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«Blue Exorcist» season 2: release date

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When does «Blue Exorcist» season 2 air? What is known about premiere date?

After finishing of «Blue Exorcist» Season 1 in October, 2011 its fans started to discuss the possible release date for the sequel of the series. Producers have said that the decision about production of the second season hasn’t been taken yet since there is no certainty that DVD-disks with that show will be sold. In other words – if there is money, the season 2 of «Blue Exorcist» will be produced.

Its release date hasn’t been confirmed yet on any of the Internet resources and the new plot of the story is vividly discussed on the Internet forums.

It should be noted that starting from episode 16, the storyline pattern deviated from the manga – the main basis of the story. Fans suggest the creators to change some moments thus changing the manga storyline and the first episode of the season 2 will be premiered at the end of 2013. Season 1 was directed by Tensai Okamura and generally the show was created by A-1 Pictures Studio.

New information can be put in comments.

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  1. private name

    Maybe you guys can add a new monster to the show to where they have some what similar fighting abilities as the good guys so the fights can be interesting.

    • marco

      Satan was never defeated so they shouldn’t have to add another demon

      • AnimeLovingDood

        You got a point, marco. At the end of episode 25 they said Satan returned to Gehenna and didn’t die, not to mention that there are still demons. There should be a Satan in true form, like a big minotaur looking beast that is surrounded by blue flames. Somehow Satan (The real form) creates another portal and goes to Assiah and Satan – as his true form – goes through it and tries to get to his sons and take their power so he can get stronger and eliminate all the exorcists and rule both Gehenna and Assiah. That should be the main plot if there is a season 2… or 3…

        • Nobody to your concern

          On top of that it was said by Rin that he(Satan) was expected to return .

        • Stellavetitum

          Great idea. Agreed.

        • Extinction

          That sounds a little too simple. What makes a series good is when the viewer’s mind is blown by the unexpected. That’s how I’d like the possibility of a 2nd season to be; unpredictably magnificent.

        • Techy

          I have a certain source that already has the name of season 2 and it seems to think that episode 1 is in production with a name and description, my source isn’t needed but it’s true that it tells me about the first episode, my guess is if the producers have the money they will try and get season 2 finished by January or February. If anyone else has info like this, please let me know, my friend is obsessed with this show and I really like it too so…. Good luck to the producers

        • Hanzo urushihara

          Also aren’t lucifers men kinda what you want as Lucifer (king of light) commands the illuminati we just need this to pass then the 7 school mysteries to pass then it is the illuminati arc

    • Azul

      Please make a second season.. that show is amazing! And i want there to be a couple more seasons like a real tv series.. not just 25 episodes <|3 i love this show so much. Please kmow that this show has so many fana who are waiting for the day when the producers actually keep airing the show

      • Joe

        i agree 100% i love the show ive watched season 1 multiple times it is truly an amazing show i really hope there will be a second season

      • Anonymous

        I found this on a website. It may not be true, but you never know. So hopefully the part about the release date is true. If everyone wants to see Ao No Exorcist S02 so badly, then you have to work for it. They are having trouble with the amount of CD’s being sold, and if they don’t have the money, they can’t make another season. So if everyone wants to see another season, buy there CD’s, and get everyone you know to buy them too! I know I will! Good luck!

        Takeda also announced that the film adaptation of the series is set to premiere at the end of the year and it will be directed by Spirited Away assistant director, Atsushi Takahashi. There will be also a stage play adaptation set for this year according to March issue of Jump Square magazine.

    • SkullCrusher12

      This is all based off of the manga, so only things that happen in the managa can happen in the anime.

      • Satan soul

        It doesn’t have to be that way they can just say season 2 isn’t based on the manga

  2. anonymous

    I hope the second season will really be aired by the end of 2013. This anime was awesome, it really deserves to have a second season, seriously.

  3. unknown

    i agree with ananymous there should be a second season. i just cant be left out like that at end of season 1.

    • Alex

      I agree

    • Person

      The more I watch anime I tend to realize that they end in cliffhangers.

  4. Hekem

    I think they should do what they did with Fullmetal Alchamist and make a new one that follows the manga closely, I mean when they catch up with it they could put in some fillers that show some background story or summinc…

    I want more!

  5. Unknown

    yeah i hope there will be season 2 …

  6. Alex

    Please hope it comes out late 2013
    Since the first season came out in 2011 then theirs still hope that it can come out.. I hope

  7. killerx19023

    i think that rin should get red flames when he gets extrelamey angry

    • kc

      that would be a great idea, sadly It doesn’t make sense since blue flames are the trademark of satan, and he is satan’s son, so the flames will be blue.

      • jc

        Hey u play dark summon

    • Blue Mustard

      I think he should get white flames, but i dont know how he will maybe when hes pure of heart or spmething like that.

      • Hanzo urushihara

        dude remember that the black flame exists which only damages the soul not the body (great for killing puppeteers

  8. ---

    there is plenty of room at the end of season 1 for a second one…hope it is published around Christmas at the end of this year. ^.^

  9. Animelovie

    Can’t wait for a second season!

  10. Zoe~BlackNinjaCucumber

    Maybe Rin should hook up with Shiemi in the possible second series. It would also be cool if a bit of jealousy goes on between Yukio as well. The U.S english dubbed movie of Blue Exorcist will be shown in America at cinemas on the 17th of August. Maybe then after that, the people who don’t watch Anime will start with watching the first season of Blue Exorcist and then more people will want to have a season two. Perhaps then, people will start buying the DVD’s, which means more money for the producers, meaning another season two for us! Lets just cross our fingers and wait. Watching a different series of Anime seems to take my mind off it, but no other Anime is better than Blue Exorcist. <3

  11. Unknown

    Yes a second season would really fit this anime. I haven’t finished the first season but still what I’ve seen so far makes me want to watch another 20 or more episodes if at all possible.

  12. no name

    In season 2 i think that Rin and Shura should hook up. I think that they are a really good match.

    • joshua

      But shura is 11 years older than her besides he sees her as a teacher not as a lover,a wife, or a girlfriend

  13. Cole

    I really enjoyed this anime. I haven’t read the manga yet but this series is amazingly popular. Can’t wait for a new season!

  14. none

    There should be a new character that’s a demon like Rin too. It should be a girl! That would be cool, then Rin and her could fall in love and everything… but that’s just my silly opinion lol.

  15. Axel

    I really hope we get some background I’m Shiro Fujimoto, he’s always been my favourite character, and I’ve wondered what his past was like.

  16. beth

    I hope that amaimon and mephisto will be in season 2

  17. anonymous

    we must get season 2 by the end of the year… Rin still hasn’t killed satan! They haven’t finished the story yet!!!!!

    • beth

      I agree
      after all he is kinda the reason shiro died
      and rin needs to avenge he’s death
      by kicking the cr*p out of satan

  18. anonymous

    maybe satan had a lost son/rins brother who has the power of satan

  19. Isabella

    its 2014 and anime series still not out maybe you could of have shiemi a demon doctor and she finds her long lost family Miu, & Chokoylo and that Miu is her twin sister and shiemi and amaimon can get together because those two are cute together. & Rin x Miu would be cute together, & Shima x Imuzo & Yukio Shura. Im big fan of it and i cant wait for it to come back out we missed you Ao No Exorcist!

  20. Jacob.C

    Why must Satan die? I know he did bad things and all, but it was all for his beloved. They could forgive him and resolve things or maybe he does something worse then at the end of season 1 and he can see he has done wrong, maybe sacrificing himself and meeting up with the person he loves in afterlife. That would be a twist rather than killing off Satan, after all Rin said that they had all done things, blah blah blah.

    • human

      Satan didn’t die.

  21. shiba

    I just hope they’ll leave out the evil Shima…he’s my fav character, i don’t wanna see him like that on screen 🙁 but besides that, I’d really love to see a new season since AnE is my fav ever anime/manga <333

  22. unknow

    I just hope they make a season 2 soon 🙂

  23. Matt

    This anime was so f*cking beast, it was sad when I reached the last episode 🙁 I was looking forward to more!

  24. Robby

    I watched the entire series and the movie all in one go. I have not watched an anime like that since Naruto =p. I cant wait to see a new season. Hope they start it soon =]

  25. unknown

    I think Kuro should have kittens in the second season!

    • human

      Kuro’s a guy

      • Phoenix

        I don’t think anyone cares and Kuro sounds like a girl anyway……

  26. Logan Jones

    I belive that there will be a new season somewhere in 2014

  27. Jim

    I want a second season! i loved this first one so much not only did it have a lot of action and plot, it was really funny and it was always a nice mood booster 🙂 I’m expecting a second season, i really can’t honestly think this wont get one as its one of the better animes I’ve watched definitely my top 5, maybe even top 3.

  28. Nina

    Well… Its 2014 and still no second season so I’m guessing they are low on budgeting or some other reason and if not, they couldn’t just end it like that because they left out so much. I am a huge Blue exorcist fan and I am hoping in the near future there will be a season 2 so I’ll be looking forward to it!

  29. Okumura Fangirl

    They could make it so Rins dad (Satan) didn’t die and he comes back

  30. Erika

    I wish they would like…re-make it and make it very closely with the Manga with Illuminati and Lucifer and all that x3

    • Anon

      I agree! I would LOVE o see that! Even Shima’s betrayal! Sorry shiba! X3

  31. Ookami

    Seriously should be a second season since as mentioned satan never truly was defeated and if anything I think it would be pretty cool if rin ended up in satans world pretty much somehow and defeats him there thats one idea or someone who is a satan fanatic probably helps and brings satans true form here onto earth, another demon king brother trying to destroy everything, or a conspiracy going on that causes a lot of trouble idk they’res plenty of stuff they could think up for another season. Seriously would love if they made another and sure everyone else too

  32. connor

    I watch every bit of this show today and I LOVE IT
    i also watch Naruto and i cant be leave i am saying this but i liked this show a thousands times more than every show i watch and i am 16 if any news of more being made i be so freaking happy
    all so it would not be smart to kill Satan because the show clearly states they the 2 worlds are mirrors of each other so if you destroy one of the worlds would you destroy both as end result
    what i just said can be all so put aside because the worlds mirroring each other does not say one cant live with out the other but i think it would be more interesting if it shows the brothers making peace between the real world and the demon world
    i think i will dream about this show for years to come. even if it shows up a long ways from now i will have a flash back and i be watching it again lol this is so cool i hope i never forget this show
    this show is rated one of the best shows on Netflix
    if a new story plot for a new season can be made. i bet Netflix might help you fund this.
    i had another idea if you cant figure out a new story plot yet just make some fillers of him going back to school he never graduated even when he is like all powerful

  33. Dusky

    i hope their is another series i watched all of them and was like tearing up ;-; cause there wasnt another episode or anything after the movie
    but for the new series i think they should defeat satan at the end. and mephisto should have another brother and that brother becomes the new satan

    concidering mephisto, rin, yukio, and i can’t remember the other ones are all related because their father is satan. c: so if there is another brother and satan dies that mystery brother takes the thrown (he should also be the oldest of all satan’s children)

    • spanky

      Killing satan early on would ruin the series, satan is the ultimate badass that everyone wants dead, what good would it be for the series if an exorcist in training were to kill satan. Also, there are plenty more people to fight leading up to satan, there is amaimon and all the other demon kings that rin can fight.

  34. ren

    i think that ren brother gets a gun that shoots out the blue flames in season 2

  35. ren

    and when ren fights satan the kohma sword should change a bit

  36. blue

    I just watched Blue Exorcist this summer and there has to be a second season, I feel there is a lot of unanswered questions even after watching the movie. There could easily be a second season.

  37. Kz17

    Ya that show was awesome everyday I watched a episode on da computer and couldn’t wait for another to hurry up and show on the tv I’v watched every episode now and read most of the manga’s and I say let there be a SEASON 2 cause it was AWESOME

  38. Veronica

    I totally need season two…..seriously this is so awesome

  39. Sakura

    The best anime i’ve ever watch!!even though i watch it again and again,,i’m never bored…and i’m expecting for the second season where there is more episode and story..i love rin and shiemi ^_^….hope they will get together in the 2nd season…pleasee,,,release the second season for ao no exorcisttt…. ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
    This anime is super duper besttt!!!! than the other…

  40. Anon

    I really hope there will be a season 2. I enjoyed the first season too much to just see it end there. It really is an amazing show and I would probably rejoice the day that the second season is actually produced.

  41. anon

    Maybe they could go into Gehena in season 2

    • Dark Exorcist

      i think they do

  42. Hi

    They never beat satan either so I think it should go on and beat him also the show is very good!!!

  43. D. Okumura

    They should add Lucifer in the second season. That’d be so rad

  44. Dark Exorcist

    i here there’s gonna be this rabbit beast thingy and a city that’s gonna be annihilated

    • Izzybella

      Its in the movie

  45. Hi

    Do u people think they will make another season??

    • joshua

      Yes, yes we do

  46. TheRadicalNinja

    Mephisto made a deal with that old man for immortality in exchange for his soul in the final episode. If there isn’t a 2nd season we won’t know how that pans out. Maybe have a second season where he goes rogue and uses the old guy as a servant. Mephisto is a strong exorcist and a son of satan. In the series the Vatican showed mistrust in him for being a demon so him going rogue with the old man he made a deal with and fighting Rin, Yukio and friends for dear old dad Satan would be a good story line for season 2.

  47. @haristcaku2

    I think S2 of blue exorxist was be interesting if rin have new skill with the blue fire like jutsu in naruto film

  48. Random

    I really hope that they would at least publish the second season in english sub because so many people loves Blue Exorcist. The series just can’t end by destroying a portal and let Satan go it just can’t end that way :'( I love Blue Exorcist </3

  49. Hi

    Ya it can’t end that way that’s stupid i still think soul eater should have another season because of the lame punch they can’t end blue exorcist like it is now. What happened to killing satan?
    Not to be hating on soul eater or anything I mean it was good very good almost as good as blue exorcist but let’s face it the ending s*cked and u just can’t end an anime like that. If they do that to blue exorcist it will be very very very disappointing so I do hope they continue !!!!!!

  50. johnny

    This is a amazing anime and i think a lot of people will be mad if theres not a second season. They should continue on with satan as the main antagonist and add more demons like. amaimon

  51. flames of blue

    I think if there is to be a second season which I hope there would be a new demon brother that was unknown

  52. Hi

    I personally would be interested if there was another demon brother but they already showed where the 2 were born so how would they explain a 3rd??

    • no one will know

      true me to

  53. andy

    I want blue exorcist season 2 now or I will die

  54. talia cortes

    we all know that at the end of Stop, time Yukio’s demonic powers awoken when he got possesed by hid father Satan. which eaves in the end that Satan is believed dead. but in my theory bot Rin and Yukio the cursed brothers have more challenges ahead of them. now that yukio is a demon now. but other wise i feel as if lord Pheless Mephisto will be their next main enemie because you see him smiling and laughing when his brother Animom was attacking the vaticin when they were deciding whenever to keep Rin alive or to exucute him before he attack assiah (or earth). otherwise Mephisto may or may not be the main enemie. it really depends on how the creators of the first series plan it out. other than that if they are making a season 2 i will wait until it is released on toonami (adult swim) and on netflix.

  55. joshua

    It will be cool if in the second season, they will learn all about the forgoten mister, the assassin, a mister who take down enimes with stealth, multiple weapons, and has the ability to master the art of parkour. If they had a exorcist like so, it will be banned for the reasoning of being too dangerous, not just for the lethal weapons, but the purpose of both calling out other assassins and they know their way out of every corner. If one of the episodes in season 2 has a assassin in it, it will start off by rin and his friends being attack by the vatican (for what ever reason) and out of no where, they spot some one on the bell tower, then outh of no where, a few more assassins apear then they parkour their way down and take down all of the guards, then when angel appears,(he said their names),brave of you to stand against my men and me, but also quite foolish. .. assassins! Then they parkour out of the school, leaving rin and the gang curious of thinking, what does he mean by assassins, then mephisto comes out and saying, a abandon misder who extermenates their enemys by steal, lethal and multiple weapons, and for a way out by parkouring

    • no one will know

      i agree i didint read it thro but yay thay shuld laern about that

  56. no one will know

    you guys shuld agree with me

  57. Raiinbow

    This should be like bleach and naruto… it should have, like 50-300 episodes.

  58. JustAnIdea

    Ugh, I am looking to find out if there is a season two as well. If they will ever do so, I would like to see more of Nemu Takara. (The one with the puppet) He seems very mysterious, and I want to get some background information on him. I find him awkwardly cute for some reason.

  59. Kairi_Okumura

    I hope there is a next season! I love the show, but never read the Manga. Me and my friends all want a new season! Hopefully they come up whit enough money for more! Is there some place I can donate for them to make more? If there is PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!

    They really should make a new season considering Satan was never defeated, we don’t know what happened to the grandpa, we don’t know who Shiemi will pick, we don’t know what’s going on with Yukio’s demonic powers, and what happened to Mephisto????? So many unanswered questions! I watched the movie it was GREAT! but the ending was sad… 🙁 If they make a new one please tell me! If they can they should add some more threats and some more exorcist! Rin and Yukio can’t be the only Satan spawns out there! Also we don’t even know if Rin will become Palidan or if Yukio stays Palidan!

  60. Love Blue

    I agree I loveeee Blue exorcist! I always say oh thid anime is the best it this one but blue exorcist….AMAZING! They should really consider making a second season. It’s not fair to leave us hanging I say there is still a lot of un tied ends in this anime and I have so many un answered questions. The OVA are all subbed as I just can’t stand it. I watched the movie and loved it why stop now? They really don’t know how much viewers they would get because so much people love this anime. Even if they made another movie if be cool with that. A lot of people are saying that the movie was published after the series so it’s basically season 2. But I didn’t like how he went all soft for the kid. No offence but it just didn’t seem like his personality. Either way, I’m dying here I keep watching the series over and over but it’s no fun when you know what’s going to happen next!

  61. no one will know

    thay shuold make 300 episodes and sesones

  62. Anon

    So here’s the info I know:
    There have been several rumors that they will continue with a second season, however, they have deviated from the manga plot, so chances are it will be more of a filler than anything else.
    There have been claims that it would come out in 2013-2014, but it’s almost the end of 2014, and nothing has been heard.
    People have also said the movie was the ‘season 2’, but that doesn’t seem right to me.
    They said they were going to make a season 2 when more manga material appears.

    I’m gonna be honest: If they do ever get around to season 2, Shiemi and Rin are probably going to get together, which S*CKS, because I hate that ship. I really want Yukio and Shiemi to become canon.

    But at the moment, it seems like the only thing we can do is wait, and stalk around the internet waiting for news.

  63. Dis7urbedangel

    This show was the best anime i have ever seen i think it deserves a second season. it has an amazing story line and i think me and all other fans will agree that we would love to see what the anime does next. the ending seems like it would have a second season. i mean come on a show cant just end like that. especially since its been told that it deviates from the manga, which means it will be a little different from the manga. so we really dont know what will or wont happen. Please make a season two there are a lot of fans out there backing Blue Exorcist up.

  64. deadlymaiden

    Please, please, make a new season. Show some characters they only showed in the manga like Lucifer. I also think having a daughter of Satan would be awesome. I loved this show so much and cried when Shiro died. I would love helping plan a anime thigh that’s not possible. I thought having a daughter would be awesome.

  65. duderbug9

    Today’s New year’s eve and blue exorcist aired in 2011 were going on to 2015 if there was a season 2 they would have released it sometime in 2013

  66. Common

    They should show the other brothers in season 2 that what mefesto said he had other brothers

  67. gerent

    I really like this anime when I finished watching it I was not satisfied yet because
    25 episodes is just few for me ,but even thou it only have 25 episode I know that this anime has a great story.I still want a second season of it.I really like blue exorcist
    So please make a season 2 of it.

  68. anime lover

    I love the first season so much! it deserves a second season I mean it!

  69. Sierra C

    Please make a second one! This show is amazing and I totally fell in love with Rin. Actually it made me pick my writing habit back up! It’s just helped me so much and I would be so sad if it were to end so soon! I love writing and I love this show, so please don’t end it me and your fans are begging you!

  70. Mary DragonLord

    PLEASE!!! Make a second season i love this show so much i just cant stop watching it so PLEASE! Make another season it got me all pumped and stuff but then it ended and it really s*cks so PLEASE make another season! PLEASE!!!

  71. Cecilia

    you guys should create a season 2 .This is one of my all time favorite anime I’ve watched so far in my life. And you should add a new character that Rin and Yuki fall in love with then have the girl fall for Yuki . I think yuki should have a someone love him for his nerdyness and demon side and also to be there by his side through anything and everything. And have another scene with reiji

  72. Rinisprettybadass

    It’s 2015 and still no season two but this year (2015)May there will be some more new manga coz when you finnesh the manga there’s a really big moment of expense and it just stops and it will have a really juicy story line coz if you finnesh the other manga you will understand how AWSM it will be 🙂

  73. Rinisprettybadass

    Whoops that made more sense in my head sry

  74. Skunkawolf

    Each chapter in the manga is like 1 episode’s worth and I’ve seen like more than 50 chapters altogether and I think its still going on 🙂

  75. Skunkawolf

    If season 2 isn’t released this year (2015) I’m gonna cry

  76. kirito

    so will they make it they could just continue from were they stop make another movie if possible then continue it.
    I’m really want to see the new episode many people do and I think they already have there idea and just not want to show it to us as yet maybe they will surprise us with the new episode of blue exorcist

  77. popi


  78. Succubus Queen

    In the manga, there many of the 8 Demon Kings.
    Maybe add them and their full fights.
    Manga already released another brother of Mephisto’s named “Lucifer.”
    Maybe that could be season two?

  79. Rin Okumura xoxoxo

    I am a realy realy realy big fan of Bleu Exorcist and i have watched the 1st season like a billion gillion times and nomadder how many times i watch it i cant wait to see it again! I litteraly want to be in that show because Rin reminds me of me because I always fall asleep in class and I also really think that this chareecter is just the best

  80. Zeshan

    YO! trailer of second season launched.>>>>>>>>>>>

  81. Cole

    I loved season 1 and I would love for there to be a season 2 and I would buy season 2

  82. Michael

    Stop time, thou art so beautiful!
    Nothing comes close to how this quote resembles Blue Exorcist.
    Chills went down my spine as he said that. If you do indeed make another season, Please add a quote to the last episode of it. It was spectacular!

  83. Kirito306

    Actually, Season 2 is supposed to air sometime around mid-2015.

  84. starbunny21

    i think yukio should become a full demon just like rin im just saying ..they should do like a main focus on him controlling his new power

    • Malcolm

      yes so true

  85. Ashley

    There’s a lot of stuff in the manga that they missed in the anime. They need to have the whole Mephisto-Samael scene. SEASON TWO IS NECESSARY.

  86. Lucy Yakushi


  87. Malcolm

    i love blue exorcist season 1 and i think that they should make a season 2 because satan never died so they should keep going instead of leaving us in suspense also the tranvilaquest guy never showed his true power and i think that they should show it.

  88. Gigi

    I hope blue exorcist season 2 comes soon I’m dying but I’m ok watching season 1 but still I want to what happens after I mean there or more than one demon kind and all they did was drove satan back to hell

  89. NightyNight

    How long did it takes? I am a big fan of this manga. Back when I was watching it about 4 years ago and I watch it again this year but I didnt found any result of this season 2. No one gonna work for it.
    I hope it has!!

  90. Stylez

    Well, Ive been doing some research. The date isn’t confirmed as they said, But the movie is out 🙂 Go check it out pplz! Its really good

  91. jenny

    I really like to watch season two but its not coming out yet I’m so sad I’m really need season 2 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  92. Jordan

    So will it ever be on the internet? I get that we have to buy it but when will it come out to stream?

  93. Kassy

    Ive never watched a so amazing Anime before. PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2

  94. Sue

    Still waiting for Season 2 and more. Love that show, keep watching it over and over. Love how the brothers come together in the end. They have so many things they can do with their joint power

  95. unknown

    maybe they can do another season where heaven wants rin and his brother dead.

  96. Madygi

    It would be awesome if season 2 would come out already

  97. catarina carneiro

    estou muito á espera deste

  98. Mjames98

    It’s april 2016 how much longer do we have to wait. the anime is awesome make another season already

  99. JPM


  100. Priceless

    Why isn’t there a season 2 yet… its been years..LITERALLY

  101. Ao no exorcist fan!

    Sorry everyone its now 2016 and still no new series. All though as we are all agreeing that there should be a 2nd season, so I believe that thee really should be one!!! Also i would like to see more into some of the characters pasts and get to know them better, especually kamiki because we say a glimps of why she was training to become an exocist when there was that flash-back of that woman and the burning buildings but that was all we got of her past.
    also i would like to see maybe like the children of the lord or something and then they become rivals of rin and yukio and are sent to kill them or something like that cos that would be awsome!!!!!

    • Malcolm


  102. Anonymous

    Just as a suggestion they could add a demon which makes some kind of evil duplicate of ren

  103. Brooke

    I love blue exorcist it’s the best show ever I never stop watching it I wish you made more of it.

  104. PaulQ

    Loved the show. I would love to see a season 2
    Come on with season 2 already. Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!

  105. Malcolm

    I love blue exorcist. What can happened is that there can be more demons shown in the show for the new season also I like how the brothers stick together. At that point you can start the new episode where they have to fight this giant demon monster and then you can take it of from there. You can choose when they defeat the monster, if the monster survives their attack and all even make it to the point where more than 1 demon pops out of the tunnel. Anything can happened at this point also lets not forget Rin he becomes more powerful to the point where he learns how to manipulate fire and all also his brother should get some type of power where RIn can teach him how to use and control it.

  106. Okmura

    Or Rin’s powers become overwhelming and he becomes a full on demon but shiemi comes and kisses him, whilst getting burned, and that brings him back. But after he is back he passes out? Idk it’s something I thought up randomly :P.

  107. none you business

    shiemi needs to go. we need a knew love interest in season 2 and 3. one for Rin and one for Yukio. and these chicks need to be badass. not like sweet wimpy shiemi. i want the new love interests to be smart beautiful cool and confident and maby they can have a supernatural secret of there own like maby their powerful witches or something or maby their half demon too.

  108. Zoe

    Rin and Shiemi should definitely date!

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