Mar 11

Bitten season 4 ?

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bitten season 4 start air date

When will Bitten season 4 premiere? What about the air date for the new episodes in 2017? We are waiting for the start on SyFy and Space!

New details have become known about the TV series Bitten, but the data is not very pleasant. After discussions, the right holders still made the decision not to renew the project for Season 4, closing the story in 2016.

It has already been an official confirmation about the third and final season and filming the new episodes is not planned, and contractual agreements with the creators and actors of the show will not be renewed.

A representative of Bell Media (the parent company of Space) praised the work of the entire creative team led by creator Daegan Fryklind, and stressed that she was very proud of the TV series Bitten, because it was a great addition to the TV channel Space. Note that this fantasy drama is popular not only at home but also in the USA and Australia where it is broadcasted on Syfy and FOX.

Well, thank the creators of the show for the successful adaptation of the famous series books “Women of the Otherworld” by Kelley Armstrong!

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  1. Madie V.

    I never read any of the books but I liked the show well enough. I don’t want it canceled I love werewolves and Vampire type shows! More Bitten please! Make Season 4 !

  2. Cyndy Ottman

    Please keep making more episodes! I liked all seasons and haven’t read the books. Love Bitten!

  3. Kimberli

    I hope that another network will step in and save the show!

  4. Gerda Waite

    I hope it renews. I was so disappointed when I seen they are cancelling the show. Can’t believe the network will kill it. Someone will pick it up!

  5. Janee S.

    It seems like all the good shows get cancelled…

  6. Edris

    Is there any chance that bitten will get a season 4?

  7. Dollie D.

    I’m pissed it’s been canceled! Please make more! Make Season 4I look forward to S4 on Space.

  8. Myrle Weigle

    I’m really disappointed… Why do all shows on syfy last no more than 3 seasons ?

  9. MSK

    SyFy, why do they always cancel great shows???

  10. Wrwlf

    It’s a great show! Sign petition on to get a season 4

  11. Rita mcginnes

    Love the show cancel lost girls make room for bitten

  12. Kathy Snitkoff

    If the show is so popular why isn’t it being renewed. Love werewolves there should be more shows like Bitten. Love the cast! All the books I read are about werewolves, there isn’t any show on like Bitten.

  13. Trisha

    This s*cks!! Please renew the show!! They always cancel the good shows!! If they don’t bring back Bitten they should do a show based in Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series, that would be an awesome show!!

  14. Diane Deruggiero

    I just found the show on Netflix I hope it’s picked up by another network

  15. Cas Richards

    I’m very upset love the show and believe it could easily have another season wth

  16. sammy-jo

    Mum and I love the show but when we watch season 3 we got upset the way it end I now at that point there was not going to be a season 4. But it would be good if they make season 4 because it did not end very good we love the show Bitten

  17. Krystal

    Bring the show back please! We love it in the USA!

  18. Mitzi

    I don’t get why good shows get cancelled instead of the rap shows. Must be do to advertising. Do a better job. Please someone save Bitten! And do season 4. I have red all the books. It’s one of the only books to movie that stays true to the story.

  19. Nicola Rowland

    More of bitten please ‘re consider for series 4

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