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Person of Interest season 5: start date on CBS (2016)

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Person Of Interest cancelled or renewed for season 5? Do you still like this TV show? CBS hasn’t announced the fall premiere date yet. Just wait…

TV-channel: CBS
Created by: Jonathan Nolan
Starring: Jim Caviezel, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, Michael Emerson, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi
Genre: science fiction crime drama

Season 4 Episode 1: 10.58 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 Episode 20: 9.21 million U.S. viewers

It is not a secret that «Person of Interest» show, together with such successful TV-projects as «Elementary» and «NCIS», is included in the list of the most popular and profitable shows of CBS.

At the moment it is watched by about 9 million Americans, that is totally enough for the renewal of the series for Season 5.

Despite the fact the rights holders haven’t announced about the ordering of the renewal yet, the critics are absolutely sure that the new season will be financed and its start date will be scheduled for the fall 2015. We are only to wait for the official announcement of CBS and publish it here.

Person of Interest season 5 premiere – [May 3, 2016 (at 10/9c)] (UPDATE 3)

Don’t miss! The article will be updated soon.

UPDATE 1 (May 11, 2015): The series has been renewed for a fifth season (only 13 episodes).

UPDATE 2 (January 12, 2016): “We will air Person of Interest this spring”, – Glenn Geller (new CBS president).

UPDATE 3 (March 16, 2016): CBS has announced that Person of Interest will air twice a week (Mondays and Tuesdays at 10/9c). The series will launch Season 5 (final season) on Tuesday, May 3, with Episode 2 airing the following Monday, May 9.

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  1. Dalton92

    S4 is boring… All the good writers have left the show. Maybe the Season 5 can bring the action back, but i doubt it.

    • MACCO

      I personally think this should go all the way to season 6 cause this whole waiting keeps some of us in a boring condition but honestly this is my number one series and please make sure that you bring back Shaw and Samaratan should suffer now it is time.

      • Kacey68

        Fantastic series! I am looking forward to it continuing.

        • Carles R Curtis

          I agree! Great show. Please continue. Een though it has fallen bck some from 1 2
          and three stillhe best on tv.

      • DJ

        Totally agree that want to see Shaw back and keep the series going!

        • Pyewacket

          I agree. What a great show and a terrific cast. Bring it back for more seasons. It is better than most other shows. Almost 10 million loyal viewers and a great storyline with a new villain. Bring it back and bring back Shaw!

    • Lisa Henrich

      I just need to know what day it’s on cos it won’t be on Tuesday nights, I need the date!

  2. Buddy

    I think Person Of Interest will be renewed. It’s what the fans deserve.

  3. Otto Demont

    Keep it going! Season 5 is a must for Person of Interest. People don’t realize how true the show is.

    • Carles R Curtis


  4. Audry M.

    PoI is my favorite show on CBS. Please don’t cancel. Terrific series and so much potential for future show content.

    • lewwho

      Agree, this show has a great following worth continuing future series. Very enjoyable.

  5. \\\onita\\\

    It’s truly my favorite show in many years. Keep is going!
    Bringing Sarah Shahi back will help a lot.

  6. Jess

    Love all the characters. I hope it comes back for a season 5 in 2015

  7. Guest

    I’m hoping that it does not get canceled. CBS have already announced some renewals. And what about Person of Interest?

  8. Natacha

    If the show gets cancelled it will be well deserved… its quite a good show and one of the best out there.

  9. Francesco

    Enjoyed this serie,based on the finale should continue,love it!

  10. Bye-Bye POI

    They just announced the only renewed it for 13 episodes! The Mentalist show style ))

  11. Cloud10

    13 episodes????? It will be terrible if it’s the last season.

  12. mykka

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS GREAT SHOW, it’s creative, innovative, thoughtful and great drama with really good actors. POI is my favorite show on TV, please keep it going!!

  13. Marissa Estacio

    Person of Interest is one of the shows that I look forward to watching.

    Great actors (most especially Jim Kaviezel), great story and a mind-boggling near-reality. The show is just heating up, not a good time to cancel and keep its followers hanging. They will hate you for that. Looking forward to Season 5.

  14. Steve Kim

    I am bored with Samaritan storyline because it s*cks up so much oxygen of the show. We no longer can get into personal stories of what the machine and the Finch squad use to do. It should be interesting to see how they plan to kill off Samaritan and Decima but they should do it quick. I hate to see 5th season turn into Fugitive Machine from Samaritan as main plot

  15. mike

    I have been enthralled with this series. jim caviezel is absolutely great as he was in the passion of the Christ. and my other favorite that he did was the count of monte cristo. I hope it goes for a long time

  16. Bren

    A few things contributed to this. Henson leaving the show/ Carter getting killed and it’s reliance on an all AI storyline. HR showed up every once in awhile. The show is about Decima and Samaritan now, which a lot of people don’t like

  17. Calvin

    Please keep the show going! POI is my most favorite show! It takes patient to really understand what the show is saying

  18. Juan

    I love the show shout be continued

  19. Blonda

    I’m so happy Shaw is coming back.

  20. Punkin

    Love it!!! awesome show

  21. PLZ NO

    CBS better not cancel the show. If they do, and another channel still airs person of interest, they will lose 9 million views.

    However, they need to wrap up the Samaritan thing, make Root a guest star again, and make the psychologist like Carter. Basically go back to the machine giving a random number about random crimes.

  22. Kimberlee

    I love POI!!!! I can’t believe it is even being considered for the chopping block.

  23. Louise

    we look forward to the new show POI every season. We’ve got in our movie collection, love it, love the whole cast!

  24. Lois Powell

    Totally love Person Of Interest best show on TV, can’t understand why
    they would cancel such a great series, Shaw coming back it’s going to
    even better!!!

  25. tom

    been looking around at the fall schedule for new and returning shows. cannot find out when season 5 poi will be on . does anyone know when it starts !!!!

  26. Tammie Smith

    We’re waiting for the new season of Person of Interest and I read that it is only going to be on for 13 episodes. Why not do the entire season and end the series with a little respect for the loyal fans. Also, we’re having a hard time remembering 22 episodes from the last season. They would show a new episode and the next week they’d show a rerun or a different show in Person of Interests’ time slot.

  27. Judy Dobson

    I loved the show when it first started. The whole Samaritan mess has gone on way to long. Hopefully they will deal with that appropriately. I am however very disappointed that it may be cancelled after only 13 episodes. Truth be told, if a show requires thinking it probably won’t last. A sad commentary on the viewing public.

  28. Lilly

    I love this show. It has everything in it. These stupid new shows — you have to cover your eyes most of the time because of the gross or your ears because of the stupidity.

    The cast is superb.

  29. Patricia Tubb

    We missed three episodes of Season 3 so Season 4 was confusing. Found the ones that were missing, bought Season 4 and are looking forward to Season 5. We were watching the previous episodes just about every night to be ready for Season 5. I hope Shaw comes back too. Would like to get rid of two nasty characters tho; they don’t do anything for the show.t

  30. sheila carringer

    My whole family loves Person of Interest I cannot understand why if you have a hit people like you either cancel it or change and get rid of the people that make the show worth watching CBS must not want to have all the most watched programs any more will be very upset to see this dropped from the line up

  31. Scott

    A Person of Interest is one of the few good programs on the air

  32. tom

    they push good show put on the dumb 1 on.loser show like big brother,surivor,life in pic.know wonder why cbs is losing people.try bring dumb chit that of networks try that why they dont last.hate 2 say it.but i think cbs is trying kill the good show off.so they can put on show that dont cost money to them.

  33. thephysicist

    math isn’t difficult, thinking is difficult
    physics isn’t difficult, thinking is difficult
    the sciences aren’t, thinking is difficult
    logic isn’t difficult, thinking is difficult
    POI isn’t difficult, thinking is difficult
    It almost follows, if you are capable of thinking, you like POI

  34. gimpy

    I don’t watch a lot of CBS, NBC or ABC because many cable networks have some good shows. Having said that, Person of Interest is a show I have followed since the beginning and think it is one of the best shows on any channel. I sincerely hope it has a long future. I think it is smarter and much more entertaining than NCIS, CSI (all of them) and at least as good as Criminal Minds, and deserves as many seasons as any of them.

  35. john

    do not cancel it my favorite show, it would be a huge mistake for CBS to cancel it.

    • Donna

      Don’t cancel. Its time Shay comes back & Samaritin must pay & John needs to find love.

  36. G

    Really like this show…hope we could at least have a conclusion… NOT interested in a relationship between Shaw and Ruth.

  37. Ginger

    Please don’t cancel we have fallen in love with this show!!

  38. Donna

    Seriously????????????? Every time I get interested (no pun intended) in a program that is truly entertaining it goes away and what is left. It is hard enough to find good programming I am not a Kardashian or reality show fan. Please bring back this show.

  39. DAB

    Lets hope it returns, CBS can,t be that stupid not to renew—–but you never know !

  40. Amy

    Please don’t cancel this show… seriously cripple Samaritan so it can only loom as an occasional threat and bring it back to what we fell for, random numbers being either perps or in need of saving. Sick of decima and Greer and Samaritan… Thanks!

  41. william

    It crazy to think that CBS would not renew this show, specially after the last scene on season 4, 13 shows is not enough , It one of the few shows that I can’t wait to watch every week. Bring back Shaw will help the character’s in their fight other machine named Samaritan.

  42. Ron Strzelczyk

    POI is a wonderful show with good story’s,and outstanding actor’s. My only complaint with the show is the writer’s habit of killing off main characters. In my opinion CBS has such a wealth of good shows CBS does not care about individual shows. It seems that CBS does not advertise too much for POI. I have more than a few friends who have never even heard of POI. I would be very happy to see POI go on for several more years !

  43. Al Burnett

    Hey CBS where is person of interest love this program and couldn’t wait for the NEW season to start so WHAT”S UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Harold

    Please Go Back!..To Original Story-Line Of helping Regular People In Trouble, From Killing Or Been Killed…It Was A Great Story-Line That All Of Us Need!..One Time Your A Other We All Need Help In A Time Of Great Need. CBS Please Keep Person Of Inerest Going…Thank-You

  45. Loretta

    I’m a harold groupie, i love mr reese he’s got the right moves, my idea of a knight in shining armour and he appears to be straight.

  46. HAL

    Machine will never die… Dave
    The Code is perfect
    The Creator (Harold) gave it purpose by coding a conscience of right and wrong.

    One of the most exciting and requires you to think series in a long time.
    Fantastic writing, keep up the good work!

  47. lynn

    My husband and I really REALLY love POI & hope it is not canceled!!! What is the premier date? We don’t want to miss the first episode! Been waiting a long time for its return

  48. Joyce Robertson

    My husband and I love this show very much. The only show that we look forward to watching and having our big bowl of popcorn. Please, Please don’t cancel this show. If you look on your list there are other shows that need to be booted off.

  49. Sandi

    LOVE this show!! Please keep it going, it’s one of the best shows on TV. My husband and I will be real upset if you cancel it! With all the viewers watching it what is the thinking of canceling it anyway? Makes no sense!

  50. Arianna

    I can’t wait for POI to come back on its my favorite show I would really hate to see it cancelled. With a great viewer turnout I expected it to keep going !

  51. lori

    Love this show, mad at CBS for making us wait until the first of the year!

  52. Jean

    Please bring this show back. It is one of the smartest program on TV.

  53. paul

    I love this show please bring it back and have not missed a single episode

  54. Tye

    This is my number one show I hope you gets renewed for season five and season six.

  55. Jack Viohl

    The X Files, The Pretender, Alias, Fringe, all cut short. POI is my favorite CBS show. Please keep it going.

  56. Ksy Robertson

    My.friend Paula and I keep wondering WHEN Person of Interest will start again. We.love it. Also Jim was born and raised in out hometown.

  57. Jim moore

    Having a hard time without POI. Had to fine fillers for the time slot. We need more of POI due to finding out all the things that has gone on behind the story lines that have not been revealed.

  58. dwessedorf

    I certainly hope that CBS doesn’t cancel “Person of Interest.” I they did, I would undoubtedly watch CBS one our less each week.

  59. Janis Hermann

    POI us definitely my favorite show on CBS. It is the only one that I look forward to seeing. CBS, if you are smart, you will not cancel this show. It sounds like they have a great deal of fans out there and we cannot wait to see season 5. I think that you need to think about this being a winner with the people.

  60. Al Kriss

    One of my favorite shows and I never miss it. I’ve been watching the series again og Netflix and look forward to its continuation. It is intelligently written and has a great cast.

  61. Steve

    Great cast and story lines. A feel good program that is much needed in todays environment. Keep it going. Bringing Shaw back is a plus. Looking forward to the 2015 season and beyond.

  62. justine

    looking forward to the next show.. I love it.

  63. lulu Herrera

    Fantastic series! I am looking forward to it continuing. I am in love with the show, I can honestly tell you that I have see it some many time. I am very happy they will be bringing the show again, I am hoping to be around 25 episodes not 13 :(. Person of interest is one of the most awesome show I have ever seen on TV.

  64. peter

    person of interest is one of the best shows on TV and i look forward to season 5 with great anticapation I hope it starts soon and thankyou for outstanding entertainment

  65. Brian

    I don’t watch TV at home. I view through the internet. There is three shows I follow. This is one. NCIS has become to predictable to keep watching. This show you never know who is going to die or just leave. You really need to go back to the base from which you started. Don’t start copping other shows. And stop worrying about political correctness.

  66. Natalie

    Loyal Fan …I really like this series, it is one of my favorite shows on and I hope it is renewed

  67. dwessedorf

    I guess if they cancel Person of Interest I will just watch a little less on CBS, and a bit more on other networks.

  68. alvin

    I love person of interest and if they cancel without ending it properly, life will never be the same… It is, from day one, my number one show. Best show – great actors!

  69. andyh

    We love this show. Can’t stand it when an episode ends. Have watched it from the beginning and would like to see it outlast MASH in longevity. Excellent characters and storylines. We have never been disappointed with an episode.

  70. Tps

    Great show! Great cast!
    If anything, they should at least do what they did with ABC’s lost. A few more seasons from Jan thru April only 16 episodes. This show should be on the aire at minimum a few more years because these new shows won’t last 2-3 seasons. Why ruin a good thing and piss a ton of fans off?

  71. Carol

    Person of interest I have watched over and over… Best drama show, it’s ashamed that you killed off the black female actress, would have love to see where the flame burns between her and Mitch..the show is like true life being watched… Love to see Howard get bk with his lady.. All the cast are great and hope it will be exciting to see this year… Please keep the show alive an other few years… Love you person of interest!!!!

  72. Joy

    Favorite series! Please start season 5!!

  73. Barbara

    I love this show, Great story, great actors, They did I wonderful job.
    Please continue with this show, a lot of fans will be disappointed. (Like Me)
    Don’t Cancel, and when season 5 is on please put it on Netflix.

  74. Stefanie Dukes

    Person of Interest is a terrific series! Please keep it going!!

  75. Sandra & Sharif lash

    We are standing on pins and needles waiting to see what happens in season five . Great show We love it. We would be gravely disappointed if this show cancelled. Great actors wonderful team, save shaw also.

  76. Brenda

    Person of Interest is a very power full program. The cast is brilliant, however I do miss Carter.
    It would be a crime to cancel this series. I adore Harold and John and Finch. This show is right up there with the original NCIS with Mark Harmon.
    I have been watching Person of Interest on a daily basis on SPACE channel and on the weekend on channel WGN and Pix on Sundays. I wish they would put it on Lifetime as well.


  77. Devin Matthews

    This show is awesome! I realize this is probably the last season unless another network picks it up. Each show is really expensive to create so that probably is the factor because 9-10 million viewers steady is impressive enough to keep it going. It will be interesting to see what they do with all the previous POI’s who they helped escape, it seems these characters were going to return to assist in the final battle but maybe not now since there is only 13 shows left. I wish they would have kept this going full time because it is easily my favorite show!

  78. june harty

    It is one of my 2 favorite t v shows. Do wish it was still on every week.Has a start date been set for t his? Full of suspense and enjoyed every minute of it. Wonderful team, great cast and a true depiction of good versus evil, do wish it could continue. Many people feel the same way I do it is one of the best shows on t v. Please keep it going.

  79. D May

    Love it … one of the best shows ever

  80. Vicki

    I realize the President of CBS made a statement on Jan 16, 2016 about Person if Interest, Season 5, will be airing this Spring, but everyone has been extremely tight lipped about it being the last Season. CBS doesn’t own POI, Warner Bros does, so it makes me wonder if it all comes down to MONEY as usual & an arrangement not being met, hence the long wait for POI to return to the “air”. With only 13 Episodes being released (hopefully) I am sadly expecting it to be the last Season. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Series can be wrapped up with some dignity. I despise the fact that amazing shows are quickly wrapped up hastily/sloppingly & without a care about us, the people who have watched since day one. I just hope Season 5 IS actually released & we aren’t left hanging. Nothing upsets me more than a show being cancelled & for us left wondering…”What happens next??!!??”

  81. CHRIS


  82. Michelle

    My mom and I have watched POI since the very first episode; we’ve loved all of the episodes (except the one where Carter was killed off and we sat and cried for almost an hour after it was over).

    A few we recorded and have practically memorized (like the one about the apartment super, or the one about practically everyone trying to kill the ‘kid’ on the airplane, or the one about the guy pretending to be a cop so he can investigate his crush’s brother’s death). 🙂

    Anyway, we are SO VERY upset to think that the show might not be continuing. Why isn’t CBS playing any reruns of the first 4 seasons to remind people how amazing the show is and/or to build up new followers?

  83. evie

    I think the last time I was this excited about a show to start was at least two decades ago when I was in elementary. This is an absolutely amazing show with an exceptional cast and incredible story line. I hope CBS will not cancel. I love this show so much that I am watching it again from the beginning. People this has never happened to me before.

  84. DStone

    Love love love this show. Please do not cancel this series.

  85. Greg

    Agree. One of the best shows on TV. Love the entire cast and storyline.

  86. Jimmy

    PLEASE bring back POI soon!!!
    Absolutely my favorite show on tv along with Elementary.
    CBS needs more shows like these 2 and maybe they will get some better ratings.
    These are the only shows I watch on CBS.
    These are great characters with great story telling.
    This is one of those shows that could go on for a long time like Supernatural from The CW.
    Cult following type shows that have very, very big followers that help keep these CEO’s & pencil pushers in nice homes & cars.
    Do what’s right for the fans & actors and bring back POI soon.

  87. Meg

    I love this show!

  88. MKM

    One of the best Suspense shows on TV, truly hope they do not cancel it!

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