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Black Sails no season 5

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Black Sails season 5 release

When will Black Sails season 5 come out on Starz? We want to know the exact release date in 2018! Is the show renewed or cancelled?

Are you looking for the release date of Black Sails Season 5? Will there be Season 5 or not? We have the answer!

Have to disappoint you, because this project is ended, and shooting of new episodes is not planned. The representatives of Starz decided to close the series after the fourth season, allowing the creators to prepare a worthy finale.

Starz managing director Carmi Zlotnik said that Jon Steinberg and Robert Levine had created a terrific project that really deserved a place in television broadcast for another year, but it’s the end.

1715. The top piracy in the Caribbean Sea. The island of the former British colony of New Providence is a lawless territory, controlled by the most famous pirate captains in history. The most formidable of these is captain Flint. But the British fleet returns in these waters, threatening to destroy Flint and his team…

Black Sails season 5 release date – [not planned]

The plot is familiar to all fans of pirate battles, and in the TV series Black Sails all of this looks simply amazing. Well, thank the creators for their work and wish them success in future projects!

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  1. Chris N.

    Black Sails is a great program … should not end … I think it’s a big mistake!

  2. FredD

    I really thought Black Sails season 5 was a foregone conclusion. Sad to see it go. The show had great ratings, why would Starz do this?

  3. Nina_ru

    My favorite show ever. I am not ready to see it go unless there is a Treasure Island series to follow.

  4. shazza

    Big mistake to end it like that, please at least do a finale

  5. Mike

    I really enjoyed Black Sails and I am sad there is no Season 5 planned. There are so many really lousy series (that an intelligent person would have to have the better part of their brain removed to even consider watching) that get renewed over and over, it is disappointing that this unique and intriguing series has come to an end.
    Hoping for a follow-up “Treasure Island Series” of equal quality to follow.

    • Heather Fraser-Birkby

      I have to agree wholeheartedly with Mike’s comment regarding other TV series that get renewed time and time again. It just proves that an excellent tv show like Black Sails, where intrigue, adventure and a superb story, is told with such a brilliant cast, filming location and the love and hate for the characters is not enough to keep the mindless rubbish off the screen, that seems to win the day with the ratings war. Very disappointed

  6. Eric Hall

    There’s More Fans than the Writers and Producers know.. A Season 5 & 6 has to be a Must for Myself, My Friends, and My Family to even think about Keeping STARZ Channel. Something this Good should have a lot more Season Planned. Deciding to Cancel Series is a BIG MISTAKE for the STARZ’s Channel.. It’s just to Bad they couldn’t of SEEN THIS..

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