating. Let me tell you with the ability to record, I record many series that conflict and Leverage is the first one I watch eight while others are recording or while I am away. Do not think the ratings are down. Check out the people recording. Just like they want to drop Burn Notice. It is their final season. What a lot of crock. I refuse to watch any new show that come on the same night as Burn Notice because of this being their last season. I will watch another channel first.

  92. roxie

    OMG….. I just don’t believe it
    We need the leverage show please! Please bring it back!

  93. marie

    TNT You should be ashamed of yourselves. Ninety percent of your programs are repeats and the one time you get a hit you want to drop it. There are too many reality shows and not enough good programs around for families to watch. LEVERAGE IS A GREAT SHOW…………..!!!!!! This is a show that the whole family can see. You are as bad as J. W. who canceled Firefly and lived to regret it. Bring Leverage back a couple more years and make people happy

  94. jim

    Leverage was enjoyable. It was interesting, it was funny, it was exciting, it was witty, it didn’t cross any moral boundaries (it bent a couple), and good always beat evil. Violence was held to a minimum, which is hard to do considering it was always good guys against bad guys. It was kind of like A Team where thousands of shots were fired but no one ever got shot. It was mission impossible without ruining a tape recorder. Although Mission Impossible had a catchier theme song. I also agree totally with what Lavonne Jones said about Burn Notice.

    • roxie

      I agree Jim and Lavonne Jones

  95. Mariella

    Bring back “Leverage”……it’s an outrageously funny, creative show!
    I live in The Netherlands, it’s a very popular show here……so TNT, a big plea from this Little country to please continue the show!!!

  96. Bill

    I loved this show and hope they bring it back. It was one show I watched every week. I wrote TNT about bringing it back. Other people need to write or email them. Since I doubt they read these boards. It isn’t like they have that many other good shows. They have Major Case and that is just a continuation of The closer….. It is also sad that TNT has now gotten into reality tv. They used have quality tv. Now they have to rip off reality tv with their show 72 hours (survivor/amazing race rip off). I can’t believe that Franklin & Bash would have had better ratings then Leverage. USA has better shows, but even they have a reality show. I hope this trend stops.

  97. Luaine

    Bring back “Leverage” Why is it good shows keep getting canceled? When I turn on the television there is nothing decent on, it’s either reality shows where most are not entertaining, cooking shows, or reruns.

  98. phil bjerke

    My wife and I never missed an episode. Bring it back.

  99. felicia

    I loved Leverage. I need to have this back on TV. Please bring it back, It was so cool. I mean Seriously. You was nice to have a T.V. show to watch for once. I do not watch a lot of T.V., but I tune in to this show.

  100. Tanya

    Finally a decent show, not predictable, funny, a little romance, it had everything!! I am SOOO sick of these stupid reality shows. Leverage was just a good tv show, I looked forward to every week, and was soooo looking forward to season 6. They always cancel the good shows! Bring Back decent TV!!

  101. Tanya

    Oh I think you are misled by the ratings, people don`t watch tv on cable anymore, your so called ratings aren`t accurate!! I watch all tv shows on the internet!!!! If you had a way of tracking internet ratings `Leverage`s`ratings would be off the chart because I`ve watched All 5 seasons of Leverage, every episode AT LEAST 10-12 times and never get sick of it.

  102. Jo

    I totally agree to the others. Nowadays people have many ways to watch series, without waiting for the ad breaks. So the rating etc are not that accurate. The series is not just entertaining, it shows that humanitarian values are still important and that you can manage every misery. The show MUST go on!

  103. Michelle

    I really loved this show. I’m upset that it won’t have a season 6
    My kids loved it too.

  104. Jay

    I loved the show. It is the only TV series I would watch other than NCIS, and I don`t even watch that any more. I would love to have it back on the air.

  105. Kurt

    I’m very disappointed to learn that Leverage will not be coming back. I hope they rethink this decision. I never missed an episode.

  106. Michael

    Some one needs to buy the rights to leverage and produce a 6th season. Why do all the great tv shows end so short. Look back to the late 50s look how many episodes leave it to beaver produced over 200 along with many others. Look at the sales for leverage I own every episode I’m sure plenty of people do and look forward to season 6. Season 5 ended ok I guess TNT could leave it at that or keep going I can see it going either way. Regardless I want to see 1 more season just produce it and see how we’ll it does.

  107. Michael

    I agree with all of you that talk about ratings I got rid of cable I have an x box I purchase all my episodes that I can’t watch for free I don’t want to see leverage end up on Netflix burn notice is on Netflix but not the last 2 seasons if you want to make money screw the ratings and ur commercials it cost me around 200 dollars to purchases all the leverage series. Burn notice own all if those. I don’t understand supernatural been out forever and there still going strong on the cw new episodes. At least they managed to produce over 135 episodes on a cool put kinda almost fell apart the story but they surprised me and switched up the story and came out with a great timeline of events all these serious I watch everyday. I need my leverage

  108. Nastascha

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEEEEEEEEAAAZZZZZE, WITH A BIG CHERRY ON TOP?! Bring Leverage back!?! Where must we file a complaint to or how can we start a petition to bring back the best show ever????

  109. Michael

    There is a way to start a petition someone started 1 for burn notice if Anyone knows how to start 1 please do and ill spread it all over the Internet..

  110. Toni


  111. Mike Lewis

    Friend of mine mentioned Leverage as something “watch first episode and then try NOT to see the rest of it” 🙂 I could not stop, watched all 5 seasons in a row (yeah, yeah, I know but I still found it on the net). Never experienced anything better than this, it’s a huge mistake to stop it.
    I really hope someone would take over or TNT changes their minds, this show was the BEST EVER. Please don’t cancel it.

    • Judy

      Mike..I so agree with what you said, since I found it my husband and I were hooked! We looked forward to every night watching a few until we ran out. Now I am watching all 77 episodes again AND buying all the seasons! I’d rather watch good programs over that bad programs once.

  112. ABC

    What is happening??
    Prison Break was going great.. “Canceled”
    Leverage was going good.. not this one also “Canceled” ?!!!

    Hope now this not Dexter’s last season..!

  113. Janice

    Please bring it back……

  114. anthony saunders

    i love that show one of my favorites of all time please bring it back

  115. Lynne

    What the executives at TNT conveniently omit is the fact they constantly moved Leverage slot time…each year it was on a different day of the week or hour. Leverage is they only CANCELLED show to win The People Choice Award. Here is a cancelled show that won The 2013 MAY MADNESS winner for favorite TV Show – LEVERAGE (TNT). Is TNT aware the so-called show with low viewership is still winning awards.

  116. Sam

    I discovered leverage late on during its run only to hear that there would be no new episodes. It is by far the best TV series I have ever watched. I am at a loss as to its cancellation. Maybe if the promotion of such a fab show had been greater during its production, the viewing figures would have been higher? I believe a show that clearly has such a large worldwide following should have been encouraged instead of cancelled!!

    • David

      totaly true i only found out about leverage when it came on tv 1 month ago.
      And there never was any marketing here

  117. Bob Mitchell

    One of the better programs on television.Definetly worth renewing!!!!!

  118. G.C.

    Leverage is one of the best shows around. I cannot believe that it is not being renewed for Season 6! The actors, the writers, and the crew are the best! (They are because this show really rocks). It is a mistake not to renew it!

  119. kirlous

    I agree they should bring leverage back.

  120. :'(


  121. David

    I hope it comes back 🙁

  122. Jeanie

    I really really enjoy watching Leverage, so come on bring it back…………..

  123. mark

    BRING LEVERAGE BACK ON AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  124. Queena S.

    Leverage was the greatest show ever! It was creative, entertaining, and down right addictive. It wasn’t your every day variety show you see on television. Please bring it back!

  125. Sheila Olesen

    I just finished watching season 5 and I love this show! Please bring back more seasons! Truely a great show and there are not so many like this show. Unlike CSI and NCIS that has the same theme and there are so many of them.. This was a fresh breath to watch.. So please bring back more seasons!!

  126. carl

    I do think there are programs that you can cancel to save money on, you have cancel a program that is good for the hole family where is T.V. programing going to. compared to whats being showed today this is one of few program that could have been shown in the 50s and 60s
    please reconsider and bring it back…THANKS

  127. Darren

    Big mistake canceling the program, excellent team work with funny and seriousness made the show. I will miss it.

  128. Toni

    All previous comments contain everything I have to say and agree with. It would be great if the ratings police would let the viewers know before they decide to cancel a show that it’s in danger. That way they would get our comments and reaction before they make the ST*PID, KNEE JERK decision to cancel, there-after pissing everyone off! Don’t blame it on dropping ratings. It’s all internal. Of course you’re going to lose viewers when you start moving the day and time around and no one can find the show! I’m really upset, if you can’t already tell. BRING LEVERAGE BACK. RELEASE SEASON 6, NOW!!!!!

  129. Sheilah Hacker

    YES…BRING LEVERAGE BACK!!! It is a wonderful show, full of humor, intrigue and suspense. It is just what we need to forget for an hour what is going on in the real world…it’s nice to know that someone is sticking it to corporate America and giving it back to the little guy!

  130. Aericka


  131. shirley frannks

    your TV listings were never published so some one could find the program.I always had to hunt the show down to watch it….when I did find it I enjoyed the show very much.please put it back on and let me know what time and station

  132. larry rouke

    Leverage is like a fine wine it get’s better with every season!! My mother is 73 year old and she want’s to see Leverage continue.

  133. Rich W

    WHY? TNT why would you cancel a series with so much positive content? People fighting their own demons and helping others who have no where to turn, that’s certainly something we don’t need to be exposed to. It’s much more “entertaining” to watch reality shows where poor and rude behavior is glorified (and scripted). A family could actually watch Leverage and be entertained without being exposed to the garbage that passes for “good” tv these days. The cast works beautifully together and the story lines were uplifting. Everyone I told about this show became a fan. We are all waiting for season 6. Now we find out it has been cancelled. Horrible move TNT you had a winner, but now there is much less reason to watch your network.

    • cathy

      Very well put, I totally agree with your comments.

  134. Z

    I would love for Leverage to continue!

  135. Ritznaf

    Leverage was smart, funny, irreverent, innovative and surprising–of course it was cancelled! :-/ It would be great if TV “decision makers” simply made decisions based on their intellect instead of with ratings numbers which are driven by those who camp in front of the TV and watch whatever comes on next. Don’t they know that, for years, Leverage fans have been subjected to insane games of hide and seek to even find this fabulous show?!! Doesn’t that tell you something? Bring it back!!!!!

  136. susan

    what does ‘constant fall of series ratings’ mean?….said by the critics?……we all love the interaction amongst cast and the message……helping those who were wronged……don’t we all need ‘a little leverage’?

    • Lorna

      Nothing like Leverage ever!!!! its sad and i keep my hopes up that season 6 come through!

    • DesaRee'

      I think each season only got better. So disappointed!!

  137. lori

    i am so very shocked that this show was not renewed. i believe that it was watched by so many. even on the show ” the originals” , the lead witch is named Sophie deverous , so it seems that EVERYONE WAS TOUCHED BY THIS SERIES. AND ANYONE WHO WOULD NOT RENEW IT IS AN IDIOT.

  138. Tam

    What the Heck!!!! I need a Season 6. This is the offspring of “Mission Impossible” and “Monk”. The cast is GREAT! you just can’t leave us hanging like that. Again “What the Heck!!!!!” Fix it.

    • DesaRee'

      I agree! Such a shame. We loved Monk too – then it was just gone. We started watching it on Netflix filling gaps with shows we had missed and one day it was no longer an option on Netflix. What the hell?

  139. Douglas Anderson

    it seems like they cancel all the good shows then put theses stupid a*s reality shows on that really s*ck

  140. Ed

    One of the few shows left where it didn’t try to push “g*ys”, “l*sbians”, or any other cr*p down peoples throat who really don’t care to see it with their kids but rather plain old, making things right for people that got taken by rich greedy people and making it right.
    Figures though. Anything descent can’t be tolerated by Hollywood freaks!

  141. Dawn Brown

    I love this program and so did my teenager, (2 different demographics) we would watch it together. I also like that it was family friendly and had good messages, and showed loyalty and to stand by each other no matter what you are going through. Helping each other and the down trodden. I also liked the way the took care of the bullies without the bloody scenes like so many other show do.

  142. Tina

    Bring it back please!

  143. CT

    I agree with everybody, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING IT BACK NOW!!!!!!!

  144. lils

    When I’m watching leverage I dont see them as actors I see them as people they convince me that that is who they are human! The good, the bad,the ugly and the tears

  145. Robin Lowery

    I’m SO VERY disappointed that this show has been canceled! It was creative, funny, clever, exciting, and the cast was perfect. I always looked forward to the next episode each week. PLEASE consider bringing it back!!!

  146. enrico

    We need Leverage back! It had drama, comic, action all in one show. There are lot of people who would like watching it in the next years.

  147. chills

    Leverage is a phenomenal show. I watched a few reruns on ION and was able to watch all 5 seasons on Netflix. Each episode made you anticipate the next. I really hope they bring it back!!!!!!

  148. MGB

    There were so many stories left to tell and who doesn’t like seeing the creeps of the world get what they deserve. The show was a great family show. If there really was a problem with ratings it is the fault of tnt for moving it around so much and not letting the fans know when to watch. Someone at that network proved their stupidity to the public. Also it could easily be brought back even with Nate and Sophie married. It shouldn’t matter if they or Parker and Hardison get married. I hope some network will bring it back.

  149. Melissa

    Why do they cancel the best shows. Please bring back Leverage.

  150. Colin

    Do not let the show get canceled. Bring it back. There are plenty of fans that want a sixth season!

  151. kena

    Please bring Leverage back. We need to know what happens! Or at least write a book series or something…

  152. snif

    yes bring it back

  153. amanda

    I enjoy watching Leverage, so much so that I have watched all 5 seasons several times. I sincerely hope that someone in TNT changes their minds, especially since Christian Kane released his CD’s and has gained huge publicity on tour here in the states and in Europe. Not bringing Leverage back would be a mistake.

  154. Darrell

    A very good show, better than most on tv. Needs to be picked up and given a sixth season.

  155. Lillian

    I am watching Leverage reruns on Netflix and I have been looking forward to season six.
    I cannot understand how they could cancel such a good program. Please get someone to bring it back. We need good shows to watch that make you feel good like this one.

  156. Brady

    Dude I hadn’t seen leverage until last month and I watched all five seasons and I’m thrown back that they would cancel third show there was one show out if all five seasons that I did not enjoy. But the show leverage was awesome and I’m pretty sure we won’t find another series that will compete. So I would say TNT needs to realize that there needs and has to be a season 6 to Season 80 then I will be ok with it being canceled bc I will more than likely be dead! But until then leverage let’s get rolling!!!!!! WHOs WITH ME

  157. shannon

    i LOVE this show so so so so so much the plot is perfect and i think TNT should have NEVER cancelled the show PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(it is my favorite show ever)

  158. lucy spiers

    Please bring back leverageas we all want to see new cons and tv is not the same without it we need leverage not more christian kane

  159. Riah

    Here is the deal. Except for a few exceptions, studios are still using outdated methods to determine a shows ratings.
    You can’t just use Nielsen ratings anymore. Nor can you judge by who watched the commercial filled shows on the studio internet channel.

    It’s an entire presence that has to be considered.

    How many views on itunes? Amazon? The rest? I don’t even watch until a whole season is completed because having to wait on a weekly basis drives me bonkers.

    Many people go on marathon series watch then move on to the next series. There are just too many channels and options to keep up with anymore.

    Look at the comments above. There are various versions of “I didn’t watch it when it was on. I found it later.”

    It’s not granddaddys tv. They should stop using an out of date rating system.

    I agree. This was a very hopeful, fun, thoughtful series and should be brought back. As we got to know the characters, it got funnier and funnier.

  160. Jeff

    Bring “Leverage” back. I never got to watch as it aired, but I watched every episode on Netflix. It is such a great show. So I hope they decide to renew the contract for a season 6.

  161. Andrea

    Bring it back! Bring it back!!! 🙁

  162. Andrea

    And I agree with riah, most people watch their shows on Hulu and Netflix.

  163. leveragefan

    The rich and powerful take what they want..

  164. c and b

    my boyfriend and i both love the show as well… heres to season 6!

  165. brownleesa

    tnt what are you doing to me?!! please bring back my leverage. this is the best show. it was different, captivating, funny and I loved all the characters. awesome show especially in light of today’s world where the rich and powerful always get away. we need shows for the little people who are hard working and get screwed over.

  166. Terry

    Cant wait for Season 6 the BEST show on TV. The Crew works sssssoooooo well together love the show.

  167. R.W.

    More Leverage Please!!!

  168. V.P.

    come on guys…this is total,a huge mistake!!this is the best show i’ve ever seen..don’t waste time any more..bring it back.

  169. avcedm

    Yes, please bring it back!!!

  170. Kerri

    This is the most creative show on television!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  171. Don Roberts

    This is a great show. I have gotten addicted to the interplay between the characters. Cancelling was and is a big mistake.

    Its media buffet with a little bit of everything. Intrigue, mystery, suspense, romance, action. Mostly though I enjoy watching the characters develop with each other.

    Really need to bring it back.

  172. Lisa

    We miss the show, Please bring it back.

  173. Anthony Beverly

    Not renewing leverage is a mistake so many fans are and was looking forward for a season six to be honest leverage is or even maybe the best series I’ve seen and I think most fans would agree with me.

  174. edvinas

    i cant believe that leverage is closed and i hope they will listen all fans and will renew leverage

  175. Jay Reece

    I have watched every episode of this show and just got my daughter hooked well I think Leverage itself did, anyway I can’t believe they canceled this show. If all of these positive comments as well as other positive comments about this great show are a testament as to show that they still have a huge fan base and in turn a high show rating then I have no idea why they canceled such a tremendous show. I see comments associating the show with Mission Impossible, I always thought of it as an Ocean’s Eleven TV series rather than Mission Impossible. Think about it humor, robbing the big guy with a crew of people as a modern day robin hood, with a bit of humor along the way. Please bring back my favorite show. I don’t know what else I can do but perhaps sign a petition to bring it back or be on bended knee begging for the executives to make a right decision and bring back one of the greatest shows, if not the best show on TV.

  176. marie

    I wish Leverage comes back I love this show my dad and I watch it all the time it really s*cks that it got cancelled please don’t cancel and bring it back

  177. Debra

    I have just watched every episode of “Leverage” on Netflix, except the last one of season 5. The last one aired. I have enjoyed watching the past week or so more than I have enjoyed a TV program in years. Before watching the last episode, I decided to look and see if there was a season 6. This may sound funny to some, but I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like I am losing close friends and will never see them again. I guess I bonded with the characters and the relationships they had with one another. About all they had were each other. There was something about each character that I could relate to. I am glad I have Netflix, but being able to watch all episodes, w/o commercials, can become an obsession when you have programing like “Leverage”. I do not know when I will watch the last episode . Feels like the loss will be more permanent after I do. I still have something to hang on to until then. PLEASE BRING LEVERAGE BACK! SAME CHARACTERS TOO. PLEASE…PLEASE!

  178. Debra

    I failed to mention in my previous post that this series “Leverage” has proven, along with others, that you do not need sex and/or bad language to have a really good series that attracts enough of a fan base to win the People’s Choice Awards for favorite Cable TV Drama. The violence in this series is more humorous seeing that no one really got hurt, except one episode that I can remember. They were just knocked out and the character Elliot, when he got his hands on a gun would unload the bullets or cartridges and throw them down, giving the impression that you do not need a gun to take care of a problem. He did this over and over again, suggesting to me that the issue is something that those involved in the production of this show wanted to impress on the younger, more impressionable minds of their viewers. I could be wrong about intent, but I don’t think so. Way to go, anyway. The way all of these characters intentions went from selfish, me/me type of lifestyles to the Robin Hood, caring for those who could not take care of their problems, is a lesson we all need to take heed to. Remembering that we should stay within the law, of course. This fairy tale type of approach is genius. Each viewer has atleast one character and their past that they can relate to. Especially in today’s society. Loss of a child, a life-long dream that hasn’t come true, struggles in the life of a veteran and the memories that do not go away and of course, the childlike adult that never had any stability in life and taught to steal and the nerd. Teens, as well as adults, can learn from these characters how to approach situations in their lives. I see so much good in this series. I do not understand how it could have been cancelled. I really believe it is more of a political issue inside the television business rather than ratings. I read where one guy suggested starting a petition. I do not know if that works in TV. As you can see, I like to write, so I would sign in a heartbeat.

  179. kim wilson

    I would love to see this show come back. It is so enjoyable to watch. Not just entertaining…but enjoyable. The mix of characters is great and interesting. Please renew!!! I miss it!!

  180. Jeanette

    This is a fantastic show and it SHOULD NEVER BE cancelled. Bring it back, please!! Big mistake to lose this one.

  181. Corine

    Consider, a show that a 12 year old boy, a 17 year old girl, and a 43 year old woman all really enjoy watching, you’re missing out on a lot of advertising opportunities for different markets.

    Bring back Leverage!!!!

  182. Robert Kruthoffer

    They need to bring Leverage back its the best show to hit the networks since burn notice. I agree with everyone else lets steal a network. bring it back! bring it back! bring it back!

  183. Parker

    I need this show!!!! I love it, this can’t be the end!

  184. Jen

    Bring the show back. Every time the viewers find a good tv show to watch they discontinue the show. Leverage is the shit. They need more seasons more even after season 6.

  185. Laura

    Oh my goodness!!!!!! They need to bring leverage back!! They also need to include “Sophie” and “Nate” in a creative way after that last episode. Absolutely fell in love with this show. It is a solid show with comedy and whit that modern shows are missing. They left viewers hanging with that last episode. Why would they discontinue such a great show!?! Viewer decline is a poor excuse. Just look at the amount of people who have commented plus the thousands who didn’t . Bring it back!

  186. Tracie Reid

    they should absolutely bring back leverage it was the best show! i loved watching it

  187. Tina

    Just finished season 5 checked on air dates for season 6 and to my dismay cancelled!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooo bring it back . No sex or cursing it is an awesome program ..the characters are awesome along with there chemistry acting together as a team

  188. Tina

    Why is the good shows always taken off bring it back bring it back bring it back this would make my day fans we need to steal a season 6

  189. candy

    they have to bring this show back…. its to good to be cancelled

  190. Rachel

    This is ridiculous! Why would anyone want to cancel this show?! Leverage was the only reason why I would stop working for even an hour, just to sit and laugh with my family. Oh, how we all miss it. Why get rid of the shows worth watching!?

  191. Leverage


  192. Sam

    Well I don’t know what kind of system they use to keep shows on or off the air …But I think in this case there equipment was faulty….If burn notice can stay on for 7 seasons …I think leverage should as well….Now don’t get me wrong loved burn notice …. LEVERAGE nothing on T.V. like it….It was just a well thought of and heart felt show ….So I think a couple more seasons will make everyone happy as well as your bank accounts….COME ON T.N.T. DO WHATS RIGHT……..Thank you

  193. Joe

    People, they need a monetary REASON to bring it back. I agree, it was awesome, but if they can put their money into another show that will make more money, they will. They have to. The stock holders demand it. So stop whining about sentimentality and nostalgia and give them something they can quantify: something more compelling than its likability. They want money. That’s all.

  194. Rexalius

    Leverage is one of my most favorite series (top five) and it absolutely broke my heart to hear it was cancele!

  195. Jimbo

    I agree they need to bring it back. But I guess its like all good shows that people really like they have to take of the air so they can put something stupid on. like all the reality shows who cares reality it what we live everyday we need shows that take us away from the day to day cr*p.

  196. heather

    Bring leverage back please!!!!!!

  197. Chris

    We love the show Leverage. The stories are great, the writing and acting so entertaining and smart. We love the characters and the actors who play them.Please bring back Leverage! It is 21st century mysteries, techie, justice, and like Dr. Seuss makes us aware of social issues with the head-fake of entertaining us. I became a tv watcher again when I was introduced to Leverage by my teenage son. I unfortunately discovered Leverage in the final season. Ages 8, 16, 17, 46, 47 all watch Leverage and the reruns together as a family.

  198. AB

    Best show ever.Brillantly written not the same old thing


  199. Gerri DiMaria

    Best Show ever – bring it back.

  200. c

    leverage was not an ordinary TV show. it was different then all of the others. not only should they bring the show back, but they should use the same characters from all of the previous shows, because it wouldn’t make any sense at all to use somebody else.

  201. Alfred

    The show was good and fun to watch they need to bring it back its was better then some of these other corny showes i will see on tv

  202. peg beverly

    what is wrong with ppl? leverage was awesome! biggest mistake ever to cancel the show! bring it back asap!

  203. Roger

    I have just discovered “Leverage”, saw the start of a marathon on ION. I’m really enjoying the show, even buying the DVD’s. To my dismay the season ended a year ago, too tell the truth I’m only half way through the first season, and it could be possible a slippage in story lines in later seasons, we shall see. Well, maybe somebody will pick the show up, and continue the legacy…….

  204. donna blank

    In the last 6 months I have purchased allllll 5 seasons. just yesterday I got the last one available at the store. soooooo yeah let’s bring it back with Parker running the show and maybe a couple of their counter parts like Archie. And of course Nate and Sophie can make guest appearances.

  205. Jeff

    Why do they always cancel the good ones. They might not be as bad as nbc cancelling the show half way through the 1st season but it always ends up being the good shows getting cancelled.

  206. cindy

    not able to get TNT where I live, so never watched the show there. Recently found it on ION tv and it is better than all the gory crime dramas on network television. Love cheering for the “little guy.” Love the fact that “bad guys” can be “good guys” when given the chance and the motivation.

    And now I find out it was cancelled a year ago, so no more new shows. Really wish someone would pick it up if it isn’t too late.

  207. Thomas g

    I have fallen in love with this show! I want more. Netflix has posted all 5 seasons and now I want more. Netflix please help convince someone to resurrect this show! The plot, the comedy, the characters are a perfect match and balance! The outpouring of comments to resurrect this show is phenomenal. The show is better than the majority that is on primetime TV! Please bring this show back for many more seasons.

  208. farzad_punisher


    no plz dont stop this i live that

  209. Nancy & Mike Shade

    Please bring Season 6 to television. My husband and I have been watching this show, now playing on ION and found it so enjoyable. It is an amazing show and enjoy the intrigue without all the sex, foul language, etc.

    We join so many others in an appeal to bring this back.

    Nancy Shade

  210. Rick P.

    Loved the show and still watch the re-runs. One of the few shows that my wife and me looked forward to seeing each week. Still checking the web to see if someone will pick it up. Very disappointing!

  211. mike

    My family and I loved watching “Leverage”. With all the bad tv out there this one was canceled. I’ll never watch tnt again.

  212. Levernice Morgan I

    My family and I discovered Leverage by accident on netflix and have enjoyed every episode from season 1 thru 5. We would come home from work and school, eat dinner, do homework and then sit and watch two episodes together before getting ready for the next day. Please bring it back, we really enjoyed it and miss it. Thanks.

  213. Mary Beth

    I live in a very rural area on a very fixed income. There is no cable only antennae so I never saw “Leverage” until we got Netflix. I absoulutely love it and have shared it with many in my area. I am very disappointed that I am almost done with all 5 seasons. Although the “characters” in your program had bad or did illegal things, I like how you developed them and turned them around into people who cared and helped. We actually had similar things happen to us and people didn’t believe that we were innocent, that someoneelse was making false statements and impressions and it made our lives horrible for 8 years and we will probably go bankrupt over it. We finally found out how to beat them at their game, but at a very high cost. I bet many have stories to tell that could keep you writing for many seasons. Maybe you should put it out there.

  214. HiImRachelAndImAnAddict

    I can never watch an episode of any show more than once…until leverage. In less than two months I’ve watched almost every episode twice!!

    I’m pretty sure there’s going to have to be a third watching…why do I always pick shows that end after 5 seasons:,(

    Someone bring it back!!!!!!

  215. adzaman

    guys i am lost i just want to see how Parker; Elliot and Hudson would run Leverage after Sophie and Nathan left Leverage. Please bring back season 6

  216. Mike Tomaszek

    I watched every episode and someone should bring it back. It is 100% better than most anything else on the tube.

  217. Laurie Ann

    One of the best shows on tv! It was ridiculous to cancel it! It was the one decent show….

  218. Jerry

    Great show and cast. One of the best shows we watch on ROKU. The team is magical. Never should have been canceled. Take a chance and renew some of the best entertainment on TV.

  219. DC

    Such a and relatively clean show…..too bad…I would have kept watching !

  220. Diane

    I hope they reconsider. Great show!!!

  221. mandy

    I really love the show leverage, why it was cancelled I’ll never understand
    it showed that sex doesn’t have to be the rule with leverage, it was entertaining.
    and the cast worked exceptionally well together.
    I looked forward to seeing the show every week.
    Please renew the show.

  222. Joyce

    I’m still waiting for the next episode! All these comments, I haven’t seen one person say ‘Glad they’re gone.’ BECAUSE WE ARE NOT GLAD THEY’RE GONE! Please bring them back, I need my Leverage fix!

    • Larry Callohan

      I was thinking the same exact thing. I haven’t seen one negative comment!! The show is spectacular!

  223. Meaghan

    I love this show!!! I have seen all 5 seasons and I think there is reason to bring it back, I don’t understand why they want to keep us in suspense. I watch the reruns on ion television every Friday and Sunday, it’s clever and a new spin on a tv show that you normally don’t see. I love Elliot, Parker, hardison, Nate and Sophie…my favorite is Parker she is just so crazy and it’s refreshing. Please please please bring the show back for season 6

  224. Big fan


  225. JRus


  226. JULIEN


  227. Cindy

    Love this drama! It just last year too busy can’t stay on TV all the time! But I’m still watching it over and over again in Netflix! Please bring it back! Love the time when Elliot and Hardison hang around!

  228. Don

    I just recently saw a episode of Leverage on Ion TV and loved it. I looked it up on Netflix and started watching in order and just found out they canceled a great show . I like this show as well as NCIS.

  229. Karen

    I’ve been watching the reruns on ION and I love the show. The talent and chemistry are outstanding. Sophie is amazing, who doesn’t want to be her… able to change characters at a drop of a dime and she sells those characters so well. My favorite: the Southern belle. Bring the Show Back!

  230. Jacob

    One of my all time favorite tv shows! Hell if I had the money season 6 would be well on its way. I hope one day it makes its way out. Just don’t replace the actors!

    • Larry Callohan

      I totally agree……the show should return with the same actors. and it should be the same exact way. They shouldn’t change anything about it!! And from the look of it everyone else agrees as well!!

  231. Angie

    From the comments that I read, TNT made a choice that doesn’t agree with many fans. Is this group affiliated with the Washington bunch, that are also making choices for myself and others?

  232. Richard

    The ending of the series was satisfying enough. If they are going to do anything more with it, they should have the three leveragers who were left (Parker, Hardison, Spencer) need help from the other two in a movie length single episode or perhaps a short mini-series.

  233. elizabeth jordan

    I enjoyed leverage team. It was unique and more important it had all the qualities of a good show. TNT starting changing the time slot and that messed up everything. I would rank this show up there with 24!!

    • Larry Callohan

      I agree!

  234. Ken

    I’ve been catching up with the ION TV re-runs, and find ‘Leverage’ to be brilliant, informative, and thoroughly entertaining. Definitely bring it back!!

    • Larry Callohan

      I totally agree!!!

  235. Larry Callohan

    This show should have never ended. It has everything a show needs. Suspense, it’s funny, action, romance. This is one of the best TV shows that aired. Someone should definitely by the rights and renew the show. I’m pretty sure those actors would love to return to the show. Just one thing though……..if and when someone does buy the rights to this show……PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD….((((DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT IT.)))) It’s fine just the way it was. SOMEONE PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW!!

  236. Monica

    Bring it back!!! Tired of good shows beinging cancelled for nonsense shows about make believe or fake reality shows please bring it back

  237. Phyllis Henderson

    PLEASE bring it back!!!!! Loved that show. Been watching it on CLOO and ION. You always cancel the good shows and I hate those reality shows. Bring it back, same characters.

  238. Heather

    Please bring back this crazy group of wonderful actors…this show is wonderful entertainment.

  239. Gordon Black

    Well I think it’s like everything else, and as far as very good T.V. shows go, when you have a good thing, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, you don’t mess with it. They change the night when they should have left it alone, they switch nets when they shouldn’t have, I mean when you have number 1 you don’t no you shouldn’t #@€ k with it and these big wig net execs think they know everything when they should just leave well enough alone. Yes I would like to see it return but it never will.

    • Bajan

      Perfectly said…. I keep checking with the hope that I will see that it is being renewed (with the same cast)!!!!!!

  240. Caray328

    I love the show and you should bring it back. I am tire of seeing shows fail because networks have the habit of playing reruns by the the 3rd or 4th week and or they just skip a couple of weeks before they show a new episode. Shows long ago where great to watch because seasons where longer. Today seasons are 4 weeks long and then you wonder why viewers give up and move on to the next show.

  241. Larry Callohan

    Has anyone Bought this show yet?? I need more Leverage. This is one of the most awesome shows ever. I need more Leverage. I just finished watching it on Netflix…..This show has the right amount of everything….Romance, Action, Punching and bone breaking, Stealing, suspense, and a mind blowing turn of events in every episode. I LOVE THIS SHOW. And I need more Leverage.

  242. Barbie K.

    Leverage is an awesome show. We do not have TNT but were able to enjoy it on ION television.

    This is an terrific show in regards to a fun and vindicating script, superb cast, and unique characters all of whom have flaws but are able to redeem themselves by uniting together in helping and bringing justice to the underdog, while still playing against each other in a fun way that really works and flows with the script.

    I was a drama major and will never understand why quality shows like this are cut. I’m afraid the politics of ratings and studio executives leave me feeling that few really know about good, quality drama, comedy, suspense and any type of theatre that truly entertains.

    Please bring this show back and continue to entertain us with continued, new seasons.

  243. Vickie

    It’s a big mistake to cancel Leverage–one of the best series on tv. Why is it they keep the trashy shows and take away the best ones? My husband and I both want Leverage back.
    Big mistake taking the show off the air.

  244. Sharon

    Leverage was and still is my favorite TV show, the characters complimented each other so well. The show was exciting and I miss it so very much. Will you please consider bringing it back, I will be ever so greatfull.

  245. kim

    I love this show!! I hope it does come back. I have been watching all the reruns. The characters in the show are awesome. I can’t get enough

  246. Copper

    I agreed it should come back

  247. Pat

    This is an important seres. Don’t let it go. Usually, when a show is consistently good, it is dropped for the replacement of stupid,mediocre , Mcdonalds consciousness. Sad but true.

    Cast is great, script and dialogue intelligent, a sure fire target for the stupid to replace with gigiling junior high sit comes. Don’t let that happen.

  248. Wallace

    This was an excellent show, we finally had something on TV worth watching. Please bring Leverage back, please give it another chance.

  249. Theresa

    I recently discovered Leverage on Netflix. I can’t believe it was cancelled! With intelligence and savvy, it is, without a doubt, one of the best television shows ever. Please bring this back!!

  250. D

    I love the show. I can’t afford cable/dish or netflix. i saw it first on ION and watch it all the time it is one. I went out and brought all the seasons on DVD. the progression of the charcters, plots, themes, and over all is sooooo good. I will watch it all the time. when I heard that it won peoples choice I thought great one show that really deserved it. then TNT cancelled it – how stupid!! I really hope that it does come back with the same actors. Please bring it back some place so I can see it.

  251. Hazel

    I miss Parker! No other show could match the wit, comedy, or sincerity that Leverage brought to the table. Let’s bring Parker, Eliot, Hardison, Nate, and Sophie (Lara?) back to TV!

  252. Debbie

    The only way I get to see it is on ION TV which I am so grateful for but the show is too good to not bring back. I’m just sorry that I was aware of the show from the begging but now that I’m hooked I need more……

    • Chef John

      Please bring show back with its original cast, this is alot better then the crap they have on now. Renew and do 6th season.

  253. roz

    I loved Leverage it was so wonderful, Hardison and Parker my favorite charecters were so entertaining. I’m sure there were other shows that could have been cut that were far less entertaining than Leverage. Please bring them back.

  254. Sharon Finks

    I loved the chemistry between Hardison and Parker, Nate and Sophie.
    Please bring back Leverage and create a love interest for Elliott. Someone who can fight as well.

    Please, please, please bring Leverage back on TV. There are so many people who miss and love the show.

  255. joanne

    This is without a doubt …my favorite show…you gotta love all the characters…to much fun im glad I get it all day on sun..ion…we want it to come back

  256. brandy jordan

    I wish they would bring the show back. Me and my daughter loves watching this show
    Please bring back the show

  257. vanessa jordan

    Love the show wish they would put it back on. It is always a joy to watch. Love it miss it. Hope it comes back. I am sad they took it off. I Love it. Wish they would put it back on love it miss it hope they put it. back on

  258. Barbara Balin

    Leverage is one of the best shows on T V, for it to be cancelled is one of the worst things you could do. My Husband and I enjoy the show so much. it was always exciting and kept you waiting to see what they came up with. It is a great show with all the characters fun, crazy and just do a hell of a job to always keep you interested. PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!!!

  259. Martino Wicks

    Not a good plan to cancel. Are you serious and where did you find these ratings. I don’t think this is a wise move. However, if you’ve done your unbiased research, “so be it.”

    We need more programming like Leverage and so sorry to see it leave.

    Concerned Viewer,


  260. richard

    Leverage is a great show that has a ton of potential to go on for a whole lot more seasons. The cast has phenomenal chemistry with each other. I started watching it on Ion and am sad to find out that it was cancelled after only 5 seasons. If a network doesn’t want to pick it up for a sixth season and then some they should at least bring more good shows for us to fall in love with or make a show that has a similar premise. One could always hope that it gets picked up again.

    • Larease

      I agree as much as i would love to see season 6 come out i don’t think what we say is going to change anything but better to say it and have the chance of being heard than not taking the chance and knowing you won’t heard.

  261. Bobbob

    BRING IT BACK !!!!

  262. Ilias

    I have not idea who can close a show, which so interesting and popular but i’m sure what it is the worst mistake.

  263. Sharon

    With all the fans that entered a comment regarding bringing Leverage back on the air, and with word of mouth, there is no doubt that Leverage will be a viewed by a lot of people.
    I hope that Nate, Sophie, Hardison, Parker and Elliott are reading the comments and know that they are loved by so many people for their good acting. Also kuddos to the Writers, Producers and Directors for creating a great show. Please give the show another chance and bring it back on the air. With us all working together, Leverage will be the number one top TV Series.

  264. Megan cloonen

    This show was so awesome. They need to bring it back I agree with what everybody was saying bring back the show!!! Me and my husband looked forward to the show every week BRING IT BACK make a season 6!!!

  265. Derrick

    I look forward too watching the show every week. my family was upset when it stopped coming on Friday nights. Please bring it back. Please

  266. vindy

    PLEASE! Bring it back!

  267. Ethel

    Please please please please please BRING BACK LEVERAGE PLEASE bring back leverage I’m a 67 year old woman a I live for me some leverage with the same cast please please please

  268. a fan

    Leaverage is a graet show, is not a question that they should keep making new episodes is a fact that they should have never stoped making new episodes if Law and order has been in for so many seasons why cant leaverage be renew for a 6th season. I have not seen a cast that work so well together then this one is more them a tv show is a way of life. where the bad guy never gets away with nothing..
    there you Go Me and otheres million people will like to see leaverage back for a season 6.

  269. Cathie

    I just came on-line to see if I could buy the Leverage series for my husband and myself and for our adult sons. I’m 64 and I watch very little TV. We don’t have or want cable, but started seeing Leverage on TV about a year ago. Normally, I wouldn’t think of spending money on TV entertainment, but this show is unique. Each character is rich in their own way. The stories are intriguing and don’t make me feel like I need an exorcism after watching them. They are clever plots, and right about the time I’m wondering “Now, how did they do that?” … they actually insert a clip, showing us how they did it. All of a sudden it’s gone off the air. Who’s ignorant idea was that?

  270. Ann

    I just finished the episodes on Net Flix and was upset to hear that there aren’t any more… Bring it back please!!
    I absolutely love how they all work together so well… How it all works out in the end and how it is shown to us is very creative!!!!!

  271. Pat

    I enjoyed all the episodes. The plots were good and intriguing. I would love to see them bring back the show with additional characters. As many times as I have seen Leverage, I still enjoy the reruns. I would enjoy it even more if they would have a new season with the extension of showing how the group continues to worked separate and well as together as a unit.

  272. Jeri

    I am so disappointed that Leverage won’t be back. All the ridiculous reality shows that are on and keep coming. There are so few good series on and Leverage, and all the actors were great entertainment. Someone take off some (all) the ridiculous reality shows, like the housewives, my six hundred pound life, all the losers shows. BRING BACK LEVERAGE — PLEASE

  273. clifton mitchell

    BRING IT BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  274. Dominic Moes

    This was a great show with so much more potential. Bring it back!

  275. F. L. Simpson

    It is my favorite show!! Please bring it back.

  276. DesaRee'

    This is a wonderful series that my whole family enjoys watching. Sadly, we didn’t even know about Leverage until we stumbled upon it during a streaming Netflix fest on a cold winter day. We love this series! We couldn’t wait for the banner “New Episodes” to arrive – instead we looked online to find it cancelled. NO! We have watched it during ION TV re-runs, and we would love to to tune in on each week during its regularly scheduled viewing time. Discovering Leverage was bitter-sweet. It is such a wonderful gem of a show, but we only get 5 seasons. Please, say it isn’t so! Someone please put Leverage back on the air.

  277. Liz

    I love this show! I was watching Leverage on Netflix and got so hooked, I watched the entire five seasons in the past 3 weeks. I thought season 6 was coming out so I was trying to be ready to watch new episodes on tv.
    I’m super bummed that they aren’t planning to release it!

    I hope they change their minds, I know at least 6 people who would watch it!

  278. chante

    One thing they must remember is that alot of people watches leverage i am from south afrika and i watched it on the internet i have watched leverage a few times now. Who says that only people from TNT watches it because i know thats not true alot of people here in SA watched leverage and over the world lots of people watched it i say bring back leverage you TNT people only see your viewer ratings we dont have TNT in SA and we watch it so i think lwverage has alot of viewers just not on TNT please bring it back

  279. Candace

    We love leverage bring it back please…….please……please I live all the actors and actresses on the show it is amazing….

  280. karen

    I still watch the reruns on tv and find different scenes that I missed the first time.I loved this show please bring it back.

  281. Kay

    I cannot believe they cancelled Leverage!!! It is an amazing series. One of the best. First they change the nights now this. I now have to wait for Sundays and watch the reruns. I love this team! Bring them back. Most of the other shows are not worth watching.

  282. Tatianna

    They always cancel the best shows.. I loved Leverage when it was on and now I watch reruns on ion or Netflix
    They keep that cr*p reality shows, and go way out on shows like The Listner which I think is just to far out there.. Shows I think that should

  283. cheryl

    I hope that the creator of leverage along with TNT or anyother TV station would reconsider to bring it back. I have been taping and watching all of the espoides. I enjoy seeing our modern day robin hood seeking justiice in which the law is unable to help ordinary people. Also it so refreshing –not seeing so much violence on TV. I do hope that they will bring it back

  284. Evelin

    I also heard about Leverage a couple of months ago and I watched all episodes on internet ( i live in the Netherlands). I really liked it. That was my relax-time and enjoyed the creativity and humor of the play-writers. a show that gives so much positivity should go on. Is it really just a money-question? Come on, people: where is YOUR leverage???? Make the world a better place by making people, who watch it happier. Start with the next season of Leverage!

  285. Judy Lee

    What are you waiting for… Bring it back before we do loss interest and find other shows…

  286. david royer

    bring this show back! this is the best series i have ever seen. it must have been airing in a cr*ppy time slot. plus not everyone has the luxury of cable or satellite. it is now 2014 and i watch it on Sunday on the CW. cant get enough

  287. Samantha Linneman

    I absolutely LOVE this show and would love to see it continue again with season 6. I think this could seriously compete with many of the mainstream shows. Everyone LOVES the shows where the corporate giants get what is coming to them.

  288. Randall

    Just finished watching Season 5 on Netflix. It’s hard to imagine that a well written, intelligent, thoughful show like Leverage would not be picked up for another season. I guess the corporate types couldn’t find any advertisers looking to sell anything to an audience with a brain? Hmm…something fishy there–maybe a job for the Leverage team.

  289. sunshine50

    sometimes i wonder what goes on in the minds of people in power. Good clean entertainment BRING IT BACK. I now watch it on ion every Sunday from 1 p.m. until it goes off then I watch it again on ion west. that’s how much i enjoyed this show

  290. wADE

    Leverage is the GREATEST TV SHOW I’VE EVER WATCHED. I love the characters; they have obvious chemistry, and each character is unique. The humor is fantastic, the plots wonderful. And, most of all, I feel as if I know them all; they’ve become like family to me! Why the heck would anyone want to cancel such a great show? BRING IT BACK! i KNOW YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

  291. fanny y armando

    We hope to see more seasons of leverage, please! !!!!!!!

  292. Christine

    I love leverage. It is such an amazing show. I watch it every Sunday on ion until it is done. I rewatch the seasons on Netflix constantly.

    • Marilyn Smith

      I agree!!

  293. Marilyn Smith

    BRING LEVERAGE BACK, we are more than ready for it’s return. We are tremendously fond of each character; even Sterling. There’s still so much to explore. We’ve only had a glimpse into each character, as you’ve only scratched the surface of character development. The cons tease and stimulate our brains while thoroughly entertaining us. The blend of drama, humor and “WHAT? I didn’t see that coming,” strikes a perfect balance. ION on Sundays, back to back Leverage just isn’t enough. New episodes please!

  294. Jennifer

    Leverage is cancelled. What a shame. I watched the first few episodes because I am such a fan of T.H.s acting. It really wasn’t as much violence or sex that I accustomed to watching. So, basically I lost interest. My 21 yr old daughter and I were discussing our favorite shows and the ones that you could just watch over and and over. My show .. Law and Order, Hers Leverage. She begged me to give it another shot. I did and I have watched every episode and really enjoyed it. Yes in some ways it is predictable but it has a classic flavor that you just don’t tire of. the Television business is a bitch I am sure … but this is a show that if the numbers could be worked out … it would go on to please a rather large group of people for many more years. How about you let NETFLIX have it cheap. Leverage doesn’t have to die.

  295. Kory

    This show is so well written and the Con’s are fun to watch unfold. The Characters are portrayed by wonderful actors and actresses. Why was the show cancelled? I would urge anyone with any say so and decision making power to Renew/Revive the Show.

  296. Faith Hill

    Ok so I relise that this show has been gone for about a year and a half now but if anyone with any power at all can try this show needs to be back. I first saw it one night at like 4 in the morning right after my parents got divorced this show made me laugh when I was upset it give the little man hope and its actors are amazing and the characters are well built and have many layers that we never got to see. Now I know that when this show went off air it was dropping alot of viewers but maybe that was because it had a late night time people have school and jobs but now its on Netflix people have gotten intrested have gotten there friends intrested and it is just over so please if anyone with any power or credability reads this help put it out there that leverage shouldnt be over!!!!! After all it has been this long and people are still begging that proves that leverage has fans!!!!!!

  297. Mike

    This show is awesome! I agree with Faith Hill that the time slot does play a big part of a shows success, so why not put it on prime time. If not on a weekday then Saturday or Sunday would probably be better. The cast are great together. The first thing I thought of when I saw Leverage was the movie The Sting. This show is just as great as the movie was and I think a lot of people can relate to the concept behind it. I personally don’t like all the reality shows on tv but I do like shows like leverage that show there are people out there willing to help the underdog or everyday person.

  298. Sue F

    This is such an entertaining show. I can’t believe they won’t bring back Leverage – but they put on shows about the idiot Kardashiens?!?!

  299. Robert Kruthoffer

    After reading everyone’s comments its really hard to see how they can’t just find another network.!! I meanIon tv is doing its reruns can’t they pick it up?? Till then I’m waiting to win the lotto and get it started.

  300. Sam

    BRING IT BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE THEY NUTS !!!!!

  301. Katina

    I still really miss Leverage. I can’t believe they have brought on other series (not so great) and dismissed this series. I waited every week for the next episode. It has been some time since it was cancelled, and I am still missing it. Wish they could bring it back.

    • kate

      me too i want to come back leverage 🙁

  302. RMB

    I LOVE the show Leverage. I just came upon the show about a year ago flicking through the channels. It is now my favorite show on tv. Don’t cancel it, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  303. Saudia


    • kate

      i love so much this TV serial <3 <3

  304. kate

    i want to continiuc leverage :)) i must want watch to leverage season 6

  305. bob

    what a big mistake leverage should come back on tv me and the mrs watched every show over and over again we love the show so plz bring it back

  306. Kathleen Parker

    If the show. “The Game” took a break and made a comeback so can you. Come on back You know you want to. It will complete my set as one of my detective series of the 21st century: Rizzoli & Isles, Burn Notice, Suits, Psych, Monk, Castle, Law & Order Criminal Intent and LEVERAGE!!!!!!!!

  307. josh

    There HAS TO BE PROGRESS.behind the scene, or close doors, or where ever with figuring out on bringing leverage back… soon:) has2B!

  308. Miriam

    I have been watching Leverage on ION. I am sorry to hear that it has been cancelled. It is one of the better shows on the air. Please bring it back.

  309. D

    Just watched the complete series, thanks very much to Netflix. Both my husband and I were devastated to find that it was not renewed. Just give us somewhere we can send our petitions to get it brought back! Although we watch regular network television often, I don’t remember ever seeing it on the TV guide when it was on regular programming!

  310. crunden

    One of the best written, best casted shows on tv. Put it it in a decent time slot; advetise the new season and watch what happens!

  311. sueann

    I love the show.. always funny… can never be replaced

  312. Angie P.

    Please tell me that Leverage was not cancelled? I love that show. I watch the reruns on ION every Sunday. I had no idea it had been cancelled. Maybe the Network will regain its senses and bring the show back. Please!!!!

  313. Jasmine

    I need Levarage back on TV. It’s the best TV show ever

  314. nana cheryl

    I love king and maxwell it is very different as is leverage there should be room for both give king and maxwell a chance it is really very good..

  315. Angel

    I love this show. I look forward to watching it every Sunday on ION television. I would try to watch it when it was still “new” but my husband always had some other rerun on. Please bring it back.

  316. Roslyn

    Please consider bringing this show back with the original actors too! I just love this show and the team.

  317. Cathy

    Best show on television, i can even let my grandson watch it with me that in itself that is acheiveing a major problem with most of the trashy shows on today. Why is it more important to put langauge, nudity, and drugs in shows instead of people helping people? I want it back and i bet there are millions of people like me that would too. Many people do not have internet access but if you could do a mail poll bet they would tell you that.:((

  318. Mary

    would absolutely love to see leverage continue! Finally a really good show that I can watch with my family and not worried about the content! The characters gel so well together and are so entertaining! My family will be so sad if this program does not continue! We have only just recently found it in love it

  319. Cari Lewter

    Leverage was and is a great series. My sister, her kids, me, my kids, we all love it. We watch all the reruns on the Ion station. My sister rented the series at her local library. I am wondering why it is not sold in stores. I want to order the whole series. The characters were awesome and funny. Every show had us glued to the tv. Bring it back please!

  320. tracy

    please do not cancel leverage love that show.. i would by it if i had the money

  321. connie

    The best show ever I watch it now on Netflix I have seen. 1 to 5 season 10 times now, what do that tell you I am the biggest fan so please bring them back.

  322. Jess


  323. Cathy

    Love the show. Look forward to it. It would be a big mistake canceling this show.

  324. Sunday Garman

    One of the best shows on! Surprised with all the dry boring stuff they have on, one as creative as this was not continued, sick of the vampire, werewolf , and same old stuff, this show was truly unique

  325. Gabrielle

    Please renew! I love this show. I record all the repeats and keep watching them. Iwas looking forward to the new season. One of the best shows on television. Loved the plots and the characters. All my friends miss it too.

  326. isabella


  327. Karen Chaney

    I recently discovered Leverage in reruns and immediately fell in love with it. Terrific acting, well written scripts and a wonderfully attractive and likeable cast. I also vote for brining it back. We need more creative, intelligent drama in this age of dreadful reality programs and mindless sitcoms.

  328. pamela williams

    the ultimate ensemble cast, with a brilliant trajectory demonstrating self empowerment and personal growth through cross training and developing a safe container. such a mindful show is badly needed in this time of drivel and b.s.

  329. Jeff

    Please bring the show back great stories best series on tv

  330. K.K.

    I love this show and hate that it is gone. It needs to come back. I agree with everyone who says that.

  331. steve

    tired of the bs so called reality shows. bring back good shows like leverage

  332. Leonie vd Linde

    Leverage was the only show that the whole family could watch together. Great life lessons and increadibly creative and funny. I cannot believe that such a wonderful show would be cancelled as many shows currently on are predictable not family friendly and utterly boring.

  333. sandy

    please bring leverage BACK I watch reruns all the time I enjoyed the movie the actors were a good group that played together well it’s a good program BRING IT BACK PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  334. Betty

    I’m so angry that this show has been cancelled. What is wrong with you people!! Every single episode was wonderful! I loved each character, every story!

  335. Larease

    The people who make these dissions need to take more the viewer numbers into account during 1 or2 episodes in 1 or 2 season, how about checking numbers on orginal Season/Episode air dates or not on nights/times when major sports games, long running shows are also scheduled. There are so few good family shows on these day’s that aren’t cartoons, or on the kid only channels this show was something my family could all watch together and did not need to worry about language, content, ect…. we range in age 48, 42, 19, 10. What happened to the days when most programming before 9pm it didn’t matter what age group was in the room. When kids could hang out in the living room playing and no one had to be concerned and we were still spending time together as a family. I am not saying that tv should go all tthe back to the 70’s/80’s just better choices in what type of show’s come and go and what time slot they come on at. I love my graffic, adult language & content, L&O Special Victims Unit, Zombie show but it does not mean I want my 10yr.old to watch them. May these exec.’s need to spend some time at home watching these show with their kids in the room and see how often they turn the channel or have to stay up late every night just to watch something they really like watching. Then fan’s should have more of a say in the cancellation of a show than just then numbers that are counted after all if THERE WERE NO FANS FOR THEIR SHOWS THAT WOULDN’T BE AS WEALTHY AS THEY ARE, SO GIVE US THE OPPURTINITY TO EXPRESS WHAT WE WANT. IF THE EXEC.’S FOR THE FIREFLY SERIES HAD DONE THAT IT WOULD HAVE MADE THEM EVEN RITCHER.

  336. Linda

    Yes, I would like to see Leverage back on TV. Renew. . . . .

  337. Buzzy

    The cast of Leverage are wonderful…the characters Awesome! The plots terrific….show should have been cancelled….would love to see it re-newed!!!

  338. Leslie

    I can think of a dozen other shows that should have been considered for cancellation before leverage. I hope an advertiser realize there is an audience for this show.

  339. Jeff

    Absolutely one of the BEST written shows I’ve watched in a long time! Luckily ION television (1065) AT&T Uverse, stills plays it on Sundays, so I can get a weekly fix. Would love to see it come back, even for just a TV movie.

  340. leverage Fan

    There are a lot of shows that are on air that should be canceled and never to return,Leverage is NOT one of those shows please bring it back,i would love to see when parker and Hardison get together

  341. Ms.Shelia A.Williams

    Can ya’ll Please Put (LEVERAGE ) Back On I Watch Season 1 thru 5 over and over and over do ya’ll have a season 6 where can i buy it from r where can i watch it at and if so how many it have please ans. me asap.will b checking my email every.i just love those Characters.

  342. Patrick Montalbano

    Leverage was a awesome show. They need to keep it going.

  343. Mvp

    It was one of the best shows on television. I want it back. I’m watching the reruns on ion over and over

  344. Helen

    Yes! Please bring leverage back, that show is great!!! I too have been watching the reruns over and over. My husband got hooked on the show during the 4th season and when we learned that the 5th season was the last we were both bummed. I saw them bring back drop dead diva for another season after it was cancelled, why not hope the same for leverage!! and this show is far more better than drop dead diva!! Please Please bring it back!!! If not, did Sophie ever reveal her real name???

  345. Vicki

    What I loved about Leverage is that they always help people get back what was taken from them, I really hope that they rethink their decisions and put it back on, (season 6 and more to come hopefully.

  346. mrpokchop

    Leverage was the most entertaining shows on tv.
    Why would you not renew the best program that was on.
    Can you only`if you can make it more entertaining ,can you

  347. Sue Stroud

    Please allow Leverage to steal a 6th season. Awesome show. Awesome cast! I just watched all of seasons on netflix n bought last lesson from amazon.

  348. Marie

    Agree w/all comments—this is by far one of the better shows and one of the few ‘newer’ shows I watch albeit on ION for the reruns! Please bring this show back and yes, w/all actors; they were quite good!

  349. Kathy

    I didn’t find Leverage until it was in reruns. I watch is on ION. Love it. Hope someone buys it and continues the program for a new season.

  350. mary

    agree with everyone, loved leverage and the characters, hope someone brings it back soon.

  351. D2


  352. Pablo Jimenez

    The producer had to be crazy, to cancelled one of the best tv show ever made. I watch the show every day. And eversince the show was cancelled I had watch it over and over. That’s how good this show is. So Bring It Back.

  353. Belinda

    I WANT MY LEVERAGE BACK!!!!!!! Absolutely love this show want to see how the gang goes without Nate and Sophie.

  354. Shirley

    We want Leverage. Awesome, we love it. We could do with at least 10 more seasons

  355. Carolyn

    Loved Leverage!! Please continue!

  356. marc yablon

    this show reminds me of the old show The Rouges .

  357. Pame

    Please bring Leverage back on the air, it’s a wonderful show!

  358. janie v.


  359. Sharon

    There are so many new shows on TV now, but none comes close to the exciting show called Leverage.
    Writers, Producers and Directors will you please make it possible to bring Leverage back. As you can see, you still have loyal fans.

  360. Tracy

    Loved leverage! Watched all 5 seasons within a week. I am very disappointed the show has been cancelled so soon. It could have easily kept going.

  361. Shari

    Please bring it back! It was one of the best new shows on TV! I am so tired of all of those “reality series”. This is my favorite right up there next to Castle and NCIS! Exciting and very Original!!!

  362. Fran

    What a huge mistake!! Please reconsider and bring this series back. Will continue to watch re-runs. I really enjoyed the show and everyone involved played fantastic roles. Just needed more advertising to introduce the show to the public. Really going to miss this series!!!!!

  363. ozymozzie

    Brought box set seasons 1 to 5 lve got $ for season 6 where is it? . Living in the Ozzie outback l need to watch something in the evening besides the stars and satalite’s

  364. Virginia Hash

    I loved this show. Left us hanging at the end of series 5. Please continue this show. Loved it sooo much or let netflix have the season 6 so we can see what happened.
    or sell a dvd season 6

  365. Sharon

    I really hope that all the wonderful Actors and the wonderful Writers, Producers and Directors have been reading all the fans comments. We want you all to know that we truly love and miss Leverage and will stay loyal to the show. We won’t stop pleading with you to please bring Leverage back on the air, you will make so MANY fans happy.

  366. bob

    return leverage, great show

  367. snow olivas

    Bring this show back! excellent plots. Every episode stood as a complete story on its own. Never should have been canceled in the first place.

  368. Celestial McGarrett

    Please, they were like my family, I would watch to see what they were up to and hoe they were doing, I miss them. Besides, they were fun pretty clean, and had morals and values. A sense of right and wrong. Let’s face it, stood up for alot of what our society is losing. Bring them back so that decency isn’t completly obselete, and I have a good show to watch once a week.

  369. George

    This show was bloody brilliant. And bringing actual character development in a heist show… unheard of. Well, being done well is unheard of for a TV Show like it.

    It’s sad really. Such a relic leaving, not getting picked back up from a network such as USA, since TNT decided to junk it.

    It’s funny. The best shows never last. I think it all comes down to advertising. The good shows s*ck at advertising. If they had actually had interactive advertising this show would have been much more successful… however, it is one of those gems that not many people (in my circles anyhow) have heard of, and instantly love when I introduce them to it.

  370. Ashley

    Bring Leverage back!!! I absolutely LOVE this show!

  371. Robert D Jones

    I miss them a lot. Their reruns are a lot better than a lot of the junk that is on. It might be that you might have to think a little to follow it. I hope some company has the good taste to put it back on. I hope the cast is doing well and thank them for the entertainment they gave us. Bob

  372. Jose Ledesma

    Bring Leverage back love this show

  373. mary

    Leverage is one of the top 10 best shows I have ever watched on TV and as I have been able to watch TV since 1951, I have seen a lot of TV. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

  374. Charlotte

    I still thought the 6th was in production and was coming soon. Great show please bring it back.

  375. Grace

    Bring Leverage back. One of the best programs on TV . And I can watch it with my children 9 and up without great gore or gratuitous sex scenes. Please bring it back. Just watched the final episode again, still tore me up and we want more…

  376. uncrichard

    Excellent show well thought out plots with just a touch of humor. Main theme has many possibilities. All modes of operation are explained, so viewers are not left in dark.
    Cast is very cohesive and compliment each other.

  377. Sharon

    I just finished reading so many comments from all over the world. Everyone love and wants Leverage TV series to come back on the air. It was and still could be the best TV show ever. Producers, Directors and Writers, please bring Leverage back. There are so many avenues you can take to make the show number 1. Starting with Parker and Harrison getting married, Elliott finding a new love, also Nate and Sofie’s love story.

    Like so many others said before, the characters work well together. We love them and want to see them again.

  378. Me

    Seasons 1 through 3 were AMAZING, no better show…EVER…but what happened in season 4? And Season 5 was worse. Who stole Leverage???

  379. Me

    I think they should bring back Leverage. It was always interesting to see how they were gonna do things or get out of things.

  380. sy

    It took me a month to finish one through five, darn it i want MORE.

  381. Wanda

    I watched Leverage religiously. I still can’t believe that the show was cancelled. I miss Leverage….please bring them back!!!

  382. Ellen sims

    We just watched all. 77 episodes on netflix by the suggestion of our 30 year old son who lived it. We really loved it too. Wish there were more episodes!

  383. Betty Jane

    Leverage is one of the best TV shows ever. There are so few intelligent programs on TV. Sitcoms with piped in laughter or crime shows with blood and guts. Leverage is comparable to a good book. Please, please. If I had the money, I would buy it. Great writing, great editing. Great graphics. Comedy, intrigue, romance, suspense.

  384. wendy joy

    from the first eposode i was hooked, the show is fantastic and i can’t beleive people would rather watch no where shows than watch this…the plot is new everytime and the actor made the show…i made a point to tape it if i was going to miss it and now i set my alarm to wake up around air time on cbs. it would make me happy to be able to have the show back with the orignal cast and i will sign anything to help make this happen. i can’t buyout the show but i am willing to do my part. by spreding the word and getting people interested. but i am fully sure that the bulk of us will continue to watch and love each new eposode and it can go on and on like charmed or supernatural….there is so much bad around us and the government keeps taking away from us and now the tv is going to tell us what we can watch???? not fair!!! when do the peoples’ voice ever be heard???
    please, give us back something and allow us an opportunity to view what we want to see…afterall…is ent this something we have to pay for to have????

  385. kris

    Just finished watching the last episode, and it’s a shame it ends.
    This was now a series, where you had action, romance, comedy, fiction and non fiction, all nicely mixed, without pulling everything out of proportions like most series do.
    Unfortunatly it has to end sometime, but it was to soon for me.
    Guess I have to start watching season 1 again.
    We will miss Nate, Parker,Eliot, Hardison,Sophie, and many others

  386. Charlie

    Fantastic show! Please bring it back!

  387. Sir David

    Please bring back the show! It was one of the most creative and amusing shows on the air. The cast was excellent and I looked forward to it.

  388. Len Walch

    I watched every episode of Leverage, and was very sorry to see it cancelled. It always had a great story line, and a great cast of characters.

    Someone please bring this show back!!!

  389. Steve

    I have only just discovered this program and love it!!! So much so that after watching a few episodes on sky I went out to get seasons 1 – 5 on DVD. I can’t believe such a great show was cancelled!!! Forget the supernatural thrillers, zombie or apocoliptic programs or endless reality TV shows. What about this smart, funny and entertaining show? Wish it would come back.

  390. Antonio Bertucci

    Why do the production companies/networks have to take off so many great shows just to add bad ones?!?! My wife and I really enjoyed that show. It has people doing good and righting wrongs…
    We could use a lot more of that kind of good example in television. The good beating out the bad. Yes, I know there was violence, but it was an adult show, not a children’s show. Bring it back, PLEASE?!??!!!!!

  391. kennedy

    To cancel leverage is to say America s*cks. And we all know that America rules like leverage. The rich and powerful steals from the poor. Leverage steals it back. If its a problem to start it back then maybe they find new players, consult Nate and Sofia, or even call up sterling. Leverage is a really great show, I think the pope should bless it so it can’t get touched.

  392. Jacqueline DelZoppo

    Leverage is a great show. I think it is a mistake not to start another series

  393. samantha

    I am totally upset that they cancelled this show I am now watching reruns on Netflix hope they bring it back sometime soon

  394. AJ

    I waited till it hit DVD every year and can’t believe it’s over! Great show and all about doing what’s right as entertainment!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!! So sad a good show is cancelled TNT s*cks

  395. Parm

    I really love the tv show( leverage) and I wish they would be season 6 and more because I never seen a movies that great and funny.

  396. Leslie

    lets go steal us a network then…

  397. Grayson

    We want it back, with the same actors!!!!!

  398. Jacki

    LEVERAGE is an excellent show . . with actors whose chemistry is phenomenal. I did not discover Leverage until it came to Netflix as I did not have cable. Now I have all the DVDs and I view them repeatedly. If you are not sure if renewing the series would work, do a movie. It would be a blockbuster because of all the fans . .many of us new fans. The actors have all said they had hoped the series would continue and we would definitely want it back with the same actors. Not only was the show entertaining, but the fans can identify with or “be” some of the characters . . if you’ve had a bad life, through this series you can “right the world”. The series is awesome on so many levels. Please bring the series back.

  399. mariangely

    We need season 6 of leverage. Come on!!! Is was the best show ever. Ya’ll did mistake taking out leverage show. Was my show coming home from work.

  400. ali

    l love leverage TNT We need season 6 of leverage. Come on!!!

  401. kaye

    Please renew leverage I love that show and rewatch the first five seasons on Netflix, its a great show and much better than half the shows we have now. I miss the gang and want to know what happened now that Parker is in charge and Nate and Sophie is engaged. And I never found out her REAL NAME. I need to know man I just miss my show.

  402. Aggie

    Please renew the Leverage show. It is one of the best I have seen. My husband & I love it very much and watch all the old shows. Wonder if you can get the same cast/actors/actresse/writers, etc. again. They did a wonderful job making this show very entertaining.

  403. vanessa

    I watched leverage from the very first episode,I was curious to see Christian Kane as I enjoyed his character Lindsey on Angel years back.There was no character development needed as they were all great from the get go.I was addicted instantly.At the time it was the only reason to put on tnt.Altho I watched falling skies,leverage was my favorite show of all the channels.I heard it was canceled at Christmas time 2012.I complained then and 3 years later,my heartbreak has not diminished.Falling skies has finally ended,limping into its who cares anymore series finale.If it wasn’t for last ship I would never watch tnt,and when I finally get rid of cable,the cancelation of leverage would be the straw that broke this subscribers back.Why would they drag on falling skies?Why would they try to cram the librarians down our throats?I tried to watch the librarians to support Christian Kane but it made me too sad.He isn’t even the muscle in the show,hes got this stupid hair cut that some teenage girl must be telling him looks good.I cant watch this show and honor the character of Elliot.I am glad to see all the recent posts from those who discovered this show in reruns and Netflix,I dont feel so alone in my pain.I hope Netflix in all their infinite wisdom picks up this show seeing how much interest there still is,and how profitable it can be.

    • maria

      i want to write a petition to netflix to continue show like they did for arrested development

  404. Kimberly

    Just watched all 5 seasons AGAIN on Netflix and ready to start them over…a HUGE mistake to cancel as it was and is a good all around show that I could let my whole family watch (and they did) without all the violence and sex of every other waste of time show airing now….would love to see its return…..I would never miss an episode….

  405. Grace holness

    Leverage is a great show last
    Please return lots of people favorite show what’s wrong with u people wake up don’t understand or know a great show even when it’s kickin u all in ur dam faces

  406. Jacqueline DelZoppo

    I have watched all 5 seasons and would love to see them return with new episodes.

  407. Toni

    I would love to see a sixth season of Leverage.

  408. Debbie

    #1 Show LEVERAGE and now it’s gone! Why not take off some of the garbage that’s still on, and replace it with LEVERAGE.

  409. Viper


  410. Jenny C

    Is there any chance in this amazing universe that we could have a Leverage comeback? The show was phenomenal, enjoyable, entertaining beyond expectations. The cast was flawless. Thank you. If someone could reply with an somewhat credible answer, I would be debt. Ad most certainly would work to do what it takes to get it back alive. Tons on Internet skills, marketing skills, business skills. Whatever it takes. Thank you again.

    • Zaeem Khan

      If it gained enough buzz on the internet that the producers found out and money was raised then they cpuld bring it back

  411. vivienne from jamaica

    Please please please please bring back leverage with all the characters especially Eliot. I love leverage and would like to continue watching it. I agree with the other fans change the network and the time slot and that would work wonders for increasing viewership. I look forward to watching in the very near future

  412. Truelove#1

    I want leverage back season 6 is a must…..I dont watch tv much but when i found this on netflix every night i had to watch six episods at least……….you have to bring it back same cast

  413. lat

    Please bring Leverage back. I hate the Librarians. Leverage was clever, fun-loving, and triumphant. I watch the reruns. Okay, I usually don’t usually place comments on line but I want Leverage to return.

  414. Lillian Fisher

    I was disappointed when they cancelled Leverage.I vote BRING IT BACK ON.That show gave us hope for the little guy.It had everything.Humor,drama & even a couple of love stories.It was all around entertaining.I’ll be waitng to hear it’s coming back on.

  415. Elsa Lehner

    Leverage should definitely be brought back. I love watching the reruns on ION tv

  416. Barbara Servider

    Bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!best show ever. It kinda made you feel better about all the cr*p we go through everyday. Just thinking that there is maybe, just maybe, someone out there helping the underdog made you feel a little better about everything.

  417. Barbara Haynes

    Leverage , WHAT A SHOW!!! I would like it very much if they would bring the show back on Air and those that played their parts would agree to do it again. This show is so very entertaining. very easy to get into the plots set and fun to see the team work through and win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is that!!!!

  418. Lori

    Yes please bring it back

  419. Zaeem Khan

    Parker was my favourite character.

  420. alisa eaton

    I watched leverage from start to finish in 5 days without sleep and get to the end and find out no more series it was canceled why it was a great show I am so so sad they were like my family loved their roles and action love helping seeing the good in all people good or bad please bring it back we never shows like these I am hooked if I was a millionaire I would buy the rights and bring it back shows alot of hope in the world shows right from wrong that’s my story and I am sticking to it by for now we need the new series now

  421. Yvette from New York

    There’s a whole new crowd watching leverage now. just look at all of these comments. We love it!! Please bring it back.

  422. Eleanor Howard

    I see from other comments, going back to 2013, that most viewers not only/merely loved the show, they tho’t it the best show on TV. I found it initially on ION in reruns, which reduced its appeal somewhat because the episodes were out of order, but then found it on Netflix and have been thru it twice. Everything about it is wonderful, not least the knowledge base of the writers, to come up with the challenges to the team, then ways to do in the bad guys. Great morality plays! Love all the characters, recurring guests.

  423. Jim baton

    Leverage is one of the greatest shows of all time me and my wife are in our mid fifties we’ve been around long enough to say that we watch all day long on ion tv please bring the show back I’m sure the following is huge

  424. monica

    1st of all my mom loves this show she has been waiting for a new season to coe out for forever I love leverage I wanna t know if parker and hardison get married and have children or break up and a couple of months later they realize their soul mates and if Elliot gets a girlfriend and stop dropping them like a hot potatoes I wonder if nate will get over his son death or if he’ll finally stop being stubborn n listen to sofie I just really a season six to no if nate an sofie really took a break from the leverage group if I have to I will comment every week about how many episodes I have seen just to make a point.
    I love hardison he is hilarious parker is hilariously weird an I just have to say Elliot I love u man u and them rock hard abs rock on an ur hair u r the next thor omg yes but season six I will get my follwers on flipagram to talk about this.

  425. Carolynne Nelson

    This was the kind of show you didn’t want to see end. It’s a great show bring it back and I can almost promise you, it will be a hit. But you have to bring back the original characters. Maybe Hardison and Parker can be married now. put in in a spot where people can see it and they will come back.

  426. P

    Yes, bring it back. It’s the only show I got into and really liked.

  427. Debbie

    Really enjoy Leverage. Please bring it back. Thank you.

  428. Amy

    Can’t afford TV but i can afford netflix. and I’m absolutely saddened by it ending after 5 seasons.

  429. Vicki Le Gare

    Of COURSE it needs to be renewed, continued & released…….whatever it takes.
    Just keep this exemplary show coming! One of THE best, ever…….

  430. Ibrahim

    Leverage was one of the best series ever to be aired by TNT & i totally agree that it should be renewed. We the loyal fans of leverage will definitely want season 6 of the great movie… Go #teamLeverage…

  431. Erica Liddell

    Yes would love to watch another episode ugh I think I would cry like a baby if LEVERAGE never came back on please I beg you!!!! #TEAMLEVERAGE

  432. Sheila McCool

    I really miss leverage. I watch the reruns all the time over and over again. Please get the crew together again and start up the series. At least make a movie with several sequels.

  433. Calixte

    Yes i want a 6 season on the leverage show

  434. Karen

    Why cancel a show that well I finally like. the stories I see are based on real life issues and well you took five individuals and created a group even though their pasts was a bad history but you took them and shown how even the bad could work together for the good of all. keep the show on and I’m sure there will be lessons learned by this person. I love Leverage I will always watch it no matter how old it gets. I watch the reruns over and over again.
    Leverage is a show I will recommend to others to watch. the continue satisfaction action of five people who showed me how even the worst of the best can handle even the toughest issues and to plan out a strategy to solve anything. the lessons in this show I will forever use and I look for more to use as well Go team. Go Leverage. may the story continue. Don’t get rid of a good thing

  435. sue

    We love the show and need MORE…..where is season 6-7-and so on???

  436. David Thompson

    I agree the show was amazing! Actors are great! I personally just love it. Please bring it back. I would highly love it and enjoy it. So would a lot of other people. Please don’t disappoint us. You have are 110 percent support of the show. Just play your part and bring it back. Keep the greatest going of this outstanding TV show. You won’t regret it! Thank You.

  437. Belinda Overton

    I loved this show! Canceling Leverage is a BIG mistake. Please reconsider and schedule season 6 soon for all of us who will make sure it succeeds! PLEASE bring Leverage back!!!

  438. Belinda Overton

    This is one of my few favorite shows! I watched all of the shows over and over and NEVER got tired of watching them. Please please please bring Leverage back!

  439. Pam

    It would be huge mistake not to let this show run it’s course. They have done the hard part by establishing multi-leveled characters that the audience has bonded with, exploring those characters and relationships while doing their “jobs” is what has made this show. The ratings sags are probably the result of schedule changes and fluctuation due to the enormous amount of shows available. I discovered on Netflix and I am sure many others did too.

  440. Rissa

    Hello I waiting on a season 6 tah come out every since wanna lagging das one of d best series I ever watch in history so don’t b cancelling it bring back leverage got me watching over all d seasons bout 50 times wanna playing wid ppl emotions yah

  441. Danielle

    Really I just sat through 5 seasons only to find out leverage is cancelled come on network people this show is awesome put it back on and get season 6 out

  442. edward

    best tv show bring it back!!!!!!!!

  443. evan

    i agree it ended badly bring it back please i wish it was back

  444. Connie

    I would love to see the show return however I’m not interested if Nate and Sophie (Laura) are not a part of season 6. What got me started watching in the first place was Timothy Hutton. I love Elliot (especially in the episode where he was the fiddle and sang), Hardison (makes even the smart seem stupid) and Parker (she is so funny) but the show would not be complete without all of them. The chemistry between them is perfect. I love the relationship that Hardison and Parker have now and Nate and Sophie. You need a girl for Elliot and all would be complete. Like the girl in the episode where he sang. She was perfect for him. Just a thought. We all want to see them have love in their lives along with the cons.

  445. rob

    It’ now 2019 and I still watch the reruns. This was the best show. Even if you need to make the new show “the next generation” Leverage thanks for a good show and for many memories from my own past…..

  446. naasira

    i was so disturbed that the show Leverage was cancelled. Now I watch the reruns everyday without fail. I hope that someone with some consideration of the fans of the show and some common sense will bring the show back soon.

  447. Marta

    Cancelling leverage was a hugeeee mistake. It’s was the best show ever


    Bring back leverage the reason why I’m asking and it comes back because it actually was interesting to see that Parker is now sitting in the seat you got to bring it back Hardison in Eliot and Parker what could possibly happen in season 6 bring it back I’ll look about to start theories of what could happen in season 6

  449. Tristan

    You most definitely have to bring back Leverage. That was the worst way to end that show. Leaving all of us in suspense like that. If I could give Leverage more than 5 stars I would give them 10 stars. So, please bring Leverage back.

  450. Naftoli M & Ellen Edinger

    It was freaking amazing I am the biggest fan BRING ANOTHER SEASON ITS JUSR PARKER,ELIOT, AND HARDISON AWESOME


    Please bring Leverage back. I just it for the first time this year, and was riveted to the show. Great crew of actors! Always interesting – come on, give us Leverage!!


    I meant to say I just watched it for the first time this year. Please, please bring it back!

  453. Jamescy

    Best tv series love that show I want them to bring it backkkk!!!!

  454. Aurelija

    Omg another amazing tv series had canceled I love so much all series of Leverage all similar had been canceled after a few seasons for me is hard to find what I love to watch or even like and what I like always had ben canceled SAD


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