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Black Sails season 3: start air date

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When does the new episdeos of Black Sails start? The show was renewed for a third season, before its second season had started airing!

TV-channel: Starz
Directed by: Neil Marshall, Sam Miller
Starring: Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold …
Production companys: Platinum Dunes, Quaker Moving Pictures, Film Afrika Worldwide

No sooner had the second season of «Black Sails» television series started, as the Starz management announced about its extension for season 3.

Such a rapid decision about the financing of the new episodes is totally justified, Starz Managing Director Carmi Zlotnik says, as the TV-project has a great success not only in the USA, but also all around the world, and the end of the second season involves its logical continuation.

We will hope the ratings of the awaited season won’t be disappointing and the third season of Black Sails will premiere on Saturday, January 23, 2016 (at 9/8c). Are you looking forward to the new episodes?

UPDATE 1 (July 31, 2015): Starz has renewed Black Sails for Season 4 in advance of its third season premiere.

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  1. Billy Bones

    Great news! The show looks beautiful and I hope for season 3 and mope

  2. Paul

    Black Sails is a pretty good show so far and there’s some potential for it to get even better.

  3. John Tur

    The show is great. But many times it’s hard to understand the dialogue due to accent or low tone verbiage recorded. That needs to be addressed.

    Thanks, really looking forward to episode #3.

  4. Rubin

    Love the series! Hope they find a way to keep it going for a couple more! There is of course an end to the time period so that is disappointing but I could rewatch them.

  5. jay amburgey

    we have to wait till 1/16 for season 3? CMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Doran

    Love the series. Finally a show that realistically takes you back in time. There needs to be more episodes per year. Also need to start reruns at episode one I have told all my friends about it and they love the series but would like to start at the beginning

  7. michael

    The best show in my life time. I am 63 years old.

  8. Donna

    Can’t wait. Black sails certainly warms up the winter. Love this series!!!!!

  9. Mikey C

    love black sails but why so long of a wait for season 3 ??? arrr pirates rule

  10. Mary

    Total escape! Love the story line and.characters … Waiting for MORE!!

  11. Joe De

    Great show, very well done. I didnt think I would like it but I was pleasently surprised. Sure wish we didnt have to wait until 2016 to see more. Keep up the good work!!

  12. Jeff Kidd

    The sets and costumes are exquisite, the casting exemplary. It’s hard to believe you could find all that talent and get them together for this moment in time for us to experience. Bravo to the producers, directors, cast, and crew. Thank you, thank you. When I watch an episode of Black Sails I am transported to a different time and place as a fly on the wall in a reminiscent reality.
    The Real Kidd

  13. Rob

    Love the show.probably my favorite. Atleast i got true detective, mr. Robot, and power to keep me till season three to air but damm im ready. Waiting a year is rough but i know its worth the wait. Half way there 6 more months to go!

  14. Stephanie

    This show was recommended by a friend and it is a fantastic show! The attention to detail for that time period is great. Can’t wait for season 3, seems so far away though. Sigh..

  15. Jerry

    Black Sails is the best TV show I’ve ever seen! Great writing, attention to detail, and a great cast! What else can ya ask for!? (except for it to come on in the Fall of 2015!) Can’t wait!

  16. Eric

    Fantastic Series! Love the authenticity of the language and the various accents. Great sets and costumes.

    Season two was as good if not better than season one. Three and four should be just as good considering the current cast and the calibre of the new additions. The writing is excellent and the story line keeps you hooked.

    What can I say, January seems so far away.

  17. Luis

    The show is amazingly well done, the cast is fantastic, and the writing is delightful. Not many series can boast the level of epic-ness Black Sails is pushing. Kudos!! Can’t wait for the next seasons.

  18. Greekfire

    Love the series, can’t wait for the next season. My only concern as an historian is that the ships in use are much larger than what pirates normally used at that time. Smaller sloops and cutters were the norm, since they were faster than most merchant vessels.

  19. Gloria Cuevas

    Why do the best shows take so long to start a new season. Some people lose interest and forget. Way to long a hiatus between seasons. This is an awesome series. Need more episodes.

  20. Tracy

    You have us hooked! The greatest show ever! Don’t let us off the hook by waiting too long. I love being taken back in time. The cast is amazing and I find myself rooting for both the good and the bad. I’m a pirate at heart. PIRATES FOREVER!

  21. S Maynard

    Ancestry shows that my ancestor Captain Robert Maynard and his crew killed Blackbeard in a sword fight after Maynard staged a trap for the pirate. Hope they cover this in the series!

  22. S. Jenkins

    GREAT NEWS. Looking forward to Season 3 and so glad to see you have Season 4 coming in 2017. We really enjoy the show! We were hoping it would renew.

  23. Gayle Virgin

    If this is the 1715 wreck off of Sebastian Florida, it is really off. For one there were 12 ships wrecked in the storm. Six within 30 miles of each other and all carrying treasure. The Urca wasn’t even counted as a treasure ship. The land where the ships wrecked is only a few feet above sea level and flat except for the dune. I’m a 1715 researcher and this makes the story just a story and not history. Good show though.

  24. A smith

    Love the show

  25. Ray Dobbs

    I watched Season 1 & 2 and I must say this series is AWESOME!!!!! Superb Choreography in all battle scenes whether on land or sea, OUTSTANDING plot with 5 star acting by all cast members! The writers tried very hard to give us a view of what life was like for not only Pirates, but for the people who traded with pirates , government officials who protected pirates, and Caribbean business men and women who profited from the pirates plunder! I can’t wait for Season 3 & 4!!!!!

  26. Debbie Wilson

    Can’t wait, should be on tonight – having a party!

  27. T Baker

    This has become my new addiction. Awesome cast of characters. Never a dull moment. Keeps you wanting more! Thank you and keep it coming! Pirates Rule!

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