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Bitten season 2: premiere air date

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What we know about the start air date of the Bitten season 2? When does the new episodes come out? We are waiting for premiere in 2015!

TV-channel: Space
Pilot episode: January 11, 2014
Creator: Daegan Fryklind

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.02 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 13: 0.813 million U.S. viewers

After the long reflections the creators of the «Bitten» television series decided to renew it for the second season. The first 13 episodes attracted about 1,1 million Americans, but the television series became quite popular outside Canada and the USA.

According to the rights holders, the season 2 will be launched already in February 7, 2015 and only 10 fresh episodes have been ordered. The contractual agreements with the leading actors have been extended only for one year, as the rights holders aren’t sure about the further development of the show.

We hope the second season won’t become the last one, as now everything depends on the fans.

UPDATE 1 (March 3, 2015): Season 2 premiere on Syfy – April 17, 2015 .

UPDATE 2 (March 11, 2016): Will there be Bitten season 4?

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  1. Penny

    i’m so glad this got picked up for season 2

  2. Sam

    I have no cable so I watched it through netflix..I cant wait for the 2nd season to come out on netflix

  3. Ray F.

    Not favorite show. I found some of the slow and dull with no grit at all. I’ll predict now that if the pace stays the same for season 2, there won’t be a season 3.

  4. kaddeesh

    Just finished watching the entire 1st Season on Netflix which is the best way to watch any TV series (HA!) Can’t wait for Season 2… bring it on!!! Didn’t think I would like this but turns out to be good entertainment! It has some holes in it but all in all very engaging!

  5. misty

    soooo glad there is a 2 season!!

  6. Eadie

    Got hooked bad on the first show! Can’t wait to see the next season! Hope it continues for a long while!!! The love story between Clay and Elena is so good!

  7. Marina

    Why is it everytime they have a hit show, they try to cancel it. I feel like they just tease the viewers, leave us and the actors hanging in the wind. I hope Bitten stays on for years to come. It is a great getaway from everyday life.The people that came up with reality shows need a real life. I don’t want to see people living there lives, I just want to live my. I watch shows to take my mind off everyday life.

    • Cynthia

      I think it is because of all the reality tv. I am sick of watching other people live their lives. I vote to keep Bitten and cancel the Karachi’s.

  8. Debbie

    Love the show. So happy it was picked up for season 2. Loved it so much I could not wait I had to read all the books. I hope it gets a 3rd and many more.

  9. Tee

    Love the show. Ready for season 2.

  10. jenny p

    im am watching seson 1 on nexflix and im loving icant seen to want to stop watching a another after another I cant wait for seson 2 please let me know the first show date of seson 2 so I can catch it and watch to good to have to wait for to come out on nexflixs.

  11. Allen C

    I watched 1st season on Netflix just loved it. It’s sad they only ordered 10 episodes for 2nd season. So here is hoping that 3rd season is in the works!

  12. Lisa Banks

    Loved, loved, loved this show. Found it on Netflix, I was hooked after the first episode. Watched the entire season in one day. Can’t wait for season 2.

  13. Cynthia

    I am so looking forward to season 2 and beyond. I have all 13 books of the series and the books of the Otherworld men also. This ranks as high as True Blood for me. Thanks for keeping it going and hope to see it continue. Love the cast they are perfect for the parts chosen Ellana is excactly like the book and so are the others I just hope it stays around. I am a true fan.

  14. Tavayia cole

    So excited!! This show has every element for a long running series, now that true blood has left the world ,we are always looking for an adult fantasy show that allows adult themes and thrills. Season one was superb and clay is a must for this show.This will be my new favorite show!! Thank you syfy!!

  15. Christine

    I am so looking forward to the 2nd season Bitten. I am also hoping for a season 3.

  16. joanne calabrese

    LOVE this show! the chemistry between Clay and Elena is dynamite! can’t wait for the new shows. please don’t cancel, give the show a chance to build a following. remember, they cancelled the original star trek, and look at the following it still has!

  17. Mary

    I so glad that I decided to watch Bitten.
    Great show and I can wait for season 2 to start.
    I watched season one on Netflix.

  18. LISA

    I love bitten. And I hope season two won’t be the last

  19. Ray

    I love this show. I watch on SyFy!!! I really hope they keep Clay & Elena a couple. I’m tired of these shows breaking up characters. Drama for them? Yes! But breaking characters up is getting redundant! I would love to see a show keep the DYNAMIC COUPLES TOGETHER! Happy the didn’t cancel. I wish SyFY would have picked up NBC’S DRACULA!!! I think this show would have been better on cable rather than prime television.

  20. mori

    Love this show, have from the first episode. it does have moments of dullness, but it also has episodes that are full of life. I hope they tweak it enough to keep it interesting and maybe begin to delve into the relationships between the characters,( not just the sexual/romantic ones but the family ones as well)

    Looking forward to season 2 on syfy. I have found several really good shows on non network television, ( I mean the three or four big networks) I love the Almighty Johnsons, love Bitten, and over on Lifetime I love Witches of East End. Even TNT’s Last Ship is good.

  21. Mr. Ed

    If you like the show, you’ll love the book series that it is based on. Kelly Armstrong did the series, about 11 books. goes by the series name “The Otherworld”

  22. sylvia willis

    hurry,hurry,hurry, cant wait

  23. susan

    I loved the books and have really enjoyed the series on Netflix. So glad the show was picked up for season 2, I hope it won’t be the last. It is so great to see those amazing characters brought to life. PLEASE keep the series going strong.

  24. tiffany

    I read the books forever ago and seen the first season on Netflix, think I watched em all in two days 🙂 I can’t wait for the second season to start! I had no idea that they had made it in to a tv show until it popped up on my reccomendations. I sincerely hope there are more seasons to come. I’m with susan up there ^^^ it was great to see the characters brought to life. Especially since I’d read the books FIRST 🙂 <3

  25. maria

    yes i cannot wait for the second season but to which i can’t wait much longer to be aired…. hopefully there’ll be more seasons to come like babies that everyone is trying to fight to have with her… plus clay marrying elena ohhh that i would loooooove to see it happen.

  26. Aida barber

    I’m so glad it got picked up again can’t wait to watch I love it it’s so exciting !

  27. Barbara

    Why the long wait? It is driving me crazy!!! LOVE this show. Can’t wait for Season 2!

  28. Kathleen

    I love this show. Please keep it on. Don’t like the long wait.

  29. yolanda

    Can’t wait for season 2. Great show don’t know why they are making us wait so long.

  30. Susan

    I’ve read all the books. The series is perfect. Great cast. Keep the show for years. It’s in the same category as True Blood for me. Can’t wait, so hurry up already.

  31. kristin

    love this show and cant wait for season 2, I found this show just as addicting as the walking dead, grimm, haven, and sleepy hollow, so hope they keep this running so tired of getting into a series just for it to get canceled. please keep this one in development it is truly entertaining and I enjoyed this way more than true blood, vampires are getting old bring on the shapeshifters and wereanimals.

  32. Joey

    this show rocks!!!!! I have always been a fan of werewolf shows and movies so for this to continue would be great. I agree hit has dull dry moments but thats any show starting off really. You got to give it time and develop which I’m hoping season 2 will do. To be honest at first i wasn’t a fan of the werewolf type they used, i am more so a fan of werewolves along the lines of the movie “Skin Walkers” and “Underworld.” This was actually really good though and i haven’t read the books but still looks like it has a lot of potential. Hopefully the play out all the was in the books and stick to that because most producers don’t stick to the original content and i have always asked why? But all in all hopefully they can at least get 4 seasons out of it. Cause I’ll tell yeah I’m getting real sick of watching a show that takes forever to find that i actually like and will spend time watching to just have it canceled after a single season.

  33. Ashley

    I loved the first season of “Bitten”. I cannot wait for season 2!!!!

  34. Ashley

    I agree with the previous posts. It is frustrating to watch a TV series and hope it gets renewed. I think this series is just as interesting as “Supernatural” and better than “MTV’s Teen Wolf”. At least Clay and Elena have chemistry on screen. Please keep “Bitten” on air!!!

  35. Stefcia

    I have read the entire series and was deeply lost when I came to the end!
    I want more!!
    Would love to play a role in the show!! Ahhhhh. To dream!
    Did the live theatre for hrs. Some film!
    With the right writing team, this series has the potential to employ committed actors for years to come!
    Hope everyone who watches expresses their appreciation for the story and it’s complex characters. There are many layers to each!
    Love to the cast!

  36. Sally

    Glad it got picked up for another season. Syfy network is the perfect place for a series like Bitten. If it handled correctly and is well written and doesn’t get “stupid” it could have an amazing run. A series is ALWAYS preferable to another “reality” show or some of the cr*p they have been showing lately. Each of the Characters has a story to tell.

    • sharon


  37. Becky

    I love this show! I will be so disappointed if Bitten would get cancelled. They need a season 3. Can’t wait for January!!!

  38. Jessica

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I am waiting patiently for the next season. Can’t wait for January because of this show and my birthday!! It will be a great month!!

  39. Judith Smith

    Love this show. Looking forward to the second season.

  40. larry

    fabulous show hope there’ll be more than 2 seasons

  41. sharon

    Absolutely great show. Interesting story line and great characters. Hope that it is around many more season’s.

  42. Lindsay Theobold

    Very glad there will be a second season. I loved the books so can’t wait to watch more episodes. I hope there are a lot more seasons and we get a chance to see all the other characters!

  43. V

    I have read the whole Kelly Armstrong series of which Bitten is the first book. Loved the book series and love the first season on Sy-Fy and hope to see many more.

    • Lori

      YIdidn’t know there were books

  44. Daniel mcbride

    It is time for people to start letting shows get off the ground. We used to get 28 episodes, now we are lucky if we get twelve. Quality shows that are at the top of a genre get cast aside for cr*p like dance moms. Listen up syfy, lifetime and all networks. You have a show that is popular in and outside the U.S. Here’s a thought give it time to grow. We the watchers want the shows that always get cancelled. Give things a chance to spread. Advertise the heck out of it with all ur sister stations and stop screwing with ur time slots. I lost track of half of scyfy ‘s programming because the start on Mondays then next season is on Friday. Also people lose interest when we wait for over a year for shows to come back on. You all have degrees. use them. Watch social media. No one is happy with what u all think is not good enough.

  45. Dinel Hollerbach

    I am sooo exited for season 2. I loved season 1, never missed an episode. Praying that there will be a season 3 too. Good luck and please if you like the show, let these guys know so we can have season 3 plus more!!!!!

  46. dianna

    I can’t wait much longer, wish there was another venue to watch season 2 hope there is a season 3. thank goodness for venues like on demand,dvr’s,netflix,hulu,ect. my point is if I have to miss a weekly show how do they know their viewers aren’t catching up with an alternative . thank you for listening. the same goes for witches of east end.

  47. cathy

    I loved the whole series of bitten!! i was so happy they put it on T.V., and im exstreamly happy for season 2 ,please don,t stop at season 2, put the whole book series on T.V. i can promise one thing a lot of people and i do mean a lot of people will be watching!! kelley armstrong did an amazing job with bitten ,the book,s are that good!! and the T.V. show,s simply amazing too!! thank you !!!!!!!

  48. Karen

    Can’t wait till jan I love this show

  49. Gwen

    This is a very good show the CGI could use a bit of help but other that it’s very good. I really hope they go for a season 3 >.<

  50. Ashley

    Love this show and hope it continues for a long time.

  51. Jennifer

    I wonder if season 2 will follow the next book or go off on its own. Following the book will introduce more of our favorite characters and lead the way for more exciting seasons. I would love to see Jamie Vegas. If it does get cancelled I recommend the fans read the books if they haven’t already. They will get to see what happens with Clay and Elena in the future.

  52. Becky

    Just finished season one and I can’t wait for season 2. HOOKED!!!!!!!!!!

  53. CB

    I am so glad this was picked up for a second season. This is refreshing and different. I am so tired of the cop shows and it seems everything now day is a crime show with cop, CSI’s or lawyers we need shows like this to give us a break from the same old thing.

  54. Hawaii Nei

    Love this show and super excited for season 2!

  55. Jo

    Love this show. The actors do a wonderful job. I hope that it will be on for several more seasons.

  56. Kim

    LOVED it

  57. Becky

    As a fan of this show I know many friends and family watch bitten. My sister watches the show at my house, so that does not mean this show has less viewers. Bitten is a very popular show with many of my friends and myself. I would hate to see this show taken off the air in the united states. And you would have many disappointed viewers. We need more of Bitten and I just hope this show goes above and beyond the season 2… And such a fantastic werewolf tv series, that the viewers just love this show. Please keep this show going! The writers and the actors are just awesome!

  58. lourdes m stewart

    Please let us know the date of the second season release.

  59. Kathe

    Thank God they renewed this show and I REALLY HOPE they give it a chance for all of us that enjoy it. Again I still say that they make us wait way to long between episodes/seasons and that causes some viewers to drop off because it’s so long they forget about it!!!

  60. Karen

    Really like this show!!! Can’t wait for season 2!!!!

  61. terry

    Loved season 1 can’t wait for season 2 to start.

  62. leona

    This show is much better than many of the other shows on tv that have been airing for years. Really glad that it is going to be a season two.

  63. lp5163

    First season was incredible, looking so forward to season 2 fabulous show

  64. Bonnie

    I’m missing something what day is it going to be on TV?

    • Malachi p.

      It’s going to be February 7 of 2015

  65. corrine

    i love this show, want more

  66. PIA

    I personally love shows like this!! This one, well, the cast is simply scrumptious!!!

  67. Malachi p.

    Bitten is the best show I have ever watched I don’t know why some people don’t like it maybe there just to dumb not to watch it

  68. Shells

    The books are amazing…loved all 13 of them.
    Liked the TV series and am hoping more people catch on to it so that it can keep going on.
    Can’t wait to watch the second season!!

  69. Google User

    Can’t wait for season 2! Love the show and hope they don’t cancel it….Sick of reality shows!

  70. Ray

    I’m glad they are going to have a season 2. I’ve been impatiently waiting, and I keep checking to see when it starts. I just hope they keep this show going for more than a few seasons

  71. carol

    Love the show, I have it on my dvr and I watch it quite often, many times you look for something good to watch and spend some time relaxing and this is one of my favorite ways. Please continue with Bitten it is one of my favorites. Thank you for having the second season, hopefully there will be more. Thank you.

  72. Brenda

    Has become a really good show. It won’t be long before it is a great show. It has just gotten better and better. Clay’s character must be difficult to portray. I think the writing for his character could be better. I just watched the show at the art opening and his lines where he was reacting to questions from Phillip’s sister about Elena were a bit love struck high school boy. Need to rethink the writing for that character. But over all this show has great potential.

  73. Jennifer

    Only show my husband and I watch together…. really really hoping smart heads prevail and Bitten continues…

  74. Tiffani

    AWESOME show!!! I just finished Season 1 on Netflix. A really great show and cast

  75. lori

    like to know were to buy the season 2 or if it did? were do I get the books at to?

  76. Audrey

    I really enjoyed the first season of Bitten. It is a well written and casted show. I read the book series a d enjoyed it greatly. When I saw the show advertised, I couldn’t wait to see it. I was not disappointed with first season and so looking forward to season 2. I can wait to see how Clay and Elena` s relationship evolves. This show is worth watching. Please continue the series. I am looking forward to seeing all of the books come to life. After watching the first season, I believe Bitten has th potential of being the next True Blood or The Walking Dead. Please Do Not Cancel Bitten!

  77. Lori

    I can’t wait I love this show

  78. cinni woo

    Why is it taking so long. dont u guys want it to succeed? lets get rolling!!!

  79. ben

    I just bought the season 2 pass on xbox video only to find it has no episodes actually in it ….WTF WHERE THE HELL IS MY SHOW!

  80. Teresa Fountain

    A Really, Really Great Show, I Love This Show, Please Keep Bitten On And Renew It For Season 3. Thanks!!!!!

  81. carol

    Smart move SyFy you are finally getting some new shows that people want to watch. Keep on getting more and more.

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