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Bitten season 3: start date (2016)

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Will Bitten be renewed for a third season? What about the new episodes premiere in 2015/2016 on Space and Syfy? We want to know the start air date!

TV-channels: Space, Syfy
Starring: Laura Vandervoort, Greyston Holt, Greg Bryk, Paul Greene, Steve Lund, Michael Xavier
Genre: Fantasy drama

The future of Season 3 of «Bitten» television series, produced by Daegan Fryklind, and broadcast on Space and Syfy, isn’t determined yet.

According to the statistics, the second season of the show was successfully launched in Canada and managed to attract more than 400 thousand viewers. The rights holders don’t hide they are satisfied with the performance of «Bitten» show, that’s why the chances for the third season are quite real.

The start date of the new episodes is also awaited by the fans in the USA, the number of which comprises about 1 million people. Let’s wait for the official announcement of the creators, as they make a decision, and meanwhile you can support the show in comments.

Bitten season 3 premiere – [February 12, 2016] (UPDATE 1)

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (June 29, 2015): The show was renewed by Space. The 10-episode third season will air in the United States on Syfy in 2016.

UPDATE 2 (December 9, 2015): The Canadian werewolf drama Bitten will end after Season 3.

UPDATE 3 (March 11, 2016): Will there be Bitten season 4?

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  1. Daniela P.

    Hope to see Bitten again. Love this show!

  2. Del Handley

    I can’t wait for Bitten to return. When is the show starting again?

  3. Caitlyn

    Love the show please renew it. I would be disappoint if it doesn’t.

  4. Aurelia J.

    Renew for third season please I love this show

  5. Sh19

    RENEW! Don’t let us down Syfy or we will be afraid to watch any of your shows.

  6. libby

    Good show there should be a 3rd season. Hooked. I will be greatly disappointed for the show to end.

  7. 8-----Angela-----8

    Keep Bitten! Great show with lots of action. I am so obsessed and hope there will be more!

  8. EddaStyle

    Please renew for season 3

  9. Kiera

    I really fell in love with this show and its characters. I am ready for more!

  10. NorMan

    Absolutely renew it! Will wait for the new season to come on.

  11. Rosalia Noe

    It was the first show I watched on my DVR. Please renew it.

  12. pollasnowball

    Hope for season 3. I loved the books, I’ve read other series but this series is my favorite. I love the show!

  13. Muz

    Can’t wait for Season 3

  14. Carla

    I love Bitten, we need a season 3!! Please

  15. Lise Poulin

    Hope for a third season of Bitten. Love the show

  16. Dani

    I just finished watching season 2, and cannot wait to watch season 3 of Bitten. I hope the witches are mentioned on the new season!

  17. steven

    love the show its about time someone does a lycan tv show wolfblood is ok but its not bitten i record the 2 season that way i can watch the 1st on netflix and than the 2nd on cable box just cant stand the ad’s lol hope ya’ll keep the show going so than i can buy them dont buy anything until season 5 hint

  18. Laura M

    I hope they come out with a Season 3!!!

  19. fan

    I found this gem on Netflix, and have been a faithful watcher on SyFy in the USA. Dish Network is my provider, and I think you BOTH for carrying this program. I know i’m just one household of 4 that watches this program, but I’m very vocal to my friends about it. Please continue this show w/ a 3rd, and future seasons. ty from a avid fan. 🙂
    Netflix made me a firm supporter of this show w/ the first season

  20. Philip

    Loving this show. I hope it continues for a few more seasons. It’s a great show and well written


    Really enjoyed watching this show and couldn’t tear my eyes away from it. I hope that this show doesn’t get canceled as Lost Girl really did enjoy that series.

  22. Rick Mynatt

    Can’t wait for season 3 to begin!! Season 2 ended so excellent, but it is a shame that Ruth had to die to bring back Elena!! I see great things for Bitten if they keep going in this direction and introducing new allies and enemies as well!!

  23. Alex

    Bitten is a show that should definitely be renewed for a third season. Do it! I’ll be waiting!!

  24. Jen

    Still enjoying the show and hope it is renewed for a third season. Hopefully Season 3 will have a tone that is a mix of Seasons 1 and 2.

  25. karen

    The 2nd season wasn’t as good as the first, so we need a third season to give our favorites on the show a chance to get together. The story line with Alister has been a bit tedious. Let’s hope for better writing in the third season.

  26. Nan

    Love this series. Read all of the books! Looking forward to another season.

  27. Lisa

    Love this series hope they do season 3

  28. Lori

    Keep bitten on please.. I really love the show!!!

  29. George

    The second season was terrible.
    Not only was it nothing like the books, it was pointless within the context of the story it was telling. They kept doing flashbacks to explain their latest plot twist, never a good sign, and they kept coming up with the most ridiculous problems for the pack to face, all of which could have been solved in the most elementary manner.
    For some reason, the writers kept forgetting that these people are werewolves, that is they have an extraordinary sense of smell and hearing even when in human form. Yet Aleister manages to wander around Stonehaven without anyone noticing he is there? Really?
    The witch’s powers are very uneven. One minute they can barely do anything, the next minute they are impossibly powerful. It’s like the writers were just making things up as they went along. Unfortunately, these writers are hacks

    • Brittany

      If you don’t like it YOU DONT HAVE TO WATCH IT! But MOST people want to see a season 3! So keep your cr*py comment to yourself! We are trying to get them to come out with a season 3, not make them have doubts about it!!

  30. Kasey

    Please come out with more seasons

  31. Katherine

    I am a huge fan of the book series. The show is great but does stray pretty far. I really hope they bring in the Kabals and Lucas into the show. I love Paige and Lucas. Please do a season 3, there is enough material to do 13 seasons.

  32. Lena Barnes

    I love the Show and hope to see it return in 2016. Please do not keep me hanging wondering what going to happen next.

  33. Deb B

    Glad season 3 is coming soon….a lot of the comments the people sound like they have never read the books …GREAT BOOKS ….a CANADIAN AUTHOR…love her books all of them.

  34. Rachel

    I really like this show. Hoping season 3 comes soon.

  35. melissa

    Love love this series hope it continues!!

  36. Please!!

    Love the show!! Please bring back for a third season!!

  37. kris

    Love bitten can’t wait for a season three. I don’t follow many shows regularly but bitten is definitely one that I do

  38. Kristen Miller

    Ive been Bitten by Bitten! I love this show and flew through it on Netflix! Please hurry up and begin again so I can watch more!

  39. ruth champ

    I love this show. Just started watching it. love it hope to see more of it. bought both seasons. can’t wait for season 3 to begin. I have not read the books. but I love the show. Please bring it back

  40. Brittany Williams

    OMG!! I’m 25 years old and I LOVEE IT! They have to make a season 3!!! I LOVEEEEE THIS SHOW! I watch it over and over again on Netflix!! PLEASE PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 3!!!! Please make it asap!! I can’t wait!! Hurry HUrry HURRY!! lol

  41. penguinsaywhat

    Love this show, can’t wait to see it come back

  42. John D

    Bring back Bitten and Lost Girl

  43. Dan

    Bring back bitten and lost girl!!!!!!

  44. Robert

    On 44 comments previous to mine there is only 1 bad comment. Based on that only the show BITTEN should be renewed for a third season. I think it is a very well written show and obviously I’m not the only one who think’s that. I am very curious to see what’s gonna be the twist in a third season, I have a hunch but I dont want to ruined the spoiler. Needless to say IT is a very good show and I’m very confident the show will come back for an other season unfortunately for you GEORGY!

    • Jim

      UPDATE 1: The show was renewed by Space…

  45. Betsy

    Love Bitten…. Can’t wait for Season3!

  46. Pat

    Best show ever!!!!! Only show I have ever watched cause only one I like in my genre likes aside from anime’s. Really hope they make several just like they made of “The Walking Dead” cause of the zombie craze.

  47. Gail

    Can’t wait for the new 3 rd season because of this show I read all books

  48. Beth

    Can’t wait

  49. Terry

    I love bitten and I can’t wait till season 3 comes on.

  50. Rani

    love this show. please bring on season 3.

  51. Deb

    I love Bitten. Kelley Armstrong is a great Sci Fi writer & her Bitten series is almost as great as her books. Come on season 3, 4, 5, etc.

  52. beth

    LOVE the show cant wait for the 3rd season to start!!!

  53. Sofia

    I love, love, love this show. Read all the books and the show is amazing! I do look forward to Season 3. Must have season 3 PLEASE!!!

  54. betty

    love this show it is awesome please continue dont let us down!!!!!!!!this show has it all

  55. AustinTexGal

    Please do not keep us hanging!! I am not typically interested in this type of TV show but I have become addicted. Found it on Netflix and have stayed awake until 2am to watch just one more episode and then just one more episode. I am almost to the end of Season 2 and you will hear me scream all the way from Texas if this show does not continue. Love it, love the characters and it keeps you engaged. I am counting on it Season 3 PLEASE!!!!

  56. Nan Maines

    Every time you put a good show on Syfy, you cancel. The people that like these shows don’t matter? I went to Netflix so I could watch Longmire and if you get cut again go to Netflix cause I’m a member. Don’t like it when these channels cancel good shows. We matter too. Keep Bitten on for us. Haven they’ve already taken off and I don’t like that either.

  57. zetta

    Does the networks not know that people watch tv shows on Netflix and other media as well as tv? I watched Bitten season 1 and 2 in a week on Netflix and have been waiting months for season 3. The show is good, don’t cancel it, get more episodes out quicker. If there were 5 seasons available I would start watching tonight.

  58. LaRhonda Smith

    I have finally found a show that my grandson and I truly love. We are patiently waiting for Season 3. We know it’s going to be awesome!!! Looking forward to it.

  59. Jl

    Would like to see a 3rd season

  60. tracy

    Bitten is like one of my favorite shows I hope I see it again

  61. Angie

    When does the third season start in the us?

  62. Dee

    I can’t wait for the third season to start in the U.S. Hopefully the witches are gone.

  63. stace

    Can’t wait for season 3!! I love Bitten!!

  64. Karie

    Ran across this on Netflix.. Addicted!!! Season 3, please!

  65. lina

    I cant believe that bitten is going to be cancelled after season 3. Wtf? I found it on Netflix and got hooked from first episode. This sux

  66. Cindy

    I cant wait till its on again, I watch it faithfully. Listen to the people we love “Bitten” dont cancel a great show

  67. Jennifer

    I really love this show can’t wait till Monday for the new episode to start.
    really hope this show stays on the air it’s my all time fav.

  68. Sherry R

    I love, love, love Bitten and am thrilled that there is a Season 3. I found it on Netflix and was
    hooked from the first episode. Please, Please don’t cancel!!

  69. Melody

    Really wish Bitten would continue to serve its “addicted” watchers for another season. SyFy had the smartz to make a season 2……hope they stay smart! Love Bitten and want more please!

  70. Sami

    Had never heard of this show. Stumbled upon it on Netflix. Watched first episode. Then — marathon watched Season 1. Now marathon watching Season 2! When does Season 3 start?

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