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«Vampire Knight» season 3: release date

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When will «Vampire Knight» season 3 come out? Premiere coming?

The fans of «Vampire Knight» anime by Studio Deen are looking forward to the third season. TV Tokyo (Japan), which broadcast the first episode of the picturized manga in 2008, does not give any comments on the production of new episodes, although the given topic is widely discussed on different Internet resources.

Currently there are a lot of rumors concerning the production of new episodes of the anime, but this information hasn’t been confirmed yet. There is a suggestion that after finishing the manga till the end of 2013, producers are going to start working on the season 3 (Destiny) of «Vampire Knight». Release date is still being discussed since the creators face some financial problems. Some experts believe the series to be cancelled soon.

Such statements are vigorously criticized by the fans of the show, who are ready to help the rightholders in new episodes creation to see the logical end of the story.

What do you want out of season 3? Leave your reply below!

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  1. kristi marie arano

    i am so looking forward for the next season vampire knight destiny i want to know what happened to yuki and kaname and will they be able to live together happily for all eternity? what is the mystery behind kaname? he’s so mysterious..i want them to be together…

    • Crimson Banchee

      Bla! I still beleved she should of whent with Zero-Kunn.

      • Pinkshade

        I agree, I really want Yuki to be with Zero.

        • fatin


          • ashena

            i agree, too! zero is better than kaname… and deserves to be with yuki. I REALLY LIKE ZERO !! the story will be more ecxiting if yuki come back to zero… beside, how yuki can make herself to be with her brother ?!!!

          • Sarah

            I like them both, Kaname and Zero so i can’t really decide which one i would want her to end up with.

            But in the manga (SPOILLER!!!! DON”T READ IF YOU DON”T WANT TO KNOW) it’s says that Kaname is really her ancestor and that her real brother was killed or something like that. And i have also heard that she goes with kaname and stuff they live their life, i think i heard that she a kaname have a kid or something but she see Zero at a ball and they kiss he says he loves her BLAH BLAH BLAH kaname tells them that they should be together (even though he loves her more than anything) while he dies (Don’t know why) he falls into a sleep you know how vampire do cause they can’t really die. Well pureblood anyway. BLAH BLAH BLAH Lives her life with zero has a kid with him to. And at the end she gives her life so she can bring back Kaname as a human.

            P.S If i got some bits in here wrong i am sorry 🙂

          • hellokitty

            yuki ends up with zero

          • gabriela

            I so agree with you. I love VK and can’t wait and i hope Zero and Yuuki get together, nothing personal about Kaname, but he is her BROTHER and it just seems so wrong.

          • mahlol10

            I agree but in the last episode of season two Zero had told Yuki that the next time they meet he will kill her and she replied that she will be waiting for that day BUT I STILL WANT THEM TOGETHER THEY MAKE A CUTE COUPLE !!!!!

          • Ash

            You do know he will becoming lvl E soon right.

          • JessicaDJ

            Well i do like it when there is a time when Zero and Yuki have a good time together but i’d love it too have more story’s in them so it can be for awesome and some flash backs and how vampires even existed and i really want Yuki to be in the Night Classes and plus she is Kaname’s Sister and i would like her actions to be a little smooth and i’d like it so she would be more related to Kaname now sense she’s a Vampire now and stuff.

          • Fatima

            I agree with you I think that Yuki should go to zero and kunn is her brother it will did weird for her

          • Vampire Knighterfighter Zukiforever

            I too!!!!!!!!!! And ashena: Yes I think the same, ZERO IS BETTER THAN KANAME, Sorry all Kaname-Fans but…Zero can topp them all!!!!!!!!

          • genesis

            they do but yuki is with kaname first then she has a daughter with him,in the middle of it kaname( the part where he was temporarily dying) then gives his blessing for yuki to be zero then they a son(kaname is in an ice coffin) . but clearly she loves both of them,but then yuki dies so she can turn kaname into a human (just like her mother did to her when she was younger. i get confused at the end because im not sure who’s child that is. All i recall from the manga.

          • Yuki

            They wont because Zero hates vampires and wants to kill yuki he has already pointed a gun at her and wasnt joking

          • Seline


          • Mikayla

            Spoiler: she dies….reviving Kaname. Sh we has Ai Kuran and a boy with Zero.

        • alby

          me too!!! please !! yuki gather with zero

          • MD

            I think Yuki should stay with Kaname.

          • hellokitty

            cant WAIT till VK destiny comes out

        • kayla

          he gets her in the end

          • Ruth Scott

            Can I ask u something, when is VK destiny coming out and what
            date is it.

          • shadow phantomhive

            “who” gets who at the end :]

          • Amber Smith

            YUKI and zero

        • Alex

          Ya yuki and zero are meant to be together. I like kaname, but he’s really creepy sometimes.

          • ali

            ya u never know what he is planing like at the vampire gathering where she passed out while helping a little vampire kid find his mom and Kahname asked her to become a vampire as a test

          • AnimaFreak

            I agree kaname is creepy sometimes plus in my opinion I like…LOVE yuki and zero together there jest prefict! :3

        • Ruth Scott

          I agree with u that yuki should be with zero, I wish he could hear
          what u are saying.

        • Darth Wooser

          * SPOILER ALERT dont read this if you dont want to know * in the manga kaname sacrafices himself to save yuki and tells zero that he wants her and zero to love eachother and be together. and so that happens ^_^ but its really sad ( the feals QwQ )

        • bunnygirl

          nuuuu kaname and yuki

        • Knight lover

          I agree too. zero and yuki had this connection

        • Amanda F Boatright

          Yes I have to agree with you I would really rather see yuki with zero then kaname because he is her brother

      • lara zero

        yeah your right and please let the season three release please i like zero very much forever and ever zero.ohh im so bored for waiting the season three to release i really miss zero very much and i really want to see zero.i wish zero was not an anime or i wish i were an anime so we can be forever,and i really want to see whats going to happened to zero and the other characters and please let yuki be with zero, and please dont ever think to cancel the vampire knight.i love zero

        • karli perez

          team yuuki+zero srry I do like her with kanime but I do think that she belongs with zero so sorry but if she doesn’t take zero then I will and on top of that he is way older than she is and also they are siblings I understand they aren’t humans but stil!!!

          • Lexa Reed

            well actually kaname is the first of the kuran family therefore he is yukis ancestor or far relative and if you were paying attention he came into yukis family when she was really little so therefore they are blood relatives but not brother and sister…



            don’t say things without being sure of it.

        • Sara

          I think zero should be with yuki he is a total hottie . No offense to the kaname fans but it must happen.

      • jessica

        that’s true

      • Celeste


      • Cris

        Zeki all the way! in the anime yes she goes with kaname *who i cant stand* but if you read the manga you know how it plays out

      • vampire knight lover

        me to. i want yuki to be with zero so bad.

        • Alexa

          I think Yuki should be with Kaname because she said that she will always love him and she also said that Kaname is one of the people that she wants to protect. Also i was team Kaname since day 1 when I started watching Vampire Knight

          • Mya

            Me 2 haha

        • Trin


          • liv

            I kinda agree with you….o-o
            No I agree with you… but Zero is so hot……. I’m still torn….
            dont judge me for liking a manga character….! ^-^ sorry for those who want zero with yuuki….

          • Hope

            yay some one who thinks the same as me

      • tayworbear

        Yep. I have been team Zero since day 1.

        • Lexa Reed

          is it weird that I ship hanabusa and kaname? well hanabusa did say and I quote “i love you kaname”.

      • fuji manki

        he tried to kill her

        • Ruth Scott

          I agree but he is a vampire too, so that mean zero is just
          protecting hisself that’s all. I think?:_(

      • Hannah

        I agree to

      • codecodey

        Absolutely, I have seen and read how the manga ends and I would like the show to end that way too but who knows.

        • Hope

          i know how it ends but I wood like it to be made in to a season 3 ps plz make a season 3

      • sofia

        AGREE!!!!!! GO ZERO!!!!!!

      • karli perez

        yesi do to it tore me up her leaving!!! they were so close to kissing!!!! y didn’t he kiss her?!?! y!?!?!?!

      • ali

        ya i did not think that she would end up with kahname kuran i thought she would end up with zero kurini or no one at all

      • Kris


      • Vampire Knighterfighter Zukiforever

        Oh! I would like that Zero and Yuki are coming in a relationship together, really, i cried when i saw the end of second par and saw Kaname and Yuki Together…. :*(

      • Marissa Collins

        ZERO IS THE BEST!!! To be honest I think Kaname is a jerk. No offence to those who like him.

      • emily

        same I prefere zero him and yuki suit each other more

      • LovesVampireKnight

        I agree! At first i wanted her to be with Kaname, but then i wanted her to be with Zero. They would be a perfect couple

      • Kitten

        If you read the manga then you will know more about the whole Yuuki x Kaname and Yuuki x Zero.

      • Jamie

        I agree with you!! Zero and Yuki belong together. In the manga, it ends with them being together

    • leelee

      i actally never liked kaname.. i think hes a jerk and hes creepy! zero deserves yukis love more than kaname!

      • zeroxyuki

        I agree. I also want them to be together. Zero and Yuki scenes are more beautiful and sad, than kaname and yuki. I really love ZERO

        • angelar

          i disagree,……….kaname love yuki than zero…….

          • lara zero

            you very wrong you dont know the true story of yuki and zero

          • marisa animefreak

            I TOTTALY AGREE!!!!!! I love kaname hes really mysteries and sexy as hell!! but I also REALLY like zero!! im not complete 100% wanting kaname with yuki but yeah I like them togeather…..for now….. lol

          • Freddy

            I don’t want yuki to end up with zero I want her with kaname It hurts me to think that she would leave lord kaname for zero its like a big dark whole opening in my heart please somehow keep them together I wont be able to watch anymore if she finally leave kaname.
            Lots of girls want her to be with zero but my heart just says no, it’s like I’m able to feel and think as I was one of those characters and sometimes I wish I were. Just please don’t change what already is thx. “Please don’t mistaken me for a boy just cause of my name!”

          • Cris

            they both love yuuki BUT i say Zero loves her more then kaname. in my opinion kaname does things for his own selfish reasons while zero doesnt

          • YUKI

            IM TEAM YUKI+KANAME. me and my friend believe that there will be a season 3 but im not sure if me and my friend will be friends anymore cuz shes team zero BUT SHE WILL WIN IN THE END CUZ THATS WHAT HAPPEND IN THE MANGA DX

          • Kanamelover

            I love love Kaname and Yuki together there are so cute <3

        • Lexa Reed

          just because you love zero dosnt mean that he deserves yuki or that they just look cuter together… GEEZ YOU GUYS ARE BAD AT SHIPPING!!!

      • Animelovie

        That’s so right! I never liked him either!!!

      • Alyssa Rose

        I love Vampire Knight <3 <3 I want the season 3 soon! I was like :O what the Kaname shouldn't make Yuki a vampire! Well, Kaname is not that bad seriously -.- i like Zero and Kaname

        • Cris

          No he shouldnt have. Granted Yuuki wanted to know her past thats not how to you tell someone their past by changing them. Could have gone a whole another way. She could have had the choice to become a vampire or could have stayed human

          • Internetchick

            He didn’t change her. He awakened her. As they explained, if he hadn’t had done what he did, she would have gone insane or be killed by Lord Rido, or if she had gone insane at learning she could have killed herself or had Zero kill her. It was inevitable. If you know nothing about vampires and how they work, or don’t bother listening to the dialogue, don’t bother commenting on anything dealing with it. Her mother SEALED her vampire powers within her. She ould never remain a human, in any scenario.

          • shadow phantomhive

            she didn’t have a choice because she would have turned into a vampire anyway; but she would have destroyed herself from the inside out. kaname & rido kuran both say it.

      • Alyssa Rose

        His not that creepy… i think bad vampires are sooooooo creepy

        • RUff Rabbit!!!!

          In the anime yuuki was on the verge of going rabid but before the process could go on any further kaname awakened her.
          And although zero did say he was going to kill her apon finding out she’s a pure blood and trying to make himself believe he has to kill her, I don’t think he can. The zero I see could never bring himself to do harm to her. To me he’s just frustrated kaname got the girl, and he didn’t.
          Although yuuki chooses kaname I’d prefer zero because he’s more. What’s the word? Good at keeping his temper down. Because kaname seems a little spoild.
          One he does everything in his power to get yuuki.
          Two he ABUSES poor adol. And ect. To me kaname is pretty, but kaname is way to posesive, and short tempered……one more thing I MUST add is……”why did ichiru have to die!” He was awesome and loved the twin brother thing.

          • Amanda

            I want yuki and kanmae to stay married band raise there on child together as husband and wife they are the best couple in vampire knight and he been there for her even if he kept secret from her it was for a good reason but he woke her up and they are not brother and sister. At all every body now zero want to kill her and him so my pick will be kanmae she love him and he love her. He. Been looking. Out for her a long time

    • jabberjay

      No it has to be zero YUKI AND ZERO FOREVER!!!!!

    • gamiesdaname

      warning- read at your own risk
      I’m not too sure if you want full on details because there are many HUGE spoilers in this but assuming your like me you don’t really care. just saying that the ending is so terrible that this may make you never want to watch this anime again. you have been warned…
      So yes they get together. then they skip a whole year into the story (lord knows why) to find that zero is able to digest the blood tablets and scarfs them down like crazy all the time. -skipping a part here- kaname becomes evil-ish and he is trying to kill every pure blood. yuuki becomes a “reaper” for pure bloods that want to end their life and also teams up with zero again. zero still “hates” her. they move into yuki’s old home and have to stay there for a while. they go to a mascrade ball and well they kiss. kaneme saw that though.-skipping farther because this spoiler is too big and must be watched for the whole effect- 1000 years later yuuki dies turning kaname into a human. there is so much i left out and if you want to know just either read the manga from chapter 49 or just reply back. oh and thats the shocking ending including zero’s death too.

      • vampire knight is the best

        HOW DO YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jio

          He or she read the Manga, smardie.

      • Meg

        That’s not right well Half of it is …just saying this is a spoiler… This is really long and has lots of spelling mistakes so sorry!!
        Yuki goes to live with her brother/fiancé ,kaname….a year passes… Kaname always leaves Yuki trapped in the house for her safety. Aido is left in charge of Yuki whenever kaname is away. Aido also tutors Yuki. One day kaname gives permission for Yuki to go outside… Aido tags along since he has to protect her. Yuki realizes all purebloods are suffering because of their endless thirst for blood. She tells a purebloods if they want their life ended …come to her. So she does become a reaper. Yuki goes to the cemetery because she has to see the grave of a dear person who died a year ago (they died at the battle with rido). She states to aido that she sees bats similar to the one kaname produces. Those bats actually belonged to the head of a purebloods family. Since Yuki stated their bats look similar, the pureblood pierces her in the stomach with rage. At that time zero walked out of the cemetery (he was at ichiru’s grave) and he takes unconscious Yuki to a vampire hunters base to heal. Aido comes too. Yuki awakes and realizes she is with zero. Since the became “enemies” Yuki quickly says goodbye and goes home leaving aido. The vampire hunters question aido about what kaname is up to. After proving aido was innocent, they let him go. When kaname and Yuki meet at home, they decide to start over their relationship. Kaname decides not to trap Yuki and suspend time with her. Then kaname leaves because of something important. Yuki follows and kaname with aido and they see kaname slice the head off aido’s father. Aido sits at his father ashes crying while Yuki try’s to chase her brother(but the chairman stops her). At this time Yuki reveals her form… A butterfly. Yuki realizes kaname is out to kill all pure bloods. Later they have a masquarade ball and Yuki dances with zero. And they kiss kaname sees this. Blah blah so on. Yuki convinces kaname to stop killing purebloods. Kaname reveals to Yuki that he is not truly her brother and that he is her ancestor possessing her actual brothers body. But Yuki still accepts him. Kaname changes his goal to kill all purebloods and do what he always intended to do when he was in his actual body. He decides to change Yuki back to human by asking for the life of a faithful servant. While Yuki was tooken away to becom human with force, kaname goes to fulfil his goal. Yuki escapes and goes to kaname. Kaname has dropped his heart in the furnace filled with metal. He wanted people to use the metal to create weapon that can kill only vampires. Kaname tells by you and zero that they should be together and dies. Zero starts saying that he can never forgive kaname for doing this. Aido learns that his father was never killed. Also he freezes kaname’s body to preserve it …zero and Yuki do stay together. The era changes and aido discover how to bring back kaname’s heart from the furnace. And that can make kaname awake again. And once he is awake she is planning to use her body to make him human.
        THĘ ĘÑD!!! (This is where the manga ends)

        • Misa

          Meg you are so right i have not finish the manga but it ok I like VK so much. p.s. OMG I have to read the rest of the VK manga it sounds so good well better go and read i have a lot to read now by and thanks again! =D

        • Nay

          Very nice summery!

        • kendara

          can i ask? if wer can i see the site wer can i read the manga series from the start to the end? thank you

        • Hannah


          • Britt

            How is being her ancestor any better than being her brother? He is still related to her and is occupying the body of her brother… He’s basically just her super old great great great great (insert the word “great” a million more times) grandfather inside the body of her dead brother… Just sayin :/

        • sarah

          well i personily cant wait till the make it into the actual season and whats mega?

        • yumi

          Im agreed that this is very nice summry. I m start reading manga too 🙂

        • gabriela

          kaname +yuki i whis they get merry.can you make more seasons & if you dont make season 3
          il be sad forever

      • Jamie

        I absolutely hate that they don’t actually say what happens to Zero. I’m assuming that because he wasn’t a pure blood he eventually “died of old age” or the equivilant. Or did I miss something. I read the end of 93 twice but got no clues.

      • gabriela

        why would they cancle the show it my favorite if they do cancle it i will be sad

        • stephan

          There could be a chance of making Season 3 after the manga finishes. We just need to talk to the company about making Season 3. Use the same English and Japanese voice actors for Season 3. 😉

    • YukixKaname lover

      I totally agree for yuki and kaname to live together i dont want yuki and zero to be together because zero is never worthy of yuki!!! I WANT YUKI AND KANAME TO BE TOGETHER PLEASE!!!!! And i really want for another pure blooded vampire that likes yuki and for kaname to always fight and do funny scenes with him!!!

      • Quadir Holmes

        i agree and can you tell me how i can watch season3

        • Jio

          It has not com out yet.
          And They have no release date as i know.
          But, i think there is going to come one.

        • Hi i watch anime for a living

          season 3 doesn’t exist 🙂 the company tht created the show has financial problems

          • Layan

            well too bad, coronavirus is around they stopped working for most animes/mangas.

      • Meg

        Same !!! They are such a cute couple

      • vk lover DONT JUDGE XD

        Dude, Zero almost had to give up everything just for Yuki! He lost his parents, his brother, his vampire hunter master, and LOTS MORE! Kaname sadly won’t be with Yuki cause in the manga Kaname let Zero and Yuki to be together. If they have season 3 there will be a 50% chance that the anime will have ZeroxYuki instead, so don’t keep your hopes up. Kaname is a good vampire and all but I prefer Zero, he been through lots of stuff THAN Kaname. Got a problem with this post? Don’t reply at all then ._.

        • VKFan

          I absolutely agree with you…at first I liked kaname more but then I started realise how great zero was and I completely love him now..like almost literally

    • eli

      if you really want to know just read the manga from where the anime left off because if they do make a season 3 and then (sadly and disappointingly) cancel it afterwards, one season wouldn’t be enough to cover all that

    • Desiree

      Do u know when its coming out and if its going to be episodes or just the novels

    • Evelyn Martinez

      so do i \(6.6)/

    • Storm Vasquez

      You can read about what happens at mangapanda[ . ]com

    • alissa

      There is a website where u can read season 3 like how it turns out and it turns out really good

    • joana

      I AM WITH YOU MAN!!!I hope yuiki be with kaname and make family and go to beach and play video games <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I aam from Greece and i want to know when season 3 coming out!

      • RIKKA


    • Kiara Julianne

      omg! i think the same as u!! I hope they could end up being together! i thought tht in vampire knight guilty they were gonna end up together, FOREVER! my sis says tht Vampire Knight is SH*T! but anyways…. i hope they end up together!!

    • Shohei Okazaki

      Well… I guess Yuuki and Kaname together would be acceptable because they are vampire but incest hmmmm I guess it doesn’t sit right with me. Obviously not dissing KanameXYuuki cause Kaname’s pretty cool but still…

    • juicyfruit


    • lol123

      well I read the manga at the end they do so yeah. READ THE MANGA CHAPTER 93


      Ok I saw everyone saying “EW they are brother and sister it’s Nasty for Yuki and kaname (sorry for my spelling) BUT zero is her adopted brother so either way she is going to choose a brother but PURE BLOODS are allowed to do that zero is a normal vamp…i know(SPOILER ALERT) they end together but still…… Just giving my opinion…. And for humans it is wrong but they are beast in human form so……

      • Britt

        Just saying… Being an adopted brother is a lot different than being related by blood. Zero and Yuki have no family or blood relation other than they just happened to get taken in by the same person. Incest is mainly looked down upon because being blood-related (like brother and sister) can cause retardation and health issues, etc. Obviously since Yuki and Kaname are both vampires, that isn’t the case and health isn’t an issue. But unlike Kaname, Zero has completely different parents and family heritage than Yuki. They are not truly related, so I don’t see how that is an argument… I’m not choosing sides, just stating the truth. I know Kaname is technically an ancestor in her brother’s body but that doesn’t change anything. They’re still blood-related any way you want to look at it and it is still physically her brother’s body that she would be reproducing with.

    • Monique Jacobs

      it shows it in the manga……. its a complicated relationship but she (Yuuki) ends up with both

    • Miko

      can’t really watch VK cause it’s really sad now i’m crying so much just reading the episode 93: END i click the part 37 and i start to read it and i crying and it’s really sad can’t stop until i forgot it :'(

    • Alexis Madejski

      just saying there are up to 7 seasons because my friend is from japan, she said that there are way more seasons that 3 but they havn’t been reaveled in other countries ( btw im a bad speller sorry 🙁 im only 11 )

    • Wolf Queen

      I love them together. I hope zero founds someone special and doesn’t become a level E. The series is awesome. Will Yuki have a baby? Will the whole story end up repeating itself? I hope that there is a twist but not too big of one. I kinda wish that the writer stuck with their version of it instead of changing it. Many people write really good fan fiction about vampire knight. Is there anyway we can see what it would be like if they didn’t change things?

    • muddymoon

      so do I! I mean honestly I don’t think zero and yuki would ever work out

    • Abbygayle Chambers

      I agree yuki and kaname are made for each other but will zero return

    • Talevikin Peebles


  2. whitney perkins

    I would die inside if there really is another season. Even if its the last one. I think it would be horrible if they ledt it the way it ended. I wanna know more!! Lol gah super excited now.

  3. ArabRS

    i want zero the best one and the hero and never surrender and kill vampie and nicknamed vampire killer… this i wish to be.. and thanks$$ :-D.

    • lara zero

      youre right.i think of zero and daydreaming of zero too.i wish i will met zero inthis day its because its my birthday august 9 and this is my bithday wish too

  4. jhoe

    kaname is best for yuki,,he deserve to be happy ,,

    • jabberjay



        Ich hoffe das die 3 staffel raus kommt ,und das YUKI mit ZERO zusammen kommt!! YUKI hat sich viel für ZERO eingesetzt !! Ich hoffe das die beiden zusammen kommen !! ich freue mich auf die 3 staffel und dann auch die letzte mit ein HAPPY END für ZERO UND YUKI !!

      • Monique Jacobs

        i ship ZEKI forever XD

    • meowmeow123

      ur wrong..kaname doesnt belong to yuki..it should be zero!!!u might think zero really meant about killing her but he just wanted to revenge when yuki said for him the old yuki is gone and after the idea of “selfish vampires” got planted in his head

      • YukixKaname lover

        NO! meowmeow123 he already knew that, that was a lie yuki said! because zero hates vampires! When yuki s*cked zero`s blood. He realized that she was the same yuki from before but turned into a vampire!!!

        • lara zero

          how sure u are huh did you see the season three.

          • Jio

            My my! There is Manga too, so you can read it.

          • Monique Jacobs

            it shows in the freaking manga Zeki forever Zero hates purebloods and wants to kill them all but later realizes that its pointless and at the end of the manga Zero and Yuuki be together and raise two children

    • Fleur

      I argee with that! 😀 Now I get a lot of zero lovers over me. xd I think Zero just annoying …

      • Freddy

        What do you mean it’s like your saying your kaname’s voice.

    • angelar

      i agree,i also want yuki and kaname…….

      • lara zero

        i hate you angelar

        • Jio

          Lara just cose you prefear Yuki zero, you have no reason to say you hate her or him, my self i like kaname Yuki.
          But i dont hate enyone just cose they like zero Yuki.

    • cassidy

      and Zero doesn’t?

  5. jessica

    i would love to see a season 3 anime for vk, i love the manga. i hope kaname doesnt die even thoughits for a good cause, and it would brake yukis heart. but whatever happens it know it will finish great. i just hope season 3 in anime can be made. i personally would buy it.

    • anjy

      i hope kaname and yuki will get happy ending.and also nobody die.zero will find his lover in season3 but not yuki.i think yuki and kaname r perfect couple .i and my friends hope season 3 will be happy ending.

      • lara zero

        no zero and yuki are the best couple forever and ever

    • gamiesdaname

      you read the manga too? ha what an ending right. i still can’t stop thinking about it. poor zero deserved better. i just hope they change the ending in the anime version. if you know what I’m taking about.

      • cassidy

        i was hoping so too, like either Zero finds someone else to be with, or it’s changed so that Yuuki and Zero end up together even though in the actual end Kaname and Yuuki didn’t necessarily “end up” together cause yeah. Man, Kaname has Ruka. Zero has no one

        • Monique Jacobs

          actually Kain and Ruka be together Zeki are together and at the very end when Zero dies Yuuki uses her life to make Kaname human and when he wakes up Yuukis two children gives him a message… i cried at that ZEKI!!! i loved them so much

    • cassidy

      if you actually read the entire manga you would know *spoiler* that kaname turns into a human since yuuki gave her life so he could be human

      • Vk lover DON'T JUDGE XD

        BUT SHE STILL LOVES ZERO! Just because she gave her life to Kaname, doesn’t mean she chooses him over Zero. She just wants him to have a happy life as a human, plus she gets to rejoin Zero in heaven since *spoiler* he died. GET THE FACTS!

  6. Rose

    I hope there will be another season..I want to see what happens to all the couples and all the charectors..

  7. Vanessa

    I really, really hope they produce another season. I want Yuki and Zero to be together. Please let the Anime continue even if its the last season of Vampire Knight. I would be eternally grateful !!

    • Yuki and Kaname

      WHY!!! Kaname deserves yuki better than ZERO!

  8. lindsey

    I hope vampire knight will continue and I hope yuki does not get killed or kaname

  9. Yo

    I want a happy ending… And also kaname and yuki has to be together and married and live happily ever after… But if it don’t end as I expected me and other people who want them to be together would be disappointed…. Lots of people want kaname and yuki be together… Please I really want kaname and yuki together I don’t want anything else just please… If somebody knows how to send a email to people that makes vampire knight tell them what I said just know… Just please please please

    • Fiza

      I totally agree with u.plz let them be together…

    • Mizlhyn

      i agree too =) I love this anime so much and i really really Hope that they will get married and live happily ever after ^__^ ♥ YUKI AND KANAME ♥ kaname deserve to be with yuki forever.

    • Anna

      i agree! i really want them to be together, i just want Kaname to be happy… He’s always so sad… I like Zero and yuki together, but Kaname is the best!

    • angelar

      i also hope like the same with YO.i also want to watch just now….i really really want…….kaname and yuki ,not die and love ever. After watching movie , i don’t want to feel sad.After i watch ROMEO and JULIET, I feel sad quite day.i decided never watch this kind of movie.that why…….please….i want kaname and yuki love ever and never die……..and also produce as soon as possible……please……i am very excited to watch

      • Vk lover DON'T JUDGE XD

        Guys, don’t get your hopes up. You guys might be wrong of who’s Yuki’s true love, READ THE MANGA! You will see who was REALLY in her heart. I know who it is, but I am not telling. You won’t believe me? READ THE MANGA THEN! You Kaname fans will be shocked once you read the manga when Yuki finds her real true love >:3

        • Jio

          Hey, you know They can change stuf? So dont be too shure my dear.

    • lara zero

      youre wrong lots of people want yuki and zero to be together

      • yumi

        I m with lara. Me too want yuki with zero

  10. Maria

    I hope season 3 is made for vampire knights!!!!! I would be so happy!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mida

    Please that would be the best !!! Please it would be something good to get the anime back on charts, also to see what happens to Yuki and Zero (my favourite characters).

  12. sarah


    • yuki

      kaname cares about yuki more than zero does
      why dont you try reading mangareader
      to know it yourself……

      kaname deserves yuki too….(more than zero)

      • hime-sama

        I agree you you’re right. Kaname loves yuuki more than zero and this never change. I always and always love kaname. Yuuki must love him, too.

        • angelar

          i also think .kaname love yuki with his whole life.we can see 1 and 2nseason,everything that is done by kaname all for yuki….,not for himself…… i really really believe he love yuki than zero.

    • Crimson Banchee

      Well they did left it on a cliff hanger so I BELEVE THERE WILL BE A 3RD!!!

    • Erin

      Hmm, I actually wanted Yuki to end up with Kaname. I was disappointed that the two never really got together, in fact, she really never got with anyone.

      • Laura

        Have your read the Manga!!! She actually does get together with someone, won´t spoil it for you, but the Manga has ended on May 2013, there won´t be another chapter after that last one…
        Very ambiguous feelings about the ending.

        • Monique Jacobs

          i heard that the author is making another chapter (Chapter 94) i saw a glimpse of Kaname with his daughter and Yuuki’s and Zero’s son

    • Fiza

      Sorry kaname cares for yuki more than zero.zero can have Maria kurinai.she also loves him

      • angelar

        i think to become more interesting,season 3 how about zero loves luca……

    • lara zero

      youre right but yuki becomes a vampire too and zero wont yuki became a vampire but its okay because zero will understand it and zero will kill kaname its because its all his fault he s*ck the blood of yuki

      • Talia

        Would you rather her going crazy let that bad guy win? It was to help her to remember instead of her going crazy and if she didn’t that bad would probably suck her dry since she was still a human and kaname can’t do anything cause the bad guy awake him. She needed to remember some day that she was vampire.

    • Jio

      Sarah heve you seen all of the series? Kasame loves Yuki more then enything in the world Kasame saved her life moret han onde and protected her all the time. AS a fact he is not her real brother, her real brother died, so it whud net be eeew is she wants him. But you shudent watch all the anime befour you say something like that.

  13. AoiOtaku

    I would love to watch the ~3rd SEASON OF MY FAVE ANIME~!
    BUT…(there is always a “but”) I read the Manga too, and i Don’t get it why it has to end ONLy because it will might be created a NEW SEASON~!
    *It’s unfair for the READERS*

  14. Lily

    I hope there’s season 3….cause the ending of season 2 s*cks….it left poor Zero alone…thinking to kill Yuki….I love your work…I hope you can produce season 3 out….then I’ll be so happy..anyway I’m a big fan of this…..so please please…:)

    • Crimson Banchee

      I hope Zero-Kunn is not forever alone

      • angelar

        i hope for zero ,should have another character but not yuki. i don’t to see kaname feel sad and alone.he feel alone in season 1 and 2. that is enough.i don’t want him like that…..

  15. shinyee

    kaname suit yuki ! i hope yuki end up with kaname ! and no one will die at the end i hope so ~

  16. Ikuto

    Kaichou Wa Maid Sama Season 2!!!!!!

    • Misaki

      whoops wrong page 🙂 hehe nvm mind me. still do want season 3 of vampire and season 2 of kaichou wa maid 😐

  17. Mitty

    I want to know if Kaname and Yuuki will live happily for eternity and what will happen between Zero and Yuuki.

  18. Odarp

    i want to see what’s gonna happen to Zero and Yuki.! Best Pair in VK.! and also because they are my fave Characters.! looking forward to it.

  19. lola

    i would really like to see yuki and zero together at the end cause i think they are very cute together all be keeping an eye out for season three thanks

    • Crimson Banchee

      I agree with you there she should of whent with him than her stepbrother.

  20. piper higgins

    ok to be honest the what i vant out of the next season would be continuation of the previous season. And like them like having a kid or something interesting if u know what i mean. One other thing if there is a thing like u sad like : ( Release date is still being discussed since the creators face some financial problems. Some experts believe the series to be cancelled soon.) tip one if haveing finacial issues then if i were u guys i would just like i dont know be smart and i dono like open up a fan page and donations to help with that! tip 2 NEVER EVER SAY THAT THE SERIES TO BE CANCELLED BECAUSE no..!! again i say no!! ps i am 11 and like u could of thought about what i said up there ^^ HOPE THIS HELPS 🙂

  21. Duvessa

    i like to see that yuki and kaname live happy together
    that zero and yuki met Ezv
    that yuki go to a ball en she got ask who are you are you kanames lover? Ezv
    i like stuff like that

    i like to see season 3 soon

    Grt, Duvessa
    ps i hope it helps a littel bit
    and sorry for my bad english

  22. royantha romans

    i want season 3 to come out , if it does , i would be crazy!!!

  23. Danniel Victoria

    OMG just watched all 26 episodes: Japanese with english subs.
    Someone should really be proud because the ending actually made me cry though I was near tears when Zero’s brother died… still! I NEED TO SEE SEASON 3 and the dorm leader election scene

  24. Rachael

    i would love to see a season 3 anime for vk, i love the manga. i hope kaname doesnt die even thoughits for a good cause, and it would brake yukis heart. but whatever happens it know it will finish great. i just hope season 3 in anime can be made. i personally would buy it.

  25. Rachael

    I love vampire knight. VAMPIRE KNIGHT RULE
    i would love to see a season 3 anime for vk, i love the manga. i hope kaname doesnt die even thoughits for a good cause, and it would brake yukis heart. but whatever happens it know it will finish great. i just hope season 3 in anime can be made. i personally would buy it.

  26. Pari

    I want her with kanome. I don’t like Zero that much! I can live with the ending of season 2 but more episodes about kanome would be fun!

  27. Melissa

    I am a huge fan of vampire knight and I hope season 3 comes out this year

  28. anonymous

    Wah, I really like kiryuu zero and he’s my one and only favorite character in Vampire Knight, and I ship him and yuuki like hell. Hope they’d end up with one another 🙂 and I hope VK will really have a 3rd season (destiny) cause the show deserves it, and honestly the last episode of the 2nd season disappointed me because they left zero all alone by himself and they took away yuuki from him >.< I want them to be together so bad, yknow! 🙁

    • angelar

      but i want kaname and yuki together…..and i don’t want kaname feel sad.when i see kaname’s love for yuki i feel touched.i agree zero is nice , but his lover should be another one , not yuki.

  29. Vamp. K. Lover

    I think second season finished in the perfect way to continue a third one . If not many fans will live now with the question of ” who does Yuki really loves ? ” ( I think she needs to decide Zero , because you need to admit Yuki loves Kaname but she is afraid of him. Pherhaps she also has feelings for Zero and she is not afraid of him . But its okey who she decides *.*) or ” does Zero killed Rido-sama ? ” , ” is the academy going to be okey again ? ” . If we dont have an answer for that , it will be stressing and disappointing for the rest of my Life !!! (-.-) (T.T) (u.u) PLEASE CONTINUE THIRD SEASON !!!!!!!

  30. Angel

    if yuki and zero cant be together there should be another character introduced so that zero doesn’t have to be alone and yuki can go with kaname without having to worry about zero.

    • Fiza

      Exactly…..I want the same thing for zero.should be create another character for zero.so he will no be alone.then kaname and yuki can be live happily ever after.but plzzz….plzzzz….let kaname and yuki be together.

  31. Joy

    I want kaname n yuki to finally be Together in piece. Though I like zero I can’t have him with yuki. That’s just the way it gotta be. I don’t wanna cry if yuki is with zero in the end.

  32. RJ

    I love Vampire Knight so much. I just hope season 3 in anime can be made! PLEASE!!!… (‘-‘)

  33. julinapasaol

    i’am so looking forward to the next season cuz i love vampireknight….oh pls lord pls i want to watch the vampire knight now iwant every day i’am watching vampire knight pls make this happen PLS DONT STOP MAKING VAMPIRE KNIGHT I DONT WANNA STOP THIS FILM…..U KNOW WHY I LOVE IT CUZ IT IS SOLEMN REALLY AND THE FIGHT AND EVEN THE ROMANCE 2 U KNOW….

  34. Lord Zero Kiryu

    Zero kills Kename pleas because after i found out about kename and yuki being siblings which they aren’t kename is actually the ancestor which would make him yuki’s grandpa so thats just wrong so yeah kill kename

  35. write4love

    omg they have to make season 3 hehehe

  36. Nova Faith Cedino

    If the season 3 is pubished i want a happy ending for Kaname and yuuki…

  37. Megfoxchen

    I would like to see Yuki and Zero to end up together.

    • angelar

      i will be sad.

  38. zero kiryu

    i can’t wait the final release of vampire knight destiny =P

  39. hime-sama

    Yuuki chose kaname at manga. But this month last chapter will come out and i’m so excited !

  40. LoveYuuki

    I hope Kaname and Yuuki have a baby like the pictures on google. I would die with happiness if there is a third season. I wonder what happens to Zero and the others and will Kaname and Yuuki live together for all eternity? I hope after Vampire Knight Destiny comes out, there would be other seasons called Vampire Knight Infinity. I am so excited if there is another season coming out. I’m making an anime like Vampire Knight but way different and I hope that everyone can read and watch it. I love Kaname and Yuuki, they belong together <3

  41. cc

    I hope they make a third season. I really hope zero gets yuki, he deserves her more than kaname; plus its kinda creepy that kaname is yuki’s brother/grandfather.

    • Zero

      I soooooooo agree!!!!

    • angelar

      but that is love story……yuki and kaname both r pure blood.they should be together

      • Cecilia Tomlinson

        I REALLY REALLY want for yuki and zero to end up together. HES DESERVES HER!!! Kaname is really sweet and in love, but they’re SIBLINGS!!! but *sigh* i honestly don’t know who she should pick, I love them both (Im in love with them both) but say she goes to be with zero, but I hate how he says he’ll find her and kill her, that just broke my heart, I want the to of them to be together. I re-watch the episodes over and over i just can’t get enough!!! I REALLY REALLY WANT SEASON 3!!!!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH SPRINKLES AND ICE CREAM ON TOP!!!!!!!!!! and if the company is having financial problems I would be 100% happy to donate! I WILL DO ANYTHING FOR VK!!!!! Please make a season 3!!! Please!!!!! I’ll take my like for VK, please!!!!

  42. joan

    i hope the vampire knight season 3 will be published and will release soon…I can’t wait to watch the next season..plssss…make the 3rd season of vampire knight…

  43. ERIN

    I do love VK so much and it was so disappointing to have that kind of ending..it gives me a lot of question marks on my mind….so for christ sake have mercy! 🙁 …if they were having financial problem at the first place they shouldn’t published it in the first place so that it wouldn’t leave us so freaking blank at at he end… i hope you know its kinda frustrating 🙁

  44. jabberjay

    I love this show and to hell with kaname yuki and zero need to get together am meen god yuki and kaname are brother and sister I don’t care if there vampires that is just wrong

  45. Catty

    It’s just not fair.. i love to watch Animes but Vampire Knight is my favorite one , I NEED MORE EPISODES O-O i understand that the producers might be with financial problems, but all this uncertainties are making me anxious for an a right answer >.< I really need to know if there's going to be a Season 3 or not!! 🙁

  46. CrystalMilevard

    I want so much to release another season for vampire knight, and i think that lot of people want it. Vampire Knight season 3 must be released as soon as possible! We love this manga-anime so much that we have also to see it in real! Love everything that Matsuri Hino does! She is a creator i respect the most.

  47. cyrene

    i love Zero and Yuki than Kaname and Yuki . kaname is a brother of yuki so they do not belong together. hahaha. who even wants to marry there own brother.:)

    • angelar

      not like that,kaname is not her real brother…..they wasn’t born from same mother and father, although pure blood and also they were engaged by yuki’s parent.

    • luna Arika Kuran

      If i had a brother like lord Kaname i would love to marry him

  48. Pinkshade

    It should be Yuki and Zero.
    It’s so obvious that Yuki loves Zero,
    you can really notice it on the 2 seasons.
    Really hope for them to be together in the end.
    That’s a great twist, an eternal love between a vampire and a vampire hunter/vampire 🙂
    That’s how they will prove their love for each other.

  49. Konstanza

    I read the manga, Yuuki stay with Kaname and Zero alone. Yuuki clear all memories of Zero about her, so he thinks she is just a pure-blood, I cry a lot and I didn’t like the end, Zero is a lost soul and Kaname say to Yuuki “You don’t smile with the heart” like she does with Zero, I think she is very bad to chose boys, Kaname hurt her a lot and Zero always stay behind her to help her and she hurt Zero and stay with Kaname.

    • Black Snow

      True that! She is horrible to Zero. That’s torture! 🙁 :'(

    • angelar

      i suggest that season 3 shouldn’t follow the book,if that will be sad story………….i do not want .i want kaname and yuki and also zero they all happy

  50. Zero

    I really can’t wait at all for season 3, I’m so excited! I really hope they go through with the anime. I really want to know what’s going to happen with zero and Yuki.I would like to know a bit more about kaname. personally I seriously hate thinking about Yuki and kaname as a couple, I mean there brother and sister so no matter which way you flip it, its still incest! But anyways I really want to know what will happen I think if I don’t know it will eat me alive!!!!

    wanting for season 3 in the anime, a superfan.

    • Black Snow

      Just read volumes 11-14. They are continuing books after the second and first seasons. I’m gonna read volume 13 but so far it’s great! Just wait 3 more months and you will be watching it! Here is a good website to watch Dubbed and Subbed anime. You can also watch cartoons too.

  51. Kaname

    Season 3 please….

  52. Black Snow

    Season 3 has been released in Japan already. Rumor has it that on August 8, 2013, the season will be released in English subtitles in America. I’m really excited because this was an awsome anime! If you can’t wait that long then read the manga. Season 3 of the manga is volume 11-14. I just finished 12 and it’s good so far. If Yuki picks Kaname I’l take Zero 😉 . But Yuki should really be with Zero because WHO THE HELL MARRIES THEIR BROTHER OR SISTER!?!? I’m on team Zero because he is cute! 🙂 <3

  53. Stephanie

    I really hope they do make a season 3.
    I just finished watching season 2. I really like this animation plus i want to know if yuki and kaname will be happy together.

  54. Black Snow

    NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Kaname!!!! He’s a bum in my opinion. ZERO ZERO ZERO! 🙂 😉 LOL Out of control. Fighting with this girl and she is getting on my nerves! LOL She is a bee. Happy face! Cheese! 😀 😀 😀

  55. Zero

    Your gunna be upset my man. Yuik s*cks!!!!!!!

    • Black Snow

      I’m a girl. -.-

  56. coleen salazar

    yeheey ..! im looking forward for the next season ..and hope there’s also season 4 …but for now …i will read the season 3 and 4 in wattpad or manga …cant wait ..and i hope ..it will not be cancelled …^___^

  57. qwertfs

    wait omg omg omg omg omg omg noooo i dont waant the manga to end asdfghjkl;’\ so its gonna end in 2013 wat month ?

    • VKlover

      Vampire Knight ended today…the chapter just came out. You need to read it!!!!! IT IS MIND BLOWING AND A BIT DEPRESSING TO ME. Love you Zero<3

  58. Black Snow

    Wow you guys are that crazy? ME TOO!!!!! *0* When did the last chapter end? Give exact date please! 😉

    • Laura

      The final chapter came out on May 24, loved it, was a bit short, I would have liked for it to have more information on what happens afterwards…. Anyway I really hope they do make a third season for the Anime version.

  59. sam

    Vampire knight is awsome been waiting every year to watch it

  60. Black Snow

    Lol me too. 🙂

  61. reina knightly

    i wanna see a season 3 sooo bad!! i hope that there will be one though

  62. Samantha

    What I want out of season 3 is a just about everything. I want to see season 3 so bad that I look on the my many anime websites everyday to see if it up so I can start watching it. I just hope that it doesn’t get cancelled. I will do just about anything to see Season 3 to get aired. I hope it will be just as great as season’s 1 and 2.

  63. Black Snow

    Me Tooo! ^.^

  64. Amber Kuran

    I love vampire knight and kaname. I am praying for a season 3. please i really want there to be one

  65. GreedyHeart

    the manga already ended as of March 24, 2013.. and it revealed that:


    It’s a threesome ending..kinda..

    Kaname tells Zero and Yuuki to be together…Kaname gets frozen like in what happened to Shizuka

    Yuuki bore the daughter of Kaname (lovechild after their steamy affair in 89th night)

    Yuuki and Zero had a son also, making Kaname’s daughter, the oneechan of Zero’s son..

    Zero dies, then Yuuki dies offering her life to turn Kaname into human

    then Kaname’s daughter who addresses Zero as her other father with Zero’s son came to

    tell Kaname about the wish of their parents (referring to Yuuki and Zero) of giving him the life

    he never had — a life as a human..

    THE END..

    so do you guys still want to see the anime end just like that??

    • Black Snow

      I can live with that but Yuuki! She is a slut! >:( at least she had a child with Zero.

    • Flame Rose

      How do you know this was it in a chapeter or what?

    • angelar

      oh,,,,,so complicated. i only want kaname and yuki love ever after

  66. vk lova

    i really want there to be a season 3!!! i just keep thinking about it! i think kaname and yuuki should stay together, zero could find someone else, and (i forgot her name) the vampire girl with the long blond hair should be with akutzki.

  67. Black Snow

    *sigh* What ever I still can’t wait for the last season! 🙂

  68. Mystical Wellendorff

    I hope that they will use all of the chapters for the third season instead of leaving out some of the important parts. I also hope that everything goes okay. i have read all of the manga chapters and i want it to continue along with the anime. You could say that the second season ended with a cliff hanger. I want to see how it ends for Zero, Yuuki, Kaname, and the rest of the night class.

  69. Flame Rose

    Kaname should die and please make season 3!!!!!

    • Josh

      in the manga he kinda dies

    • Black Snow

      YES!! Finally someone who agrees with me! It’s like you took the words out of my mouth! 🙂

      • angelar

        why he must die? he never do bad thing……….he is kind,and has the ability of leader………

    • safira102806


    • angelar

      no…..no…… should be,if he die most of the audiences upset and they won’t watch and hope for another new seasons.most of the people like this anime because of the attraction of kaname and yuki

  70. Josh

    some what the happens in the manga the manga is finished now so why can’t they start the anime i really dont care if the have some fillers as long if they have the same ending in the manga

    • Black Snow

      The anime has been released in Japan. But in august is when its gonna be released in English sub :I

  71. zushicross


    I don’t know if i should be happy or sad about doing a 3rd season. im happ, because i will be able to see kaname and yuuki again and having more intimate moments.haha

    and sad, because the ending of this story is so sad.. Kaname will sacrifice, zero will die but had kids with yuuki, but also kaname had first, and then yuuki will also sacrifice to make kaname human for good.but leaving kaname with just his kids and we won;t even know what will happn next…

  72. VampireLover

    Yuki And Zero or Kaname and Yuki? Both pairs are a good match but I wish for Kaname to be the one for Yuki and maybe a new lover for Zero 😀

    • Black Snow

      I strongly disagree because Zero and Yuuki look so good together and Kaname kinda looks like some low life that has forced his sister marry him. Comment if you agree. 🙂

      • Mikayla Snavely

        I would like to see in season 3 where Zero tells Yuki about his feelings for her until a new enemy named Okara Nicholas from the Dark Fang academy arrives at Cross Academy and threatens the teachers and students. So Yuki ends up trying to save the school followed by Zero, Kaname, and the others in order to keep both the students and teachers from Okara.

  73. AnimeLover101

    I whant there to be a new enemy that threatens the students,teachers,and vampires at Cross acadamy and will try to go after Kaname,Yuki,and the others.And he/she will try to persuade Zero to join him/her while he is in a weak state.Yuki finds a piece of a stone that is the color of blood,she thinks that it is just a regular stone but its not it is a magical stone called the Bloody Fang and when used properly by any vampire it can be used to destroy the world but thousands of years ago the stone was shattered (flash back of a fight betwean 2 vampires that killed eachother trying to get the stone and then a mysterious shadow appears and shatters the stone).It takes a while for Yuki to find out about the stone and when the enemy comes after her she tells Kaname and others about the stone and will try to find a way to destroy the it while trying to find all the pieces and will uncover more mysteries about it.I also think Yuki should be Kaname’s lover.:)

    • Black Snow

      Wow that is one of the worst fan story I have ever heard. No offense. *SPOILER ALERT* Yes there is another enemy after the Kurans and she is also a pureblood, Sara Shirabuki, she killed another pureblood and Kaname has also killed vampires including a fellow pureblood who was out to kill Yuuki. He also killed Lord Aido, Hanabussa’s father for no apparent reason. Yuuki gets so worked up about Kaname because she belives “she” is not “good enough” for “him”. And Zero works too hard at killing vampires. Oh my God read the manga. Books 11-15. I didnt read 15 yet because the library doesnt have it yet but it came out about 2,3 weeks ago.

    • angelar

      yeah i agree.this anime popular because of the love story of kaname and yuki

  74. Kate

    We all want a season three!!! Please make ittttt!!!!

  75. Kimmie

    I WANT SEASON 3! It has to come out! I can’t be left hanging on such an ending that’s made for more! Even if it ended well, I’d still want Vampire Knight to continue regardless!

  76. safira102806

    i want kaname and yuki to be together C: and well dont make zero kill yuki!!!! or kaname!!!!!!! plzz make yuki and kaname together but dont make zero alone like all the time

  77. Black Snow

    YEA! What the last two said! >:O

  78. CrystalMilevard

    I would like to see the 3rd season since i am a big fan and i also read the manga and buy it cause i love it! I love Matsuri Hino and her stories telling and creations!
    I don’t like Zero sorry if i make anyone upset with that i am a big fan of Kaname and Yuuki so i want to see them together in action at anime. Love Vampire Knight and wish the best, i actually want to see Kaname and Yuuki kisses and bed time. Thanks!

    • Black Snow

      What do you see in that pedo? -.-

      • CrystalMilevard

        I just love his aristocracy his mood and all about him, i can’t tell why but his eyes made me feel so good. For me he is warm gentle even if he has to kill, even if he is tainted even if he is a monster. I love him the way he is and i don’t care for his unforgivable actions. He is something you can’t see everyday, he is special for me. ^^

  79. asas

    i want to watch anime im tired of reading 5 mangas in 1 day XD

    • Black Snow

      Lol me too! XP

    • I

      True Story Bro, Me too………….

  80. Zero's reincarnation saved me


    if there isnt vampire knight season 3 im going to die that the truth vampire knight was the first anime ive watched and it means a lot to me ive learned from it and created emotional feelings toward every single charter if vampire knight is going to be cancelled im going to japan and having a long chat with ever cancelled it and talk to the producers and if they need help vampire knight are more than willing to help we all have great ideas for a season 3 and so on there are so many great fanfictions about vampire knight 3 ive read all of them and talked to most people who want to help bring it back i wont stand here waiting for an answer and the answer to be bad im taking action so any vampire knight fans out there reading this keep making fanfiction for vampire knight and pray they will have another season dont lose any hope at all! send things to the creators of vampire knight in japan its a long process but worth it! dont lose any hope keep your head high keep looking beautiful (they way you look now) keep making fanfiction and fighting over whos a better couple yuki and zero or yuki and kaname i cant tell you how i know this but i cant tell you this ive talked to someone important and she gave me a hint to everything i know who yuki ends up with i leave you with this:

    “I feel like…I’ll go mad …if I’m not hunting vampires during the night.”

    “Yuki, I…I only desired your blood, Yuki…I want it so much that it’s unbearable to the point that unless I drank from you until the very limits of your life, I wouldn’t be satisfied…such a disgusting, gluttonous greed…that is…the type of creature I am isn’t it…?”

    “You heard it too? The sound of your blood being sucked in by me. After such a hair-raising experience you can’t act as if nothing has changed. So don’t interfere anymore.”
    (love this one because its funny)
    ” Listen up, brats! Get the hell back to your dorms! Why do I have to deal with you running around screaming “Kyaa! Kyaa!” every damn day?! Why?! ”
    “I am not your adopted son! You may have cared for me, but I did not allow you to ADOPT me!’
    ” If you go one step ahead of me, I’ll make you cry. “

  81. Black Snow

    What the? O.O

    • Thalie


  82. Miva~

    Vampire Knight was the first anime i’ve watched, and i REALLY want it to be more episodes! I want to know more about Kaname, Zero and Yuki.
    If it’s going to be cancelled, ima die inside..

    Love from Norge!♥

    • Black Snow

      Me too! But dont think about a cancellation pleas! I love Vampire Knight!

  83. MiBella

    I believe that the group need to stay together.. It’s going to be odd if they split off because I love them all.. Are you going to keep us updated with everyone’s lives? I mean if you think about it I think they would be better off all together…. Plus can’t wait to see more!! I love Vampire Knight… Please keep it going.. I must know what happens…

    • Black Snow

      You are a believer. that’s good keep up the hope! 😀

  84. #1VampireKnightFan

    Yes please there should be another season of the Vampire Knight!!!! It is the most awesomest anime ever and to think that the creators made such an amazing story and are going to let it die like that is such a shame 🙁
    I’ve never liked any anime more than i love it!!!! it made me even start drawing all the characters myself especially Kaname <3 Please i request the producers and creators to pleaasssseeeeee consider the making of another season. I really wanna see it. plz plz plz plz
    Also i dont want them to kill Kaname at the end of the series…. plisss

  85. Black Snow

    Hahaha XD Kill Kaname! That’s hilarious!

  86. vampire knight for ever

    Zero is so cute but Kaname is the bad guy. I want Yuki and Zero be together for ever <3

  87. Dead Roses

    ive read every single chapter…
    the anime isn’t as good as the manga
    — BUT STILL!!!
    there needs to be a season 3!!!! D:<

    Kaname sort-of dies and Zero ends up with Yuki<3
    –depressing ending )':

  88. Black Snow

    Thank you!!! FINALLY! :D:D 😀 <3 :3

  89. ka7591

    I am just going crazy with anticipation about what happens next.
    – Where did Kaname take Yuki?
    – Will Kaname and Yuki get married?
    – Will Yuki change?
    – What is going to happen to yuki?
    – What is going to happen to Zero?
    – What is going to happen to Cross Academy and Kaian Cross?

    BTW I am a Kaname & Yuki MEGA-FAN!

    • Black Snow

      I hate you ka7591. -.-

    • I

      answer 1 – idk
      answer 2 – they’re engaged
      answer 3 – idk
      answer 4 – idk
      answer 5 – idk
      answer 6 – All I know is that Yuuki’s best friend misses her a lot

  90. sobia

    i am looking forward for season 3 becoz i wanted to see that who will yuki choose plz plz publish it fast as u could.

  91. lovely

    please make new season of vampire knight b’coz dis is the only anime i am watching for 🙁

  92. Laura

    I would love for vampire knight to have a season 3, the Manga was great, but even though I like to read I love to watch the Anime…
    I would also like for the anime to wrap the ending a little bit more… hate not knowing what happens with one character, and after all “he” went thru I would love to see some hapiness at the end.. it is too open for my taste.
    Let´s hope they do make season 3.

  93. diana

    i really want to be a season 3 and 4… vampire knight is the best anime ever and the manga will never be as good as the animes (for me). i really want kaname and yuki to be together even though im kinda creeped out about the fact that they are brother and sister fiance… i also love zero and how he protects yuki. same for kaname. but i want them to like each other too 🙂 btw i have a poster of them in my room, my backgroud on ipod is yuki and lock screen yuki and the night class. this is just amazing and if there will ever be a season 3… i think im gonna faint… and cry when done.

    • Black Snow

      Hey! My name is Diana too! And there isn’t gonna be a season 4 at all because the last book was just published and it was the book for season 3.

  94. Heather Blair

    Well I think that yuki should be with zero and kaname should be with ruka.

    • Black Snow

      That’s what I thought Heather.

  95. ashley

    yuki should end up being with zero. and kaname should just be her big brother. i really hope there will be a season 3, and that it comes soon.

  96. dblwcm

    Please please make another season of Vampire Knight. I’ve rewatched season 1-2 countless times. How can there be so many issues when there is such a huge fan backing. We are tired of waiting. THis could be huge!!! Please continue to indulge us!!!!

  97. shiliang

    im looking forward for the nxt season, i love vampire knight.. i love the characters and the stories.. nice … love yuki kaname zero

  98. Sweet-demon

    yaayyyyy!!!! Season 3!!!!!!! :DDDD

  99. monica

    i prefer Yuki to be more with Zero than with Kaname. as Kaname is only Yuki’s brother . Yuki and Zero makes a great couple

  100. Satria

    Yuuki Cross who have discovered the biggest facts about himself and ‘his brother ‘, Kaname Kuran, is now faced with returning to a fact or the biggest secret of his brother, Kaname Kuran. As well as the revival of ‘Night Class’ Yuuki at the request of due to the task given to her by Kaname. She became a substitute for Kaname as the ‘President of the Night Class’ because the Kaname ‘secret mission’. She back with meeting Zero Kiryu at Cross Academy also cause ‘something’ between them.

  101. nel

    i really hope that they will make a season 3 the anime was really awesome

  102. cito

    they have to make a season 3 Yuki and zero must stay together hope season 3 comes out!!!

  103. !!!

    i want yuki and zero together honestly.

  104. :)

    Please make a season 3! I love VK! It’s one of the best anime out there! 🙂

  105. : )

    plz do make season 3. i luv vamp knight series. since the vamp knight books r not available here in bhutan i watch the series and I’m a great fan. hope season 3 comes out realy soon.

  106. NY

    please make new season of vampire knight. i will be stay wait of vampire knight season 3, i promise. Kiryuu Zero <3 Kuran Yuuki Kuran Kaname Aido Hanabusa and the others i will wait ^_^

  107. anon

    read the manga people…
    even if there would be a 3rd season i might not watch it even if i liked the 1st and 2nd…
    i have reasons

    • Black Snow

      What are your reasons?

  108. Animelovie

    I totally want Yuki and Zero to get together!!!

  109. Thalie

    Yes i want a other season of Vampire Knight and a other one.
    I heard there are going to be a four season called “Vampire Knight Eternity” or “Vampire Knight Blood”.


    • Thalie

      Or something like that.

    • Black Snow

      That is impossible. The series just ended and they are using the last volume as the 3rd season. What you’ve heard has been created at the top of your head. There is no season 4. Stop being so ahead of yourself and other people. It’s stressing the creators out so STOP!! Don’t spread such shallow lies because the creators would hear about your shitty rumors and cancel season 3. Don’t ruin it for us real fans. Damn, your so spoiled if you think there will be more than enough. The author, Masturi Hino, is stressed enough. She did the right thing finishing the story. Your not a fan, Thalie, your a spoiled rumor spreader. And those titles, ” Vampire knight Eternity” and “vampire Knight Blood” sound so fake that I laugh myself to death. Quit telling lies because your not fooling anyone. Bitches like you are a disgrace to Vampire Knight. Don’t even bother watching it because it won’t please you to the most! B*TCH!

  110. Celin

    Please make a season 3, it’s the best anime ever! But I want Zero and Yuki to be togheter!!

  111. Tiaret

    Ugh yes, I used to watch Vampire Knight when I was younger and loved it. Still do, I had to re-watch it since season 3 isn’t out yet. I’m so excited for it to be released. I shake in my seat! I know in my heart Zero wont have the heart to kill Yuki, there’s going to be SO much in store. Jnjsnfkenc. PLEASE HURRY, 2013, END.

  112. kawaii kurea

    I watched VK so many times!! Another dose of those sexy vampires gives me eternal happiness!!! (^////^)

  113. daniezero

    i dont know who the season 3 should be of VK but zero is the one who deserve yuki love for shore zero have been avoiding her cause he wanted to protect her from been bit and now that yuki is a vampire zero swaer to her that he search her to kill her but if every body look the serie very well yuki love zero all she had for kaname is just admiración and gratituid to have save her 10 year ago, kaname just want to complete hes promise too to yuki father,zero just want to protect yuki, and yuki want to protect her brother, she definely love zero , zero is the best the coolest and the hotest of all VK

  114. magda

    The ending in the manga was alright but I would’ve much rather preferred if in the anime they change it up a bit. But all opinions aside, i just want there to be a third season and hopefully more seasons !! I really liked Zero and Yuuki’s relationship much more than Kaname and Yuuki. I don’t know but Yuuki and Zero’s relationship seems more tragic even though it may seem like Kaname and Yuuki’s is but that’s just my opinion. Really hoping for a season 3 !!! 🙂

    • I

      Honestly, I think that Zero is more of the “Big Brother Type”. I feel that he cares more……

  115. Stephie

    Take all my money! just make this beautiful show a season 3!

    • I

      Hi – 5!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I


  117. Black Snow

    Don’t worry fans! Vampire Knight is coming out on August 8 2013 in English sub! Hope more just in case! 😉

  118. Yuuki + Kaname

    need to be together! Their love is great, Yuuki should not ask the Zero after what he did …

  119. smilesoucanlive

    Noo yuki and kaname are the best

  120. Alyssa Rose

    I love Vampire Knight <3

  121. Black Snow

    Guys! Kaname has a lover from long ago already. He was the real villain! He tortured Yuki a lot in the volumes after the seasons 1 and 2. He is nothing but a fake! Remember when he framed Zero for Shizuka’s death in season 2? He was the real murderer! He’s the crude and evil character in the whole story! And how would you look at him?! HE”S UGLY AS F*CK! He’s also more than 100 years old and he seems like a pedophile when he is with Yuki! Hate him! >:(


    Here in Finland, in vampire knight appeared just part 9 of manga. and I look forward to the third part of the anime 🙂 I hope that Zero and Yuki end up together at the end <3 I do not like the Kaname ( Kaname means here in Finland "chicken me"…:D)

  123. Random person

    If producers are really considering creating a third season… it should have some similar elements from the other two seasons, however, keep the anime adaption as close to the manga as possible, moreover, don’t make the plots too silly, ESPECIALLY the ending.
    That is all. 🙂

    • Black Snow

      Yea! I didn’t get a word you said there, buddy. 🙂

      • Black Snow

        I’m a girl BTW.

  124. #1VampireKnightFan

    I hope they make Zero laugh for the first time in the 3rd season i really wanna see him laugh :’) he deserves to be happy too <3 and also i wish they could make it a happy ending. I cried when i read the ending in the manga…. it should have a happy ending like everyone should live and all.
    Also i think that Yuuki started to love Zero soo much that she couldnt imagine a life without him so she ended up dying but since she loved kaname a little bit too she thought that maybe she owed him this much!!!!!

  125. #1VampireKnightFan

    and i really hope they dont cut the kissing and lovey dovey scenes like from the manga or else i would die!!!! we already missed 2 kisses from the second season we deserve this much D;
    so it should be a 17+ anime for their own sake 😛

    • Black Snow

      Yea true. But, since the anime has started out with a rating of T for Teens, they won’t do it 17+ because they can’t do that to a lot of the fans out there. Plus, now that the manga finished and all these events had happened, they have to end the whole series the same way the manga did. If there is some kissing involved they might cut it out or not. The animators work really hard for us so we should be super grateful. The last volume was pretty long so i think they will cut some of it out but i hope not!

      • #1VampireKnightFan

        NNooooo D; I swear if they cut the masquerade kiss i will hang myself!!!! 😛 and how else will people know that *spoiler* that the daughter in the end is Kaname’s??? sigh* whatever they do just…. dont delay the 3rd season…. i will bear with cruel cuttings. And may i think if it is going to be long why not make more episodes?? 😀 Also they should like animate the side stories too…like the one about the umbrella <3 <3 and the ones from Yuuki's and Zero's childhood :3 (young zero…cutieeee <3)

        • Black Snow

          Hahahaha! Did you know that Kaname isn’t Yuuki’s brother? He is her great great great and so on grandfather. He was one of the first vampires centuries ago. That’s old. And the last I totally agree on! 🙂 😀

          • #1VampireKnightFan

            Of course I knew that >.> It’s like the main thing in the series….:P

  126. lamha mohamed

    i want yuki and kaname to be together because zero is too rude to be with yuki


    • Black Snow

      But Kaname is her ancestor. He is one of the first vampires that lived centuries ago!!!!!! EWWWWW!!!!

  127. RomanceAnimeFreak

    OMG I can’t wait for season 3!!!! I heard tat it’s coming out in August 8, 2013!!!!! SO KEEP UR HOPES UP!!!!!

    • Black Snow

      You heard that from me. I repeat it none stop. -.-

      • #1VampireKnightFan

        Black Snow are you for sure that it is true??? You’re not spreading false rumors are you? D; Coz if you are ….plz dont toy with my heart. I love this show if they’re not gonna make a 3rd season just say it to our faces and let me be at peace!!!! *cries like a baby*

        • Black Snow

          I was told that was that it was the date BTW it came out in Japan cuz guess what? Crystal Milevard 2 months ago (youtube)
          Well it’s not a lie according to Matsuri Hino’s interview and the producers of the anime series at 8th August will be reliesed the 3rd season of Vampire Knight calles Vampire Knight Destiny as the said. Manga is going to end the next 2 months and then the anime series gonna start. They said it for real this time.
          This was written 2 months ago so I belive this is true.

  128. yukizerofan

    I really want this show to continue Ive beem a fan since the beginning and ha e been waiting for years for the new priduction. Atleast make an ending tht we.can enjoy. I love zeroooo<3

    • Black Snow

      ZERO ZERO ZERO!!! YAY!!! FINALLY A ZERO FAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  129. deathbeats

    i jusst read all the manga’s for this amazing series :D. and i love it sooo much…i just can’t get enough. honestly though Matsuri hino (smh) why couldn’t they have all stayed as one :c even if they hated each other. i was sad when i read the last chapter D’: …anywhoo 😮 i hope the third season does come out 😀 in aughust!! i already have the first and second. i also hope that they don’t cut out alot of the originall story like they did with the fight with Rido. i was looking forward to seeing their fight in action. but sadly it was cut short and i was dissappointed. i think that maria was a terrible character (no offense) i really didn’t see the point in having her continue in the manga. i mean the only thing she really got to do was have shizuka use her body. any way i really liked yori’s character. she stood by yuki regardless of her idenity. i also love takuma ichijo’s and aido hanabusa. they were always so happy. at lleast up until kaname went on a mission till kill purebloods. they both doubted their loyalty towards kaname for his actions. yet they still had faith in him. i loved kaname’s character the most. he was so calm, and introverted. (i’m not saying he was shy, but that he kept to himself alot). i found it a little irratible that it was all for yuki’s sake :/ but oh well. Zero was a likable character, a bit to much angst though. Haruka may as well be my ultimate bias in the manga. to bad we only got to see him at least twice throughout the whole series D:. anyway sorry for this bieng sooooooo long. i just had to type what was on my mind 😀 i just noticed that what i typed doesn’t relate to this discussion (chapter wise)

    • Black Snow

      I think that what you think of Kaname is alright but judging from what was going on in the chapters after season 2, I think that all the facts about Kaname then didn’t really sink into your head (no offense). Kaname may be calm but he is merely disguising his true form of expressing himself. Zero on the other hand acts rude to others because he is too afraid to express himself in front of others, in other words, he took Kaname’s horrible example. After Zero’s incident with Shizuka in the past, Zero had hated himself. He was insecure and disgusted with what he became. He lost everything he cared about. So if you F*CKING ZERO HATERS HAVE A PROBLEM WITH HIS ATTITUDE, YOU GOT A CHILDISH MIND AND YOU SHOULDN’T EVEN WATCH VAMPIRE KNIGHT ANYMORE BECAUSE THIS IS FOR TEENS NOT FOR BABIES LIKE YOU!!!!! Kaname had to kill Hanabussa’s father just because he didn’t want anyone to know about his evil plans and sh*t. That’s horrible! Zero wouldn’t do that at all! Zero is in love with Yuuki and has a weird way of showing it but he is just like a boy in my class. That boy was the one who would violate me to the limit and would make me cry all the timee but at some point we began to go out. After a day or 2 we couldn’t stand the silence between us because we were always making fun of each other and it got too weird. Then things went back to normal and he made me cry one time that I lost it. But later on we made up and became friends. I belive that will be the same with Zero and Yuuki. Kaname will just be a pedophile when he is with her. I hate you Zero Haters! Kaname s*cks, period.

      • #1VampireKnightFan

        Hanabusa’s dad didnt actually die

        • Black Snow

          But he turned to sand. That’s not possible.

          • #1VampireKnightFan

            You’d be surprised 😀

      • deathbeats

        hanabusa’s father didn’t really die…he was found sleeping in a coffin. kaname had to have aido and yuki witness the murder so that both their loyalty’s would have wavered a bit. kaname is the most lonesome character i have ever come across. i am not a zero hater, i just found his character a little funny, as well as the relationship between him, yuki and kaname. he lost his whole family to shizuka. Ichiru was cute 😀 in the end he felt affection towards his brother. anywhooo after the fight with rido he was about to kill kaname until yuki intervened. honestly i didn’t like yuki’s character very much. ( not a hater -.-) she kept going back and forth between kaname and zero. but the story had a somewhat happy ending. kaname always showed a calm and cool face but on the inside he was enraged, confused, maybe frightened. he was sooo sad D: this is off topic, and doesn’t make much sense but i don’t have any other way to put it D:.

        • #1VampireKnightFan

          Kaname’s character is sooo sad that it’s even painful to even look at him. I loved him. And i wish…. I truly wish the anime ending does some justice with his happiness as well. The manga ends in a good way too but i have a feeling that it is a bit confusing for young people….. so if they’re gonna stick to the manga ending they have to make it a 17+ anime 😛 HAVE TO!

        • Black Snow

          I didn’t like Yuuki’s character after she became a vampire. She became what Kaname did and it was disappointing. To be honest with all of you, I really hate vampires. They are unforgivable, disgusting, and cruel. They take human lives away without thinking twice. Werewolves on the other hand, are beautiful, forgiving, and kind creatures if understood. I myself have a hatred for vampires as much as vampire hunters and a werewolf has. Vampires would ask a question regarding the war between vampires and werewolves. I laugh at that. They started the bloody war first. They forced werewolves into slavery! They needed precious servants to clean their asses for them. There are people in the world that want to be vampires which disgusts me. Vampires are they weakest monsters that ever existed. They can’t have garlic; they’ll disintegrate, they can’t be exposed to sunlight; they’ll disintegrate, they can’t be exposed to holy water; God knows what will happen, and so much more that can kill them. Of course Kaname is a b*tch, he’s a vampire. It’s true Yuuki turned into a b*tch when Kaname bit her, she became a vampire. When the time comes and I see a vampire for real, I will dispose of it. I will hunt it down no matter how friendly it might be, this creature is respectful to God himself. Vampires are undead. Death is a gift from God and can’t be denied. Vampires denied this fate and they shall perish. You must accept death to live or else you won’t live at all. Even though Zero became a vampire, he didn’t want to become one. He was born a hunter and was supposed to die one. Sometimes I laugh at vampires so much that my sides hurt like Hell. What made me laugh the most about vampires was reproduction. It’s not scientifically possible for a corpse to reproduce. When the heart stops, the whole body stops working everything dies. Once the body dies it rots away. Vampires are living corpses. Even though they move, all their cells are still dead, theirs hearts are frozen. It’s not possible! Werewolves on the other hand, are alive. Magnificent shapeshifters like those don’t die after they are reborn as werewolves. The only thing that changes is their DNA. I was never taught such a science yet, but still I figured it out so easily. Only adults could make such stupid mistakes such as those. They fill our minds with non sense. Vampires are also suicidal! Ha! Do you know how? Vampire hunters. The very first vampires hated what they became. They angered humans to turn against them and kill them. Just because the poor little things were depressed out of their minds. So that was how vampire hunters appeared. Now they regret it. How ungrateful. They are without souls which makes them utterly heartless. I wish that for once there would be anime only about werewolves! If your a vampire and your reading this, YOU CAN TAKE YOUR KIND AND JUMP DOWN A VOLCANO FOR ALL I CARE! I WILL CRUSH ALL OF YOU LIKE LITTLE BUGS! I WILL BARK AT YOU FOR ALL I CARE, WHATEVER LETS ME RUN YOU OFF EARTH, I DON’T WHAT IT IS! Btw, didn’t anyone notice that I act like a confident werewolf/ vampire hunter? Now, can someone explain how a living corpse can survive on blood. Why blood of all things?!? It’s not scientifically possible to do that especially with strange blood. It can be dangerous for someone to digest blood that of another blood type than yours. Honestly I’m tired of all this explaining. I dont even know why I know so much about them. Maybe to know the enemy more it does of itself, can be they to beat them more easier and victoriously.

          • #1VampireKnightFan

            And yeah i totally agree with you Yuuki did become a bitch. I mean she couldnt even decide where she belongs i mean…. what the actual f*ck. She confuses me.
            But since i love Matsuri Hino and the story soo much i really hope the 3rd season turns out to be awesome. and i hope it is properly drawn too -.-
            <3 <3 <3 :*

          • #1VampireKnightFan

            …. like how Matsuri Hino drew. The vampire Yuuki in manga is gorgeous but in the anime she looked so…. ugly, with a capital “UG” 😛 and she was definitely scary -.-

          • Black Snow

            I just hate everything vampire! It’s getting f*cking annoying. Yuuki should f*ck herself in her sleep. She was so cute before she was a vampire. God! Kaname can f*ck himself while taking a shower because not once did I see any of those vampires take a f*cking shower. They must smell like sh*t!

          • Zerokiryu

            Yuki did become b$&@ but vampire do not exist and really I will drive them off and bark at them u say that until inert a real vamp and u get killed and werewolves are gay all they do is eat kill us and leave really gory messes while vamps have to power to make a person a vamp and allow them to live. So let’s talk real stuff vamps nor werewolves exist and not will u drive vampires of earthif they existed u will die trying. And the reason u know so much about that is because u have no life but to research vampire and stuff and instead u crushing them they will crush you and really retart “If ur a vampire and u reading this u can kill ur self” if I were a vampire( I will not reveal what I am) there is nothing in the world u cando but watch ur self die while ur losing all ur blood and also vamps do have hearts they are living and will not hurt the ones they love just like me and were wolves can’t control there selves around anyone including there lived ones they will murder the ruthlessly and just so you know I do not live off blood I live like a regular human and I eat like one the fact that we like blood is fake I will not reveal any more about my kind so if ur so tuff come after me I’m waiting one more thing I can also live off energy and I’m. It dead am a true believer of god and I do know I will die. Half off the facts about vampire are fake .fangs are real drinking blood is optional I think that is gross god knows wat a personas in its blood I prefer regular food and energy I will be waiting for the day we meet and I do have special abilities wich I will not reveal anymore until then buh BYE

  130. lauren

    Please make a season three. I think yuki and zero should be together because kaname is yuki’s brother and that’s just werid.

    • Black Snow

      Kaname is actually Yuuki’s ancestor but still your right! 😀

  131. #1VampireKnightFan

    I re-read the Manga ending again…. and still cried like crazy… :'( I dont want anyone to die. I’ve never been fond of any other anime characters but Matsuri Hino…. I love you!!!! You made this beautiful story though tragic but i want to marry your imagination….:'( :'( :'(

    • Black Snow

      You should read her other manga. I’m reading Captive Hearts by Matsuri Hino and I’m on volume 5. It’s good but Vampire Knight is better. Anyway, you should still read it.

  132. jherome

    i hope it will be fun and mysterious

  133. ;^;

    yuki should be with kaname D:<

    kaname is hawt~

    • Black Snow


  134. ;^;

    kaname is hawt~

    • Black Snow

      B*tch.. -.-

  135. Amber

    Lol. You guys r gonna hate the way it ends.

    • Black Snow

      Aww don’t say that!

    • katie

      why are we going to hate the end is it horrible

  136. Quadir Holmes

    they should not cancel this show i love vampire and this is the first vampire show i’ve seen and i like it hopefully they’ll release season 3

    can someone tell me how i can watch season 3

    • #1VampireKnightFan

      There is no season 3…

      ….yet 😛

  137. Talia Benavente

    Okay seriously, they have to do Season 3, if they don’t they’ll have a lot of annoyed VK fans like myself who wants to see the remainder of the manga in anime form. Okay, okay.

  138. one

    Sorry but Zero is much more hotter than Kaname. And that’s the fact. 😉

    • Black Snow

      Yes that is a fact! Kaname has a huge forehead.

  139. Veronika

    REACTION= *fall of my chair, stand up, reread the article, pinch myself, scream, happy dance, take a chill pill, sit down* I am like the #1 fan of VK, this show was like the first anime i ever watched, it practically introduced me to anime, i really hope they will make a third season *cross fingers* . while im at it could someone please recommend an anime that is is really romantic (even though i think i watched all of them) shanks!!! ^-^

    • Black Snow

      You should watch Fushigi Yuugi. It’s romantic. Hmm, you should also watch Please Teacher, Clannad, and Romeo x Juliet. Watch em all!

      • Veronika

        Hmm, lets see i have watched… Fushigi Yuugi, Clannad, and Romeo X Juliet, but i haven’t watched Please Teacher I’ll try it out, thanks Black Snow!! (: you know what? i’ll make a game out of this, people will suggest what kind of romantic anime i should watch and i will see if i have watched it before and believe me i have watched a lot of romantic animes, the person who recommends the most animes that i have not seen gets a virtual cookie!!!! the game ends August tenth, good luck!!!!

        • Black Snow

          Lol, no problem. Have fun with your game

  140. vampirelove

    Kocham VK, i chce sie dowiedzieć co sie stanie z Zero czy będzie wampirem, czy Yuuki będzie z nim. Uwielbiam Zero i jestem ciekawa co sie z nim stanie.

  141. Evelyn Martinez

    I want this anime to be shown to the public! \(^`o’^)/

  142. melissa beattie




  143. Nanami

    Wikipedia: Then Yuuki steals Zero’s memory of ever loving and caring for her. When he wakes up he does not recognize Yuuki at all and tell her to leave him alone. Later on he remembers Yuuki due to memories from the past. When Kaname returns, Yuuki goes back to him in order to attempt to turn him human, stopping/saving him from his genocide/suicide mission. When Kaname sacrifices himself his last words were” I want you two to be together “. After he dies Zero confesses his love to Yuuki , Yuuki responds by blushing and crying. Then later on in the manga it shows that some time has passes and Zero and Yuuki live happily together with two kids one that is Zero’s (which is the boy) and one that is hinted to be Kaname’s ( the girl, before Kaname dies Yuuki and him slept together the night before he died) . It is said that when Yuuki sacrificed herself Zero had already died of old age since he was not a pureblood vampire but a level E, he died happily knowing that Yuuki loved him back along with his children.

    • Black Snow

      Aww. *Goes to Kaname*……*Slaps the sh*t out of him* WHY THE F*CK DO YOU SLEEP WITH TEENAGERS, YOU B*TCH?!?! F*CK YOU!!!!!!!!! YOUR A PEDOP*ILE, YOU B*TCH!!!! *Grabs a knife and stabs Kaname in the heart* F*ck you, b*tch. *Smiles at Kaname* Have fun in hell! ^-^ *Walks away and visits Zero’s grave with some lilies*……* Places lilies on the grave*………* Starts to cry* Why…? Why couldn’t you just fall for me instead and make babies with me?!?! *Punches Zero’s grave so hard that is cracks and then brings Zero back to life*………. Zero: *looks at you and smiles*…… Let’s go, my love. Forget Yuki. She has the most flattest chest I’ve ever seen but you are far more beautiful! *Extends arm to you* Lets go makes babies and live happily ever after! Me:……… *Kisses you* Yes lets do that! {A month later I get pregnant with Zero’s baby} I’m so happy Zero! ^-^ Zero: Me too. I love you so much. *Smiles softly at you* You’re perfect. {9 months later I have twins; a boy and a girl. I called the girl Daphne and the boy Ichiru} Me: They’re beautiful. They have you’re hair color and your eyes and everything else! Zero: But I bet they’ll have your beautiful personality, my dear. Me: *Blushes* ……. You’re so sweet. {The years go by and by. Zero and I watch our children grow} Me: I’m so happy, Zero. You and I will always be together my love. Zero: Yes. Always. *Kisses you* I love you. {Even more time passes and we still were a happy family. And we lived happily ever after} The End… <3

  144. Taylor Walker

    I am looking forward to another season, the first two were amazing and I am so exited for another season, I hope it comes out soon, can wait to see zero again!

  145. cian

    guys , where can I find a site where I can watch vampire knight special

    • Veronika

      you can watch on youtube, but sadly its only 3 minutes long.

  146. Miyag

    I’m really looking forward to season 3!

  147. Mia Alexis

    Please finish Vampire Knight season 3 soon, because a lot of people are really looking forward to it..this anime is the best ever, and i also saw that many of the people all around the world really liked this anime too,so please continue….. And my suggestion in this anime is…. More shiki and rima parts thats all…..^_^

  148. Black Snow

    SEASON THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! WERE ARE YOU?!?!

  149. #1VampireKnightFan

    They lied? :'(

    • Black Snow

      No. DON’T CRY!!!!!!!!! WE WILL GET VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  150. GurlplzImAnOtaku

    PLZZ GET A SEASON 3 EVERYONE GONNA BE SOO HAPPY………………………… I WOULD BE SO HAPPY THAT U COULD DIEE but no weird voices i prefer subbed bcuz it has no weird voices…. PLZ PLZ PLZ SEASON 3 IM COMIN FOR U BABYYYYY and can someone tell me where i can watch the manga??? SEASON 3 ZERO IM HERE WAITING FOR U I LUV U BUT I ALSO LOVE KANAMEEEE PLZZZZZ GET A F*CKIN SEASON 3 I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER x-O

  151. GurlplzImAnOtaku


  152. Jen

    Vampire Knight can not get canceled holy cr*p. I NEED A SEASON 3!!

    • Brook-Lyn Stevens


  153. Olivia Williams

    To have the anime followed like the manga arcs and have Hino Matsuri involved in it all the way to the end of the anime ending.

  154. Brook-Lyn Stevens

    There needs to be one!! I just started watching Vampire Knight 2 weeks ago and I want to know what happens next!! Right know I’m in the middle of the Manga almost at chapter 35 which is what I have read is near the ending of the 2nd Season. If there is no 3rd Season I might die!! This is my favorite Anime/Manga!!

  155. Ac

    I NEED SEASON THREE, i’ve been waiting almost 2 years *sigh*

    • Ac

      Greetings from Sweden

  156. Lyn

    I want Yuki to be with Zero and also I’m looking forward to their promises with each other you know the killing part portion ^o^

  157. ArcherCross29

    Does anyone know when season 3 will be out for sure¿? I CAN´T WAIT ANY LONGER.

  158. vampire knight is the best

    I don’t care if yuki goes with zero or kaname there just to be a season 3 she needs to pick one and zero doesn’t need to kill her after all he was about to kiss her, SO HURRY UP WITH PEOPLE!!! SEASON 3, SEASON 3, SEASON 3!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

  159. vampire knight is the best

    for people who think zero and yuki should be together what about when zero says he will kill yuki if he doesn’t but he doesn’t want to be with her they should at least stay friends :/ just think about it

  160. Anna Martinez

    Yuki just has to end up with Zero, after all she promised that she would always be at Zero’s side!!And when they do air season 3, there should be a kiss between Zero and Yuki!!!!

  161. #1VampireKnightFan

    I was wondering if anyone knows a anime that has a character like Kaname or like Tsukiyomi Ikuto from shugo chara (a man that lacks feeling inside and is very confident) i’d prefer if the guy is hot, like kaname. Please someone help i am very desperate!!!

  162. Anna Martinez

    Ok I just finished watching both seasons and no, no,NO,NO!!!!!! There just has to be another season! And Yuki just has to end up with Zero!PLEASE! ANOTHER SEASON!!! ZERO RELEASE YOUR GRUDGE AGAINST HER!!!!!!

    • Ash Hanes

      I completely agree with you. I just got into VK and im like what?! only 2 seasons! lol

  163. Amber Martin

    I would want zero not to kill Yuki but fall in love and be togother through the whole season and the next maybe they get married and maybe have a child

  164. NTVT

    In manga…that a stupid , crazy, sadly ending …
    Hope it will have season 3….

  165. Sarah

    I hope that I shows Zero and Yuki’s life after the fall of Cross Academy. To be honest I want to find out If Kaname is really Yukis brother. Even though i already know the answer to that question ^.^! But yeah I hope we see more of Zero defiantly cause in the manga you don’t see much of him after Cross Academy was destroyed…

  166. Livia

    I. NEED. SEASON 3.

  167. Andrea

    what I would like to see for the third season is kaneme, zero and yuki after cross academy falls I cant choose between kaneme or zero. To be honest I don’t care who she ends up with they are both gorgeous maybe make like zero still likes her but she is getting married to kaneme and zero wants to stop it but still hates that she is a pureblood but I would still wanna see this triangle it makes you want to watch it even more I wanna see cross too I miss the academy master and put the aristocrats back in the picture 😀

  168. sorrow

    im torn but i hope itsout soon ^-^

  169. Shay

    I really hope they make season three…this is one of my favorite shows…tbh I can’t say who Yuki should be with…yeah her and Zero have history and they would be great together…but so would her and kaname because they were destined…but iono I guess well have to see…PLEASE MAKE A THIRD SEASON!!

  170. paul

    well, i saw season 1 and 2 in one day. probably till “the end of 2013” i will even forget i ever watched vapire knight :)) i will see other anime series.
    to be honest, i like the end of season 2 as the end of the series. i dont like the idea he would kill the girl he loves in season 3. that just…. su*! i’m not into drama cr*ps! i’m a fan of “they lived a long and beautiful life”

  171. Nay

    I cant wait for a season three! Iv’e been itching to know what happens after Yuki leaves!

  172. kate

    I rally want it to be out by now!!!!! 🙂 i want yuki and kaname get married and takuma lives

  173. lungu florin

    cand apare vampire knight destiny ? E foarte fain acest anime si vreau ca yuki sa fie cu zero.

  174. sd

    please release the new season of vampire knight d now

  175. mariyah

    i really want to see if zero and yuki get together it would be a trillion times better if they did

  176. Ash Hanes

    I really wanna see the part of Yuuki and Zero kissing and making up. And really just the end of the manga. Id like to see more Zero in the story also.

    By the way really REALLY love the story and the show. Zero is my favorite just saying <3

  177. anda

    I see a lot of people like zero more 😛 i like him too but yuuki should be with kaname . their relationship is more special in my opinion. waiting for the 3rd season <3

  178. Danielle

    We definitely need a season three. Like much Anime, Vampire Knight (Guilty) has left us with too any unanswered questions. And it is unfair to those of us who find it difficult to get our hands on the manga.
    I would love to see it Zero actually has what it takes to kill Yuki and if Yuki will still love Kaname after finding out that they are siblings…

  179. MoonLIghtX

    Agreeing to many we NEED a third season for thoes who cant get the Manga for whatever reason or they cant afford it or something and it ends like that I was seriously like WHATT NO IT CANT END LIKE THIS I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS and that was last year and I have re-watched it a few times and have no clue to what has happened since Im one of thoes people who cant get the manga I really do hope that season 3 comes out soon!


    Listen Here People!! KANAME AND YUKI FOREVER, I Love Zero Alot, But He Hates Vampires, Zero & Yuki Aren’t A Great Couple!! Incase You Some Of You Are Blind, Zero Only Sees Yuki As A Vampire That Needs To Be Disposed Of!! Kaname Is The Right One For Her. No! That’s Wrong Kaname Is The Only One For Her, They Belong Together!! And If Yuki Isn’t Going To Be With Kaname Then Season 3 Doesn’t Deserve To Be Made!! Although I Really Want A Season 3, So Let Kaname Stay Together With Yuki!! Kaname Is Hot Sexy And Mysterious By The Way!! I Like Them Both Thoo!! Zero Is Also Hot, But Not As Hot As Kaname!!

  181. XxSophieXx

    OMO!!!! pleaseee let season 3 come out sooon , I CAN’T LET THIS END !!! I was hoping to see more of it and zero is soo so so cutee~ ♡♡♡

  182. Mishari

    yuki should so be with kaname. they are like totally perfect with each other. I hope in season three they’d be happy with each other and zero would join in and it will be like a love triangle. I also want the things said in wiki to be added to the story such as the kids yuki will be having that’s gonna make the story cute. I would also like it if this season adds some info about kaname’s real parents cause that’s a total mystery

  183. Cris

    there is a petition that was published in June of this year for there to be a season three. I’ve already signed it and if you guys want the link, ill post it on here

  184. kirsten

    they should have it to way yuki has a twin sister and kaname and zero both have the same girl… I mean like really they both love her so why not have a twin sister.
    P.S I love watching anime its so kool 🙂

  185. 1235kzadf

    I CAN’T

  186. deastinyroseblood

    omg yes please be a season3 omg please please please i love vampire but i agree with most people it should have been her and zero together but oh well

  187. cutiepie

    I dnt get this at all it said THE 25 OF FEB BUT THERE WAS NO SEASON 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this s*cks if u go on some web site there is a story sorta the same as the vampire knight story (still is vampire knight) but it is 2 twin sisters named yukari and mocha. a lot more stuff happens in that story. they should produce that. in my opinion kaname should be with ruka and yuki should be with zero just saying. I know he hates vampires and all but like he LOVES YUKI AND HE SHOULD BE WITH HER. dnt get me wrong I love kaname (hes really really hot) but zero is right for yuki.

  188. Sara Jovanovic

    Are you sure?? I thing, season 3 is comming soon?!

  189. Kim Recitis

    I just finished reading the manga and I am so looking forward to season 3! Please don’t cancel it and many of us are really hoping you announce the release date soon!

  190. yuuki

    I will be so excited for season 3 and hope she ends up with Kaname .

    • Lola

      It seems yuki has feelings for kaname and zero

  191. Kitty-kat

    It came out In Japan a while back just not in the us

  192. cb_racefan

    well is it going to be in the U.S.A soon I like the series and would like to see YuKi with Zero I’m interested in seeing what happens

  193. wolf hunter#1

    I just finish watching season 1 and 2 they were the best thing ever. I would love to see the next season. it has changed my ways about vampires. they are my favorite creatures that lurk in the dark. I would love to meet the producer and the person who wrote the manga. I am so happy I watch it.:)

  194. Cami

    I hope so much there will a season three! Its will make me really happy!! I have waiting 5 years to see the season three! And maybe this year it will come! I can’t really believe it, but i can hope for this :3

  195. Molly

    Am i the only human being that desperately wants Yuki and Kaname to be together? GOSH<33 xoxo

  196. Brianna177

    I think zero and yuki should have more of a love connection. like they need to have zero realize how important she is to him. A side story perhaps about them growing up together instead of flashbacks.

  197. Riley

    I cant wait for season 3 and I REALLY hope they do it, I didn’t really like the last ending and want to see how it continues for Zero and Yuki!!!! I really want them to be together!! <3 PLEASE RELEASE SEASON 3 SOON!!!!

  198. Minnie

    I really want to watch season 3 of vampire knight. even though i’ve read all the chapters but my heart cant take and accept it AAAAA tbh, i was so disappointed the last ending vampire knight guilty TTTT i dont care if i know the whole story, what i want right now is season 3 and so on <33 i really hope there's season 3!! I'm waiting for the season 😀

    • Lola

      True I thought it was the end and freaked out

  199. lola

    At least in the manga they have kids (yuuki and zero) but the ending is really cr*py and sad

  200. Lola

    I read the manga and it seems Sarah is a pure blood who is gonna get killed by kaname. I wonder what will happen after kaname comes back to yuki since yuki knows about kaname killing all the pure bloods except for her

    Release season 3 already and please don’t make it like 13 episodes

  201. Makayla

    Why not release a new series because you can’t just end the season saying to be continued and not continue it we’re is the logic in that if there is this many websites with vampire knight info and episodes of it doesn’t that show that it is a big tv show I have been looking all over the web for season 3 since I watched the 2nd one and it is no where to be found if creators are having trouble with money why not ask the fans to donate some or make a giant movie that will help it and not just cut off season 3 and cancel when you lead all the fans on to the idea in that the last episode of season 2 it hints or points to enough season

  202. MewMew

    I want Yuki to end up with Kaname~ ;-;

  203. Kaname Girl :)***

    Kaname and Yuuki 4 ever bichess!!!! XD

  204. rara

    im so excited 😀
    can not wait to see season 3,,,
    hopefully the financial problems that plagued them, can be resolved soon, so that we can see the continuation of the story of a love triangle between Kaname, Yuuki, and zero,,
    seriously can not wait next season .. > <

  205. labiba

    Yeah I want to see yuki with zero……

  206. kilala

    Yeah I can’t wait till this season comes out I luv this anime nd I wanna know what happens to them,I hope you ret to make them if they do come out I’ll watch them all till the end. Good look

  207. Serenity

    I hope for a season 3 , would love it !! 🙂

  208. Yuki Kuran

    Release now >.<

  209. Annie

    There is only one question I want to know what happened to ichijou?

  210. Elise

    I really want her to be with zero. I believe it’s really right for them. More interesting tention too considering he is a hunter. I cried and was disappointed of the outcome of season 2. I want to see zero and her together. Please…

  211. mari

    i seriously hate this because i want zero and yuki, kanames just f*cking creepy and zero omg he deserves her. kaname and her ugh it makes me shiver (SPOILER) someone said in another comment that she has a child with kaname and im simply like no because ive only watched the anime but then they sadi she ended up leaving kaname and going with zero and also having a child with him dude like WTF. Your a slut yuki if this is true i seriously hate you because they also said then later she leaves zero and kills herself to bring kaname back to life since he went into a deep slunber even though he cant die like wtf people this anime is f*cked up IM SO DONE!!!

  212. kemm

    I think the anime is awesome. the ending in the second season was a big let down, mostly because it seemed like THERE WAS SUPPOST TO BE MORE! the story is incomplete without a 3rd. they should definitely confirm a new season, id buy that for sure! it isn’t a master piece unless its complete. 😐

    so……like they say….
    The show must go on!

    • Aiste

      yes it must couse zer might come after yucki to kill her

  213. Graeson

    I want Yuki to be with Zero or Kanme because it don’t matter I know they all love eatcher so much so Yuki should chose the one she love and want to be with

  214. racefanlover2448

    I just watched seasons 1 and 2 and really like them hope they make a season 3 so we can find out what happens between karname,zeo,and Yuki I love the season I just watched hopefully they can find away to continue and get out finacial trouble maybe someone can start a fund to help them out if who ever does I will donate

  215. g-maru :)

    GO ZERO!!! ZERO !!!!
    well, do you really think that zero can kill yuki???… hah?! i kinda upset here that thinking yukki will together with KANAME , it’s obvious in the story but to ZERO has a lot of effort in loving yukki ,, right? it’s so unfair….that’s why yuki <3 zero

  216. Aiste

    Guys why u want Yuki with Zero.In the last episode of season 2.Zero somehow will follow her and kill her? that’s what he said,

    Zero:You always have a smile on ur face,Even though I done something that was unforgivable That smile was still there I was perfectly willing to sacrifice my whole life for u.Thats what I was prepared to do,to give up everything…so ur gonna leave aren’t u?
    Yuki:yes …Zero:I though so

    (~Here comes the real part~)

    Yuki:You once asked me to kill u if u become a vampire..remember?
    Zero:I do
    Yuki:Well if I become a vampire..
    Zero:Well imm still not sure that u are a vampire …Theres no proof
    Yucki:Oh zero come on that’s just..
    Zero:All right if u really are a vampire drink my blood
    ~Yucki bites neck and drink his blood and stuff~
    Zero:All right u are a vampire..This means we can no longer live in the same world

    Most important Part!~
    Zero:But some day in the future I will come after u..to kill u
    Yucki:I will be waiting

    This made me cry WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  217. Hylene

    Is Zero will kill Yuki ? I really like that Yuki return to Zero… I know that Zero loves Yuki but he is a vampire hunter in the first place that why he promised to kill Yuki in the future but We knew that Zero is became a vampire also when he bites by a pure blood vampire…I hope zero and Yuki will be together….not to kill each other…..

  218. amal

    voglio che esca al piu’ presto vampire knight destiny lo vogliooooooo

  219. Suzzumi

    I want Yuki to be with Kaname because it really upsets me that Yuki leaves Kaname for Zero and I think Yuki and Kaname belong with each other since they both loved each other for a very long time and Kaname would do anything for Yuki.

    • Nick

      yea but the same goes for Zero and Yuki, Zero would give up his very existence for Yuki so I am on the side of Yuki and Zero and besides the thought of a forbidden love between a vamp/vamp hunter and a PureBlood Vampire Princess is so damnnnnnn exciting haha

  220. Nana

    What i want to know is what happens to zero what happens to the school what happens with yuukis friend what happens to her And kaname so many thinds left unanswered

  221. hellokitty

    I cant wait sooooooooooooooooooooo excited

  222. YUKI

    Me and my friend believe that there will be a season 3 but i’m on the side of yuki and kaname and my friend is on the side of yuki and zero… will this end my friendship if it goes too far DX .

  223. jasmine

    i really want it pls………………..

  224. Shreya

    Vampire knight season 1 and 2…..rocks….and I m waiting for its arrival…..plz it’s one of the best amines I watch…..

  225. S.C

    i really want to see season 3 so plssss dont cancel the series I just love vampire knight, one of my top favs. Cant stop thinking bout it!

  226. Eli

    i want to see seoson 3 ( kaname with yuiki forever )

    • nadeshiko

      i want the show back it should be about running away and love and over caring about yuki and yuki sneaking out to see zero and kunname wont accept her sister to go see him what do you all think???

  227. nadeshiko

    it should be about still yuki a vamp and she has to save the world but run away cause the other vamp say no cause shes a princess. i also think it should be also part of the first idea kaname looks for her and finds her then over protects yuki so much
    love it please vampire knight is so good please nlook at your fans they love you plz owner i owe you one plz love your shows dont let your fans and me down :.( we love your shows

    • samantha downs

      Love it too

  228. samantha downs

    I watched both seasons in a week I thought zero and Yuki get together and Yuki turn him into vampire/pure blood. and the 2 model vampires get together. I if you’ll don’t make a 3 season I’m gonna cry and lose all hope!

    • sadie rivera

      rima and senri are the models they are aswsome the can eat pocky all day and never run out 🙁 i only get pocky every other year but yeah i agree

  229. sadie

    i can’t wait for season 3 i want yuki to end up with kaname

  230. ashes

    Umm I think that tiki and kaname should be together I mean look what he did just for her…plus don’t you feel bad for him! He’s been suffering for 10 years and if that was me I would have given up but no he didn’t and that’s why I think he’s amazing…:) I love Lord kaname . Meant yuki sorry ^·^*

  231. Nick

    Honestly I want Kaname and Zero to fight, I want zero to win and then go after yuki, which every one of them dies is cool with me just as long as they kiss and share a moment so passionate together that it makes all the other passionate moments in the series seem like high school bullshit romance haha 🙂

  232. Marina

    I am a 65 year old American woman who was exposed to anime by one of my stepdaughters. She, her father and I are fierce admirers of Japanese cultural trends, especially those amongst Japanese young people. We all admire the humor and creativity of the fruits movement. With a few exceptions, I never enjoyed American cartoons even as a kid. Thanks to HULU, I have been able to be delighted by several anime series although what is so frustrating is that there are too many series that are missing seasons so the complex storylines just end without any conclusion. I am a very big fan of Vampire Knight, am happy that Yuki repaid Kaname’s love and devotion by choosing him as her partner. By the way, I was under the impression that Kaname lived with her family but was not her actual brother. Did I misinterpret something? is there a Season Three anime and if yes how can I get to see it? I love the depth of emotion and complicated story arcs of this series and Yura: Rise of the Yokaii Clan (Demon Capital)–my two favorites. Thanks for any further information. Marina

  233. Kate

    I read the ending of the manga after watching Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight guilty and was displeased with the horribly sad hopeless finish to it. Therefore I concocted a suitable ending to make my brain happy.

    Yuuki finds a spell to create an identical twin of herself. She figures it out because of Zero’s ability to take the rest of his twins life and become fully human again. She separates into a 1/2 and a 1&1/2 like zero and his twin were and because she is a strong pureblood still has ample powers. Kaname loves her so much he understands he need to be with Zero now that Yuuki has drank his good and understands his true feelings for her. Kaname understands that he made Zero a pawn and that Zero will never betray Yuuki and doesn’t want to fully use Yuuki and also knows that since Zero will never choose to be a vampire again now that he is human Yuuki would hate Kaname forever if he does not let her live with the mere remaining human years of his life compared to the eternity that Kaname and Yuuki have together. Yuuki ‘s 1/2 will stay with Kaname because by drinking his pureblood blood she will not be sickly at all. She will get pregnant with both of them and Zero will die eventually but her two kids from each husband will fall in love with each other! Her other 1/2 will rejoin her body after zero sadly will pass away.

    Yuuki and kaname can have one more son as well and Ruki’s daughter and yuuki and kaname’s son can fall in love too! btw

  234. katie

    Yuki and Zero end up together, but both Yuki and Zero die and Kaname ends up raising their baby.

    • kassy

      why are you telling us!!:(

    • codecodey

      F ing sweet if that’s how it’s ends that is what I was thinking. I have never read the manga and only watched up to season 2 and was so displeased with the ending. She should have stayed with zero and if that’s how it ends booya!

  235. kassy

    yes i would love for kaname to go away and leave it all up to zero so yuki can have zero all to herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Imarei Vee

    Hey guys is there really a season 3 ? Vampire knight is amazing I wanna watch more

  237. Vanessa

    I think Yuki and Kaname should be together I mean I love Zero but he’s a little selfish at times and I hope that they do not make season 3 like the manga cause if they do I would be so mad, Zero should just be happy for Yuki and Kaname and not want to try and kill Yuki. AND PEOPLE KANAME IS NOT YUKI’S REAL BROTHER HE IS HER FIRST ANCESTOR OF THE KURAN CLAN AND BESIDES HER REAL MOTHER AND FATHER WERE BROTHER AND SISTER THATS WHAT THE PUREBLOODS DO ANWAY THEY MARRY THERE SIBLING AND HAVE CHILDREN TOGETHER.

    Team: Yuki+Kaname

    • codecodey

      Like how the manga ends her going with her bro in the second was displeasing to me didn’t even look at the tv just pretended it was zero. Sorry but I hope it ends like the manga that made me happy when I read about the ending muhaha

  238. Anonymous


    • hoora

      brother & sister???!!!

  239. shawana

    plz all i want is to watch season 3 my heart hurts from season 2 y did the have to end it like that plz put it out let us all see it plz

  240. mada

    vrau sa aflu daca kaname cu iuki se casatoresc ,daca vor avea un copil ,daca vor ramane inpreuna pentru totdeauna .Doar atat vreu sa stiu .AAAAA si tot vorbi vorba ce aveti frate cu zero ?????????? nu ati vazut cum se comporta cu iuki . si cateodata e foarte ciudat .mai bine kaname decat zero …….. kaname se comporta cel mai frumos ,avea grija de ea ,o proteja de cel mai rau lucru siar da viata pentru ea .Daca ar fi facut asa si zero era asa sa sa
    sunt un mare fan deal lor !!!!! NR 11111111111!!!!!!! DECI VA ROG FACETI SEZONUL 3 …… VA ROG DIN INIMA MEA

  241. hoora

    I just want season 3…
    please… please…please…

  242. VKS3

    Honestly, I do love zero but kaname really doesn’t deserve all this hate your all giving him. I believe yuki and kaname are true love, and zero is to but there can only be one. So I believe they should all go on while yuki is with kaname, she will always love zero. And although zero sais he will come for her and kill her,I believe he will end up protecting her always. For a pure blood there will always be enemies. So I believe there should be an epic battle where yuki , zero, and kaname should come together and fight. And ending with yuki not having to choose because she will always love both zero and kaname. It’s like a epic love story where a girl loved two guys and in the end she will die loving them both. Idk how the producer will write this out, but I honestly want a season 3 . All these anime shows that I love get cut off. And leave me in the dark. I hate that, don’t let vampire knight become one of them. Let there be a season 3 please.

  243. iessa

    will yuki and kaname get married,or is kaname going to fight zero because he came back to kill them or there family

  244. fiya

    i really want season 3 of vampire knight. i am so addicted to VK and hope that there will be a season 3 to it. <3

  245. Starkiller

    I can’t wait for the next season plzzzz make it

  246. Emelia Riding

    I REALLY WANT TO SEE A SEASON 3 OF VAMPIRE KNIGHT!! I’m left standing on the edge of my seat. I absolutely LOVE Zero and Kaname, and I want Yuki to be with both! But we all know that probably won’t happen. I want to see what happens to Kaname and Yuki in the future, if Zero meets someone else or if Zero has a family too or even Kaname and Yuki. What if Zero does keep his promise to kill Yuki when he finally meets her again, but he discovers that Yuki has kids and Zero ends up falling in love with one of her children? O_O gasp! Plot twist!

    • codecodey

      I would like it that way but the love more towards zero lol

  247. Mahnoor & Mahwish Raiz

    ME and my sister really like vampire knight and we really want to see third season. Hope it will come soon. 🙂

  248. Jessie Hickman

    yes I want to see the third season im dying for it. I’ve been checking for it every week.

  249. Kagura Hondai

    Look… it had better come out because I have been looking forward to it for 4 years and if it doesn’t I am flying to japan and kicking the studio’s but!!! I know what happens.. I read the manga, but I really would like to see * spoiler alert* Zero kiss Yuki and Kaname turn into a bat and also rip his heart out of his chest!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry I am fangirling like crazy… I also haven’t slept in 8 days because of this series…… Gomenasai, Minna……

    • Talia

      Rip whose heart out zero or himself(kaname)? He turn into bat how ? Do zero end up being together where did you get this spoil alert ?

  250. sofia

    I think that kaname and yuki shoud defenately go back to the school and yuki shoud enter the night class i cant wait for the theer season

  251. codecodey

    I want her to make up with zero that’s how the second season should have ended but, if there is going to be a 3rd season makes for better story and she better end up with zero at the end.!

  252. Kizumi

    CLOSURE. We need closure and answers to all of mysteriousness.

  253. Sarah

    I want there to be a seasson 3 of VK because it was a good anime and I enjoyed and the people who mad this they better make a new one I swear I would get so mad and it was getting to the good part and I think that yiki should end up with kaname because he now more about her and zero did say he would kill her but fingers crossed right :)and P.S this is my faveriote and of all the anime I’ve watch so yeah:)

  254. ash

    yuki and Kanme

  255. justyna

    Już nie mogę się doczekać 3 sezonu Vampire Knight. Kaname i Yuuki powinni być razem bo to rodzeństwo a zero powiedział że ją zabije. prosimy was żeby był trzeci sezon.

  256. haya

    Kaname and yuki ofcours because kaname loves her so much :-*

  257. venla

    Yuki and zero should end up together <3

  258. ashes

    Vampire knight really is the best ^^

  259. Keni

    Kanama and Yuki most definitely after everything he did for her its impossible not to love him for it!!! Different vampires would be cool and maybe if someone who is important or actually becomes important dies to bring out different sides of people

  260. Sami

    The reasons why i want them to make a season 3 for VK is 1. Cliff-hanger at the ending just makes me want to know more 2. Its in the manga 3. Zero said he was gonna kill her and Yuki said she will be waiting (also a cliff-hanger) and i also wonder if they could or would make a season 4? Just wondering…


    KANAME And yuuki are f*cking brother and sister… hello zero definitely, shouldn’t have wanted to kill her but go with her and love her. F*CK KANAME!!!!!

  262. anime♥

    there is vampire knight season 3 or not?

  263. venla

    Pls Season 3… (zero + yuki <3)

  264. nikki

    Guys listen………….. Everybody. They have a season 3 its just that they wont release season 3 in the U.S. but in japan they are so ………… That means the time we will see season 3 is never! Unless you go to Japan.

  265. sophie

    Hi.. I love vampire knight. It is an awesome anime and I have been waiting for season 3 to come out in the U.S. I want a season 3 because they have left so many things unanswered
    1. Who does Yuki end up with
    2. What happened to Zero and Yuki
    I also want to see Yuki use her new powers and all of that stuff. I just cant wait . And I seriously want a season 3……

  266. Talia waquie

    Where could I find out when season 3 will be out? Where can I find to watch it? I want zero and kaname fight for Yuki love she having to choose. And kaname and Yuki wedding how zero and Yuki meet again will zero and Yuki final kiss already it’s been two season and the other people where did they go if they didn’t follow kaname. And about school everybody Yuki left behind.

  267. Pikachu

    I read the manga to vampire knight and I disliked it, I wish and hope that yuki and zero end up together. They are perfect for each other! I would like to see season 3 to end with yuki and zero together forever ^~^

    • venla

      Same here! Yuki x Zero <3

  268. sofia

    I really want to watch the third season I will do anything to watch it !!!!!!
    plus I watched seasons 1 & 2 in 2 days I really love vampire knights
    p.s. I prefer zero!!!!!!!!

  269. Tyler

    I will die if vampire knight destiny is canceled it is my only favorite anime

    • cece

      ya the same here I love that anime

  270. Samantha F

    There should absolutely be a third season. Zero has to end up with Yuki, Kaname is so imperfect and zero deserves to be with Yuki.

  271. Kitty

    NO!! KANAME!! kaname was with yuki for a very long time… yuki always, has been in love with kaname… it should be by the book…. and vampire knight is my fav anime all times!!! yea zero looks good with yuki but kaname has always been there for yuki, ALWAYS… he was the one who did all those things for yuki… to be with yuki… how can u guys put all that hard work for yuki into wast… i mean u got to think… kaname… he… has more feelings for yuki… yea sure zero has the same feelings but… he hates vampires… ik he would never kill her but still its not right to swich things like that… KITTY OUT!!!

  272. cece

    the reason why is because I want to see it the head master remakes the acadamey and ive heard that the manga says that yuki will kill her self to bring kaname back and kaname comes back as a human and yuki living zero with the kids of her and kanames and hers a zeros. but I want everyone to live and they all go back to cross acadamey and youri takes there place for the Disciplinary Committee and that zero and yuki moves to the night class and they all live happily together.

  273. BLEECRUZ24

    I really truly want her with zero!!!! Sigh..it seemed their parents wanted the same in the scene where the father told Yuri to make yuki human, but that kaname would be upset…

  274. Darth Wooser

    first off HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO DECIDE i know ive seen people asking since 2008 and now its 2014 seriously. but if anything i want it to follow the manga and i want it out soon ^_^ ive read the manga and now im caught up in the anime and seeing i couldnt watch the rest was crazy lol release soon please

  275. Beth

    Truthfully, both Zero and Kaname loved her but Kaname’s seemed deeper and once Zero found out about her true form he hated what felt and regretted his love. He felt as if she betrayed him even though she didn’t know herself. He even said that one day he would kill her. Kaname always loved her, to him she was the most precious thing in the world. In the end he didn’t force the situation and loved her no matter the decision she made. He actually believed she would choose Zero. Zero however, could not get over his hate for the race. To him she was no longer the Yuki he new though she was the same besides an addition of powers, fangs, and bold lust. While he may love her, the issue of her true self will cause him to suppress it or attempt to demolish it. No matter the situation Kaname’s love was known and nothing she did could destroy it. He waited patiently for ten years without argument, getting glimpses or small touches when he could. Doing anything he could to protect her. Kaname was also the only one who caused any emotion or reaction from her right after she was changed and her memory wiped. She loved him early on and that loved blossomed. With Zero, she wanted to help him or take care of him. That’s how there relationship started. She was trying to help him get over his issues and past. In the very end she chose the one she loved and needed most, and no matter the pain they had caused each other they would always get passed that and love each other more.

  276. Elizabeth

    When is the date it comes out

  277. Kara

    I just want to know what happens next!~

  278. Julija

    I want to see Yuki and Kaname get together !!! I read the manga, and I think that season 3 is absolutely necessary . So please, please please, make one !

  279. Beth

    I think yuki should be with kaname zero will end up a level e and have to be destroyed besides that’s her brother whether real brother or not that’s disgusting I can’t wait for season 3 but I prefer kaname they make a better fit they are irresistibly drawn to each other and show a lot of chemistry can’t wait to see how it turns out

  280. sushi

    In my point of view, Kaname and Yuki will be together in season 3.They look awesome.And there is was always kaname in yuki side…………..forever. I prefer kaname and yuki. And plz don’t cancelled the vampire knight. I love this anime .

  281. Samantha

    I love yuuki and kaname senpai:)

  282. karli perez

    what I want in the 3rd season of vampire night is soooo simple, but before I say I want to tell everyone that I know there is a low chance of my comment being read is highly unlikely considering that I only started watching the series july 12, 2014 and finished it 4 days after… I fell inlove with it sooo far my favorite!!!! my old favorite was black butler…. ok well the first thing I want in season 3 is to have yuuki and zero to reunite and fall inlove as for kanime to fall inlove with ruuka…. I don’t know but that’s my number one request for the creators of the anime and the second thing I want is for the head master to see yuuki the third for zero to join kanime and yuuki in their journey or life or whatever you decide to place them the fourth thing is I want kanime to slowly become attached to him and form a brotherly relationship that zero and kanime never had until icharu’s death…. the fifth and final thin I want is for zero to become a pureblood that is what I want and for the animes sake I will say all that I loved about the show my favorite character was zero!!! and my favorite episode was when zero for the first time drank yuuki’s blood and I love the first eason song but the second season’s theme video…. I know that I right a lot but I just have soo much on my mind that I want to say about this anime its just that amazing to the creators I compliment on their great work and I doo sooo hope that there will be a third season and more to come but to be honest I hope there is a twist in there like a faked death (icharu) or a surprise appearance (kanime’s family)… ok to wrap things up I will conclude with a plead to make a third season or more the more the better as I say alright and please do read this letter I do so hope I get a letter back!!!! thank you!!!!

  283. Melissa Douglas

    I would LOVE to see Yuki withe ZERO! As well as the others being happy. Hopefully they show a…better
    Side to Kaname. And YukI and Zero can be happy together. please.
    I kinda like, Kaname too, but Zero seems so sweet. And was heartbroken!
    I hope yuki returns to Zero and something else good can become
    Of Kaname? 🙂

  284. JessicaDJ

    Well i would also like it for all the other vampires have awesome secrets!!!!!!!

  285. Kat

    To be honest, I want the story to just go along like it has been. Matching up with the manga, but not exactly like the manga. I just hope fans don’t screw up the series by putting fans’ hopes up for a season that doesn’t exist. It could cause an uproar and make the producers stressed about the series. They might not even make it at all. But I really hope that this series continues. It’s a really good anime and manga series. I’d love to see how it goes along animated. But that’s just my opinion.

  286. luna Arika Kuran

    How much will it cost to bring out the new vampire knight season 3 and the subbed version as well because if i have the creators contacts of vampire knight il try my best to raise money for it if i can have all the fans cooperation as well because there are tons of fans out there who want vampire knight 3 to come out and i also want it to come out
    i live in the uk in a country side place called soberton

    i would really like all the fans help xD

    if you want this to be a success. Help me out and we can reach our goals for vampire knight 3

  287. Monster~

    Please all I want is vampire knight to continue as it was written in the manga…

  288. Nikki

    They should do alternative endings one where Yuuki ends up with Kaname and
    Zero. But also if Rima and Shiki end up finding Tamaki as well whether the two of them get together or what.

  289. Ginny

    I’m looking forward to season3. I want to see how Yuki takes to being a vampire and how does zero takes it and to see what happens to their relationship, how it changes.

  290. Me

    I just want Vampire Knight to continue, I can’t get enough!

  291. Anime Lover

    I really want season 3 of Vampire Knight and i really hope Zero gets Yuki I don’t see how she could be with her brother Kaname. It just doesn’t seem right.

  292. A Different Star

    While the idea of Zero and Yuki is quite amusing – I would like to see Yuki open Kaname up and teach him how to be more emotional and smile more. I would also find it cute if they opened up a new school for vampires and face the new difficulties and Yuki can see her best friend again. I would also like to see the bridge between vampires and humans minima listed so that they can for fill their dreams! I want to know about tehe mystery behind Kaname and perhaps get zero to fall in love for someone else, maybe Yuki’s best friend because that could cause some tension.

    Any way, that’s just what I think.

  293. Animejackass

    It’s funny did any of you even watch seasons 1-2 zero will be turning in to a level e and he said to yuki(next time i see you i will kill you) so sorry guys but well there is no way yuki can hook up with that dumb ass zero i mean hes just annoying plus kaname reminds me a little bit of my self anyway kaname is better and you people who say its weird for yuki to date her brother do yall know anything she kaname said in season 2 it is normal for pure blood vampires so yeah oh and to anyone that comment saying no zero will live hes about to be a level e someones bound to kill him well i guess im done here but listen if those fucking righters come up with some of a way of not turning him into a level e ill kill myself got that righters ill kill myself

  294. luna

    I wonder if they will make it where zero will have to kill Yuki and Yuki kills zero and that will be there last moment together

    • mia wheeler

      I agree zero should get a letter saying that he has to kill the pure blood Yuki cross but Yuki kills him instead and that can be there last moment together but when Yuki leaves kaname can behind a tree and then kaname can give him his blood then zero can come back to life.

  295. tatianna

    i hope they do not cancel the show . I love vampire knight and i wanna see who yuki gonna be with . Zero or Kaname. If they can continue a show like full metal alchemist , they can continue vampire knight

  296. Lee10251170

    I am really looking forward to season three if they do make it. I have been obsessed with vampire knight lately and i keep watching it over and over again. If i had the money i would even get the manga :3. So please make it for us fans we love it when they make more episodes of our favorite animes.

  297. Yanaboo123

    I want Yuki and Zero to be with each other.Also don’t cancel Vampire Knight season 1 and 2 were great us fans need to see another season please.

  298. Rafman

    I hope kaname ends with yuki

  299. Zerokiryu

    There better be a season 3 I’m so obsess with this shows I truly believe and kaname should not have yuki zero should have her.butspoiler alert button the end yuki does the spell and dies and make kaname human and does not remember anything and sheleaveshim with her and zeros kid oh and also zero hooks up witha girl from another anime a her name is MOka the anime it’s called Rosario+vampire

    • Alexa

      How do you know that!!!!!!!!

  300. Alexa

    I need to know when Vampire Knight Destiny is coming out I loved the books and the show I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!! I am dieing here haha please let me know as soon as you can!!!!!!!

  301. myrta

    I want it to start 2015 in July 29

  302. Emily

    Zero kiryu should marrie yuki and kill konima

  303. Enniebug

    Please make a season 3.I am with Rafman kaname should get yuki!!!!

  304. Chassy


    • dann

      yea I agree

  305. dann

    zero dosn’r deserve her
    kanname does

  306. ALEXX


  307. Chezz

    Apparently, i’ve heard… before i continue THIS IS A SPOILER SO DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU! Yuki returns and she sees Zero again. He hates the fact that Yuki is a pure blood and Kaname is her brother. Kaname goes after some pure bloods and betrays her so she and Zero try to stop him. Then Yuki and Zero get close again. She then steals his memory of loving an caring for her. When Zero wakes up he’s forgotten her and tells her to leave him alone (like always). He then recognizes her by retrieving memories from the past. When Kaname returns, Yuki returns to him in order to attempt to turn Kaname into a human, stopping/saving him from his suicide mission. When Kaname sacrifices himself, his last words to Zero and Yuki are, ” I want you two to be together “. After Kaname falls into slumber, Zero begs Yuki to be with him, Yuki remains mute still distraught from Kaname’s ‘slumber’. Later on in the manga, it shows that sometime has passed and Zero and Yuki have lived happily together with two children, one of which is Zero’s (the boy) and one that is Kaname’s (the girl; Kaname and Yuki slept together the night before he sacrificed himself). It is implied that Zero died of old age, since he was not a pureblood vampire but a level E, but he died happily knowing that Yuki and he had lived a happy life.

  308. Evelyn

    There better be one!

  309. Sally Marquez

    I don’t understand , why should the story line end at all even after the third part of Vampire Knights hits shelves why not turn it into a movie and then return to making more of the cartoon version. at least it might be worth a shot to try right. and how many would go see it. i know i would if it turned into a movie =)

  310. Marielle Oncale

    Hello its me! I never really been to japan are parts of the world to enjoy things. But one thing is for sure that i got in to anime life style. When my own brother as watch anime on his flat screem t.v, i use to watch it with him when i was 11 years old. Now I’m 23 and I’m so in love with anime the one anime show i did watch was vampire knight first sight i saw it i fell completely in love with it i can’t stop watching the show online over and over again. Will you please tell me right away when will vampire knight season 3 will be coming out soon to the USA. And when will it be release. and thank you so much for your time!

  311. Melyssa Greene

    I absolutely cannot wait for season 3 I cant wait to see what kind of interactions Yuki, Kaname, and Zero are going to have, because they definitely left that a massively loose end!!

  312. no name




    • Kinlee girl

      Where did u see season three

  314. juicyfruit

    I would love to see yuki and kaname kuran get married like their parents and have a child or three or maybe twins..( and zero would be sad but he would find a replacement for his feelings for yuki her roomate in season two) Now because yuki and kanama get married they become this perfect pureblood family which there would be enemies. yuki and kanama would hae to fight with zero and his partner to save yuki and kanama children.. yuki should have powers like her mother or father , something similar to kanama. I understand how must people may feel about yuki and kanama being siblings, BUT ITS AN ANIME, IT NOT REAL!!!!( But here is a small fact) DID YOU KNOW THAT PRICE WILLIAM OF DUKE OF CAMBRIDGE MARRIED HIS COUSIN CATHERINE AND THAT’S REAL..SO GET OVER IT, ITS A ANIME PEOPLE…. I think yuki and kanama are beautiful together. Beside At the end of season 2, Zero said he will kill yuki that doesn’t sound like love to me. YUKI AND KANAMA SHOULD BE AND STAY TOGETHER , IF NOT I PROPERLY WONT WATCH THE THIRD SEASON AT ALL

    • sushma

      I totally agree with u…..

    • Admire007

      I agree team#yuki and kaname

  315. Roxy6020

    Where the hell can I find season 3 of vampire knight 🙁

    • Khaleasha

      You dont they are making it it isnt even sure of there will be a s3

  316. sushma

    I love this drama too much.And i would like to request u please made season 3 n i read the manga till the end it’s makes me cry when kaname throw his heart in furnance. At end of story i want yuki n kaname forever but at the end i can’t understand where is yuki why just butterfly in his hand of kaname. And please considered abt it n made the season 3. I ‘m crazy about it.<<3<3<3

  317. kayla

    TEAM ZERO ALL THE WAY B*TCHES!!!! I’ve wanted him and yuki together since the start. So there has to be a season 3, I love vk soooo much. <3

  318. Ashley jenkins

    Please make season 3 in Sacramento and I like that Yuki is with kanamai

  319. KR Bappy

    Vampire knight is one of my favourite anime…so hope there will be s3……

  320. Tj

    I Need To See Zero And Yuki Together……IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN

  321. lexi

    they need to make season 3 I LOVE VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!! its my fav anime

  322. VK season 3 pls

    Hope that they will make a season 3 series I really love this one. Thought she will stay with zero, but I also don’t want kaname to be sad. At first, before I knew they were siblings, I really want yuki to be with kaname. But the human morale in me kind of opposed of them together. But, because they are both pure blood vampires they need to keep each other safe and be with one another. Kaname is just so cute, but I really want Yuki and Zero together. Which will be so hard, for Zero is a Vampire Hunter.

    That’s why they need to have season 3. It will be very interesting how the writers will turn the story on this trio.

  323. Khaleasha

    Are you all stupid kaname is mayby on paper her brother but the ones that when they read this know it already are the real smart people because kaname isnt yuuki’s real brother
    And by the way i want kaname and yuuki to be together but i want zero to be in there live to

  324. Dezinteras

    I want to see kaname and yuki get married and have a baby I want them to have very passionate and loving moments but then zero comes to kill them with an army but he loses but does not die and he forgives yuki then goes off on his own destiny

  325. Shannah

    they don’t live happily ever after yuki gives up her llife to let kaname live as a normal human to save him read the damn manga and i don’t think season 3 will come cause it would have aired already if they would make the 3rd season cause it’s populair i hope they still would do it though

  326. jesse

    Please im begging u that they make a season 3 by a 1 fan

  327. Trena

    I just finished season two and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to wait. I REALLY hope that season 3 will come soon! And I want Yuki to be with Zero so bad.

  328. Shaila

    When will season 3 get out I want to watch it now

  329. lol123

    the manga is the best. because in the manga Yuki and zero will get together . PROOF READ CHAPTER 94

  330. fan

    Please come out with a new one or at less went u have enough money to do so. Best of luck.

  331. mery

    When will it come out here in the usa

  332. Rose

    I think Yuki should stay with Kanmane they both love each other and then have zero be their friend in the end a happy ending all around.

  333. sharikamaesiega

    pleae release the season 3 cause i want to see Zero and Yuki killing each others (^_^)

  334. esmeralda taylor

    Omg…yes….I hope with excited that season third omg . please .. I trust that they will make vampire knight destiny soon….thanks you

  335. Lady111

    Lady Yuki I would love to see her get married to Kanmane and have a daughter together and their daughter falls in love with a Half human half vampire boy just saying 🙂

  336. mei

    zero and yuki died in the end but they have a child..same with kaname though kaname became a human in the end,.. ohhh i love you kaname!!

  337. Random me

    Omg I love this series and finished watching all the episodes for season 1 and 2 in one week!
    I really want to know what happens to rima and senri.
    Lots of people say that VK Destiny (season 3) won’t come out because the producers are having financial problems….
    I love kaname and yuki!

  338. Gabriel

    I would want yuki with kaname because in the manga zero get yuki and kaname goes to deep slumber which s*cks I think it should be the other way around where kaname get yuki and zero dies or go to deep sleep or something

  339. venla

    Yuki and Zero should end up together <33

    • firechild

      THEY DO!

  340. Marcy

    I love this movie and I think you must and the season with zero and yuk I togrther somehow Kaname can be happy too so everyone is happy mostly zero and yuki

  341. Jane

    Please new season I’m so freaking Excited to watch 3 season it so bad please!!!’ I loved you work hope new one please !!

  342. Kyle

    I’m on team zero!!! But first i’ll tell you why. and i know that this is alot to write but its true

    at the first episode i saw kaname and yuki together i thought that they were a cute couple, but then i saw zero, the guy that looks mean and protective but he holds a deep secret, then once you get into the story you start feeling sorry for the guy and you see that yuki starts seeping toward zero and that they have bigger chemistry than kaname
    though every time you see yuki and zero together its always rather kaname or his “minions” that get in the way and you always think that kaname always has a plan set for her to get with yuki (like that one time where yuki goes to help a little vampire kid find his mom and him popping out of nowhere)
    and if a plan of kaname’s has failed he just goes on and erases yuki’s memory and starts over (which is what this whole problem started off with) and zero and his problems get in the way of some of his plans like zero’s master coming and him trying to fight her and yuki finds out or zero trying to run away or yuki worrying about him turning into a level E so she tries to level him off into giving him her blood
    and about kaname a don’t HATE HATE him i just don’t want to be in the same room with him (if i were) only because of that episode where kaname tempted zero to drink his blood where he didn’t want to and i know that he needed it but there had to be another way than that like blood packets but no he just sat there waiting for zero to bite him even though zero himself was trying to keep it together because once he said yuki’s name he was still sane.
    but lets be real SO WHAT if kaname saved her life from a vampire you can at least be forever kind to him but after seeing him every day you can’t just fall in love with him i mean THEY’RE SIBLINGS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD i know that they said that they’re monsters and that they don’t care, but think if YOU were in that situation would YOU still like him after that tad bit of information and even if you say yes i won’t believe you because i almost had that insident with myself too.
    (some quick information about me is that i am a girl and yes i had a boy friend, but it didn’t all end in roses and we decided that we would be better as friends and i’m so happy that we did because a few years after his step sister and my cousin married and now were COUSINS we don’t like to talk about the matter all that much but now were scared by our past. now back to what i was saying) it’s just that zero he tries to be nice and express his feelings with yuki like at the last episode where yuki bit zero to be sure if she wanted to leave and mad at being mad at her saying that he will kill her just like the other vampires: kaname, akastuki, etc. (man i hated her for that act) but that is all i have to say about team zero and kaname on what teams i choose subscribe.

  343. corinabooth

    please please please be a vampire knight 3 i really cannot wait for it

  344. Kat D

    I’d be willing to put some money towards something like a charity or whatever to help! I want to see season 3!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  345. 100% Kaname

    I really like both Kaname and Zero, but I think she should stay with Kaname because he did wait for her until she grew up. He suffered more than Zero. So I’m team Kaname all the way!♥

  346. gabby

    When is season 3 going to be on Netflex !!!!

  347. Manda

    I want Yuki to stay with Kaname BUT!! I would Love it if Zero and Yuki could become the friends they were in VK and VK Guilty without much of a problem with Kaname. I’d also love the original Aristocrats to be involved at the same pace they were before. Also, a deep feeling inside wants me to see Yuri involved…..

  348. pri yanka

    I want season 3! can’t wait to see if Yuki and Zero are together!zero is much better than kaname!:) 😉

    • Allie

      I agree

  349. kaylah hardy

    I really want season 3 of vampire knight to come out

  350. Jessica barrios

    I want to see season 3 the story can’t just end like that I need to see more it better come out fast

  351. Cindy

    Complete waste of time and money another great series ruined at the end. Would have been better if I read last book 1st would have me saved a lot of time and money. HATE ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  352. Ben1679

    They ended season 2 with so much room for another season and since the manga has ended the animators and writers should make another

  353. CJ

    Kaname gave up too much not to be with Yuki. His whole life was devoted to protecting her. He made some hard, sometimes terrible, decisions but it was all for Yuki. After all he gave to see her live a safe and happy life I believe he should be with Yuki but Zero still be a part of Yuki’s life.

    • lilly varge

      Right its unfair if he hast to give up the one thing he loves the most. An that is yuki, after all he did for her. He protected her so well he did things that zero could never do even if he was a vampire. But zero was still razed with yuki so he still should be a part of her life. But what happened to his word that he would go after kaname an yuki an killing them cause he is a vampire hunter an they are vampire’s but they are pure bloods so they should be fine.

  354. Gemma

    I think that yuki and kaname should get married and have a daughter, aww she would be so cute.

  355. Allie

    I want yuki and zero to be together! and I wish the seasons where longer I hate that the seasons are only 13 episodes

    • YukiandZeroLove2.0

      I agree with you Allie!! I think Yuki and Zero were ment to be!! I think Zero should of kissed Yuki when he woke up whe he THOUGHT he KILLED Yuki. Zero should have more confadence.

    • Jillian Brannon

      No Yuki and Kaname should be together!!!!!!!!!

  356. Daysi

    Please bring it back

  357. rose

    Not zero he want to kill her so I say let them battle then Yuki gets hurt and Kaname kills zero and it goes from there I mean Kaname dose a lot of cool thing please the ones that say ‘ Yuki can’t be with Kaname cause there brother and sister’ need to rember the Sean where Kaname says ‘ don’t look at me like that you know pureblood siblings can get married’ have you all forgotten about that.

    • YukiandZeroLove2.0

      Yes, i remember that Rose. But.. I think it’s still not right. it’s just weird. I think Yuki and Zero were ment to be together. Zero DID almost kiss Yuki when Yuki was a human.

  358. katelyn

    Ive seen it next series zero dies and yuuki kills kanama

  359. YukiandZeroLove2.0

    I really want a seasone 3! It too much suspence!! I can’t take it!! I really want Zero and Yuki to be together. I saw the episode at the end of season 2, and Zero smiled after Yuki bit him. I know Zero loves Yuki. It’s sooo unfair that Kaname had to take Yuki away from Zero. Anyway… I literally think I will go insane if they don’t make a season 3, or even a season 4. Why would Yuki even give up her life to save Kaname? I think someone else would do it, like Ruka. I really hope they release season 3 of Vampire Knight. It’s just soooo suspenceful!!! uuuggghhh!!! i can’t take the wait!! x3 People have to help finace the people that make Vampire Knight. I REALLY WANT SEASON 3!!! x3 x3 xD
    I really love Vampire Knight!!! And I HATE spoilers!! don’t soil ANYTHING for me!! Anyway… I really hope they make a season 3, and maybe a season 4!! I think it was to weird for Zero when he tried to kiss Yuki in an episode. I know Yuki started to blush when he was about to kiss Yuki. I think it was really rude that when Vampire Yuki was going to see Zero, Zero was going to shoot Yuki if she opened the door!! That is not nice. I think he was just afraid of her at the moment. xP

  360. Anahi

    I saw the season 1 & 2 please make more.:(

  361. rose

    Omg all of you just shut up I mean think Yuki should stay with her brother and live with him and then zero trys to kill Yuki but don’t want to cause he loves her an kanama sees him try so kanama gets in front of Yuki and zero gets over it rilizes that Yuki and kanama are good vampires and join them then zero goes to level E and then Yuki kisses him and he becomes a pureblood and Yuki and zero start dating and kanama is happy cause Yuki’s happy then kanama tells zero “you ever hurt her I will kill you” and then zero says same goes for you and it goes from there. (All at random times)

  362. rose

    And I would like a season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

  363. Person

    Literally it’s 2014 and it still hasn’t came out they probably cancelled it but I’m surprised I thought at least it would make good money in japan I want it to come out but for real it’s 2014 that show was made in 2008 how long are you gonna make us wait?

  364. Raluka

    Yuuki and zero shoul be together.
    I’ve been waiting foreve for season 3 of VK to come out.
    I’ve watched 2 seasons in one night and I can’t wait
    Wait to see season three. I check every day and night to see
    If it came out I searched and yea no sign.

  365. Raluka

    I hate waiting… It’s nearly 2015 and it still hasn’t came out

  366. Mimi

    I would love to see Yuki have a decision of saving Zero or Kaname, then choose from deep down that zero is her lover and Kaname accepts that she’s fallen for him and back off, being there for her from the shadows GOD DANG IT SEASON 3!! COME OUT ALREADY!! I DONT WANNA SAY GOODBYE TO VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!!!!

  367. firechild



  368. jasmine Williams

    I would love a vampire knight season 3 it would be a dream come true, amazing, etc.

  369. VKfan ;P

    I’m a HUGE fan of Vampire Knight and it would be a dream come true for ‘Season 3’ to come out on DVD. It would be a huge favour if it comes out soon.

  370. Trixie

    I hope they make a new Vampire Knight soon because I want to see the real ending to the whole adventure between Zero, Kaname, and Yuki. It shouldn’t have ended the way it did, but to continue the way it left off and end up having Yuki with Zero because they just look so great together *automatic nosebleed and full on fangirl*! Please directors of VK, please make another season and a couple more after that because I’m in love with this series. I’m going to wait for season 3 until it kills me! So, you better make it soon because I won’t let the big guy up above to take me now until I see more season’s of Vampire Knight with Yuki and Zero get together, making so many kawaii babies!!!!! ;P

  371. Mckayla ward

    I’ve seen all the episodes and read the whole manga. Even though I know what happens next doesn’t mean I don’t want to see you you do. I just want to stick that the manga story as much as possible, just no fillers. And I’m team kaname, never really liked Zero, he was kinda a jerk. But please let yuki and kaname have moments, and shows the ball scene. I love that one. Can’t wAit for season 3. Just please don’t cancel it.

  372. thunder spark

    to be honest Im really upset about how they left off vampire knight guilty and the magna’s are so hard to obtain where I am so im hoping this 3rd season comes out because I really want to know what’s with Kaname he just seems untrustworthy to me for some reason…

  373. Dakota Truelove

    Tell us when we are going to be able to watch season 3 :-[

  374. Raven waymer

    I want kaman and yuki to be together and zero come to find her to kill but he can’t cause he is in love with yuki they kiss kaman find out heart broke and yuki need to fixed it but she need to chose who she want zero or kaman and she need adio and ruka help to restore kamane but she need to listen to her own heart so she go to the headmaster and he said follow her heart and kamane restore his heart but he can’t forgive yuki not this time so kamane go to the other lady pureblood who name raven lady raven that is she is very powerful and yuki fight for kamane love and she fight raven and kamane save yuki kill raven and at the end they finally have a baby boy and and a baby girl and they get married and come back from their honeymoon and zero is at their home to do what he should have done a long time ago and tries to kill kaman but he fail cause yuki killed instead but then yuki find out kamane is still Hinding secret and wants answer and the secret is he kiss ruka and also slept with Raven and yuki first hate him but forgive him at the end
    Your right I have another how about you let yuki and kamane be to gether for a couple day then zero come and ell tries to kill yuki but he can’t cause he love her and he tell her that and yuki say she with kamane and he kiss her and she does stop him and well kamane see and heart break and and kaname is sad yuki tries to make him feel better ……… At the end it will be Kamane and yuki

    • Holo

      I love that idea and I also like the idea of adding another pure blood and showing Kaname’s dark side by sleeping with Lady Raven and kissing Ruka and the idea of them having a boy and girl.

  375. Bila

    I hope that the production will keep on continuing, and pursue their future seasons! Since they have a financial problem, they could have a VK tour and fans could donate money! They do have a wide-base fans around the world, and I’m pretty sure most of us could be a help to continue this amazing anime!

    After watching the whole two seasons, my heart ran along with it 🙁

  376. Holo

    I think zero should hunt Kaname and Yuki, but Yuki and Kaname get married and there needs to be a villain or a twist like Yuki and Kaname mom or dad or even both, but any way what if they didn’t really die and what if the senit try’s to attack them but that’s when they all come together. So Yuki, Kaname Zero, and Yuki and Kaname’s mom/dad all come together at the wedding and they beat the villain and Yuki and Zero met again.

  377. Nichi

    I loved the series vampire knight but im giving up on the series cuz its almost the end of 2014 and there is still no season 3 🙁

  378. ordinary girl

    I dont want kaname to be with Yuki. I want her to be with zero forever. I hate kaname and that he turned her into a vampire. Plus, they are siblings. It’s weird for a brother and sister to fall in love and get married. Zero lost everything. His brother, parents, Yuki, and never wanted to be a vampire. I believe Yuki should come back to zero!!! Zero is the best
    Zero is much and way as some then kaname. I hate kaname
    Yuri did say no matter what she would be with zero and protect him but she left him for kaname. Zero is just sad and lonely. Yuri was all he had left

  379. Raven waymer

    Kamane and yuki yuki said her self that she love kaname and always will kaman said yuki hold him together if yuki and kaname split the dark side he might do crazy thing I am team kamane plus zero can’t even keep him self undercontrol

  380. ordinary girl

    I mean yuki

  381. Otome

    Pls! I want a season 3 please make it because I love that anime so much <3 and also the characters <3

  382. venla

    Team zero all the way <33!!!

  383. annarose

    wew! excited much… hinihintay ko n tlaga yan…

  384. Ana

    I really want a season three because there are so many rumors I just want to see it

  385. chloe

    I think that something vicious should happen to Kaname’s reputation (like in the manga) and he should be forced to be really distant to Yuki, giving Hanabusa a motive to step in.

    Most fans are either supportive of KanamexYuki or YukixZero, but I think there should be another threat added to make the show more dramatic and entertaining. If Yukixhanabusa came into the plot, everything would change and things would become more steamy.

    All romance lovers will be entertained, espiecally since in season 2 Hanabusa was willing to take a bullet for Yuki’s life. Even though hanabusa was acting under Kaname’s command, I still think the producer’s could milk it, and put some passion in Hanabusa’s feeling for Yuki.

  386. alejandra

    Its 2015 now is there a season 3? Im desperate for another season!

  387. Ariana

    Um hello it’s taking forever for Vampire Knight Destiny to come out! I need Yuki to stay with Kaname hello REMEMBER THAT THEIR PUREBLOODS!!!!!!! They need to date each other so THE PUREBLOODS LINE KEEPS GOING!!!!!! If seen season 1 and 2 over and over again. Kaname even said that’s the only where to keep THE PUREBLOOD LINE GOING DUH!!!! And I hope Yuki has a baby with Kaname!!! They make a good couple!!!! And I hope that Vampire Knight keeps going and going until I die!! I <3 VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!!! And I love it in Japenesse!

  388. emily

    I’m a really big fan of vampire knights and would really like to see a third season I think this animie is the best I’ve seen so far I would also really like to know what happens to yuki and zero and kaname please make a season 3 its just so amazing to be stopped!

  389. Yasmin

    I really want a seadon 3 .

  390. sparkle

    so lookin forward .for yuki is zero or kaname?does she gain awsome new powers?will she choose one of the two? soooo many more questions to be answered…i’ll definitely wait to cheer on. please release season 3 with a bang. true fan of vampires..:p

  391. Caitlin Ramirez

    I want Kename to marry Yuki. He even says so himself in the episode “She was born to be my bride”. I’m really excited for Season 3.

  392. Vicky

    I think yuki should choose Zero. I understand pure blood are hard to find, but I think it’s gross sleeping with your own brother.

  393. SilverTears

    (I choose not to put my real name for a reason.)

    I wish this were true, i have been waiting for season 3. But as you can see it has not come out, and its 2015.

  394. myyah

    Ae all love it so you should continue and maybe it will raise your stocks and make you more money

  395. Joslynn

    I hope vampire knight season 3 comes out I want to find out what will happen to zero an yuki will they meet again? I really do think its a little weird she went out with her brother but she looks better with zero!! Please do make season 3 come out very soon this is my favorite show ever doing a great job good luck <3

    • Sammi

      I so agree Joslynn! I want them to be together so bad! I want Season 3 so bad!

  396. lydia

    I’ve been waiting agess if there’s so many people including me who wants season 3 they should make it ….if not there are going to be alot of hated fans …and you wouldn’t want that >.>

  397. Sammi

    The end of season two I was really hoping for a little more romance between Zero and Yuki not Yuki and her brother >.< that plot twist though.

  398. Couper indiana john harding

    I’m so eager to find out what will happen between zero kanime and yuki there is alot of tension going around and its hard to wait to see what happens like if the will be a big battle between kanime and zero and if yuki will end up with zero. The suspense is killing me the story has given me a new perspective about vampires and i like this version of them.

    Thank you,
    Couper Harding

  399. shivani

    i really want a third season, sure would make my day for it to be confirmed and subbed.this will always be my second fav anime.

  400. Tutm

    I can’t what till it comes out I want to see yuki and kaname together because they left together.

  401. Wolfchick198

    If you liked the anime so much, read the manga… Not that all fans will be pleased, I make no promises there, but I enjoyed it, so might as well give it a shot, right? There are TONS of sites that you could read it from, just try looking. I would love it if the whole new season thing happened, but it’s 2015 now, and I haven’t been able to find it, that’s why I stareted reading the manga… Annyways, I’m not saying that I’ve given up hope just yet though ^.^

  402. popi

    no pls no

  403. bloodeater

    yuki and kaname have a child named airi zero runs away with yuki and her child kaname gets mad that’s all I know

  404. Brianna

    Should be yuki and kaname a me since they are the ones who ended the anime and their so cut its irresistible

  405. Brianna

    Also please don’t have kaname sacrifice himself can you change it to zero please kaname and yuki seem so cute together and later kaname would make an awesome father if he has the chance if kaname dies yuki should die with him I know every one want yuki and zero but just think of all the things kaname went through to save yuki just let them be together in the season and at the end you could have a spin off ova were yuki is with zero just please let kaname and yuki be together
    One more thing yuki is not allowed to die for Kannada sake either they both live together forever with Aido

  406. cleoamars

    I think vampire knight is amazing though kaname is amazing and all zero is hot and gorgeous.Yuki had to pic she is a pure blood zero ijust an ordinary vampire and a hunter .He can’t date nor marry Yuki .kaname shouldn’t either she should pic her own way of life and her true love ❤

  407. Ayla Woodward-Hopkins

    Why dont we protest it and maybe do a fundraise so they can do vampire knight season 3 cause I am dieing to see if its true but all round I think they should though because it was so successful and they have a lot of fans that want vampire knight back and them selves were successful of making the show

  408. stephanie

    I love this anime I hope to see it continue. And I think millions would watch it.

  409. RedFox

    They can’t just crush our feeling and destroy our dreams , so …

  410. nawal

    OMG there IS going to be season 3 plus I read the manga not so good though I just wish in the 3rd season Yuki and zero bond

  411. lisa

    i freakishly love this anime… i wish it could continue more seasons coming beside 1 and 2.

    • Vicky

      Yes! Vampire Knight is the best!!!!! Best anime ever.

  412. Vicky

    I am OBSESSED with vampir knight. I need the third season and yeah ZERO is way better than Kaname he needs Yuki and she needs him. Please make a third season! Please!

    • anime lover

      season 3 out olny 13 episode go on amozon and its there

  413. Zero64

    How could be possible too yuki and zero to die.And how could Kaname became a human.

  414. christiana edwards

    my aunt and i are going insane not being able to find VK destiny….we are wanting to see it so badly to find out what and how the series will end…has anyone heard of when it will be coming out?

  415. liv

    I think that Zero is great from Yuuki, but Kaname has been with her her whole life in a way making sure shes safe. When he found out he was her brother it made me pull out my hair to be honest in excitement. Yes, Yuuki and Zero have gotten closer and there is no doubt he is a MAJOR HAWT-E but……urgh……. whoever shes with i’ll be happy but I kinda hope she ends up with Kaname…URGH TF IM SO TORN

  416. Alexis G.

    I can’t wait till season three comes out. Will Kaname and Yuuki be together? and would Yuuki get to see Zero again. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!! #vampireknightfan

  417. Kinlee girl

    I like want yuki to be kidnapped or somthing
    Or she has a baby or she finds out she has
    A sister

  418. Anima lover 201

    I think Yuki and kaname should stay together I love them keep them together please

  419. mmmmmmmm

    Honestly, I think she won’t end up with anybody (well, more like with both of them) I can’t picture her choosing one over the other.

  420. person

    Please can someone tell me if or when does VK season 3 come out I want to see it so badly

  421. jennifer

    i want yuki to have kids with kaname

  422. love312

    honestly I wound love for Yuki to stay with Kaname I would love to see her be happy with him and also I would like it for Zero to find a girl of his own and for him to become a full Vampire hunter

  423. Vampire Knight Lover

    I feel so bad for Zero toward the end of the last episode when he remembered how he and Yuki were pushing back the Day Class from the Night Class. Why did it have to end like this??

  424. Chantel Brown

    I’ve read the entire manga series of Vampire Knight, and I must say that what you’ll learn is quite shocking for all you Vampire Knight fans out there. and with the point of the manga being extremely GOOD! those writer people need to make a 3rd season!!!!! It cannot be up for discussion!!!!!!! You people left us with one of the worst cliff- hangers ever!!! You want to know the comparison of episodes made in the anime between the manga? The anime left off in book 9 of Vampire Knight! And guess how many books there are in the entire series…?
    There is no freaking way they’re leaving us with that cliff- hanger with so much more information in the manga series. But fangirls… if you DO want more information, you should really read the manga. It’s very resourceful to knowing so much more about the anime and as well as the characters. But that manga gets seriously DEEP.
    which is also why they need another season to drench us fangirls in tears of joy, sorrow, the lust for our hot boys, and… THE ONE WHO WILL GET YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(though I already know who got her, and you could kind of say it’s a duo thing– half and half time)
    A-N-Y-W-A-Y! Publisher and Vampire people who have the Vampire Knight system running…
    Even though I’m an all around Kaname fangirl, and I hate Zero’s guts, I really need to say this…
    I felt as if I was going to cry when I saw Zero’s face right after he figured out Yuki was a Pureblood. You can’t entirely see the full effect in the anime, but if you read book 8 of the manga series…*tear* You might just cry! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHh!!!!!!!!! His normal mean poker face left and HE looked like he would die from shock! The poor baby!!!!!!!! UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  425. shelby

    I would love a season 3 it just did not end the best it could have I want more!!!!!!!
    you know it has to be getting good too please please make destiny i promise everyone will watch who doesnt love vampires!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  426. Courtney Smith

    I really do want there to be a season 3 yaaaay! Can’t wait for it come out

  427. Monique Jacobs

    Thats if it ever comes out…. im a all round Zeki fan (Zero and Yuuki) i love them my favourite OTP i beg on my hands and knees PLEASE MAKE SEASON 3!!!! *cries* please i love Vampire Knight, but i have been rereading the manga a few times and im disappointed that they left out some information from the manga in the anime but i love some of the stuff that they put in the anime ( for example Zero puppy face – soo freaking cute!!)

  428. phebe

    I really want kaname and yuki to like and stay to gether forever

  429. anime lover64

    omg I got seson 3 on amozon

  430. Deidre

    I would like to see zero and yuki to get toghter and her brother can find a other woman to go with

  431. big m

    I agree with all of you zero and yuki fans I hope and pray that zero and yuki will be together and forever together for the rest of there lives and I hope that they have a zeki baby and I just can’t wait for season 3 to get here soon i m going crazy i can’t wait this long i am not a waiter so i am so exited for season 3 i m hopeing season 3 with be made and if kaname and yuki stay to gather i m going to be pist if yuki doesn’t go with and be with zero so go zeki and hope to see them soon i yeah if kaname dies…. 🙂

  432. Liliana C.

    i just wanna know more Aido or Hanabusa and his feelings towards Kaname. Absolutely loved his character!

  433. Felicia

    i really wanted yuki to be with zero you could obviously tell he liked her i mean he almost kissed her o.o

  434. Vampire Knight Girl02

    There needs to be another Season in the U.S. I need it……You people got me addicted and now you won’t even put it on Hulu.com or Netflix.com….. Really?

  435. kayla

    Y not make the third season a few months after the second season ended

  436. Camden

    Can’t wait my favorite show.best one I’ve seen her since seven years

  437. Chanel

    I’ve been waiting for this come on japense people you can’t just leave it like that also I think kyo koi hajimemasu should’ve been made a anime instead of a manga its to good to be that

  438. Human

    I just want to see season three it’s is a great show I want to know what happens

  439. jezebel

    I’m dying to see the third season iv been looking everywhere on the internet for it PLEASE! I haven’t been this interested in an anime every since Inuyasha. So please air season three soon.

  440. nortia

    I just want it to stick to the manga and I hope they don’t just make up an ending ware it ends happily ever; after that would just ruin it! Also I want Hino Matsuri to write more mangas about Kaname’s life as a human and about Yuuki’s kids (both Kaname’s and Zero’s)

  441. Christina

    i would like a third season and i will totally help i could but lets hope our wish comes true….

  442. ash

    all you haters on kaname should stop he is bay

  443. Mishi


  444. Amber Smith

    I WANT SEASON 3!!!!!

  445. Alex


  446. pooh bear

    When does vampire knight season 3 come out?

  447. Elana

    I reall think that whan vampire night comes out im gana screem so when dos it com out I cant find it enewair on the intrnet all it says is you have to By it im like No that is 20 Dallas

  448. Bloody~X~Rose

    Hi yeah I think that the most popular animes should definitely have at least 2 or more series depending on how good the anime is. They should at least end without suspense because if they don’t then us viewers will keep wanting more. Take Hakuouki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom as an example this anime ends sad but with no suspense. So makes more Vampire Knights, Kamisama Kiss, and more English dubs!!!
    Anyone with me?!
    I want Zero and Yuki to be together!!!

    • Esther

      I’m with you! I second it.

  449. Kaname lover and Zero lover

    I think that Zero and Yuki will end up together, but for now I think the creators want to do a twist in season 3 so for now it is Yuki and Kaname that are a couple.

  450. kate

    i want to know when the third season of vampire knight comes out because i’m getting bored of watching the same episodes over and over and over again. I LOVE KANAME AND YUKI they were meant for each other, if yuki was with zero he would probably kill her in one second, so let me know when the third season of vampire knight comes out PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  451. sophia

    Pretty please let Kaname stay with Yuki i think they are just too cute together and i really want season3 and sorry for the zero friends but please let Kaname stay with Yuki they where met to be, plus Kaname always portect Her so they HAVE TO BE TOGETHER PLEASE THANK YOU!!!!

  452. kiki

    Does Ichijo die I want to know. I want Yuki and Zero to end up together

  453. Mya

    I’m going to be angry if Yuki ends up with zero, she belongs with kaname end of story. I’m sorry, but all you people who want her to end up with zero, but would mess the whole story up to be honest it wouldn’t make sense so stop trying to make it something it’s not. I love how she ended up with Kaname that’s what make this show great, don’t ruined for me or for other people. She should stay with Kamane because their destiny together, it won’t make sense if she stop loving Kaname and ends up with Zero ? No, it will ruined all the hard work they put in the show to make it good. Kaname and Yuki are adorable together. Sorry, but I had to write this not to offend anyone but it’s my opinion and so team Kaname and Yuki both are blood vampires so why would she end up with zero who isn’t and can’t protect her like Kaname. Who isn’t as haft as strong as kaname and he doesn’t love her like kaname does.

    • Esther

      I totally agree with you. Team Kaname and Yuki!

  454. jonskie

    Please! Let there be season 3, Ill go insane if not! ive invested a lot of tears and sleepless nights bcoz i was so hooked into the story. Im glad that he ended up with zero and had kids together but i dont know how much time he was able to lived though..I also love kaname so much! and im glad that yuuki waited until they found the answer how to revive kaname bcoz yuuki know this what he wanted all along. I hope the creators or producers see this and have mercy lol

  455. Alex

    How about zero looks for yuki and yoki has to choose
    And she picks zero and they live to gether for ever

  456. Tsubaki


  457. McKenzie

    Honestly, I think it would be cool if Yuki and Kaname travel around the world to find that one place where they belong together and know that no one will come after them… Just before Kaname is going to ask Yuki to marry him, Zero shows up with more hunters, and starts rising hell. Kaname gets hurts somehow by Zero and Kaname calls in his little group of pawns to take care of Zero. After the 4th episode, every other episode has Yuki and Kaname fighting and Zero and Kaname pawns dishing it out to each other. And just when things are good at like the 10th or 11th episode, Kaname pops the question to Yuki and someone new shows up, which ends up to another pureblood wanting Yuki for himself and challenges Kaname to a duel over Yuki. Who ever wins, Yuki has to marry. =D

  458. yuki

    i want season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  459. Esther

    YES!!! There must be a season 3!

  460. Reagan

    There has to be a season 3 and I wanna see it so bad I just got into the show and watched all of it in one day!! There’s not enough episodes to leave me satisfied

  461. The Debate...

    I really don’t know why everyone is arguing over who loves Yuki more. All bias aside, my personal opinion is that they love her the same, but in very different ways. I mean, they are just such different characters that they simply both show their feelings differently. I’m pretty sure the writer didn’t intend for either Zero or Kaname to care about Yuki “more”…

    HOWEVER, for those of you saying that Zero threatened to kill Yuki and therefore doesn’t love/deserve her… Why would Zero still protect and save Yuki after she turns into a vampire if he didn’t still love her? In fact, despite his promise, he never kills her throughout all of their following meetings in the manga either! He has plenty of opportunities to kill her but he doesn’t. Because he obviously still loves her even as a vampire, even though she was turned into the very thing he hates the most in the world. Maybe he doesn’t WANT to love her anymore, but evidence proves that he does. ((SPOILER!!: They end up having a child together, afterall.)) He’s just frustrated and angry and emotionally confused about her turning into a vampire… It takes time for him to accept what she is, especially with how much he had learned to hate vampires. He eventually realizes that he can’t hate her, no matter how hard he tries to.

    That being said, personally I think that Zero and Yuki’s relationship is much more tragic and interesting than the formal, awkward interactions that Kaname and Yuki generally share. I appreciate that Zero and Yuki have such a complicated, bittersweet relationship. Zero and Yuki both care about each other, but of course love is never that simple… I personally enjoy how their relationship develops and they turn out to be more or less “frienemies” in the end. There’s just so much more depth and sexual tension between Zero and Yuki. It’s like one minute they might be holding a blade to each other’s throat and the next they’re making out… I just love it so much!!!!

    Don’t get me wrong, Kaname and Yuki have their relationship perks too… like how he’s known her longer and saved her life as a child (although Zero saves her too in the anime and isn’t praised for it half as much as Kaname), how they danced together as kids, how he always visited her at Kaien’s house, saw her try to dress herself for the first time, etc. Most of their cute moments happened when they were children though, and overall he comes off as a little pedo-ish to me… Like an over-protective father-figure. Which isn’t too inaccurate, seeing as he is her ancestor inside of her dead brother’s body. Any way that you want to look at it, they are related and he is basically her great, great, greeeeaaaat grandfather inside of her dead blood-related brother’s body in which she would be reproducing with… It’s just too awkward for me to imagine. I know they are pureblood vampires and that it’d be considered normal, blah blah blah… I mean, how else would purebloods continue their line of PURE blood, meaning not mixed with any other blood but their own pure blood? I get that. But it’s still messed up to me, and I just can’t get over it. But to be honest, I still liked Zero better long before finding out that Kaname was related to her so I’m not basing my feelings solely on that. His relationship with Yuki is a bit dull for my taste. They both love each other, but everything is awkward and formal and Yuki gets all jittery around him because she is a little intimidated and scared of him and the distance makes him a bit sad and… that’s about it. Just mediocre compared to the development between Zero and Yuki… To me, he comes off as condescending, spoiled, controlling, and stuck up. He’s generally very proper and polite and formal… but also a very dark and cruel person when in private, like a “goody goody two shoes” that’s secretly not as good as he leads everyone to think. There’s a very sinister aura about him, which I kind of like about him in an anti-hero sort of way… but not in a way that I think he belongs with Yuki.

    On the other hand, there are a couple things I don’t like about Zero too… like how he self-inflicts pain, is suicidal, and wants to die at one point… He just pities himself too much in some aspects. I just feel like that was taking his angsty character a little too far. But I guess it adds to his troubled, brooding personality, which is part of what I love about him. His character is so intricate to understand. He goes through so much during this anime and he has every reason to have the feelings that he does. It’s either kill himself now or wait and slowly watch himself degrade to level E (a monster) and die anyway, potentially harming innocent people in the process… If you think about it, it would be selfish for him to choose his own life over other people’s lives. Killing himself would be protecting anyone that he could potentially harm when he fell to level E. So I guess I understand why he did those things. But both Zero and Kaname are angsty characters in their own way, as it is a somewhat dark/gothic anime in general.

    So now that I’ve practically wrote a book on the subject, I guess I’m done ranting. I’m sure some VK fans might feel differently than I do… Everyone has their own opinion. This is just mine. And… one thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that a season 3 would be nice! 🙂

  462. Erin

    I can’t wait for Vampire Knight Season 3 To Come Out In English Subbed And English Dubbed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  463. Cindy.A

    please we want this series seasons 3 to be release so badllllyyyyyy

  464. Rosie

    What I think is that yuki and kaname belong together for the rest of the series because he said that she was born to marry him and I also think that zero shouldn’t kill yuki the next time he sees her it’s just my opinion about VK
    And I don’t know where everyone is getting stuff about yuki ancestor is in her real brothers dead body like you honestly don’t know that cause he never said the truth about it and I don’t get how you all think it’s her ancestor cause when it shows flash backs it shows him as a little boy growing up and it never showed him dead or anything like that and even there parents know that it’s the real kaname not yukis ancestor
    Oh and also if you think that the book and series are the same I think your wrong cause the books and the series are always different

    • BDW

      As a matter of fact, it says that Kaname is her ancestor in both the manga AND in the anime. Nobody just made that up.

      In the manga, after finally telling Yuki that he is not her real brother, Yuki drinks Kaname’s blood and sees his memories. She witnesses Kaname’s reawakening by Rido, which included the murder/sacrifice of her true brother. Also, the ancestor that was reawakened by Rido, as well as Yuki’s dead baby brother that Rido killed, both shared the same name “Kaname.” So in short, the real Kaname was killed as an infant by Rido. The ancestor Kaname was revived by taking over the dead Kaname’s infant body and was raised by Juri and Haruka (Yuki’s parents) in place of their son that was killed. They raised him as if he were the original Kaname.

      It says this in the manga, and it also explains it briefly in the anime as well. Review the part in the anime (season 2, episode 8) where it is first revealed that Kaname is her “brother.” After Kaname reawakens Yuki as a vampire and she faints… he tells Zero that he would be happier if he was born as Yuki’s REAL brother. The anime explains it even more when it goes into the whole backstory of Rido and Yuki’s parents (episode 9 of season 2). Yuki’s parents have a confrontation with Rido and it explains it.

      It’s probably a good idea to brush up on your Vampire Knight if you don’t believe it.
      Yeah, there are usually a few changes or variations between anime and manga but they are usually still very similar. And like I said, it still says the same thing whether you watch it or read it. Furthermore, seeing as the manga is all we have to go off of for the continuation of the series… It’s still valid. Sadly, they may never even continue the anime for all we know.

      And on a final note, arranged marriages typically aren’t a good thing for the people being forced to marry each other. And, they don’t always work out. Just because two people are arranged and “meant” to marry each other… doesn’t mean that they will be happy or that it’s the best thing for the people involved. Arranged marriage is usually what society wants/expects or what their parents want/expect… So solely because Kaname and Yuki were “born” to marry each other by their parents… and expected by vampire society to carry on their pure bloodline… it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll love each other forever or would be happy together for the rest of their lives. It only means that their lives and future were being predetermined for them.

      • Bridget

        I agree with you totally…

  465. tinqz

    can`t they three lived together?
    although i like kaname better than zero
    kinda feel sorry for zero
    waiting for season 3!!!
    when does it comes out??
    who can tell me?!

  466. cheyenne

    i think yuki should stay with kaname cause they are the right ful air to the royal vampire family
    i hope vk season 3 comes out soon

  467. Vampire knight 444

    I really want to have a season 3 please don’t cancel it

  468. anime ROCK??? MM-

    i dont care what all you guys say turely it all ready was pointed if you look at it clearly you can see she choose to be with kaname so just give up if she wanted to be with zero she should have never went with kaname at the end of season 2 and i would say dont trust the comics because you know how it goes sometimes the season and movies and episode dont turn out like the comics so who care and im sorry to say this to the directors dont cancel it if you do than your stupid you shouldnt make a season that your not going to finsh and so if you do people would get mad with you guys and comment thing and who wants to dell with that just finsh the seasons and everyones happy make about 2 more season one about kaname and yuki that goes along with the 2 season and the other about yuki dying and blah blah blah and so every ones happy and if you want one more season about kaname turning into a human and how he trys to help yuki befores she is turely dead but out of know where purebloods of the heavens come down and gave yuki another life and how she sees her mom that turely gave her a new life with kaname by giving her last soul to her and how she lives the rest of her life as a ture human with kaname but notice that she is still geting tracked by zero. and what you do after that is up to you if you want to end it or make a romantic. or sad, question ending thats want in this series. and i think the names she be [vampire knight] destiny, mistery, survies, survies 2, and so all need more help reply and trusted me i watched to much anime to tell you what people want to see in series just say people and i believe if you do that its going to go off the chains.

    • Kirigaya

      But it was actually her duties to be with Kaname. She may have loved Zero which I am rooting for!!! But as a prince and princess of newbloods they must Marry like their parents. Which is pretty gross to me

  469. Jillian Brannon

    I want it to be out already

  470. Bridget

    Just wanted to say, KANAME AND YUKI should definetly be together… and everything that everyone said about like yuki and kaname together I totally agree… and everyone thinks like yuki being in a relationship with her brother dosent fit or feel comftable well… just saying the queen and king, the royal family, Like Queen Elizabeth (in London) to continue the royal family they did get married to each other and have kids with each other so that’s like saying in the anime yuki is the ‘princess’ and kaname the ‘prince’ i find it fine with a brother and sister marriage and kids and everything..so to everything one that thinks brother and sister marriage is not right, UR not right and crazed up in the head… (people do what they want) that’d like saying u don’t respect lesbians or gay couples kind of… aanyway my opinion and KANAME AND YUKI FOREVER.
    And one other thing, At the start of episode 8 when yukis a vampire and she drinks kanames blood for I’m pretty sure the first time she says, all this time she has loved her big brother and she blushes… so I’m just going to say yeah yuki actuatually lover Kaname and I know deep down Kaname loves yuki.. anyway that’s my final thing I wanted to say, KANAMR AND YUKI FOREVER

  471. colleen

    I really wants to know is Yuki going back to Mr cross but in night class. and is Yuki ready for the next as of vampire knowing zero will have see her again. their like lots of questions. Am like the biggest fan of the seasons.

  472. Genesis

    If there is no season three I will die not know I g what happens I can’t even get my hands on the manga!!!!!

  473. alia

    whens the release date thats what i wanna know now tell us or else

  474. Tori

    I just want zero and yuki to finally be together I mean how hard is that! Damn it, I love my zero

  475. brittany urban

    Yes we want season 3 of vampire knight so badly.

  476. brittany urban

    Yuuki is awaiting her death by the hands of zero. I for one want to know what zero will do to yuuki and kaname. Yuuki is also like a sister to zero so I want to know if zero will relies that yuuki was born a vampire and if he does how will he act.

  477. Nelly Kuran

    SPOILER kaname dies/sleeps and so yuki has kids with zero and then she sacrifices her self to bring back kaname as a human. she had kids with zero but died for kaname, she ends up dead. KANAME AND YUKI FOREVER

  478. naomi eparza

    I want to know it will be a happy session or I was starting to cry over the movie I love the movie solo muck I I will be happy they will be a other session yaaaaassssss!

  479. hollyn

    I am going to die if VKdestiny does not come soon

  480. megan

    i hope zero and yukie be together

  481. Kirigaya

    I want to see Zero go after his promise to Yuki that he will kill her BUTTTT end up remembering his former promise in not betraying her. When he hunts her down Yuki and Kaname shouldn’t be married yet so Zero can get his chance to seduce her since she already knows his feelings by drinking his blood that day. Yuki should then have a choice in Zero and Kaname and give the wedding second thoughts. Sooner or later she picks her choice and let’s Kaname down gently that she needs time to decide. Kaname would then realize that it’s cause of Zero he’s slowly losing Yuki,then him and Zero should fight for Yuki’s love. Even though Yuki knows she loves both of them she can’t pick anymore and her friend from the academy visits her and she tells Yuki to follow her heart.

  482. Sara

    I do want it come out!i think vampire knight is tge best anime i have ever seen and i’ll be glad if they end it properly

  483. JessicaLusby

    Can we donate money so that the seasons aren’t cancelled??? I want it to continue :'(

  484. Rhidem

    I need season three I’m dieing

  485. Tristan

    I need season 3 without it I will never love or understand anything again
    Yuki and Kaname Or Yuki and Zero
    I don’t know I think that Yuki and Kaname will end up together

  486. Mel g

    I really want the next season i want to know if she will marry her brother and the story and why kaname is so weird

  487. jade allen

    Hey everyone why can Yuki be with them both by the way I looked at all the comments for real oh and I am 11 years old and I only watch anime. (oh and if you think I’m telling a lie that I am 11 I AM!>_<

  488. Anime Gal

    VK is the first anime I ever watched and I loved it so much that when I found out that there was a manga I read all of it! I have seen the first and second season 8 times on every episode because of how good it is! So I am begging you please make a season three and do everything in your power to make it happen. VK has filled my life with hope and engagement and I even got my brother into anime by this series so please for the sake of all of us please make my wish come true and I know its been years since the vk anime series but it is still so amazing and I hope that Matsuri sensei makes a season three with all of my heart. I really hope that she sees this and makes a season three.

  489. Pizza_has_reached_Nirvana

    I really do hope that Vampire Knight Destiny is to be released soon. The ending of Season 2 was such a cliffhanger.

    • Queen Komodo I

      I agree, I was searching the web like “Whaaat! This can’t be the end!”

  490. B-BitLuvsCats

    If you want to see the ending for Vampire Knight, read the manga. That is the original storyline, and it is a very bittersweet ending. Honestly, it has been four or five years since the show ended, and no recent mentions of it. Viz Media was the company working on it, along with a couple others I believe. Matsuri Hino ended the series with a few limited edition copies of the last Volume, Volume 19, being produced. It came with an Art book as well.
    But anyways, by now, you should assume the Animated version of this was cancelled. The only thing you can wait for, is a new animation team willing to make it, or the original company starting the project back up. All in all, the only way you will see the ending, is if you go read the books, either online or buying them from the store.

    You can use mangapanda, mangafox, and other manga sites to read them online. Chapter’s, Indigo Books, or whatever bookstores you have might carry the mangas there, if you want to buy them.

  491. Deysi Martinez

    I want yuki to stay with zero

  492. Marissa Richards

    i’m a big fan of vampire knight and i really cant wait for season 3 to come out i want to know if kaname and yuki will get married and going somewhere before zero kills yuki. Because if yuki stayed with zero he would’ve killed her since she is related to kaname, but zero said that he will track her down and kill her and yuki said that she’d be waiting. I really want to see what happens next in their lives

  493. Danzarion

    They should totally make a third season. SPOILER ALERT!
    Kaname and Yuuki have a daughter, and a year or two after Kaname preserves himself in ice, Zero and Yuuki have a son. At the end of the manga, Yuuki’s son and daughter awaken their father (Kaname) from his iced sleep after a thousand years. It really is a great ending that I wish the anime would span as well.

  494. Riley

    I have always loved this series and I can’t wait till season 3 is out!

  495. kara

    oh i hope u guys have a 3rd season im sooo looking forward to seeing it and i hope u guys try to publish it its bin years since u have so i hope its almost done 🙂

  496. Rose

    I whan’t to see yuki and zero get to kiss and make up

  497. Yuki CROSS. x Zero

    Please don’t end it I love this show it takes my mind off of the bullies and depression, and I need to see Yuki and Zero together, I don’t care if you have to kill off kaname. Hell.

  498. Jillian Mixon

    I really want to see what happens with Zero and Yuki’s relationship but also I want to find out if her and Kaname are gonna get married or stay as siblings so come on with season 3 I’m ready to watch more of vampire knight

  499. bunnygirl

    I’m done…

  500. Yukiko mimi

    Guys they will be no 3rd season of vampire knight I saw it on a website

  501. melody

    oh my! can i request? i want it to be realeased this coming 2016…i am really looking forward to it….kaname really is a mysterious guy and his story behind it….and what will happen to zero and yuki on season 3…i really hope to see and watch the season 3 of it!…hehehe…

  502. mymy

    I totally agree with you i’m really excited to see what’s next in season 3

  503. lion

    yesssssssssssssssss plzzzz now its 2016 i want it plzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz i love anime im excited !

  504. Vampire knight fan

    I love vampire knight can please make season 3 it my favourite t.v I am look forward to watch will next season I want find out what happen yuki and kaname realship do they can marry please make come out in 2016

  505. courtney vampier

    yuki is with her brother fare and square s2 she levis with kaname

  506. Stephan

    Vampire Knight season should pick up immediately during the events of season 2. Also bring back the same voice actors from season 1 and 2.

  507. Cool girl

    Zero would NEVER kill Yuki. He loves her!!!☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • Nicole Burke

      Yes I agree with you 🙂 🙂

  508. Taylor

    I would love season 3 to come out!!! im gonna be lifeless without continuing the series…..!!!!

  509. Geothermal

    I would have perfer if she went with Zero instead of her hurting him at the end I cried during the last two episodes just because of Zero

  510. Tamy

    I want vampire knight 3 it’s already been 3 years for me

  511. Makayla

    I’m just happy that Kaname and YUKI r togeather

  512. Tiny

    I want to see when kaname , yuki , and zero starting battling and Grrr so pissed but awesome sad ending zero lost in twin brother his mother his and father and yuki…..he must feel lonely 🙁 🙁

  513. Malakai Miller

    I hope they dont end it it was Just starting to get good cmon

  514. Animelover16

    I think yuki should end up with kaname he has been protecting her for the most now and zero said at the end of season 3 he would come to kill her it may have been a joke but he really despises vampires but he loves her just like kaname so it is pretty much a tie between them I wonder who she wil choose.

    • Anime Newbe

      well at the end of season 2 she leaves with Kaname so we can assume she chooses him. but I think it will be impossible for zero to actually kill Yuki, no matter what he says he’ll ultimatly hold the gun up to kill her only to be flooded by memories of there past together. Like how she helps him by letting him drink her blood, or how she refused to kill him even when he told her to kill him. Whatever the case I dont think he’ll have the strength to pull the triger when the time comes for him to kill Yuki. Now kaname thats a different story if Yuki is between the two of them definding Kaname then Zero will most likely wont pull the triger, if Kaname is talking and distracting Zero then Zero wont pull the triger but if Kaname is wonded enough and just laying there with Zero standing over him then zero will definetly pull the triger.

  515. Dakotta

    I want to have kanamae kill yuuki at the wedding so Zero can kill him instead of her

  516. Anime Newbe

    I really hope season 3 comes out! A month ago I was in math class with my friend Grace shes a big anime fan. So any way I saw her watching the last episode in season 2 on Netflix, right away i was interested which was funny considering I’ve never been a anime fan but after watching the rest of the episode with her I was like ” i have to see what this Vampire KNight is all about” so after school that day i went home got on my laptop and watched the first episode of the series right away i was hooked on romance animes! Since I finished the Vampire Knight series on Netflixs I’ve also watched “Fruits Basket’, “Wolf girl and Black Prince”, and “Oruan Host Club” i simple cant get enough Anime romance and i really hope they come out with a season 3 for Vampire Knight i am really excited. it got me into anime!!!!!!!!!

  517. Amyah59

    you guys are all basing the manga to the next season everyone nows the manga is always differ from the anime you guys should know that and I realy hope there will be a season 3.

  518. dogs

    No no do not end up with zero level e and stuff make her unhappy

  519. Quin

    Just sitting here in 2016 like

  520. hayley

    I love this show and I can’t stop watching it please let there be a third season

  521. Yaname forever

    Yaname forever that’s kaname and yuki

  522. Madiline Ann

    I really hope season three comes out soon I want to know what happened major cliffhanger and it cannot be over I will send thousands of dollars to help the creators with their financial situation no matter what I really want it to continue.

  523. Fabienne Desir

    Greetings that’s a little request I would like to receive that only me but all the fans out there i would like for zero brother lives and become a vampire and a hunter, also for kaname to return with Yuki back at the Academy where another student will come to the and she’s fall in love with zero while both brothers make a reconciliation become best friend while Yuki starting to love zero too ,but zero will love the other girl
    I would not like kaname died and I’ll like kaname be with the other girl who’s really like him I need more season in the vampire knight why all those good show always has less season and less episodes example Ouran high school host club they are good show while the show starting to get interesting you guys stop it while wasting time to make the Manga we fans have been dying to see the show not everyone’s gonna buy the Manga I will prefer paying my money to see the show then waste my time to read Manga book I hope the writer create more season vampire knight like Naruto series and make the story more interesting then before I can’t wait every day I keptchecking Hulu and Netflix to see more season and more episodes like bleach in Naruto because the show will watch the most then the Manga please.
    I’m in USA ❤can’t wait for the new season I know if you start create the story well like the way they did in Naruto you guys will receive a lot of stars I would like to recommend Ouran high school host club to continue as well

  524. Snowshotflake

    want sesson three to come out I’ve been waiting forever I ALWAYS KEEP WATCHING SESSON and 2 I wish yuki and kanama


    I like kaname and zero i need season 3 to come out

  526. monique

    I hope yuki and zero become in love in season 3 and a bit more bloody but most yuki and zero fall in love and come back to the school and kaname there too so it can get more interesting and maybe more romantic-thx I love VK :3

  527. Taylor

    I fell in love with anime after this show and I’d really love for season 3 to
    come out and many more after. I’d love to see Yuki & Kanames future and how zero is and what the academy looks like now after thy fixed it back up.

  528. Vampire knight Fan #15

    I want vampire knight season 3 (Destiny) to be released. I want to know what happens to Kaname and Yuki. Does Yuki come back to Zero or does she stay with Kaname? If she stays with Kaname do they get married. What happens to Ruka and the others.

  529. Owami

    I wish for Yuki and Kaname to stay together because Kaname was the one who promised Yuki’s parents to look after her and Yuki is to be the bride of Kaname and we are not sure if Zero is going to still except Yuki for being a Vampire and if his still going to kill her, but if Zero doesn’t kill Yuki then he must just make Kaname aware of what he will do to him if he ever tries to betray Yuki behind her back but after all Yuki and Kaname should get married.


  530. WolfietheWolf34

    okay, so this website..
    says that Yuki has a son and daughter. The daughter of Yuki and Kaname, and the son of Yuki and Zero. It also states that Zero is yuki’s lover? Idk if this is a fake website, or if its in the manga ( I have never read the manga ) but I also dont know is this happens in season 3. I’m soo confused! D:

  531. kourtni

    please make a season 3

  532. Zoie

    I love vampire night plz bring it back and I like drama so I think you should do more stuff like Yuki sacrificing herself for both kaname and zero plz it’s more exsiteing plz

  533. kim desruisseaux

    vampire knight like kim movie nexfix

  534. Fatima

    I really want VK season 3! It’s so exciting!!!!!! (2017) When would it come out in Netflix?

    I am a huge fan! It’s awesome

    • Osaba

      me too….

  535. Animelover01

    Is there something the fans can do to help with financial problems because I would love to help. Also, here is what I think should happen next (after the M.) I think Yuki should come back to life… And gets kidnapped and Zero and Kaname team up together to help save her… This would be really awesome!

  536. boob

    I wish kaname would end up being an ancestor not a brother and yuki ends up
    With him.

  537. beca

    love haha nd rrrrromance


    i want kaname would be rejected by yuki and gets with zero i ship them so much like kaname is about to kiss yuki and then she yells no and runs to zero saying sorry then they kiss <3 like zero almost kissed her in season 1

  539. jocelyn

    plz make an other season of vampire knight. i really love that show and ending with just Yuki and Kaname leaving isnt fair so can you plz make more seasons for vampire knight

  540. Kitkat



    • Osaba

      hay your going tooooo far .kaname yuki zero and others are making the story more interesting….and your talking about kids and getting married ….dude this is not a show about family planing

  541. Osaba

    i want season 3,4,5,6and more….bout only with kaname yuki zero and others they are the real one …..not with their kids ..it will make it boring…….listen to us we are teens we are the one for whom u make it do not listen to those grown ups …who can’t think about anything else but getting married and having kids ….

  542. taytay

    i want. yuki and zero to be a couple and kanima gone and a way to put them back to a human

  543. Kittycatque

    More zero

  544. LoverVampireKnight

    I still want zero to be with Yuki but I like Kaname too so I think that she should be with both.

  545. Raven

    when I read that there will be a series 3 I SCREAMED SO LOUD MY NEIGHBOR LYTERALLY CAME OVER TO SEE WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS!!! I want Yuki to go on adventures with Kaname!

  546. lilly varge

    I would like to see a season 3 of vampire knight. What happens to zero an his word to kill yuki an kaname? What happens to zero does he become a vampire hunter? What happens to the whole purpose of the coexistence of vampiers an humans? Dose yuki an kaname get what they want to be with each other forever? They deserve each other after all they have a the longest crushes on each other forever so it makes no sents to just leave it the way it is. If there is any way us fans can help keep the show going trust me we will. Please do think about us the fans when making a decision, I’m getting braces soon an I would like a new season to come out befor then or when so I can benge watch it. Or I will just have to re-watch for a second time.

  547. The Yuki sisters

    Yuki and kaname are a total SHIP IT!!! Am sorry guys its just zero is trying to kill her now if u watched season 2!!! Yes I do really hope yuki and kaname are together forever!!

    • Arlyn Limas

      that won’t be bad

  548. Arica Van Broclynn

    why?? why Zero….Yuki is your lover just forget Kaname and marry her…PLEASE!!! She rought light and happiness in your life and your just going to kill her!! Why. If Kaname didn’t bite Yuki she your have gotten her memorys back and she would still be human.. Zero you should’ve killed Kaname for everything he’s done to her. Save her! Marry her! TEAM ZERO!!!!!

    • Nicole Burke

      I agree with you Zero should kill kaname after everything he done for her. I AM TEAM ZERO TOO!!! Zero is the best guy in the vampire knight because get to have any girls he want. Plus kaname cant tell zero what to do. it was already to late kaname protected Yuki.


    come on you have to bring season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats gonna happen since they left the school.will it rebuild its self while still having day class and night class.??????? I HAVE WATCHED THIS ANIME OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN WOUNDING WHATS GONNA A HAPPEN NEXT …. PLZ MAKE SEASON 3 FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DONT HAVE THA MANGA AND FOR THE PEOPLE WHO IS COUNTING ON YOUR COMPANY TO MAKE A SEASON THREE FOR ALL ARE SHIPS……………

    • Nicole Burke

      Same here I am watching over again because its so good. I knew they making seasons 3 because I look up if they are. Plus I didn’t could comment this for to make vampire knight.

  550. jade

    I would like to see more senri and rima

  551. Arlyn Limas

    I was looking for more mystery a little more comedy and obviously romance to and I also want that the main character(yuki)wouldn’t be soo annoying and maybe adding a new character will also be good for more suspense but im not sure is the “new” character should be a girl or a boy im thinking that it should be a girl someone related to Zero because there are to many handsome guys in the anime that it needs a girl and I think that all for now

  552. Alissa

    SHE SHOULD END UP WITH ZERO. A little late watching the show Welp 11 Years Late :T If she ends up with her BROTHER I am Going to throw my laptop on the ground and say NO a million times. Also, I think Zero and her are cuter together. After watching the end of the season two it just left me saying “What the hell” and the thing I was most mad about was Zero NEVER KISSED HER! This show just makes me so mad. Ok, Now I am Done Being Mad Good Bye I Have to Go Find Another Anime Show to watch.

    • Nicole Burke

      Yeah I got mad at that too when Kaname and Yuki end together. but I think kaname want Zero make him Jealous and sad, lonely.

  553. #1 fan of vampire knight

    I what Yuki and Kaname to be togeather