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Californication season 8?

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When does Californication season 8 premiere? Official release air date is known? Will TV show return with the new episodes in 2015?

TV-channel: Showtime
Pilot episode: August 13, 2007
Creator: Tom Kapinos

Season 4 Episode 1: 1.12 million U.S. viewers

Season 7 Episode 1: 0.64 million U.S. viewers

Californication, the comedy drama directed by Tom Kapinos, is about to end. Show remained on air of Showtime for long 7 years and was repeatedly nominated for the prestigious film awards.

But all good things must come to an end… The rights holders confirmed the rumors concerning the current season to be the last one so the fans shouldn’t hope for Season 8. The release date of the final episode is scheduled for June 29, 2014 and after that the show receives «completed» status.

The numerous fans’ requests didn’t have any results, and the creators’ decision won’t be reconsidered. The fans are sure, the right development of the plot will be useful for the show, but according to critics, the series run its course after the fourth season.

Should the show be renewed or is the Showtime decision right?

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  1. Bob

    Should’ve ended two years ago…

  2. Christopher

    Californication is the best show in the history of television. Showtime is crazy to cancel the best series ever.

  3. jason

    It becomes less interesting year by year.

  4. Pimp5

    Sounds like season 7 is to be the last season because the executive producer and the star (Duchovny) believe it should be the last season because the story is complete, and not because Showtime decided to cancel the show.

  5. Rudolph

    The show was always great but it did lose quality after season 4. They should have brought back Mia in my opinion, she always seemed like a main character to me.

  6. Stacey

    The show should return and go on for many more seasons. One of the best shows on Showtime. I think they are making a huge mistake. Why does the great shows end and we are left with cr*p? If it wasn’t for Nurse Jackie I would end my subscription. Get your heads out of your A$$ showtime and bring back Californication.

    • Russell

      Totally agree

  7. Michael

    Should have ended in Season 6 with him staying with Faith, because A. he was happy with her, and B. Maggie Grace is gorgeous.

  8. Russell

    I think the best television show ever has ended way to soon

  9. Shock

    Californication is on tha best show showtime had to offer Hank Moody is tha man 100% if they some pull a 8th season out they ass I’m watching it

  10. chris Williams

    I love the show it should come back for more season

  11. chris Williams

    The show was hell great I love it but that no way to end the show the daughter get married and you don’t show it and the brother and sister never get to know each other you should at least make one more season let the fan see that

  12. james

    Look that show was brilliant and i loved it so much but all good things have to come to an end. If they add more seasons we are just going to see cr*p and drivvle. it wasn’t the best of endings but they really don’t need to see Becca married or his kids getting to know each other. Those things are best left unsaid and left to the imagination rather than adding more episodes

  13. johnny b

    no way was the show done after season 4 ive seen this show from day one and there are certainly many places this could still go. with the different characters story lines . if show time has givin should buy it and produce it for a couple more years they have done this with other shows. one that comes to mind is the killing

  14. Brandon

    why didn’t they kill off, Hank? I mean, did he deserve the happily ever after, with the way he acted, his addiction to alcohol, Drugs, pussy, and chaos? The man was a good man at heart, but extremely poisonous to himself, and others around him. The show was dragging on for too long, on the same types of situations for too long, and I felt as if the man should’ve already grown tired of his lifestyle, because he does know what he wants, Karen. I loved the show while it lasted, but imo Hank Moody should have died, with no excuse ever, for a new season.

    • Luke

      He’s a writer, not a frontman of a band.

      Plus, I’m pretty sure nobody has ever died from good pussy and a little substance abuse. Poor health and bad diet? Sure. But this is America, land of the free, home of the brave. Where a man can enjoy the simple things in life, and not wind up on the other side of the dirt.

    • Lance

      You say the show dragged on for to long, hmmm it seems you know way to much about the seasons after season 4. Second him being the way he was is what made the series he was a ladies man with an addiction to all the above and from the sounds of 90% of the comments that’s what everyone loved about the show. One commenter talked about Faith and I agree I liked her way more she was hot and a female version of Hank. I think the show could of had atleast one more excellent year but hey I would rather them end it well than not put 100% into the next season. Great show for 7 years and Duchovny was great hope to see him in another series.

  15. Steve K

    I just watched Californication’s 7 seasons on Netflix and after the season 7 finally, I thought to myself “I hope that was the series finale”. The story really seemed as complete as a story can seem. It left some things up to the imagination, but I also felt like it brought a lot to closure. Will Hank and Karen make it? Who the F knows? but it seems like the man-child grew up as the series ended. I loved the show, and will miss watching, but I would rather miss watching than have the show go on to the point where it’s a jumbled mess and confusion.

  16. Edward

    I’m always worried that a show will get really Sh!tty the longer it goes on. But I think that I would risk it. YES! It should go on for at least one fu©kin season more! At least!

  17. Bubba W

    What the f*ck I just watch seven seasons all over again greatest show on television ever bring back the show we need an eighth season we love this freaking show I’m mesmerized by this stupid show love it bring it back

  18. yvonne

    Too bad so sad no more Hank Moody. He makes being mashugana fun. Yes more Californication . I miss him on x-files much more. What about that????

    • Lexi

      No just shut up

  19. Tanya

    Californication is the best show ever Hank Moody is the man and David is a god and i need another season

  20. ben

    I really did like this series – a much more gripping concept than many tv shows around at the moment. If the decision has been made not to make an 8th season then fair enough….but perhaps a one off episode to tie up some loose ends

  21. Denis

    I watched this show i n Ukraine. And i know that it’s the greatest picture about real life at all… s*it happened, but i am waiting next season in 2015!

  22. Austin

    I loved this show now some parts weren’t as good but I would love to see one last good episode of the wedding and then hank proposes at the wedding to Karen
    Sorry scratch that make a whole new F**king season of this great show

    • Lance

      agreed lol but I still want Faith back.

  23. Lexi

    Their smarter than to just leave the show on a cliff hanger, come on now. It wasn’t uninteresting it had me completely into it even when I reached the supposed “last episode” I still wanna know how beccas wedding goes and when Karen will stop being a b*tch.

  24. Zena

    Best show ever. Most favorite. Hilarious & Hank Moody is the man

  25. Jimmy Jams

    Just watched all 84 episodes on Netflix in approximately 3 weeks. This show was so addicting, and it made laugh out loud and cry at times. I beg the executive producers to bring this show back. Television needs crazy life like drama as this one so gave us. I am 48 years old, and now want to change my career to become a writer. Thanks Hank n Charlie. Loved your Bromance!

  26. janette

    Oh, so sad as I just watched the last of all Californication. Loved it! Was balling at end of last episode. Seems I have grown addicted to cast. Love David Duchovny, Evan Handler and Pamela Adlon. Of course I would love an 8th season, what’s not to love…

  27. bigsteve

    Its a f*cking amazing show because its humor is on another level ,not because the dr*gs and the p*ssy.not that its not a nice bonus,but it is inteligent,well surved and Duhovny kills it.These are the only series i have ever watched from beginning to the end and i will miss it.damn

  28. Jess

    I LOVED THIS SHOW! I don’t think I would ever tire of the Hank Moody charachter. LOVED Marcy too! I do agree it lost a little something mid way through the series BUT I loved the vulgar humor, for me it stood out because it was so vulgar but at the same time had so much heart. It had it all-comedy, drama, suspense. A definite binge watch type of show.Made me an instant Duchovny fan. I will miss Hank and the way he says ” muth f*cka!” like Charie,it makes me miss him when he says it like that!

  29. Wade

    MUST continue this series! We’ve got to see Becca’s wedding, or her calling off her wedding! Can’t leave us hangin’!

  30. Colin

    It’s a good ending. I’m not just saying the because, almost, no one else is. Whom, who loves this show wouldn’t want another season? I would. Yet, this was a very satisfactory conclusion. My realistic hope is these, very talented, very rich, motha f*ckas will make new sh*t

  31. Brittany

    I just finished watching season 7 and I absolutely love this show it just gets better and better with in each episode I seriously hope there is going to be season 8 love this show

  32. muhammed faruk

    this is the best series why should it end

  33. Josh

    Ok so I hate the fact that you ended Californiacation like you did. Honestly it should come back with season 8 and Hank and Karen having a wedding. In the show the whole time Hank wanted to marry her. He bought her a ring in season 1 for fuck sake. It is a disgrace to my favorite show and should be fixed. Its not cool to leave a story hanging in the middle which is what you did. It was about them being one. In the end a happy ending which is a wedding. Not leave it with they kiss and its over. Story complete. Its not complete and its bullsh*t. It pisses me off and I believe it should be completed instead of ended like it did and pushed a side. Thats a bullsh*t ending!!
    Also Beccas wedding. Have to see it. Not fair you didn’t give us that closer to see the girl we watched grow up all the way to her wedding to not see it happen. Thats wrong in all type of ways!!
    If not season 8 then please.. Complete it all in a movie. One movie is all we fans ask for. So we can finish the story of Hank and Karen.

  34. MikeZ

    We should leave some story suggestions to stimulate Mr. Kapinos for season 8.
    Hank is on a bender and bumps into Faith at a party, something happens, karen gets jealous, hank gets arrested again, Abby the lawyer rescues Hank, and Becca becomes a stripper.

  35. Jerry Cornahlius

    ok so how bout telling some more adventures from the times around seasons 1-4? Take it outside the main time line. It was the laughs that made it great not the sex or the story development.

    Regardless we don’t want a boring happy ending, or a tragic one either.

  36. Deemic

    You gotta remember the name of the show. Californication. It was about all the crap that happened when Hank and his girls moved to California. At the end of Season 7, the loose ends were tied up and back to NY they went. The name of the show, is the name of the book he wrote about his time there. The book IS the show. Get it? Got it? Good.

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